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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 1:39pm-3:40pm EST

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illumination. the miners are going back to work and the steelers are going back to work. will have clean coal. at the miners are going back to work. epawill do this by regulation and by raising taxes, to raise it almost by 50%. hillary also wants to substantially increase the death tax on family farms. it would be nice to leave it to your children. on top of that, her anti-energy agenda will radically drive up the cost of energy. another attack on agriculture, a big, big attack on agriculture. we will include the obama epa inclusion and the job killing regulations that hurt the people of iowa and really hurt the
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farms. our selling the governor, we have the highest taxation in the world and we are giving massive substantially the regulations. we want clear air -- we want clean air. we want clean water. we want safety. the beyond that, you look at all the different things, things that they won't -- the most want, cutting regulations. more than the massive tax cuts is the cuts and regulations. because they have killed our businesses. they're killing of businesses, especially a small businesses .re we will also rebuild our inner cities. very unfair what's happening to our african-american
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communities. it's very unfair what is happening to our hispanic communities. to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. clinton wants and 550% increase in syrian refugees pouring into our country. and that's over the thousands and thousands that obama has allowed and is allowing to get -- to come in. by the way, he is always campaigning. he is always campaigning. he should go to the all -- to the oval office and he should work on jobs. and she -- and he should work on knocking the hell out of isis and not giving them a four-month notice we are coming into muscle mosul.
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her plan would pour generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your entities. and we will keep islamic terrorists out of our country. we will build safe zones in syria and we will have the gulf states. we owe $20 trillion coming case -- we've got lots of problems. the gulf states have to mend us money, tremendous -- and they haven't been carrying their weight. haven't done much.
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we have enough problems. when you say we haven't of problems? a trumpet administration will secure and if in the borders of the united states. and yes, we will build a great wall. we are going to keep the drugs out. we are going to keep the poison out of our country that is destroying our youth and 20 of other people. as secretary of state, hillary clinton allowed thousands and thousands of the most dangerous and violent criminal aliens to go free because their home countries would not under any circumstances take them back. can you imagine that? they catch murderers, drug dealers, the worst people, the worst people. they bring him back to the countries and they say they are not taking them. she said bring them back. and the current -- the kind that
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has been committed by these people is unbelievable. i promise you this. there will be one instance, not one come up where, when we bring somebody back to their country where they belong, where that plane comes back with that person sitting on that plane. there will be one instance. it will never happen. truly called a lack of respect for our country. hillary supports totally open borders. there goes your country. and strongly supports sanctuary cities like san francisco, where kate styler was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was deported at least five times. thousands of americans would be alive today if not for the open border policies of obama and clinton. includes incredible americans like sarah root.
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from iowa right here. i've spent time with her beautiful family. beautiful family devastated. the illegal alien who killed border,rived at the was taken into federal custody, and released into the community despite pleas from people not to do this. he was released again and again. but then he killed sarah in a savage, savage way. sarah graduated from college with a 4.0 grade index, number one in her class. the day before she was killed. there are so many instances like this. so many instances like this. and people knew trouble. but the administration said we don't [indiscernible] a trump administration will end
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this nightmare of violence that is going on all over a country. we will stop the illegal immigration, the report all criminally newlands -- criminal every and dismantle criminal cartel threatening our citizens. and we are going to build of that wall. it is want to be a great wall. and let me just ou. mexico is going to pay for the wall. they don't know it yet. that's ok. mexico, they are great. i met with the president of mexico three months ago. great. it's got to be a two-lane highway. much.e so we lose our plans. we lose our jobs. we lose our wealth. and we get drugs and unemployment. it's got a be two-way. and it's going to be. because the trade deficit with china at all of these countries -- but the trade deficit with mexico's massive air and far greater than what we are talking about for the wall.
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so a lot of politicians say you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. as it is going to be so easy. but here's what you have to understand. were going to have big, beautiful doors and that wall. people are going to come into our country. and people are going to come into our country -- people, lots of people are going to come into our country. that they coming into our country legally. -- but they are coming into our country legally. thank you very much, everybody. we will repeal the obama defense sequester and rebuild our badly
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depleted military. i'm honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals and 22 medal of honor recipients. hillary and our failed establishment have spent $6 trillion on wars in the middle east that we never win. and now it's in worse shape than ever before. the middle east is in far worse shape than it's ever been. for an wars. -- foreign wars. we send our troops or foreign countries to defend their borders. but our politicians refuse -- there refused to defend our borders. we fight to get the money, the blood, the greek people, the great people.
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we fight to defend the border but we do not fight to defend our own border. that will change on november 8, believe me. a trump administration will never, ever put the interest of a foreign country before the interests of our country. on, it's going to be america first. to all americans i say this. it's time for real leadership and it's time for change. we're going to change. hillary clinton is not change. hillary clinton is -- is four more years of obama. which is isis. which is all of these other things. high taxes. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. the biggest to have tax cuts since entertainment and hillary is going to raise taxes. keep your social
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security as is without cuts and without medicare. she's going to chop, chop, chop away. she is going to chop it away. every going to eliminate unnecessary job killing regulation, cancel it illegal obama executive orders. we will protect religious liberty. rebuild our military and take care of our great veterans, our greatest people. we are going to finally, once and for all, take care of our veterans. her and have been horribly treated. we are going to provide school choice and put an end to the common core. we are bringing our education local. we will support the men and women, the great people, of law enforcement. we will save our second, which
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is constantly under sees your -- under siege. point justices to the supreme court who will uphold the constitution of the united states. it's time to cut our ties with the failed politicians of the past. hillary clinton of the -- is the candidate of the past. we, the great movement -- that has never been anything like this in our country. i say it all the time. bill o'reilly said it recently, numerous times. he said, in his lifetime, this is the single greatest political phenomena that he's ever seen. it's huge. i'm the messenger. i'm the messenger. it's you. it really is good i'm a good messenger, you have to say, right? but it is you. where are fighting for every
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parent who lost their child to drugs and crime and gang violence. we are fighting for every community whose jobs and dreams have been ripped out and shipped to other countries, one of the primary zero -- primary reasons i got involved in this. i couldn't watch it anymore as our companies -- i live in new york. new york state. new york state, what happened to new york state with the jobs going to mexico and other places? and when hillary clinton was senator, she said she ran on the bases that she would create new jobs. i'll to you what you are just another lie. it's worse than ever, ever, ever before. she did nothing. she did nothing. we are fighting for every american who believes government should serve the people, not the donors and not the special interests. i'm asking you to dream big votes -- can your you believe this? -- we are two
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days away. we can bring the change you have been waiting for your entire life. and i hope you will consider it the greatest and most important vote that you will ever cast. because we will start winning again. we will win on trade. we will not the hell out of isis. we will start winning again. together, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. america greatke again. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. god bless you. thank you. get out there and vote. thank you. ♪
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>> sioux city iowa, one of two stops left in the donald trump campaign. we are opening up the phone lines here on c-span. donald trump, as he has done the last couple of weeks, at the end of his speech, urging people to go out and vote. we would like to hear from you on your decision in 2016. if you are voting early. if you're planning on not voting, for president at least, not voting for any candidate, call this number. we would like to year when you are planning on voting and your decision behind that.
