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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>>-- because it would make a real difference in what we could we're e, but right now just looking at maximizing our operation everywhere and work nothing coordination, bviously, with other candidate necessary both the house and senate and governorships. excited about the having a chance to make the today. the event tonight at ndependence hall is really meaningful to me, where it is and everyone who is there. [crowd speaking at once] seems to me over time, you've
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been ahead of your time, misunderstood, fought off a lot of prejudice. do you think that today america and is ready to accept you? hillary clinton: well, i think work to do to bring the country together. as i've been saying in these last few days, i really do want to be the president for everybody, people people who vote against me, because i think that splits, the divides have been -- not only exposed, the campaign on the other side, are ones that we eally do have to bring the country together. yes, absolutely. absolutely. i love this country and i believe in our people and we agenda ahead of us, but i'm excited. i think we will get a lot done think we'll bring the country together. talking at once]
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tolary clinton: we're going work until the last vote is counted. guys, can you get back on the plane. we have a few more photos, to the plane. host: hillary clinton in new ready tohe was getting start her day of campaigning. both candidates going to numerous states today. hillary clinton in pennsylvania and north carolina. onald trump visiting florida, where we just saw him in sarasota, he will head up to pennsylvania and be in michigan, as well. your calls, want to hear your thoughts this day before election day. florida. from sarasota, hi. caller: hi. i'm not independent, i've been a democrat all my life. that.sorry about i see that now. go ahead. caller: okay. been ayears old and i've democrat ever since i was 21, when you could vote. is an independent.
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we voted early and we voted for trump. he speaks for the people. e talks like the normal family talks in their home, he's not afraid to speak up. politician ypical and that's why we liked him. host: you're a democrat and you but this crat before, time decided to go with trump? caller: exactly. donald trump. right.all thank you for the call. another florida caller from lordes, republican line. caller: yes. listening.ead, we're a woman -- hi, i'm i know he's the best for the and he's going to help all the people that are under socialism and that is why we don't want in this country, especially, and that is why we
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are against clinton and the obama politician. cuba.mily is from we are a lot of them. for donald oting trump, to make everything better country. for women, we love donald trump, e's the best man for the president of the united states of america. thank you very much. arizona, r calling, mojave. hi, peter. caller: peter brian, independent write-in, campaign nothing arizona, give you update on the u.s. senate race. third or fourth place in the write-in column and ohn mccain, of course, according to the latest poll on friday, 42% for the incumbent mccain. tell you that i voted or myself on october 19th, let the presidential situation blank, two critical issues in proposition 205, legalizing marijuana in the polls.t
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50% for, 42 against. o numbers on proposition 206, which i voted -- host: thank you, peter, for the call. presidential the candidates. we will turn to the house and senate. is what ctions, here we're looking at. 246 republicans, 186 democrats three vacant seats in the house. ll 435, of course, up for election. 218 needed for majority in the house. there are 45 members who are not seeking re-election or running for other offices and that the 46 year new york charlie rangel. jeff miller of florida and chair, john mittee klein of minnesota. urn to the senate, here is a look at the current senate membership, including 54 democrats and two independents, who caucus with the democrats.
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up for election this cycle, 24 of those are republicans and are democrats and 5 senators are retiring, including harry reid, of nevada, and 24-year california democrat barbara indiana republican dan coates. of course, on tuesday, tomorrow, day, we will bring you key coverage of the house and as well as going to the election headquarters of both hillary clinton and donald now, takingfor right your phone calls, we want to thoughts this day before election day and here is wright in washington, north carolina. democrat. afternoon.s, good host: hi, joseph. what are your thoughts? caller: i've been voting since i was 18, i'm 64, retired u.s. marine captain, been all over the world. ever seent think i've
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anything like what is going on with trump. i can't believe there is so many uninformed people in this country. i have recorded 35 this last i invited 20 people to my home, 10 were on the fence, were trump supporters. 35 of those campaign rallies for them. of them,ally every one except when he would detour, basically the same tired rhetoric. the same.s everything host: anybody change their mind while at your house party? one of them. every one of them. took me two days to convince them. for the call. want to get a few more people in here. from david nacamura, "washington post" reporter. from inside air force one,
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obama is campaigning on behalf of hillary clinton. this is a look way down the monument as the president took off for anne michigan. another picture, secret service county snipers at wayne airport for president obama's arrival. your phone calls, mariah calling hobart, oklahoma, republican. mariah, go ahead. yes.r: -- what's his for name? goodness. host: what was that, mariah? forgot what it was, i want to vote for trump, he's a is the sident and trump best one for the united states going to bend he is ice president in america and i do not like that witch and that liar, she's a cheat, i
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says, care what anybody trump will be number one. say about them -- her, i got the right to say is not a good person, she's a cheat, she needs to be in prison. mariah from oklahoma. take a look, outside hillary linton's rally taking place in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. take your phone calls, you can let us know what hillary during the clinton rally, as well. ♪ ♪ host: more calls now. ♪ host: more calls now. fonda from lansing, michigan, democrat's line. what are your thoughts, day before election day? caller: hi. i'm actually excited about it. the right lary is becoming lead us into more united again.
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it's been such a long and it's been such a long and tedious road this election cycle and i know people probably feel very frustrated, as i did. i'm optimistic today. i know that she's going to unite the country. we've all made mistakes, but at supports's someone who everybody and i'm excited about that. host: all right. lansing, the call, michigan. let's see. lou, from rapid city, south dakota, republican. lou, are you with us? caller: yes. hi, go ahead, what are your thoughts? caller: well, i have a lot of thoughts. i'm an 86-year-old korean war veteran, on the ground 1950-1951. i watched elections since ranklin roosevelt, never seen anything so terrible as this been for -- presidential campaign over the last year or two. i might not be 100% for donald against t i am 100%
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hillary clinton and that's all i have to say. for: all right, lou, thanks the call. donald, kodiak, alaska, line for independents and others. donald? caller: i'm an independent and i -- the firstd of a president i voted for was gary did not support bill clinton, but in this supporting will be hillary clinton. i actually supported her in she was a really good candidate and the republicans spending the last trying to make sure she wouldn't get elected and i don't like it. independent in the u.s. senate race and i'm voting house independent in u.s. seat race and i'm actually voting against don young in the i'll vote race and for anybody, but don young. think hillary is really qualified. the e-mail issue was a bunch of a ke, the benghazi issue was
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bunch of smoke and she's most qualified candidate and i really i'll be voting tomorrow morning for hillary clinton. host: all right, donald, thanks frchlt alaska, lebanon, pennsylvania, democrat, john is on the line. john. caller: hello. host: hello, you have the floor. ye, i have one -- donald trump. host: okay. thanks, john. any more comments there? caller: yeah. don't know the reason why people vote for donald trump fulfilled has never any promise he has made to anybody. host: okay. always do things for himself. oncerning this trump university, all that he has done is promises a lot and delivered to anybody. so those who are trusting him,
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end of the day, they will see all they will get is a cup donuts from -- nothing else. call.thanks for the eb freanother battleground, north carolina. debbie, wake forest democrat. caller: yes. been registered democrat since i was old enough to register and i will tell you, i already did early voting. my vote went to donald trump. i think that he's exactly what need, he may not be quite as polished as we like that, comes for being a politician years, but i think he actually country in his heart north carolina. debbie, wake and i think hillary, once again, her oking how to fatten bank account, like i said, my vote went to donald trump. host: all right. debbie. north carolina, just reminder of our coverage today, we'll hit a the r of the states with nominees. donald trump, we just saw in sarasota, florida.
