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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 2, 2016 3:20pm-5:21pm EDT

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voter i.d. laws put into place in many states where there will be fraud. people will try to vote who say they are someone they're not. they'll claim the identity of dead people, and this is something he's warned about and he's even called on his supporters to go and monitor on election day to make sure that no such fraud takes place. host: back in 2000 we heard about the infamous hanging chads and i think that's what you're referring to. now we have more than a paper ballot system in play today. guest: right. so the 2000 election exposed some of the inadequacies in some way how we conduct our voting. it was very archaic. it's still run by local governments. what we saw in some places it was sloppyly done. the butterfly ballot dispute in 2000 really focused on some democratic counties in florida where many voters had voted for
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the reform candidate, patrick buchanan even though it was pretty clear that's not who most of these voters wanted to vote for. so that gave rise to this question over how the ballots were constucted and we saw television coverage during the recounts of local election officials trying to figure out who people voted for, looking through a magnifying glass to see if someone had punched a vote or some of the paper on the ballot which was still hanging which is what we call the hanging chad. today it's really what we've talked about in terms of the voting process is, will there be conscientious fraud and the theft of identity to vote? again, there's no evidence this exists on any substantial level, but politically it's been a very potent issue and donald trump has used that. in addition to his broader claims that the entire system is rigged against him.
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host: julian zelizer comparing this in the modern days, even going back to 2000 examining the aspects of that. you can ask him questions on the phone lines this morning. for democrats, 202-748-8920. 202-748-8000.s, 202-847-8001.s, i know that's speculative at best considering the turnout but what's being prepared by both campaigns and are there lessons learned for the political process from what we gained from 2000? guest: well, both campaigns are preparing for any kind of challenges that might take lace in close election contests after election day. one thing we have to remember, in 2000 the election was extraordinarily close. so neither candidate was either -- was able initially to reach
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that electoral college total and that's why the 25 votes in florida mattered so much. we're not sure where things are right now. at least a week ago it looked like hillary clinton might have a pretty substantial lead in which case, you know, the trump campaign could try to obtain recounts in any close states. but it was less likely what we saw in florida. we don't know if the news and the letter from the f.b.i., the other week will narrow the election and create a much closer outcome. in which case i think both campaigns would be prepared in some of these battleground states to mobilize for recount. what we learned two things from 2000. first, both campaigns today remember 2000 and they remember that the republicans under secretary -- former secretary of state james baker, who led
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bush's recount effort, treated it not just as a legal issue but as a political issue. they knott about how to frame the debate -- they thought about how to frame the debate in the media they were much more effective than the democrats. many democrats agree. so i think the campaigns are not only preparing the legal battle for any recount disputes but they're thinking of the politics of a postelection. obviously, there's the issue of the courts. for many people after 2000, the courts seemed a lot more political. especially the supreme court after it stopped the recount when many people thought it should go on. and i think the memory of that will certainly shape the legal debates that might unfold if there was any sort of recount effort. ain, if the results are as discrepant as people think it might be, if it hasn't narrowed as much as we're hearing in the last few days, then it will be much harder to really conduct a recount challenge.
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host: our first call for julian this morning is james in dumb frease, virginia. fries, virginia. caller: on a scale of one to 10, i give you 11 cool points. i love your program. for your guest, it's different with al gore and president bush than it is now because one was being contested and the other is saying it's rigged. we can use magic all day long and say it's rigged. the bottom line is this, donald trump has said that to the american public on tv whether he's joking or not. he's going to contest it if he does not win. he doesn't say if it's close. he doesn't say, all right, if one state was very close or not. he says if he does not win he's going to contest it. that's the issue that we need to be addressing, all right. is there going to be voter fraud? in some instances there are
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going to try to be. this is my question, all right. you know, if there is voter fraud, all right, in a state, all right, that has already caught individuals for voter fraud, does that substantiate with donald trump is saying that it's widespread voter fraud? host: thank you, james. guest: two important points. on the first point, that's true. al asn't as if the democrat gore in 2000 spent the find months of the election, a, arguing that this was not going to be a fair election and also saying that he wouldn't accept the results if he didn't win. we didn't hear that from al gore. he was talking about social security reform. he was talking about social policy. and then after this all unfolded and the dispute emerged over florida, first the networks were saying that he won in florida and then late in the morning, fox called it for
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bush which really set off the whole debate. this is a case today where the republican nominee is talking about this being rigged and this being unfair long before there's any evidence to support that combined with his claim during the debate that he wouldn't necessarily concede on election night if it seemed that he lost. so there are very different cases. of course, al gore after the supreme court decision would offer a concession speech. so his demeanor was different after this was resolved. on voter fraud, there might be some fraud but, again, we have to remember there's very little evidence of systemic voter fraud. here was a terrific study at n.y.u. that look how much this happens and it's very, very small. a handful of examples where there's concrete evidence of this. so it's really unlikely at this
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point that that kind of problem is going to be central after the campaign. the one other issue we don't know about is hacking. computer voting and whether there's any evidence to undermine that. but right now, again, that's speculation. it's not based on evidence that on election day that would be able to somehow turn the vote. host: sunset, texas, katie is on our republican line. good morning, katie. caller: yes, good morning, c-span. i just want to say i love c-span. i've been calling in since the early 1990's when i was in my 20's. no, i wasn't. i was in my 30's. anyway, i love c-span and thank you very much for c-span. and i'm going to keep on the subject here. i never liked bush, ok. bush did some underhanded things when he was governor here. he put in a sports authority bill and got people's property
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for racetracks, for ballparks, r peculiarities, for malls and for all this kind of stuff. actually made people homeless, ok. so i never liked bush. and i just thought he was crooked and i thought it was always about the money for the bushes. i think they stole the election and i think they stole it from gore in the deal and those are my thoughts on that. host: thanks, katie. guest: that sentiment comes really from the argument that we have to florida the governor of the florida at the time was his brother, jeb bush, and so not only did the bush family have a lot of clout in florida but the rrp party was quite powerful and so there was some sentiment that's usually among democrats but some republicans as well that the whole recount process was not handled well.
