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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 4, 2016 4:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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rep. hurd: i would like to respond to that. one of the most frustrating things about washington, d.c. are career politicians that use a lot of words and do not get action done. if i was so partisan, i would not have received the endorsement of the san antonio express-news and the el paso newspaper. nobody will confuse those organizations with fox news. there is a record and i love how career politicians want to talk about who gets to take the picture and who was there for the groundbreaking and not about actually getting things done. that is why this country is frustrated with career politicians and why 70% of this country thinks the country is on
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the wrong track because we have people that want to talk a good game but have not delivered. steve: i want to stick to the trump question. the trump affect, mr. gallego, he has not endorsed donald trump, after the tape came out on the bus he said he should step out of the race. what more should he have done in your opinion? mr. gallego: he had a choice of 17 presidential candidates in the initial republican primaries and he could not make up his mind to support one, not even the local one, senator cruz. donald trump becomes the nominee and he still does not make a choice. the only real person under the constitution who has ultimate responsibility as commander in chief and head of state for our foreign policy is the president of the united date. if he is the national security expert, he is not willing to tell people whether or not he trusts donald trump to push the nuclear button.
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mr. trump who has said that he wants to give nuclear weapons to saudi arabia and to korea and to these other places. he will not venture forth with an opinion. finally, at the very end, mr. hurd finally says, after the tape comes up where he talks horribly about women, that he is opposed to mr. trump. frankly, that is 15 months too late. where was he when mr. trump was talking about -- we have pows in
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san antonio and when mr. trump says, "i do not respect them, they were captured." you did not hear mr. hurd stand up to all of the comments about women, even the one -- it hurt for my son to watch. i do not like my son to watch the news because i am afraid of what he will hear. the conversation about a latino who was born in the united states in indiana, whose parents were immigrants, the american dream. mr. trump says he is not qualified to sit on a case. that he is a partisan because he is mexican. that is the exact phrase he used, he is mexican. mr. hurd, not a word. steve: what do you say to that? rep. hurd: this is one reason pete got fired. the congress is an equal branch of government and we have a role in foreign policy and national security. the only reason that pete keeps talking about donald trump is a distraction for the fact that he
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got nothing accomplished in washington, d.c. let's talk about his ideas to fight isis and prevent them from inspiring people in our home like what happened in orlando, what will he do with bringing stability in iraq? how will he stand up against vladimir putin? here is the reality, the russian attack on the democratic congressional campaign committee, an organization that is spending over $3 million to unseat the, an attack on them is an attack on all of us. what will we do to stop that? what will he do to deal with north korea? when i go across the district, these are the issues people want to talk about, border security, the criminal organizations in mexico, while i am talking about these issues, he wants to have a distraction and talk about something else.
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steve: to the point he made, did you wait too long to speak out on donald trump? rep. hurd: i have never endorsed him and i will never. i have done it from day one. steve: we talked about the elephant and donkey in the room and i joked with both of you that we will put pete on the left and will on the right and you can fight for the middle. pete, let's talk about hillary clinton and nancy pelosi, their advertisements are tying you closely with the two of them and hauling you repeat gallego, fairly or not? painting you as a liberal. in your first statement, you are trying to not use that label. you are independent is what i heard you say. how do you answer to the question you are tied to pelosi and clinton? mr. gallego: i expect those charges to be made but if you look what happened in
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washington, the facts, i had about a 75% score, partisan scoring, that means three out of every four times i voted with the democrats, i voted on issues that were good for west texas but if it was not good for texas 23rd district, i voted no. i voted with the republicans to reopen the government and voted with republicans when i thought they were right. one of the challenges mr. hurd has gotten caught up in is the partisan system and we continue to elect people who add fuel to the fire. you can tell that by mr. hurd's 96%, 97% straight voting record. most of us do not delete with our spouses that much, if you are agreeing with somebody 96% or 97% of the time, you are just following along and there are issues.
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for example, closing the amtrak train that runs through senatorial south of del rio outline. the issues with big bend national park, including forward operating bases for border security inside the canyons of the big bend, all of those issues not in line with the 23rd district but they were the partisan thing to do and mr. hurd did them in i think we have too much partisanship and not enough patriotism. steve: how do you answer that, congressman? is he correct with the 97% figure? rep. hurd: this is a career politician using a website that calculate something, the republican party is in power and we have a lot more votes but when you look at what i have done, the bills i have gotten passed out of the house floor and signed into law, it has a bipartisan sponsorship.
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one that i am proud of was a bill that modernized our governments in technology. this was one of the original cosponsors was steny hoyer, he is the number two guy in the democratic party in the house. this was a bill we got off the floor working together a week before the recess to come down for elections. that is the kind of activity i have. when you have people in washington, democrats that thank you on the house floor for working together to get bills done, that is because on whether you are partisan or not. he likes to talk about his bipartisanship, where is the republicans from his time in office that talk about how great it was working with him? why couldn't he work bills through congress that had positive impact on our district? the problem with career politicians is they are looking at the wrong metrics and not
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looking at how you actually bring change and impact to our district. mr. gallego: you can tell he is in washington because he did not answer. he change the subject. let's use another metric, let's talk about x or y. he has 96% or 97% straight voting record because he votes with this party and follows the leader and that is all that he does. the frustration for those of us who live in the district is that we do not feel we have a voice. jim, who was the leader of the freedom caucus in washington, d.c., mr. hurd's voting record is to the right of some of those guys. this is a district that is 50-50, you would think the person who represents us would be moderate. that is not what we get here --
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that is not what we get from mr. hurd. we get a far to the right voting record that is not with the district. he did not answer the question because he didn't like it. steve: i do not think he agreed with it? rep. hurd: again, what website, what score? mr. gallego: congressional quarterly. rep. hurd: do i vote with the party, yes, who will decide in 12 days, the voters of this district will decide who has proven that they represent this district better and i feel pretty good about that. steve: let's hear from some of the constituents, we are on facebook, a lot of the questions for both of you are simple, donald trump was a popular one. another one is the veterans. a lot of attacks back and forth against both of you, veterans
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attacking each one of you. how do you answer those charges? i will start with you mr. hurd. specifically that you cut veterans benefits, is that true and what would you do for the veterans that are in your district? rep. hurd: it is not true that we cut benefits for veterans. we passed one of the largest appropriations bills for the veterans affairs department in the history of the v.a. department. i am proud of that. and i was in the cia, i served alongside the military, i know the sacrifices they make and the sacrifices their families make. that is why i am working hard to work on this with the choice program, if you are are an appointment to see the v.a. is more than 30 days or more than
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40 miles away which impacts so many constituents in this district, they can go on and use a local health care provider. this is a good program, not fixing all the problems but we are trying to expand it and even doing things where we have a pilot program in del rio where if you have to do something simple like get blood drawn or do a basic test, you can do it locally and not have to do a six or seven or eight hour round-trip to do something that basic. these are the programs we are working on to make sure we have a friendly service to the veterans. i have someone on my staff who is a purple heart recipient, one of the folks helping to drive and make sure we are providing the right care to our veterans. the reality is this, it is 2016, a veteran should not have to call their congressman or congresswoman to get access and the benefits they need. the problem is they have to. our philosophy is simple, if you have a problem, talk to us and we will try to work it out.
