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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 31, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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, we send them a letter of termination. 30 days. during that 30 days, they will call. we will probably make a new deal that will be even better. simple deals, close -- they don't take care of monetary manipulation which is the single biggest weapon that foreign countries use to kill us. especially china, they're grand masters. we will renegotiate nafta, and if we don't get the deal we want, we will terminate nafta and get a much better deal. we'll make a much better deal. we are going to lower taxes on american business from 35% to 15%. we are going to massively cut taxes for the middle class. we will unleash american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal.
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we're going to put our miners ack to work. [cheers and applause] the obama-clinton war on coal is going to cost this state 50,000 jobs at least, and you have a war on your steelworkers, folks. your steelworkers are suffering. we will also work to restore and protect the great lakes. -- re going to become [cheers and applause] we are going to become a rich nation again, but to be a rich nation we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into this country. [booing] hillary's immigration plans
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means generation of terrorism, extremism and radicalism spreading into our schools, our communities and every other place right here in michigan and all throughout the united states. when we win, we will suspend . e syrian refugee program [cheers and applause] and we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [cheers and applause] we have no choice. and we'll build safe havens for them and we'll get the money from the gulf states. they have plenty of money. they don't do their share. we'll get the money from the gulf states. we'll lead the effort because we all have heart. we see what's happening. but we can't do this. we don't want to be the great trojan horse of the future. it's not going to happen to us, folks. you see what's happening in germany. you see what's happening in
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paris. people don't even go to paris anymore. my friend used to go to paris. oh, donald, i love paris. it's just so beautiful. for years i said to him the other day, how is paris? he said, we don't go there. are you crazy? no. we're not going to be the stupid people anymore, folks. we are going to be the smart people. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. and, yes, we will build a wall and you know that. we received -- so important. you have to have d. i don't know if you know, hillary wanted a wall. did you know that? and you know why they didn't build a big fence, wall? you know why they didn't build it? they couldn't get their environmental impact statements. can you believe it. the united states of america wants to put up a wall in twouks -- 2016, hillary was in
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favor of it -- 2006, hillary was in favor of it. they couldn't get approval to build the wall. can you believe this? and then you see china in the middle of the south china sea building a massive fortress. and you know what happened? they said sunday evening, let's do it. you know when work started? monday morning. i jokingly said to a friend of mine in china, how long did it take you to get the environmental impact statement approved? he looked at me and said, you're kidding, aren't you? i said, yeah, i'm kidding. they're ripping it up with the biggest excavators you've ever seen and they're ripping it up and they're building -- they are not supposed to be doing it by the way. the only reason they're doing it is because they have no respect for our president who is out there campaigning all the time. this guy ought to spend more in bringing jobs back to michigan and less time -- and
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less time fighting for somebody who's under criminal investigation which he shouldn't be doing. [cheers and applause] we've received the first-ever ndorsement from our i.c.e. and border patrol officers. 16,500 border patrol officers. the first time they've ever done it because they know we know what we're doing. they tell us the border crisis is the worst it's ever been. it's a national emergency. they also warn that america's plan under hillary clinton is the most radical proposal -- quote, radical proposal in u.s. history. when i become president, we will end illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens. we have people in this country that are serious, serious criminals. and we will put america first.
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you know, we have some very, very rough people, and we want to deport the people while she was secretary of state and they bring these people back to their countries and the countries very intelligently said, no, we don't want a murderer. we don't want a drug dealer. we don't want the head of a gang in los angeles. they call up the secretary of state's office. they said, oh, that's ok. bring them back. so we release them right into our country. how stupid are we? i promise you -- it's well-known -- i promise you, whether it's four years or eight years, we'll figure that out. there won't be one time -- there won't be one time when any of these thugs come back into our country. not one time. [cheers and applause] we will also repeal the obama-clinton defense sequester
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and rebuild our badly depleted military. we need a new foreign policy that puts america first and we're going to have it very, very quickly. hillary led us to disaster in iraq, in syria, in libya. then after benghazi, she looked the families of the fallen in the eye and lied. she blamed their deaths on a ideo, which was a lie. [booing] remember when she back to bosnia? under fire, remember? oh, it was under fire, it was so dangerous. seriously. under fire. remember? but they had a video clip she landed and these beautiful little girls were handing flowers. turned out not to be true. she apologized. she apologized.
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but you have to ask her, the media -- the most dishonest people, they have to ask her -- they have to ask her -- [booing] they have to ask her. they have to ask her, when donna brazil, who just got fired, when donna brazil gave her the questions to the debate -- asked this question to her, why didn't she report it? she accepted those questions. she accepted those questions to the debate. she had the questions to the debate. forget about donna -- i don't care about donna. why didn't hillary clinton report that she was given essentially unethically probably illegally, why didn't she report that she had the questions?
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hillary and our failed washington establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east and now it's worse than it's ever been before. had obama and others gone to the beach, obama could have gone to the golf course. we would have been in much better shape. we shouldn't have gone into the war, and she thinks i'm a hawk. oh, donald trump. we shouldn't have gone in. and we certainly shouldn't have gonen out the way we got out because she created a vacuum isis formed. she's going to get rid of isis. she is dreaming. isis is dreaming about her becoming president. she says she will fix it. there was no isis when she was secretary of state. she and obama create it had. through the vacuum they created stupidly by the way they got
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out. and we're trying to retake mosul a second time. we essentially gave it up. did we give them enough advanced notice? four months is enough time. general, did we give mosul enough advanced notice? i think so. four months. and i keep saying, whatever happened to the element of surprise? the element of surprise. imagine if some of the money had been spent, $6 trillion in the middle east on building new schools and roads and bridges right here in michigan. now hillary, trapped in her washington bubble, that's blind to the lessons, wants to start a shooting war in syria in conflict with a nuclear armed russia that could drag us into a world war iii. ok, folks. she -- i tell you what. she will get us into world war iii. she will get us into world war iii. i will tell you that. she's incompetent.
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she will get us into world war iii. the arrogant political class never learns. they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. they keep telling the same lies. they keep producing the same failed results. how can hillary manage this country when she can't even manage her emails? cheers and applause] it's just one disaster after another, one scandal after another, one betrayal after another. to all americans i say it is now time for new leadership. all of them. [applause] and just in finishing up, in finishing up, just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we are going to have the
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biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. hillary is increasing your taxes. we will eliminate every unnecessary job-killing regulation. we're going to cancel every illegal obama executive order. we will rebuild our military, and we are going to take great care of our fantastic veterans. it's about time. 22 veterans a day commits suicide. can you believe that number? 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. they wait in line for seven, eight, nine days when a simple prescription or a simple procedure could solve their problem. 22 veterans. these are our greatest people, committing suicide a day. it's not going to be that way
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anymore. i have tremendous veteran support. we are going to totally support the men and women of law enforcement. cheers and applause] we will save the second amendment which is under total siege. am [cheers and applause] and we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. cheers and applause] hillary wants us to think small, wants us to believe things can't change and wants ur lives to revolve around washington, d.c. i am asking you to dream big, dream big, to push for bold change and to believe in a movement powered by the people
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and by their love of our country. [cheers and applause] i'm tired of politicians telling americans to defer their dreams to another day when they really mean another decade or many decades away. america is tired of incompetence. america is tired of waiting. the moment is now. all we have to do is stop believing in our failed politicians and start believing in each other. we have to. start believing in each other and start believing in the greatness of our country. [cheers and applause] there is no challenge too great , no dream outside of our
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reach. don't reach. don't let anyone tell us it can't be done. the future lies with the dreamers, not the cynics, not the critics. hillary has been there for 30 years, and she's accomplished nothing. she's just made things worse. she is a candidate of yesterday. we are the movement of the future. we're the movement of the future. [cheers and applause] some of the greatest political pundits today, bill o'rielly, many others, said this is the single greatest political phenomena of their lifetime. it is. and folks, we don't want to throw it away. that's why we have to get out and vote november 8. our movement represents all americans from all backgrounds and all walks of life. we are asking for the votes of republicans, democrats, independents and first time
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voters of which there are so many. we are asking for the vote of every american who believes truth and justice, not money and power, should rule the day. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors, not the special interests. [cheers and applause] we are fighting to unlock the potential of every american community and every american family who hope and pray and yearn for a better day and a better future. with your vote, we are just eight days away from the change you've been waiting for for your entire life. [applause] together we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again.