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and that the republicans within the state and at the bush campaign were essentially in florida in 2000 trying to stop the recount. they were trying to delay. they were trying to obstruct and they realized that the longer they did that the closer they would get to the deadline where a decision had to be made. and that left a bad taste in the mouth of many americans and, again, in both parties that it wasn't handled well. and added to that was the supreme court intervening and making a decision in december to stop the recount. there were many people, again, mostly democrats but some republicans who thought that was not the right way to handle this. so some of that feeling continues to linger, and there are some who argue that it was unfairly handled. again, very different than the idea that somehow the entire political process nationally is rigged which is very hard in
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our system because it's so decentralized and fragmented. this is really about the recount in a particular state being handled poorly that i think gives rise to those kinds of memories about 2000. host: let's hear from clover, south carolina. independent line. danny is up next. caller: yes. good morning. i think i have a pretty unique perspective on the 2000 florida fiasco because i was working the polls in south carolina at the time and we used the exact same voter machines. now, the problem in florida originated in democratcally controlled counties and the basic problem was they were not doing the basic maintenance on the machines. they weren't cleaning out the trace that held the tabs. so they got so full when you punched the pen through you
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couldn't punch through. that was the beginning of that problem. and this idea that you had a bunch of people who voted for the wrong person because they thought they voted for one and voted for somebody else is ridiculous. it was very clear on those machines how to vote for hoever you wanted to vote for. host: mr. zelizer. guest: there were two separate issues there. the first is the actual process of voting. that became a big issue in 2000, how the machines worked, how they were handled, how they were maintained and in 2000 i think it was surprising still to many people in this country how antiquated our voting system was. in an age of computers and the internet emerging on the scene, that we still voted in ways that looked more like the 19th
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century than the 20th century. and this became a discussion after this all ended with calls for reforming the voting process, including electronic voting. in terms of people being confused, it's always hard at this point to understand the intention of what voters were doing but there was substantial evidence that in places like palm county, people had not voted for the person they intended and the reason this was an issue in particular with patrick buchanan was on the ticket, he's very controversial . e had been associated with anti-semitic statements and organizations and many jewish american voters there, elderly ones, voted for him. it's unlikely that's who they were going to vote for. this is a heavily democratic area. so that's actually one of the issues that gave rise to the
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question, but it wasn't just in florida. i mean, since then we've learned in many parts of the country just how poor the actual machinery of our election process was. in part that's because we leave it to local governments who are often strapped for cash and funds they he needed or the manpower they needed. and we shifted more and more to electronic voting with the hope that will improve some of these kinds of problems. host: professor, was there ever a resolve of the ballots that were in question? were they ever counted? was there ever a result as far as who would have one? guest: yeah, there were recounts conducted by newspaper organizations, and most of them, from what i have seen, showed that al gore did have more votes there. so that was pretty consistent
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in a lot of the findings that came after the election was over. host: let's hear from larry next in tennessee, democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i've seen ed -- what -- heard -- seen and heard trump said he would -- he trashed the election process and then he recount and then he would say that only if he didn't win. so the election process is junk. if he don't -- if he doesn't win but if he does win, then it's ok. that's ok. i think that is a representation of his general handled e way he has himself through his election
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process. view it as a tabloid type candidacy. host: larry, thank you. professor. guest: i think that's what's been troubling to some of his opponents and even to some of his supporters, that while calling into question the entire process, plane of trump supporters will have trouble believing in the legitimacy of the outcome if this is over and if he is not the victor. even if he is the winner, in some ways to hear these kinds of statements not once, not twice but as a theme, as a closing argument for the campaign, will just confirm and strengthen some of the cynicism and distrust many americans have in how our political system works. and so in an era when we have a very polarized electorate, when
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already it's hard to get one side to listen to the other side or to believe that the other side might have legitimate arguments even if you disagree with those arguments, to layer onto this this idea that the entire system is not just flawed, it's not just broken but it's rigged, it's unfair, could create an even more toxic governing environment. and then i think that caller was saying, it also just in some ways undercuts for some voters him as a candidate. it's simply saying i won't follow the rules if i lose but i will follow it if i win. some of this has now emerged with the f.b.i. and the comey letter because all of a sudden the system seemed to work more in his favor than it did before. so some will see this as confusing in terms of which way this rigged system actually works. host: our guest teaches at princeton university.
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he's also the author of the book "the fierce urgency of now," julian zelizer joining us for discussion, taking a look at this election and going back to 2000. we'll take you back to 2000 right now. al gore conceding the election after the decision by the supreme court. here's what he had to say back then. al gore: just moments ago i spoke to george w. bush and congratulated him on becoming the 43rd president of the united states and i promised him i wouldn't call him back this time. i offered to meet with him as soon as possible so we can start to heal the divisions of the campaign and the contest through which we just passed. almost a century and a half ago, senator steven douglas told abraham lincoln who just defeated him for the presidency, partisan feeling must yield to patriotism. i'm with you, mr. president, and god bless you. well, in that same spirit, i say to president-elect bush
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that what remains partisan ranker must now be put aside and may god bless his stewardship of this country. neither he nor i anticipated this long and difficult road. certainly neither of us wanted it to happen. yet, it came and now it has ended. resolved as it must be resolved through the honored institutions of our democracy. over the library of one of our great law schools is inscribed the motto, not under man but under god and law. that's the ruling principle of american freedom, the source of our democratic liberties. i tried to make it my guide throughout this contest as it has guided america's deliberations of all the complex issues of the past five weeks. now, the u.s. supreme court has spoken. let there be no doubt, while i strongly disagree with the court's decision, i accept it. i accept the finality of this outcome, which will be ratified
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next monday in the electoral college, and tonight for the sake of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy, i offer my concession. >> we will take you live now back to north carolina, chapel hill, the university of north carolina. president obama out campaigning for hillary clinton about to come on stage. ive coverage here on c-span. >> good afternoon, everyone. my name is isabel trumble. i am a sophomore here at u.n.c. d a proud native of chicago, illinois. america was founded on the asis of equality regardless of background. equality is being able to go to a doctor, regardless of pre-existing conditions. equality is not having to fear for your safety based on religion, race, gender or or yn
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take. and equality is ensuring access to quality education regardless of your citizenship status, your physical ability or financial means. [cheers and applause] and on october 20, i was proud to march into chapel of the cross on the first day of early voting here in north carolina and cast my ballot for someone who has put forth substantive plans to ensure equality for people of all walks of life. hillary clinton. cheers and applause] hillary has the experience and the vision to lead on every ssue, from reproductive rights
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to national security to education. whether it was in raising standards to students or creating the state children's health program -- health insurance program. [cheers and applause] she has always been a champion for children and families. and i know she is the only candidate in this race who can continue the legacy of president obama. cheers and applause] a leader who has demonstrated race in the face of tragedy, determination in the face of obstruction and who has shown the world that america can lead by example.
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in 2008, my dad had received wo tickets to attend the obama campaign election night rally in chicago. he made the difficult decision to take my oldest difficult. promising he would make it up to me some point some how. but today, dad, you're officially off the hook because it is both my pleasure and my nor -- [cheers and applause] to introduce to you the 44th president of the united states, barack obama. cheers and applause]
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president obama: are you fired up? [cheers and applause] let's go. it is good to be back in chapel hill. i love me some north carolina. i do. i said this before. i love north carolina. i love the state. i love the people. [cheers and applause] i mean, you know, i always say
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north carolina, that's one place where even the people who don't vote for me are nice. [laughter] it's true. that's good people. and we got a beautiful summer day in november. i know you guys are a little hot so make sure everybody bends their knees, don't stand up too stiff. if anybody faints, you know, just give them a little room. they'll be ok. hydrate. don't mean to sound like your mom or your dad but -- so can everybody please give isabel a big round of applause? [cheers and applause] we have a couple members of outstanding members of congress here. g.k. butterfield is here. and david price is here. one of the finest public
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servants in north carolina history, your former governor, jim hunt, is in the house. your current attorney general . d your next governor and your next united states is here. ss so you're here too. somebody said, what about me? you guys are here too and i am going to talk about you. and how about -- how much this country is going to depend on you over these next few days. i want to thank all the organizers who are here. i know you helped rally tens of thousands of volunteers and register more than 100,000 voters right here in north arolina.
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and it is that grassroots work that led us to win north carolina in 2008 and you are why we will win north carolina in 2016. d we got six days, six days, i'd love you to but i got some business i got to do here. i'll give you a hug on the way out. so now we got to focus on some business. [no audio] but you have to wait until election day to do the right way.
