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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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[indiscernible conversation] graphics what are your thoughts on -- oh, my. thank you very much. thank you.
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>> really? >> sure, thank you for coming out. hey, thanks for coming out. [indiscernible conversation]
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>> thank you. thank you. >> i appreciate it. senator? [indiscernible conversations]
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>> she is under court order to do. >> katie mcginty started her campaign with a lie about the reading the first in her family to go to college. and it has been one lie after another about pat toomey. >> if you are looking for someone who stands up for taxpayers and public safety, then join our campaign. i am pat toomey and this is my message. mr. trump: she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. i mean, i would look her right in that ugly face of hers. and when you are a star they will let you do it. you can do anything.
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>> i will be supporting the republican nominee. i have every intention of supporting the republican nominee. i am certainly not in the never trump category. i am certainly not in the never trump category. >> he was put back on the street. >> the unthinkable happens. >> accused of raping a 13-year-old child. >> katie mcginty still refuses to support ending philadelphia being a designated sanctuary city. how could she? bank forces you out. no warning, no hearing. a lending practice so outrageous most states be ended. but for the bank owned by pat toomey, it was business as usual. forcing 21 small business owners out of their homes.
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now he is using his power in the senate to help himself. voting to gut rules that help us. pat, out for himself not us. >> next, democrat katie mcginty campaigned in pittsburgh with pennsylvania congressman mike doyle and ohio congressman sherrod brown at steamfitters local. this is just under one hour. [applause] >> i want her in washington with me, ok? let's make sure she gets there. try to show a little enthusiasm . >> i am working on it. >> listen, it is an honored to be here. recognize some people
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in the audience. senator wayne fontana, good to see you. representative paul cost of. rep from outstate anita.west end, good to see you. it is good to be here with my buddy sherrod brown. sherrod brown and i served in the house together and we also played on the congressional baseball team. he is a better congressional legislator than a baseball player. and he is a cleveland guy, so be nice to him, ok? look, let's cut through the weight noise on the television. this is basic stuff. i am a blue-collar kid. my dad worked at a steel mill, my grandmother worked on it furnaces. when i came to congress i knew who i was going to represent.
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the people i grew up with. working class families in pittsburgh, i did not have to think about it. let's look at this investigation. you have trump and toomey. and you've got clinton and mckinney. look at the roots. -- clinton and mcginty. donald trump with a silver spoon in his mouth. life he is a millionaire. he deals internationally in finance. with this history, everything he has built -- and this is a guy who went through for bankruptcies by the way. everything he built, if he did not happen to building union he did not build it union. read the art of the deal. it says do whatever you have to do, say whatever you have to say to get the deal.
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that is how this guy operates and that is how he is operated his own life. he came to pittsburgh and said he would bring steel mills back. and i am going to bring joe paterno back. do you really think he can do that? he goes to is virginians is, i am going to bring the calmer winds back. worstthat is like the kind of people. you go into an area would people are down on their luck and give them false hopes to get their votes knowing dam well he is not going to do what he said he was going to do. he talks about wanting to reinvigorate americans heal but his last two big projects were built with chinese steel. he talks about upgrading jobs in our country but all of the jobs he created are in the other countries. day one.on artist from bloomberg said it best, we know a con when we see one. here in pennsylvania, we did not
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grow up in a turnip patch. we know a con when we see it, too. on has no business getting anywhere near the white house and we need to make sure that he doesn't. pat toomey.ook at another guy who's whole career has been the banking and finance industry. he is been a partner in a bank, worked on wall street, worked internationally and finance. what makes you think this guy has any connection with the middle-class or the working class in this country? his focus and washington, d.c., has been on that. let's and finance allsop look at katie mcginty. family oft -- up in a 10. any of you from big families know what that is like. doug was a cop, mother a wages. she grew up in a working-class family outside philadelphia.
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she knows what it is to sacrifice and share when you are in a family that large. us.gets what will her focus be in washington? , making sureation our parents and grandparents are per deck. that the social safety net is there for everyone. it will be our kids and and grandkids to have a future here. that will be her focus. same with hillary. she wants to focus on children, education, infrastructure. that is good for us in the trades, and two. we want to see people working. this is such an easy election and choice when you cut away the clutter and negativity from the television. when you look at the democratic team, you see people that are dedicated and focused on working-class families. on middle-class families.