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we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again! thank you, everybody. god bless you. get out and vote, michigan. get out and vote november 8. thank you, everybody. god bless you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. isit] no, you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want
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but if you try sometime you find ♪u get what you need i saw her today at the reception glass of wine in her hand i knew she was going to meet her connection ♪ >> wrapping up here, donald trump has at least one other stop in michigan today. he's in warren, michigan, this evening. and mr. trump tomorrow will be with us runningmate, mike
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pence, in eau claire, wisconsin. we will have coverage starting at 8:00. and "the washington post" says republican donald trump path to victory has improved. "the fix" has moved florida from predicted democrat to toss-up showing likely voter report slipping after the f.b.i. director announced an expanded investigation into the former secretary of state's emails. president obama is going to visit florida thursday to campaign for hillary clinton. he's stopping in miami and jacksonville. the president going to be stomping thursday in columbus, ohio. wednesday in raleigh, north carolina, and stops in fayetteville and charlotte. hillary clinton, meanwhile, is on her way to ohio. roberta rampton with reuters tweeted out a video this morning of hillary bordering her campaign plane. she's making two campaign stops in that state. we'll have live coverage of her
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rally in cincinnati starting at :15 eastern today. >> on election day, november 8, the nation decides our next president and which party controls the house and senate. stay with c-span for coverage of the presidential race, including campaign stops with hillary clinton, donald trump and their surrogates and follow key house and senate races with our coverage of their candidate debates and speeches. c-span, where history unfolds daily. c-span brings you more debates this week from key u.s. senate races. tonight at 8:00 eastern, live on c-span -- republican senator rand paul and democrat jim gray debate for the kentucky senate seat and wednesday night at 8:00, live coverage on c-span of the louisiana senate debate between a field of candidates, republican congressman charles
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boustany, democrat foster mpbell, democrat carolyn fayard, republican candidate fleming and republican candidate kennedy. maggie y ayotte and hassaan debate for the new hampshire senate debate. listen on the c-span radio app. c-span, where history unfolds daily. well, candidate for illinois u.s. senate seat republican incumbent mark kirk and democratic challenger tammy duckworth took part in a debate. topics included veterans' issues, middle east policy, syrian refugees, immigration, education, health care, the supreme court and gun control. this is about an hour.
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dd >> good evening from the university of illinois-springfield. i'm adam wright, anchor and reporter at news 20. welcome to the 2016 illinois senate debate between our candidates, mark kirk and tammy duckworth. this debate is 90 minutes long. it's co-sponsored by the university of illinois-springfield, wmay radio, news channel 20. we ask the audience to please stay silent throughout the debate as we want to give all time and attention to the candidates' answers. we do invite you to applaud now as we introduce our candidates. e begin with the incumbent mark kirk. [applause] and please welcome democratic congresswoman tammy duckworth. and now let's meet our
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panelist. political writer and cull imist, bernie shoenburg. jim leach is the news and rogram director at wmay radio. and jordan serves as political reporter for news channel 20. [applause] now, both candidates have agreed to the following rules. we'll alternate who speaks first for each question. the first candidate to respond will get 60 seconds. the second candidate will get 90 seconds to respond and then 30 seconds of rebuttal for the first candidate. we begin our debate with 90-second opening statements and after the coin toss before the debate, senator kirk will go first. senator. thank you.k: i'd ask people of illinois to send me back to another six-year term so i can continue giving the thoughtful and bipartisan service to the state that includes my record of saving the export-import bank
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of the united states, which is responsible for over 40,000 jobs right here in illinois. and put together the bipartisan kirk-menendez sanctions which was the entire reason why the iranians agreed to show up -- >> thank you. senator kirk: and having the best environmental protections. to protect the source of the drinking water for 30 million americans. >> thank you, senator. congresswoman duckworth, 90 seconds. ms. duckworth: well, thank you so much for being here today. i'm proud to be here at the university of illinois-springfield. world class university. you know, as i travel the state, i see so many working families that are like mine. my dad was laid off when he was in his 50's and there are so many working families, here the economy is getting better but they don't see in their hometowns. they see steel mills shutting down, auto plants shutting down, people getting laid off, struggling trying to make ends
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meet. i see college students who don't know how they are going to afford to go to college. i am running for the united states senate to fight for working families that are just trying to catch a break, trying to do what they can to get ahead, to make sure their kids have a better life than themselves and that means we have to have affordable higher education. it means that we must work to provide tax credits for companies that keep jobs here instead of sending jobs overseas. we need to make sure that working families that are just trying to catch a break, if they're not willing to give up on themselves, we shouldn't give up on them either. that's why i'm trying oget to the united states senate to fight for everyday, hardworking illinoisans, everyday families that just want to make sure that their children's lives are better than their own. and frankly, they don't see that right now. they don't see that opportunity, that future in front of them the way they did when they were coming up and they felt they had a better life than their parents. send me to the united states senate. i will work hard every single day for the working families of this state. i know what it's like because
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my family went through it. i went through it. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, candidates. we now begin with a question from the panelist. first question will be answered by congresswoman duckworth first. bernie, your question. bernie: thank you, congresswoman. political reality says that either hillary clinton or donald trump will be the next president. given factors like wikileaks and "access hollywood," which is best suited to be president? ms. duckworth: well, i think it's clear that secretary clinton is probably the most qualified nominees for the presidency of the united states in our most recent yesterday. i voted yesterday and voted for her. but regardless of who is president of the united states, we need to come together and work across the aisle. we need to do things like have a hearing on the supreme court nominee for the president, whether it is hillary clinton or donald trump. we need to make sure we work to bring jobs right back here to the united states, to our hometowns, to illinois.
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and so, you know, the reality is government hasn't worked for the last two years and the way we can get it working again is to make sure we put aside the partisanship, we put aside the anger and let's come together and work on the things that are most important to us which is each other and this great nation and remember that both hillary and donald truly do love america. thank you. >> senator kirk. hillary or donald. senator kirk: i served as the glue between republicans and democrats. very popular guy in the senate. you know, the senate is a very personal institution that if you're partisan as my opponent, i worry she will go to war with the 54 republicans in the senate. if you are at war with the 54 republicans in the senate you cannot get anything done in the senate. i have been one of the most bipartisan senators out there. typified by my work with kirsten gillibrand to make sure we criminalize gun trafficking to criminal organizations.
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the state of illinois cannot be the headquarters of murders anymore. i want to reduce the toll of gun violence in the state. >> congresswoman, 30 seconds of rebuttal if you so choose. ms. duckworth: i let my record in congress speak for itself. as a freshman the first bill i passed was the clay hunt safe act which was a bipartisan bill to help veterans with mental health issues, the bills i'm co-sponsoring, whether it is some of the college affordability bills or bills to cut down gun violence are all bipartisan. you move ahead by working together and i intend to do that. >> question comes from jim leach. senator kirk will respond first. jim: senator kirk, in endorsing your -- there was a question of whether you were up to the job. it was whether it may have contributed to controversial comments you made in recent years. can you explain where you are in your recovery physically and mentally and how you will handle the rigors of this
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demanding job? senator kirk: i would say the stroke has made me stronger as a senator. when you conquered as something as difficult as a stroke you will get in there and fight, fight, fight and make sure you deliver for the people of illinois. jim: congresswoman duckworth, is the senator's health an issue in this race? ms. duckworth: no. senator kirk: we both agree on one key point. we believe the next senator of illinois should use a wheelchair. jim: congresswoman, go ahead. ms. duckworth: am i back at 90 seconds then? just checking. i think the senator is perfectly capable of doing his job he's not doing his job the fact of the matter is he talks as leadership on merrick garland and the supreme court nomination. he met with him in march. he asked his colleagues to hold a hearing but nothing has happened. it's october. i also wonder about a senator
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who calls the president the drug dealer in chief or back in 2007 said that one of the best things we can do to combat illegal immigration from mexico is be to send contraceptives free to mexico. these are notthese are not solut helped us. -- help us. he voted against equal pay act for women and called it the most sexist legislation ever. andven traveled to china told the chinese not to invest in america because we are not a good that. these are not all the harm a -- hallmarks of a senator looking out for the people of illinois. they need someone who is going to fight for them every single day. i met with steel workers that were laid off two days after christmas. they did not want to hear that their senator had gone to china and told their senator and -- told the chinese not to invest in america. -- i have lived their
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lives. i have relied on student loans. i have been on stamps. i know what it's like. it's time we had a senator who does his job. sen. kirk: i strongly oppose the ransom payment that the president made in cash to the iranians, even after he certified that they were the state sponsors of terror. the european union, remember? payment was in 500 euros notes. if you do the math, 800,000 were in the payment. they canceled the printing of the 500 euro note as they said the note was too involved in dealing with terror.
