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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EST

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i will never ever let you down. we will become a rich nation once again. but to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. hillary clinton wants 550% increase in the in-flow of syrian refugees into our country. mr. trump: 550%. her plan will import generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities. when i'm elected president, we will suspend the syrian refugee program. and we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.
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mr. trump: folks, all of us, i'm speaking for all of us, we all have heart. i have to say this in front of sissy anyway. we have heart. we will get the gulf states, they have tremendous amounts of money, they will help, put up all the money. we will not put up money. we will lead it and do a great job. we will get the gulf states to put up money. we have to rebuild our own country, it's time, it's time. we're going to build safe zones in syria and we have to do that because what's happening is just a horrible thing, what's happening. we have enough problems in our country, a trump administration will also secure and defend the
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borders of the united states. and yes, we will build a great wall and yes, mexico will pay for the wall. they're going to pay for the wall. we have to keep the massive amounts of drugs that are pouring into our country and poisoning our youth, we have to keep it out. never before has there been a drug epidemic like we have in our country and much of it is coming through the southern border and it's pouring in, it's pouring in and it truly is poisoning our youth and plenty of other people. we are going to keep it out and
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we're going to work very hard with medical professionals to take care of those people that are so badly addicted. okay. hillary supports totally open borders, there goes your country. there goes your country, folks. and strongly supports sanctuary cities like san francisco, where kate steinley was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was deported probably five times. we will cancel federal funding to sanctuary cities. we will stop illegal immigration, deport illegal aliens and get rid of every cartel threatening our cities. they are threatening our cities, they are threatening our
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citizens and they're not going to be here very long, folks, they'll be out of here. we will also repeal the obama/clinton defense sequester and rebuild our badly depleted military. we have no choice. this defense build-up will be supported by new ship necessary mayport and advanced manufacturing of the space coast, okay. space coast. you know the space coast has been like been lost. new aircraft will fly from the air force base and naval air stations in pensacola. we're also going to support our friend necessary cuba in the fight against oppression, the fight against the castro regime.
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we will demand political and religious freedom for the people of cuba and stand with our friend necessary venezuela and their struggle, likewise for freedom. we will stand. and we're always going to help the people of haiti who have such a tremendous, difficult path, but we will help them and help them rebuild, people of haiti. incredible people. i really enjoyed that time with them. very importantly, we'll also stand strong. we have to stand strong with the state of israel in their fight against islamic terror. barack obama was the worst thing that ever happened to israel. the worst thing. the worst thing that ever happened to israel, barack obama
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was a disaster for israel. believe me, the iran deal, where we made them rich, we also gave them a direct path right to nuclear weapons, we'll be working with israel closely, very, very closely. i'm honored to have the endorsement of 200 top admirals and generals and 22 -- and that number is raising -- rising very quickly, and 22 medal of honor recipients. incredible people. we were with them the other night, right next to fort bragg, we had 22, maybe 25,000 people in a field, the most incredible thing you have ever seen, incredible. these are incredible people, truly great patriots and truly brave. hillary unleashed destruction in iraq, syria, libya, she
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empowered iran and she unleashed isis on to the world. there was no isis when she was secretary of state. then they allowed the way -- we should have never been in iraq, but we were. we should have never gotten out of iraq the way obama and clinton got us out, never, never. a vacuum was formed and thank you very much, we now have isis in 32 countries, all over the world, unleashed by obama and hillary clinton. we're going to knock them identity, we have no choice. we're going to knock them out, folks. we have jumping off heads, drowning people in steel cages. not since medieval times have we seen anything like this, not since medieval times have we seen anything like this. i'm in one of the debates, did i win the debates, by the way? did i win?
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they did nine online polls after the debate and all nine said i won. she was in debate all the time. i was guilty. are you in debate prep? yeah, i've been doing this stuff all my life. i've supposed to be studying. she was in debate prep. a week and a half before each debate, she would close the door, go to sleep and say it was debate prep. right? when she left the debates, she was exhausted. she left the second and third debate, she was exhausted. not what we need in our country, folks. we need a lot of energy in our country, a lot of bump-bump. we need a lot of things, we don't need hillary.
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mr. trump: get out and vote. get out and vote. who's already voted? pretty good, wow. you have almost all voted. goodbye, everybody. well, that's what the democrats do to the inner-cities, you know. they say, they voted, let's get out of here, see you in four years. that is pretty good. for the few people that haven't, very impressive -- i love you, too, thank you. i love you, too. i love you, too. get out and vote, for the few that haven't. hillary and failed washington establishment have dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe and that we never win, we never win. shipped our -- i don't think you like hillary very much.
