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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 9:15am-10:01am EST

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that they had discovered new e-mails and he would have to review them. now have to amend it a third time based on the letter of the y saying review new e-mails will not change heir original conclusion in july. james comey continuing to be a ignificant factor in this election and while we did not make him one of the 16 people, did make the -- that one of the 16 moments and it's the on giving. keeps host: a little over 36 hours election cycle, perhaps more moments to look for. aniel klaidman, deputy editor at yahoo news, of course hank you for your time this morning. host: thank you. appreciate it. fun.: it was host: up next, back to your calls, back to the phone. day left in campaign 2016.
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we're asking what is on your mind as you head to the polls. phone number, hillary clinton supporter, 202-748-8000. donald trump 202-748-8001. 202-748-8002. if you are undecided. 202-748-8003 for undecided the electionate in cycle. call in now, we'll be right back. >> announcer: we have a special web page at, to follow the supreme court., select supreme court near the right-hand top of the page. once on the supreme court page, you will see four of the most thist oral arguments heard term. click on the "view all" link to arguments covered by c-span. find recent appearances by or watch urt justices
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justices in their own words, including one-on-one interviews few months with justices kagan, thomas and ginsburg. there is calendar for this term, list of justices with links to appearances onir c-span and many other supreme ourt videos available on demand. follow the supreme court at >> announcer: election night on c-span, watch results and be part of a national conversation outcome. be on location at the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarter and victory and concession speech necessary key senate house and governor races 8 p.m. eastern and throughout the following 24 hours. watch live on c-span on demand, or listen to live coverage using free c-span radio app. "washington journal" continues.
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host: one day to election day, want to hear what is on your the last 45 minutes of "washington journal" today. what are you thinking when you the poll? donald trump, 202-748-8001 is your number. clinton, e hillary 202-748-8000. third party supporter, 202-748-8002. you are undecided, 202-748-8003. in, we want tong check in with one more of those new states, focus on hampshire. joined on the phone by james boston globe. political reporter there. helped us several times during cycle.ection thank you for joining us. front page of the "boston clinton e-mails don't warrant charges, f.b.i. declares. et's talk about the immediate impact on the ground in new hampshire. what can you tell us? look, there has been a lot of discussion about the sort ofver nine days or
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first comey letter over much of the country. it does matter, obviously, for 38 states that have early new hampshire does not have early voting. they are very strict actually comes to the t absentee ballot. for most of new hampshire this will be a matter when it hits the poll. new hillary clinton in hampshire yesterday, donald trump expected to be there today. commodity at rtant this point in the cycle is their time. in close is this going to be new hampshire? guest: well, look, hillary clinton had led every single in the general election from throughout december all the way to thursday. thursday there was three the race polls showing tied. we had a poll come out over the night, which is a poll taken showing hillary clinton may have opened up a more
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but all expectations are this will be a tight race. of timeioned the amount these people spend their final days doesn't matter. in the state on friday, return tonight. hillary here yesterday, and mike pence. today obama will be in the state hours before donald trump. are ll indications, there new hampshire, it is very much battleground and what is it, new ng about hampshire has really small lectoral votes, we're considering the fact heading into the weekend, making travel lans, hillary clinton had around 272 electoral votes used 270.n, of course four votes, in a situation like had competed harder n new hampshire, wont worry about florida. host: making final stop hampshire, ew standard stump speech or message specifically tailored to new hampshire you are hearing?
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guest: well, no. there isn't a specific message tailored. hillary t it was for clinton, rah-rah the troops moment. for is what they will do barack obama later today and donald trump the same way. would argue that for president obama, he's explicitly town, largestllege college town in the state, rying to rally millennials around hillary clinton, there is a message there later today. about most part, it is driving enthusiasm and get out to vote. we are expected to have record turnout tomorrow, about 72% of eligible voters will voe in new hampshire. the really fun scientist. 72,000 will beem, first-time voters who show up, register to vote and cast a ballot. casting ballot for republicans?