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thank you. thank you.h: >> you are facing a lawsuit, congressman, of the former employees that work under you who claimed that there was retaliation after complaints of abuse and corruption were brought to light. you have claimed this as politically motivated. why should voters trust you after that? duckworth: i got into politics because i met then senator barack obama, who was on the veterans affairs committee. as a patient i was calling and saying -- we're not doing right by our vets and need to do more. every day that i wake up i looked in the mirror and do what i can for veterans. i will always honor the sacrifices that they made. i will continue to work on the programs. i always worked on ending
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homelessness, greater outreach for female veterans. i started the only hotline in the nation it was started right here in the illinois, before the v.a. had theirs. veterans are my life's work. i would never leave my vets behind. my buddies did not leave me behind. i'm not going to let a political stunt stop me from doing what i've truly think is my calling. mr. leach: senator kirk? ms. abudayyeh: senator kirk -- is this a political stunt? no, i would say that the record is really questionable. we see right here several , going to the people that directly served you. service, shes of spoke up when the director of
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the facility went down to the public assistance office to ask anybody here if they wanted to work for veterans. it was a convicted felon who was fight it in. after first meeting with veterans they were reduced to tears. these brave women said we cannot let this person into the pa these whistleblowers should be commended and applauded, not crushed like -- tammy, you fired because use it -- they said that you were feeling -- doing poorly for veterans. mr. leach: congresswoman, 30 seconds. rep. duckworth: you and i both know that's not true. lots of the seventh thrown out of court. the lawsuit has not been thrown up -- sen. kirk: the lawsuit has
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not been thrown out. they said that they rejected the settlement. rep. duckworth: i'm sorry, do i get my time now? sen. kirk: sorry, when you're lying you don't get time. mr. leach: congresswoman, go ahead. rep. duckworth: thank you, reclaiming my time. as i said, the lawsuit has been thrown out a few times, partially. sen. kirk: they are right here. it's important not to lie directly to these people. mr. leach: let's give the congress people a chance -- congresswoman a chance and we will hear from you in a moment. we will restart the clock area --. rep. duckworth: as i said, it has been thrown out of court and again, in part, it has been settled for nuisance value, which was the description of the latest settlement. as i said again, i am proud of my record for veterans. i will not let political stunts
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or the threat of lawsuits or political commercials stop me from doing what's right by veterans. from the first day i woke up in walter reed, ivan working for veterans. they are my life's work. if you don't do your job for veterans and you are a government employee, i will come after you. mr. leach: thank you very much. question from bernie showing. >> you have admitted past mistakes and how you and your campaign office communicated your military record, including your admission that you may not online.n shot at as evidenced by the conference today with these women who say that representative duckworth did not heed their statements about bad treatment of statements, veterans issues are of two parts in this race. what would you say to voters who may be concerned about your past statements or misstatements? sen. kirk: i past statements
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have been small and selfish, i didn't hurt my veterans, only myself. like my opponent, who hurt so many waiting in line. if you would like to know about the people that witness that corruption, they are right here. sounds like your turn, representative duckworth. rep. duckworth: i'm proud of the fact that we added 80 beds at the home at the id da. perhaps for those in chicago who don't pay as much attention to what happens down here in central illinois, but further down south it was really important to 8 -- open those and take care of the veterans here seeing that they had a place to go as there were long waiting list. i think that what the people need is a senator who will work for them, who will serve them, get up every single day and work to make sure that working families have a shot at the
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american dream and that we stand by our veterans. one of the problems that we have in this country is that when we send our troops to war, we don't talk about the fact that we will be caring for those veterans for the next 60 years, if we're lucky. that is a cost of war that should be talking about. i will be there reminding my colleagues that when you go to war in make decisions, we are making a lifelong commitment to veterans. that is why we need to make sure that they don't end up on the streets. onch is why i worked homeless veterans. something need to remember, women are veterans to. they are my life's work and i ill be doing this long after served in government and as long as i'm breathing, i will advocate for my vets. mr. leach: 30 seconds, if you
2:39 pm
choose. sen. kirk: i'm very honored that as the chairman of the v.a. subcommittee i put together the in the legislation history of the country. 71 point $5 billion to take care of the 25 million veterans in this country. in my work i was able to put together the naval hospital along with the north chicago v.a.. because of this joint facility, i would argue that it is now the best country. if you look at that, looking at the corruption out there, you have the department -- i didn't have problems ever, like my reporter had. funny inspector general went after her with $1 million on a treatment program to make sure that outreach could be -- mr. leach: that's time. sen. kirk: no one showed up for
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her program. mr. leach: thank you, senator. jim? mr. leach: i want to move from veterans issues to act of duty military. do you support the increased use of american boots on the ground and syria?ike iraq what would your strategy be for the defeat of isis? rep. duckworth: they are an enemy of the united states. they are butchers and they are criminals. i support the use of drones and some smart airstrikes. but i do not support further sending american troops to foreign lands to fight isis a must the american people have authorized it. one of the problems that we have are now as american troops overseas that americans don't know about. do you know that there are 5000 americans on the ground in iraq right now supporting? it's an important job at the american people need to know
2:41 pm
about. the men and women in uniform new to have the full support of the american people behind them. i want to make sure that our allies do their part. their policy is part of a creative isis in the first place. all of our allies should be taking the lead in that will be my focus. >> thank you. 90 seconds, senator kirk. sen. kirk: the best way is to use iraqi troops with boots overground. as they enter pockets of the opposition, the united states will be taken care of it for the iraqi government. troops that speak arabic from the area, i think that with the current policies that is it.
2:42 pm
>> congresswoman? rep. duckworth: i think he just called for the use of more united states air force. having been down there fighting for my life, i know that when you send additional aircraft, you need additional search and rescue on the ground and logistics if we're going to do that. it's not a decision that congress can make on its own or the the administration can make on its own. that's a decision that we think we need to do. >> this will be senator kirk, first to respond to jordan's question. ms. abudayyeh: last week someone was killed by enemy forces. a reminder that u.s. foreign
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, isis in the middle east is in our only problem. sen. kirk: there's a long-term policy to support the elected government of iraq, to make sure that we do it the troops overground. opposing the president's current policy. i didn't know that. quite congresswoman? u.s. needsrth: the to have a leadership role in the middle east. we must force allies to do their job. holding the iraqis accountable. the need for the fight in mosul
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is incredibly important. other allies need to step up. these are some of the greatest fighters i've had the privilege to witness. our turkish and nato allies, attacking them from the rear. we need to hold them accountable. this is where we exert influence but don't need to be sending troops over there right away. any type of engagement that we participate in, for example, needs to include the removal of a sod. the removal of a sod. a butcher who has killed and murdered scores of innocence. but we can't do it on our own. my family has served this nation in uniform. i have bled for this nation.
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i still want to be there in the senate. people are quick to sound the drums of war. this is what you're asking us to do? let's make sure that the american people understand what they are engaging in. we can't do it all. >> three seconds to rebut. sen. kirk: i forgot that your parents came all the way from thailand to serve george washington. >> moving on to the third question. congresswoman duckworth, first respond. mr. schoenburg: you are welcome to take some time if you would like to respond to that, too. rep. duckworth: members of my family have been serving in uniform going back to the revolution. you go to mount vernon, illinois, you will see a statue put up by the daughters of the revolution next to molly
2:46 pm
pitcher, one of the first women to pick up her husband and take her husband's position during the revolution. i'm proud of both my father's side and my mother's who is an immigrant. me get to myg: let question, here. to congresswoman duckworth, the u.s. allowed over 20,000 syrian refugees into the country in the past year. ining the past year, including the correct number, if alternativean those locations are in war-torn syria. in world war ii there were more refugees from the nazis admitted to the united states. should that color how we look at policy towards refugees now? what should color our opinions -- rep. duckworth: what should color our opinions are the values in the constitution, the bill of rights, and what we
2:47 pm
stand for. frankly we are not a nation that turns her back on children drowning in the mediterranean. we do not turn our back on families that are fleeing. we need to do with the directors of the fbi, cia, and homeland security say we need to do, inch is invest more money the refugees who are coming here. we should embrace them because what makes america great is the diversity. i think that we can leave and more importantly, i am not going to leave people to grow up in refugee camps to grow up to be the next generation of insurgents shoot down american helicopters like the one that shot me down. we are endangering americans when we say that we would turn our back on the weakest and vulnerable and do not uphold the values that we espouse. the values that my family fought
2:48 pm
to establish in the revolution. i would say that there is a big difference between congresswoman duckworth and i on syrian refugees. i would note that the director f the f ei, james comey, -- saidames comey -- fbi, that there is no database to check these people. she will tell you something about how the administration got , when even these brave people have said that there is no database to check against the syrian refugees. remember, this policy is to that the president adopted regarding iraqi refugees. when they found the refugees in bowling green were leading an cell, to become a terror
2:49 pm
the president wisely decided find out more about these people. it's basic common sense. we should know who's entering the united states. especially after 9/11. rep. duckworth: i will quote the various newspapers who have said that we can fully vet the refugees, with homeland security and the department of state for vetting refugees. more importantly, one of isis's biggest tools in propaganda on worldternet tells the that america hates islam and we will turn our backs on people from islamic countries. we simply cannot feed into that by turning our backs on people just because of their religion. we can do better, we can do more, but we cannot turn back on who we are. >> thank you to both candidates.
