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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 4:17am-4:55am EST

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and mike pence is in new hampshire. we have a new hampshire that we have a donald trump rally -- hillary clinton in raleigh, north carolina. our road to the white house coverage today, live, here on c-span. >> election night on c-span. watch the results and be a part of the conversation. be on location at the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters. watch victory and concession speeches, starting live at 8:00 p.m. eastern. watch live on c-span, on-demand at or listen to our live coverage using the free c-span radio app. host: in arizona, senator john mccain is seeking a sixth term. he is being challenged by ann kirkpatrick.
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we're following this race. thank you for being with us. dan: thanks steve. steve: earlier this fall, the race seem to be relatively close. senator mccain with a very slight lead. that something seem to change. john mccain with a much wider lead. what happened? dan: the race was tight in the spring. part of it was that mccain was embroiled in a bitter republican primary. he wound up winning it fairly handily by about 12 points over his closest opponent, but it was t 12 points over his closest opponent, but it was a four-way race. he wound up getting 52% of the vote and 48% of republicans for one of the other candidates. ofre is a lot dissatisfaction with mccain in the republican party. i think that may have colored
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some of the polling on the general election race. some sources in the mccain campaign, when they were doing their own polling there was some confusion among anti-mccain voters between ann ward, whok and kelly was his main primary component. they confuse them in their mind, they just knew they did not like mccain. that republican dissatisfaction was leading into the polls. after mccain sewed up the primary i think a lot of the republicans came home. mccain, somet like conservatives think he is too liberal, they do not like him on immigration reform, but they see him as a better alternative than a regular democratic footsoldier like ann kirkpatrick. audience had a chance to see the debate in the race. what was your take? guest: ann kirkpatrick was a
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little uncomfortable up there. she does not have nearly the debate missed -- experience that mccain had. obviously he was a presidential candidate. probably few politicians have as much experience on the stage as he does. i think she held her own. to geithner -- she needed knock him out and i do not think she did. let me ask you about arizona, a battleground state for democrats and republicans. what impact has it had on the senate race out there? like arizona is going to split the ticket. the presidential race has been very tight. is opening up a lead a little bit. in the wake of the fbi disclosures. still tight, i could probably still go either way depending on the ground game and
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the turnout on the presidential level. but mccain has been maintaining pretty much a double-digit lead over ann kirkpatrick. there were a few polls that showed it never worked than that but many polls show him with a lead of 10 points to 18 points or so. it looks like at least in the minds of the voters there aber -- able to separate the two races. that could help explain why kirkpatrick's attempt to tie mccain to trump the network are well because mccain is a well-known brand. not just in arizona, but across the country and the world. fromy to paint him as cut the same cloth as trump is probably difficult to pull off because people know him so well. that,connected to all of former public nominee mitt romney campaigning for the 2008 nominee, senator mccain running for reelection in arizona.
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both of them very vocal and critical of donald trump over the last couple months. talk about this event at the place in arizona. guest: there has been some confusion about the event did some national pundits and analysts did not know what it was about. is prettyrategy clear. i think mccain is worried that maybe there is a lack of enthusiasm among mormons in arizona. obviously, this got some attention in utah, but there are many mormons in arizona as well and they're usually reliable republican voters. they are turned off by trumps life out. mccain wants to make sure that at least they come off to vote for him, they do not want to vote for john. he brought out mitt romney, he went out to mesa, which is well-known for its mormon population.
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he had the mayor of mesa, who is a mormon. he had a congressman who was also a mormon. even know it was not explicitly so, it seemed like programming for the mormon community in the eastern suburbs of phoenix. host: what you expect the overall turnout to be for arizona on tuesday? going it seems to be through the roof. i know that early voting is up, i think arizona is leading the nation in terms of latinos in early voting. so, there is a lot of engagement. the presidential candidates and the vice presidential candidates and their big-name surrogates have added to the excitement and i think it will be a big turnout. , thanfor time. guest: thank you. announcer: senator john mccain campaigned in arizona this past week with mitt romney.