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that is one thing the last-minute rallies try to do, grab enthusiasm. host: closely watched senate race in new hampshire. the senate is up for grabs. trying to keep her seat. has this contest shifted in the final week? in thedefinitely shifted sense people may have thought hassan, the democrat would have a better shot because hillary was having a better shot scandal e first f.b.i. letter. now the race is definitely argue ed, both sides internal polls and public poll its is within the margin of error. this thing will go down to the wire and be exciting. f you step back for a second, most high profile contest between two women in u.s. a tory, we've never seen sitting u.s. senator against a sitting governor, both females, rising stars, both popular in the state, really fun race to cover. watching on ll be c-span. james pindell will be covering it for the "boston globe." for today, but
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all your help this cycle. guest: it's been fun, thanks for host: one day to election day. the phone lines are yours for he last 40 minutes of the program. cynthia up first, vienna, virginia. morning, hillary clinton supporter. go ahead. caller: thanks for having me. comments. i'm a latina voter. for would say i am voting hillary, it is not -- of course the s a lot to do with immigration and all that stuff, but look at everything that james comey the stuff and everything she has been through. people talk about character and the fact she's had her name dragged through the mud for years, you know, this james thing comes up, people go for, against, all these things t things and being said on the other side. ridiculous, things, and the lengths people will go. all of d strong through
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this. as latina, i know the battles minorities in nd this country, nothing will be won overnight. 30 days ill happen in like trump will destroy isis and all these things. i stand back and look at the character of this woman and the the way she keeps fighting and stays strong. o me, i just find that incredibly -- it is inspiring to me, when i talk to my daut sxer watch things, my daughter is 10 years old, cannot stand to he scares n t.v., her. quite frankly, he scares me with his tone. i'm blocking him out because -- you know, i don't necessarily agree with his and what he brings to the table, i would be willing to isten to anybody who can speak to me in a calm and measured tone. he hasn't exemplified that at all. he's scaring people just with his tactics. the way hillary and
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she stood with grace and the way she's handling things, that is representing me, visiting other foreign leaders. virginia.hia in virginia is a state that has 481,000 early votes cast, about the same as back in 2012. "washington post" today shows the some 41 million cast around the country, the states marked in lue are states more early voting this cycle compared to 2012. with less early voting than 2012. is in faukville, alabama, undecided. undecided hy are you at this point? mind.r: well, i changed my i'm voting for donald trump. i cannot believe that the know that hillary is a liar and has been selling our to other countries.
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how can they keep on holding her up? william, how do you feel comey?.b.i. director william? with us, caller: yeah. host: how do you feel about comey?director just : i think our law is about destroyed. totally rats are against the police boards and ow the f.b.i. is so corrupt to let obama and them just take it over. did you feel how about the f.b.i. director 10 days ago when he announced he be reopening that investigation or continuing that investigation? i continuing should have been reopened up but they have got to him. he's as crooked as they are. if we can get donald in
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there, maybe we can get honest there. in host: all right. let's go to our undecided line again. mark is in washington. mark, good morning. caller: hey, good morning. i i want to o say, thank trump already for killing pc, the politically correct democrats ere the deny wall, deny alabama deported two million. obviously a trick get the hispanic vote and business as usual is bombing sending trillion to a circumcising nd male necessary washington. he status quo is bombs and hillary is a known killer with the bombs she's dropped. kids, not tested, falls directly on the shoulder of obama and clinton. i voted for obama twice and clinton twice. pretty tired of the status
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quo. thank you for your time. ost: why are you undecided at this point? caller: because i see trump getting better and hillary getting worse. starting to make sense to me. we cannot have 15 million llegals in this country and 15 million home and wills unemployed, we are favors the americans. i don't observe color. patriot, ohio. for donald trump. good morning. caller: good morning. obama made my mind up him e when i listened to yesterday giving a speech and he person you are now is -- you are not going to be when you get to the white house, you will be the same person. just scared to death that if hillary get necessary there, she will be the same been. she's always a crook.she's
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hillary should have been in arkansas.en she was in she did just as -- did more than what martha stewart did. thank you. host: james is a hillary clinton in newark, new jersey. james, go ahead. caller: yes. hypocrisy, the lady speaks about obama like i'm calling because fabric of our nation is just tearing apart and nobody really or understanding putting it together. trump, hillary. it's not about that, it's about the people. it is aboutby that, race, that is what we don't understand. hereyou let people come in to challenge you, do this to this one, do this to that one. one. this i have kids. it is not about me, none of you supposed to it is be about y'all's future, that is what it is about f. somebody ells them, i don't like them
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because of this color or what he wears, does something to your he comes home and tell what do you supposed to do? look and see the statistics of what is going on with kid different chool of nationalities. they are following adults telling him, he's indian, what doing here? deport them. look at that, that is not talk, that is fact. james, you have kids. when your kids grow up and ask what the 2016 election, will you tell them? caller: i will say, i voted for hillary, i voted for hillary wasn't in a race bid. she didn't dislike him because of this or that. is 20 a father that years, captain in the police force, i have a great judge.ther that was a we paid our way in the united states just like everybody else every other nationality.