2:50 pm
we have reached the first breaking point in the debate. let's take a brief timeout. stay with us. >> welcome back to the 2016 senate debate. have -- uif. we have a special block of questions from students who have written the russians themselves. we begin with will, a senior here, political science major and student ambassador. will, your question? the son, nephew, cousin of current and retired police officers. a young, african-american male myself, i'm conflicted everyday on the relationship between the officers and the community they serve. what can you do to help to resolve this problem? adm: we begin with congresswoman duckworth. rep. duckworth: thank you so much. i was the first candidate who put out a criminal justice
2:51 pm
reform plan. i think we need to include multiples of things, including getting rid of mandatory for nonviolent offenders. they are used to intimidate people into having records for the rest of their lives that they don't deserve. they need a second chance. i also think we need to work on gun violence legislation. equally important, we need to work on economic justice. what we see in black and brown communities is a lack of and whenopportunity, you are in that kind of despair it's hard to look ahead. i want to say that this will take a lot of work. it's not a single issue problem, but we have to look at it economically. and we have to make sure that we will look at the community itself.
2:52 pm
sen. kirk: i would say i have been quite critical of the ferguson police department and think they are too militarized. we need to train local police as and regard the taxpayers and voters on the other side. that is in any appropriate civil we wouldrelationship. always remind the police in america that the people on the other side of the streets are voters and taxpayers, not the enemy. adam: rebuttal? rep. duckworth: my opponent recently met with police officers from jerry -- very a's jurisdictions and said the office lacks the capability to improve police community relationships. i think that's the wrong position. i think we need to build capacity and improve. there are things that can be done on more grants for community groups to make sure that you improve those relationships.
2:53 pm
i promise that if you are elected to be not states, not only will we make sure that we have the capability, we will make sure that we take a leadership role in improving those relationships across the country. adam: thank you, congresswoman. our next question will be answered by senator kirk and comes from breanna rodriguez, a freshman here and member of the leadership for life organization. breanna: my grandparents came to the u.s. legally, 37 years ago. my mother is a first-generation immigrant who came to the u.s. seeking a better future for their children. even though they studied and dreamed along my side. they were the dreamers, the ones that loved this great nation as much as i. sot their parents fought hard for. what is your position on immigration reform, specifically as it relates to the dreamers
2:54 pm
who love this nation as their own? [speaking spanish] i have voted for comprehensive immigration reform. the kirk amendment is part of top transit immigration reform bills aimed at the military. infantryt a combat badge that shows you are under fire, you automatic become united states citizen under the principle. bring thetant to 525,000 people undocumented out of the shadow, to lay down building a new,
2:55 pm
life in knowing that they will not be deported. adam: he will give you a chance to rebut in a moment. rep. duckworth: i think that immigration reform needs several things. i fully supported. one, you need to make sure that it's practical. and that it's fair. also, humane. separating families, the way that mine was separated and he moved back to the states when i was 16, my mom couldn't come with us. she wasn't a citizen. were., brother and i it's a tough time. i can only imagine what it like to be six and have your parents be thrown into the foster care system. to be practical. donald trump's idea of building a wall and making mexico pay for it is not going to work. and it has to be fair. those that come here legally should go to the end of the lot -- illegally, pay fines, fees,
2:56 pm
and penalties, and work towards citizenship. i think that immigrants make the nation stronger. we have passed comprehensive reform. the study show that as much as $1 trillion to our economy over 10 years will be the benefit of having immigration reform. tos that don't want to go college in the military, they will get permanent status. when they serve a full enlistment they will get a permanent residency status by which they enter in. the problem with my opponent is that it is only available to men and infantry. recently they were not allowed to serve. thank you -- adam: thank you, congresswoman. sen. kirk: one of the reasons i endorsed donald trump is when he said the mexican american judge that was in charge of the trump
2:57 pm
university case could not possibly render a fair decision because of his mexican-american heritage. i did not endorse and because that showed he did not understand the basic idea and the concept of americanism. >> testing has shown that students have fallen behind on median standards set in the program. what is your position on common core? what do you think the government can do? adam: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: i think there is a lot that the federal government can do. changing the rules that came under no child left hind, i think that one of the problems
2:58 pm
we had was common core. it's important to have a standard across the nation. having as good an understanding as in my hometown. tothe federal level we need be by example. across the board for funding with students who have special needs, turning and $10,000 of my own pay. a handful of us did it. adam: senator kirk, you have 90 seconds.
2:59 pm
sen. kirk: i do not support common core. it's full funding under the idea act. i have groundbreaking legislation to encourage the schools that want to to go to all of your schedules in the state of illinois. those schools with the same number of minority kids will outperform the other schools with an all your schedule. the same as kids and other countries. investment in: our education is just as important as investment in our military. in fact, i think that our competitors on the global scale -- germany, japan, south korea, they are making these investments and we are not even investing in the buildings, let alone our children.
3:00 pm
we can do better. that is why i think if we have cap -- problems with common core, we can change the things we need to change, but let's get more input from the educators in the local communities. there is some flexibility there. he will support on a federal level. >> thank you very much, our inal student question comes from nathan. he's a student here and the at the trustee university of illinois board of trustees. nathan? >> how best can the government work with pursuing a post a ondary education such as four-year communities, community college or technical training affordable? also, do you support bills that would afford private sector graduates the same opportunity that current ongressional staffers have in paying off their student loans? difference he key between me and my opponent.
3:01 pm
her primary spending plan is to free stuff, like free college. times,hey asked her three she did not even know the cost of $60 billion. $25 ber, it only cost billion to get to the moon. congresswoman, 90 seconds. >> i think investment and ffordable college education is important to our nation's future. i went to college on student work and pell grants and study and a heck of a lot of waitressing. we leave people behind and we our nation behind if we don't invest in college. it doesn't cost taxpayers a dime allow students to refinance student loan debt and yet we're their kids start off posteducation careers with 30, now$50,000 in loan debt and they are not becoming consumers. they are not saving money towards their mortgage. that's wrong. my opponent voted against refinancing student loan debt. away to big give
3:02 pm
banks. it's why i introduced the act. working towards free community college. i don't think of it as a give and we'll pay for it by enacting the buffet rule and aking sure that we make companies that send jobs overseas pay taxes for trying to in our kidss invest and communities. when i travel around the state, it doesn't matter who i am. families are worried about where whether they can send their kids to school. when we talk to manufacturers is the one what thing that's keeping from you expanding your market share, trained work of a force. yet, we turn our backs on students. future.ortgaging our i disagree with my opponent. i don't think it's a give away, entitlement. it's an investment in america to allow students to be able to aford to go to college. sen. kirk: senator, you have 30 seconds to rebut. >> there is a difference between us. two of she wants to spend more and tax
3:03 pm
push us borrow more and even further in the red. i want to spend less and tax we can fix the economy. we don't even know how much the signature program cost. example of everything that's wrong with washington. we as citizens of illinois have protect the people of this country from the kind of collapsed hat have the economy and the -- of greece and puerto rico. we e got to make sure that run our government in a way so there is no financial collapse. >> thank you, senator. time is up. thank all the students for your questions. panelist e on to the questions in section two. congresswoman, you'll be first to respond. jim? >> the obama administration generated controversy with federal rules requiring schools o let transgender students use the rest rooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity. and should federal law policy mandate regarding for transgender
3:04 pm
individuals. should extend: we protection for all types of identity and orientation. this is something i've been in my house district. we have a young transend derred student who wanted to change in girl's locker room. she was afraid to change in the because she room was afraid of being bullied. girl, the girl's parents and others came to an agreement to situation.e the problem is, there are there ative forces out not even involved in the school district who are opposed to this. kids are vulnerable. growing up this is a tough time and we should provide equal rotection under the law regardless of their race, gender, religion, orientation. and invest ogether in each other and understand we're all people and we all protection.