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it'svitalizing areas like berg, west virginia, and all through the rest belt. of ourll be the focus candidates. on the other side, focuses overseas and wall street. these people don't understand us, they are never been for us, and they can't come into our communities and tell us they are going to do something when we noted them while they are going to. soneed to educate people when people are running across this ballot that really care about western pennsylvania are sitting on the democratic ticket and on november 8, let's get out there and make sure we put them all in office. [applause] ok now, the preliminaries are over. it is time to bring the guys out.
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i will tell you what, i have had the pleasure of knowing katie mcginty for white sometime now. she is just a tremendous person. all of her life devoted to public service. she gets it. i know she is from outside philly when she is like a pittsburgh person, she really is. she iss what we are in one of us. she is focused on what we do and that is why early in this campaign, all of us in western pennsylvania, the elected officials, got together and endorsed her early because we knew she would write for us and would be one of our champions in washington, tc i have not seen pat toomey and pittsburgh and six years. predecessor, a republican, arlen specter, at least when he came into town he would call and invite you to what he was doing.
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i have never, ever, ever heard from pat toomey in the six years he is been in the u.s. senate we mean a u.s. senator who knows where we live, will come visit, will work on issues with us. we have one great senator bob casey, he is desperate for a partner he can work with. let's give that administration to u.s. senators that can work katie mcginty. it is my great pleasure to introduce the next u.s. senator, katie mcginty. [applause] >> all right, how are we doing? come on. you might have a couple sports championships but this right here is a city of champions. right? how about it?
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there is going to be some competition here. everybody out there ready to fight and win november 8? we have a great team and many members of the team have been recognized. i want to recognize to others. the tally i is here. but to see you. chelsea wagner is here. you know, these guys are telling you it is 11 days until election. not that i'm focused on this. but it's 10.5. 10.5. here's the truth, we need to every minute of every one of those days because we've got to get every single person. her voice is heard. .nock those doors really fun. why? because his is not just any election. this is an election where literally be sold in spirit of this great country is on the
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ballot. what is on the ballot is whether maintain and stand up for that basic, beautiful bargain that has been with this country is about. and that is about it is not about your pedigree. not about whether you are a blue blood although we democrats know that blueblood is the way to go. it is about whether or not we work hard. your own perseverance and great. that is where we come from. no victim us anything. we worked for every day. it is priced to give back to your community. ,t is not tried, it is a shame it is disgraceful to try to get out of paying your taxes for 20 years.
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we know who has been living off the taxpayers. donald trump. but look, the choices in this election are stark and clear. everything is at stake and on the ballot. in the senate race it is clear. i do come from a hard-working family with those 10 kids. we did learn to get together and cooperate and you also learn to fight for your right. with six brothers around the table, i knew that bowl of mashed potatoes was not coming around twice. joy and prideat it is to stand for hard-working people and if i have the honor of working as your united state senator that is what i will do. the difference between me and pat toomey could not eat more clear. he comes from wall street. except when he has been in washington he has never left wall street.
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he goes to bat for the banks and the special interests. he is working for himself, not for us. here's what i know. i know that this is, donald, a great country. and it is because we have been faithful to that basic bargain that when somebody gives their all, in this country you get to get ahead. you get to look at your kids with pride and dignity and say, if you have a dream we will get there. i've got you. we will get there. if you put it your 40 hours you do not live the in poverty. right? [applause] >> i know like all of you, we are skin in the game kind of people. we are not looking for handouts. will work for it. every day seeing my dad going
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off to work the beat. years. the badge for 35 a lot of these guys like to talk a great game about our heroes, you know? every day we kissed dad goodbye not knowing if he was coming home for dinner tonight. what gets me is these guys are all about the hallmark card. our firefighters, law enforcement, they are all about the bouquets. when it comes to really standing up and making sure the pension is there, making sure we are investing, making sure we have the resources, equipment, resources on the ground then all of a sudden they want to balance the budget on the backs of those who give the ultimate sacrifice. and i tell you what. in our 10 kids, number five of the 10 is my brother jimmy. jimmy served this country with honor and distinction. he is one of those guys, the one-time i made the mistake and
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introduced him as an ex-marine. marine always a marine. semper fi. but here's the deal, after 25 years of working on military aircraft my brother jimmy was one of those guys who tell on hard times. when he went to the ba and said i need a hand, the ba said, jimmy you are a great high you served your country very well, come back in a year and a half and we might have a bed for you. pat toomey is one of those guys that is all about the hallmark card but he voted against our vets. we stand for our vets. we stand for those who make the ultimate sacrifice. absolutely. absolutely. [applause] >> here's the deal. out there traveling every part of this wonderful
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commonwealth, the first part of that basic bargain, you work hard to get ahead. the first part is alive and well. part is what is looking a little peaked. the first part, people are work with pride, working strong, giving it all they've got. you know, it is good people like this wonderful grandmother i met not too long ago. first of all, she came to a rally with a major message. we were rallying, hey pat toomey keep your hands off our social security. you will not advertise our social security. [applause] >> but when it was done, she shared a little bit of the rest of her story and said it is a special week for me. i said, what is going on. she said, i have 20 years at the plant i work at. i love this company and they love me. it has been a week of celebration. they had a luncheon for me.
