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tv   Hillary Clinton Campaigns in Raleigh North Carolina  CSPAN  November 3, 2016 9:15pm-10:01pm EDT

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it wasn't easy, because there are powerful interests still trying to push us back and push us down. , because now, you know in the state a lot of effort was put into trying to suppress the vote, right? [cheers and applause] and some people got discouraged about that. i met some people who say, i don't even know what they want, what kind of identification. it gets a little discouraging. you cannot discouraged. do not grow weary while doing good. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: it is now our turn to people like your governor and your legislature who wanted to shut
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you down and push you back. [cheers and applause] because we are fundamentally a good nation, and we need to make sure that we deliver on that promise, and in this election, president obama's entire legacy is on the line. everything that he has worked so hard to do against implacable opposition. as the president said yesterday, everything we've done is dependent on him being able to pass the baton to somebody who believes in the same things he believes in. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: so i've got to tell you, i've told the president i am ready to take the baton, but he is going to have to bend over
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because he is a lot taller than i am. but i'm not just taking it, all of us are taking it. we are all ready to take that pend on thee progress of his presidency, and that's why we must vote. early vote on tuesday if you can't get to early vote. 31 million americans have already voted. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: and listen to this, more then 2 million right here in north carolina have already voted. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: so make no mistake about it, you can make the difference, not only issue you that, but in the agenda those people will then get to work on. i want you to hold me accountable. i want you to be my partners.
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but i can't do any of this -- you know, when i was with my wonderful -- our wonderful first lady last week, she reminded that big problem we had in winston-salem. president obama in 2008 won the state by about 14,000 votes. if you break that down, you know what the difference between winning and losing is? roughly two votes per precinct. don't let anybody tell you their vote doesn't matter. you've got to get everyone you know to come out and vote. you can vote early through this saturday, november 5. if you don't know where to vote, i to iwilma .com -- to confirm your polling location. the best way to defeat the
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hateful rhetoric and discrimination is to show up with the biggest turnout in american history. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: and then that will be the story of this election. let's make that one for the history books. please be part of what we are doing in these next days, and let's make sure that we not only have a future we can believe in, but one we can help create together, and -- [cheers] and we will say once and for all that love trumps hate. thank you all. [cheers and applause] ♪ 's "happy" plays]
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["give me fire" plays] when i get older, i will be stronger flag -- they will call me freedom, just like a
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waving flag ♪ older, i will be stronger call me freedom, just like a waving flag when i get older, i will be stronger will, he-- they freedom, just like a waving flag now waive your flag now waive your flag your flag ♪ announcer: hillary clinton here at the rally campaigning with bernie sanders, who was of course running against her for the democratic nomination.
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he campaigning with her five days before the election, and .lso with the musician pharrell you can find this online if you missed any of their remarks at also here, north carolina governor pat mccrory up for his reelection in five days, as the local travel documents were recently released by the state highway patrol or, raising questions about his use of state aircraft for political events. his opponent in the governor's race, democrat roy cooper, was not at the clinton rally tonight, though earlier speakers were speaking for the candidate. mr. cooper has continued town raise and outspent the account but -- the incumbent in the second most costly governor's race in the united states, after missouri. we are going to have more live "road to the white house" coverage. join us at 5:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow, a hillary clinton rally in detroit, at 7:00 come alive with donald trump in hershey, pennsylvania area -- at
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7:00, live with donald trump in hershey, pennsylvania. will america have its first foreign-born first lady since luis adams? hadill he have a -- will we a 4 -- will we had a first ormer president as first gentleman? "first ladies" gives a look at the lives of every first lady in american history. it is a component to c-span's well-regarded biography series and features interviews with the leading first ladies' historians. each chapter also offers a brief biography of 45 presidential spouses and archival photos from their lives. in paperback, published by public affairs, is now available at your favorite bookseller, and also as an e-book. announcer: donald trump's wife gave her-- melania
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first speech since july. she was introduced by karen pence, the wife of vice president shall candidate mike pence. ms. pence: good afternoon, pennsylvania! [cheers] ms. pence: what an honor it is to be here with you today. i'm karen pence. [cheers] ms. pence: thank you. , ismy husband, mike pence running for vice president. [cheers and applause] mrs. pence: on the ticket with our next president of the united states, donald trump. [cheers and applause]
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ms. pence: i flew in this morning from iowa, where mike is campaigning right now as we speak. and yesterday, we were campaigning in arizona, new mexico, and colorado. later today, he will be in michigan. and then we will meet back up in pittsburgh tonight. [cheers and applause] it has been the greatest privilege of our lives for mike to be running and preparing to serve as the next vice president with president donald trump. [cheers and applause] ms. trump: so for those of you -- ms. pence: so for those of you who do not know much about me, i am a schoolteacher, an artist, and an entrepreneur. and a mother of three wonderful children. including our daughter charlotte, who is here with me today. [cheers and applause]
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mrs. pence: you know, it has been wonderful to serve indiana these last four years as the first lady of indiana, but mike and i are looking forward to serving the country in the next four years with donald and melania trump. on the campaign trail, one of the greatest blessings for us in this campaign has been getting to know donald and melania trump and their families, and seeing their heart for this country and their passion to make it better. they are tireless, believe me, waking up every day ready to take their message to the american people. and now, with just five days to go before election day, we can see their efforts and hard work
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really paying off. and looking at all of you, i can tell that pennsylvania is ready to make history by helping to elect donald trump as the 45th president of the united states. and when you do, melania trump will be our new first lady. [cheers and applause] mrs. pence: she is amazing. let me tell you a little bit about her. melania is, first and foremost, a dedicated wife and mother. the first time i met melania was when she and donald were deciding who to choose for the vice president, and we joined them for a weekend at their resort in bedminster. we were having dinner, and melania looked at me and asked about our three children.