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in sterling heights michigan, wrapping up in the washington suburbs. inlary clinton has been philadelphia already, cleveland ohio on the bill, and manchester new hampshire. and just to let you know about our coverage plans here this afternoon, president obama is rallying for hillary clinton today, joined by singer and songwriter stevie wonder. we will have that coverage a little earlier than we anticipated. at 2:30coming up eastern. but the rich you're on c-span. in the meantime, let's hear from you, your decision 2016 and voting on tuesday is kurt in ohio.
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tell us about your decision. caller: trump scares the heck out of me. with all of his half-truths that he talked about, when in particular, the second amendment. why doesn't he -- and this is where i fault hillary clinton, too, because she needs to correct him on this. she's not going to take away your guns, folks. if you read your constitution, article 5. in order for an amendment to be repealed, it needs to pass two thirds of the house and senate. bennett goes to the states where three fourths of the state's have to ratify it. and then it becomes an amendment. hillary clinton has as much chance of getting rid of your guns and taking away your guns as donald trump has of overturning the rover's is weighed or marriage equality -- roe versus wade or marriage equality. that's why i'm voting for hillary clinton because trump is a liar. host: we are interested in when
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you are voting in who you are voting for. ronald is not voting in virginia. in eureka,m actually. i'm not voting because i'm happy. i think trump is going to win. either way, i'm happy because the congress is investigating the fbi. essentially. we've shown that there are two f bi >'s. this is something that we can be proud of. we have the justice department seen in some eyes to be corrupt. they really, really exposed to the corrupt justice department. but say the two-faced justice department. host: looking for your comments on twitter as well. marie tweets about the rally.
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some correction here, jonathan cookn who covers the political report. scott is an early voter in willon-salem where clinton wrap up her rally. caller: i'm voting for hillary clinton. thank you all guys for putting on c-span. you are also sorely needed in the media today. you are unbiased and we all appreciate it.
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because i amillary scared to death of donald trump. it's like when you need an electrician, you don't call it plumber -- a plumber. and he is a bad plumber. what he's been saying in the last month, mostly in the last week, has been -- i don't know where he gets his information. he just lies. host: maybe you can tell us a little -- you already voted for hillary clinton, early voter. the president spent time in north carolina last week. hillary clinton is wrapping up in winston-salem tomorrow night. what's your sense on how the state of north carolina will go on tuesday night? caller: i'm telling you the democrats will pull this out. we are full force. i've seen obama several times
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over the years and i have never seen him jazz up a crowd like he did the other night. crowdse never seen the so huge in winston-salem, north carolina. host: here's the news on that from kyle griffin on mbc who tweets -- let's hear from st. petersburg, florida. not voting this year. caller: i'm not voting, not because i don't want to, but because i am unable to. i am a committed felon. i received a felony charge about 13 years ago, an isolated incident. active, productive member of society even before them. i said, this was an isolated
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incident. can here in the state of florida, -- and here in the state of florida, the amount of time is not an issue and i am still another -- i'm still unable to vote. not been the case, i would have voted by now. host: who would you have voted for? caller: clinton. host: tell us about that he little bit. so you can't vote in any election, national, local or city council or anything like that? caller: absolutely. for an incident that happened not quite, but almost 13 years ago. and i think that is so unfortunate. and i know other people like myself. host: we appreciate your -- caller: who fall into that same situation. host: thank you for joining the conversation and telling us your story. julie, early order. caller: -- early voter. caller: i hope i don't get cut off.
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host: mute the tv, julie. caller: i voted early. i voted for trump because -- you know, everybody talks about all the stuff that is being said. but i look at it this way. look at our society. it is so -- you know, our society is -- i'm forgetting the words. host: julie, do us a favor -- is so immoral. i have my tv down all the way. it's so moral. i don't think we should be looking at the morality and things that come up, you know, people, looks, notoriety and staff, especially on rich people , but, you know, someone who has been in politics for 30 years and i've investigated hillary. she scares me to death because she's a globalist. working've already been
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on restoring the constitution. -- rights are going the way we are not going to be a country. if hillary gets in. i'm not saying she is going to do it by herself, but it's on that way. host: that's julie in mesa, arizona. next we have robert in los angeles who is voting election day. caller: yes, you know, i voted for trump. host: tell us why. caller: i voted for trump -- i like the his way he speaks. about the way he speaks the trades, but economy here in this country. way he handling -- he speak about the foreign policies.