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if u're not registered -- u are not registered you can register -- if you don't know o to i some of you eight years ago were 10. [cheers and applause] ou know who you are. so you may not remember exactly where we were as a country. when i visited raleigh in the final days of the 2008 campaign , we were living through two long wars. we were in the early days of the worst economic crisis in 80
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years. people had lost their homes, their jobs, tony blair 401-k's crashed, their home values were sinking -- their 401-k's crashed, their home values were sinking. the -- [cheers and applause] the economy was teetering on the edge of a great depression, but we turned the page. we have seen america battled back. incomes rose faster than the first time since 1968. businesses turned job losses into 15 million new jobs. 20 million more people have health insurance who didn't have it before. [cheers and applause] we kicked our addiction to foreign oil, doubled our production of renewable energy, became the leader's -- world's leader in fighting climate change. brought home more men and women in uniform. took out osama bin laden.
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made sure that in all 50 states people have the freedom to marry who they love. cheers and applause] that's what we did over these last eight years. that's what you helped to make ed pen, and as i travel across all 50 states, as i've gone to big cities and small hamlets, what i have always seen is what makes america great and that is its people. i have seen you, americans of every faith, every race, every party who know that we're stronger together. people young and old, men, women, gay, straight, black, white, latino, asian, native american, folks with disabilities, all pledging
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allegiance to the red, white and blue. that's the america i know. that's the america we love. and there's only one candidate in this race who has devoted her entire life to lifting up that better america and that is the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. cheers and applause] she's the right person -- she's the right person at the right time, but keep in mind, north carolina, all the progress that we made over the last eight years, all the progress we hope to make over the next eight years, all of that goes out the window if we don't win this election. and we don't win this election potentially if we don't win north carolina. so i hate to put a little
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pressure on you but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. the fate of the world is teetering and you, north carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the right direction. cheers and applause] now, i know that -- i know that at the end of a campaign you must be tired of tv commercials. there are so many negative ads, and there's so much noise and there's so many distractions and everything is -- every day is just hysteria and over the top coverage and at a certain point there's a temptation to just want to tune it out. you kind of feel overdosed. even those of us in politics sometimes feel like, i've had enough politics.
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i understand the feeling, i promise you. but i want you to push away the noise for a second and just focus on the choice you face in this election, because the truth is the choice, if we put aside all the noise, all the distractions, all the hype, all the nonsense, if you push all that away, this choice actually could not be simpler, it could not be clearer. it really couldn't. ok. we got somebody who fell, which is what i expected. give him some room. make sure they get a little water. if emergency medical is available, just make sure you know there's somebody down right here in the middle. they'll be ok. they'll be -- it happens all the time. now -- ok. but hold on a second. i'm still focused on business. not business, bid-ness.
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this choice actually is pretty clear. because the guy that the republicans nominated, even though a bunch of them knew they shouldn't nominate him, the guy they nominated who many of the republicans he's running against said was a con artist and a no-nothing and wasn't qualified to hold this office, this guy is temp representally unfit to be commander in -- temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief and not fit to be president. and this -- this is not a -- this should not be a controversial claim. it really shouldn't. i mean, it's strange how over time what is crazy gets normalized, and we just got to assume, well, you know what, he
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said a hundred crazy things so the 101st thing we don't even notice. think about it. this is somebody that claims to be a great businessman, but i will tell you i know a lot of business people right here in north carolina and all across the country who've done really, really well without stiffing small businesses or workers out of what they owed them. [applause] we don't -- we don't have a history of somebody who refuses to release any tax returns at all. and maybe it's because he's not as rich as he says he is. maybe it's because he hasn't paid federal income taxes in years. now, this is something he said. this is not -- this is not me making it up. he hasn't paid a dime. not for our troops. not for our veterans. not for our great universities. not for our community colleges.
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not for building roads. not for maintaining our national parks. not for any of the things that helped keep america the greatest nation on earth. he says he'll be his own foreign policy advisor. he says he can do that because he has a good brain. now, that is contestable. but what i can tell you is we can't afford to have a president who suggests that america should torture people or that we should ban entire eligions from our country. we deserve better than a commander in chief who insults p.o.w.'s or attacks a gold star mom or denigrates our troops. we have had a republican senator, not me, a republican senator say we can't afford to give the nuclear codes to someone so erratic.
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now, if a republican senator ys that about the guy, why would we consider giving him the nuclear codes? it's like hillary said, a man you can bake with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. you can't do it -- bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. you can't do it. [cheers and applause] and, yet -- look, we have to acknowledge he's got support. he's got support here in north carolina. he has support in other states and part of it is because he's been able to convince some people that he's going to be their voice. now, keep in mind this is somebody who spent 70 years on this earth showing no respect for working people. working people weren't invited to his hotels or golf courses unless they were the maid or mowing the fairway. i mean, this is somebody who vilifies minorities, vilifies
3:58 pm
immigrants, vilifies people of muslim faith, makes fun of americans with disabilities. how is that person going to be your voice? do you want somebody to be your voice who on tape brags about how being famous allows him to et away with sexual assault? who calls women pigs or dogs or slobs? nd grades them on a scale of 1-10? that is not the voice of america. that's not the better angels of our nature. and we have a choice. we can choose that or we can choose to teach our kids that our diversity is our strength, that women are full and equal citizens capable of doing everything a man does.
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cheers and applause] that our jobs, particularly when we have positions of authority, particularly when this country has blessed us, it's to treat everybody with dignity, treat everybody with espect, to treat everybody . th generosity and kindness we have to stop thinking that his behavior is normal, that it's within the bounds of what has up until this point been our normal political discourse. and you hear some folks now justifying it and making excuses. you hear some republicans who -- they know he's not qualified but they say, you know what, character doesn't matter, knowing the issues doesn't matter and policy doesn't matter so long as he supports the republican agenda. but i have to tell you, this
4:00 pm
office, you know, it's about who you are and what you are and it doesn't change after you occupy the office. it just office. it just magnifies it. if you disrespect women before you are elected president, he will disrespect women when you are an office. if you accept the support of clan supervisors -- sympathizers -- the clan, and hesitate when you willut it, then tolerate that support when you are in office. if you disrespect the constitution before you are elected president and you threaten to shut down the press when it writes stories about you that you don't like, or you threaten to throw your opponent in jail without any due process, or you discriminate against
4:01 pm
people of different faiths, then imagine what you will do when you actually have the power to violate the constitution along those lines. not just toeak democrats, but the republicans in north carolina as well. obviously aok, i am partisan democrat. i understand that. but we are not democrats or republicans first. we are americans first. [cheers & applause] there are standards of behavior that we should expect from our leaders. i've got republican friends who don't think or act the way donald trump does. this is somebody who is uniquely unqualified. iran against the john mccain. iran against mitt romney. i thought i'd be a better president. that theer thought republic was at risk if they were elected.
