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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 3:39pm-5:40pm EST

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and, most of all, over these last eight years, as i have traveled all across 50 states, as i've traveled puerto rico, as i have traveled all around the country, i have seen what has made america great. i have seen you, the american -- i've got a hype man here. [applause] i have seen americans of every party in every state who know
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that we are stronger together. it doesn't matter whether you are young or old, men or women, black, white, latino, native american, folks with disabilities, gays, straight, all of us are pledging allegiance to the red white and blue. all of us are trying to make life better for our kids and grandkids and generations to follow. and there is only one candidate in this race who has devoted her life to lifting up that better america and that is the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. [applause] [chanting "hillary, hillary, hillary"] florida.e thing, all of the progress we make goes
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out the window if we don't win this election. and we win this election if we went florida. [applause] if we win florida, it is a wrap. if we win florida, it is over. we have got to work our hearts out this week, these next two days as if our future depends on it because our future depends on it. that sometimes at the end of the campaign, there's been so much negativity was so much noise, so much distraction rumors,uch innuendo, false statements and that a certain point, you feel like you just want to tune it all out. some of you saw saturday night live yesterday. it. decided that's they can't do it anymore. sometimes you feel like that.
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to focus on this election and its candidates because the truth is the choice could not be simpler or clearer. on the one hand, you have somebody who may be the most forified person ever to run the presidency. on the other hand, you've got the donald. .on't boo vote. don't boo. he cannot hear you boo, but he can hear you vote. many is a reason so republicans, so many --servatives have announced have denounced donald trump, even if sometimes they have said we are going to vote for him anyway. that is because donald trump is uniquely unqualified.
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temper merit -- temporarily unfit to be commander-in-chief. if you want to keep our military the greatest fighting force in the world, if you want america to be strong and respected around the world, we cannot have a commander-in-chief who suggests it's ok to torture religion of our country or attack a gold star mom or talk down our troops. even a republican senator said we cannot afford to give the nuclear codes to somebody so erratic. inc. about that. some of theng about who has the nuclear codes -- think about that. this was just announced. i just read it, but apparently his campaign has taken away his twitter. , they hadt two days
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so little confidence in his self-control they said we are going to take away your twitter. now, if somebody can't handle a twitter account, they cannot handle the nuclear codes. [applause] if somebody starts tweeting at three in the morning because saturday night live makes fun of you, you cannot handle the nuclear codes. believe america is stronger when everybody does their part and everybody pays your fair share, then cannot have the first candidate in decades who refuses to release any tax returns, who has not paid his federal income tax, who stiffed small businesses and workers have done work for him. oft is not being a champion
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working people. that is exploiting working people. if you cherish our constitution, you cannot elect a president who threatens to shut down the free throw who threatens to opponents in jail and discriminates against people of different dates. that is not what our constitutions allow -- what our constitution allows. flatwareadmires prudent and other folks who think that is ok, but this is the united states of america. we cannot have that. [applause] chanting "usa, usa"] we believe in the constitution, we believe in the bill of rights. if you believe we are stronger together, we cannot elect a
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president who vilifies minorities, who mocks americans with disabilities, who calls immigrants criminals and rapists. we cannot elect a president who brags that because he is famous, he can get away with stuff that looks like the definition of sexual assault or calls women pigs and dogs and slobs and rates them on a scale of one to 10. i have two daughters and they are magnificent because my wife is magnificent and we taught them that they can do anything a man can do and then some. and our friends who have sons that taught their sons to respect women and girls and judge them on the content of their character and not what they look like and not to demean them and put them down. that is what i want whoever is in the oval office to do -- to
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help show all of our girls, all of our boys when it means to respect women. election should not be a --se choice and the fact let's admit it, there are people supporting this other guy is an indication of the degree to which something is not normal that people have been treating like it is normal. we hear people justify some of his comments. cold on. i love you, hold on one second. we hear people saying that somehow it's ok because he doesn't mean it. that it is just locker room talk or what he says is terrible, but once he gets in office, he will be different.
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let me tell you something. i have been in this office now almost eight years and here is what i can tell you. who you are, what you are does not change when you take office. are.gnifies who you it shines a spotlight on who you are. if you disrespect women before you came president -- before you became president, you will do so once you are president. if you accept the point -- the support of clan sympathizers, you will accept their support after. if you disrespect the constitution, then you are more likely to disrespect it even when you swear to uphold the constitution when you take the width of office. proud democrat. we are not democrats and
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republicans first, we are americans first. i have republican friends. they don't think the way he does which is why they are not planning to vote for him. our values are at stake. just a little example. i was in fayetteville. some of you may have seen this and awas a packed hall trump supporter stood up with a sign. he was an elderly gentleman and had a military uniform on. i could not hear what he was saying and everybody in the crowd started shouting him down and booing. i said to everybody, just settle down. he's not doing any harm. second of all, he's elderly and we have free speech in this country. if fourth of all, don't boo, vote.
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just a few hours later, trump it's up on stage in front of his crowd. this is just a few hours later and he said do you see how president obama yelled at a trump supporter in his audience? up.ust made it he didn't just may get up, but said the exact opposite of what happened with impunity. and some ofvideo the press called him out on it, but the point is he thought it in front ofto lie all of his supporters. on television. he wasn't even trying to be sneaky about it. that says something about how unacceptable behavior has become normal. he is uniquely
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unqualified to hold the job. you are news is all of uniquely qualified to make sure he doesn't get the job. florida, you have got to vote. youthe good news also is don't have to just vote against somebody. you have something to vote for. you have somebody worthy of your vote because she is smart and she is study. probably the most qualified person to run for office, our next president, hillary clinton. [chanting "hillary, hillary"] this is somebody who dedicated her life to making this country better. think about how she got her start. while donald trump and her dad were being sued by the justice apartment, hillary was going
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undercover from school to school gotake sure minority kids an equal education. she is not stopped fighting for justice and equality. she has worked hard every day. i work -- i know because iran against her and it was hiring because she worked so hard. i benefited from a because she came to work for me and she was there in the mood -- in the room when we were making tough decisions, when we were deciding whether to go after bin laden. she circled the globe tirelessly as secretary of state, earned the respect of world leaders. her efforts were not always always flashy, but she made me a better president. she made this country stronger. she understands the challenges we face. and when things don't go her way, she doesn't lie, she doesn't complain or talk about things being rigged.