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that is what everybody else need to understand. louisville, kentucky. go ahead. -- seem to be a lot of that are neglectful of this. out of every six american have been a victim of rape or have been ault attempted. you look at 25 women, women have been victim of attempted or actually assaulted. 12 years.een
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-- so irate king this, t donald trump over what are you doing and what have you done? not voting for donald trump won't make a difference. nd i am voting for him because hillary clinton said in her press conference about her e-mail that she knew how -- i believe her, i the truth. she told state department gov, ees to only use dot ecause of possibility of being
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hack hacked. host: okay. that's pat in kentucky. riverside, california, is a hillary clinton supporter. ginger, go ahead. yes, thank you for taking my call. the ind of out raged with behavior of half of our nation, believing this person, trump. i would be more concerned with in bed with the russians, more concerned for our behavior and his outrageous, disgusting talk about women, i am shocked at our getting it, that big es sending e-mails, deal. he is in bed with these people, does no one see this? in the south think they can wave their confederate flag the , no, they will wave sickle in ussian between it dochlt they not know? i'm discouraged, but proud to be registered which i
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in 2000 to be a democrat from an independent. am very sad to see how our country is going, i pray to god hillary wins. for as done nothing wrong 25 years, she's been assaulted, battered and beaten down. callers back had said, person could s withstand this outrageous, passedng, pathetic words her way. >> announcer: all right, ginger in california. new york times" noting beyond the white house race, host of critical issues are on the ballots across the country tomorrow. one of them, we talked about it a couple times on the program, marijuana, specifically recreational marijuana, california, nevada, arizona, massachusetts, will decide whether to make recreational marijuana legal, if they all pass, recreational marijuana will be legal in nine tates, four other states, montana, north dakota, arkansas and florida will decide whether use of medical
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marijuana. the story also noting some of government races that are on the ballot. is y question on tuesday, whether democrats can recapture state houses and governorship obama year ring the necessary nevada and new hampshire, whether mrs. clinton been particularly competitive. right now mismatch. republicans held 36 of the state house chambers twe2010, the number climbed to 68. back to your calls. florida, third party supporter. which candidate are you supporting? caller: hello. host: go ahead, which third party candidate are you supporting? caller: i'm a hillary clinton supporter all the way, my call things.wo by the way, thank you to c-span. for two why aren't you all, someone having, we t trump
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tax. not seen his income we don't know what is going on there and why aren't we talking under im, he is also investigation, nobody is talking about it. that is what i have to say, i hillary wins. host: all right, we've covered donald trump's tax issues on quite a bit. go to, check out all f our programming, all of our shows, we'll be here today, tomorrow and a special program day after the election on the "washington journal" will be not our usualram, three hours, five hours, the morning after the election will at 6:00 a.m. that morning. and of course we're here everyday of the year for you. is in longmont, colorado. supports hillary clinton. good morning. caller: morning. want it to be known i support hillary clinton, but i do not like hillary clinton. i'm supporting hillary clinton terrified by
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everything that donald trump represents. absolute is is the closest our country has ever a e to outright electing facist. if people think i'm off my rocker for that statement, if history, europe in the 1930s, fascism started the single time, by fear, coalescing people around other.f xenaphobia. he is the quintessential definition of doing that. if people don't think something like that is possible to happen ere, they're not paying attention. that is exactly what is happening. add, her note, if i might just boycott also vote of republicans because what they are doing with the supreme court nominee. i will not vote, people don't hold people accountable. when the republicans, you know, shut the government down, it was overwhelmingly unpopular, only
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to see 2014 be a republican wave. don't hold people accountable and republicans count on not being held accountable. what they are counting on by not holding a hearing and mayor garland and point to democrats doing it with he person name is slipping me right now, in the '80s, but that person received both hearing and a vote. and the republicans unfortunately are right, they're ot going to be held accountable. now senators like cruz and even mccain, honorable people saying not approve anybody if hillary clinton gets elected. essentially only republican president consist nominate supreme court justices. his is outrageous, how are people not out rage body this and boycotting republicans period. linda is a donald trump supporter. call nothing from maine this morning. morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. for trump because i truly believe he's trying to make a he has issues,