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oh, boy, hillary, what a disaster this is. she gets in, it's a disaster. she's not going to get in, folks, i don't see it, i tell ya, i don't see. not getting in. they shipped our jobs and our wealth all over the world and left our borders wide open at home. that will all change starting -- actually, tomorrow. actually, tomorrow. because while we don't take office until mid-january, the whole psyche will change as of tomorrow, right? this guy knows. fire me, firemen, right? great people, great, great people. not easy being a fireman today, right? thank you. i see a great fireman over here.
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i was with the fire groups the other day, they have a new problem, nobody ever heard of this problem. you know? oh, wow, get that for me. wow. thank you. that is great. thank you. i was all set to put it on, it is about 20 years old and this sucker has been used. no way i'm putting that on. no, but the firemen have a big problem now, a shooting problem. they're being shot at as they go to fires, new phenomena, people don't even know about it. they are being shot at as they go to fires, as they put out fires. is that so?
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we got to change, folks, we have to bring people together. we have such a divided country. thank you. thank you. from now on, it's going to be america first. all americans, i say, it is time for change. it is time for new strong and smart leadership. thank you. think i'm going to be doing six
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of these today, can you believe this? six. going to north carolina, we're going to all over. we're going to new hampshire right after, going to be great. i love doing it because there is such spirit. the people of this country are so incredible. awe, look at that. look at that. beautiful. beautiful baby. beautiful baby. good job. good job, daddy. that is an elephant costume. thank you. that is very nice, thank you. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we are going to have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. hillary clinton is raising your taxes. we will save and protect social security and medicare, hillary is going to cut your social
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security and cut your medicare benefits. we will eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation, they are killing our businesses. cancel every illegal obama executive order of which there are many. in honor of the great billy graham, we will protect religious liberty. rebuild our military and take great care finally of our veterans, our veterans are not being treated properly, provide school choice and put an end to common core, bring our education local. support the great men and women of law enforcement. save our second amendment, which
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is under siege. and appoint justices to the united states supreme court, who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. this is so hard to believe. you have one day until the election. you know what that mean? that means tomorrow. you have one day to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country come true. you have one magnificent chance to beat the corrupt system and to deliver justice. you will deliver justice for every forgotten man, forgotten woman and forgotten child in this nation. do not let this opportunity slip away. we are fighting for every citizen who believes that government should serve the
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people, not the donors and not the special interests. and we are fighting to bring us all together as americans, just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one american flag. [crowd chanting, "usa, usa, usa] mr. trump: thank you. i am asking you to dream big. we are just one day away from the change you have been waiting for your entire life.
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i think and hope it will be the most important vote you will ever cast because we don't win any more as a country, we don't win on the border, we don't win with trade, what china is doing is beyond belief. we don't win anymore. we don't win with our military, we have the greatest people in the world, but we don't beat isis, we don't win anymore. we will start winning again and winning like you have never seen before. we are going to win again. in fact, the people of florida may get tired of it. you will say, this guy, he wins too much, we can't take it, he wins too much. you will send your embassies, please, mr. president, the people don't want to win this much, you are winning on trade, bringing back jobs, winning at
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the military, the military is unbelievable. it is too much. i will say, sorry, folks, we're going to keep on winning, right? together we will make america wealth and he prosperous again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again and we will make america great again. thank you, everybody. god bless you. god bless you. go out and vote. thank you. ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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4:45 p.m., we will be with president obama in durham, new hampshire. then turning to scram, pennsylvania were donald trump will be campaigning at 5:30. continuing tonight as hillary clinton appears with the obamas at :00 in philadelphia. donald trump heads west to michigan at 11:00 eastern. we finish up our live coverage of the clinton campaign stop in raleigh, north carolina at 11:45. as the candidates move state to state, their schedules may shift as well. we will keep you posted on any changes. here are some of the campaign as voters are seeing around the country. ♪
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♪ >> i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. lies, scandal have
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finally caught up with him to read clinton. hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again after her e-mails were found on anthony weiner laptop. america's most sensitive secrets unlawfully sent, received, and exposed by hillary clinton, her staff, and anthony weiner. hillary cannot lead a nation while crippled by a criminal investigation. hillary clinton, unfit to serve. >> i'm donald trump. i approve of this message. >> watch the results and be part of a national conversation about the outcome. be on location at the hillary clinton donald trump election headquarters and watch victory and concession speeches in key senate house and governors races starting live at 8:00 eastern and throughout the following 24 hours. watch live on c-span, on demand on, or listen to our live coverage using the c-span radio epp. more campaign 2016 coverage
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from illinois and the u.s. senate debate there between republican incumbent mark kirk and democratic congresswoman tammy duckworth. they talked about criminal justice reform, gun control, and the supreme court. the debate ran about one hour. >> abc 7 presents vote 2016. the u.s. senate debate. in collaboration with the league of women voters in illinois and univision chicago here's our moderator, kathy brock. moderator: good evening and welcome to the debate between the candidates for u.s. senate. they are democratic congresswoman tammy duckworth and republican incumbent senator mark kirk. joining me to ask questions this evening, abc seven politico reporter charles thomas and univision chicago's aaron maldonado. each candidate will have one minute to answer. they will have the opportunity for rebuttal.