3:05 pm
>> thank you, congresswoman. senator kirk? of my rk: i'm very proud rider on gay rights. that i was endorsed by the human rights campaign over my opponent is a democrat. it's very unusual for republicans to get that hrc kind of endorsement. i've also backed the equality oregonh the senator from to make sure we can make sure we civil e the number one our time. of sen. duckworth: the year before, for election, up he actually had a voting record in the 30s. thecan count on him to vote right way for you when it's an rest of year but the the time he's straight line. ou can look at his voting record. i've had a hundred percent oting record with hrc and i'm
3:06 pm
proud of it. >> senator kirk, you respond first. so arrogant --s >> senator, let's wait for the next question. affordable care act is going through growing pains according to president obama. recent reports suggest that premiums for plans in the marketplace are expected to in the by percentages, double digits, but millions of insurance have health and popular aspects of the law are things like allowing on your s to stay coverage until they are 26 and covering those with preexisting conditions. what do you think needs to be with the affordable care act and if you want to replace what.ease explain with sen. kirk: i would say the things we should replace it with is making sure that we have reform. dramatically lower the cost of healthcare in america. be as a citizen should allowed to buy health insurance from any state in the union.
3:07 pm
be allowed to buy health insurance from any state. we should have complete that.ition on in the national market. agree ckworth: i don't with my opponent who just said e wanted to end the affordable care act. there are problems with it and we need to fix it. fix i voted to end the medical device tax. we also need to look at some of bipartisan solutions on the table right now. for example, there are folks who drop it during the grace period even after having had a major surgery so people are that they knowing need gallbladder surgery, having t, in the 90 day grace period and dropping it as soon as they have had the surgery. one of the bipartisan things you just say to actually if you have a procedure then you just keep the insurance through the whole year. willing to do is to put people out on the streets to fend for themselves with health insurance companies. it's simply not acceptable. and i think that women shouldn't
3:08 pm
more for their health insurance and they don't under the aca. preexisting conditions, i i have one, shouldn't have to fight insurance companies to be covered. opponent, he's all about privatization. privatize twice to medicare, and it would put mom on eniors like my the streets with $600 voucher to buy health insurance. on the t put americans streets. let's fix the problem and there are bipartisan solutions to do it. if you send me to the senate i'll work in a bipartisan way to fix it because i've already done in the house. >> 30 seconds if you choose. sen. kirk: let's look at what ill clinton said about the obama care act. he said it was crazy and he was correct. increase for 50% people in illinois, and much less choice, that's not good. if we're raising costs and lowering choice, we're heading >> question for the panelist from bernie
3:09 pm
iran s clear that the nuclear deal has been a pint of contention in the race. please tell us your opinion of position nd why your for the national security of the country. sen. duckworth: i voted for the shen to me it was that iran is a pre-clushg state, months, in fact, of gaining nuclear capability and iranian nuclear deal stopped that. we do have to watch out for the now ased funding that iran has and bulk up our support against terrorism to include our greatest ally in the middle east which is israel. i think this is where, you know, we have to come up with a bipartisan solution. increase funding for the dome program in israel, for my ple, but this is where opponent has not made decisions that have made sense. letter to the
3:10 pm
ayatollah, to undermine. he said it would bounce off that turbans. these are not the words of a at a time . senator when we're dealing with a potential nuclear crisis. senator kirk, 90 seconds? sen. kirk: win of may proud. achievements in office is bipartisan consensus. i took the senate with two votes in iran. of every single democrat including sanders on that point. without those sanctions there for have been no reason the iranians to come to the table to negotiate with the president. the worst thing we can do is next generation of americans to cleaning up a persian gulf. the when we see what happened when $30 president sent over billion in sanctions related to the iranians, the first thing was announce id the creation of their own legion to destabilize
3:11 pm
lebanon, iran and iraq. look at the policy wing will at a resurgence of iraq and iran. when you see the state department, they issued a warping to the american citizens aware that some iranians might want to take you hostage. policy in a our way that there is never going to e the price on the head of an american. you should be allowed to travel to any country that you want. seconds to oman, 30 rebut if you choose. sen. duckworth: i don't nderstand the incumbent -- my opponent's policies on iran because he says he doesn't want a nuclear war yet he voted stopped iranl that from booking a nuclear state. he wants iran to not have he triedeapons and yet to introduce legislation that prevented iran from divesting itself of the heavy water that needed in order to run a nuclear program. so we're talking about somebody once you get rid of nuclear weapons in iran and yet he's doing everything he can to sure they maintain the
3:12 pm
cables, and that's simply not in the best interest of the united states. you.hank time is up. move on to jim leach. jim, your question will be senator kirk first. >> senator what specific steps the d be taken ensure solvency of social security and medicare? plan out the best there for the overall federal plan,, called the simpson and i believe, when i read the plan, that senator durban worked hard and voted for it, my opponent took the position on left and said durban voted incorrectly on that. when you look at the wheel plan comes across as a plan written by real republicans and democrats that can actually pass and senate and once we get the plan in place we cloud from the big the future of this country, trillion debt that we have. >> 90 seconds. sen. duckworth: you have to
3:13 pm
simpson plan raises the age of social when i recipients and travel around illinois, when i illinois, write see coal miners, they can't aford to have social security raised. the best way we can make sure we preserve social security is to tax cap. payroll that means that right now, people who make a million dollars only pay social security taxes on 10% of their income, but if you make $40,000 you pay a hundred percent of your income. let's make sure that we save social security not by raising he age on the people who desperately need it most but on making sure that the top 1% of fair ation pay their share. my opponent also has voted to make medicare into a voucher program. i think we need to go after the waste and fraud that happens in medicare. wastes about $60 billion a i r and that's why co-sponsored a bipartisan piece of legislation that goes after
3:14 pm
abuse this and medicare. let's get that $60 billion back bipartisando it in a way. we are doing it. parts of the bill have passed sure we pass make more of it so we can ensure medicare is there for the long term. and probably your grandparents rely on social security and medicare and let's citizens.n our senior >> senator kirk, 30 seconds if you choose. en. kirk: my mother is also on social security and medicare. the whole reason for being a iscal conservative is to make sure we have enough money to honor the promises we've made to america's seniors. f we continue the current policies of borrowing from social security, then every senior in america knows 4 we threaten their long term economic viability. like got to adopt policies i've been advocating, to spend less, tax less, borrow less, and get us out of the red. > that concludes our second segment of tonight's debate. we'll be back in a moment with hour.nal half an
3:15 pm
congresswoman duckworth and senator kirk. continuing with questions from our panelists. congresswoman duckworth, you'll first.d >> republican leadership in the senate has been frank in their efusal to hold hearings on the supreme court nominee until after president obama leaves office. would you f jurist advocate for and how would you leadership senate to hold hearings on nominees. jurist that h: any gets nominated, should have a mind, broad al work, that we can evaluate. someone who to see looks more like america. here are some great justices who are asian american. --en finise ueline finalists, she came here as a baby, regardless of who is doing
3:16 pm
the domination the the senate needs to do its job and have a hearing. a vote. have this is where, you know, my opponent, check the box for pictures and has a meeting, but never actually said mcconnell, if you host a hearing i won't vote for you, senate majority leader. to his he sent a letter colleagues and asked to demand a point did he no say, have hearing. leadership. >> thank you. 60 seconds is up. senator kirk, 90 seconds. i would say i was the first republican senator to meet my him and i urged colleagues to also meet with him and i led the republican onference after i had my meeting. 12 republican senators also met with him. i've also called for hearings would be a good thing for the country where we et to see the current nominee answering questions from the current senate, as a great way the outline of the
3:17 pm
constitution of our constitution according to the issues of the day. who has been nent rated as one of the most in thetive congresswomen house, that when i led this 12 of my ctually had republican colleagues to meet him. he was a very interesting man. this man, outstanding legal wood, from lincoln illinois. i asked him about the gang chicago.n he immediately got -- [inaudible] academic ood discussion about the limits of the statue that we use against chicago.s in >> congresswoman, 30 seconds if you choose. > it's not much leadership if you have a meeting with the man it's october. i would say he's failed in those efforts. the senate needs to do its job. opponent even on
3:18 pm