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they've been honoring my service and they gave me a raise. 25's making eight dollars cents an hour. 20 years in. 20 years in. she is living on the brink of poverty. it is not right. it is not right. the young woman i met not too long ago, she said i am the pride and joy of my family. i said, tell me the story. she is the first in her family to graduate from college. the whole family has been celebrating except the dream is becoming a nightmare because she is living under $130,000 of college debt. it is not right. it is not right. we stand with her. we stand with her. that family needs a break. and you know, not long ago, too, i had the chance to visit with a woman who told me that she works as a certified nurse assistant. and i tell you, i know that is absolutely backbreaking hard,
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hard work. and i know it for sure firsthand because my own dear parents for the last two years of their life are in assisted living in nursing home care and i saw the nurse assistants their fall in love with the patients. absolutely tough, tough work. elma parent's case, mcginty was the light of the world so i could see why the nurses fell in love with her. , on patrick mcginty, senior the other hand, a little salty. a little salty. but they left him as well and this wonderful woman after she put in her hard day, his -- her husband lost his job so she's working at night as well. her brakes at night, she's calling the kids drilling them on spelling words. she is all in. all in. and then she tells me, i am
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ashamed. i say, how can you be ashamed, you are everything this country is about. she said even though with the two jobs on saturdays, i still have to take my kids to a food bank. she looked at me and said, if you get elected i want something. i said, what's that? she said, i want a paycheck not a welfare check. we stand with her. we stand with her. that is the spirit. and i tell you this. with the boys that labor gives to working people, we have got it upside down in this country. of those that we love and church the most our kids and our elderly parents we put in the hands of those in this country we pay the least that's wrong. it's upside down and fighting for the fight for fifteen it has to change and we will make it
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change. honor people with decent work. decent pay. you know, if i had the honor and , every dayf serving it will be a joy to go to work for good people like those people, those whose stories i just shared. but man, senator toomey has a whole different agenda. it is guys like senator toomey and donald trump that have made it so much harder. you can hardly even make it up. senator's own the constituents were ripped off by a wells fargo bank, did the senator stand up for his constituents and the victims? he went to bat for the banks and said it he was going to go to washington to make sure the consumer financial protection bureau funded them. the consumer financial
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protection bureau the consumer come out that blew the whistle. anybody have a bank account at wells fargo. you better check you might have ten college affordability interest rates have never been lower. it's a free market thing let people refinance college debt. pat toomey says no. that works for the banks doesn't work for us and what about social security. he's out there trying to privatize it. trying to hand it over to wall street. that works for the banks, it does not work for us. and i tell you what, any guy who joins up with donald trump thinking as he said, the problem in this country is that people make too much is not live in our world. i guess that's what is what happens when you fly around in your own private plane as pat toomey does and you own your own bank. you kind of lose touch and i'll tell you it's time for us to get back in touch. back in touch with the soul and spirit of this country and the hard work of good people in every part of this commonwealth and i know with your help and working together.