4:02 pm
and guess what, north carolina? the good news is that all of you are uniquely qualified to make sure that this guy who is uniquely unqualified does not become president. you just got a vote. you just got a vote. [cheers & applause] president obama: the nice thing is, you don't just have to vote against that guy, you have a candidate who's actually worthy of your vote who is smart, study, and tested. probably the most qualified person ever to run for this office. that's the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [cheers & applause] here is somebody who has dedicated her life to making this company better -- country better. -- while donald trump and his dad were being sued i the department of justice
4:03 pm
for denying housing to african-american families -- i'm not making this up, i'm just saying fact. at that time she was going undercover from school to school to make sure the disadvantaged kids were getting an equal shot at an education. [cheers & applause] tells youobama: that something about their respective values. and hillary hasn't stopped fighting for justice. fighting for equality ever since. her heart has always been in the right place. and she works hard every single day. i know she worked for me. all, she ran against me and she worked really hard. and then she worked for me and she worked really hard. and she was there in the situation room in the oval office. when we were making decisions about going after bin laden, when it was go -- when it was risky. when it was time to figure out how to win back world opinion,
4:04 pm
she circled the globe tirelessly as the secretary of state. know what, she's not flashy. she's not going around spending all of her time giving one-liners. she's underappreciated here at home. that she made me a better president. she's an outstanding public servant. she knows her stuff. she understands the challenges we face. and she is tough. when things don't go her way, she doesn't wine. she doesn't complain. her success ore failure on others. i had a chance to meet the tar heels. [cheers & applause] here's onebama: thing that i know, if in the middle of the middle of a game you spend all of your time arguing with the ref and you
4:05 pm
start making excuses about how you are going to lose because the ref is not doing the right thing? then you're a loser. and you shouldn't win. [cheers & applause] and hillary, she -- she just works through whatever's in front of her. she's got grit. she's got resilience. if she gets knocked down, she gets back up and goes back at it. she knows, most importantly, the decisions that a president makes , what it means to you. this is an abstract stuff we are talking about. if you are a student who gets held grants, trying to make sure you don't have a mountain of debt, that depends on decisions you by the president. if are a soldier, whether you get ,he floyd to some far-off land that is up to the
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commander-in-chief. a young person who was brought to this country as a child, grown up as an american, but maybe doesn't have the papers and now you are trying to figure out how you can contribute to this country you call home? that is something the president has influence over. seniors. debtors. a single mom. hillarye things understands. she knows that those folks need a champion. and she's actually got plans to help. she's actually got plans. the other guy is not a big plan guy. she's got plans. she can show you how she can make sure all people have early childhood education. how young people can have more affordable college educations. and while she's executing those plans, she's also going to
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respect working americans and the values we care for. she will be a commander-in-chief who finishes the job. she will be smart and she will be study. by the way, she is going to need help. i want you to focus on making sure that deborah ross is going to be a senator right alongside her. [cheers & applause] president obama: when hillary gets elected. you heard the story. she's been out there fighting for working families, making sure that they got a fair shot and that the seniors were secure with the retirement of they had earned. unlike her opponent, she doesn't support donald trump. i want to take a minute just to .alk about senator burr and i came in together in the senate. personally, he's a decent guy. i got nothing against him. but when i hear him say that there is not a separation
4:08 pm
between me and donald trump, that's troubling. either he actually means it, in which case he agrees with everything donald trump says -- that's what it means when you say there's not a separation -- or he doesn't mean it and he's just saying it to get elected. that's not good either way. lately, he's been mimicking donald trump. last week he actually joked about violence against hillary. that's not something we do. that's not something -- i tell you, if i heard a democrat saying that, i would condemn them in a hot second. you don't talk about violence against public officials. even in a joke. [cheers & applause] president obama: and, you know, i want to ignore knowledge or, apologize, the problem is this
4:09 pm
is becoming normal. is the red meat they are throwing their audiences. and it's not normal. and it's not who north carolina is. is full of good and decent people. courteous people. people who are willing to cooperate with each other to try to make things better. that is what america is about. let me be clear, north carolina. business. [cheers & applause] president obama: let me be clear. there is something more at stake in this election than just plans. policies. this is about the character of our nation. when hillary was young, her mom taught her the methodist credence. allll the good you can for the people you can for as long as you can. she believes in that.
4:10 pm
she believes that we can summon what's best in each of us and make this country better for all of us. that is what america is about. .e are a country like no other not because of the size of our skyscrapers or the power of our army, but because we are a place founded for the sake of an idea. we hold these truths to be self-evident. that all men are created equal. endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. we don't have to be born into wealth or privilege in this country. we don't have to practice a certain faith. we don't have to have a certain last name. we just have to be willing to contribute. we just have to be willing to put our shoulder to the wheel of history and we can be a part of this community that we call america.
4:11 pm
drove patriots to choose revolution over terrorism. leading g.i.'s to liberate a consonant. giving people the courage to reach for a ballot. what gave martin luther the courage to cross the bridge and selma. empowered the workers to organize for collective bargaining and fair wages. that is what makes america exceptional. that is what makes america great. [cheers & applause] in other words, america depends on you. you, all of you. america has never been about what person -- what one person says they will do. i'd say yes i can. i said yes, we can. [cheers & applause] president obama: it's about what can be achieved by us, each of hard,ether through that slow, and yes, sometimes frustrating work of self-government.
4:12 pm
.hat means all of us oftice brandeis once said the most important office in a democracy is the office of citizen. not the president, senator, mayor, congressman. citizen. that's you. and that's what hillary is counting on. because she understands that in a big democracy like this, a diverse country like this, it all comes down to what the people say. ,he understands it doesn't work our democracy doesn't work if we demonize each other. if we just make stuff up. time tryingall our to tear the other person down for the sake of seeing if we can get a little power. she understands that progress requires compromise. when you are right.
4:13 pm
and she knows that none of us are perfect. not even our president. but that we should try to conduct ourselves with basic honesty and decency and big heartedness. that is what our moms and dads taught us. they were onto something. they understood that sometimes life is pretty simple. how do you treat people. are you useful? kind? generous? do you treat people with respect? she understands that. hillary will continue the progress we've made. and she will need allies like deborah ross. because it's not enough just to stick hillary with a republican congress, the way that they are behaving right now. were behaving differently. i have tried. i've reached out to them. they didn't work with me when i took office, even when we were trying to save jobs and
4:14 pm
prevented depression. even when they controlled the senate and the house, they have trouble passing their own stuff. and so, they just resort constantly to gridlock, obstruction, threats to shut down the government and wreck the economy if they don't get their way. that's not how democracy works. that's not how -- what your parents taught you. we even teach little kids in the should -- in the sandbox to share, cooperate, don't hit each other. and right now, because of a lot of them thinking that trump will lose, they are promising even more unprecedented dysfunction in washington. which is pretty hard to do. [laughter] president obama: they are promising years of investigations. years of hearings. more shutdowns. more obstruction. i'm not making this up. take a look, this is what they are saying.