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she just works harder and comes back stronger, comes back better. .he's like the energizer bunny she just keeps on going. she will be an outstanding president. especially if she gets some help, which is why you have to also vote for patrick murphy for your united states senator. [applause] eatingng about president, you have to have allies in congress. unlike his opponent, marco rubio, -- don't boo, you are supposed to vote. patrick actually shows up to work, puts you ahead of politics. he fought to make sure planned parenthood is still around to provide health care to people. he fought for comprehensive immigration reform. he accepts the science behind climate change.
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brought democrats and republicans together to fund everglades restoration. there's one other big difference between patrick and marco rubio. marco rubio supports donald trump. keep in mind, marco, when he was running against donald called him a dangerous con artists who spent his career sticking it to working people. he tweeted friends don't let friends vote for con artists. guess who just voted for trump a few days ago? marco rubio. so that means he doesn't have any good friends. and it means even though he knows trump is unqualified, even though he knows he is a con artist, he still voted for him because it is politically expedient. if you want a senator who will do anything or say anything just to get elected, then that is your guy. if you want a senator who will
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show up and tell you the truth, then vote for patrick murphy and give hillary some help. [applause] enough just to vote for hillary. you cannot sticker with a republican congress that behaves the way they have been behaving with me. we were about to go into a great depression -- by the way, because there had been a republican administration that had created a whole bunch of problems, we were coming in to clean it up. they refused to lift a finger, said no to everything we said we would do and now they want to take credit for the auto industry. they said no. run back the tape. instead, what they have done is practice unprecedented dysfunction in washington and now they say they're going to do the same thing if hillary wins,
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promising years of investigation, more obstruction and more repeal votes. marco rubio said he would not have supported the nomination of supreme court justice sonia , and outstanding jurist, first latina on the bench. [applause] proud of her puerto rican heritage. he would not have voted for her. now, he and his republican colleagues are threatening to block all supreme court justices. we need a medic. it will be all right. don't worry. people fall down when you are standing up this long. everybody then their knees real quick. do a little exercise. they will be ok. just give them some room. to, they are threatening
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block all nominees and they are suggesting they might impeach hillary. they don't know what for yet, but they are thinking about it. that is not how this democracy is supposed to work. if a democrat is threatening to do that, i would say that is wrong. it's not any better when a republican decides to do it. gridlock is not a mysterious fog that descends on washington, it's not owe sides being equally wrong. gridlock has been happening because you have folks like marco rubio that decides to oppose anything that's good for the country if a democrat supports it. if you want more and less gridlock, vote for these folks. -- an want an america and america that can do better, if you want to make sure they can provide childcare for a single mom, make sure there's paid family leave, then you need to
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vote for democrats up and down the ticket. you have to vote for hillary, you have to vote for patrick. people who are ready to do work and move this country forward. here is the bottom line. here is the bottom line. there is something more fundamental at stake than any policy or plan. it's about the character of this country. who are we and what do we stand for and what we project around the world? when hillary was young, her mom ,aught her the methodist creed do all the good you can for all the people you can for as long as you can. that is the idea she believes she can summon from all of us. that is what america is about. great, theamerica reason people from all over the world have looked up to us and want to come here, it's not because of the size of our
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military, it's not because of our wealth. it's because this country was founded for the sake of an idea -- we hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal, that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. you don't have to be born into wealth and privilege in this country to succeed. you don't have to look a certain way or have a certain last name to be able to provide for your family. that is what drove patriots to fight a revolution. is why our gis fought fascism and communism. it is what gave women the courage to reach for the ballot. for workers to organize for collective bargaining and better wages. that is what makes america exceptional and great. it's not about what someone on high will do for us, it is about what we will do together from
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the bottom up. citizens, self-governing, hoping to move this country forward and hillary understands that. she understands our country is big and diverse. we don't understand each other all the time. compromise andes none of us are perfect, not even the president, but we should conduct ourselves with the basic values of decency, courtesy, dignity, and respecting other people and being big hearted, knowing that if this country has given you silly breaks, you should give something back. you may be lot of cynical or that up about politics, and this election has been a tough one. to, you have the power reject the mean spirited politics that would take us
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back. the most important office in a democracy isn't president, it's citizens. chance to make sure this country goes in a better direction and elect someone who has spent her entire life believing in this democracy. you have the chance to elect the first female president, an example for our sons and daughters. you have a chance to shape history. for those who tell you that your vote doesn't matter. don't fall for this idea that all politicians are the same. not all of them are perfect, but they are not all the same. some of them are worse, some of them are better. i -- some of them, i cannot say what they will do to you. if you have been marching for criminal justice, you have a president and congress that
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pipelinedisrupt the from overcrowded schools to under found -- underfunded jails. a presidenthave that believes in science and will protect the planet. if you want more good jobs at a higher minimum wage, you can't just sit there, you have to vote. about immigration reform or helping puerto rico get back on its feet, you have to vote. [applause] over these last eight years, a lot of things have happened, but i can tell you unequivocally, without a doubt, with data to back it up, that this country is a lot better off now than it was when i came into office. [applause] i can prove it. the numbers don't lie. you to understand that
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would not have happened had it not been for the votes you made in 2008. it would not have happened if it were not for the votes you made in 2012. you have proven that your vote matters and i may not be on the ballot this time, but everything we have done has been on the ballot. on the fairness is on the ballot, looking after working people is on the ballot, higher wages is on the ballot, protecting the environment is on the ballot. .ivil rights is on the ballot our democracy is on the ballot. , she will build on the progress we made, but you have to vote. then you have to get your friends voting, your neighbors voting, your coworkers, your cousin has two vote.