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we will wrap things up with a closing statement from each candidate and begin with opening statements. congresswoman duckworth, you begin. rep. duckworth: thank you so much. it is such a pleasure to be here today. i would like to thank you for holding this for rum. i want to work with for hard-working families across illinois. as i have traveled the state, what i am hearing is that people say the economy is supposed to be growing but they do not see it in their hometowns and in normal illinois, and auto plant is shut down, a steel mill shut down, or wherever we are and they also hear that people are worried about being able to afford to send their children to college. they're coming out of university with tremendous student loan debt, 10, 20, $30,000. that is no way to start a . it is time that we invest in our
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nation. the way we do that is to invest in each other. that means you should be able to afford to send your kids to college, pay off your mortgage and have a dignified retirement . it is time we have a nation that rewards work as opposed to one that rewards wealth. thank you for having me here today. i really look going to this discussion tonight. moderator: thank you. senator kirk, one minute. sen. kirk: i would like to take this moment to thank tammy for accepting my apology when i disparaged her families admirable military record. thank you. i think that having lost two legs in iraq war, you are to be honored and the way we repay that debt is by honoring your service, especially that of you and your family. rep. duckworth: thank you. sen. kirk: i would in my opener that i would like to be sent back to the senate race, to make sure we have a republican moderate, who is pro-choice,
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pro-gun-control, it always goes into the senate that tries to serve as the glue between both of the parties and as someone who makes the system work for everybody. in my service to the state i , have saved the export and import bank which is responsible for 40,000 jobs in illinois. moderator: thank you. our first question comes from abc sevens charles thomas and it goes to congresswoman duck. charles thomas: homicides and shooting crimes have reached epidemic proportions the city of chicago. if you are elected, after you are sworn in, what would you propose in the united states senate to mitigate the violence here? rep. duckworth: well, such an important question. we certainly need violence legislation, universal background checks, and let's reduce the number of weapons on our streets. i am the first candidate to put
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out a comprehensive criminal justice reform proposal before anyone else running for senate, including the incumbent, so we need to have criminal justice reform. let's get rid of mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent, first-time drug offenders. we need to take a look at that. when we talk about gun violence, we also need to talk about economic justice. i met some gang members. they said, if you can find a job, if you would actually involved and invest in companies that bring jobs to the south side of chicago, and i had a job, i would not be involved in gangs. anything we do must involve economic justice, as well as gun violence legislation and criminal justice reform. all three of those are important when we come to this issue. moderator: thank you. senator kirk? sen. kirk: recently, charles, i met with tamara, who has put together mothers against senseless killing in englewood on 75th and stewart. i backed her effort to get a
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vacant lot to meet with the ladies there who would stop gun violence on the streets there. i would say that the way to handle this problem is based on my legislation that i have put forward with senator gillibrand of new york to ban gun trafficking to criminal organizations. we have got to shut down the relationship that gun stores like westwood sports, that cpd tells us are responsible for over 500 crimes just in the city. we cannot build the 21st century economy if we will be the headquarters of murder incorporated. moderator: you have the opportunity for rebuttal. rep. duckworth: i have a comprehensive plan that does not just involve then violence legislation but we have to deal with economic injustice. the difference is that my opponent has said he lacks the capacity in his office to deal with police community relationships. if you elect me to the senate, i will make sure that not only
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will i have the capability to help with police community relationships but i will lead in the issue. as a senator, it is a responsibility to do that, especially when you deal up gun violence in the southside of chicago. moderator: our next question is senator kirk from erica maldonado. erica maldonado: they have failed to work together in past comprehensive gun legislation while mass shootings seem to happen more frequently in america. what do you propose to preserve the second amendment right while keeping guns out of the wrong hands? sen. kirk: i think that the necessary thing is to make should the wrong people do not get guns. i was the only republican in the senate to vote for the ban on anybody who was on the no-fly list to be able to buy a firearm. if you are too dangerous to fly in an aircraft, in my view, you
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are too dangerous to buy a firearm. i want to make sure that no-fly-no by position is adopted by a bipartisan majority of the congress. i think that is the best job we have going. moderator: miss duckworth? rep. duckworth: we have gun legislation and some things we need to do that are universal and bipartisan, universal background checks. 91% of republican voters say that they support universal background checks. there is a bipartisan bill waiting to be voted on on the house of representatives right now and there is another that i am cosponsoring that would close a loophole that allows gun store owners to convert their inventory to personal use and sell them without background checks, and both of those are bipartisan. we had a sit in in washington and i participated, demanding a vote on gun violence legislation. many senators came over to support us. my opponent did not.