4:15 pm
saying that they won't appoint a ninth supreme court justice at all. senators opponent, burr, just said that if hillary wins he will do everything he supreme courtll nominations. keep in mind the reason that they said they would not have a hearing or vote for my supreme court nomination, talking -- bucking all of american history, was because they thought the american people should decide. now they are saying that well, if they'd won't decide the way we want them to, maybe we won't even do that. ago, a supreme court without nine judges doesn't work. what changed? i used to teach constitutional law. i've never seen that provision. [applause]
4:16 pm
you've got some republicans in congress already suggesting that they will impeach hillary -- she hasn't even been elected yet. it doesn't matter what evidence just do it they will already. how can democracy function like that? i want to be clear about is not someridlock sort of mysterious fog that descends on washington. it's not some mysterious fog that descends on washington. it's not a monster movie. it's not happening because both sides are being equally unreasonable. hard to vieww it's me as objective here, but i'm about to leave. i just wanted you to know the truth. [cheers & applause]
4:17 pm
president obama: hold on, still got some business to do. whenock is what happens republican politicians like , not basedr decide on the merits or what's good for their constituents, but based on political calculations that they will oppose anything good for the country just because a democrat opposes it. that's how gridlock happens. that is essentially richard burr's campaign platform at this point. as i said before, i know him. insed to work out with him the gym. he's a perfectly nice guy. is, they havens built up this new normal in the party where you have got to say anything in order to get elected. vote foru think that gridlock is a good slogan, then you should vote for the republicans. if you believe like i believe,
4:18 pm
that america can do better, that you believe we should be out there not trying to block each other from doing stuff that creating jobs for families, living wages, childcare -- you care about people raising the minimum wage, then i need you to vote for democrats of and down the field. i need you to vote for hillary clinton. for deborah ross. [cheers & applause] president obama: they are ready to roll up their sleeves and move this country forward. they don't want to go backwards. they want to go forwards. [cheers & applause] knowdent obama: now, i to get cynical. there's a lot in this election season they can give you reason to be cynical. i just want you to know, all of you, it's in your power to reject the
4:19 pm
divisive, mean-spirited politics that would take us backwards. that's not how it has to be. that's not how it's always been. but it's going to depend on you. you can elect a leader who has spent her entire life trying to move this country forward. our first female president, who will be an example for our daughters and our sons. that everybody has a chance to contribute and serve. you have a chance to shape history. is. an amazing thing that if wins north carolina, she wins. [applause] that when i said the fate of the republic rests on you, i wasn't joking. but that shouldn't make you fearful. that should make you excited.
4:20 pm
it's not often when you can move the arc of history. don't let that chance slip away. that people, it not often you know your voice will have an impact. don't let it slip away. don't fall for the cynicism that says my vote doesn't matter. that all politicians are the same. it does matter. they are not all the same. that's what her opponent wants you to think, because they don't want you to vote. i've got to say, he's been getting help from republican politicians in this state who have been trying to keep you from voting. we're the only advanced democracy on earth that purposely tries to make it harder for people to vote. within sometimes unfortunate traditions of america, what's been going on here lately in this state is really troubling. a few years ago republicans passed the law here to make it harder for african-americans vote.
4:21 pm
that's not my opinion. earlier this euro federal judge ,aid that based on the evidence those who voted for these laws targeted lack voters with surgical precision. it was one of the worst voter suppression laws in the country. here. in north carolina. not back in the 1960's. now. already, right now, donald trump is calling on his supporters. where are those areas that he's talking about? there are groups that are not even making secret plans. they are just saying that they will try to suppress the african-american vote on election day. or the youth vote on election day. if you think that is accidental, i want you to think about a woman named grace ferguson. lived in belhaven,
4:22 pm
north carolina her entire life. all 100 years of her life. just a few weeks ago, republicans challenged her voter registration status. and tried to remove her from the voter rolls. she heard about it and said -- i can't vote. 100 years old. now, grace got her voter registration reinstated. and you better believe she's been a vote. [cheers & applause] president obama: but this 100-year-old woman was not alone in being targeted. work black and democratic. -- were black and democratic. there was a time when systematically denying black folks the right to vote was considered normal as well. young people, i want you to listen up.
4:23 pm
parents, i want you to talk about this. ago thatt that long folks had to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar or bubbles on a bar of soap, or recite the constitution in chinese in order to vote. it wasn't that long ago when folks were beating people trying to register voters in mississippi. theasn't that long ago when first african-american chief justice of the north carolina supreme court was denied the right to register to vote because he had failed the so-called literacy test after he had graduated from college. it wasn't that long ago. imagine what grace has seen in the arc of her 100 years. born at a time when there were barely no cars on the road, no planes in the sky. think about what she has seen. a great-grandmother. probably a great great grandmother.
4:24 pm
how are we going to do that after all she has been through? don't disrespect her like that. allare we going to betray of those who work so hard, risk everything for the vote, so that we can pull the lever and we are not going to vote? what is our excuse? now, those who wanted to suppress the vote are going to fail. the law was struck down. your rights have been restored. [cheers & applause] .resident obama: right now there are more one-stop early vote sites in north carolina than ever before. at any register to vote site and your county as long as you do it by saturday. it's easier to vote than ever in north carolina, but if you don't vote, then you have done the work of those who would suppress your vote without them having to lift a finger. come on.
4:25 pm
back in 2008 i won north carolina by 14,000 votes. that's about two votes per precinct. just two votes per precinct going the other way, i would have lost north carolina. how can you say your vote doesn't count? each of you could swing an entire precinct for hillary if you vote. or you could swing it for her if you don't vote. your vote matters. especially, your vote matters. [cheers & applause] president obama: if you have an marching for criminal justice reform, that's great. but you had better vote for a president and the congress that cares about disrupting the pipeline from overcrowded schools -- underfunded schools overcrowded jails. you have been marching for the environment. to do something about climate change. i heard you.
4:26 pm
you had better hope for the next president, who believes in thence and will protect progress we have made so that we can leave behind a world we are proud of her children. you want more jobs? a higher minimum wage? to help with student loans? there and sit complain. don't just sit there in the barbershop, the beauty shop, watching the tar heels and say -- you know, politics is messed up, but what's the point? no, you can watch the game after you vote. [cheers & applause] president obama: the good news is, you have got the proof when you know it works. because so many of you voted knowing. it is because of you that millions of people have health care today that didn't have it before. it's because of you that millions of young people are going to college that couldn't
4:27 pm
afford it before. it's because of you that the marines can serve in this country without hiding the husband that he loves. [cheers & applause] president obama: because of you, more young immigrants are coming out of the shadows in serving our country. north carolina, i'm asking you today but i asked of you eight years ago. ability to change. not even just in hillary possibility to bring about positive change. i'm asking you to bring -- believe in your ability to bring about change. i am not on the ballot. , fairness isu what on the ballot. decency is on the ballot. [cheers & applause] president obama: justices on the ballot. [cheers & applause] president obama: our democracy is on the ballot right now. [cheers & applause] and hillaryama: gives you a chance to defend our democracy. but you got to do everything you can to make sure everybody votes
4:28 pm
. your friends, your family, your cousin, your uncle, your neighbor, your coworker. tell them this is the moment where america stands up. stand up and reject cynicism. stand up and reject fear. choose hope. choose hope. [cheers & applause] president obama: choose hope. choose hope. choose hope. [cheers & applause] president obama: vote. and if you do, we will elect hillary clinton the next president of the united states. we will elect deborah ross the next senator from the great state of north carolina. continue this amazing journey, finish what we started, and remind the world why this is the greatest country on earth. god bless you, north carolina. god bless the united states of america. [cheers & applause] ♪
4:29 pm
[cheers & applause] ♪
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>> six days to election day, not surprisingly president obama spending a good amount of time this week on the campaign trail, stumping for hillary clinton today, tomorrow. he will be in florida, back in north carolina on friday. we are opening up the phone lines a bit to hear from you. particularly from you undecided voters in those of you deciding to vote for a third-party candidate. 202-7 48-8920, if you are undecided. 202-748 for the rest of you. donald trump is wrapping up a rally right now at the central florida fairgrounds in orlando.