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if one person is having a problem, thousands of people are having that problem and we have to figure out how to do it on a macro fix. steve: mr. gallego, people have attacked you for doing nothing when the v.a. crisis hit and veterans were being hurt or not served at all in some of the hospitals. mr. gallego: let me tell you about when mr. hurd talked about his reality, i think he lives in an alternate reality. if you look at the congressional debates about the choice card, i led the fight, i am the guy from west texas who had to go -- for
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someone to go from alpine to san antonio is over 300 miles. 200 miles to el paso. the first thing i did as a member of congress was file a bill that became a pilot program to help veterans get to their nearest v.a. facility. the idea that if you are more than 40 miles away, i pushed for because it helps us help our local health-care systems so if you were in the hospital in alpine, or whatever, you could go there locally and do your tests and do those kinds of things because it helps stabilize the issue of world health care which is a huge issue across the 23rd district. if you talk to veterans, i spent the other day in eagle pass and people who are frustrated because they call mr. hurd's office and they call again and do not get results. that was very different for me. i hired a staff that was not only full of veterans but social workers, so we could do everything we could to help those veterans get the health care, not only the health care
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that they need, but the health care they deserve. steve: let's go through some of these charges that have been lobbied back and forth, a lot of money going into this race. the second most expensive house race in the history of taxes and it will probably end up being. did you cut student loans, congressman hurd? are you in favor of building a wall? another one. rep. hurd: no. the student loan thing, we are working with the department of education to expand the pell grant program because right now you can only use it in the fall and spring, but there is a lot of non-traditional students that need access to that the summer and we are working to do that. i am working on making short you can use the grant for dual credits in high school which means when you are going to high school and getting your high school credits, you can also get college credit, that is one way to significantly drive down the cost of going to universities or schools.
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education is an important issue and we have to income inequality because we have education inequality and this is something that is near and dear to my heart. the wall, since 2013 i have been talking about how a wall is the most expensive and least effective way to do border security. i know something about this because in my previous life, i chased terrorists around the world. we need to be focusing on the 19 criminal organizations that are operating in mexico. we should be doing more with working with our mexican partners to focus on those entities that are there and have intelligence led border security. when we talk about border security, we have international trade, trade is the lifeblood for this part of texas.
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a mexico is texas' number one trading partner, these communities along the border is one community separated by an international boundary, trade is the lifeblood to these communities and we should be increasing trade which is why i support free trade and my opponent does not. nafta was signed right here in san antonio, texas. we should be talking about being partners in energy with mexico because this is a great opportunity for us to be selling energy to eastern europe and all places. these are some of the issues i have been talking about since i have been running and in congress. steve: you are in favor of nafta? rep. hurd: yes. steve: star opposition to donald trump calling it one of the worst radials he has seen in his life. you do not agree? rep. hurd: i do not. steve: do you agree with nafta?
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mr. gallego: we have learned lessons about how to make it better, it helps a lot of industries in texas but now we know so much more. the first time you do things is a harder time but let me go back for a second if i may about the two questions that you asked. one was the issue of the wall and the other was student loans. it was interesting that the san antonio current at an article about mr. hurd who asked the constituents to explain to him about the zika stuff because he blocked zika funding about nine times. when he voted on a budget, this is a moral document, my father used to say, you can't tell me -- talk to me about what is important to you but show me how you spend your money because how you spend your money will tell me what is really important to you. if you look at the budget proposal that mr. hurd voted for, it cut pell grants and that is the budget he voted for. it was $1.9 billion below what the v.a. said they needed to do their jobs and i would like them to do their jobs. if you listen to mr. hurd on the
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border wall, he talks about a wall from sea to shining sea. we are talking about the 23rd district of texas and he says in his own words that a wall was appropriate under certain circumstances in highly populated areas. those are his words. what is a highly populated area? for some of us, my hometown is 6000 people. del rio has traffic lights, they are a highly populated area to me. does that mean he wants to finish the wall in the real because it is not on a sea? we are not talking about florida and california, we are talking
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about -- we do not have seas here. i want to know about the 23rd district. that is not something he has talked about. he talked about it in the bigger phrases. again, you can tell he has gone washington because he is leaving himself room to maneuver. steve: are you in favor of a border wall in district 23? rep. hurd: a border wall is a tool that should be used in certain places and that should be left to the folks on the ground to decide. this is the problem with the department of homeland security which oversees border security, they try to have a one solution all across the border. what you need in san diego is different from el paso and in del rio. you have to let the folks on the ground adjust their tactics,
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techniques, and procedures as they see fit. in certain places, it does make sense. others, it does not. you have to go for the five foot and make those decisions. mr. gallego: in other words, he is not against the wall. steve: let's talk about the charges against you, the biggest one, we have talked about you being anti-veteran, you say that is not true. how about that you are the washington insider and that you are a lobbyist? i have seen the revolving door commercials. how do you answer? mr. gallego: i love those. it is not true. steve: you are not a lobbyist? mr. gallego: an independent
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group has offered -- if you look at politifact, they found that to be fact. i taught in my hometown since i left office and i have taught in trinity university in san antonio which was a phenomenal experience. it completely renewed my faith in america and the people coming up, the leaders of tomorrow. trinity, the kids were phenomenal. they were brilliant and they participated. i taught a freshman level -- i usually taught kids upper division. i taught a freshman government class, people who did not want to be there but it was a requirement. a lot of the kids, i thought i was teaching a lot of the football team, i thought this will be interesting and it was one of the single best experiences i have had because teaching about government and how government should work, and what we should be doing, and how
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those have been -- it has rejuvenated me and i feel so much better about the future of our country. steve: congressman, he says he is not a lobbyist, that he has not been going through the revolving door. rep. hurd: he has gotten a six-figure contract in the city of austin, who he reported to was there head lobbyist. they talked about how pete gallego would help us get this bill passed, he was seen in the halls of the capitol during sessions. if that is not lobbying, i do not know what is. the question is, he has said at times that he has not filed with the texas ethics commission to
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be a lobbyist. why hasn't he? if he is advocating for legislation, that is lobbying, i do not know what else to call it. steve: i want to talk about accomplishments now. congressman, what is your single favorite thing you are most proud of legislatively in washington, d.c.? rep. hurd: i appreciate the question. we had several so i am glad i have more than one to pick from. the reality is -- a first one was pretty awesome. this was a department of homeland security -- their wisdom would change how border patrol was getting paid and they were going to receive $700 to $1000 less per pay period. that was crazy and we work to
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get that passed, we made sure that men and women that are protecting us have their pay. one thing that was important in san antonio, the federal courthouse, working side-by-side with democrats like henry cuellar to get that done, the mission reach, such an important part of our landscape here in san antonio, making sure the county was getting reimbursed. they have been waiting for a decade and almost $60 million and we got the process going and they are now getting reimbursed. in a bipartisan manner with some of thefellow san antonioian congressmen and congresswoman. those are things i am proud of. the reality is that a lot of times people do not see this, we talk about legislation but when you help the life of the person that needs help badly, that is awesome. that is worth putting up with the circus of washington, d.c. a woman called our office, 76 years old who lost her husband the year before, and he was a
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veteran, and she was supposed to continue to get veterans benefits and helping her and getting that for her, that is awesome. those are the victories we have every day and providing that level of service for the residents of the 23rd district of texas is amazing. that is why i hope i get honored with getting reelected. steve: mr. gallego, when you were in congress two years ago, what were some of your proudest accomplishments? mr. gallego: mine are all relative to people. i loved working for constituents and working on behalf of constituents. we brought back over $3 million that the federal government of two veterans to the veterans administration and people who overpaid the irs or were having difficulties. for me, the single most fun part of the job was not washington, d.c. related. my efforts were to help people at home.