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we stand for something very very different and i can't wait to get to work with all of you. so that number one every child every child in this commonwealth and this country deserves a decent education and will fight for it and your zip code is not your future and is not your destiny and we'll get to work and saying we need all of our skills all and working with the steam fitters and trend the trades job training and apprenticeship programs to know my own brothers heavy equipment operators, coal miners, master printers. that marine -- x-ray certified welder. not just any welder, you know. but you know, a great country does not just why and consume stuff. a great country builds and makes stuff. we're going to put people back to work and when you put in your hard days work we are going to
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make sure you get a decent days pay and let's say it once and for all, we're going to fight for equal pay for equal work and it is a family issue, not just a woman's issue. know in our heart and soul when we stick together when we stand together will we have strength in numbers. nobody out beads or out competes the workers of the united states of america. >> on men. >> and we are ready to do it. we're ready to show our stuff again. you know countdown is on ten and a half days ten point two five days what not yet but i need your help. i need you to be out there on fire. making it so that everybody knows and believes that our best days are ahead why because we believe in this country we believe in the good people of this country and when we stand together we fight together we
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will win when we stand together we fight together we go out there every night i was thank you. let's go out there and win! [indiscernible] >> here is one person who has been out there fighting and winning for hard-working families his whole career. it is just a shame he's a pennsylvania one a be but we welcome him here as our here please welcome senator sherrod brown. [applause] senator brown: thank you. thank you. it is a thrill to be here with them. a thrill always to be in a labor hall with firefighters and ironworkers and us and
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steelworkers and that's you know planned parenthood, fight for 15, thank you for all of that. this is my real boys. i'm not sick, i don't smoke, i just talk this way. my wife who many of you know through facebook. several of you said that my wife and i were an event one time and we were in a room about the size but no tables and chairs. so people were crowded in together is a true story and the three or four of us were on the stage like this and i took the mic. this really happen. this guy turned to my wife standing right next to her, never seen a before and he said,
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i really hate that guy's voice. and she said really? and he said, yeah, that guy speaks like your nails on a blackboard i can't stand listening to. and she said, you know what i like? voice whenlike his he leans over and wakes up in the middle of the night and says, i love you baby. seated at three or four hundred people seated at the table down from the round table were six or seven middle aged women some african-american some you know some of them some white all middle aged and they were they were sci you. 1200 and he bargaining unit. i sat down at the table and i said, what does it mean now the european union? the woman said, i am 51-years-old and this is the first time in my life i am going to have a one-week paid vacation. think about that. because firefighters, union
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workers, you carry union cards. you won that fight a long time ago. working to make sure we do family leave, the occasion time, sick leave, all the things every worker should have. everybody should have it. you should not have to join a union to be able to have family leave, six days, work for your families and take care of them. that is why you all fight so well. the last demo i was in --nsylvania was [indiscernible]
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>> anyway last time i was in pennsylvania was in july at the democratic convention and you know i got to speak about an hour before chelsea came on stage and one of these i said i was thinking a couple of days in advance what you know but it looks at what you talk about of something like this when sort of everything's been said. and i thought back to grade school i went to elementary school in mansfield ohio by junior high. all of this was johnny appleseed junior high. is that a great neighborhood but anyway i went to break off elementary school and i remember as a second or third grader looking on the wall in a lot of elementary schools had a picture of all of our presidents and you look at them and you know except except for mustaches and wigs they all kind of look like me like a middle aged white guy , right? but now i have five grandchildren. and when they start school they're going to now see an african-american face. and pretty soon my two , when they go to school, they are going to see themselves in hillary clinton. how great is that?
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in pennsylvania in young girls are going to see their faces it in the face of the united states senator. and how great is that? and if they are smart enough not to live in oils district, they are going to see their first senior congresswoman. this is our chance all over the country, especially pennsylvania, this is our chance to make history. if i could talk to for just a moment about making history in ohio. pittsburgh and cleveland have a lot in common. well one has a good football team, the other one doesn't. we are about to make history in ohio. cleveland has not won a world series since 1948 until this year. 450 two years, since jim brown when the browns were actually better than the steelers back then, cleveland had not had a championship. cleveland and
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early 2016, and i have for shake your cavaliers t-shirt by the way. thank you or that. early in 2016, cleveland made a deal with the devil. aeveland said, i want championship and the devil said, you can have your championship. you can have your championship, but you have got to the republican convention there. and cleveland said, all right. then the devil said, one more thing. they are going to nominate donald trump. and cleveland said, ok you've got to give us two championships. tooid joke that it's not bad. >> that's a good one! >> this race in the senate is going to make a difference in who is in the majority next year. it is going to make a difference andidering how ted cruz
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mccain is talking, there has never been a supreme court vacancy islamicist. we're in the middle of a civil war but that does not bother them apparently. senator toomeys or senators all over the country, this will make a difference to win the senate race here. to have somebody as good as bob chase, understands label. fights for labor. fights for worker. fights for civil rights and all the things we care about in the country that everybody, everybody that has almost ever walked in these halls understands that. that is the importance of this race. the suit i am wearing was made by union workers in 11 miles from my home in cleveland. [applause] trump, as you know, buys his suits and ties from mexico and china.