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hillary clinton, we'll be joining her shortly in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. 4:45 p.m. eastern time, obama will be campaign og her behalf in durham, new hampshire and we'll go back to donald trump, a rally in scranton, pennsylvania, at 5:30. then later tonight, 8 p.m., the obamas and the clintons campaigning together in philadelphia and donald trump rapids, n grand michigan, 11 p.m. eastern time. that.s for 11:45, hillary clinton in raleigh, north carolina. to hear ur calls, want your thoughts the day before day.tion jim frelake city, florida. caller: yeah, i just got through the trump rally in sarasota. host: uh-huh. caller: the main thing i want to say, i don't understand how the people of our country cannot see that isnt of corruption
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involved with hillary clinton and the clinton clan. and do we really want that in the white house? do we really want that running our country? donald trump, like he says himself, and i quote, i'm not a republican, i'm not a politician. host: uh-huh. caller: he's not a politician. he's an outsider. never had an outsider and we've never seen a the amount of people that show up to and do we really want that in the white house? do we really want that running our country? every rally he's day 1.ce donald trump is the only chance survive here. hillary clinton is going to keep that the same routine obama has got us in. i a small business owner, own jimmy's tire and mobile felt the d i have pressure that obama has put us through for the last eight like every other
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small business in this country. the only chance we have to donald trump, to be our president. nd they, the polls that are showing and showing and a lot of people look at polls and say going to is my personal opinion, those polls don't mean a thing, just numbers they are putting out to make people believe what they want to believe. jimmy, don't note, hold it against me, a couple i will show two of them. ne is being posted, mama's national poll. clinton 50%, that has not changed since mid-october. 44%, he went up, though, the other s, candidates, libertarian, johnson with the one more poll from the fox news national poll. of trump 48%, up 3 points since last week. 1 point and e up
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johnson and stein. ake your phone calls while we wait for hillary clinton appearing in pittsburgh. we can get one more call in before we go to hillary clinton and this is lincoln, independent. joyce, hi. caller: hi. all the time. i've been politically active for be hard to may have tand because i multiple sclerosis, but my other's brother died in korea, her uncle died in the and we are -- we when our hat any time sgft ill conceived, we have the change to not by bloodshed, which we could, but by the vote. and it was this year
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a difficult decision, i don't trump's opinion of -- i don't like his remarks about i don't like the fact that he filed bankruptcy so many times, i don't like the fact refused to pay $4 owed theo a realtor he money to and he had to sue to get it. i don't like what he said about hispanic judge. ost: joyce, i have a question for you. are you voting for hillary clinton or against donald trump? against 'm voting donald trump, but vimore faith in hillary. don't think and i do not democratic i hate -- socialists, they are not. i think we have to believe in social justice. host: thanks for the call. get one more in here. ohio, springfield, democrat. you are with us.
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caller: can you hear me? host: go ahead. been a democrat all my life. but this year i'm switching to trump. if people -- yes, can you hear me? right, thanks. host: teresa, sorry, we lost you wait here as we saw the motorcade pull up a moment ago. measure outthe tape there measuring for the scripts so we are there, going to go ahead and stay with the hillary clinton rally. pittsburgh, pennsylvania, and try to take this wrapsas soon as up. ♪ ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please the
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>> how we doing, pittsburgh? how we doing, pittsburgh? okay. you heard from our elected our senator. why the chef, why is he up here now? let me tell you, i'm a regular guy. i grew up in the next state new jersey. in a blue-collar town of elizabeth. dad was a correctional officer in the county jail, my lunch ran a school program. when i was 18 years old, my first election, there is a lot young people here, my first election when i was 18, was 1980. standing there, sitting in my living room watching the newscast, my dad on the couch after work. turned and said, that guy looks pretty good, dad. he said, don't be fooled. said, don't be fooled. my dad and i never had big, long
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conversations. he wasn't that kind of dad. he was always there for us. vote democrat. said, so i asked why, democrat? he said, because democrats are there for the underdogs, they are party of inclusiveness. they are there to make sure everyone gets their fair share, can live thatyone american dream. so that is the conversation my dad had, i had that conversation with my eldest son, who is 23 years old, when he was able to i look forward to having that conversation with my five year old and eight year old vote.they are able to i have to tell you, it is important, using your vote is you tant, young people, want to protest, protest this guy who thinks he is capable of country.his he can't even run a business bankrupt six een times. you want to protest?
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out there and protest against this republican party refuses to include everyone, that fights your right to vote, that is out there right in line making sure people can't -- this isn't american. this isn't what we do. we're better than this. they better not come here, huh? that's it. i got to tell you, i do have a to hillary.nection it was about 15 or 16 years ago, when i met hillary clinton for the first time. me, hat really struck number one, obviously the intelligence. obvious obviously, she is warm and acrossy, it doesn't come on the campaign trail often, i now someone who is warm and friendly and cares. i remember the conversation we had 15, 16 years ago.
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reason, the context in meeting her was that her and sounds t clinton, that good, president clinton sounds good, doesn't it? that sounds great. small party in one of my restaurants. having a mber her conversation about wanting to know whether or not i purchase from the upstate farmers, she really cared about the economy upstate and marrying to state economy and wanted to make sure i knew so many people ere out in upstate producing great food and we should support that. i was surprised at how much she new about the issue and that was one part of it. the other part, i stepped back. you want to know how someone truly is, watch them the people they work with. you see the warmth. you see the joy they had celebrating. you see how when she was talking talkingne, when she was to me, she wasn't looking over my shoulder at the next person
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me.ime, she was talking to that is the conversation she is having with every single person one-on-one conversation, about what this country can do when we all come together, when we include everyone. so i want you to for a second, to think about and this is what i think about, i have to my five ersations with year old and seven year old is wrong, why t is this guy talking bad about muslims? talking bad uy about women? what is sexual harass snment my year old and seven year old, they were playing and cooking news when i was for them. i have to explain to them, we shouldn't have to do this. are our children. they shouldn't grow up with women.s that demean they shouldn't grow up with people who go after a gold star the mother of someone who gave their life for our country. you're going to speak badly
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them? that is not our america. that's not it. at this here. flags here. look at them. red, white, and blue. it is not about red democrats and blue democrats, not about you wear red tie or blue tie or red or blue pant suit, it's not about that. look in between, what do you see in between? between. that is what holds us together, that is where we need to reside are, is where our hopes our dreams are. that is where we could be a better country. where hillary clinton resides, there knowing you could tie this country together, better when we actually work together, knowing we can take care of all the problems in the world when we use power for good. when we actually come together and solve our problems because we're better than that. we're stronger than that. stronger together. so tis my honor to introduce the
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united sident of the rodham hillary rot clinton. come on, make noise. [crowd cheering] hillary, anting hillary] [crowd cheering]
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hello, clinton: pittsburgh. hello. back there. [crowd chanting hillary] wow, it's great to be here at this extraordinary time in our country's history and at this university to have a tonce on a beautiful day lift our sites, to think about what we are capable of doing together, the kind of future that we can create if we search for and find common ground. thrilling to have traveled to see thecountry
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hopefulness, to talk about the positive changes that are occurring, to really see america at its best. and tomorrow, each and everyone decisionts to make a as to whether or not first you , because in pennsylvania, it is all about election day. other places around the country have been voting for weeks. and what you will vote for. i'm here to ask you to vote for for your vote families, vote for your futures, vote on the issues that matter to you, because they are on the ballot, not just my name and my opponents name. [cheering] thanky clinton: i want to