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sometimes the way he speaks, but o does hillary clinton and hillary clinton has proven that trustworthy and obama is the same way and he's prejudice person i've known. but brought nothing, controversy and havoc to our want to say ijust that trump gets elected. host: all right, anne, clayton, next, third party supporter. which candidate are you supporting? hello.: i am immigrant and looking at united states of and i can see that what context of in the other countries, what already there.d
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i will tell you why i don't want vote for hillary clinton and trump, i don't want to vote for represents ase she future, where rich people will be even richer and poor people will be poorer, even poorer than they are now. represents the american america didn't have so many immigrants that they now. but i'm afraid that now it's too late. was running 10 years ago, it would be greater chance for him to win. many americans don't understand how many immigrants the united here in
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states. -- ofat's why i am voting course i'm a citizen of the united states already for 30 years, and what i'm voting, i'm party for the green candidate. host: you say a citizen for 30 every have you voted in election in those 30 year? caller: yes, yes. lways voted for third-party candidate, yes. than now.her reasons i would really want to contribute, you know, to kind of preserving america. i don't want it to fall apart like happen to other countries because i already consider this as my country, i lived here for that i really don't see because i help really don't thapt globalist it is and i'm afraid that
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too late because so many immigrants already here. you ever gotten involved in politics more than voting? have you gone to work for a or something like that? caller: yes. helping with bernie sanders campaign. message was very it was a and i think better future than with clinton, because he's more honest politician, obviously. unfortunately, it didn't happen. host: what do you think bernie is politically? do you see another run down the him? for what do you want to see from the andidate you supported in the primary? caller: right. so when i see for bernie unfortunately many people and that i was hose working with, when we were were go iing,
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canvassing, going to people's houses to talk to people, of them got , many what ointed in bernie, so support. lost too much and many of those who wanted to believed im and who him now vote for trump. that is what i see. all right. that is north carolina, time for ew more calls, want to step away to focus on a story about security, cyber especially on a night on election night when so many rely to get information about the results and the future of the country, here is a recent from politico, media vulnerable to cyber attack, author of dman is that story, darren joins us by phone. what is the sohn,
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biggest concern in the cyber it comescommunity when to media vowelenerabilitys? hat have they been working on the most as they try to prepare for election night? guest: there are a couple cyber nt avenues that security experts are worried about that hackers themselves i looking at this election and thinking about ways to cause mischief. pretty t way would be major style bringing down of the internet like we saw two or ago with the giant ddos attack that made a lot of unusable. just imagine what it would be like tomorrow if the internet for election ble workers as they try to other, cate with each with people trying to get to polls and figuring out via togle map where is they need go, people doing last-minute research on the candidates, hard anyone has not been paying attention to the when on, but last day is
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procrastinators might look things up. if they can't, that might be and esting development could really have impact on turnout. is the websites organizations themselves, if the news organizations are brought down or if they are manipulated in shape or form, see results being manipulated. the press is vulnerable target and the most softest target that have, kers might want to as well, given the network they have to get results from of precincts across the country and call races f. hackers were to mess around with one of the results and do something to change them or at to think they e are different, you can cause oace and confusion leave the results up for debate and otentially challenge at least politically speaking here in these next 24 hours. note k it is important to the election results are not