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vote, america is transformed. lose.ou vote, we cannot , we embrace hope. choose hope. choose hope. choose hope. vote. vote. elect hillary clinton. elect patrick murphy. let's continue what we have started and show the world why america is the greatest nation on earth. i love you, florida. let's finish the job. [applause]
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♪ >> two days until election day, president obama wrapping things
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up and florida. her live coverage is continuing. we are opening up our phone lines. if you are an early voter, the -- if you are planning to vote on tuesday, 8921. if you are not voting this year call 8922. i would love to hear about your choices or your decision not to vote. send us a tweet. we are planning to take you live where hillary clinton will be appearing later this afternoon with basketball star lebron james. 4:30.s scheduled for we will stay here live and take your phone calls and the news you may be hearing here on c-span another news networks as well, the of ei director this afternoon essentially confirming the investigation into the
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hillary clinton e-mail is over. roll call headlines as fbi tells congress it has not changed its conclusions on hillary clinton. reaction from the clinton campaign saying we were always confident nothing would cause of the july decision to be revisited. now director comey has confirmed it. kellyanne conway responding, saying why do you call your comey and, attacked his credibility. the letter they are talking about is a letter that followed an earlier one from director, he to the heads of key committees on capitol hill. this is the letter released within the hour. it says chairman, i write to supplement by -- my october 28 letter that notified you the fbi would take -- would be taking additional investigative steps with respect to former victory of state clinton's use of a personal e-mail server. since my letter, the fbi
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investigative team has been working around the clock to review a large volume of e-mails from a device obtained in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation. during that crisis, we reviewed all the communications that were to or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. not on our review, we have changed our conclusions we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. i'm grateful to the professionals at the fbi for doing an extra ordinary amount of high quality of work in a short time. the news this afternoon, the letter from the fbi director, james comey. let's hear from you from new orleans, louisiana and clarence, and early voter. tell us about your decision. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think it is very, very important that we all vote. i voted early for hillary
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encouragingi am those who have not yet voted to vote on tuesday for hillary she is a woman of experience and know-how for many, many years. she has been here for the country. the folks who are not voting, i would encourage you to go out and vote. you have been given the right to vote. if you don't vote, you are voting for the wrong person. voting isof those not antonio in trenton, new jersey. tell us why not. i've been involved politically for many years in the state of new jersey and it don't thinkd that i
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my vote would count. i think you would just be tossed in the garbage because the fact is this -- if i was to go out and vote for title -- for donald trump, it's primarily a democratic state. i don't think he's come here at all. he came for governor christie and he just forgot about the state, donald trump did. even if i did want to cast my vote for donald trump, i don't think he would count because this is primarily a democratic state and the democrats are going to do what they want to do anyway here. i think it is a lost vote. donald trump speaking earlier today in sioux city, iowa, heading to minnesota and to virginia. we're going to take you to see hillary clinton shortly. stephen is voting on tuesday. who are you voting for? i want to traffic in fact here and extol hillary
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clinton for attempting to have , theyinton administration attempted to have enough oral care act in 1992. was they did as compromise something called the child health insurance program. i can't help but look at some of the trump rallies and think a decent percentage of the people at those rallies received some type of assistance from that program. that is number one. that --wo, this idea that hillary clinton's good so far outweighs the bad in reality, in fact, when you traffic in fact, it's not even an issue. donald trump possible candidacy was not even considered to be reasonable or taken seriously
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due to his involvement with the whole birth certificate they. i voted for say .ernie sanders in the primary i'm voting for hillary clinton on tuesday and i don't have any problem with that. asking you who you are voting for and getting your response on twitter. another view here that says enough with the clinton cartel clan, drain the swamp. president obama for speaking the truth but amazing that hillary clinton has obama, biden and their wives campaigning and they are losing ground. the american people are not buying in. another tweet -- i banked -- i backed bernie sanders. i voted for hillary. in california, and early voter. what was your vote? i voted for hillary clinton.
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and the reason why i voted for hillary clinton is because hillary clinton has the experience to take our country to where it needs to go and i feel our country needs a mother and president of our country at this present time. and i don't inc. the polls are accurate and the polls are trying to show donald trump is closing the race. comes,ve when tuesday november 8, america will show up and everyone will show up for hillary clinton. a lot of people will turn out for hillary clinton. we have the e-mail scandal, we can live with that, but how can we have a president who degrades women and disrespect people, races, religions and says whatever he wants to say and
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doesn't have the temperament to be president. we brought you the rally earlier here today live from sioux city, iowa. our plans are to take you next to cleveland. hillary clinton is supposed to be there with basketball star lebron james. we will wait and continue with your comments. judy, make sure that you mute your television and go ahead with your comments. hello, judy, in hartford, connecticut. go to hooper,o colorado, and early voter in colorado. mary, go ahead. caller: i just want to say i feel that obama, loretta lynch, and hillary clinton cartel got to the fbi and it is a sad, sad state of affairs. i think all three should be put in jail.