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well, i told her with a wink that we have raised three independent-thinking children who don't always agree with their father on every issue. i told her we have a lot of great discussions around our dinner table, believe me. but you know what, she looked at me with her warm smile, and she said, "i like that. you are teaching them to think for themselves. i like that." and i knew right then that i was really going to like melania. i have so enjoyed getting to know melania during these last several months. you know, as the spouse of a candidate, it is not always easy to have your husband out on the campaign trail with a very grueling schedule or to face the barage of attacks,
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but i can tell you one thing about melania trump, she is strong. [cheers and applause] ms. pence: she also -- she is so strong. she also is very accomplished, working her way up to the fashion and modeling industry and emigrating to america from her native slovenia. her love for america is boundless, just like her husband's. she is going to be america's next great first lady. [cheers and applause] ms. pence: and i know that america will fall in love with her, just as she loves the american people. ladies and gentlemen, it is my great privilege to introduce to you the next first lady of the united states of america, melania trump! [cheers and applause] ♪ this is the dawning of the age of aquarius
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aquarius aquarius aquarius harmony and understanding sympathy and trust abounding ♪ [cheers and applause] ms. trump: thank you, first lady of indiana karen pence. thank you. that was very nice. >> we love you! mrs. trump: we love you, too. what a wonderful welcome here in pennsylvania. it has been more than 500 days since my husband donald trump announced he would run for president of the united states.
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[cheers and applause] mrs. trump: i remember that day in june 2015 vividly. surrounded by our family and speaking to an audience of millions, donald promised to campaign on behalf of of those who feel the system is broken and does not work for them, those who just want a fair shake, an opportunity for better education, a better paying job, a better future. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: he pledged to restore integrity to washington and respect for america abroad. this is not an ordinary campaign. it is a movement. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: a movement in which people feel included, inspired, and involved. i have seen it firsthand.
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we are deeply grateful to the millions of americans who believe in my husband, because they know he believes in you. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: he believes in america, and he will make fantastic president of these united states. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: i come here today to talk about my husband donald and his deep love and respect for this country and all of its people. i have come here to talk about this man i have known for 18 years. and i have come here today to talk about our partnership, our family, and what i know for sure in my heart about this man who will make america great again. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: i know exactly what that means.
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i grew up in a small town in slovenia near a beautiful river and forest. slovenia is a small country that back then was under communist rule. it was a beautiful childhood. my parents were wonderful. of course, we always knew about the incredible place called america. america was the word for freedom and opportunity. america meant -- if you could dream it, you could become it. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: -- mrs. trump: when i was 10 years old, we learned that a man named ronald reagan was elected president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: we heard what he was saying and doing. president reagan's morning in america was not just something in the united states. it began to feel like morning around the world, even in my
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small country. it was a true inspiration to me. lived in milan and paris, working hard as a fashion model. i worked with people all over the world. i traveled with the bigwigs of glamour, but it is also hard work. there are ups and downs, high highs, and ridicule and rejection, too. i loved my work, and as a young entrepreneur, i wanted to follow my dreams to a place where freedom and opportunity were in abundance. so, of course, i came here. living and working in america with a true blessing, but i wanted something more. i wanted to be an american. after a 10 year process, which included many visas and a green card, in 2006, i studied for the
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test and became a u.s. citizen. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: which is the greatest privilege in the world. i am an immigrant. and let me tell you, no one values the freedoms and opportunity of america more than me, both as an independent woman and as someone who immigrated to america. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: love for this country is something we immediately shared when i met donald. he loves this country, and he knows how to get things done, not just talk. he personally knows how to shake things up, doesn't he? [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: he knows how to make
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real change. "make america great again" is not just some slogan. it is what has been in his heart since the day i met him. over the years of our marriage, i have watched my husband grow more and more concerned as he sees american workers suffer. i have watched him get frustrated as he sees parents travel to care for children while working outside the home. i have watched him as he sees , over and over again, policies that make our country less strong, less secure, and less safe. every time my husband learned of a factory closing in ohio or north carolina or here in pennsylvania, i saw him get very upset. he could see what was happening. he saw the problems. and he always talked about how he could fix them.