4:35 pm
we will have that for you once it wraps up. you can see that's a live shot there in orlando. he just finished his speech and we will get that ready for you and show it to you, momentarily. let's get a few of your calls. new port richey, florida, good afternoon. new port richey, florida, go ahead. caller: hi, i'm allen, not carol. host: my fault. go ahead. caller: i don't think i could vote for hillary clinton. i'm really tired of barack obama going around and he's spending taxpayer money campaigning for everybody.den and i think that's a waste. they should not be doing that. have you reached your decision on who you will vote for? who are you leaning toward? caller: donald trump.
4:36 pm
i just don't think that he should be doing that. that he should be spending all of this taxpayer money. the: this is carol, i'm other -- from iowa. caller: i just have a question to ask. a presidents urban before out campaigning for a nominee? host: say that again, carol? caller: has there ever been a president of the united states out before, campaigning for a presidential nominee? host: sure. in previous elections, that's happened. president obama certainly filling this week with campaign stops, as we mentioned. we are covering more of those as well. hearing from adrian again on the on this -- hearing from jeanette on the undecided line. caller: what do i do? do i just vote for him, for
4:37 pm
hillary over the phone? the: no, you are calling on undecided line. have you made a choice? caller: yes, i've made a choice, i'm going to vote for hillary. host: all right, in this rally the president telling folks that they have through saturday to vote in north carolina -- to register in north carolina. particular,na in early voting, some concern over some democrats and the turnout for african-american voters in key early voting states may be a cause of concern for hillary clinton. let's hear from wayne in birmingham, alabama. says you are undecided, wayne. caller: well, i'm undecided to a point and to appoint i'm certainly going to vote for donald trump. because hillary clinton doesn't give us a choice. maybe we should have somebody else mixed in, and a third party that is more suitable. but as far as what he can do for me as a citizen, for the united
4:38 pm
states of america, i believe he can do it. i know hillary clinton is just going to give us more of what we have seen the last eight years. host: all right, we're looking for those of you who are undecided or third-party voters. we plan to show you donald trump's's age momentarily. that event is breaking up and we will have the speech for you in a couple of minutes. this is clearwater beach, florida. george, go ahead. caller: [indiscernible] talking about, again, the african-american people. that's a real bad situation. he put everybody together. he spent our money to fly everywhere in the united states. wonder, why that baby has to cover up something on his side, too. michelle obama, everybody, they
4:39 pm
struggle, type of help clinton. i will vote for donald trump election week. , early onary clinton in that appearance, the president saying -- speaking of donald trump -- this guy is temperamentally unfit to be commander-in-chief and he's not equipped to be president." who are you voting for, beverly? i don't know who's running for third-party, but it won't be hillary or donald. host: who do you like that? caller: i'm sorry? host: who do you like in the presidential race? i would rather vote for hillary. but i'm not, because she has too many and disclosed things. twitter, tweeting in favor
4:40 pm
of jill stein -- hillary is endorsed by the koch brothers and glenn back. voting for jill stein. this one saying -- give a business man a chance in the white house. vote from. from mason -- telling it like it is going down the line, real don trump epic fails. the choice could not be clearer for hillary clinton. a few more phone calls, showing you donald trump here, finishing up at the central florida fairgrounds. here is saint augustine. gary, which way are you leaning? afterr -- caller: watching barack obama and the democrats after eight years now, i hear the same rhetoric. using the race card, i'm tired of it. i don't think he should be out campaigning for hillary. i've decided i'm going for donald trump. host: did you vote for president
4:41 pm
obama in 2008 or 2012 question mark caller: -- 2012? caller: no, i didn't. i voted for romney. host: joann, undecided line. caller: how are you doing? host: i'm fine. make sure that you mute your television. go ahead with your comments. caller: i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. i don't trust donald trump. he hasn't said anything he can do for the united states. he's not being safe. we are less than two weeks from congress returning. and our coverage of the u.s. house and senate here on c-span and c-span2. this was a meeting afternoon, keep an eye on the continuing house freedom caucus concluding their meeting on rules changes and potential issues calling for speaker elections mid congress.
4:42 pm
we look uri on that story as well, following paul ryan. the house speaker spending a lot of his time campaigning for members across the country. far rockaway, new york, it's kevin, whose supporting a third-party candidate. caller: yes, indeed. i'm supporting jill stein, of the green party. host: tell us why. caller: well, i just think that really this year is the best time ever -- the bar has been set so low, the two-party system. i think it could be characterized most by most people's motivation being night -- being either fear or spite, voting for these two. really, and a country of 330 million people, this is the best we can do? it's a disgrace. i feel like more people who vote for third-party candidates -- i
4:43 pm
obviously have my own opinion about which side of the spectrum it is. but i think that we need to broaden the debates a little bit and create a little bit more representative democracy out there. caller: covering president obama afternoon, donald trump coming up shortly. you can find our recent coverage of jill stein, gary johnson, and more at susan, good afternoon. caller: good afternoon. i'm definitely voting for gary johnson, the libertarian candidate. he's very unrepresented in the media and certainly in the debates. host: what do you like about gary johnson? caller: i like his honesty. he's very honest. he's experienced. he's a very successful governor of new mexico, for two terms. and he's sane. host: all right, that's susan,
4:44 pm
in pennsylvania. we will cover melania trump speaking in pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 eastern. back out on the campaign trail tomorrow evening with hillary clinton, 7:45, and her campaign swings through north carolina. that coverage coming up tomorrow. in more call from robert macomb, mississippi. undecided, robert, what are your thoughts? caller: i've look at this. donald trump has broken three commandments. one, thou shalt not covet another man's wife. second, adultery. -- third, bearing false with false witness. so, obviously i will have to go with hillary on that. i can forgive donald trump on what he did. forgive bill for what he did. but the bible usually says
4:45 pm
forgiveness. the most that they gave was hillary for forgiving her husband. what she was ever going to do that too. of your welcome more comments on more debate coverage coming up tonight on c-span. tonight we will bring you the louisiana senate debate coming up at 8:00 eastern. a big field of candidates because someone has to win a majority in that state. congressman,n fleming,oustany, john foster campbell, john kennedy, carolyn faye art, david duke. a very close race in new hampshire. a debate coming up for you tonight between the incumbent, ,elly ayotte, and the governor at 9:00 eastern. we touched on tomorrow's schedule briefly to reiterate. among the live coverage will be melania trump in pennsylvania,
4:46 pm
campaigning for donald trump at 2:45. getting that time right, 2:00 in the afternoon. 7:45 tomorrow night, hillary clinton campaigning in north carolina. right now, let's take you to donald trump in orlando. the rally just wrapped up. here is his speech from this afternoon. ♪ >> ♪ i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa
4:47 pm
and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that life to me and i gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪ mr. trump: thank you, everybody. thank you. wow. [chanting "usa"] these crowds are terrific. thank you very much. winix days we are going to the great state of florida. and we are going to win back the
4:48 pm
white house. that will happen. but you have to get out there, you have to vote. you don't want to blow it. we have worked very hard, all of us. i would like to begin today by saying thank you to all of you for joining me. this has been an incredible journey and we have all done it together. we are almost at the end. [applause] mr. trump: but we are really at the end of the beginning, if you think about it. the end of the beginning. our magnificent historic movement has surprised the world, defied expectations at every single turn. and now, next tuesday, we will have one last glorious surprise for the pundits, the politicians , and the special interests when power --d we turn the return the power back to the people.