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tom colliculo. he's in the middle of opening one of his great restaurants, but he says he has these two small kids and just had to come and be part of lifting up this election and creating the kind of commitment that will bring a record-breaking number of americans to vote. we are on the path to see more american votes than we have ever seen in our history. [cheering] hoping clinton: i am that you won't just come out and vote. obviously i hope you vote for me, but i also hope you will send katie mcginty to the united states senate. [applause] hillary clinton: we have got some great elected officials here and i want to recognize congressman mike doyle, county
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executive rich fitzgerald, from , fromurgh mayor bill to do braddock, pa, mayor john sederman, but i mostly here to say thanks. thanks for taking time out for what the stakes are. i love you all, to come o, absolutely. [cheering] [crowd chanting hillary] hillary clinton: for those who are still making up your minds or thinking maybe it's not worth voting at all, let me just say
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the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon, between an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and an economy that is set up and run for those at the top. i have spent my public career fighting for kids and families and standing up for our country. privilege ofe the your vote tomorrow, that is what i will do every single day of my presidency. i will get up in the white house and i will think about what i can do that day to knock down barriers, to create you haveties so that the chance to fulfill your own dreams. america's believe
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best days are still ahead of us. [applause] now thatlinton: doesn't mean we don't have to work for it, because we do. that doesn't mean we can just expect it to happen as kind of a birthright. but i really believe that. i would not have worked for 18 months, traveled across our country, fought as hard as i have about what we need to do and how to do it together, proudly stand up and defend the legacy of president obama, which has given our country progress in the right direction. [applause] hillary clinton: if i do not believe with all my heart that we could do this, right? we can do this. [applause] hillary clinton: we don't have to accept a dark and devices vision for america -- divisive
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vision for america. tomorrow you can hope for a hopeful, inclusive, bighearted america. and our core values are being tested in this election and i know that people are frustrated. and of people feel left out and left behind. and even anger in our country. anger is not a plan, my friends. if we are going to harness our energy and try to overcome our problems, then we have got to start talking to each other again. we have to get good ideas wherever they come from. last night, i was in manchester, new hampshire. khan, whosehizr
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son was killed. you might remember him from the democratic convention. meant to be on the stage of a political convention, but when he heard my opponents say what he said about muslims and he looked at the flag that had been draped on his son's coffin, he felt compelled to speak out. about whatwerfully america means to him and how we have to defend our values and our constitution. sone said last night, his serving in the united states saw somethingunit suspicious, moved toward it, check it out, telling his men to stay behind. and when the car exploded, he
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lost his life. he had the bronze star and the purple heart, but as mr. khan said, when you listen to all the people of my opponent has insulted and denigrated, would there be a place in donald trump's america for captain khan? the khan family gives me hope because they truly believe in the values of this country of ours and they have stood up holding the constitution as he did at the convention to say people around the world cherish this constitution, believe in hope fors, a source of billions of people. we will never, ever let that go and we will not let someone
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ripped it away in the kind of negative, divisive, hateful campaign that we have seen in this election. [applause] sometimes when: i hear my opponents speak, i don't recognize him. it doesn't mean we don't have problems and challenges. it doesn't mean we shouldn't do more to help our country get better economic opportunities. of course we do. i believe we can. i love our country. i love the american people. i know what we are capable of. [applause] through our history, generations of americans have risen together to meet the test of their time. builtefended democracy, the greatest middle-class the world has ever seen, marched for
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civil rights, for workers rights, and for people with disabilities [applause] . hillary clinton: will we be coming together as a nation or tear face further apart? -- things further apart? what we set goals that all of us meet? will be turn on each other and pit one group of americans against another? now our names will be on the ballot tomorrow, but those values and those you care about will be there too. what kind of country do we want? i particularly think about this for young people as i look at these faces and so many americans who deserve the same
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opportunities that so many of us were given. we will make sure they are available, because if you think about what it takes to have a thriving america, it comes down to a couple of key things. if you believe america rise when the middle class thrives, you have to vote. we will make the biggest investment and jobs since world war ii, jobs and infrastructure, small business, clean energy, advanced manufacturing. [applause] hillary clinton: we are going to actually deliver on that unlike my opponent, who makes his products mostly overseas, using chinese steel and aluminum, instead of being made by american steel workers right here in pennsylvania. we are specially going to win
12:42 pm
best in communities that are left out. we're going to stand up for america.hting across if you believe in the economy as i do, than the national minimum shouldo no one who works be in poverty. we are going to do more to support working families with affordable childcare, paid leave. [applause] hillary clinton: i've got to tell you. this is also the biggest applause ever. i know it's not fair, but it's , but if you are working,
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you don't want her hurt, do you? when i talk about equal pay, my opponent says i'm playing the woman's card. you know what i said? deal me in. [applause] if you believe our kids should have good schools, that you should vote. if you believe we should make college affordable for every young person, then you should vote. having some problems with the feed coming in from the rally. we are going to try to get back to pittsburgh and work on that signal and see if we can get back to the rally.
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a number of events that we are covering today -- 4:45 p.m. eastern time, we will be with president obama in durham, new hampshire. we're going to join donald trump again in scranton, pennsylvania. tonight at 8:00 p.m., we will hear from both the obamas and the clintons in philadelphia. at 11:00, back with donald trump in grand rapids, michigan. clinton p.m., hillary will be in raleigh, north carolina. want to take a look at pennsylvania senate democratic candidate katie mcginty. we are going to try to the hillary clinton rally if we can if that signal comes back to us. [cheering] katie mcginty: all right. woohoo!
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i don't know -- anybody have any energy around here? anybody, anybody? house?sburgh in the [cheering] katie mcginty: we have a mission here. i need some people who are ready to get out there and vote tomorrow. everybody put up your hand and say i'm bringing three people to the polls with me. do i have three? how about five people to the polls? i think this is a crowd that knows what it means to get out there and make history. so who is ready to welcome in just one day madam president? [applause] [cheering]
12:46 pm
but you know that i have a special request when we are shattering that glass ceiling in the white house, will you help me shatter the glass ceiling in the u.s. senate as well? [applause] thinkmcginty: because i his is a crowd that gets it. toomeyime to send pat packing. [applause] katie mcginty: here's what we know. here's what we know. we have to win. our mission is urgent. ,hink what is on your heart what is on your mind. it is all on the ballot tomorrow. this is a crowd that knows what's on my heart and my mind is that every child in this country deserves a decent education and your zip code is not your destiny.
12:47 pm
it is on the ballot. i think what everyone here knows for sure is that college needs to be affordable. it is on the ballot. street" toomey think this good if you pay high interest rates because the banks like it, but it's not good for families. it's on the ballot. on this beautiful day, we can't help but think climate change is on the ballot. donald trump says claim a change -- climate change is a hope by the chinese and pat toomey is standing with him. we are standing with her and saying that climate change as well is on the ballot. we know that and we know that the spring court -- supreme court is up for grabs. that means that every right, every privilege that we hold dear is on the ballot. come on. women's rights are on the
12:48 pm
ballot. [cheering] katie mcginty: lgbt rights are on the ballot. dignity and respect needed. civil rights are on the ballot tomorrow. we have got to get out and vote. it's urgent. but here's what else we know. every one of those issues is so important, but what is on the ballot tomorrow is bigger than any single one of those issues, because what is on the ballot is the soul and spirit of this country. human decency itself is on the ballot tomorrow. absolutely. [applause] katie mcginty: now i don't know about any of you, but did anybody happen to catch michelle obama speech in new hampshire? anybody hear that speech? she was speaking for me for sure in saying that this is not the new normal.