a radio interview after he took take the es and -- pictures in a radio interview later, said he knew that the earings would never happen and so it didn't cost anything to actually take those pictures. >> thank you, candidates. we move on to the next question bernie, your question. as bsite recently reported of 2013 when they had the latest figures, the median working age $5,000 put aside for retirement. policies would you advocate to help ensure that regular working people can dignity?th sen. kirk: the best program i've put forward is new ground legislation that i've written myself. it's called the 401 kids act. mom and allow every new dad in america to start a 401 for saving for college. --make sure that it would be
3:19 pm
so the government can never take or borrow friday. i want to revolutionize the education of all the next generation coming up, so can sit down with daughter, and say, this is what we had in stocks. this is what we had in bonds. and so she would see how -- the policy of that of investing can do so we can get our savings up. by revolutionizing our savings ate we would help out the retirement issues coming up. >> congresswoman duckworth, 90 seconds. my family had savings when i was 13 and 14, lost his job. and we relied on those savings six years until we had nothing. despair until en you look in my dad's eyes and that was or my $300
3:20 pm
left in my savings account because that was all my family had keeping us from becoming homeless. frankly, a 401-k plan is not the way to go because if you think in 2008, happened hen we had the crash, all of those 401-k things lost their value. say social must have security and preserve medicare. let's raise the payroll tax cap social security and make sure that the wealthiest 1%, the who make a million pay on a hundred percent of their income just like everybody else. to make sure medicare reminutes a program that's available for senior citizens nd not turn into a voucher program and turn them out on to the streets. yes, we should make college more should have d we savings programs for that i have a savings program for my old.hter who is 23 months i'm told i can't count months hits two but she's my baby, she's 23 months old, i'll make sure there are affordable
3:21 pm
education, free community college that there is free technical education program, and that students refinance ble to their student loan debt. 30, second irk rebuttal. sen. kirk: i would go back to something my opponent just said. should get away from a racial and gender politics. just get away from race in america and pick the best person regardless, if they claim certain race i would ask what do you plan to do? do you plan on going to 23 and out if someone actually hits the box? have the best judge possible forward regardless of racial politics. leach's on to jim question answered by congresswoman duckworth first. >> both presidential candidates come out against the transpacific partnership. where do you understand on tpp principle should govern you as trade agreements. oppose ttp for i several reasons. i think it's really good for our
3:22 pm
agricultural policy and i hope we can fix ttp but right now i for several r it reasons. one, it allows our trading partners to unfairly treat businesses. the wording in ttp is that you hould not engage in currency manipulation as opposed to you shall not. to granite city and the steel mill that shut down. alk to those 60-year-old steel workers who are getting flooded out of their jobs because the and se are dumping steel manipulating currency and pushing manufacturers out of business. my opponent is an ardent free trader. we should put america first. a fair trade program, in a free trade program allowing nations to exploit exploit theirent, workers, exploit their currency unfair r to gain an advantage. if you make a fair trade program i'll take a look and probably ote for it but as long as it puts america at a disadvantage, i can't vote for it. >> thank you, congresswoman,
3:23 pm
kirk, 90 seconds. sen. kirk: i would say my opponent says she supports manufacturers, but she ignores the illinois association that says that tpa and tpp are over sible for sponsoring 500,000 families in illinois with the work. sure we're ake of peoria.rting out when you drive the highways and byways an listen to the farmers, they will tell you the corn is for export markets. of the humans on this planet are not americans. would say that the widespread unemployment that it would cause by disagreeing with president obama, that's for ttp and even hillary clinton, who is for ttp, we would lose a
3:24 pm
the duckworth h plan. it would cut foreign markets from our state. > congresswoman, 30 seconds if you choose. >> in a time that my opponents has been in offers for the last lost over linois has 270 manufacturing jobs. caterpillar just built a new production facility in malaysia in anticipation of tpp and that 1,500 jobs t potentially that will leave peoria to go to malaysia. my opponents calls himself an ardent free trader. he went to china and told china in america because we were not a good bet. i say america the best bet. america is the gold senator. if you send me to the united every senate i will fight day for u.s. workers. >> thank you. we'll move on. your question. >> the most recent gallup poll approval ongress at with 76% of people disapproving of the job congress is doing. holds a seat in
3:25 pm
congress so what specifically ill due to improve the trust that people need to have in their lawmakers and what will working prove relationships in the senate? sen. kirk: i would serve as the between the house and senate. would say, i sat for a lot of times thinking about my job and representing the state. if i could analogize, the senate like one big national corral, to give you an analogy, filled 50 different wagons. one named after each state. each wagon is pulled by two horses. wagon is pulled by a horse named kirk and a horse named durban. durban horses are always nipping at each out the illinois wagon won't go very far. insist that i have a good relationship with durban and built that relationship so we a good policy going forward that would be good. would say one other thing my opponent just talked about -- i --t train of thought there
3:26 pm
>> we'll move on. 90 seconds. sen. duckworth i think the know an people need to that their representative in washington understands the lives, in their daily and have perhaps lived the same kind of challenges that they lived. it's why i think that members of congress should lead by example. for no hy i voted budget, no pay. if you can't do your job you paid.dn't get it's why i returned my own pay. transparency ease in government. i've always supported that but i people need is to understand, that members of congress understand there are challenges. state and i the talk to families and talk about what it was like to be on food it was like to have a high school teacher buy i wasn't goingse to eat when the food stamps ran out of the month, they get it. to be what it means hungry and struggling. they just want to know that the people fighting for them
3:27 pm
that even though they are on their knees, they are not giving up and that they are single day to put bread on the table, to send their kids to college to pay the to pay their, yes, taxes and to contribute to this great nation and this great illinois.'s but they can't trust in their epresentatives, if they see that we're disassociated from them. i would just say this. countople of illinois can on me to fight for them every single day, because i know what i have been there. i know what it's like to think, i ever going w am to pay off that student loan debt. senator kirk, if you choose. sen. kirk: i would pick up on that one train of thought that i lost there. why we lost so many jobs, i would say, is probably ecause we had a criminal, who my opponent served as governor, we've got to make sure we elect to government and not people like rod, your old
3:28 pm
boss. ho go to [laughter] [applause] concerny, t question, you ask the question and congresswoman duckworth will respond first. have had outside groups run ads on your behalf. there was a democratic leaning eteran political action committee that air ads questioning some funding votes by senator kirk and a group voice for pendent illinois, which had some big epublican doesn'tesers, attacking representative duckworth. vote and other issues. can or should anything be done to limit campaign or outside in politics and how do you get that done? sen. duckworth: i want public financing of campaign, i want to politics.ney out of i also think in the short term support an actis that would oppose giving money
3:29 pm
disclosepacks until we who they are. my opponent actually is supporting making it darker and transparent, and, you know, think the american peoplee deserve to know and get rid of citizens united. beste meantime i think the way to get rid of citizens faungsing o have supreme court, bring in other cases for the supreme court so person's voice is just as important as that of a large corporation. no one wants money out of politics more than i do, that way i can spend more time people. to my average campaign contribution my bout $40, and 90% of contributions are less than $70 supported by a grassroots campaign. >> thank you, congresswoman. time is up. senator kirk, 90 seconds. sen. kirk: on the issue of as a gn finance reform congressman i supported the new
3:30 pm
in place.s that are to make sure we got rid of dark money, and moved to the current system, i was one of the only republicans in the house to with my party even when the majority leader delay said the end of us, if, kirk, if you break from the party. and got rom the party the reforms through and made sure the current reforms that we need ise reform that we to make sure that we have instant disclosure. once the contribution is made, able to read it on the internet. congresswoman, 30 seconds. sen. duckworth: he doesn't support it for super pacs, and i would say the current system does not work. the current system is why we problems that we do, and frankly, i am running a we need s campaign and to make sure that the individual's voices are just as important. my opponent is -- these
3:31 pm
are the people who are supporting the likes of griffin millions millions and of dollars in checks to that particular super pac. you.hank 30 seconds is up. next question, first responder will be senator kirk. everyone would love to see lower taxes but we must also be oncerned about the nation's rising debt. what specific policies do you support, to still generating enough money for government expenditures? sen. kirk: with regard to tax policy, we should have a tax.ter, fairer we have about 72 special interest provisions that ought to be wiped out to make sure the best lawyers the lowest i think a flat fair tax would be the way to go. to lower the -- orate tax rate so we can
3:32 pm