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he said he is pro-violence but one of the senators was missing in action. we should also work on things like let's get rid of body armor piercing bullets. the only reason to buy those is to pierce body armor. there are sensible things to do without taking away the second amendment rights. moderator: senator kirk? sen. kirk: i would like to make sure we have a magazine limit that i have voted for and the assault weapons ban to make sure the cops are better armed than the criminals. in these common-sense measures, we also need to ban cop killer bullets to make sure that police officer can go home that night. moderator: our next question to congresswoman duckworth. we know there is a real connection between violence and education. more than half the people incarcerated did not graduate from high school. it is no surprise that the
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lowest graduation rate is in the toughest neighborhood of chicago. what can we do to make sure that these at-risk kids in their communities have the opportunity for the right kind of education and a path toward college? rep. duckworth: there is a lack of hope in these communities, especially in our black and brown communities. when you are a ninth grader, what is going to keep you motivated to stay in school? why would you work toward that high school diploma if there are no jobs in the community? if the only choice you have is to get involved in drug trafficking, to get involved in the gangs, why would you stay in high school if you have no hopes of going to college? i think we need to do several things. it is why i have worked hard to put together an economic plan that would deal with economic injustice in our black and brown communities. let's support entrepreneurs, support allowing helping businesses that would move jobs into the area, and also make sure that we make college affordable, so that a young
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person will stick it out. when i was in high school, i do did not know if i could go to college and at least there was a way for me to do this. students do not see that. let's make college affordable, let's make community college free. that would be an element of hope for the communities. moderator: senator kirk? sen. kirk: the best way is not with a free government program like my opponent says -- she was asked three times by the "chicago tribune," how much are free college program cost , and the answer is $60 billion. remember, it only costs $25 billion to go to the moon. i want to make sure that we passed a common sense legislation like the one i put forward that would allow every mom and dad in america to start a tax-deferred account to save for college. in that financial education of next generation, it is probably the biggest payoff for the kids. if the statement comes in to my
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father, he sits down with my says robin, and her name is right at the top of the statement, dad could say, this is what you did with stocks and bonds. use see the savings didn't go out so much. that is to train that child and that daughter to make sure that she knows what a lifetime of saving and investing can do. that would help. moderator: thank you. senator kirk: keep our savings rate to the chinese rate. moderator: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: the difference between us is that my opponent has a 401(k) plan. mine is a mainstream solution. when my family went into extreme poverty because my dad lost his job in his 50s and cannot find another for six years, we went through everything. if there had been a 401(k) plan, we would have cashed it in. we cashed in my birthday money. we need to have a plan that
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ofld be beyond the vagaries wall street and 401(k) plans, so let's make sure that we make college affordable for everyone who qualifies. moderator: our next question from charles thomas to senator kirk. charles thomas: i want to go back to your apology at the beginning of the debate. you have apologized, but some pundits are questioning your statement and say that your question to her last week had racist undertones. how do you respond to those critics? sen. kirk: i am not a racist. i would say that my work with an african-american entrepreneur program at chicago state university shows how much i care about a long-term solution to create african-american entrepreneur classes that will help us. to fix neighborhoods like englewood and the south side. i am absolutely not a racist. i already offered an apology to tammy. charles thomas: what were you
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thinking when you said that? sen. kirk: i was not thinking. it was a mistake on my part. charles thomas: any response, congresswoman? rep. duckworth: i accepted his apology and i think we should focus on the issues. the problem is he often says things he does not think through. this is after all, a man who said we drive faster through african-american neighborhoods. he recently called the president a drug dealer in chief and he referred to him as barack hussein obama using a dog whistle term to disparage him. that is not acceptable language coming from united states senator. let's talk about the issues. i would like to touch back on what we should be doing for folks in underserved communities. i talked about making college affordable and we must invest in our educational system and that means we should be there in our schools, we should provide for infrastructure development, provide for the stem education programs so these kids have a shot at the american dream like any other kid, no matter where they live.