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i think he is the one who deserves to be president. and -- we are in a very dangerous situation, not only here, but worldwide. host: here on c-span waiting to president obama who will be in orlando, florida. a live look here and reportedly joined by the singer stevie wonder. we will have live coverage when he gets underway. let's hear from florida next. jean is not voting. why not? caller: it's just scary. i wouldn't know who to vote for. it's just scary. it makes me want to cry. that's how bad i feel. because what choice do we have? i mean, we have a liar and a crazy man. who do you vote for? host: tell us about -- you used
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the word scary. we have two hillary clinton supporters who are scared of donald trump your and we have two trump supporters who are afraid of her life and him. you are not voting at all. what is it between the two candidates that scares you? caller: there really isn't any choice. choice. have a is the craziest thing. and 72 years old. it's the craziest thing i've ever seen. i've always voted. i said i always would. but am afraid i can't because i don't want to make a mistake. i don't know what to do. it's so scary. host: we've been covering the candidates and their surrogates, chief among hillary surrogates, joe biden out earlier today. here is a photo tweeted by
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philip of "the washington post." we are interested in you and your decision in 2016, whether you voted early, you plan on and if you have
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not voted at all, not planning to vote for a candidate. elect a president obama here in about 20 minutes. michigan who is voting on tuesday. caller: i'm definitely voting for trump. i am a retired veteran. hillary,problem with just the whole classified thing. i mean, the military, we are held to a higher standard and that is one of the things i wish that would change. i worked top-secret project before. and you have to know what classified information is. they desolation hold anybody in public office, specially high public office, accountable, the same way they do military. when you are on a top-secret installation, you sign a waiver.
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there is no trial. you divulge information, it's straight to jail. you go straight to leavenworth. hire politicians like hillary, she knows better. they all should know better. and i like to see that one change put in place where they are held accountable for releasing information such as that. host: all right, greg in michigan. doug in florida next, who is mattila,arly voter in florida. who did you vote for, doug? caller: i voted for trump. host: tell us a bit about that. what your reason for voting for donald trump? caller: there are several reasons. number one reason is the affordable care act. host: you are breaking up their little bit good we are looking the governor in iowa. a full day for the trump
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campaign. representative steve kane also supporting donald trump your keys in sioux city today. he is also getting minneapolis, minnesota. he will be in michigan. moon township pennsylvania. meanwhile, the hillary clinton campaign, among clinton stops in .nd then manchester, an caller: i'm not anti-feminine, but i'm all down for a first female is in. but hillary? host: looking for your comments on twitter, too. send us a tweet at c-span. this one from joe --
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klamath falls, janel is not voting. caller: trump is a. and hillary is -- -- trump is a pig. and hillary is a -- lost her. caller: i'm going trump all the way. i met the man many years ago when i was working in new york. always a gentleman. whatever his escapades had been, it was before he became a pol it -- while he's not even a politician.
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i think he's a wonderful man. we have a governor in maine who is not a politician. he says it right as it is, just as trump does. i took a chance on our governor and i love him to death and i'm taking a chance with trump host: when you say you are taking a chance, did you vote for a democrat before? caller: never. [laughter] i take that back. i did vote for an independent governor before. most of the time, i have been happy with my republican governors. but if i found that i could trust somebody, whatever his escapades were, at least he's not telling people the way clinton and her group have done. host: what's your stance on your neighbors in maine, your fellow citizens, how is the state going to go on tuesday? caller: i have no idea. i have no idea. all my friends, except for two, are voting for trump.
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i have a large circle of friends. we'll see what happens. but i'm in hopes that we go republican. i would love to see somebody who is not a politician who doesn't have everybody in his back andet, inside pockets everything to come in and just clean house and take care of us. host: we will be watching maine among 40 others. nominee, wisconsin, sander has already voted. tells about your decision, your candidate. caller: i voted on tuesday -- i mean, last monday. and i'm definitely a hillary fan. i think she has some great political ideas and good background. i would worry about trump's temperament as a presidential candidate and as a woman i could never vote for trump. host: tell us about the role of
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speaker ryan in your state. how do you think he comes out of , whether for president hillary clinton wins or donald trump wins? has paul ryan raised his stature in the state? caller: sometimes i think it depends on what day it is. but i think probably he'll come out ok. host: here is and from corgan, texas. he is not voting. tell us why. -- er: host: i'm sorry, i lost you. apologize. go ahead. caller: are you there? host: yes. i don't have a way to get down to vote. if we did. trump.d vote for
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i kind of like the way he talks and every thing else. host: on twitter, this one from mindy -- sarah is from south carolina. caller: i'm going to be voting from -- for trump. i agree with everything he stands for this country. host: just to let you know about our coverage plans here on c-span, we are going to take you live to orlando in just a bit weird president obama is campaigning there for hillary clinton. he is to be joined by singer entertainer stevie wonder. we will have it lie once he gets underway. this to remind you about our election i covers, he here on , and clockht eastern, live coverage on c-span, c-span radio, and on the c-span radio app, which you can download for free and live coverage at as well. waldens next in fort
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beach in florida. another one not voting. tommy when i. -- tell me why not. caller: i really don't think any of them is capable of being a candidate. they both have their flaws. myself thinking to either one of them that gets in the office is going to be screwed. we are going to be screwed no matter what. host: do you feel comfortable going into the voting booth and not voting or, in your case, not going at all? not voting for president is an ok thing to do? know, my daddyou always told me -- taught me, your opinion does count. but i don't feel comfortable going into the ballot and voting for either one of them because i
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don't -- i'm not for either one of them. they both got their flaws. continue taking your calls and comments on your plans on voting for president. are you voting early? are you voting tuesday or not at all? in the next 10 or 15 minutes or so, we will take you to florida. make sure you turned on your television so we don't get feedback. let's look at some of the recent ads by the republican national committee and the democratic national committee. >> all the progress we've made in the state in this election, tolerance is on the ballot. ending mass incarceration is on the ballot right now. having achieved historic turnout in 2008 and 2012, i will consider it a personal insult if this community fails to activate itself in this election. you want to give me a good sendoff? go vote. this election is about a
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choice. we have a chance to put our future back into our own hands, to give us the right to educate our children and the schools we choose, to create investments where we need them most, to communities with jobs we create together and were justice is our right. this is our choice. this is our opportunity. we are asking for your vote. vote republican. right now on c-span, we are interested on when you are voting or if you are voting. our plan is to take you live obamaando, president joined by stevie wonder.
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we'll have full coverage tomorrow. who is in from sherry henderson, nevada, who is voting on tuesday. caller: i will be voting for trump on tuesday. i don't see how anybody who loves our country could possibly vote for hillary clinton with all the corruption and investigations that have been discovered. i just don't see how anybody could vote for hillary. host: how do you think the state is going to go on tuesday? caller: i believe it is going to go republican for trump. everybody that i've run into his pro-trump. host: we asked about the speaker of another call. wisconsin, soanya is an early voter. tell us about your decision. caller: we decided to go early so we could vote in for mr. trump.