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we do not accept what we have heard from the republicans and donald trump, what we have heard in terms of fear and division and hate. that is not america. we don't accept it. that is not the new normal in this country. [applause] katie mcginty: and michelle obama said it. she said that she was shaken to her core, shaken to her core by what she heard and shaken to my core, too. we have a choice. the choice is this -- we can be shaken or we can be shaken into action. anybody here ready to act? yes we are. trumpe hear is donald insult a muslim american family that made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. we are shaken into action. [applause] katie mcginty: what we hear is donald trump brag about assaulting women. this mother of three teenage girls, i'm shaken into action.
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that will not stand. [applause] katie mcginty: and when we hear donald trump who has earned and now received the endorsement of the ku klux klan, we are shaken into action. that is not america. that will not stand. that is not who we are. but now what of our man, pat toomey? where is he anyway? withys he has differences donald trump and he is waiting to be persuaded. differences? i don't know. i'm in northeast philly girl. that is sounding mighty dainty to me, mighty dainty and delegate. -- delicate. we know he has waited for the next poll and the next poll in the next poll. that is spineless. --kurds, no character
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courage, no character. putting himself before his constituents and his commonwealth and his country. we know in politics that the task of her age and character is doing what is right even if it costs you a few votes coul. pat toomey has failed his courage and character. we know about pat "wall street" --mey and his policies voting against renewable energy jobs, voting against college education and affordable tuition. he has cost good people and good jobs. you agree that it is time for pat toomey to loose his job? [applause] but we arety: blessed in this country because there are some leaders who never failed the test.
12:52 pm
there are some leaders who stand up with courage and character. pat toomey has not manned up to donald trump. but i think we know who has manned up to donald trump and her name is hillary clinton. [applause] [cheering] katie mcginty: she has never felt the test of fighting for kids and women and families and regrowing the middle class. now i want to know -- anybody here, are we going to fail the test for hillary clinton or are we going to fight and are we going to work and are we going to win? let's go get them. [applause] [cheering] ♪ host: katie mcginty campaigning for u.s. senate. she appeared just before hillary clinton appeared at her rally in pittsburgh.
12:53 pm
unfortunately we had some problems with the signal, but we are going to be bringing a number of live events to you today here on c-span on this very last day before election day. at 4:45 p.m. eastern, we will be with president obama. he will be in durham, new hampshire, and then back to another donald trump rally. he will be in scranton, pennsylvania at 5:30 p.m. eastern time. at 8:00 p.m. tonight, both the obamas and the clinton's will be in philadelphia, pennsylvania. at 11:00 p.m. eastern, donald trump heads west. he will be in grand rapids, michigan. we will join hillary clinton once more at 11:45 p.m. eastern in raleigh, north carolina. take a look at our election night coverage. this is tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern live from both the headquarters of hillary clinton and donald trump. we will also be bringing you some of the key house and senate races.
12:54 pm
246 for republicans, 186 for democrats, and three currently vacant. all seats are up for election and 218 are needed for whichever party wants the majority. the senate currently at 54 republicans, 44 democrats, to independence -- two independents. we are going to take a look at our newsmaker program now, talking about the u.s. voting system. join us live later on today for more campaign events. on this last "newsmakers" before the 2016 election, we focus on the machinery, the process, and the vote. connecticut secretary of state joins us from hartford. to help with our questions and studio, jeff mason is a white house reporter for reuters.
12:55 pm
anna palmer is the popular author at politico. you have the first question. donald trump has repeatedly said on the campaign trail that the system is rigged, questioning the integrity of our election in general. do you believe that he is selling legitimate concerns ourut whether or not elections are actually going to have the right result at the end of the day? host: secretary merrill, i will let you begin. guest: nice to be here. i would have to say about the question of rigging the election, that even the question is distracted. -- destructive. there is absolutely no evidence that there is a conspiracy to overturn or change u.s. election results. claim hass of this been massive distrust in the system in connecticut and elsewhere.
12:56 pm
i'm having reports of hundreds of people calling in and saying how are you counting my votes? are there in illegal aliens voting? the problem is the claim is very vague. when you say rigged the election, i'm not sure what he meant, but plays into the fears that people have that their vote will not be counted. for my mind, just the claim thee is destructive and fact that it's kind of overstated would be an overstatement of the problem that really does not exist. there's lots of reasons, which many of us have been explaining at length for the last month or that, foring the fact example, none of the election equipment where results are tabular did are connected to the internet, for example. people assume it's going to be some sort of internet-based hacking of a system and it is not even possible. that is the beginning of why it is a preposterous idea. host: mr. hicks? mr. hicks: i want to thank you
12:57 pm
for allowing me to be on your show today could one of the things that i wanted to make sure the amazing people know is that they should have the confidence in our system that it will function well on election day. over 30 million people have already voted early, so there's alternative methods if you have some sort of doubt that you want to ensure that your vote is counted. votes are going to be counted on election day. votes are cast before election day. the election system is working well. this is the most secure the election system has ever been. the election assistance commission, my fellow commissioners and i have traveled around the country at the invite of many officials to see the process play out. i am in chicago today because i'm seeing early voting take place. over 100 machines were hooked up for voters in this one precinct and none of them were connected to the internet. all of them had secured ties to them. to interfereempted
12:58 pm
with the process, there were security there, poll workers there. the system will function as well as it can be. in terms of what the candidates said, i welcome those things that he did say in terms of ensuring that people go out and serve as poll workers. if you see the process from the inside, you will see that it functions well. in terms of poll watchers, as long as people ensure that they are operating in the means of the law, they can serve as poll watchers. we do not want people out there intimate dating folks or trying to influence the process. we want everyone to be able to cast their ballot and have those ballots counted accurately. guest: are you expecting there to be a lot of unannounced or unplanned poll watchers showing up across the country? if so, how will each of the
12:59 pm
various poll places deal with that and how should they do with that? mr. hicks: we are not expecting that, but as it has done throughout its history, they are contingency plans for everything. what the election officials have done in the process has take place. , the elections are run by the state and not by the federal government itself. if i'm a voter and i go into a polling place and i'm feeling intimidated, i should talk to the election officials that are there. if that does not alleviate my concern, then i should talk to local law enforcement, but i should not be intimidated to on election day or to cast that ballot for election day for the states that allow it. guest: we recently did a poll that found that 41% of voters thought the election could be "stolen." are you surprised by that number?
1:00 pm
what are you guys trying to do to make sure that people are reassured before they actually go and vote or that they do go vote because they think is not going to count? host: secretary merrill? sec. merrill: yes, i'm not surprised by that given the kinds of conversations that have been going on lately. i think that if there is anything good to come out of this, there are two things. we are all kind of on high alert. i think many secretaries across the country who are usually charged with advising on elections in every state, they do it somewhat differently, but they have all come out and talked openly about how the election is administered. i think it has been a bit of a revelation and sort of an educational process, which is the second good thing to come out of all this. people are asking, how does it really work? it is very local. people were talking about intimidation at the polls, but in no most every state, that moderator of the polling place is in charge with keeping order.
1:01 pm
there's lots of supports for that people now understand that these elections are very local. that's a good thing because you have an actual human being there you can talk to about what's going on or whatever the problem might be. trust always operated on to a certain degree. i'm afraid people are questioning some of that now and perhaps we are all getting an education on how elections really do run in this country . host: it is hard to say where that questioning or mistrust come from, but there have been reports of tampering and incorrect data when it comes to voter registration rolls. i want you to talk a little bit about that. why do those systems seem more vulnerable? why don't you think that that could spill over into the results of the election? i just wanted to expand a little bit on the last question before we move on in
1:02 pm
that i was really surprised about that 41% number. i hope that as this election season draws to an end that we continue to talk about these when 2017 rolls around that americans can still participate in the process in terms of the things that eac is doing in terms of the voluntary voting system guidelines in terms of voting machines. as we look at how we advance the process, we look at being involved in the process as well. host: secretary merrill on voter registration rolls. sec. merrill: yes, again, people should understand that the mostly computer right fo registered voter registration rolls are state-by-state and there's not a lot of sharing across state lines. it is true that many people are cross registered in many states. that is because people move.