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as i walk now door to door, i meet the people again and they say, yes, you helped me do x or y. my office door had a sign that said "this office belongs to the people of the 23rd district" and i believe that to be true. in terms of the legislative accomplishment, i am proud of my work to make the v.a. better. it has to get better. you rent a story about how veterans were still standing in line outside the v.a. in the heat. mr. hurd does not talk about that. i want to help make a difference for people. if i get the opportunity to serve in congress again, i will tell you about the two things i want to work on first thing, the former president of the national disabled veterans talk to me about the caregivers act. the idea that post-september 11, a family caregiver can be paid for giving care to someone who has been wounded in the service
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of our country. pre-9/11, that does not happen, so the vietnam veterans, i want to help them. cheryl langford, who was in his commercial but also was someone who endorsed me and supports me, she showed up, she was invited to a townhall meeting and ended up in a commercial like other city employees from san antonio. she will talk to you about, recently the congress gave a tax exception to olympic medal winners and it is not that i have an objection to olympic medal winners but do you know that they will not give an exception to the widows tax so that if you are a spouse of a person who is lost their life in the line of duty, they have to pay taxes on that pension. over half of the congress has signed on to that legislation.
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mr. hurd has not. they talked to him about signing onto that built and he is not adding his name. that and frankly working on a tax system because when a guy, a billionaire like donald trump says he has not paid taxes in 18 years, there is clearly a problem with that system and that is the system mr. hurd and his party fight to defend. those are the things i want to work on and fix. steve: i want to talk about facebook questions we have been getting. matt sends a question for mr. gallego, he wants to know why you continue to support obama care with skyrocketing premiums? you saw the premiums go up the other day. mr. gallego: this is just the beginning and obamacare is not perfect. the goal is that every family should have a family plan. there is certain things about obamacare that i think are important to keep.
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mr. hurd what have you throw the whole thing away, and if you would do that, he does not have anything to replace it with mighty way, if you throw it away, you go back to an old system where you have pre-existing conditions and i bet everybody watching knows someone with cancer or diabetes, they could not get health insurance because they had that pre-existing condition. they are now against the law. if you are female, your premiums were higher and sometimes you would be rich is covered because theoretically the law says that you could discriminate against women, you cannot do that anymore. you charge men and women the same amount. as a parent, for me, as my children get older, i can keep them on health insurance until he is 26 years old. those are examples of things i would like to keep. there are things i would like to change. for example, i would like to
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expand the small business tax credit so you can put more people into the system so you would have -- right now it is small businesses defined as less than 25 employees, let's make it 50 and put more people in so we drive the cost down. there are things we can do to make it better but i would not throw the whole thing away because then you would go back to pre-existing conditions, going back to women paying more for health care, and going back to sending your child to college without health insurance. steve: what do you do about the premiums? mr. gallego: i think you have to tell people -- poll showed that most people do not know that they are eligible for federal subsidies to help pay for their insurance. we would make sure that we would inform the people that they have other options. and you would drive down the cost of health care. one of the things important for me to do, having grown up on the border, you can go next door and by your prescription drugs so
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much cheaper than the u.s. and you can go to the desk even though the government provides drugs, they cannot get the volume discount a walmart or costco can because there is a lot that was passed by republican congress that says the government can ask for the best deals. that is crazy, those are the things we need to work on so the government can't get a discount and we can lower because of health care and make a difference. if you raise the minimum wage, and people are making more, that is important to me because you have to put more money out there and help people earn living wages. steve: what do you say about the skyrocketing premiums with obamacare? rep. hurd: i am for getting rid of obamacare. this great contrast between the and my opponent. this is one of the reasons he got fired two years ago. every opportunity he had when he was in congress, he voted to ensure that the largest tax
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burdens on the american people. we do have a plan on how to replace and this plan includes some of the things people are using now like pre-existing conditions, like letting children stay on their parents insurance until they are 25. the weight you get at the premium issue is to drive competition. having federal subsidies is not going to make this problem better, it will make it worse. that is why you need real competition and we want to make sure that families are the ones making the decisions about their health care, not bureaucrats in washington, d.c. it is your viewers that know best on how to deal with their health care. the other thing we need to do is make sure we are not taking money out of medicare to prop up obamacare.
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something my opponent continues to support and making sure medicare is therefore our seniors is important. there is another thing we have dealt with when it comes to health care, community health clinics. there are dozens of health clinics throughout the 23rd district of texas that serve hundreds of thousands of people. their budgets, they were going to get cut by 76%. only washington, d.c. thinks that is ok but we stop that from happening, bipartisan legislation, it got signed into law. i was honored to be recognized by the community health connect, getting an award for being their champion, the only member in texas, republican or democrat, that got that award because this is an important issue for our families and children. steve: i saw you smirk. mr. gallego: i am not smirking. i am -- again, where you stand depends on where you sit. this idea that you give people
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their own opportunities depends on what that means. i like making my own choices and most people like making their own choices that my mother is 88 and she relies on medicare and when you turned medicare into that voucher system that mr. hurd has worked for, you give my mom a voucher, an 88-year-old woman and you tell her to find her own health care and you tell her to figure out where she can get her best deal. as a practical matter, it may sound like great rhetoric, it may sound like great stuff but i am not interested in the rhetoric. i am interested in how it works on the ground. the practical aspects of what you are doing. as a member of congress, i voted to improve the system every opportunity that i had been the idea that you would repeal it -- here is the issue, the republicans probably 60, 70 times voted to repeal obamacare.
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even mr. hurd would agree that for a bill to pass it has to pass the house and senate and be signed by the president. remind me, what is the president's last name? is he going to sign a bill that reveals his signature legacy? no. instead of spending your time repealing something not going to get repealed, can we at least fix it in the meantime? with a new president, maybe it will be different but let's fix it, mr. hurd is part of the obstruction in washington that people this five, the partisanship people hate. let's fix things and move forward and that was my attitude and my voting record. frankly, that is something i am proud of. steve: another facebook question for you congressman hurd.
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jesse wants to know how you feel about not letting a sitting president not appoint a new justice to the supreme court, specifically president obama and justice garland. rep. hurd: in congress and the house of representatives we have no say in that effort, that is something the senate confirms, the president gets to nominate and the senate confirms. that is an issue that they have to deal with. it is important that we have a functioning government in all branches. this is something the senate will have to make a decision. steve: if you were in the senate, would you have given the president a yes or no? rep. hurd: if i was in the senate, i would have voted against the gentleman he nominated. steve: you would have given him a vote? rep. hurd: probably not. it is hard to make decisions on philosophical issues when you are not in that place. i do not know all of the
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background around what went on at the time but i think that merrick garland is not the person i would like to see on the supreme court. mr. gallego: what a great washington answer, it is somebody else's problem and responsibility. the senate has the single largest republican majority in the u.s. house since herbert hoover was president. they also controlled the u.s. senate. both sides of the congress. you would think they would talk to each other and work together. when mr. hurd says probably not, i would not vote on it, he is right because all he does is follow the leader. if the majority leader says jump, he will ask "how high." that is what is wrong with washington, too much partisanship. i do not think anybody teaches their children about democrats and republicans. we teach our children about right and wrong so who cares
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what the leader is doing if the leader is wrong? you stand up for the right thing and say i want to make my government work again. and i think it is wrong that we block the constitutional power of any president perpetually, now they are talking about, if secretary clinton becomes president, they will block it forever and not give her an appointment. how horrible is that? in this credit system that has worked for 200 years, the president gets to nominate a cabinet and federal judges and justices to the supreme court. to say i am unhappy because i did not win so i will not corporate with you at all is the kind of obstruction that people are tired of. that is what he gave you, obstruction, i would do it, sure, i would do it, that is crazy. steve: what do you say to that? rep. hurd: a career politician that talks about everything else other than what his job is.