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they spoke to supporters at an event just outside of phoenix. this is 15 minutes. >> thank you. thank you.: thank you all for being here tonight. thank you. typical arizona evening. [laughter] nice,ccain: it is kind of i hope it will be the same kind of winter the chicago cubs just had last night. really remarkable. [applause] sen. mccain: i think we are very proud here in the state but also in east valley to have a facility like this. it is really remarkable and wonderful.
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and so glad you all would come out tonight. one of the great privileges i i've been able to serve in congress of matt salmon, a conservative, and man of principle. a man who understands what this country is all about and its national security needs. can we thank matt salmon for his great service? [applause] and mayor, thank you for the great job you do. that wel because of him have this facility. thank you. course, jeff and cheryl, thank you. i have said this a thousand times and i promise i would not say it anymore, but i can tell you this -- if i looked like jeff flake i would be president of the united states today. [laughter] [applause]
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by the way, after i lost a slept like a baby. sleep two hours, wake up and cry, sleep two hours. i thank all of you to -- for coming up tonight. we've had a great campaign. we have had a wonderful campaign and we are coming down to the end. i am confident we are going to win but it also take anybody who predicts anything that will happen in this election is using a substance that they are trying to legalize on the ballot in a couple days. but i am proud to have been able to have the honor of serving in the united states senate and house of representatives for that. the people of arizona are the most wonderful on earth. we have a diverse economy, a diverse history. we have a state that all of us are proud of. we are proud of our universities, we are proud of our people who build the best helicopters on earth and the
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best missiles. [applause] bases,cain: our military the men and women who are serving in uniform and doing a good job serving our nation tour of the world. i am very honored to have played of theas the chairman armed services committee. but my friends, we live in a world which is on fire. and it is because we have a president who believes in leading from behind. when you lead from behind, someone else leads from in front. this is been the most disastrous presidency in the history of this country and we need to have a majority of the united states senate. [applause] as matt just said, thanks to the sacrifice of thousands of brave young men and women who were serving, and the president pull them out. have 6 million refugees
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out of syria, 400,000 slaughtered, and the president of united states stands by and calls them jv. i believe we must keep a majority in the united states senate. one of the reasons is there could be as many as three supreme court justices that will be in the next four years. we have to have a senate who -4 split fromthat 4 tilting to the left and making decisions that will harm this nation for decades to come. i believe it is vital that we remain -- we maintain our majority in the united states senate and frankly, many of those races are literally too close to call right now. i am also very proud that we have been able to do so much for arizona. whether it be a copper mine out and superior that will someday provide 20 private -- 25% of this nation's copper.
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yuma.rst f-35's down at f-35 not only for our force, but all the foreign trading -- training will be out there. we live in a dangerous world. there will be further attacks on the united states of america. i want to remain chairman of the armed forces committee because i want to defend the men and women were serving in this nation in uniform. and i believe i can do that. [applause] my friends, if anybody picks what is going to happen -- can predict what will happen in this election, i want to talk to you because i have an wrong every single time. but i know this -- we are going to win next tuesday and we are going to win because of the
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support of the men and women of the state lighting so proud to serve. you to get out the vote. i need you to make sure that everybody does vote. [applause] so, i began my political career here in east valley as a member of congress. it has been the most rewarding period of my time in public service. it will probably end up here in east valley because this is where our hearts are. when we first had our children and we live here. i want to thank all of you. tonight i am very honored to have with us one of the people that i have grown to admire and respect and have great affection years.r the past this man ran for governor of a state that is so liberal that if you are a conservative, you are refused to be admitted. the people is one of
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i have at the honor of knowing as governor of massachusetts, as a competitor for the nomination of the republican party for president of the united states. mitt romney and i disagree in 2008 when i was running against , but wethe nomination respected each other and we admired each other. at the end of the day in 2008, we joined together, just as in 2012 he represented the republican party with honor in integrity and decency. think of what the world would be like if mitt romney had been president of the united states in 2012. [applause] say it isn: i want to a mark of his friendship and also the kind of person he is that he has been willing to take the time from his busy schedule and come here to arizona in these last few days to help me out in my campaign.