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donald trump isis glassware, he could've gotten it in toledo, ohio. he got it in europe. he can got his furniture in archibald or newer, ohio and instead he bought it from turkey and is congressman doyle just said, on two of his last three big construction projects he used steel from china. steel that could've come from the valley or cleveland or young son. he has used aluminum that was foreign and set of ohio, pennsylvania smelting site. he did not do that. it, mike andabout i were talking about when to me came to congress in 1999 and mike and i were fighting against trade relations with china. when i think of pat toomey now saying he is against the transpacific partnership and i think about donald trump saying
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he wants to make america great in and he is going to terrible these trade agreements, the the fact is i led my freshman class in 1993. we did not win but we got really close. when you think about this, and during the flights doyle and i the made against -- during fights that doyle and i have made against p.n.t.r. against cast against the p.p.a. against these terrible. agreements. i never saw pat toomey on the right side and i never saw donald trump join a rally speak out write a letter to the editor write an op ed give money i never saw him do anything. the only thing that donald trump did was run his mouth and pad his pockets when it comes to trade and don't don't believe him for a second when he says he's against these trade agreements. he didn't even have to buy his steel from china enough to buy his aluminum one is when his jobsite from china you. have to buy as he has his clothes from mexico. he obviously could have bought it here. he made his choices and that's
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who he is really. let me tell you another reason i think this race matters and why white you do as a labor activists matters so much. i wear this depiction of a canary in a bird cage it was given to me at a steelworker rally right outside a steel plant in lorain ohio in the mid 1990's by a steel worker. it was originally designed by the steelworkers as a eviction of a canary in a birdcage. labor movement history, the mine workers would take the canary down into the mine. if the canary died or from lack of oxygen or toxic gas the mine worker got out of the mines because he knew he was on his own. in those days he had no u.m.w. or no union to protect him and he had no government that cared enough to protect it right and you think. well we are as a country in one thousand nine hundred when they used to take the canary down in the mines. the average life expectancy in this country was forty six years and you know in the alligator
6:39 am
-- in allegheny county and you know in the mon valley and you know in west where you have you know in this region how many workers died from an illness and died from workplace injury. you know all that and the reason we live thirty years longer today, 46, 45 years 100 years 100.or 30 years longer today. today it's a little bit high tech medicine it's chemotherapy it's it's. sometimes prescription drugs and different things but but by and large it's because of what the labor movement has done what the labor movements done what civil rights is done to advocate for women's rights. you think you think about that you think about you know congress and state legislatures passed legislation on minimum wage on workers' compensation on safe drinking water on clean air on medicare, on civil rights, on medicaid, on social security. although in protections for
6:40 am
children and to ban child labor and all annoyed osha and all the things that the labor movement fought for always against the most powerful interest groups in the country. nobody nobody would sit still companies in the oil companies don't give this stuff away it was because we bought and harrisburg and columbus and we thought in washington and we fought in our county courthouses. this to fitzgerald, we fought across all the country to make this progress and that is what is always at stake in this election. the fight is always between the innovators and the conservatories. the innovators are us. the progress or's who want to move the country forward. the conservatories are donald trump and pat toomey. people that want to preserve their privilege, power, money. hold it close and never give it up. that is why katie mcginty's election is so important. she knows how workers lived. she knows what to fight for.
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she will always be on the side with rob casey and me to fight for a more progressive government and country. that is why i came here. is that is so important. [applause] >> i ask you one other thing. it really does matter. [indiscernible] >> in addition, the calls you make, the doors you knock on, do all that and give it as much time is you can in the next couple weeks. each of you, think about five
6:42 am
friends you have. a family member, somebody at church, a neighbor. think of five. don't try to do 10 or 20. think of five people who are maybe leaning toward trouble or to me or undecided. you can convince them. maybe they don't think they are going to vote. make it your mission. find five people and make it your mission to educate them. take them to the polls. 2012, 106 million americans did not vote. imagine that. did notion americans vote. 125 million did, but 106 million did not. we all know people who will not vote in less you make a personal appeal to them. tell them about katie, about hillary. coach them in teach them and mentor them and make sure you
6:43 am
personally take off work and take them to the polls on election day will suffer will make all the difference in the world. in a race that looks as closes her races, i know you're going to win for hillary are but that is tough, too, obviously. particularly in this part of the state outside allegheny county. list when you go home. think about who those five people are to make to go to the polls and vote democratic. thank you for all that you do. thank you for the labor movement. [applause] >> enclosing i would have to put a great thanks as always. thank you for being our host, steamfitters local.