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he hasn't talked about why he did not get anything accomplished when he was in washington, d.c., and national security issues that people around this district are talking about, he wants to talk about distractions that have nothing to do with the job of being a representative on the 23rd district of texas. part of that is because he is a career politician and he does not know. that is why he was fired two years ago. steve: what is the biggest issue facing district 23 in your opinion? rep. hurd: national security. people are concerned on whether they can walk into a mall or their purchase for and get blown up by a terrorist. they are concerned about a porous border. they are worried about the future security of their children. they are worried that isis is inspiring children coming even 7000 miles away.
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when i was chasing al qaeda in pakistan and afghanistan, people would write letters and put it on doorsteps, isis is leveraging social media to inspire people all over the world. we are not doing enough to counter that. in one of the debates i was in in congress this year was whether democrat on the homeland security committee. the department of homeland security is not using the public testimonials of people who went to syria to fight with isis in their counter propaganda. we were trying to pass a bill that dhs uses, the old scare straight, where children in elementary school, why would the democrats fight against using that which is an important tool in order to counter this messaging and keep our country safe? steve: what do you think is the biggest issuefacing district 23? mr. gallego: economic security because people are worried about their continued ability to put food on the table. they are worried about their ability to get their kids
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through college. this american dream we have all been part of -- right now, this is the first generation of texans and americans who believe their country worse off than our fathers and grandfathers and mothers and grandmothers left it to us. what a horrible legacy that is. for me, it is important to help small business because throughout the 23rd district, you have mom and pop stores, my family ran a restaurant for 80 years, i grew up washing dishes. i did not cook because my dad wanted people to come back. those are the things people are worried about and the kinds of things we have to work on. when a janitor at a school that i visited the other day tells me that he pays more than he can afford in taxes and donald trump does not, how do you respond? i think that says world things about where the congress is because it is the congress that writes irs code.
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steve: i like this question from one of the presidential debates that i want to ask you -- in what has been a heated campaign, i will start with you mr. gallego. tell me one thing you admire, like about congressman hurd? mr. gallego: he does not remember when he and i first met i would be willing to bet. i was a member of the leadership in the legislature. we made a trip to texas a&m shortly after they had a horrible tragedy, the bonfire.
4:44 pm
mr. hurd was the leader of the student body. he handled that with grace and with dignity. i came away from that -- you know, despite the fact that my blood is somewhat burnt orange and a little bit of red, i came away with a really good feeling about the things that were going on at texas a&m and how they were handling the tragedy. steve: congressman hurd? rep. hurd: thank you, mr. gallego. pete is a great dad. his son is turning into a fine young man. i attribute that to his mother as well. pete is a good father. steve: time for closing statements, two minutes for each of you. mr. gallego, you go first.
4:45 pm
mr. gallego: i grew up in the 23rd district, it is incredibly special. it has the most wonderful people, incredible history, phenomenal historic sites, the big bend, all of which it is important to preserve that legacy for our children. to take care and make sure we have an opportunity to expand our options. i was one of the biggest proponents for solar power and wind power because it helped generate jobs in the part of texas, especially where we go through the ebbs and flows of the oil and gas. helping bring children closer to home -- when i started, there were not a university in del rio
4:46 pm
or eagle pass, not a university presence there. those things have changed. i love the fact, my parents, when the bank in alpine would not load money to latinos, my parents started a credit union started from my parents dining room table, i saw that public service and for me, putting water somewhere it had not been before, helping people in their everyday lives, that is what is important to me and that is what i focus on and that is why ultimately i know that triumphs over a lot of the other bigger, special interest and money. i think people are the most important thing. steve: thank you. rep. hurd: i talked to a child in fifth grade, joshua, his mother talk to us, the fourth grade class president and the fifth-grade class president. his mom contacted me, he wanted
4:47 pm
to run. i was talking to him. i said i was in a tough reelection just like you, i asked if he had guidance. i heard his mind spinning. he said, congressman, you know why i got reelected, because i was nice the people. great advice. that is the mentality i have tried to take in this district. i will help you regardless of whether you voted for me or not. i have had the honor to take an oath of office to protect the constitution twice in my life, first time when i was in back alleys and dangerous places in the cia and the second time was in this job. i am just getting started and i will not quit and continued to fight and do what is right for the 23rd congressional district of texas and it will be an honor to go back to washington, d.c.
4:48 pm
to fight on behalf of these amazing 29 counties. steve: will hurd and pete gallego, thank you for joining us. >> hillary clinton lead over donald trump has narrowed to four points. the poll was conducted by the detroit free press and shows secretary clinton and 42% to 38%. and gary johnson with 5%. it shows 13% of voters are undecided, a figure that is unusually high at this point in the election. hillary clinton is in michigan today. she will speak at a rally scheduled to appear in half an hour. we will have it live on c-span. we will be live with donald trump in hershey, pennsylvania. here is a look at the ads that
4:49 pm
are running ahead of election day. >> i'm hillary clinton i approved this message. >> i would look or in that that ugly face of hers. >> i like people who weren't captured. you have to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. a person who is flat-chested is hard to be a 10. when mexico sends its people, they are bringing drugs. they are rapists. i would like to punch him in the face. get him out of here. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. what you rather have japan have nuclear weapons? absolutely. nobody wants to hear that about americans. why do we make them? i would bomb the expletive out of them. i love war in a certain way.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
4:50 pm
>> this election is about a choice. we can put our future back in her own hands to give us the right to educate our children in the schools we choose, to create investments where we need them most, to build better communities with jobs we create together and where justice is our right. this is our choice. this is our opportunity. we are asking for your vote. but republican. -- vote republican. >> the last years have been hard. republicans can change this. you can take home more of your money. >> lower taxes help create more jobs. kids will have a bite -- brighter future. >> national security is important. >> let's make government work for us.
4:51 pm
>> the republican national committee is responsible for the content of this advertisement. >> election night on c-span. watch the results. be part of a national conversation about the outcome. watch victory and concession speeches in key senate house and government -- senate races. watch live on >> a look inside eastern market in detroit where the michigan democratic party is holding a get out the vote rally. secretary hillary clinton is going to be speaking here, expecting to arrive in 20 minutes. we will bring you back your as soon as she arrives. we will be taking your calls and comments.
4:52 pm
a look at the history and the role of the elect world college. oral college. >> good morning. long-time c-span guest over the years. good morning. guest: good morning. host: we asked you to come op and talk about this thing called the electoral college. so much is made of the 270 electoral votes. we want to learn how folks get there. why don't you start us off by explaining what the electoral college is, who put it together, and when, and why. guest: wonderful. we have to start with the constitution. i want viewers to read the constitution. you can have a pocket constitution like the national constitution center's great pocket constitution or we have this incredible new app that i think i've told you about. go to the app store and down load interactive constitution and you find this amazing tool that's cosponsored by the federalist society and the american constitution society, the leading liberal and conservative lawyers
4:53 pm
organizations in america where the top liberal and conservative scholars write about every clause of the constitution describing what they agree and disagree about so you can click on the electoral college and read it and see what agreement and disagreement there is about what it means. in the electoral college which is article 2 section 1 there are clauses 2 and 3, says, each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislatures thereof may direct a number of electors equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the congress but no senator or representative or person holding an office of trust or profit under the united states shall be appointed an elector. that first part just says how many electors each state gets. in d.c., for example, thanks to one -- amendment, gets gets three electors basically. two senators plus the one congressperson it would have gotten were it otherwise entitled to an elector.