4:49 pm
it's been the honor of my life to share this journey with you. it absolutely has been. there are two people however who i did not get to share this with. but who are in my thoughts often. that's my mother and my father. great people. and great parents. great parents. i know they're up there watching. i felt that nice breeze. it's hot. i felt that nice breeze. i just want to say thank you to both of them. special, special people. i had a great life and now i want to give back to the country that i love. it's time, we have to give back. [applause] the careers've seen of politicians. big donors and special interests, bleeding this country but dry -- country dry. we are just six days away from delivering justice for every
4:50 pm
forgotten man, woman, and child in this country. justice for every child trapped in poverty in the inner cities. for every family that is born. you know that, they have been and into a situation some cases they can't get out of it. we are going to get them out of it. we are going to get them out of it. endless wars. every community's hopes and dreams seven shattered. the inner cities are going to come back and come back strong. the african-american community and the hispanic community are really understanding what's going on. you see that right now. you see that right now in what's happening at the polls. we are winning in ohio. we're winning in iowa. we are doing great in pennsylvania. a lot of people saying pennsylvania is looking very good. so many different places.
4:51 pm
we just got up hole up in virginia. -- we just got a poll of three in virginia. but we are seriously up in florida. that's very important area [applause] mr. trump: and i will never, ever -- important. [applause] mr. trump: real change begins with repealing and replacing obamacare today. a disaster. [cheers & applause] mr. trump: it is a disaster. it's just been announced that the residents of florida are going to experience a massive, double-digit premium hike. [boos] 1 i will not tell you -- mr. trump: i will not tell you the number. you know the number. i won't tell you because i want you to go home and be happy.
4:52 pm
arizona,eat state of where we just left, premiums are going up more than 116%. over 90% of the counties in theida -- by the way, in primaries i won 66 out of 67 primaries. that's good. i was going to try to exaggerate and say i won them all, but i can't do it. over 90% of the counties in florida are losing obamacare insurance next year. they are leaving. leaving.ll living -- in minnesota the increase will be close to 60% and the democratic governor said the affordable care act is no longer affordable. obamacare is a total catastrophe. yet hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, making it even more expensive. asking for your vote, so
4:53 pm
that we can replace obamacare and save health care for every family in florida. so important. also means restoring honesty to our government. you know, the fbi has reopened its investigation into crooked hillary hunton. -- crooked hillary clinton. [cheers & applause] mr. trump: hillary wants to blame everyone else for her legal troubles. i don't see if you watched her last use beaches over the last few days. she has become totally unhinged. unbelievable. what she is saying and what she is doing is actually unbelievable. but she has no one to blame but herself.
4:54 pm
hillary is the one who set up the illegal private e-mail server to shield her criminal activity. hillary is the one who engage in a corrupt pay for play scheme at the state department. she is the one who arrived some -- you lied so may times to congress and the fbi. she made 13 votes disappear. some with a hammer. destroyed 33,000 e-mails after, after, after receiving a congressional subpoena. think of that. unbelievable. up close "lock her "] mr. trump: as you know, they ,ust found, i guess you know 650,000 e-mail. i would say that classified, confidential, they are probably all over the place.
4:55 pm
are going to find a treasure trove. i can't even imagine. ,aying -- this is ok duplicates. how can it be duplicates when it's more times than what we thought was stolen in the first place? when they deleted 33,000, i thought that was a lot. 650,000? hillary is the one who accepted the big questions, given to her in advance, using them to cheat. [boos] instead of reporting the breach. that's a big deal. you know, to me that's a big deal. some people sake, that's fine -- the people say that's fine. ok? that's a real cheater. she was given the questions by a woman that frankly should resign from the dnc or be fired. but that's a really big deal. they are the most dishonest
4:56 pm
people. [boos] you notice, they never go after hillary. they always talk about donna brazil, donna brazil didn't do it. -- can imagine if i got you imagine if they gave the questions to donald trump before a debate? it would be the electric chair. they would reinstitute the electric chair. nah, it would be headlines all over the world. bit,brought it up a little but this is like a big deal. the debate questions prior to the debate. bernie sanders should be angry, right? shouldn't he be angry? i will tell you what, folks. i've been saying it, it's a rigged. we are going to straighten it out, but the system is rigged. hillary is not the victim.
4:57 pm
the american people are the victims. so corrupt in so many ways. and this is your one chance to change it, because you know what? in four years it's not going to happen. for years, no way. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency. if she were to be elected, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. phase, before you go into two, let's call what happened on friday phase two. phase one, she still guilty. she shouldn't be allowed to run for the presidency. she shouldn't be allowed to run. feeling that in the 650,000 e-mails they will find things you will not even believe. who knows. 650,000 e-mails. no wonder she can do anything.
4:58 pm
how do you work? how do you do it? they will have to explain that to us, someday. they will have some things in there that i can just imagine are going to be unbelievable. hillary is likely to be under investigation for many years. probably concluding in a criminal trial. wikileaks just came out with something just a little while ago. it's been shown that it's a rigged system with more collision, possibly illegal, between the department of justice, the clinton campaign in the state department. you saw that. e-mails show that the assistant attorney general is involved in the investigation and has been feeding information directly to john podesta and the clinton campaign. can you believe that? [boos] she shouldn't be allowed to run. [cheers & applause]
4:59 pm
ts]o sets of chance mr. trump: by the way, behind me, the great johnny damon? the curse of the yankees, but ultimately he helped the yankees, johnny damon, get up. [cheers & applause] mr. trump: i tell you, george steinbrenner was a good friend of mine. he didn't like johnny too much. but johnny damon is a champ. he loves the sarah. -- loves this area.
5:00 pm
we have no choice. we really have no choice. government corruption is going to end. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and to heed the words we all will say right now when we win on november 8, we are going to washington, d.c., and we are going to drain the swamp. >> drain the swamp! [cheering] mr. trump: at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. florida has lost one in four of manufacturing jobs since nafta, a deal signed by bill clinton with the support of crooked hillary. america has lost -- this is hard to believe -- 70,000 factories
5:01 pm
since china enter the world trade organization. hillary-backedd disaster. we are living through the thetest jobs jeatdaetheath in history of the world. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america and stop the jobs from leaving florida. they're leaving. we're going to stop them. you have an excellent governor. he is fighting hard for you folks. i don't nkowknow. all i can tell you, he is a worker the threat of american prosperity will end. it is being stolen from us,f folks. we have a one-way highway right into mexico, right into other countries. and we are going to stop it. from now on, it is going to be
5:02 pm
america first. going to be america first. ["usa" chanting] a trump administration will renegotiate nafta, and we will stand up to foreign product, currency manipulation, and and all the unfair subsidy behaviors. it's horrible what is happening to us. our politicians do not have a clue. they don't know what they are doing or other things, ok? we will also immediately stop the job killing transpacific partnership. to bringf our plan back jobs we are going to lower taxes on american businesses from 35% to 15%. we're the highest taxed nation in the world, killing our jobs. our companies are leaving, killing our jobs.
5:03 pm
we will become a rich nation once again. but to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. in orlando, the murder rate doubled last year. can you believe it? we will support our police. i met your police of orlando, they are unbelievable people. they have been through a lot. i met the police. these are unbelievable people. we will bring this crime wave to an end. we will also keep our communities safe from terrorism. just a short time ago orlando massthe victim of the worst shooting in american history during the islamic terror attack on the pulse nightclub. it was also the worst attack on the lgbtq community in our country's history. can't let it happen. 55lary wants to increase by
5:04 pm
0% syrian refugees pouring into our country. [boos] plan would mean generation some terrorism, radicalism and extremism spreading into your schools and throughout your communities. when i'm elected president, we will suspend the syrian refugee program. [cheering] mr. trump: and we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of your community. going to keep them out. and we will build safe zones in syria. we have to help the people -- we are going to build safe zone, but the gulf states have not been doing their thing. they have plenty of money. they will help us, they will find it -- fund it. that will be ok. we want to help people.