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official tomorrow night, those will take a couple weeks. confusion and coace with respect to the media, if it gets hacked, ouldn't affect the ultimate outcome of the election. host: i know you talked to the when have theys, said about preparing for this and how big of a concern it is them? guest: the associated press didn't want to go too deep on discussing surety precautions but said they have taken them into account. published that article a couple weeks ago, there have efforts by and cyber security experts who have found a lot of vulnerability associate press' network. a couple years ago their twitter put out as hacked and ake hoax alert that said that the white house was under attack and the stock market spiralled in those few moments. necessarily take ap network, it could be the twitter account or facebook page that ould cause confusion we're
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thinking about here. host: in terms of preparation, difference between preparing for a hacker trying to get into files, versus trying to prepare for a targeted attack rom a state actor, when it comes to spectrum of preparation, much you can do if ou're on kind of the state actor end of that spectrum when attack? to a tieber guest: they're certainly spending, news organizations millions illions and and millions of dollars to do proper test on hygiene to see if websites are secure, make sure networks are secure, try and of course do all sorts of password protection efforts that you hear in a lot of news trained on s being double authentication, so if you ry to get in your e-mail account you will get your password subject to your phone. doing things like that. security experts warn everything in the world is pretty much hackable and we have seen it.
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when the government gets hacked or the intelligence agencies are white house is hacked, members of congress hacked, news organization in some respects vulnerable and can spend as much money as they want. f a hacker, especially foreign state actor, iran or north korea wanted to mess with election by after news organization, probably success envelope doing that. host: any involvement by the to try to help in preparation and if so, how is hat being received from the media that likes to be seen as ndependent as completely independent? guest: great question. they are aof this, warning news rganizations, meeting with the debate preparation, excuse me, debate moderator including your colleague of c-span and other major networks, helping hem think about it and sort of going analogue with respect to preparation and not putting via s online and sharing
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e-mail, but using paper to prepare in terms of questions. is definitely warning the news organizations what to do. on the flip side, absolutely, loathed talking to law enforcement and the government they themselves are a delicate it is line here. the warnings coming from the homeland security department attacks on state secretaries of state websites websites l government with respect to how they will be handling the election is news nly something the organizations are aware of and taking into account. samuelsohn, senior policy reporter with politico, appreciate your time this morning. having me.ks for host: should note for viewers, this topic was discussed on program that aired yesterday, election assistance commission chairman thomas hicks joined our program and amid part talked aboutssion,
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the recommendations that the eac is giving to news organizations. that out on in the to the calls last 10 minutes of the program today. one hone lines are yours, day until election 2016. tim in massachusetts, hillary clinton supporter. good morning. caller: hi. good morning, everybody. listen. i just want to say that tomorrow day for to be a great america. there has been so much cynicism on all sides from our conversation of the last half, and it is not a coincidence that tomorrow is a beautiful day across the entire nation and the everyone will have opportunity and god has given us vote.ason to go out and and i just want to say that a for donald trump is a vote
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for someone who is very much our current president. neafite, does al not understand how government works sdshgs not know how the government are run. and he will get less done than current president. there are two kinds of people in the world, there are people who others first, the people who help themselves first, have to decide which one donald is. but i ask you why did he take so to come forward? i believe it's because he is who climbs the ladder of power. after having achieved all the he could behind the scenes, he's trying to come out of the seams because here is nowhere else to go in terms of power. i want everyone to vote and hank you for doing so and
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please, let's all be rationale, thank you for your time. head to the line for donald trump supporter, cheryl, gardner, kansas. good morning. caller: fwd morning. my comment is that i wonder what kind of message it sends when going to be e electing the first woman president, who would be commander-in-chief. but she has to run on other platforms. barack obama's and bernie and she's got to save another man's legacy. host: okay. line. on the third party lawrenceville, georgia. good morning. caller: good morning. yes. i'm supporting gary johnson and appeal to make an any undecided left out there on gary johnson.