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i'm really upset. i've been watching this whole thing all this while and i cannot believe these people do not understand what hillary clinton stands for. when our country is sold off to saudi arabia and all these other places, i don't want to hear them crying. ford motor company, they are going to mexico. i may forward person. i've got two of them. i'm not buying another ford vehicle. let them all go to mexico. obama, lorettae lynch, and the clinton cartel got into the fbi and threaten them like she did with the women about bill clinton. host: it says you are an early voter in colorado. hope iti voted and i went through because four years ago, we had a clerk who threw away our votes and i think
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that's why obama got in and that is the truth. howdy you vote for early voting? do you mail it in? caller: my mother is 100 and half. i'm 66. we went and got the absentee mail hasut because our to go into denver and back, i drove with my mother and my son. they had early voting monday. i got my son registered and voted. my mother and i turned our absentee ballots in. we gave them our identification. i said deed he is to sign anything and they said no, everything was fine. trust the polling places
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because it happened to us. i don't know. thatnk -- i honestly think a lot of these places, the are getting voters who are not legal to vote. i can hardly wait for obama to be out. he has four strikes against them. you say yourst: mom is 100 and half? caller: yes. and she voted for trump because she knows what clinton's have done and so do i. coming in. you for a couple of comments on twitter. we are waiting for the hillary clinton event in cleveland. i voted for hillary. gopis qualified, the
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candidate isn't. witnessings we're the hillary clinton foundation selling the government to terrorists. mohammed, you are voting on tuesday. what are your plans? caller: thank you for taking my call. i'm in a philly suburb and i'm voting for hillary clinton on tuesday. what is behind that vote? what do you like most about hillary clinton? caller: i am an immigrant to this country. this is themigrant, greatest country on earth. liberia, in my me, werhood, all around
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look up to the united states and we think about the united states, the american system of government. we look up to the united states for everything. trump, theat donald rise of donald trump is very troubling to a lot of us, and i speak to my friends all the time. i keep hearing about all these suggesting donald trump is within four percentage points in pennsylvania. it's a lot more than that. he is not going to win pennsylvania. polls that are suggesting that are not speaking to people like myself who believe this great country of ours -- i nationalized several years ago. this great country of ours cannot be run by somebody who does not have the temperament,
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who does not have the qualification. -- host: we're getting your thoughts and your plans on the election. are you voting early? give us a call. oryou're voting on tuesday if you are not voting at all, at least for president. video on thehe screen. that is cleveland, waiting to hear from hillary clinton. in a moment, we will tell you monday, allans for day on monday and on election day. louisiana and hear from an early voter. who did you vote for? caller: i voted for hillary clinton. she is the best. -- she hasexperience
4:26 pm
experience. she is a woman. donald trump is a dummy. he don't respect people, he don't respect women. donald trump is the worst is this man i've ever met. i'm a black woman and i would like to say something. they say the black people are not voting. on tuesday, the black people are going to show up and turn out for hillary clinton. i have been knocking on doors, making phone calls, and i am making sure everybody is voting for hillary clinton. host: lets you what's going on in utah and dave, who's planning to vote on tuesday. caller: good afternoon and thank you for taking my call. lady who justhe finished her comment. i have a couple of comments to make.
4:27 pm
clinton, the republicans completely went after her because they don't want to see her in the white house. that's a fact. the benghaziabout investigation, the i'mstigations in benghazi, -- i listen to this all year round. you have to ask yourself, we have an embassy in tripoli. what was the ambassador doing in benghazi? nobody asked that question. was it special interest? how can you have two embassies in a country that is in more?
4:28 pm
twoshould we have embassies? that is number one? the's the reason why republicans made the point that if we go after her, if we talk benghazi, her numbers go down. this is a year and a half ago. my home state in she would teach -- testified for 11 hours. paint our resources and use it for nothing. host: we're finding your thoughts for your plans on voting, whether you voted early, vote on tuesday or not vote at all. an early voter from north carolina is david in hope mills, north carolina. go ahead. caller: thank you. i appreciate you taking my call
4:29 pm
and giving me the opportunity to express my opinion. i'm a 28 year veteran, 74 years old. i voted very early and i voted for ms. clinton. i would love for her to become commander-in-chief and i would render her a salute at any time. to add to that, the republicans have been stalling and holding down the government to such a point that if we look bad throughout the world, it is due to their behavior and unwillingness to make the government work. as far as mr. trump is concerned, i have listened to him quite frequently and he tends to tell tales. in three minutes, he can tell at least 10 lies and that is
4:30 pm
unacceptable for a future president. host: i think we are seeing some live video of donald trump on the tarmac of a five stop day for donald trump, after your thoughts on the campaign, our caller from north carolina. here on c-span we will wrap up our road to the white house coverage. the very last event will be from north carolina. the white house coverage on monday here on c-span starting at 11:00 with donald trump in sarasota, florida. hillary clinton at noon in pittsburgh. three clock in the afternoon eastern, president obama and durham, new hampshire. trump in scranton, pennsylvania. into the evening, a big event in philadelphia with president obama, hillary clinton, michelle
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obama and former president bill clinton as well. back-to-back donald trump rallies. , we will finish our last live event prior to election day will be hillary p.m. eastern 11:45 tomorrow night on c-span. as donald trump waves goodbye on the tarmac, off to the next event. continue with your calls, on the right of your screen is cleveland where they are waiting for hillary clinton. kyle -- i'mo, yes excited. i'm going to be voting for joe stein. i am from -- jill stein. i'm from dc. statehood, which is desperately important for the people who live here.
4:32 pm
they do not have the chance to pick up when something goes wrong. frustrating to be isolated like that. if i were in pennsylvania i would be voting for hillary clinton. although i wish i could have -- going to take our audience now live to cleveland. on the stage is basketball star lebron james. ♪ [applause] ♪ mr. james: pretty exciting.
4:33 pm
thank you for the applause. i know you guys are excited to see her, i did not know you would be excited to see me, too. before i get started i want to bring up a good friend of mine and also someone that is for hillary as well. my good friend jr smith. [applause] and his beautiful daughter. [applause] mr. james: you know why i am here, and the number one main reason i am here is because of hillary and what she believes in. i want you to understand how i grew up in an inner-city and i know the notion of getting out and voting. iwas one of those kids and
4:34 pm
was around a community that was like, our vote does not matter. but it really does. it really, really does. we have to get out and make sure we vote. we have to get out and be knowledgeable about what is going on, about who we see that our future entails. this woman right here has the brightest future. [applause] next thing that i love most importantly is the fact that with my foundation and myht inner-city kids, giving kids an opportunity to feel like they are important. thank you. with my foundation, giving kids the notion that someone cares about them, that what they dream about that someone like myself and jr and presidents -- [applause] to make their dreams become a reality is very
4:35 pm
important to me and i believe this woman right here can continue that. as much as you guys would like to hear from me, i would much rather love to hear from our next president, ms. hillary clinton. all yours. [applause] sec. clinton: oh my goodness. thank you! thank you all so much. it is great to be back in cleveland. i'm thrilled to see all of you. lebron,o really thank what he does on the basketball court, you all know. it makes them so special, it makes him a champion. but i'm just as impressed, as i
4:36 pm
have told him, about what he does off the court. because what he does off the childis to care for every as though that child were his own. througheen so committed the lebron james family foundation. he is using the national platform he earned to advocate for children everywhere, especially right here in ohio. [applause] it was an extra special treat to have jr smith here as well. i cannot tell you how exciting it is for me to have lebron and that isof the team going to take us to the white house. [applause] i also have to
4:37 pm
thank a lot of the elected officials that i have worked with that i have such high regard for. let me think your senator, sherrod brown -- thank your senator. amazing,ank your absolutely in d50 of all -- congresswoman. let me thank your county executive. and let me thank and hope you will vote for your former governor, ken strickland, to be your next senator. [applause] thanklinton: i want to the dj for his musical performance, and i want to thank a very special young man, yous
4:38 pm
eff, who was out here. [applause] man whonton: a young turned will was a very bitter and unjust experience into an opportunity to try to help lift others up. i was thrilled to be here on anday night with jay-z beyonce. beyonce even had her dancers in blue pantsuits, which i loved. but what was most important without beyonce and jay-z talk about what this election means for their daughter and for all of our daughters and sons. grateful toi am so them as well as to lebron because this election really is
4:39 pm
about the future and it is about your kids and grandkids and every child in this country that we hope will have their own shot at the american dream. he may not -- they may not all become champion basketball players, but everyone should have the right to go as far as their hard work and talent will take them in america. [applause] so let the ask you this -- are you ready to vote? volunteer forto the next few days? are you ready to choose our next president? well, i think by now you know the choice could not be any clearer. it really is a choice between division or unity. between an economy that works for everyone or one that is stacked for those at the top. between strong, steady leadership or a loose cannon.