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in him. lot of trust i don't know him. but i think he speaks the truth. he has things he wants to do for our country, especially bringing back our military and putting , when they have to go to war, with proper equipment. my husband was a jet pilot. and i would hate to think that he would have to take off and have parts of his planes, part when he was going towards his target. we like mr. trump for many reasons. god willing, he will be our next president. your commercen is men. caller: he goes to my church. host: tell us about the split between paul ryan and donald trump. i was hoping he would be
2:22 pm
more in favor of him. but, as far as the two of them, what he is not impressed with mr. trump, i don't know. host: are you happy with paul ryan is the speaker of the house? caller: yes, i do. i am. he is a good man. he is a good christian. he's a good family man. and he's very determined to do the best he can for his country. next in montgomery, west virginia, who has already voted. caller: yes, i voted early. i wanted to make sure that my vote was in early and that he counted. i voted for hillary. i feel she is the best candidate for president. she is experienced and the woman has done so much for this country. people who have children, who did not have health insurance, don't realize that she initiated chips. and as far as obama care is
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concerned, sure, the premiums have gone up, but the health have designmpanies them so that we can get rid of obamacare. for those of us who have read his health issues, sometimes there isn't insurance and people are thinking about that. donald trump is a blowhard. he runs his mouth to much. he is a bully. said anything of substance. he counters everything by attacking the person or insulting them. he said he didn't pay his taxes. he said that make some smart. does that make the rest of us who pay our taxes stupid? i think about it. he's going to bring . how? he did not know where the estate was until he became -- host: karen, an early voter in west virginia. we are just sit in your decision, whether you are voting
2:24 pm
on tuesday or not voting at all. and i ameping reporting of early voting. this is from "the new york times" today. that report from "the new york times." in scottsdale, arizona. he is not voting. caller: i would go for trump if i could vote. i am not allowed to. i really wanted to vote for somebody. i've truly been inspired. host: backup for a second. you have a temporary what that doesn't allow you to vote? caller: i have a temporary felony. my probationary period of time, it will turn into a misdemeanor and i will be allowed to vote again. i hope to be allowed to vote for
2:25 pm
this election and it's unfortunate. i did serve our country. you can't fake genuine. not everybody likes the way that trump speaks. i do believe he speaks from the heart and i'd don't believe he has as much as an agenda -- and i don't believe he has as much of an agenda. i don't think i were to vote democratic republican if i had the choice. -- reply -- i don't think i would vote to my credit or republican if i had the choice. i think he has the people's best interest at heart. host: you said you would vote for donald trump. alyssa for us. when will you be able to participate in the next election -- clear this up for us here at when will you be able to participate in the next election? caller: in the next couple of years. host: president obama in orlando, florida. we will have that here on c-span.
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we talked with a reporter about the history of election reporting. in the latest edition of "time magazine," and available on, how the media got smarter about calling elections. haley's wheatland edwards is following the story and joins us on the phone. so we begin with that question. how so? >> in the early 2000, the media, they messed up a lot in calling the 2000 election for gore and then for bush and then for neither, catalyzing this electoral crisis. in the wake of that, they put their heads together and changed a few things. theyirst one was that formed the national election pool. they change their name, hired a new poster, hired edison research, very well-respected, and they pledged before congress
2:27 pm
that they would not call an election based on exit poll results before they had the final -- before the polls are closed. so that was a major difference. beginning in 1980, the networks would call elections before the polls have closed. and in the last and they did, which was really interesting, instead of allowing exit poll to leak to newsrooms to become available to reporters, to become available to anchors sitting at the desk, the pressure to report on that is huge -- they actually chose to put it into quarantine. outlets,ve big news ap, nbc, cbs, fox news and with no data analysts phones, no computers, no tablets, where they look at the
2:28 pm
election data all day long. and analyze it, question it, poke it, prod it, make sure that it is robust before reporting back to their individual outlets just before the polls closed. as you point out in your peas, it begins at 6:00 the morning east coast time on election day and continues throughout the day. so how does edison research and determine where they send dan visser's -- send canvassers and what are they asking? >> that's a great question. it's an absolutely rebel army of people. edison research sends out about -- it's a little bit more than 1000 surveyors. ap has their own army of stringers and members that have about 4000 more people reporting back from county seats. outlets,n those two there is an absolutely enormous people on the ground. edison, for its part, is hard by the big media outlets as part of the national election pool.
2:29 pm
and the national election pool actually comes up with the questions on this questionnaire, this exit poll questionnaire. it's just a one-page questioner with two pit -- two sides, so two pages. about 15 to 20 questions. we don't know what those questions are right now, but my committeeved at with abc, nbc, cbs, everybody else. and they will go out to randomly selected precincts. that's an interesting difference than years past. they won't choose key precincts necessarily in key swing areas. they are randomly selected in these states. and that will be -- whatever data they get from there, the surveyors will talk to about 100,000 people leaving the polls. that information will be telephone poles that edison research has been conducting over the last week with people who have voted early and absentee voters.
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>> is this teller not only who voted on election day so that the networks can call it early, but also why they voted the way they did? >> yes, exactly. on that questionnaire, we don't know exactly what is on there, but we know generally we know calledery voter who is ahead of time, and absent he or early voter, or who is asked at the polls when they are leaving, they will be asked who they are voting for and in the state and national elections. they will be asked why. and they will be asked about which issues are important to them. on this particular questionnaire, there are questions about debt, pension, euthanasia, marijuana, you know, big, topline issues like that. we have come away from 1948.
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>> that is right. the chicago tribune headline there says dewey defeats truman. i think it is the specter that hangs over the media on election night where you do not want to screw it up badly again. there is a robust understanding and i talked to a lot of people, and there is a very profound feeling that this time, they have got to get it right. therethere is a question as it s down to very close calls, most of the vote has been counted but .t is a tight race they are not going to collect.