6:44 am
senator sherrod brown, for making the trip. as always, thank you for being for our way of life. to our elected officials, your friendship is something that is never forgotten. thank you very much. statement is to my brothers and sisters in organized labor today. a billionaire has questioned your democracy. has felt that he thinks he is the right to say whether he will accept or not except what we have died for. think about that. you have a chance to make a statement that our democracy is great and pure. [applause] questioned the
6:45 am
power of organized labor for far too long and as you see, it just keeps coming. as one leader moves another one steps and we fight harder and harder. as i look at the camera and i speak to all of you right now, people question our labor move on to end our power. my message to you is, careful what you wish for. they can my brothers and sisters. get out and vote. thank you. [applause] >> let's go, guys! [indiscernible chatter]
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>> he works very hard. >> this guy is great. >> my dad is in district 46. [indiscernible conversation] christ you have a lot of people out knocking on doors? >> oh, absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. eggs you got it? ok.
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>> hi ladies, how are you? nice to see you. >> ok. really? [laughter] >> i keep seeing you again and again. you are the one who has made the effort to lead students. [indistinct conversation] >> it do you guys play sports to, or -- out there on the
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field, have fun. girl power, right? >> hi katie. thank you very much. >> you have an amazing, amazing company. >> yes. to columbia. >> there you go. we were meant to be friends. do you work as a chemist now? >> i am at a startup. [indiscernible conversation]
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>> i would love to work with you on that. terrific. we only have a few right now. >> my e-mail is katie at katie honestly, when we get to the other side i'll have a little more time on my hands. not a whole lot more, but we will see. nice to meet you. >> sure, sure. >> thank you, guys. that very much anymore. take you. the for a longe
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time and i appreciate all of your good counsel. >> whatever you need. >> thank you. >> you are very welcome. >> oh, absolutely. nice to see you. thank you so much for meeting me up here. take a photo? [indiscernible conversation] >> in you know they say no deed goes unpunished, we need to even more. >> we are going to go knocking on doors tomorrow. >> thank you. it means the world to have your support. we're going to change this.
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>> thank you. >> my daughters wanted to come today. can you sign this for them? >> yes, what are their names. >> oh, well. conversation]
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>> thank you. thank you for what you do every day. all right, inc. you. >> guys, thank you. >> you are amazing. >> thank you for all that you are doing. i am very, very proud. >> thank you very, very much. not just a job, it is an adventure right? >> absolutely. i went to speak to you.
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>> hi, this is daniel. >> hi daniel. thank you very much. now hereou live permanently? >> no, i live in london will no, i live in london. >> can we get a picture? one-to-three. a good job. >> we will see. >> she inherited quite the kettle of fish. upr here, we do not wake november 9. >> yes, i would say that. >> i am doing everything i can to pull it off. >> i know, been there. [laughter] >> that is pretty good.
6:57 am
>> well, how are you? nice to see you. take you for being here. i am watching him wondering in the back of the room. >> all right. huh? at him, indistinct conversation] announcer: on election day, our nation decides the next president and which house controls the house and senate. stay with c-span for campaign stops with hillary clinton, donald trump, and there surrogates. unfold where history
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daily. >> i think most of us, when we of winston churchill we always think of the older man sending in your men into battle. he knew the realities of war, the devastation. he said to his mother after the second war, the loss is there, you cannot gild it. he absolutely knew the disaster that war was. >> historian talks about the early military career of winston churchill in her book "hero of ." empire regiment., give me a i want to fight. he ends up going to pretoria on
6:59 am
with the british. he frees the men who had been his former prison mates and put in the jail his former jailers. 8:00 p.m.night at eastern on c-span q&a. >> live today on c-span, washington journal is next. 30 5 p.m., a panel on the 2016 elections. campaigns inlinton north carolina. at a rally inmp orlando, florida. coming up in 45 minutes, join a public affairs professor as he takes a look back at the bush v gore presidential race. new york timeshe supreme court correspondent
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about whether elected judges can be independent and not swayed by politics. then, ellen gilmore, the energy wire legal reporter on the dakota access pipeline protest. ♪ host: it is the "washington journal" for november 2. james comey met with loretta lynch monday with reports of both saying they will work together regarding the new slew of e-mails. two campaign events you can see on c-span today. president obama will stump for hillary clinton at 2:00 in chapel hill, north carolina. donald trump in orlando at 4:00 this afternoon.


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