billion and use 10% of that money to fund a new transportation spending for the congress. >> thank you, congresswoman, you seconds. sen. duckworth: we need comprehensive tax reform. is worried ponent about apple being profitted. f we allow them a lower tax rate and rebateiate those dollars, let's get to it small business that is keep jobs here nil i will. state usinesses in this pay at almost a 30% tax rate and that's not acceptable. if we're going to lower taxes top 1% we should be lowering taxes for middle income families and working families as well. my opponent called himself a fiscal conservative. conservative.l by 2019, in just two years our national debt will be upwards of $16 trillion. 50% of that will be as a result
3:33 pm
iraq and the bush tax cuts both of which he voted for. n fact, he co-wrote the iraq invasion resolution and went around convincing other members of congress to vote for it. of things we kinds can't afford to spend money on. closing licies involve tax loopholes for the top 1%, closing tax loopholes that allow invert and avoid paying taxes here in the united states and making sure that if we have comprehensive tax reform which we need, we need to make sure that small and medium usinesses and working families also get those tax benefits as well. >> 30 seconds, senator kirk. sen. kirk: i would say right now my opponent, when she was running a republican leaning district she supported bush tax cuts before she was against them so i have is.idea what your philosophy my philosophy is basic frugal sure we tax make less and spend less, and get us out of debt. go. would be the way to
3:34 pm
>> thank you. will be from congresswoman duckworth. patiently agreements go into effect -- do you think climate change is real and it's exasperated problem and what would you support in order to help combat climate change? sen. duckworth: well, i am, of change is real. i support an all of the above approach in attacking climate change. it's everything from moving our ountry towards being carbon neutral, moving our country towards clean energy, illinois positioned to lead the clean energy revolution, and of we've not taken advantage it. it's why i want to invest in illinois manufacturing, especially when i comes to clean energy. we here nil i will produce gearboxes for windmills, windmill towers and yet we only get 5% of our energy from wind 30%. and iowa gets we have the corn and soybean farmers, we should be leading
3:35 pm
when it comes n to biofuels. the world in d clean energy but we also need to ake sure that we provide a consistent policy when it comes to global carbon emissions and that carbon neutral. >> senator kirk, 90 seconds. voted that have climate change is happening and man.lso caused by before i was elected to office, climate the kyoto change negotiations and what i learned is that most emisses will be from developing countries. should -- the best thing we can do on climate china is make sure that converts to a more nuclear limit, the one coal burning plant coming out of expect. that we the principle of the kyoto climate treaty, all that matters polluter.p code of the mother nature doesn't care where the pollution comes from and, we
3:36 pm
to work cooperatively in our developing countries to make sure they emit less. and s the best way to go that's why i voted for the clean climate fund over at the world bank. >> thank you. duckworth, 30 seconds if you choose. is duckworth: the problem that my opponent has not been consistent. he voted, depending on whether up for erection from the house to the senate or re-election he's either voted for the clean power plant or the clean power plant. he's switched back and forth multiple times. hatever is convenient for him that's what he votes for and frankly, those who are investing the e technology and research need consistency in heir senator and in those votes. one of the head scratching moments for many things my he nent has said is when said he didn't believe in global warming -- congresswoman, thank you. bernie asks the next question, respond first.ll >> senator, gun violence remains our state and s
3:37 pm
nation. what additional federal laws are needed? additional laws, i'm very proud of the f-minus record that i currently have from the nra. that's unusual for you plan. shows how independent i am. legislation i put forward with a democratic junior senator from new york, we criminalized gun trafficking to criminal organizations. to shut down the -- [inaudible] of crimes nt kinds and if we criminal lies that relationship, when i was at the atf, they briefed me that a gun shops seemed to have a close business relation chicago.gangsters of i want to shut down that supply of weaponry. >> congresswoman? sen. duckworth: i just participated in the sit-in in
3:38 pm
the house of representatives the great john lewis on demanding a vote on gun violence legislation. few senators came over to support us. unfortunately my opponent did not. universal background checks and close the loophole want ople who -- if you pass a background check in a gun store you shouldn't be able to show to buy a gun without background checks. that's currently happening. that you should be able to buy armored piercing bullets. not needed to go hunting. they are used for one thing, to armor. body i think we can certainly get rid magazines.acity again, i'm a marksman. i fired expert in the army at twice here and there, i come from a marksman family of sportsmen. ned a high you don't capacity magazine to go hunting. if you ned a high capacity to go hunting you're a
3:39 pm
really bad hunter. there are some basic things that i'm co-sponsoring legislation to close one of these loopholes, if you go out a gun owner you lose your firearms dealers license. convert your can entire gun store inventory to personal use and sell it without background checks. to klez that loophole. senator, 30 seconds if you choose. you're k: i believe if too dangerous to fly a -- you're firearm.rous to buy a that, no-fly, no buy provisions was voted on the senate. only minute to vote for no-fly, no buy. to make sure, if we feel you're dangerous to be in a civil aircraft you're too dangerous to and firearm in america that's what we need from our senator. in the case of my opponent she's 94% of the time with nancy pelosi, she has a near perfect ofing record with the people california that nancy sent -- congress.ncy to the >> we move on the closing statements. congresswoman duckworth, you go
3:40 pm
first. en. duckworth: i just want to thank everyone for participating in our democracy today. it's why i served in the andtary and why we have men win serving overseas right now defending that right. for this i want to go to the united states senate because i want to illinois.people of i know what it's like to work hard every single day and not get ahead. why i believe so strongly that we need a real investment in this state. we need infrastructure investment. we need investment in american manufacturing. we need to invest in our educational system. not just because it's good to support students but because it's a piece of our national strength. one of the reasons that i got nto public service was because i feel like i owe. i owe for all of those folks who when as i kid, hungry, and i wasn't sure i would be able to go to college butraduate from high school there was a high school there that i could graduate from that was free and public and it was in my neighborhood. a state college that i could go to, so that i was able
3:41 pm
o use pell grants and student loans and graduate so when the army came calling and asked me to serve i was ready. had not beenthings there for me i wouldn't be in front of you today running for he united states senate, and how many americans are we leaving behind. all across this great state who how many senior citizens are wondering, am i going to have to work for the rest of my life? do better. we're better and if you send me to the united states senate i'll single day to represent each and every one of ability.e best of my thank you. >> senator kirk? sen. kirk: i would say in my years of serving, i've tried to in there and be the glue between republicans and democrats and be the personality advantaged my state. i worry about any opponent. partisan, she would go to war with the opposite party which is no way to get anything done in the senate. can't go to war with anybody in the senate because you will
3:42 pm
absolutely run aground there and to make sure that my record of building bipartisan saving s on iran and techs port-import bank of the united states, which is responsible for 47,000 jobs in illinois, is one that motivates you to support a that works between the two parties and is effective, nd is not rated as the most ineffective wong woman in the record d not with 594% of voting with the people of the state of california. >> thank you, thank you to the 2016 senate debate. [applause] >> have a good night. sen. duckworth: thank you, everyone. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] debate, after senator duck -- my mom is an and my mom and dad have served this country since the revolve lugs and the day the debate, senator kirk wrote sincere apologies to an
3:43 pm
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>> this week on question and answer, journalist and author, larry tye. of "bobby kennedy," the making of a liberal icon. your new book on bobby kennedy starts out this way in history remembers robert f. kennedy as he was in his crusade for president in 1968. a racial healer, a tribune for the poor, and the last knight.sive why did you begin your book that way? >> because that's the image that i started out with. drove me to write the book, and that's only a f. e of the story of robert concerned, and, an incomplete enough piece that if that's all we don't know nearly enough. > on that same day, a little later you bring up mccarthy. why? >> the most counterintuitive kennedy's history is his early and close relationship with mccarthy.
3:46 pm
in his early was, days, a cold warier. believed not that there were threats of soviets in the soviet union but they posed the threat mccarthy believed in america and he believed that mccarthy was the one guy in that really taking the fight to them, so he went to and for him enthusiasmally to understand bobby kennedy's beginnings, and what he became in the end we have to understand relationship with joe mccarthy. >> i'll get back to that in a a ent, mccarthy being republican from wisconsin. what triggered you, i know ou've spent a lot of time in massachusetts working for the boston global. what triggered your interest in this particular biography? partly that i had grown up with bobby kennedy as an iconic figure when i was in went to high school with bobby's middle child david the one who later on would die drug overdose. bobby kennedy was a big piece of who i was as a massachusetts kid somebody who believed in his values, in 1968.