2:32 pm
host: i thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> here on c-span, back live in orlando, florida, waiting to hear from president obama, will join -- be joined by stevie wonder. life shortly. we continue with phone calls and comments, hearing about your 2016 presidential this -- decision. -- >> you can send us a tweet. we will have live coverage. texas, and early voter. good afternoon. i voted early for hillary. know, because everybody makes mistakes, but she has some experience. while she has got a lot of experience, he has got none at all. he has also said he is genuine and would not change for anyone, but we have all heard come in the last two weeks, how he has
2:33 pm
been trained to speak. he is different now. he has got some restraint of a trained him to have that restraint. the law,so said, build build the wall, built the wall. unemployment will be lower. if he builds the impenetrable the first ones to have no job will be the border patrol. up, butthey back him they will be the first ones without a job. if it is an impenetrable wall, what do they need -- for? host: mary in texas. i want to make sure our geography is correct. this is the stadium in florida. president obama with us shortly.
2:34 pm
tells us about your plans, now? caller: i am voting for hillary clinton. i think she is a strong woman and has proven in the past. trump is like fox news. do not tell the truth. host: comments on twitter -- host: cheryl says -- this one from robert who tweets -- mandy --
2:35 pm
we are focusing on the presidential race. obviously a congressional election. of the things we are keep an eye on, tuesday is our live coverage. in the house, two hundred 46 republicans, 186 democrats. three seas are vacant as with any election. all 435 seats are up for election. the not running for reelection -- over in the senate, 54 republicans, 34 democrats, independents -- there is 51 needed for a majority with five senators retiring. our focus tuesday night, we will cover it all, senate and house races as well as the presidential race.
2:36 pm
next, we will hear from mike in memphis who is not voting. go ahead. thisr: i am not voting year, either, like i could not vote for obama or anyone else. he ran twice. there was nobody to vote for. you have got donald trump, he is foolish. he is funny, but i do not trust him enough to full for him and hillary, i really do not like her. host: you are saying you did not vote for president obama. caller: i ain't vote for nobody. host: have you ever voted for a presidential candidate? caller: i have. voted was back in i think 2001 or something. what obama come along, i did not did notall because i like obama and i did not like the other candidate. i didn't like whoever he ran
2:37 pm
against, you know? i didn't like no one. they didn't reach me. so i did not vote at all. i just ate at home. next up, we hear from chastity voting on tuesday. caller: actually, i am not voting. host: i am sorry. go ahead with your comment. caller: i did not get the chance to go register on time to vote. if i was voting, i think it would be for trump because he is open and honest with us and outspoken. hillary has a lot of stuff going on that no one knows about. we don't know the truth. apparently, she doesn't know the truth, you know? so i just don't agree with anything hillary has to say. what was the deadline in louisiana? when did you have to get it done by? caller: october the 11th. host: you just had a lot of other things going on and could not get registered? caller: yes.
2:38 pm
i'm like 19 and i've never voted before anyways and i did not know the deadline or anything like that. host: how old are you? caller: i am 19. host: a lot of elections ahead of you. caller: correct. a big thing between hillary and donald trump's whole abortion thing. i have two kids myself. both were born at 36 weeks. i had lots of problems with my second one. something could've happened to agree withust don't hillary because her standing behind that, like if something happens to the mom, as parents, being pregnant is a recent -- at 36 weeks, i came this far, let's get rid of you. you know? host: thanks for that comment. we go to michigan. do you want to tell us who you plan to vote for, do you know yet? >> i am definitely voted for hillary clinton.
2:39 pm
host: what is your sense about the rest of michigan? a lot of talks that michigan may .e leaning toward donald trump what is your sense? i think we are leaning toward secretary clinton. donald trump is too much of a con artist and a trickster. jobs and building bridges with others. she is well respected around the world and she is for kids and families. is justs sensibly and of the most qualified. i saw her in the senate. we back when. i am 72 years old, i hope the woman who said she will not vote votes because it took to offer women can -- to get the chance to vote. senate andn the
2:40 pm
senator clinton was so good, she got up there and spoke about stuff in depth -- host: i think we are going to break away here. it looks like see -- stevie wonder's on stage. live coverage on c-span. are you ready to make history? are you ready to make a difference? listen, i want you to write this down. over the world. write this down. are you rest -- are you ready? we are living in an america that is great. and we are just going to make it we are living in an america that is great and united, we will just make it greater. can you all say that? ♪
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♪ ♪ in florida, stevie wonder entertaining the crowd ahead of president obama, do there shortly. today's to election day. we will hear from you as we wait to hear from president obama. we are interested in your choice for president and when you are making that choice. if you early voted already, the number is -- if you are planning to vote on tuesday -- and for those of you not planning to vote for president -- you can also send us a tweet at
3:00 pm
c-span if you would like to be we will read those trees as well as wait for president obama in orlando. meanwhile, mike pence tweeted this out earlier from panama beach, panama city beach, to offer to visit with folks and enjoy the sunshine. mike pence wrapping up the day in new hampshire. a couple more minutes and president obama should be out, and then we will go to lori, in california, voting on tuesday. yes, i am. it has been really rough, a rough decision. i just cannot vote for hillary. i'm voting for trump. you would like to vote for a woman. what is it about hillary's record that finalized this decision for you? i think one of the
3:01 pm
reasons was benghazi. the other reasons i cannot vote for her is a just cannot see, i do not believe in her platform or the fact, we are being taxed so much already. how are we going to pay for all of these things? having open borders, to me, makes absolutely no sense. bianca in lancaster, california. not voting this year? i am not voting. you know, this has been a very feeltaining or deal, but i like it came down to the best of the worst. i am originally from cleveland. convention, irnc have watched hillary clinton try to go back and make a bigger
3:02 pm
convention one really, if you go blocks from where the convention is held, it is the project. -- the projects. the things they are speaking about, i do not expect a presidential candidate to be error-free. as far as getting a black vote, i do not feel that you wait until the week before the calls open to try to reach out for us. that is why we like bernie sanders. bernie sanders spoke on the issues that we felt economically and how we feel oppressed, he was tapping on that. hillary wanted to avoid the whole racial issue when it is clearly a problem. to give a song and dance? there are way more issues. i like how donald trump said he wants to rebuild inner cities, but how?