4:54 pm
sorry. that's the 23rd amendment is the d.c. electorate. not the 22nd. it goes on to say congress may determine the time of choosing the elections in which they shall give their votes and they shall be the same throughout the united states. where did this come from? basically some framers, alexander hamilton, the rap star of the moment, thought the electoral college was the most perfect part of the constitution. he thought it was the part that everyone would agree was the best part. the framers rejected the possibility of direct election. ames wilson, who was the popular sovereignty said why not just have the people elect the president? the framers didn't want that because they were afraid of a dem gog being chosen. they mistrusted direct democracy. they thought by creating this wise group of elite, former office holders, you know, people who could filter popular passions, these electors would choose a president. what is so interesting is they expected that in many cases the electoral college would be unable to reach a majority
4:55 pm
decision and the election would be decided by the house of representatives. because the electoral college has no majority then the house gets to decide. that led to an incredible mess which people know, in the election of 1800 under the original system, first choice in the electoral college becomes president and the second choice becomes vice president. in 1800 thomas jefferson and his running mate tied. they each get 73 electoral votes together. they have to go to the house with this incredible drama and thanks to the intervention by hamilton the house vote defeated burr and led to the duel which killed hamilton. that was such a mess and a final part of the great constitutional story that framers once again amend the electoral college through the 12th amendment. here i want you to go to the interactive constitution viewers. it is so interesting. ou could read an essay and the
4:56 pm
electoral, the 12th amendment is considered so uncontroversial that both the federalist society and american constitution society said just a single scholar could write about it. you click on the 12th amendment and sanford levinson says there are a bunch of really interesting parts about the 12th amendment. one is if it does go to the house, the house picks from the top three votes as president and the senate pigs from the top three -- two vote getters as vice president. that was important in the election of 1824 when henry clay might have been part of the mix but he was excluded because he wasn't in the top three. basically the 12th amendment takes out that weird system where you could have a president and vice president tying, acknowledging the difference of the party system and says you have to vote for president and vice president separately. host: let me put the phone numbers on the bottom of the screen for jeffrey rosen who runs the national constitution center. we have lines and calls we hope to come in in the next couple minutes. we'll get right to them about
4:57 pm
the electoral college. so take us further through history, then. because this electoral college process while still in place has not necessarily worked perfectly. correct? guest: despite the hope of alexander hamilton it has not worked perfectly. there were two occasions when the election has been decided by the house rather than the electoral college. then there were four occasions when the loser of the popular votes or rather the winner of the popular vote lost the electoral college. let's talk about those. the two times when the house decided election were the famous elections of 1800 which we just talked about and also 1824, which was an incredible battle where andrew jackson who won 99 electoral votes, john quincy adams 84, william crawford 41, henry clay 37. clay is excluded because he is not in the top three and the house chose john quincy adams who got fewer electoral and popular votes than jackson,
4:58 pm
infuriating the jackson supporters although jackson went on to win the next time around. then we have these four really dramatic times when the winner of the popular vote loses the electoral college. many people remember the election of 2000 bush v. gore where al gore won the popular vote but the supreme court stopped a recount and as a result george bush was awarded florida's electoral votes and won the election. that happened three other times. n 1876, which was an amazing prefigureation of 2000. once again there was a dispute between electoral votes out of florida. samuel tilden the democrat wins the popular vote. hays the republican claims he's won florida. so congress creates an electoral commission and the tie-breaking vote is cast by republican supreme court justice handing the election to the republican candidate.
4:59 pm
it was a dramatic story and that led to a congressional law being passed which determines how to resolve disputes today. two other occasions, one is 1824 which we talked about where adams wins even though he has lost both the electoral and the popular vote. the final one i forgot this but the national constitution center which you have to visit in philadelphia, this beautiful museum of we the people on independence hall with gorgeous copies of the constitution and bill of rights and declaration of independence as well as this beautiful educational center which you can learn about online with the interactive constitution, we have this great exhibit. the fourth example which i forgot until i went to the exhibit was grover cleveland running against benjamin harrison. cleveland narrowly wins popular vote by 1% or 2% but harrison gets 233 electoral votes to cleveland's 168. he wins the election. i guess the electorate must
5:00 pm
have been angry because they retaliated by re-electing cleveland the next time around making him the only president to serve two nonconsecutive terms. host: before we get to calls, one question. who are these electors? where do they come from? how are they chosen? what are their duties? guest: great question. we know they may not be any senator or representative or person holding an office of trust or profit under the united states. but otherwise it is entirely up to the states to determine who the electors are, rules under which they can be chosen, and how they are allocated. so they can be state office holders, former officials, they can be local citizens. and most states, 48 of the states basically have a winner take all system where if you win the state and popular vote you get all the electors.
5:01 pm
but two states have an allocated system where you can get a portion of the entire thing. that is maine and nebraska. there's a huge bonus to winning a particular state. now, there have been a bunch of proposals to either require allocation of proportional votes across the board, proposals to can the electoral college and have a national popular vote and even a really interesting proposal that all of the states would agree to vote for in the electoral college a winner of the national popular vote which would basically have the same effect but those reform proposals are probably contested and people disagree. host: a lot more process to talk about in hisary to talk about, jeffrey rosen, calls first. up first from sebastian, florida, question or comment about the electoral college? caller: aside from the electoral college the board of governors is not known by anybody in the country and yet
5:02 pm
they own the republicans and the democrats. the second thing is, hillary id not too long ago to control the legal population we would have abortions. we didn't like it when hittler killed 10 million jews. we slaughtered 60 million babies in this country. we should be very proud of ourselves. host: let's here from mickey from milwaukee. we're talking about the electoral college. anything about the process, formation of the present day? yes, sir? caller: yes. good morning. thank you, mr. rosen. i always follow you on c-span and the constitutional center. it's a great accent to the country. thank you for your hard work. you partially answered my question. there are 535, and that's officials, a hundred in the senate and 435 in congress, but
5:03 pm
there are 539 delegates. so you mentioned washington, d.c. would have had two congressmen and one senator based on the 23rd amendment. where is the one extra electoral missing, 539 versus # 38 possibly? the second -- versus 538 possibly. the second thing, the founding framers instituted this electoral college because they didn't want a demagogue to be elected president and they wanted the wise men to do this. if that was the intention of the founding framers, why do people go to washington, elected officials, and say we are acting on behalf of the people but if the people don't know right from wrong why doesn't washington behave in a way that is best for the u.s. and not a small minority of the population? host: thank you, mickey. guest: that is such a great question. my math isn't good and i don't know the answer. i'll ask the great constitution center prep team to figure that out and if you e-mail me or anyone does, j.