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it is a great honor and privilege for me to introduce eu one of the finest men i have ever known in american politics and american life, governor mitt romney. [applause] wow, look at this group. thank you. this nice like to have drums and an audience. when you tell a joke you are sure to get -- there you go. wow. [laughter] gov. romney: what a group this is. this is a renowned and admirable and extraordinary group. i hope you recognize that. to have people like this representing you in washington and here at home. .t is an honor to be here looking out here and feeling the cold wind it is good to be here at fenway park. [laughter] this is beautiful over here, it is a little cold. what a beautiful facility you happier.
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-- you have here. it is really something else. i look back and think it would've been nice if john mccain was elected in 2008. we would have been in a very different position if that were the case. [applause] have heard theu congressman and other stock will be challenges of the last seven or eight years and you know some of those things. ,he high cost of health care the fact that more people in the middle class are being left behind. the fact that more people are poor in america today the network backing 1965 when lbj declared the war of property. the fact that companies in america are trying to incorporate elsewhere because we had made it so unattractive to be in this country. the fact that our military is being hollowed out at the very time that russia and china are investing massively in their militaries. we face real challenges. at the same time, look at what is happening internationally.
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from china, russia, the middle east, it has been an awful time for interests and robbie world and freedom. i hope you don't mind me telling a joke. this is a joke about the president when he went to cash a check at the bank and did not have his license. you haven't heard it? the teller said to him, look, we cannot cash or check unless we know exactly who you are. he said, what you want me to do? day we hade other andre agassi in here, same problem. he put a target on the wall, hit a tennis ball into the target. we knew it must be him, we cast a check. she said the same thing happened a few days later when phil mickelson came in. he pick up on the ground, putt a golf ball in there. we knew that had to be filmic listen, we cast a check.
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she said what can you do? clue.d, i do not have a would you like your cash in 50's were hundreds? for eight years in this country we have had a president who has not have a clue. now we are in a position where we can rely on people with experience and judgment like senator john mccain. i don't know who will win the presidency, but whoever wins will need some who wins the -- who has been to the middle east time and time again. a person who understands the needs of our veterans. who understands that america is the hope of millions and
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billions around the world. that man is john mccain. [applause] whoever becomes president will need to decide who the right people are for the supreme court. they will need to work across the aisle. of all the challenges i just mentioned under president obama that have not been solved, they are not going to get overcome unless republicans and democrats can work together. we have this thing called the constitution. there are checks and balances. brilliant andere i believe inspired. we have to get americans to work together from two sides of the aisle to make things happen. john mccain has shown you can have an small, conviction, and strength and work with good people on the other side of the aisle to get things done. we need john mccain and his get it done attitude.
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there isthing, sweeping this country and in europe a sense of populism, a distrust of institutions, anger toward government. that is understandable because government has failed so many people. and of that frustration anger is that people do not have trust. our country needs people of character and integrity. i don't know anybody who stands taller than john mccain when it comes to heroism and character and proven integrity. i will ask you, are you going to get out and vote? [applause] is john mccain a real hero for all of america? i will ask if he will be elected one more time to the united
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states senate? [applause] i will ask if you will go to campaign and knock on doors and get people to vote for john mccain? let's go, guys! thank you. >> thank you governor romney. thank you senator mccain. we are so glad that this is our congressional delegation. i promise you, it is critically important that we return john mccain to the senate. please join me in working very hard the next few days to make sure the right thing happens in our community. thank you for being there. let's win this election.
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>> senator mccain and his opponent sean kirkpatrick are running several political ads ahead of election day. here iat vote se totay soldiers had their chanco me. -- walked out on gerald -- on arizona. >> what happeno johnn? hbeggfor my
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dorsement. >> john mccain baked trump for his supportmp f f johcain vot uld have csara he only cares about his real election. i will nevacrifi principles to get ahead. i approve this message bec as y you -- straight. when open ealt doubling,ber john mccain opposes obarkpatrick sup. iran es our soldiers, remehat the that is why this election matters. >> i a mccand i prove messa mccain has been in
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washington for 33 years. >> kirkpatrick has taken a term limit pledge. >>ohn in hasd ou ll street having them billionspposed theailout john mo e .haurayealth coverage.
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