3:03 pm
donald trump speaks of, we want new airplanes or this big wall. how will you pay for all of that? you know? and hillary clinton, you know, black people loved bill clinton. camewhen the whole scandal down, we supported him through the whole thing. girls stand by your man, we loved him. passed the crime bill and all of these jacobian and unfair sentencing laws came about, it made black people not being able to vote because they are convicted felons. getting your thoughts, hearing from you, if you are planning to vote, as we wait to hear from president obama, today being the final day on the sunday show force of orders of those candidates to make their cases on the sunday shows across various networks, which we've re-air every sunday on c-span radio.
3:04 pm
you can find that c-span radio at the inning sunday at noon eastern. the case made by john podesta, the chairman of the hillary clinton campaign. here is some of what he had to say. >> we will have a bitterly decide -- divided country no matter who wins. how will hillary be able to heal divisions? that is what she is out talking about. saying inat she was florida, that she would be a president for everyone. she is closing with a two-minute ad that is optimistic that talks about what she wants to do for the country. in contrast, donald trump has a two-minute ad ripped from a batman movie. lace, and he has run this campaign on division and bigotry. we will try to finish high. to talk about what we can do make sure every kid has a chance to succeed. that is what she will do as
3:05 pm
president. she has gotten success working with republicans and democrats to do things like the children's health insurance program, like making sure that first responders got the health care they needed, that the national guard's and women got the health care they needed. she knows how to work across the aisle and that is what she will do as president. record>> having an awful on the syrian red line, middle east, northern africa several years ago was supposed to be a great arab spring. they own all of these hotspots around the globe. people ought to know that and see not what people say, but what they have done. the case of hillary clinton and barack obama, that has not gone well. if people thought foreign policy and national security records were so great, she would be
3:06 pm
running away with this and say, i have in there and i've made these tough decisions, i was secretary of state and i am ready to be commander in chief. is he winning of the long military households so handily? people do not trust her to be commander in chief. they think she has disqualified herself and is unfit. she is on some perfect proxy server. she has totally disqualified herself based on her own actions. host: the campaign manager for donald trump making her closing argument. we also heard from john podesta, the chairman of the clinton on this week every week on c-span radio and here on c-span, waiting to take you live to orlando, florida, to hear from president obama, stevie wonder on the stage to we will have live coverage here once it gets underway. hearing who you're are voting
3:07 pm
for and when on twitter as well. is one who says, i'm a latino republican who voted for hillary clinton. this one says -- and this one voted -- florida, next up, and early voter. thank you for hanging on the line. tell us about your voting experience. voted, iast time i voted for obama. i changed my mind because i do havingt a president their clearance revoked. i voted for donald trump and little marco. two republicans i voted for because trumpda has more integrity and i trust
3:08 pm
him more so and i like his thoughts and the element of surprise. hillary gave enough of our country away and it just hurt me being a veteran. have seen punished for a lot less than what hillary to vote forjust had trump. i had no choice. host: and you voted for marco rubio? i like the nickname trump gave him, little marco rubio. i did vote for him. he did not lie, he did keep his commitment, and he did endorse oneld trump, who would back of the 16 who won the nomination. being from ohio, i no longer have any respect for john kasich. california and we hear from robert, who is not voting this year. tell us why.
3:09 pm
are you there? you are on the air. from helena in florida, voted early. what about your experience? thank you for having me on here. i appreciate it. as a woman and a republican and i have been loyal my entire voting life, i am one of those in the age bracket between the 30's and the 40's, i have two children and two sons. i voted early as soon as i could possibly get to the polls, and i voted for donald trump. says, they are only voting for hillary clinton because she is a woman, to me, that is just asinine. not to mention, i am a woman. however, i would love for someone to be a woman for president. proud for america, that
3:10 pm
we finally nominated for somebody and allowed her to get this far. i am sorry. i cannot for the life of me, i will not vote her in just because of for gender you are not to mention, i would love a woman president. not her. agree with the young little 19-year-old girl who called in and had a lot of kurds to do that. i'm proud of her for her decision with her two children. i lost seven babies. i have two sons, a blessing i and itnot have had, makes me literally sick to my stomach that when i heard she is going to allow her supreme court justices to allow late-term she is right, you have come this far and you fight and sacrifice and those who are ok with this, if they will take the baby because i was going to die, i signed up for that and i knew that.
3:11 pm
anduld have been devastated would not have been able to rest in peace because they would have taken my son. a lot of women out there, i know they want a woman. donald trump, don't get me wrong. it is ridiculous and it makes me cringe. i am like oh dude, shush. but you have got to give it to him. from the beginning, when he started, he was raw but he said what we as the american people have been thinking and saying, no matter how much the cost, no matter what it meant, no matter the judgment. it did not matter. when he says that and we invite him into our home, that is pretty cool and he has actually listened to people. hillary clinton will not listen to anybody but herself because she believes she is a veteran politician, she has been there her entire careers -- career pretty much, and she is a robot. host: florida is an early voting state. tweetk here, --a
3:12 pm
here -- brian in michigan, voting on tuesday as we wait to hear from president obama, speaking this afternoon from florida. go ahead. caller: i just want to call and say i'm voting for trump. have a hard time going back-and-forth with my decision, really. i did not like bill clinton and i definitely do not like his wife. there are a few things i do not like about trump, but what i do not like about hillary pretty much overshadows that immensely. you said it was a hard time. what were the hard things about donald trump or the decision to vote for donald trump that you had to overcome? with trump problem
3:13 pm
is that i think he is probably a pretty good businessman and that is probably what the country needs right now, someone who has a business sense, i think he has made a couple of mistakes with during his rallies but we all make mistakes and we are all human. the mistake that hillary has was thegood example bonsai thing. host: benghazi. excuse me, benghazi. i do not feel she was the right person, her husband was not the right man at that time and she is not the right person for this time either. host: next is linda, who has already voted in tennessee. you are on the air. go ahead. caller: hello? oh, i have already voted. i voted early for trump. tell us about that
3:14 pm
decision. did you know from the get-go you would vote for him? caller: i did. i knew from the get-go. host: ok p we appreciate your call. we are waiting to hear from president obama. shortly, we are coming from orlando and should be arriving fairly shortly. thisld live coverage afternoon on c-span ahead of a full day of coverage tomorrow, our coverage of course on election day and election night with polls closing across the country beginning at 7:00 eastern or 8:00 or so here on the east coast. we will follow it throughout the night. our coverage tuesday evening, 8:00 eastern here on c-span. well into wednesday morning, i should say. river, new jersey, liz is planning to vote on tuesday. go ahead. you are on the air. are you there? caller: i think -- host: you are on the air.