4:40 pm
and as you think about this choice, i want you to know where i am coming from, because what i want to do as your president is really to build on and continue what i have done my entire life. fighting for kids and families. standing up for our country. [applause] if you elect me on tuesday am a that is what i will do every day as your president. because from the start, our campaign has been focused on you. i have now spoken in front of hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. in small groups and big events. what i try to do while i am appear speaking is to really look at the faces of the people in front of me, because i do not know your dreams come i do not know your struggles, but i want so much to convey to you that i
4:41 pm
will be on your side. i will fight for you, fight for your family, fight for your futures. [applause] i want us to do all we can to a you get ahead and stay ahead. my vision is very different from my opponent. look, we know enough about what he says and what he has done. throughot need to go the litany of everyone he has insulted and demeaned. vision of line is his america is so dark and divisive. it is not the america i see as i travel around our country. i want us to have a vision that is hopeful, optimistic, and unified about what we can do together to make sure america's best years are ahead. [applause] i love our country and i believe in our people.
4:42 pm
i will never, ever quit on you. no matter what. [applause] that is not to say we do not have our challenges. of course we do, we are just human beings. but boy, we have so many assets. so many opportunities. never forget -- america is great because america is good. we act like that, we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. we can be even greater. we have come through some tough economic times. insidere possible forces and outside of america that do threaten to pull us apart. in we have arrived at a moment of reckoning in this election. our core values as americans are being tested. i think of all the people i have met across the country in this campaign, i have heard some
4:43 pm
really, really sad stories. when you run for president, at least for me, the moments that stand out are about somebody grabbing my hand. shop, or in a coffee maybe shaking hands on a line, and someone will grab my hand and share a really personal feeling or experience with me. a lot of times it is about problems or troubles in their families. and i feel like they are entrusting me with this really important piece of their lives. motivated, from that but i also walk away confident. my faith in our future has never been stronger. and i know that if we come together, not just to win the election -- that is just the to work to- but then get there. there is something for everyone of us to do.
4:44 pm
families, lives, our neighborhoods and communities. i want an america where everyone has a place, everyone is included. i know there is a lot of frustration and even anger in this election season. i see it, i hear it. sometimes i am the subject of it. i get it. not a plan. anger is not going to get us new jobs. -- ill [applause] i believe that we are going to grow this economy, we are going to grow it from the middle out and the bottom up. not the top down. that is what my opponent offers. and it might work for him, right? it might. but it will not work for the vast majority of working americans.
4:45 pm
that is why i want us to have a big infrastructure jobs program. there is so much work to be done . good, honest, honorable, dignified work. bridges, airports, tunnels, our water system. these are jobs that cannot be exported, they have to be done , int here in cleveland dayton, in akron and columbus, cincinnati. [applause] and we are going to bring back advanced manufacturing to ohio and elsewhere in our country. some people when i say this, they kind of look at me like, that is not going to happen. it is going to happen. strongest allies will be sherrod brown and marcia rudge and i hope to strickland when he gets to washington. the time, to me all how are you going to be anything done, won't there be gridlock? there will only be gridlock if
4:46 pm
the people elected to represent you do not want to help you. , mys not complicated friends. if they want to keep helping the wealthy, the powerful and the well-connected, then we will have gridlock. i want jobs with rising incomes. i want people having a better shot at the future. [applause] and we are going to have more clean, renewable energy jobs to combat climate change that put americans to work. [applause] sec. clinton: and i want to be the best president small business has ever had the guys that is where most of the jobs will come from. and once we get these new jobs and we start producing more things in america, i want people to buy those things in america. any of you see the debates?
4:47 pm
, i know, in that last debate pointed out that donald trump has bought chinese steel to build his last two buildings. he has been running around ohio talking about what a great advocate he will be for working people. he did not have to buy chinese steel, he did not have to help employ chinese steelworkers. he could have bought good, america steel made by american steelworkers. [applause] so don't just watch what we say, watch what we have done for the last 30 years. and whose side we bet on. [applause] are to make: we this economy fare. look, i really believe in hard work. that is how i was raised, that is the kind of family i came from. i think everybody has to work. everybody who can need to work.
4:48 pm
but i do think we need to raise the national minimum wage because if you work full time you should not still be in poverty. [applause] also thinkn: and i if you are working, you ought to get a fairly, which is why we need to guarantee equal pay for women's work. [applause] sec. clinton: and this is not a woman's issue, this is a family issue. if you have a mother, a wife, a sister or daughter working, you do not want her shortchanged. recognizingto start that a lot of the cost that families are facing now are really burdensome. i want to get childcare affordable, right? you know, in a lot of states right now, childcare costs as much as or more than in-state college tuition.