5:04 pm
rosen@constitution we will have the answer to that missing one elector by the end of the day. as for the fears of a demagogue, this broad question of what the founders would have made of our current electoral system is so interesting. they didn't trust direct democracy in any form. they created all sorts of filters on popular will from the original election of senators by state legislatures which was changed by the 17th electoral the college. they didn't anticipate the rise of the two-party system. that is something we need to talk about. the reason the election of 1800 was such a mess. it meant that the whole idea of wise, elite people choosing based on the public interest rather than partisanship proved to be elusive from the very beginning. it might be great and the national constitution center after this election is going to host a national conversation about what the founders would have made of our current
5:05 pm
democratic system. what are the forces, technological, constitutional, , which you this live can find as to take you to the hillary clinton rally in detroit. ♪ rise up ms. clinton: hello, detroit! [applause] ms. clinton: thank you. i'll tell you. i am so glad to be back in michigan. [applause]
5:06 pm
introduction, i am still vibrating from it. friend,my longtime , forend wendell anthony giving us some of the best lines we have had in the whole campaign. thank you. there is something special about this place and some of you may recognize the song that was , andng when i came in amazing you and amazing anthem sandra the talented called "rise up." and that is what detroit is doing. you are rising up. and that is exactly what we are
5:07 pm
going to do in america, we are going to rise up and make sure the american dream is enough for everyone. i am looking forward to working team you have here in detroit, and in michigan. i want to thank your senators, ,our members of congress congressman john conyers, sandy levin, brenda lawrence and , and i want to thank your great mayor, mayor mike duggan. thank you. wayne county executive lauren evans. sheriff benny napoleon. uaw, dennist of the
5:08 pm
williams. friends and former colleagues of mine, senator carl levin and his wife, barbara, are here. and to all who are present today , i was delighted my friend and supporter mark cuban could be he is not only a real billionaire -- [laughter] he has actually shared his profits with his employees. now, are you ready to vote on tuesday? [applause] are you ready to volunteer to get everybody out to vote? are you ready to choose our next
5:09 pm
president and commander in chief? did any of you see the three debates that we had? and a halfnt four hours standing next to donald trump, proving once and for all i have the stamina to be the next president. he kept saying a lot of unusual things, didn't he? and, you know, there is a do to bereparation you ready for those debates. i think youcause should prepare to be the president of the united states. and i did practice my composure. people said to me, how did you do that?
5:10 pm
and inngs he was saying, the second debate when he was following you around and lurching over you, i said well, , and i had my friends and my family spent hours saying terrible things to me, so i was ready. of youwould say what done for 30 years? i don't want to brag. [applause] but i do think it matters what you have done, and especially what you have done that may be improved somebody else's life. one of the great joys of this campaign has been traveling meetingur country
5:11 pm
people who have been affected by what we have been doing. for example, as first lady, i helped create the children's health insurance program, which covers 8 million kids. these are families that are not poor. they are working people. enough money.e they don't work for somebody who provides insurance. very often, their kids are being affected by not getting the health care they should've had. i met a woman whose baby daughter when she was born was diagnosed as totally deaf, and the doctor said we are sorry, there is nothing we can do for her. mother, like many mothers i know, did not take that for an answer, right? she got on the internet. she began to research. treatmentshere were she could maybe provide to her little daughter, but they were
5:12 pm
expensive. havend her husband didn't the kind of money and they didn't have insurance. she went to the doctor's office and she was distraught. her doctor said there is a new thing called the children's health insurance program. maybe you should look into it. it turned out she was eligible. she signed up. she started giving her daughter the best health insurance in insurance, that everybody in this country should be able to have, by the way. ien i was in north carolina, heard about her, and i got to meet her, and i met her daughter who talked to me and just graduated from college because and thethe health care treatment that she deserved to have. . tell you what that is how i judge the last 30 years. have i done something to help somebody out?
5:13 pm
i am well aware of the blessings i have had. i want to be sure all of us figure out a way to pay it forward and make it possible for more families, more kids to have the chance to live up to their own god-given potential. i was a senator in new york on 9/11, so i know what can happen, the evil and the hatred of terrorism. saw it, and i spent my time helping to rebuild new york city and get health care for the brave first responders who ran toward danger, not away from it. police, our firefighters, our emts. and i tell you who else we have covered. we have construction workers who ran with their supplies and their tools.
5:14 pm
i see one right out there who knows exactly what i'm talking about. all across the city, people were leaving their job sites and rushing toward danger. that was america at its best, and don't ever forget what we are capable of being, who we are. we are not afraid. we are brave, courageous people who will do our best if given the chance. answer secretary of state, i went to 112 countries -- as your secretary of stay, i went to one hundred 12 countries, negotiated cease-fires, reduced nuclear weapons, stood up for women's rights, human rights, and lgbt rights. this because iu want you to know that i will do
5:15 pm
everything i can if i am honored gete your president, i will up every day in that white house and i will go to work for you and your family to make it possible for you to get the chances and the opportunities you deserve to have. i want you to have a candidate you can vote for, not just someone to vote against. that is why tim kaine and i have run a campaign based on ideas and issues, not insults. because if you really take a look at what is at stake in this election, it is a choice between two very different visions for america. when i hear my opponent talk about america, i don't recognize the country he is talking about.
5:16 pm
it is so dark, so divisive, so hateful. that is not the america that i believe in. i believe that we should have a optimistic, inclusive vision of where we are going and how we are going to get there. i love our country, and i believe in the american people, and i think there is nothing we can't achieve if we work together, set some goals, go after them. we believe in an america that is bighearted, not small minded. we believe in an america that is already great, but can be greater if we do our part. and we believe america is great because america is good.
5:17 pm
never forget that. up and noteach other tear each other down, we can go even further. heart thatith all my we are stronger together. so, come next january 20, america is going to have a new president. [applause] i know that a lot of people say they want change. let me tell you this.
5:18 pm
change is inevitable. there will be change. the question is what kind of change are we going to have? are we going to build a stronger, fairer, debtor country? country? or are we going to fear the future and each other? . sure hope not that is not the america i believe we are, so here is what i want to ask you to do. i want you to talk to your friends, your family, your neighbors. michigan is one of the states that does not have early voting. i have been all over the country going to states that already have early voting. 32 million people have already voted in those states. but michigan votes on tuesday. imagine some of you know
5:19 pm
people who say they are going to vote for donald trump, right? i know. i know. i understand that. i mean, i would hope you would try to stage an intervention before it's too late. but maybe you could ask them with you to imagine january 20, .017 imagine that my opponent is taking the oath of office in front of the capital. having a president who demeans women, mocks the , who insults african-americans and latinos who personally
5:20 pm
engages in busting unions and preventing people from having the rights to bargain .ollectively now, we really don't have to imagine what that would be like, because everything he has said and done both in his career and in this campaign tells you what .ould happen michelle obama, who says so many , sheand wonderful things said the presidency doesn't change her you are, it reveals who you are. and i think we have seen who donald trump is. maya angelou, another great when someoned
5:21 pm
shows you who he is, believe him the first time. if my opponent were to win, we would have a president who has only ever been in it for himself. again it year he said would not have mattered if we rescued the auto industry or let it go bankrupt. he talking about? i proud to president saved the auto industry. -- i am proud of that president obama saved the auto industry. and i am even prouder that because of-- the hard work of people in detroit, across michigan in the u.s., the u.s. auto industry just had its best year ever.