3:15 pm
who are you planning to vote for? caller: yes, i am voting for hillary because my whole family 1920from czechoslovakia in in the last thing that had to do with that whole regime, we do not know whether trump has business in russia. why is he being so friendly with putin if he does not? we do not know about tax law overturns. the first presidency in history, my family has always voted democratic. i voted for obama both times. because she hillary has said things throughout her campaign. trump has only come down in the last two weeks. could not have
3:16 pm
control of him. had to send them to military school at 12. his campaign manager cannot keep control of him. it has only been in the last two weeks that he has come down. i listened to him today for the first time after reading all of and he is saying the exact opposite of what he has been saying all along. host: we are hearing from you this sunday, two days before election day, and is stored as far as elections go as well, as evidenced of -- with some of these tweets. term for roosevelt, the headline here of the chicago tribune on november 6, 1940. another headline a number of years later. the new york times on wednesday, november 7, 1984 headline. of 1984, ronald reagan had a landslide victory and he ended up winning 49
3:17 pm
states. on tuesday,oting allen, go ahead. i cannot understand why so many people have so much contempt for hillary. after all she has done for this country, she was a good secretary of state and she loves america. betrayed by donald trump, he don't know anything about politics, he don't care about people. he don't care about the nation. all he wants is more in his bank account. show his taxes. next, new jersey. salvador, good afternoon, another early voter. i am voting for hillary clinton. tell us about that. go ahead. caller: she is the most
3:18 pm
qualified and has been vetted more than any person for president in history. trump is not worthy of the position. he has criticized disabled people and we do not need a president who attacks women. a busy sunday before election day for both candidates and surrogates. joe biden earlier in pennsylvania, you can see that at earlier, we showed you the donald trump rally in iowa. he at minneapolis today in michigan. wrapping up in leesburg, virginia. hillary clinton today, a rally in cleveland with lebron james and manchester, new hampshire. we're waiting for president obama, appearing this afternoon in florida. going to -- voting on tuesday.
3:19 pm
caller: how are you. i will be voting on tuesday. i am looking forward to it. i will be voting for hillary clinton. i will be doing that because i actually agree with the gentleman earlier who said she has been vetted. a degree in political science and i've read a great deal about the election. it has been fascinating and unfortunately it has been andsened by donald trump his campaign. donald trump refused to be vetted by his own people. it is unfortunate because republicans would have learned hadgs we have been learning he been vetted and he would not have gotten this far. people who are supporters of his just seem to regurgitate his
3:20 pm
same old stump speech. he has no plans. it is all a smokescreen. what terrifies me is the that we have been learning about with respect to andties, financial otherwise, to russia, and the ties of his colleagues. this will make any attempt at forming a blind trust, which is what presidents generally do with their money, their financial holdings, with every stock if they have, they give it to an independent person to run. they themselves do not know anything about what is going on until after they walk out on their last day as president of the term. it is a farce, what donald trump is claiming, that he will make it a point trust, and put his holdings in the hands of children. of course donald trump will know every single thing that is going
3:21 pm
leavingse he will be contracts behind that are pending. of course the kids will tell him, even though they are adults. they will contact him and get the go-ahead on things. is he never released his taxes. we do not have any idea where the financial holdings are. even if there appears to be a blind trust, there will never be proof of what his holdings are to make certain that every lucent has been tied up and out of the white house. host: you have read a great deal , probably campaign the hillary clinton campaign safe in california. the country,cross what state concerns you most about hillary winning that state as an essential state? caller: i believe she will take florida and north carolina.
3:22 pm
because of the large latino populations. i think donald trump has done lasthing the gop in his autopsy report from the 2012 done a great has disservice to the gop in the sense that one of the items he a closer ties to hispanic and latino communities. on june 16 of 2015, when he declared he wanted to be president, he galvanized latina communities, in such a way that has never been seen before. personally have been waiting 509 days now to cast my vote against donald trump or anybody and i have been
3:23 pm
waiting with huge numbers of people. the district that hispanics and latinos are not being told properly. if a phone rings here at my house, and i do not know the number, and it is some sort of a call coming in from someone i do not know, i do not pick it up. host: last not so serious question for you, wall street journal has headlines about hillary clinton supporters who plan to support pantsuits at the polls. women are running through closets to emulate the democratic nominee on election day. not to put you on the spot, but what is your wardrobe plan on tuesday? caller: my husband bought me a and it is not as expensive as madeleine albright's, but it
3:24 pm
in --t broken glass look pin. so i have that. i have purchased my "such a nasty woman" laos. -- blouse. and i will wear comfortable slacks because it is warm here and i do not want to wear a jacket. my glasses and my license to prove who i am. and i am there, baby host: more of your calls and commons as we wait for president obama in florida. while we wait for that, a look at competitive senate races across the country. >> the senate races.
3:25 pm
thank you for being with us. where do things stand for the democrats and the public and's? democrats are fighting for the majority. to do that, they need four seats that would tie the chamber if hillary clinton wins, five for an outright majority if trump were to be elected, they would need five. witness stand today? it is interesting, and little bit of a roller coaster for senate races. republicans were holding their own and would probably lose the beforey but not by much the access hollywood tape came out on october 7. dip.they took a the races that were very close, they started to trail democrats but, you know, last friday's news of e-mail, more e-mail and possibly an fbi investigation into the clinton foundation, has changed things yet again.