4:49 pm
that is crazy, who could afford that? have paid family leave. so if you get sick or your spouse is sick or your parent is sick or your child is sick or you bring a newborn home -- i do not think these are luxuries anymore. i think these are all about rebuilding the american middle class. i believe it is all about respecting work, providing enough jobs for people to have a good future, getting incomes rising, making it work for everybody. i have said i will pay for everything i am proposing without adding a penny to the national debt. [applause] is inlinton: and that very stark contrast to my opponent, because what i have said is i am not raising taxes on the middle class anybody
4:50 pm
making less than $250,000 a year will not have any tax increase while i am president. [applause] but i am going where the money is, and the money is with the wealthy and corporations, as they have done really well in the last 15 years. they should pay their fair share to support our country. again, people say to me, how are you ever going to get that through congress? i will tell you, i think it is pretty simple. i'm going to look at all the people who would be helped by everything i just said -- the new jobs and the rest of it -- and i will compare to be very few people in every congressional district who will have their taxes raised. i'm going to say, whose side are you on mr. or madame congresswoman? are you supporting the five people in your district will have their taxes raised, or are
4:51 pm
you supporting the 500,000 people who we benefited by what we're going to do together? [applause] and another big barrier that we have to not down is making college affordable for every single person. [applause] sec. clinton: it is outrageous. i meet people across america who could not afford to start college, could not afford to stay and never graduated. and still have debt. they don't have a degree but they have debt. that is crazy. i see some people pointing to themselves. [laughter] sec. clinton: i have to tell you, look, i believe that education is an investment. that is why i want good schools with good teachers in every zip code in america. [applause] why i wantn: that's to get more technical education
4:52 pm
back into high school because i think there are a lot of great jobs waiting to be done by people who have the skills from high school or community college or apprenticeship programs. [applause] sec. clinton: i'm going to do everything i can to lift up and honor hard work. somethingody can make , when somebody is a machinist or a tool maker or a carpenter or even a computer coder, they -- that might not at all require a four-year education. it is time we honored all work in america and make all work pay for everybody. [applause] sec. clinton: but for people who want to go to college, we are going to make it easier. i want every public college and university to be tuition free for families making less than a $125,00 a year.
4:53 pm
everybody elseor because they should be seen as an investment. if you are struggling with student debt, we have a plan to ease that burden. get the cost down, get the interest rates down, get it paid off much faster. i really believe that every single person should be able to go as far as you are really to work for and not have your while you are a child or a teenager or a young adult. are about the future so let's lift up the young people of america. [applause] and that includes -- let's dismantle the so-called school to prison pipeline and let's replace it with a cradle to college pipeline. [applause] sec. clinton: we had a lot of work to do. i have laid out a full agenda. tim kaine and i have read in book called stronger together.
4:54 pm
in it it tells you everything we want to try to do. i have to tell you, i think it is important you know what we wanted it. it should not just be an election about words, it can be about plans and policies so you can judge and say what will help make? you can go to my website right now, hillary culator, and you can see how much money you and your family would save under my plan. i want to be real specific -- i want to rebuild confidence in what we can do together. it is not good for anybody that our democracy in our country -- and our country are viewed so suspiciously without confidence. that is how we govern ourselves. so, we have to work together. but i cannot do any of this if you do not vote. [applause] now, so far 1.6 million people in ohio have voted.
4:55 pm
[applause] sec. clinton: but we have got work to do. so please, you have got to get out. you have to get to the polls, take people to the polls. nobody should set this out. go to i will to find out what your polling place is. or you can volunteer to help us. texdt join to 47246. i am really ready to get to work for you. this is about what we can do together. it is about the kind of future we can create and build. and it is an opportunity for all in a to be invested better, fairer, stronger america. i want us to do this together. i really do believe my street -- my slogan -- stronger together. [applause] sec. clinton: so i hope i'll
4:56 pm
will turn out in the biggest -- ohio will turn out in the biggest recorded turnout in history tuesday. and we will together prove once and for all that love trumps hate. thank you all very much! [applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪
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a day before the election, monday morning we will discuss bolding and trends from key battleground states. really voting returns from ohio, north carolina, florida, or -- iowa and new hampshire. along with a talk from deputy editor of yahoo! news about their top stories that shaped campaign 2016. watch washington journal live meeting at 7:00 eastern monday morning. announcer: election night on c-span. watch the results and the part of a national conversation about the outcome. watch victory in concession speeches. at 8:00 p.m. eastern and the following 24 hours. watch live on c-span, on-demand or use free c-span radio app.
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announcer: in arizona, senator john mccain is seeking a sixth term. he is being challenged by ann kirkpatrick. race.following this thank you for being with us. earlier this fall, the race seem to be relatively close. senator mccain with a very slight lead. that something seem to change. john mccain with a much wider lead. what happened? think -- part of it was that mccain was embroiled in a bitter republican primary. he wound up winning it fairly handily by about 12 points over his closest opponent, but it was a four-way race. he wound up getting 52% of the vote and 48% of republicans for
5:14 pm
one of the other candidates. ofre is a lot dissatisfaction with mccain in the republican party. i think that may have colored some of the polling on the general election race. some sources in the mccain campaign, when they were doing their own polling there was some confusion among anti-mccain voters between ann ward, whok and kelly was his main primary component. they confuse them in their mind, they just knew they did not like mccain. that republican dissatisfaction was leading into the polls. after mccain sewed up the primary i think a lot of the republicans came home. mccain, somet like conservatives think he is too liberal, they do not like him on immigration reform, but they see him as a better alternative than a regular democratic footsoldier like ann kirkpatrick. audience had a
5:15 pm
chance to see the debate in the race. what was your take? guest: ann kirkpatrick was a little uncomfortable up there. she does not have nearly the debate missed -- experience that mccain had. obviously he was a presidential candidate. probably few politicians have as much experience on the stage as he does. i think she held her own. to geithner -- she needed knock him out and i do not think she did. let me ask you about arizona, a battleground state for democrats and republicans. what impact has it had on the senate race out there? like arizona is going to split the ticket. the presidential race has been very tight. is opening up a lead a little bit. in the wake of the fbi disclosures.