5:22 pm
if donald wins the election, we would have a president who wants to ban every muslim in the world from coming to visit the united .tates we are a country founded on religious freedom. that runs contrary to our constitution. a president who has said repeatedly that he thinks the lives of black people are all about crime and poverty and despair. he has no idea about the strength of the black church and the vibrancy of black-owned businesses, the excellence of historically black colleges and universities. he seems to know nothing about the rise of a new generation of black activist's and the success of black leaders in every field. visit fromneeds a
5:23 pm
reverend wendell anthony, don't you? yesterday in north carolina, i with aored to stand woman named mae brown wiggins. decades ago, she was a hard-working nurse in new york city. she was looking for an apartment she could afford to rent, but 'snald trump and his father friends turned her away. whenever she and her african-american friends try to rent an apartment, their c,lication was marked with ac see for colored. to the department of justice and eventually they sued the trumps for housing discrimination. , theythough they settled
5:24 pm
wouldn't change, so the government had to take them back to court. that's a pattern. time andhat happens time again with my opponent. if he were to win, he would be in charge of the federal housing department. doesn't respect all americans now, how can we trust him to serve all americans in the future. he has such a casual disregard .f our constitution he doesn't seem to understand that the rule of law -- that we really are a nation of laws, not men. there's the latest example. there was a terrible crime in in new york city.
5:25 pm
it was called the central park five. maybe some of you heard of it. five black and latino kids, some as young as 14, were wrongfully convictit was called the centrak five. did and went to prison, where they spent years. donald trump took out full-page ads calling for the death penalty for the kids. even after they were exonerated by dna evidence, and someone else confessed to that terrible they should said still be in prison. it doesn't matter if you are .nnocent if he decides you should be in -- no wonderked up he admires what a mere put in. that is exactly what putin does to his speed -- admires flat in admires vladimir putin.
5:26 pm
that is exactly what putin does to his people. he has shown us who he is. now we have to decide who we are. let me paint you a different picture. here is what we are going to do together if we win this election on tuesday night. challenges.e big number one, we have to get the economy working for everyone, not just those at the top. , we have to keep our with ourafe and lead allies to a world filled with peace and prosperity. and we have got to bring our country together.
5:27 pm
we have to bring these divides and heal this nation. meet allu will help me three of these challenges. i have said repeatedly that we are going to take on discrimination and bigotry, because anytime we hold somebody back, it can lead to holding other people back. we cannot accept as normal what we are seeing across our country .ecause of his campaign a church in mississippi was burned this week. painted "vote trump," on the side and then set it on fire. we can't let that happen. what happened in flint, michigan, should not be normal or acceptable. should have clean air
5:28 pm
and clean water. those are basics. and we have to do everything we can to make sure we take care of our children. it's important for us to recognize that when i talk about getting the economy to work for everybody, that means i want the biggest jobs program since world war ii, infrastructure, manufacturing, clean renewable -- energy technology. some people say we cannot do that. i say they are wrong. they are wrong. we have the best workers, the most productive workers, we are going to give them more to work on, and more products to produce. more fore going to do small business, because small is the backbone of so
5:29 pm
many communities. and i want everybody to have the chance to succeed in america. tot means we are going dismantle the school to prison pipeline and replace it with a cradle to college pipeline. we are going to make sure that every child has a chance to go to a good school with good teachers no matter what zip code that child lives in. and i want to start with our youngest kids, with prekindergarten programs, and then i want to be a good partner with our teachers. we have to have high expectations and get results in helping our children. we putant to be sure technical education back in the high school because there are good jobs out there waiting for
5:30 pm
young people with the skills to do them. it will be important that we which ourenvironment police and communities can work together and trust each other. safer whene are everyone has respect for the law and everybody is respected by the law. that is what we are going to work for. take steps too reduce gun violence and save lives. this has nothing to do with scare tactics coming from my opponent. he is wearing a camo hat now. [laughter] really?
5:31 pm
we are going to work with responsible gun owners, who understand that we've got to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them in the first place. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: while we create more safe communities we want to invest in those communities. i want to continue the good work our past two democratic presidents have done, one named clinton, one named obama. [cheers] and i want to be a strong partner. i will compete a little with them. i want to be a strong partner with detroit and other cities
5:32 pm
who are on the way back up, the housing and the jobs that you need. but we also have to make sure our economy is more fair. we should raise the national minimum wage. people who work full-time should not be left in poverty. guarantee equal pay for women? this is not a woman's issue. if you have a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, it is your issue. it is a family issue. every time i talk about wanting to have affordable childcare, paid family leave, equal pay for women the other side accuses me
5:33 pm
of playing the woman card. i will tell you what, if standing up for equal pay is playing the woman card then deal me in. [cheers and applause] one of the other big challenges we are going to take on, i am so excited about this. i'm proud of the campaign bernie sanders and i ran. it was a campaign about issues. and what we decided after it was over is how we could work together to make sure everybody who wants to go to college can afford not just to start but actually to graduate. [cheers] up withnton: so we came a planned if you go to a public college or university you will familyion free, if your
5:34 pm
makes less than $125,000 a year. and it will be debt free for everybody above that. so you don't go into debt. for people who already have student that, we are going to help you pay it down and pay it off to get out from under it. i want especially to support historically black colleges and universities who have done so much to bring forth leadership in our country. this is just some of what we are offering in this campaign. we believe you need to look at what will happen after the election. me, people areo
5:35 pm
just frustrated and angry. i get that. i understand that. we had the worst economic collapse since the great depression in 2008 and 2009. millions of people lost their jobs. millions lost their homes. family wealth was wiped out. that is a trauma. people are still suffering and still climbing back from that. i get it. but i learned a long time ago from my late mother anger is not a plan. right? be angry. then roll up your sleeves and get to work. that is what i will do. that is why we put this on our website. only do i want you to know
5:36 pm
what i will try to do as your president, i want you to hold me accountable. when i come back to detroit, which i will do my travel around michigan, i want you to say how is it going getting those new job started? how much progress are we making making sure colleges affordable? i believe in making lists. maybe it is a woman saying. [cheers] husband once said to me you have lists of your lists. well, i do. i want to know what we are going to get done and how we can make progress together, and ultimately this election is about the kind of country we want for our kids, and in my case, now my grandkids. that believes in
5:37 pm
freedom and justice for all? are we really a nation that recognizes our best years can be ahead of us if we make of our minds to have that? i believe we can do it together. my opponent said i alone can fix it. nobody alone does anything. when our founders met in philadelphia, it wasn't one person creating our country. it was many people working together and fighting a revolution to get that democracy, and to fight for civil rights, and voting rights, and women's rights, and lgbt writes. won by onem were person alone. the american labor party didn't
5:38 pm
happen because one person said i can make it happen. barack obama wasn't put into the white house by one person alone. it took everybody working at organizing and voting. that is how progress happens in america. really, it comes down to you, my friends. you have to vote. our progress is on the line. everything that has happened until this point is on the line. i'm ready to defend and build on the progress that we have made. i am proud i was a member of president obama's. friends. he and i are but he knows and i know american leadership, american presidents, it is like running a relay.
5:39 pm
you do your very best and then you pass on the baton and hope the person you pass it off to doesn't drop to the ground or doesn't run back the way we came from, which is what my opponent is promising to do. president told the when he hands up the baton he is going to have to bend over because he is taller than i am -- but i am excited about what we can do. there has been a tough campaign. people are saying they have migraines they never had before. they had stomachaches they don't know what they are going to do with. i get it. it has been a really tough campaign. but i will tell you what, michigan, you could make the difference. all i am asking you is to talk to your friends, talk to your
5:40 pm
family, talk to your coworkers, talk to everybody. if you have time to volunteer go to hillary to volunteer. or text joined 247246. -- there areldren beautiful children in this crowd today -- when your children or grand children did in 2016 with everything was on the line i want you to be able to say i voted for a better, stronger, fairer america. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: an america where we build bridges, not walls. [cheers] and where we proved once and for all that love trumps hate. let's get to work. thank you. thank you detroit. thank you michigan. god bless you.