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my family is truly blessed. the most important thing we have in our family is health and love and loyalty. donald has built -- [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: donald has built a very successful company. the privilege to go to work each day to do a job he loves, alongside his adult children, this is a great blessing for any parent. he had a great and fulfilling life, but donald felt he could not sit by anymore and watch what was happening in our country. and that is when this campaign, this movement, began. [cheers and applause] [chanting "trump"] mrs. trump: as donald travels
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the country, he has asked some simple but very important questions. what kind of country do we want? do we want a country that is safe with secure borders? yes. do we want a country where every american gets a fair shot? yes. do we want a country that honors our constitution? yes. do we want a country that honors life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? yes! mrs. trump: do we want a country that respects women and provides them with equal opportunity? >> yes. mrs. trump: do we want a country where every child has access to a good education? >> yes! mrs. trump: do we want children to be safe and secure and dream big dreams?
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>> yes! mrs. trump: do we want a president who is beholden to no one but you, the american people? [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: yes. do we want a president who is a fighter for all, and will never give up? yes. then we want donald trump to be our president. >> yes! [chanting "trump"] mrs. trump: people have asked me, if donald is the president, what kind of first lady will you be? it will be my honor and privilege to serve this country. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: i will be an advocate for women and for children. let me tell you a little bit more about what that means to
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me. i am a full-time mother to our son, an incredible voice. as his father travels around the country running for president, i am with our son. we talk a little bit about politics and a lot about life, homework, and sports. baron has many privileges and advantages. we know how fortunate we are. still, i have the same conversations with my son that many of you have with your sons and daughters and nieces and nephews, grandchildren and godchildren. > i want my little boy to know that he is blessed to have been born in this country that values individual freedom and constitutional democracy. i want our children in this country and all around the world to live a a beautiful life, to
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be safe and secure, to dream freely of love and a family of their own someday. we need to teach our youth american values, kindness, honesty, respect, compassion, charity, understanding, and cooperation. i do worry about all of our children. as we know, now social media is a centerpiece of our lives. it can do useful tool for connection and communication. it can ease isolation that so many people feel in the modern world. technology has changed our universe. but like anything that is powerful, it can have a bad side. we have seen this already. as adults, many of us are able
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to handle mean words, even lies. children and teenagers can be fragile. they are hurt when they are made fun, of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence. this makes their life hard and can force them to hide and retreat. our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. it is never ok when a 12-year-old girl or boy is mocked, bullied, or attacked. it is terrible and that happens -- when that happens on the playground, and it is completely unacceptable when it is done by someone with no name hiding on the internet. [applause] mrs. trump: we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each
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other, to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. it will be one of the main focuses of my work if i am privileged enough to become your first lady. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: i will also work hard to include everyday life for women, the women in america are incredible. they are strong, intelligent, generous, determined. with opportunities, women will advance and achieve. but some women have been left behind. i see that. we cannot call ourselves a fully developed or advanced nation when 50% of our women live in poverty, when 60 million are
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without health insurance, when too many are choosing between basic needs like rent, food, and health care. this cannot be. we cannot afford to have more of the same. we must break with the failures of the past and embrace a feature that is worthy of this great nation and her beautiful people. [cheers and applause] mrs. trump: we must win on november 8, and we must come together as americans. we must treat each other with respect and kindness, even when we disagree. i will be there to support my husband's efforts to help all americans when he is president. donald trump will make america fair. he will make america safe. he will make america prosperous.