1:03 pm
as a great deal of mobility now. we are very hesitant before we take anyone off the rolls appropriately. you should also understand that the voter registration databases are one piece of election administration. they are not connected to the election results tabulation. again in most states, voter registration lists are still printed out on paper. paper isy perhaps, still the best medium for elections. in advance of the elections, the voter registration lists are printed out. people are checked in largely on paper, sometimes on electronic poll books. most of them are not connected in any way to the election result system, if you will. again, there's kind of a checks and balance theire. as far as the election rolls being accurate, there has been talk of people being on the roles.
1:04 pm
that again is because we still do not have a national database. that is because of elections are run by each individual state. there have been efforts to "clean up" the roles, but every state as i understand it, and mine included, the local registrars do canvases ever year and make many attempts to keep the roles accurate. mostly the inaccuracy comes from cross registration from people who did not realize that you need to cancel your registration in one state before you go to another one. we have a consortium of states where we are now information sharing. i think the election lists are probably better than they ever have been because they now are computerized. at thatl get checked in desk. you still get checked in at every precinct. that is still the best way to make sure that people who are voting are voting once and only where they reside. host: is a national database
1:05 pm
something you would advocate for? sec. merrill: not necessarily. jealouslyates still guards that states right to run elections locally. i think it is probably, as you are seeing now, probably a good thing that states do it. they do it somewhat differently. there are federal lik regulations and the eac does provide guidelines for all that. within very small margins, the states really do administer elections. i'm not sure and national database could be possible. it might be. i think the consortium we have joined is a good first step toward something like that. host: mr. hicks, did you want to jump in? mr. hicks: i agree with that and i would like to add that online voter registration is that the lists are a lot clearer now than they have been in the past. but states do when they talk to each other through programs like
1:06 pm
the electronic records and information center, i think the states are doing a better job of ensuring those folks are a lot cleaner. i want to say that we want to make sure we keep the people who deserve to be on those lists on the list. i would air on the side of uncleanhe list a little even though we are going our best to it so we are not disenfranchising people, so that if someone does show up at the polls and their name was mistakenly taken off that they are still allowed to vote. we want to make sure those people who do show up to vote are on the list as well. guest: you have acknowledged some of the concerns that have been raised in the public about what will happen with the vote. our state and counties doing anything differently this year compared to previous election cycles to ensure the results are clear and correct?
1:07 pm
can you walk us through sort of how that has happened? in some of the states that i visited, the logic and accuracy testing that is open to haveublic, the states invited the public and to see that. i think this election cycle has been different than any other feed i think as we move forward, all election cycles are different. the contingency planning, for theance, four weeks ago, week before the national election, hurricane sandy occurred. i think that has played into the rhetoric of states being prepared for whatever functions may happen. you cannot prepare for everything, but i believe states are prepared for a number of issues during this election thee and from experience in last election cycles to ensure the election will move forward. counting machines, they make
1:08 pm
sure that those machines are clean and accurate. i want to make sure that folks know that the results that you see on election night are not the official results. the official results occur several days later. if there is -- if it takes a little bit longer, we want it to be accurate. we want to make sure that things function well. to eac has put out guidance election officials on making sure that their databases are up-to-date. and to ensure that their election night reporting facilities are secure and accurate as well. we have worked with dhs, we have worked with the fbi in finding out more threats that may have happened. we don't know of any credible threats right now, but we want to ensure that the american people have the confidence to go out and cast their ballots on election day or before the early voting. bet: is that normal to working with dhs and fbi or is
1:09 pm
that something specific to this year's election? mr. hicks: that is something specific for this year's election. the states and locals have worked before with the fbi and the department of justice and local law enforcement because of threats that may have occurred with polling places and things like that. of making sure that the election is secure overall . for instance, making sure the election equipment is secure, so they work with local law enforcement or security to ensure those things are done as well. host: are you talking about the physical security of their or cyber security? mr. hicks: i'm talking about physical security. in the past, they've worked on local law enforcement and other law enforcement agencies on the physical security. this year, it is new to the working with the law enforcement agencies on cyber security. host: secretary merrill, did you
1:10 pm
want to respond as well? sec. merrill: yes, i would echo everything tom has said. years ago we were part of the hurricane sandy problem in our state. as a result, i cochaired a committee that did emergency plans for every state. many states have emergency plans for elections. we are certainly keeping those up-to-date this year, and those include things like what do you do when the electricity goes off? what he do when one of your polling places is underwater like we had years ago? that is a very real problem. it sounds like the weather will not be an issue this year. the emergency plans are good for other things. i think we are on a bit of an extra alert. the cyber security thing is new and i'm part of the committee that tom is describing where we are working with dhs, which is the first time they have been involved. we are hoping it will result in quick communication should there be some sort of threat. said before, since the
1:11 pm
election results systems are generally not connected to the internet, the problem might be perhaps with a list or some sort of attack that would slow things down in some way on a national basis. hopefully we will get first word if that occurs or anything like that. it is hard to imagine what it would be, but it's a good indication system. i think everyone in the country is trying their best. in everyion officials state are doing their best to make sure the election goes smoothly. we all remember 2000 and the hanging chads. that has been under discussion this year and i think that discussion in the end may produce a profit of result -- positive result, which is everyone will be extra careful to follow protocols. mr. hicks: i want to build on what secretary merrill is talking about their and add one other piece. i hope that the news media, because a lot of americans receive their election night reporting through the news media , is also prepared for this
1:12 pm
election. we saw a few weeks ago a denial of service attack that slow down the internet service on the east coast and beyond. i hope that the news media is also preparing for this election cycle because they are part of it as well. host: is the election assistance commission giving any guidance on how to do that for news media? mr. hicks: we haven't, but we could. if anyone wants it, we are more than willing to give that advice. host: what would be a piece of advice that you would give specifically on how to prepare? mr. hicks: one thing would be to ensure that denial of service does not occur. make sure that any pdfs that are coming in or anything like that, to ensure that you have up-to-date virus scans done to ensure that the electricity and other things like that, that you have backups to that as well. there's a number of different things that we could get to you
1:13 pm
on that topic. guest: you talked about the contingency planning on the front end of this. foryou also prepared potential legal challenges by donald trump or potentially other voters or other people in terms of challenging the results? host: secretary merrill? go ahead. mr. hicks: the election assistance commission does not deal with the challenges that way. that would be something that is done either through the lawyers with the senate or house. we would not be involved in that at all. sec. merrill: legal challenges would probably be on a state-by-state basis. connecticut, as in many other states, actual enforcement of definitelaws is in a and bipartisan commission separate from the secretary's office. thatwould be the ones would be called on to take action or the state would be defended by our attorneys general.