5:05 pm
we have enough problems in this country. need, orlando and with problems, we do not need what happened in san bernardino, what's happening in paris and in nice, in germany which is a disaster. we have enough problems right now. do we agree? we don't need it. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the united states. and yes, we will build a great wall. >> build that wall! [chanting continues] we've received the first ever endorsement from our i.c.e. and border control officers, great people. the officers that warned that hillary's plan is the most "
5:06 pm
radical immigration proposal in united states history," and that it will lead to the loss of thousands and thousands of lies. ves. hillarytary of state clinton allowed thousands of the most dangerous and violent criminal aliens to go free because their home countries were -- they would not take them back. we bring them to their countries, murderers, drug members, we bring them to their countries and their country say, we are not taking them back. the state up department, and the state department under hillary clinton would say, bring them back. we don't want to make waves. i guarantee you, whether it is years, that will not happen once under a trump administration. totally open borders and strongly supports century cities, like san anncisco where kate stinely,
5:07 pm
incredible young woman, was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times. administration will cancel all federal funding stew sanctuary cities immediately. we will end illegal immigration, deport all criminal aliens, the ones we just spoke about, and we will save american lives. we will also repeal obama-clinton's defense sequester and rebuild our very badly depleted military. [cheering] mr. trump: that includes major new investments in resources from pensacola naval air station at mcdill air force base. ever hear of those places? lot of people here. i'm honored to have the endorsement of 200, much more than that, top admirals and generals, and 22 medal of honor
5:08 pm
recipients. great. people i have met so many of them. incredible people. our new foreign policy will put america first. hillary and our failed washington establishment have thet $6 trillion on wars in middle east that we never won and never end. and it is now in worse shape than ever before. the middle east is a catastrophe. it's far worse off. the dragged us into foreigny wars that made us less safe, they kept our borders open and shipped our jobs and wealth to other countries. and just, it's disappearing. our country in a certain sense is disappearing. prosperity, real prosperity, is disappearing. we owe #$20 trillion. our deals, we lose $800 billion
5:09 pm
a year on trade. we have trade deficits. who negotiates these deals? stupid people. stupid people. byh very stupidly ship who, the way, they cannot pay him all the time, he is campaigning all the time for crooked hillary. why is he campaigning? she's under federal investigation, and you have got a president campaigning for her. and that is all he does is campaign. he ought to be working on the jobs that are leaving and going to mexico. and your military. i'll tell you what, first of all, she has got bigger problems, but four more years of obama, we cannot take it, folks. isis.ore years of now she wants to start a shooting war in syria in conflict with a nuclear armed russia that could lead to world war iii. russia's heavily armed, does not
5:10 pm
like her. putin does not respect her, does not like her. what are we doing, folks? she's a mess. it is americans, i say time for new leadership. think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. "trump"]ing mr. trump: thank you. so beautiful over there. i just noticed the water. let's go in for a swim. it's about 200 degrees up your. anybody want to go swimming? let's go. we are going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. illary was to increase your taxes. we are already the highest taxation in the world. she was to increase our taxes, if you can believe that one.
5:11 pm
we are going to eliminate every job killing regulation, killing your companies, killing them. one of the reasons they are leaving. cancel every illegal obama executive order. [cheering] mr. trump: we are going to rebuild our military and take care of our great, great veterans. they're not being taken care of. you know that. a lot of veterans here. we are going to take care of our veterans finally. they have been mistreated for many, many years. we're going to support the men and women of law. enforcement. [cheering] mr. trump: we will save the second amendment, which is, as you know, under tremendous seige. we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. we will show the world that there is no challenge too great, no dream outside of our reach, no dream outside of our reach. we have all these people telling
5:12 pm
us what to do. politicians, they know nothing. i have dealt with them all my life, folks. action., no i have some friends that are politicians. let me say there are some good ones, ok. what, you take a look at the media, these are the most dishonest people anywhere. they, the media -- [boos] mr. trump: the media is a part and one of the vital cogs in the rigged system under which we live. they are a big fat cog -- and they never show the crowds, they never show what is happening but you know what you hear. sometimesear 20,000, 30,000, when your people, sounds like you are at an ohio state football game. they never show it. they never show it. they never shot it. people of florida, we love you.
5:13 pm
all we have to do is cut our ties with these failed politicians of the past. the candidate of yesterday. we are the movement of the future. we are. we're asking for the votes of republicans, democrats, independents, and first-time voters, of which we are finding out there are many. you probably heard over the last couple of weeks, texas is in p lay. texas, that georgia is in play. gree,ee, that's too bad. let me tell you, they are setting records in texas. and they are voting for trump. but when they see those numbers come in, they do not want to announce them, bu but we are winning everywhee. i thinktw3o more days, we are going to be winning everywhere. and i'm almost starting to think
5:14 pm
that the least important problem that hillary has is that fact that we are winning. i think she has got even bigger problems. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the people, not the donors and not hillary's special interests. we are fighting to unlock the potential of every american community and every american family who hope and pray and yearn for a much better future. i am asking you to dream big. dream big, because with your vote, we are just -- can you believe this, six days away. think of it. from the change you have been waiting for your entire life. we're going to work together. you're going to vote now or vote by the 8th. thank you. i love that guy.
5:15 pm
a tough guy, but he screamed out you're going to win. thank you, miss. we are in a divided nation. we are not going to be divided. we are going to have such love in this country, such love and such respect. together we will make well -- make america wealthy again, we will make america strong again, we will make america safe again, and we will make america great again. thank you very much. thank you, folks. god bless you, everybody. get out and vote. get out and vote. thank you. get what youlways want" by the rolling stones playing] ♪
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♪ >> you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want sometimes try ♪ >> on election day, november 8, the nation decides our next president and which party controls the house and senate. stay with c-span for coverage of the presidential race, including campaign stuff with hillary clinton, donald trump and their surrogates and follow key house and senate races with our coverage of their candidate debates and speeches. c-span, were history unfolds daily. -- where history unfolds daily.
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where history unfolds daily. c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. monmouth university poll released this afternoon shows donald trump trailing hillary clinton by four points. that was a smaller margin than a-month ago. the poll also shows the senate race in pennsylvania where katie mcginty has pulled ahead of gop incumbent pat toomey by three points. here's is a close look at that race starting with ads running in the state. [video clip] mefrannie, johnny, mikey, and colleen. all 10 of us raised on a policeman salary and a mom
5:20 pm
working at a restaurant. imagine trying to do that today with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll brin a different point of view to the senate. working grassroots and a mother of three, i will put middle-class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it is your turn to get ahead. >> this is the house i grew up in. it is not on wall street. my dad was a union guy. worked two jobs much of his life. mom still lives here. she depends on social security. i will always protect sources to 30. >--protect social security. >> i know you will. >> thanks, mom. i'm pat toomey and i approve this message because you should know i will always fight for people like my parents. >> i remember my dad coming home from walking the beat. i'd hug him, a grade dad, a -ea


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