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he will make america proud. and yes, this man i know so well, donald trump, with your help and god's grace, will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. and god bless this beautiful country. [cheers and applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: during the speech, donald trump tweeted a photo of himself watching from his plane. coverage continues from
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detroit, where hillary clinton will be holding a rally live at 5:15 p.m. eastern, and then we will take you to hershey, pennsylvania, with donald trump, live at 7:00 p.m. eastern. announcer: election night on c-span. watch the results and be part of a natural -- national conversation about the outcome. watch victory and concession senate house and governors races. starting live at 8:00 p.m. eastern and throughout the following 20 or hours. watch live on c-span, on demand at, or use the c-span radio app. this week, we have been providing live coverage of political talk shows from national radio hosts. ofay we joined the studios thom hartmann. we joined him for the second hour of his syndicated show. thom: welcome back to the thom
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hartmann program. jason chaffetz is the guy, he wants to be, in my opinion -- he's not send this out loud, but this is just -- look at the sky. he's like mr. grandstand. he's the guy who apparently tweeted out james comey's letter before it went public, which got a lot of people scratching their heads, if that's what happened. aboutis some debate whether or not that is what happened. and he wants to investigate hillary clinton for the use of a private server for her e-mails. there are, by the way -- as "newsweek was quote points out out, dickek" point cheney and george w. bush used a private server. apparently jason chaffetz is using a private server too. for his the e-mail private server is on his
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official business card, so he's got a bit of a problem going after hillary clinton, but we will see. right now, with us is anthony baxter, the director of the new too.""you've been trumped umpmovie oret him @tr @antbaxter. great to have you with us. you are a scottish filmmaker, i have that right? >> that's right. i just flew back from new york where we had the world premiere of the film last week. we are showing up for the first time in the u.k. tonight, and then we are live streaming at eastern ong at 8:00 facebook. at that web address you mentioned,
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out to ast to get it many americans as possible, because donald trump has been trying to shut the film down, threatening us with legal action, and we think it is really important to get the film out to as many people as possible, mainly because we have heard a lot of what mr. trump has said during the course of his campaign, but what we show in the film is what he does, and the results of his actions on women, and in particular a 92-year-old woman who donald trump says reminds him of his own mother. but the woman has been without proper working water supply for five years, all because of trump, quote unquote, as she puts it. i first made the film "you've been trumped" in 2010, and as part of that, it talked about trump's workers cutting off the water supply while building a luxury golf course in scotland,
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just up the road from where i am speaking to you. .his was a protected coastline nothing was supposed to be built on it. trump got permission to build on it because he promised 6000 jobs . as we show in the film, he has actually delivered 95 jobs, most of them part-time, low-paid. and there he is saying he will unquote, the greatest jobs president god ever created. ofwant to show the reality the situation and what trump does are two totally different things. as for the water supply, they spent five years without proper working water because of this action by donald trump's workers. thom: wow. and he has also blocked the view of the ocean from people who
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have been living there a long time. anthony: yes. trump plans to build a wall between mexico and the united states, and here in scotland he built these huge earth walls around people's houses because he said they were ugly and he did not want to see the houses, and he wants to get rid of the houses using eminent domain. the scottish equivalent is propulsor repurchase. andtrump tried that tactic it failed. what he did his he built these huge walls around people's houses so they could not see other windows. he has security people on top of those mounds, watching over them a in and day out. it is a series of tactics that has led to intimidation, bullying, and harassment for years. is this because he's concerned that the very wealthy people who will be using his golf course would be offended at seeing an average working person's home? anthony: yes. he said at the beginning that michael forbes, the farmer i
9:57 pm
mentioned and his mother molly, he branded their home a slum and said michael lived like a pig. and he said he did not want to build his luxury hotel overlooking a slum. he used that excuse as a reason for not holding the hotel, which was part of the equation that was supposed to deliver all the jobs. michael was fair in much the kind of person that trump is appealing to in america, a kind of working guy. he repairs machinery, lots of stuff in his backyard that he uses to fix up other things. andp called it a disgrace michael a national embarrassment to scotland. to anthonye talking baxter, the filmmaker and director of "you've been trumped 2." .com,ebsite is trumpedfilm
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and the twitter is @trumpmovie. we have a short clip if i may play that. [video clip] [indiscernible] here is the thing about walls. saying -- him mr. trump i don't want to see the houses. nobody has a problem with it. i guess people in the houses do. i will build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me. how are you going to make them pay for the wall?
9:59 pm
mr. trump: i will, and the wall just got 10 feet taller. apparently mr. trump has a thing about walls. anthony: he does. those walls were built around the houses of john munro and susan monro. bulldozershese spring into action one morning and start building these walls without any notification at all. and the guy who you saw walked to the top of his wall, that was the same story with him. one morning he woke up and there were several bulldozers building this massive wall around his house so that donald trump not see his house. we have him on camera as well saying he wants to get rid of david's you have permission to bulldoze, as it were, but that is from the local planning authority, the
10:00 pm
planning commission wants to essentially build a carpark on top of his house. all of the residents have shown incredible dignity and courage over the years against intimidation and pull yang -- bullying. they haven't gone anywhere and have stood up in a quiet, dignified way to the environment they believe in. it has been destroyed, and for what? one golf course for the superrich that is losing millions of dollars according to the latest figures and is hiring only a tiny fraction of the people donald trump promised. thom: it is an amazing story. the movie is "you have been ." mped2 thanks for stopping by today. anthony: thank you.


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