1:14 pm
we are prepared for that sort of thing and i think most states are in the general way that you would be in any election. i do want to mention one thing that we sort of alluded to. is one new thing this year and that as many states are implementing computerized results systems. in connecticut, we call it our election management systems. that means the results will be uploaded electronically to make them quicker and frankly more accurate. most of the errors we see on election night or human errors. at the end of the long day, people are adding up numbers and sometimes they get transparent. -- transposed. as tom said, these are unofficial results. it only comes in the play if there's a close election. we have two to three weeks in every state to verify the results, so we go back and check against a paper copy in most cases. the slowdown on election night might occur with a denial of newice of some of these
1:15 pm
systems, which are on the internet in many cases. if that happens, i think all of us are prepared with systems. we still have policeman bringing up the results from certain small towns. the old-fashioned ways are still and they will be called into play if there some sort of breakdown in the system. host: we have got about 10 minutes left in our "newsmakers" interviewed. . secretary merrill, you are democratic elected secretary of state. what is your role? sec. merrill: this year i'm president of the national association. a bipartisan, nonpartisan group where we share best practices and things like that. and we one-year term rotate democrat and republican. host: mr. hicks, if you could talk a little bit about where the election assistance commission came from and what your budget is as you work to help voting systems around the country?
1:16 pm
came aboutthe eac after the 2000 election. and signed by president bush october 29, 2002 to basically helped states with the administration of elections. we gave out $3.4 billion to the states to purchase new voting , topment, to have elections have statewide databases for voter registration, to reform things like provisional ballots. one of her biggest functions as are voluntary voting system guidelines, which we are updating now and hope to have finished by the end of next year or the beginning of 2018. the standards have not been updated for over 10 years. part of that is due to the fact that eac was not functioning for a number of years. my colleagues and i are working very hard to ensure those standards are written in a way that ensures that innovation takes place. these last standards were
1:17 pm
written before the iphone was done. or other smartphones or tablets as well. we want to make sure we move forward with that. the eac gives best practices to the states in terms of voting practices and shares those. we also have a number of resources we provide the voters. we recently did a voter card for people who have disabilities. that car can be put in your wallet to remind you of your rights. we also put it in braille and large print. we did it through a qr code so that you can scan it with your own device and pull it out to see what your rights are as a disabled voter. we want to make sure disabled voters can vote securely and privately like other individuals. a little bit at the top of this conversation about the topic of rigging the election. is it even possible? if you wanted to rig an election, how would you do it?
1:18 pm
rating election would be -- go in, secretary merrill. host: go ahead. sec. merrill: it is hard to imagine what it really means. what is implied is that there itld be somebody -- at first seemed like the accusation was someone out of the country or some sort of cyber attack. it is pretty clear that that would be very difficult to imagine because, like i said, the result systems are really not electronic. subtractingdding or of names on the voter registration lists. that also would be difficult because it could be detected pretty quickly. the fact that there is over 10,000 precincts, jurisdictions, that is not even counting all the polling places in the country. they are pretty independent. even the states, like my office,
1:19 pm
we are advisory. the moderator of each polling place is kind of in charge of that place. they are charged with following the law with the state and the federal government in the election. a lot of us are kind of scratching our heads to see what this really even implies. we are trying to think of every scenario that we can. i think there is some sense that there is lots of illegal aliens voting. i think that is the subtext of some of this. it is hard to imagine how that would happen. there has been a long fight over voter id requirements in this country. what it comes down to is a lot of us feel that making sure that every eligible citizen can vote is the most important goal we all share. it is how you get there that is the question. that is behind all the fights
1:20 pm
over what we need to identify someone as a voter. , andng something like that that on a grand scale is kind of hard to imagine. host: mr. hicks on hypothetical rigging scenarios. mr. hicks: rigging the election is something a lot of folks have talked about in terms of people casting votes who should not be casting votes or suppressing the vote by preventing other people from casting their ballot. one of the things i want to if thewith this is that way that these scenarios are being described, you would need an army of tens of thousands if not millions of people to pull off the rigging of the election the way that things are being described. the machines are not hooked up to the internet. they are secured by election officials and poll workers. has guidelines on securing voting equipment. we want to ensure that if you have any sort of suspicion that
1:21 pm
those things are taking place, you need to report those because it is still a felony to commit voter fraud. it is still a felony to suppress people's votes. we want to ensure that could not somethings the eac would do. that is something law enforcement would participate in or the department of justice. there's a number of addressing troops -- advocacy groups to call to express your opinion if you feel the vote is being rigged. guest: obviously there's a lot a focus on cyber attacks. how common is actual in person voter fraud? is that something that is a wide set problem or not really an issue? mr. hicks: it's not. sec. merrill: extremely rare . host: mr. hicks, go ahead. mr. hicks: it is extremely rare to have in person voter fraud. sec. merrill: there's quite a large academic body of work that supports that. researchers have tried to find
1:22 pm
in person voting fraud out there and i think one researcher described it as you are more likely to be hit by lightning than to experience voter fraud. host: mr. hicks, i want to ask you about overseas voters and military voters who are serving overseas. how do you make sure that voting process is as secure as in the precincts here in the united states? mr. hicks: ok, so the military and overseas voters through the act passed in 2010, have two important features. they are able to receive their ballots 45 days before the federal election. they are also a labeled -- able to receive it electronically. some states allow it to be received electronically as well. there have been concerns raised about the hacking of those votes. we want to ensure that our men and women fighting for our right
1:23 pm
to vote overseas have another way to get their votes back as quickly as possible. some of those votes in the past, when they have sent those best from combat zones, have not been counted because they have gotten here not in time. we want to ensure that we can make sure that our men and women overseas can have their votes counted as well. as we move forward, we want to see if there are other ways we can go about ensuring that andle can cast their votes have those votes counted accurately. so come january when we have a new president, whoever that might be, the eac is looking at ways to go about our functions for the next year or so. we want to look at ways to ensure that we look at other ways to cast ballots as well. we are not making the same arguments 10 years down the road that the right to vote is
1:24 pm
not secure. host: just a minute or two left. i want to give jeff mason the last question. guest: you mentioned that there is good research and little evidence to support widespread problems. why is that viewed so differently by the different parties? why is it something that republicans and democrats see differently despite the research and the evidence you are citing? host: secretary merrill, i will let you start. sec. merrill: i'm not sure. like all things in the country right now, i think it's a bit politicized. most of their case rests on the fact that they want -- the republicans seem to want more polls ination at the spite of the fact that there is little evidence that there is in person voter fraud, just to be sure. i do not think it rests on the evidence one way or the other. it is just a sense that there are a lot more people who are not citizens, perhaps not legal
1:25 pm
in the country, and we want to make sure those people are not voting. i do not think evidence plays into it very much. i think it is more the sense of distrust that is now pervasive in the country about almost all institutions. if youstion is always -- need to get a specific kind of id to get on an airplane, why shouldn't we require an id to vote? that ignores the fact that plenty of these people in the country do not have ids for one reason or the other. that is the battleground. it's not so much on ids themselves, whether that you should have them say who you are when you get to the polls. it is more about what kind of id should be required to have in order to prove you are who you are. it comes back to a more profound distrust now than before. host: chairman hicks, our last 30 seconds or so. mr. hicks: i would say that i
1:26 pm
spent 11 years working in the united states congress on the committee of house administration. when i first got there, there was a lot of camaraderie on different issues. one we would say that you might have your point of view and i have my point of view, but there has to be some sort of common ground. toward getting that common ground and pass legislation that we felt was beneficial to the american people, not necessarily to a political party, but to the american people. that is not our role at the eac. our role is to interpret the law as congress sees fit. in my own capacity as an american, i hope we can get back to that. host: we will have to end it there on our last "newsmakers" before election day. chairman hicks and secretary merrill, good luck in the days ahead. thanks as well jeff mason with reuters and anna palmer with
1:27 pm
politico. good luck to you. thanks a lot. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> election night on c-span -- watch the results to be part of a national conversation about the outcome. be on location at the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters and watch victory and concession speeches in key senate and house government races. that starting live at 8:00 in eastern and the following toy for hours. watch live on c-span, on demand at, or use the free c-span radio app. ♪ after i came up with this idea, first of all, i did research information because this is definitely the case with a lot of pieces that will be done with this competition, but mental illness especially. it's a complicated issue.