3:47 pm
but that was only half of it. half was that may people in journalism, and john -- david, -- they tbore aut the most would never fall in love with anybody they covered and all robert ll love with kennedy and i wanted to understand why. 1998 were last here in for your book, the man who started the public relations business. done a lot of books since then and they are all over the place. ow many have you done since 1998? >> a total of six since the first one, so seven in all. favorite one of those? >> this one, robert kennedy. everyone was 10% more fun than one before. this one was 25%, because it let 400 terview more than people, most of whom were heros of mine when i was growing up and there is nothing better than that, and the good news was that i got to 400 people,
3:48 pm
ad news was, that easily a third of them died in the three years that i was writing this book. turned nnedy would have 90 last november, and so his family, friends, and colleagues old. >> it's hard to believe that he murdered.en he was and sirhan sirhan is 72 and still in prison. us, don't think for any of including you who knew him and knew about him, will think of other than ing 42-year-old forever young guy. kennedy, s old, ethel still alive, and you spent a lot of time with her. much? >> so i did two interviews, each was two hours, and it was extraordinary. me test out every theory i had on bobby. enormous kennedy myth making machine 14 tries among other things to suggest mccarthy era was a footnote or aberration. and honest to d ever have that be the final word
3:49 pm
and she explained among other joe mccarthy might have looked like a monster to the rest of america, but to kennedy, he was mccarthy was a guy when came over and layed with their toddler kathleen and who was their friend as well as his boss. >> where did you interview her is she doing? >> so i interviewed her, i want to say, i wish i could tell you interviewed her and she hadn't agreed to be interviewed by authors and reporters for the last 50 years, that she talked to me because i'm charismatic and irresistible. i think it was because she was sensing her mortality and i was he guy who showed up on her doorstep. it was in palm beach, not the kennedy mansion in palm beach house nearby that ethel rents every winter. we had an extraordinary time. the end of my first interview, then 85 or 86-year-old ethel walked outside with me, in her bare feet and offered to drive me to the sandwich, d make me a and she was just, figured she would kick me out of the husband
3:50 pm
of 15 minutes so at the end of i counted myself lucky. >> what impact did the 11 she had have on her life and her life with bobby kennedy? only married 18 >> they were so she was having children pretty much regularly during those 18 years, and the had, i think, they were trying to outdo rose children, n had nine and they had 11, and they relished the children. escape bobby had whether it was during the cuban missile crisis or during the freedom riots in alabama and mississippi, the one outlet that go homeas when he would at night and reply a game oftitionle tumble, which is just with his unds like kids. he adored them. it was an extraordinary joy to and the joy after bobby died but the idea of raising on whichn 11 kids, oldest of was a young teenager, was an extraordinary thing for her to do. she done over the
3:51 pm
last almost 50 years in regard husband? what kind of -- what kind of role has she played? played two kinds of roles. one is trying to memorialize him through concrete things. the robert kennedy center for human rights. the journalism awards given out name. the kinds of things that perpetuate the values he stands for. active en politically during that time and most importantly, i asked her, at one point, whether she haefrd getting remarried and she was clearly one of the most america at thein time of bobby's death and she pointed to her wedding ring and married all been this time and she pointed out, devout extraordinarily catholic and she pointed up and said bobby is watching me and i think that and she's remained true to him. not just in terms of his values being his wife for the last 48 years. >> what did you learn from her? mentioned. d, as i sen. kirk: learned about mccarthy.
3:52 pm
go to test every theory that i question, i the think bobby kennedy had one of and real rofound political transformations. the idea of going from a joe cold war era to a liberal icon in america was an she ordinary change and helped me to understand what it was about him that had -- that change.make that one other concrete thing she did understand his jack, definingith relationship. need to even utter a word because they understood through body language and just one another would think about a situation, they had that kind of communication. the close. think we've ever had in america to a co-presidency was kennedy brothers serving in the kennedy administration. >> when john kennedy was elected 43 how old was bobby kennedy when he became
3:53 pm
general bobby lments he died at 42 and when he ecame attorney general was 36. >> mid-30s? youngest was the third attorney general in american history and he may have been the least qualified for that appointed.ver his qualifications were that his father told his brother to hire attorney general, and jack would have defied anybody on anything in those days except and bobby had never tried a case in a court of law. nd it was extraordinary how green he was, and even more extraordinary was that three ears later, when his tenure ended as attorney general with the death of his brother, he may ave been one of the best attorney generals in the modern era, if not forever, in terms of war, he ng from the waged against organized crime, and corruption, in unions, to did for the civil rights
3:54 pm
movement, to maybe least appreciated and one of the most was the way he meant, he put meaning into the epartment of justice, with everything from bail reform to caring about poor defendants, he understood that it was about than chasing crooks. it was about giving justice. have some video of the ccarthy hearings but as you watch there are several characters in there that you write about in your book. one is bobby kennedy, you will off to the left and man named joe a --e >> cone was two things in. historic things he was joe important young arrogant aide and bobby kennedy's boss. at are modern terms he was very old age the tutor to donald trump. > let's watch this, senator
3:55 pm
mccarthy, a republican from wisconsin, holding these hearings, and then we can talk about the people we see. also a former senator from missouri is in there and you will see him. > mr. welsh, i think i made it clear to you that you nor anyone else will get me to violate the loyal people of this government who give me nformation about communist infiltration. >> the officer informant, what this obviously fraudulent letter was guilty of sending secret information to somebody authorized to receive it. nd in so doing, disobeyed the orders of his superiors. in view of the testimony, mr. chairman, i do hope that every effort will be made to find out informant. >> why was it so important that others have written years, about bobby mccarthy?d >> it's important that it tells us about bobby and where he started out politically, it was
3:56 pm
were two because there sides to bobby kennedy that in later years, mccarthy suggested p, contradictory aspects of him. on the one hand, at those army it was bobby ngs, kennedy who wrote the definitive report for the democratic senators who were in the then, and it was such a good report, and such a complete report, and things that mccarthy had done wrong that the republicans adopted most of it a report that led to the censure of mccarthy and et bobby kennedy remained such a loyal friend to him, maybe his censure, fter that he turned up at mccarthy's 1957, which was not a place that an aspiring young whenrat and especially one wanted to see his brother elected president, would have shown up. story in your book about kennedy going to the funeral and avoiding the spotlight. as with everything with him, there are contradictory aspects.
3:57 pm
if you want to look at his going that funeral, i want to set the scene. it is in green bay, wisconsin, appleton, where mccarthy was buried. from rmous plane flies in washington. 19 u.s. senators, seven congressmen, and a whole handful luminaries get off the plane and are whisked away in amn to after the airport has gone quiet one last solitary figure gets off the plane. short thin young congressional ide named robert francis kennedy. am appleton.ide to funeral from a choir loft where no one will see him. at the graveside all the are over here and bobby kennedy is over here where no one will see him. that the funeral knowing you will the reporters what had seen him, anybody who had seen im, would write about, he begged them not to and reporters in those days were obliging,
3:58 pm
guycially obliging when the who was asking was kennedy, so is it the loyal side of bobby ennedy who showed up at the funeral or is the other side we want to understand, guy who spins the story, inscribes his from all the records of having been at the funeral. >> what did ethel kennedy tell about bobby kennedy's relationship with his father, who asked him to go to work for ccarthy. >> bobby kennedy spent his life trying to live up to his father's standards. his father had called bobby the runt of his litter. which was not just the escription of his being the smallest of his sons but it was being the one who seemed least likely to matter. kennedy wanted to prove to his dad that he could matter. he worked harder at things. of the kinds of things that he thought his father would like than any of siblings, and by the end, by the time joe kennedy had he roke, it was bobby when had declared the executor of his estate and it was bobby who he lways said was the most like him. they had an extraordinary
3:59 pm
relationship, and bobby kennedy, of his life, felt his father had done more for all of his than anybody else in life could ever do. >> i want to show you some video ahead to the 1968 campaign of bobby kennedy. see this ink you today. and we'll just roll it. it's silent but you can see the reacted to him, in a crowd. ou can see it on the screen there. grabbing at him. close to him, like that. see, even a'll also more frantic situation here. him that, at out the stage, look at that as he touch t people wanted to him? >> so the press labeled him the beetle, which in those days was saying a lot. partly what it was, was that he represented the sense of camelot lost in the kennedy administration. partly the sense that people really understood that he
4:00 pm
passion not just to ick up his brother's -- do more than his of her sons going into the priesthood. had jack kennedy gone into the priesthood, he would have been a pope. had bobby kennedy been a priest, he would have been a parish priest. he was a kind of guy that got down with people and loved being there. and he knew that it was not only threatening because his brother had been assassinated and there was no way to protect him in the crowd. he would lose a shoe. his hands would come back bloody. people would grab a tuft of his hair. he understood that people related to him in that way and


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