5:16 pm
still tight, i could probably still go either way depending on the ground game and the turnout on the presidential level. but mccain has been maintaining pretty much a double-digit lead over ann kirkpatrick. there were a few polls that showed it never worked than that but many polls show him with a lead of 10 points to 18 points or so. it looks like at least in the minds of the voters there aber -- able to separate the two races. that could help explain why kirkpatrick's attempt to tie mccain to trump the network are well because mccain is a well-known brand. not just in arizona, but across the country and the world. fromy to paint him as cut the same cloth as trump is probably difficult to pull off because people know him so well. that,connected to all of
5:17 pm
former public nominee mitt romney campaigning for the 2008 nominee, senator mccain running for reelection in arizona. both of them very vocal and critical of donald trump over the last couple months. talk about this event at the place in arizona. guest: there has been some confusion about the event did some national pundits and analysts did not know what it was about. is prettyrategy clear. i think mccain is worried that maybe there is a lack of enthusiasm among mormons in arizona. obviously, this got some attention in utah, but there are many mormons in arizona as well and they're usually reliable republican voters. they are turned off by trumps life out. mccain wants to make sure that at least they come off to vote for him, they do not want to vote for john. he brought out mitt romney, he went out to mesa, which is well-known for its mormon
5:18 pm
population. he had the mayor of mesa, who is a mormon. he had a congressman who was also a mormon. even know it was not explicitly so, it seemed like programming for the mormon community in the eastern suburbs of phoenix. host: what you expect the overall turnout to be for arizona on tuesday? going it seems to be through the roof. i know that early voting is up, i think arizona is leading the nation in terms of latinos in early voting. so, there is a lot of engagement. the presidential candidates and the vice presidential candidates and their big-name surrogates have added to the excitement and i think it will be a big turnout. dan, thank you for your time. guest: thank you. announcer: senator john mccain
5:19 pm
campaigned in arizona this past week with mitt romney. they spoke to supporters at an event just outside of phoenix. this is 15 minutes. >> thank you. thank you.: thank you all for being here tonight. thank you. typical arizona evening. [laughter] nice,ccain: it is kind of i hope it will be the same kind of winter the chicago cubs just had last night. really remarkable. [applause] sen. mccain: i think we are very
5:20 pm
proud here in the state but also in east valley to have a facility like this. it is really remarkable and wonderful. and so glad you all would come out tonight. one of the great privileges i i've been able to serve in congress of matt salmon, a conservative, and man of principle. a man who understands what this country is all about and its national security needs. can we thank matt salmon for his great service? [applause] and mayor, thank you for the great job you do. that wel because of him have this facility. thank you. course, jeff and cheryl, thank you. i have said this a thousand times and i promise i would not say it anymore, but i can tell you this -- if i looked like
5:21 pm
jeff flake i would be president of the united states today. [laughter] [applause] by the way, after i lost a slept like a baby. sleep two hours, wake up and cry, sleep two hours. i thank all of you to -- for coming up tonight. we've had a great campaign. we have had a wonderful campaign and we are coming down to the end. i am confident we are going to win but it also take anybody who predicts anything that will happen in this election is using a substance that they are trying to legalize on the ballot in a couple days. but i am proud to have been able to have the honor of serving in the united states senate and house of representatives for that. the people of arizona are the most wonderful on earth. we have a diverse economy, a diverse history. we have a state that all of us
5:22 pm
are proud of. we are proud of our universities, we are proud of our people who build the best helicopters on earth and the best missiles. [applause] bases,cain: our military the men and women who are serving in uniform and doing a good job serving our nation tour of the world. i am very honored to have played of theas the chairman armed services committee. but my friends, we live in a world which is on fire. and it is because we have a president who believes in leading from behind. when you lead from behind, someone else leads from in front. this is been the most disastrous presidency in the history of this country and we need to have a majority of the united states senate. [applause] as matt just said, thanks to the sacrifice of
5:23 pm
thousands of brave young men and women who were serving, and the president pull them out. have 6 million refugees out of syria, 400,000 slaughtered, and the president of united states stands by and calls them jv. i believe we must keep a majority in the united states senate. one of the reasons is there could be as many as three supreme court justices that will be in the next four years. we have to have a senate who -4 split fromthat 4 tilting to the left and making decisions that will harm this nation for decades to come. i believe it is vital that we remain -- we maintain our majority in the united states senate and frankly, many of those races are literally too close to call right now. i am also very proud that we have been able to do so much for arizona. whether it be a copper mine out and superior that will someday
5:24 pm
provide 20 private -- 25% of this nation's copper. yuma.rst f-35's down at f-35 not only for our force, but all the foreign trading -- training will be out there. we live in a dangerous world. there will be further attacks on the united states of america. i want to remain chairman of the armed forces committee because i want to defend the men and women were serving in this nation in uniform. and i believe i can do that. [applause] my friends, if anybody picks what is going to happen -- can predict what will happen in this election, i want
5:25 pm
to talk to you because i have an wrong every single time. but i know this -- we are going to win next tuesday and we are going to win because of the support of the men and women of the state lighting so proud to serve. you to get out the vote. i need you to make sure that everybody does vote. [applause] so, i began my political career here in east valley as a member of congress. it has been the most rewarding period of my time in public service. it will probably end up here in east valley because this is where our hearts are. when we first had our children and we live here. i want to thank all of you. tonight i am very honored to have with us one of the people that i have grown to admire and respect and have great affection years.r the past this man ran for governor of a
5:26 pm
state that is so liberal that if you are a conservative, you are refused to be admitted. the people is one of i have at the honor of knowing as governor of massachusetts, as a competitor for the nomination of the republican party for president of the united states. mitt romney and i disagree in 2008 when i was running against , but wethe nomination respected each other and we admired each other. at the end of the day in 2008, we joined together, just as in 2012 he represented the republican party with honor in integrity and decency. think of what the world would be like if mitt romney had been president of the united states in 2012. [applause] say it isn: i want to a mark of his friendship and
5:27 pm
also the kind of person he is that he has been willing to take the time from his busy schedule and come here to arizona in these last few days to help me out in my campaign. it is a great honor and privilege for me to introduce eu one of the finest men i have ever known in american politics and american life, governor mitt romney. [applause] wow, look at this group. thank you. this nice like to have drums and an audience. when you tell a joke you are sure to get -- there you go. wow. [laughter] gov. romney: what a group this is. this is a renowned and admirable and extraordinary group. i hope you recognize that. to have people like this representing you in washington and here at home. .t is an honor to be here looking out here and feeling the cold wind it is good to be here at fenway park. [laughter] this is beautiful
5:28 pm
over here, it is a little cold. what a beautiful facility you happier. -- you have here. it is really something else. i look back and think it would've been nice if john mccain was elected in 2008. we would have been in a very different position if that were the case. [applause] have heard theu congressman and other stock will be challenges of the last seven or eight years and you know some of those things. ,he high cost of health care the fact that more people in the middle class are being left behind. the fact that more people are poor in america today the network backing 1965 when lbj declared the war of property. the fact that companies in america are trying to incorporate elsewhere because we had made it so unattractive to be in this country. the fact that our military is being hollowed out at the very time that russia and china are investing massively in their militaries.