1:28 pm
it's not black and white. it is so multifaceted that i want to get a basic knowledge of what i wanted to talk about in this piece. it is so complicated that i cannot talk about it all and 5-7 minutes. >> it's a really broad topic and i thought it would be nice to have a focal point that i want to focus on. before i even started interviewing my parents, i got some quotes on the internet before i started shooting. i researched this topic extensively. this is my dad's pharmacy and i talked to the pharmacist there. i talked to my mom and her colleagues and coworkers. i actually went to the library. >> a lot of internet research to find more facts and data and statistics about employment of those with developmental disabilities and. to see really what was going on . most of the information i got off the internet came from government founded websites, so
1:29 pm
that is how i knew that most of the information that i was getting was legitimate. >> this year's theme -- your message to washington, d.c. tell us what is the most urgent issue for the new president and congress to address in 2017. our competition is open to all middle school or high school students grades six through 12 awarded in cash prizes. students can work alone or in a group of three to produce a 5-7 minute documentary on the issue selected. include some c-span programming and also explore opposing opinions. the $100,000 in cash prizes will be awarded and shared between 150 students and 53 teachers. of $5,000 will go to the student or team with the best overall entry. this year's deadline is january 20, 2017, so mark your calendars and help us spread the word to student film makers. for more information, go to our website at coming up live here on c-span
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on this election day eve, president obama obama campaigning for the democratic presidential nominee, hillary clinton, in new hampshire. the president is scheduled to appear at 4:45 p.m. eastern time followed by a stop with the republican presidential nominee, donald trump, as he makes his way to pennsylvania. he will be in scranton at 5:30. continuing tonight, hillary appearing with the obamas in philadelphia. donald trump has to grand rapids, michigan at 11:00 eastern. we finish it up with a campaign stop with hillary clinton in raleigh, north carolina. we will keep you posted on any changes. there is donald trump from earlier in sarasota, florida, where political reports hillary clinton a razor thin edge over mr. trump. ♪
1:31 pm
mr. trump: in one day, we are going to win the great state of florida, and we are going to take back the white house. we are going to take it back. florida is my second home, a state i love so much. and, by the way, hillary, once this is over, she will never
1:32 pm
come back to florida. she's got nothing to do with florida. i'm here with the houses in the buildings and thousands and thousands of employees who we love. she's got nothing to do with this place. she doesn't know florida, that i can tell you. but i am really thrilled to be here. this is the last day of our campaign. who would have believed it? it has been some campaign, too. it has been some campaign. they say it is the single greatest movement, politically speaking, in the history of this country. can you believe that? that is quite an honor. they say we will get a tremendous amount of credit, win or lose. i said no, no, no, i don't want any credit if we lose. i'm not looking for credit.
1:33 pm
i'm looking to make america great again. this election will decide whether we are ruled by a corrupt political class. you have been watching what's going on -- the system is rigged. the system is rigged. at least we know it and people in this country, i think because of us, have never known it so obviously as a do now. the system is totally rigged. hillary clinton should not even be allowed to run for the presidency of the united states. she shouldn't be allowed to run. disgraceful. what's happening is a disgrace and our country is a laughingstock all over the world
1:34 pm
with what is happening with our justice, our country is a laughingstock all over the world, they are laughing. if we win -- you know what you can do -- go out and vote tomorrow. that's what you can do. that is the only way. that is where you beat the rigging. if we win, the corrupt politicians and their donors lose. if they win, the american people lose big league. this is it. we will never have another opportunity. it will be over with supreme court justices and people pouring into our country, this is it. good luck, get out there -- i did my thing. [applause]
1:35 pm
yesterday, they said i set a record. i had crowds -- massive crowds. thank you. but yesterday, we set a record. we went to seven different states. you ought to see these crowds. in michigan, which i think we are going to win michigan, by the way. we are going to win michigan. do you know what we are going to win? we're going to win minnesota. we are leading big in ohio. we are leaving in iowa. we are leading in new hampshire, where i'm going in a little while. we are leading in north carolina. we are doing very, very well in pennsylvania. you watch what's going to happen in pennsylvania. the miners are going to come out, the steelworkers who lost
1:36 pm
their jobs are coming out. by the way, lots of people surrounding philadelphia are going to come out because they want to vote. and you know who's going to come out? the women are going to come out big. [applause] it's all a phony deal. they are telling you a lot of phony stuff. they are so worried. you ought to see them on television. they get a note handed over they are leading in let's say new hampshire. now oh, oh mr. trump is meeting in new hampshire. you can see they are thrilled. they are thrilled. i just want to introduce -- i'm a big fan of billy graham. who isn't? i'm also a big fan and he has
1:37 pm
been so incredible, of franklin graham. he's a great guy. he's keeping it going. billy graham's granddaughter was here and spoke in credibly, i hear. sisi graham lynches here. you were so great. everyone is saying if you can do as well as that, you have done a good job. that is an amazing -- i will tell you, my father used to take me. they called it the crusades and that was the crusades. billy graham was amazing. i think is he 98 today? 98 years old, billy graham. thank you. say hello to your family. billy graham is 98 years old. truly one of the great, great men. our failed medical establishment has delivered nothing but
1:38 pm
poverty at home and disaster overseas. they get rich making america poor. it time to reject the media and political elite that blood our country dry. it is finally time for us to fight for america. [chanting "usa, usa, usa"] i am not a politician. my only special interest is you. i built a great company, one of the great real estate companies. incredible assets.
1:39 pm
buildings on the beach with a desert family and related. we have had a tremendous career. i was always watching. i was on the other side. it's very nice and comfortable to be on the other side, but i love this country. this country was going bad. it was going bad. so i went, and ultimate insider. senators would call and say how are you? they would give a check for some crazy thing they are doing and say donald, how are you? the day i announced it was like donald who? we don't know donald trump. you have to see these guys. i know them better than anybody. it was time. i had to join the other side, which is you.
1:40 pm
we are going to do things so special. our country was in trouble. 20 trillion in debt. making deals like the deal with a ran where we give them -- to deal with iran where we give them $150 billion. $1.7 billion in cash. you know what that is? that would fill up the size of the arena. when you look at it, our military is allowed to deplete. our military is very depleted. this is among the times when we most need a tremendous, powerful, smart military. we need smart people. and obama care is a disaster. everything is wrong. our country doesn't win anymore. we are going to start winning again. [applause]
1:41 pm
real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. [applause] it has just been announced that the residents of florida -- sorry to tell you this. i don't want to make you depressed. are going to experience massive double-digit premium hikes and they are far greater than what you have been told. you have been told numbers because they didn't want to do it before the election. i worked very hard to force those numbers out. my poll numbers are going through the roof. i believe a big part of it is obamacare. we are going to repeal it and replace it. in the great state of arizona, premiums are going up more than 116%.
1:42 pm
over 90% of the counties in florida are losing obamacare and they are losing insurers that put obamacare there. we are going to make it 100% because we are going to terminate obamacare and it's not going to make a difference. we will be terminating obamacare and we will be replacing it with so many different options that you will have great help -- great health care at a fraction of the cost and it will be great. with obamacare, premiums are surging, companies are leaving, doctors are quitting and deductibles are going through the roof. yet crooked hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare, making it even more expensive. you got to go way up. obamacare is going much higher.