3:26 pm
republicans had lost over the three weeks, they seem to have picked back up. on election day, we think democrats are poised pick up between four and six seats. they marginally get the majority if they only pick up four and may have 52 if they pick up six. host: seven races that determine what happens this evening. let's begin in new hampshire. the race has bee -- remained neck and neck from the beginning. absolutely. at the beginning of the cycle, i predicted this might be the closest senate race of them all. polling has borne that out. it has been very close and i .hink it is on the edge this will be one of the races that determines but i do not think either party feels confident enough to claim a win here.
3:27 pm
pennsylvania, democrats feel increasingly good about the race . ,onald trump is not doing well particularly in suburban philadelphia, in pittsburgh. is hurting pat toomey, the republican, at the moment. has been allling over the place, you get the sense that democrats and their candidate has a slight edge right now. there are two senate races some might consider surprises because they have been so close. first in north carolina. what is happening? caller: i call north carolina -- jennifer: i called north carolina the 10 layer cake and a lot of going on. racepetitive gubernatorial . then there are things that are shaking the political environment there like hb two, the so-called transgender bathroom bill, which has really
3:28 pm
polarized voters. even things like hurricane matthew, which caused devastating flooding in parts of riots in, you had the charlotte. all of this is playing a role in the election. in some ways, it is not surprising the senator has found something that someone in the close race, but again, this is one of the closest within the margin of error. it could go either way. another race getting a lot of attention early in the campaign cycle that really broke through and got a lot of attention, and now you have this as a close race with the incumbent senator seeking a second term. right.r: this may be the biggest surprise of the cycle. missouri and presidential elections is so read, you would not expect a republican senator to have much of a problem. what jason is doing in the race is very interesting.
3:29 pm
he is piggybacking on trump's message of antiestablishment, anti-insider is him, training the swamp in washington, and senator blunt, really does in fact reflect some of washington insider is him. the focal point of democrats has family, his life and three adult children, all of whom are lobbyists in one capacity or another. also, the advertisements pretty much routinely feature his house which is, you know, probably $1.6 million, a oftle bit out of the range most missouri voters. it is very interesting. this card and that is what has made this race very close. trump should win here between eight points and 10 points. help acrossgh to
3:30 pm
the finish line? maybe. two former senators, one who was defeated and one who retired, trying to come back to washington. let's begin with indiana and the race. caller: i think indy -- -- afer: i think indiana democrat who was to come back, the same argument is being made. that evan by was in the senate and is in retirement, part of the problem in washington. that has been made pretty effectively. he started this raise 21 points ahead and that race is now tied for all intents and purposes. i think this is another state where, if trump wins big, he might have a problem. own: what about wisconsin where prescott -- wisconsin,
3:31 pm
where russ feingold is trying to come back? guest: we had essentially given this one to democrats in said number because senator ron johnson had trailed him in just about every poll. but over the past seven days, it has been interesting to see -- sometimes instead of following the poll numbers, follow the money. first andwent in surprise a lot of people by spending $2 million. last-minute ads, republicans followed them and they put up $2 million and are attacking russ feingold. we finally saw a poll and that race looks even. a thumb on theut scale for feingold, but it is a tossup now. let's take a look at nevada. this is a place where republicans are looking for a
3:32 pm
pickup with the retirement of harry reid. guest: that has been in interesting race where the republican, joe heck, had been doing well. when the access hollywood tape came out, he walked away from trump and unendorsed him. that actually angered a lot of republicans in the state, which did not help them. seemed to change course again, which i'm not sure is a winning proposal. another thing here is hispanic voters will make the difference. democrats have a very strong ground game and republicans uncomfortable voting for heck -- nevada is the only state in the country that has the option to vote for none of the above. i think democrats hold this seat. and anennifer duffy assessment of the senate seats to watch on tuesday. thank you for your time.
3:33 pm
kissimmeestage in florida is patrick murphy who is against marco rubio. ,e's joined by florida senator and are introducing barack obama. >> how are you going to stand that to him as a president? [applause] marco rubio keeps saying he disagrees with everything hillary clinton stands for. course he does. hillary clinton shows up for work every day. secretary clinton is going to be a leader that unites this country and brings democrats and republicans together to create more opportunities for people, reducing the burden of student loan debt and achieving equal pay for equal work. [applause] we have a couple of days left. let's work as hard as it takes.
3:34 pm
let's stuff every envelope and knock on every door because if we vote, we win. [applause] do, i'm going to be standing with senator bill nelson, the two hardest working state senators this state has ever had. -- [speaking spanish] it is our honor to introduce a leader that has always put america and the american people first and who has never backed down from a fight for what is right. please welcome the president of the united states, barack obama. [applause]
3:35 pm
president obama: hello, florida. are you fired up? are you ready to go? i love you back. back.good to be a couple of people i want to thank. andt of all, my favorite
3:36 pm
more importantly, shall pass favorite, give up for the great stevie wonder. [applause] to come up and sing with stevie but stevie explained that this was designed to get not lose votes, so we decided not to do that. thank one ofo these finest public servants florida has ever known and one of the greatest senators in the country, bill nelson. your next to thank united states senator, patrick murphy. [applause] two days, florida. two days to decide the future of this country.
3:37 pm
and i need you to go vote. help to finish what we started eight years ago. think about where we were when i last visited florida in the final days of the 2008 campaign -- living through two long wars come about to enter into the worst economic crisis in 80 years. because of you, we have been able to turn the page. we fought back. we avoided a depression. we restored the housing market. we helped to make the financial system work again. we raised incomes. poverty fell. we created 15.5 million new jobs. point 9%,nt rate four near a nine year low. 20 million americans have health
3:38 pm
insurance. we kicked our addiction to foreign oil, doubled our production of renewable energy, became a world leader in climate way, gases by the two dollars a gallon. [applause] home more of our men and women in uniform. we took out osama bin laden. [applause] high school graduation rates at an all time high. college enrollment at an all time high. also make sure in all 50 states, people have the freedom to marry who they love. [applause] no wonder i've gotten gray hair. we have been working hard. [applause]
3:39 pm
and, most of all, over these last eight years, as i have traveled all across 50 states, as i've traveled puerto rico, as i have traveled all around the country, i have seen what has made america great. i have seen you, the american -- i've got a hype man here. [applause] i have seen americans of every party in every state who


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