5:41 pm
small town girl living in a lonely world she took the midnight train going anywhere boy a city born and raised in south detroit train goingmidnight nywhere ♪
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a singer in a smokey room the smell of wine and cheap perfume for a smile they can share the night it goes on and on, and on, and on strangers waiting up and down the boulevard their shadows searching in the night streetlight people livin' just to find emotion hidin' somewhere in the night workin' hard to get my fill everybody wants a thrill
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payin' anything to roll the dice just one more time some will win some will lose some were born to sing the blues oh, the movie never ends it goes on and on, and on, and on strangers waiting up and down the boulevard their shadows searching in the night streetlight people livin' just to find emotion hidin' somewhere in the night
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[instrumental interlude] >> ♪ don't stop believin' hold on to that feelin' streetlight people don't stop believin' hold on streetlight people don't stop believin' hold on to that feelin' streetlight people
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♪ ♪ ♪ on♪ come on, come on, come ♪ feel it now ♪
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>> ♪ let the fire be your crown don't look now you're off the ground you have the heart of the so let them see you rise it them know that you mean et's see how high you can go
5:47 pm
flying right past the ones who said no let's give them all one hell of a show you got the heart of a phoenix so let them see you rise ♪ >> c-span's road to the white hillaryntinues with clinton in detroit, michigan. an hour from now we will be with donald trump when he campaigns in hershey, pennsylvania. live coverage continues. numbers are on your screen. thoughts about the election but democrats at 202, others.ublicans -- all if you are a michigan resident we have a special number for you. we would like to hear from you.
5:48 pm
hillary clinton campaigning in michigan today. mary and west palm beach, florida. >> first of all i would like to say i am a democrat. i am also a person that loves everyone. i have been completely appalled throughout from last year until seen, thet i have racism and divisiveness. i came from the area in 1940 leading up to the 50's. we do have problems. it is nothing that we as american people cannot come down and sit at the table of brotherhood and say that we are all human beings. we can work through all of the
5:49 pm
difficulties. and the challenges that we face. .e must all have that on mind we should have open minds to say that everyone, whether or not we agree or disagree, that we are all as we should be, making our country continue to be the greatest country it is. not just for one party, democrat or republican, or independent or green party. we are all in this together. when one goes down we all go down. so we can come back together. can say we are better than what we have seen. bringing back the ugly hate of racism and so much division. i thank you. host: thank you for calling.
5:50 pm
let's go to our first color from detroit. donald is republican caller. caller: hello. listen. i'm a first time republican. i appreciate you taking my call from the city of detroit. i have voted democratic in every election i've been eligible to vote in. i will reluctantly be voting republican this year. i listen to secretary clinton's closing argument here. me and my son listened intently. it doesn't swayed me. some of the issues i may have with hillary clinton may not be her fault. i am someone who was part of the obama coalition. i voted for barack obama twice. hillary clinton with the super predator comment and the mass incarceration that occurred under her husband's
5:51 pm
administration will not sway me. i'm able to parse out the innuendo from the e-mail scandal. i simply don't trust her. peopletrump, everyone have been saying about him is true. i have seen the language that he has. this man has built a billion dollar business. it might not be $10 billion but this and has been successful. there is a news article about the american electorate. this is what you voted for. theuld not believe when republican party was talking about putting someone else in as the public and nominee. this is the person chosen by the voters. we only have two choices. i would like to look for someone else but i want my vote to count. on tuesday i will stand in line at the northwest activity center
5:52 pm
and i will cast a ballot for donald trump simply because the democratic nominee is so repulsive to me from a policy standpoint i simply can't bring myself to vote for hillary clinton. i hope anybody else in the same demographic will do the same thing. wheret call from detroit hillary clinton is campaigning today. another call from michigan. a democratic caller. >> good evening. mary, she sayso everything that i wanted to say. she said it well. i have a ready cast my vote. i did absentee. i voted hillary clinton. i'm going to say i'm very proud of her as my candidate. donald trump is doing nothing but separating our country. i see the vile language the
5:53 pm
trump supporters use if you say anything at all critical about him. it is to me disgusting. i have never seen anything like this. i have voted in many elections. i'm 61 years old. i have always voted as an independent. i registered as a democrat in the primaries. i'm very proud to vote for her. hellk obama went through with congress and the senate. donald trump is not able to handle that. his temperament is just appalling to me. should they just deny him one bill i could imagine what direction he would take that in. there, listen out to what is going on. watch what he does.
5:54 pm
newsze fox news is not fox . it is an entertainment network. that is how they get away with lying so much. and people believe them. that has to come to a stop. host: thank you for your thoughts. we are going to move on. if you are a michigan resident we have a number for you. pick the one that best fits you. grove. pacific caller: i have been an cents thet basically early 1990's. i did my first vote in 1972 and voted for richard nixon. for clinton ones.
5:55 pm
i voted for bush. i voted for obama. situationmes to the going to with now, i'm be voting for donald trump. >> why is that. i cannot fathom how people do not understand what the clintons have done. this they have created basic business out of the state department, taking money from countries that of views women, taking from countries that are against gays. using it to pad their pockets, run around, take nice vacations. i just don't feel i want to have her in there continuing to
5:56 pm
take money some white area i find myself with mr. trump, and after sitting back and listening to mr. trump i know he is sometimes upsetting of course but i think he is the guy we need for this situation that we are in with the country. we need somebody that can make decisions. if hillary is in there she is not going to be able to do that. she is going to be a quagmire. who knows what it is going to be. host: thank you for calling. next to peter in lafayette, indiana. >> yes. the first time i got in for you. nothing for the
5:57 pm
country. obamacare needs to be gotten out. it is costing us too much money. people are paying too much for their premiums. hillary clinton is going to do the same thing. free education. taking away our guns. freedom of speech. jobs.took away our teaching islamic stuff in school. trump is a down-to-earth person. he is saying what everybody says. this is the first time he has said anything that people agree with. i agree with everything that he says. >> as we continue to watch hillary clinton working the
5:58 pm
crowd, she campaigns in detroit, michigan. coming up, and about an hour we will bring you donald trump. that to your calls. to south carolina on the line for democrats. i'm from south carolina. i really was going to vote for donald trump. because he is a man and a man is supposed to lead the world. started, hefirst started putting bill clinton in it. bill clinton didn't have anything. his wife is running. all our kids are watching this. all our kids have to go where we did. are weey see this, what leaving behind for our children? we leaving a bad example.
5:59 pm
they've got to go where we been. even to my granddaughter, nine years old. she said why are they talking like that? i said i don't know. that is just politicians. she said that is not nice. i said who are you going to vote for? she said i would vote for the other one. children don't act like that. we all are children of god. i believe men are supposed to be first. i 100%. he would have one. but when they start blaming each other, that is one everyone change their mind. i would have voted for him because he is a man and he can lead the world. but they had to go out and fight
6:00 pm
. there were strong women and they can lead very we can be strong. host: we will get another point of view from michigan. michael in detroit. thank you. i have been in detroit since 1957. i was born in ohio. 1957. to detroit in i completed high school and went to wayne state university. suffered theen we horrible recession under bush. no matter what you feel about president obama the unemployment rate now is down to 4.9%. we see it in detroit. people are working. he saved the automobile industry.


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