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one is theoretical and one is assuming that gary could actually win the election, the vote for him is that it is obviously our political duopoly is dysfunctional. no matter who wins tomorrow, hat moving forward is going to be a bit of a -- difficult and are y to know how things going to play out. we have two dysfunctional candidates. is going to be the president f. gary johnson were to be two people inhave the white house, we'd have vice president, both of whom worked with democratic and state houses who know how to cross the line and get things done. they have some core values. they are the only possibility of ing this divide between someone relatively
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objective in this seat o. a practical level, he's probably to win, but he's pulling close to 5%. f people want a third party, this is your opportunity to get a third party recognized as a pulls 5% of . he the vote, ballot access laws be on the we will ballot as libertarian party will the ballot moving forward and there will be -- have the $100 ty to collect the million worth of funds that the i.r.s. collects from your taxes year. host: if he doesn't reach that threshold, darren, what happens the libertarian movement, the next libertarian candidate? going to movetely forward, regardless of what appens fthey pulled three or four percent, more than we pulled pulled. it is a shot in the arm. i hate to say it. is the best thing
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that ever happened, and hillary the on that happened to libertarian party. it has a good, the future will be good for the libertarian will take a bit longer. host: one story in the section "washington post," margaret celllivan's column. media's 13 l bad, best moments of campaign 2016 about the big stories that broke and the journalist who broke them. two on the list, suzanne craig's mail call. "new york times" reporter picked up snail mail and part of tax return, s 1995 other times reporters, she turned this into scoop about how the candidate avoided paying taxes and lost nearly $1 billion year. david and his reporting on makes trump's foundation that list. 13 of the media's best moment ecessary campaign 2016 is
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headline on that story. on is in eagle river, wisconsin. hillary clinton supporter. ron, good morning. caller: yes, good morning. i just cannot believe that how forget about ans what happened eight years ago and what shape this country was going down the tubes then. to turn this ats around. anyone on the edge of the fence here, who is wondering who to think r, they should bernie who perhaps are sanders' fans, bernie is on the budget committee, would be head committee, if no other reason that is good reason to vote for hillary. thank you very much. host: back to the battleground state of florida. pensacola, joe is waiting, donald trump supporter. thank
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couple comments. ne, any average taxpayer disobeyed congressional order, jail.uld be put in that alone, i mean, people would be put in jail for less than hillary's done. second of all, i believe this to blame on we got ourselves on it. radical islamic terrorism has come about because ii.orld war we can thank the russians for wasn't for , if it the russians we wouldn't have won world war ii. as we recognize israel independent state and gave them palestinian when has been against and yous them. conflict. the we fund war against us, giving $1.7 billion. pakistan millions and billions islamic s going to
9:58 am
states and every one of them are against us and israel. every one of them. we just proved saudi arabia semi-terrorist and all that. islamic state sending terrorists toward israel. isis, on the issue of several news organizations reporting this morning kurdish the united cked by states announced on sunday the start of major military islamic to drive the state militants out of their elf-declared capitol of rakka, northeastern syria. to coincide , time with the military effort to mosul.the city of epprates rage. combustible wrinkle to the five-year-old syrian conflict. they note offense will take longer.ot time for one or two more calls. supporter.ld trump
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linda, go ahead. aller: thank you for taking my call. president obama's wife said it she said that if you, hillary wasn't fit to run her you be fit to can run the white house. i hope everybody will go out and vote for trump. thank you so much. host: all right. linda in tennessee. today's caller in "washington journal," we'll be right back here tomorrow morning 4 a.m. . eastern pacific. the day after the election, we'll start the program at 6:00 a.m. meantime, have a great monday.
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>> campaign coverage starting live at 11:00 a.m. eastern, with donald in sarasota, florida. at noon, hillary clinton's rally in pittsburgh. and president obama campaigning for secretary clinton in durham, new hampshire at 3:00 eastern, followed by another stock with donald trump as he makes his way from florida to scranton, pennsylvania. move from state to state, the schedule could shift. we will tell you any changes as we follow the nominees on this last day of the election. here is a look at some of the campaign and viewers are sitting around the country. mr. trump: there are some bad hombres here, and we are going to get them out. this is a country where we speak english, not spanish.


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