5:29 pm
we face real challenges. at the same time, look at what is happening internationally. from china, russia, the middle east, it has been an awful time for interests and robbie world and freedom. i hope you don't mind me telling a joke. this is a joke about the president when he went to cash a check at the bank and did not have his license. you haven't heard it? the teller said to him, look, we cannot cash or check unless we know exactly who you are. he said, what you want me to do? day we hade other andre agassi in here, same problem. he put a target on the wall, hit a tennis ball into the target. we knew it must be him, we cast a check. she said the same thing happened a few days later when phil mickelson came in. he pick up on the ground, putt a
5:30 pm
golf ball in there. we knew that had to be filmic listen, we cast a check. she said what can you do? clue.d, i do not have a would you like your cash in 50's were hundreds? for eight years in this country we have had a president who has not have a clue. now we are in a position where we can rely on people with experience and judgment like senator john mccain. i don't know who will win the presidency, but whoever wins will need some who wins the -- who has been to the middle east time and time again.
5:31 pm
a person who understands the needs of our veterans. who understands that america is the hope of millions and billions around the world. that man is john mccain. [applause] whoever becomes president will need to decide who the right people are for the supreme court. they will need to work across the aisle. of all the challenges i just mentioned under president obama that have not been solved, they are not going to get overcome unless republicans and democrats can work together. we have this thing called the constitution. there are checks and balances. brilliant andere i believe inspired. we have to get americans to work together from two sides of the aisle to make things happen. john mccain has shown you can have an small, conviction, and
5:32 pm
strength and work with good people on the other side of the aisle to get things done. we need john mccain and his get it done attitude. there isthing, sweeping this country and in europe a sense of populism, a distrust of institutions, anger toward government. that is understandable because government has failed so many people. and of that frustration anger is that people do not have trust. our country needs people of character and integrity. i don't know anybody who stands taller than john mccain when it comes to heroism and character and proven integrity. i will ask you, are you going to get out and vote? [applause]
5:33 pm
is john mccain a real hero for all of america? i will ask if he will be elected one more time to the united states senate? [applause] i will ask if you will go to campaign and knock on doors and get people to vote for john mccain? let's go, guys! thank you. >> thank you governor romney. thank you senator mccain. we are so glad that this is our congressional delegation. i promise you, it is critically important that we return john mccain to the senate. please join me in working very hard the next few days to make sure the right thing happens in our community. thank you for being there.
5:34 pm
let's win this election. >> senator mccain and his opponent sean kirkpatrick are running several political ads ahead of election day. here is what voters are seeing in arizona. >> this election is a poise. before proudly voting for obama care, liberal ann kirkpatrick refuse to face her constituents. she walked away. john mccain was given a chance to walk away when he was a uw but he chose to stay in his prison camp until his fellow soldiers had their chance to go home. ann kirkpatrick lucked out on arizona.
5:35 pm
-- walked out on gerald -- on arizona. >> what happened to john mccain? >> he was begging for my endorsement. >> john mccain baked trump for his support -- begged trump for his support. forhe john mccain i voted would not have chosen sarah palin or donald trump. he only cares about his real election. i will never sacrifice my principles to get ahead. i approve this message because as your senator, i will tell it to you safe -- straight. >> this election matters. when you open your health insurance bill and find premiums doubling, remember that john mccain opposes obamacare but kirkpatrick supports it. iran captures our soldiers, remember that mccain is still fighting them. that is why this election
5:36 pm
matters. >> i am john mccain and i approve this message. mccain has been in washington for 33 years. >> kirkpatrick has taken a term limit pledge. john mccain has bailed out wall street having them billions. >> ann opposed the bailouts. >> john mccain is opposed to women's health coverage. >> ann's story is uniquely arizona. >> i am ann kirkpatrick and i approve this message. >> congressman kirkpatrick joined a get out the vote event in phoenix. it is just under 15 minutes. >> i want to thank you all for being here and welcome to the arizona democratic party. we have four days to turn
5:37 pm
arizona blue. we have the best candidates we have ever had this year. we have the right resources, the right methods. everyone.thank we have four days to turn everyone blue. we can now collect ballots, which is really good. we have to talk to tens of thousands of voters in the next four days. are you ready? [applause] we are joined by the board of -- steve -- we have four more days until we make history during the state of -- here in the state of arizona.
5:38 pm
we change the direction of the state of arizona. sayingcrats we have been all along that the legislation to prohibit ballot collecting is unconstitutional and does violate the voting right tax. tomorrow we had the streets going door to door, collecting their ballots, getting to the polls, and changing arizona blue. tomorrow.ack right here in maricopa county we will make history like you have never seen before. countywidect candidates. it is time to elect the new
5:39 pm
sheriff of maricopa county. paul is doing that right now, talking to voters getting them out to vote. we're candidates who will make sure that the education system works for all students. we will make sure that michelle robinson is the next maricopa county school superintendent. elect a going to teacher to do a teacher's job to take care of kids and our teachers. elect aoing to treasurer is going to look after the finances of maricopa county. the first act will be what? >> to fire russell pearce.


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