1:43 pm
[chanting "lock her up, lock her up"] nobody in this room can believe what is going on in washington. nobody in this room can believe what's going on with the fbi and what is going on with the department of justice. nobody. nobody can believe it. i'm asking for your vote so we can repeal and replace a obamacare and save health care for every family in florida and in our great country. real change also means restoring honesty to our government. hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states.
1:44 pm
she threatened national security. she sold her office to the highest bidder, and then to cover her tracks, she deleted at least 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional subpoena. hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. and now, it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box tomorrow. that is what is going to happen. that is what is going to happen. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end government corruption and take back our country. and to take it back swiftly from
1:45 pm
the special interests who i know so well. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment here the words we are all about to say. when we win tomorrow, we are going to drain the swamp. [applause] [chanting "drain the swamp, drain the swamp"] you know, the other day, you read where hillary clinton called entertainers because she can't get anybody -- nobody wants to go. she's doing fine, i'm doing fine in all the polls. i don't know how.
1:46 pm
nobody goes to her rally, so she got jay-z and beyonce and the language they used was so bad. the language. the language was so bad. and as they were singing, singing right? talking wasn't talking more singing? i don't know. the language was so bad that many of the people left. by the time hillary got up, there was nobody there. the crooked media, those people are the most dishonest people. the crooked media, they don't explain it. and isn't it amazing, when jay-z and beyonce use the filthy language, if i ever said those
1:47 pm
words, it would be the reinstitution of the electric chair, right? it's true. it's true. they use these words and then she hugs him like everything is right and with me, he is very lewd. that's a new word, lewd. i've never seen anything like it in my life. she is such a phony. she is such a phony. [applause] i will say this -- i don't think billy graham ever spoke like this. this is different than a billy graham crusade. but we are all looking for the same thing. we are looking for the great things for our country, looking for religious liberty. but we are somewhat different personalities.
1:48 pm
look at this mask. wow. that is beautiful. look at that. looks just like me. [applause] nice head of hair. i will say that. thank you. thank you. is there any place more fun to be than a trump rally? [applause]
1:49 pm
at the core of my contract is my plan to bring back our jobs. florida has lost one in four of its manufacturing jobs since nafta, a deal signed by bill clinton and supported by his lovely wife, hillary. america has lost, hard to believe this, 70,000 factories since china entered the wto. another bill and hillary disaster. we are living through the greatest job loss in the history of our world. the company's leave, they fire everybody, they go to mexico and many other countries. it never happened before like this.
1:50 pm
we are going to stop it on day one. it so easy to stop. a trump administration will stop the jobs from leaving america and stop the jobs from leaving florida. promise. if a company wants to fire, their workers leave florida admits to another country like mexico, as an example and ship their products back into the united states through what will become an unbelievably strong border, i will tell you, we will make them pay a 35% tax on those products. [applause] and i will tell you what's going to happen. nobody is going to leave because the model no longer works.
1:51 pm
ford is leaving -- i was in michigan last night -- they are all leaving. that's why i believe i'm going to win michigan. michigan, they have ripped cars out of there, factories out of there, same thing, ohio, so many companies have gone to mexico and other companies and we are going to win these states by tremendous amounts because people are tired of being ripped off. that's what happening. they are being ripped off. they are being led by politicians -- i went to an ivy league school and with a good student and all that stuff. but some things you just can't duplicate them. we are tired of being led by stupid people. they are stupid. [applause]
1:52 pm
we will renegotiate nafta, stand up to china and stop the job killing transpacific partnership, which will be a disaster. [applause] hillary clinton said it is the gold standard, and she's right. remember, she lied in the debate. she said -- it was -- i say she was right. it is the gold standard for the other countries, not for us. she should have -- she doesn't know what she's doing. as part of our plan to ring back jobs, we are lower taxes on american businesses from 35% to 15%. and we are going to massively cut taxes for the middle class,
1:53 pm
who i call the forgotten people. these are the forgotten men and women. they build our country. they built our country. hillary clinton wants to raise taxes. once to raise taxes. i love those signs. blakcs for trump. i'm telling you -- one of the things they are seeing in a couple of these states like florida, african-americans are not turning out and when they do, a lot of them are voting for trump. this is very disturbing to the other side. they are not turning out because they don't care about her. she's got not a lot of inspiration. she used the term super predator to define a lot of black youth.
1:54 pm
they are not turning out. then they are worried because when they do turn out, i'm getting so many more than was anticipated. [applause] i think the same is going to be true with hispanics. the cubans gave me the award -- the bay of pigs association. they gave me the award, man of the year. bay of pigs association. it was a great honor. theill do great with african-americans, great with the hispanics. the other side is starting to see it and they are not happy. we are going to be one country. we will not be a divided nation anymore. we are a divided nation.
1:55 pm
[chanting usa] mr. trump: thank you. proud of our country. we will also cancel billions and billions of dollars in global warming payments to the united nations, when the payments disappear. we'll use all of that money to invest in the infrastructure and we could even say the environmental infrastructure of our country. and remember this, remember this, when it comes to environment, i've received many environmental awards, people don't want to talk about, that's okay. we need absolutely crystal clear and clean water. we need beautiful, immaculate
1:56 pm
air and we need safety. we need safety. we give billions and billions of dollars away. you can imagine who is taking that imagine, you can imagine. we don't even know what happens to it. he goes, "hillary is taking it," probably. you are pretty smart. probably, she gets her piece. we will create jobs and opportunities for african americans and hispanic americans that have been failed so badly, they have been lied to, cheated to by the democratic party, they want their vote, give us your vote, thanks a lot, see you in four years, that is what happens. we're going to do a job. for instance, i met recently with the leaders in the puerto rico community, a community that is a great community, i know it well. they are being crushed by high taxes, regulations and failed
1:57 pm
education policies of hillary clinton and obama. you know where obama is now? not working on jobs, not working on mosul, where they gave them four months adverse notice, our military, we are going into mosul in four months. we are expecting to enter mosul. i said, please turn off the television, i can't hear it. the element of surprise, folks. so then i hear three months, yes, in three months we'll be attacking mosul. now it is two months, then it is a month and two weeks. we're preparing to go into mosul, we want to get their leaders because isis supposedly. don't they realize the first time before they finish the first sentence four months ago, those leaders have already found new places? don't they understand it? oh, general douglas macarthur,
1:58 pm
where are you, sir, where is general george patton? where are they? where is general patton? where is general george patton? you know where they are? they're watching and they're spin nothing their grave. they don't believe it. wouldn't it be nice if we just shut up, did the job, had a news conference a week later and said, we had great success. wouldn't that be nice, now? that is obama. that is obama. and you know what, hillary, that would be four more years of obama and we don't want it. and tell -- [crowd booing] mr. trump: tell this president to stop campaigning and go back to work. i'm going to deliver jobs, safety, great education, help
1:59 pm
small businesses to thrive and grow and create amazing opportunities for the children of this country. here in florida, we have such an amazing, incredible hispanic american community from cuba, from puerto rico, from venezuela, from haiti. i was in little haiti the other day, great people. they are such warm, great people. by the way, warm, great people. i spent a lot of time with them, they hate the clintons. they hate what the clintons did to them in haiti. they hate them. the dominican republic and other places in this state, you will have a true friend and champion in donald trump, that i can tell you. whether you vote for me or not, i'm with you.
2:00 pm
i will never ever let you down. we will become a rich nation once again. but to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants 550% increase in the in-flow of syrian refugees into our country. mr. trump: 550%. her plan will import generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities. when i'm elected president, we will suspend the syrian refugee program. and we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.


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