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moderator: senator, you have 30 seconds, if you would like them, to respond to the question about your comments. sen. kirk: i would say sometimes, charles, i have been too quick to turn a phrase. some of those things i have already apologized for. once it comes out, you realize it was inappropriate. such a heated environment and we are in a top senate race. moderator: our next question from erika maldonado to the congresswoman. erika maldonado: are you helping -- healthy enough to perform the duties of the senate and to serve the house of the people from illinois if you are elected? rep. duckworth: very much so. i actually just finished the chicago marathon. had so much fun going through the neighborhoods. it is my fourth marathon. i have actually released hundreds of pages of my medical records. i believe in full transparency and was proud to release my medical records. like everyone else, i could lose a little weight. i gain weight when i had my baby
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girl and i probably should not have had that doughnut this morning. i am still trying. i have supported transparency by releasing my full medical records. both the "chicago sun-times" and the "chicago tribune" received those copies. if you would like to see them, you're more than welcome and we will provide you with a copy to see what the doctors say. they go back over one decade. moderator: senator kirk? sen. kirk: i would say that i have released a letter from a my doctor that said that from my stroke i have made a full recovery. i am also training to climb the willis tower for the fifth time. last time, i did 37 stories. i told my staff that if they fall behind, i would rebuke them. moderator: congresswoman, 30 more seconds? rep. duckworth: i would like to ask the senator why he does not release his full records.
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i take him at his word. my problem is he has not been doing the job. i have gone to places over the state, whether it is carbondale, granite city, and he simply has not been there. he simply has not voted to help the students in the state to be able to refinance student loan debt, he has not been there for manufacturers, and he supports businesses that send jobs overseas. i think he is capable of doing his job. the problem is, he is not doing it. moderator: thank you. senator kirk, our next question goes to you. you have criticized your opponent over workplace retaliation lawsuits filed against her while she was the head of the illinois department of veterans affairs. the two women involved in that action are featured in one of your campaign ads, and they were your invited guests to a debate last week. why is this issue important? sen. kirk: it shows that while tammy duckworth has served as a war hero, that as an
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administrator, she's been, like the "chicago tribune" when they reviewed her veterans outreach efforts, they said they had fallen flat rate in our case, our campaign has not invented anything said by those women. they are only statements of people who actually worked for tammy. moderator: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: from the moment i woke up in my hospital bed after having been shot down, i have dedicated my life to serving veterans. veterans are my life's work. i get up every day trying to figure out what to do better for veterans. it is why when i was a freshman, i passed legislation to help veterans deal with mental health care and why when i was at the state of illinois, we opened 80 additional beds. it is why i continue to work on issues that deal with them -- young veterans coming home and still needing to find jobs. i am proud of the work that i did to reduce the number of homeless veterans by 50% when i was the national cosponsor for that. look, veterans are my life's work.
2:40 pm
i will never give up on my vets and i am not going to let threats of lawsuits, political commercials prevent me from doing what is right by veterans. it is why i go to heinz va. i turned that entire program for insurance over to them and i sit in that room like the other veterans because they are my life's work. moderator: senator? sen. kirk: i would say that i have led the charge to make sure that we have uncovered the poor care that has been offered to illinois veterans at the va. i was told by whistleblowers that they have cockroaches in the cafeteria and even served on a cockroach to a veteran. when he got that for dinner, he stopped eating for two days. we understand from whistleblowers that they had not done any embalming work in the morgue until the veterans were moldering in the body bags until
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a local funeral director said to us that the remains came in liquefied form and were not usable. moderator: thank you. sen. kirk: we need to make sure we bury our veterans with dignity. we undercovered all of that. moderator: congresswoman, the next question from charles thomas. charles thomas: this question is about policies under which syrian refugees might be admitted to the country. should religious beliefs and associations pertaining to religion be considered at all when a refugee applies for admission to the united states? rep. duckworth: i do not think we should create a litmus test for who can come to the nation, but i think anyone who comes to the nation, especially syrian refugees, through the refugee program should be fully vetted by the agencies that do the work -- charles thomas: does it include a look at their religious beliefs and associations? rep. duckworth: i believe it
2:42 pm
will include looking at everything, including religious beliefs, as well as looking at their backgrounds. they do biometric checks, then ng inventing that is -- vetti that is done by the fbi, cia, homeland security, the state department, and the last 18 to 36 months, this is a thorough process. i did not serve in the uniform and defend this nation to ever do anything to endanger this nation, so i think we must have a robust process and allow the refugees to come. we cannot in this country go back on our founding values of who we are as a nation. there will not be a religious test for those who come to test on there will be a who you love, your gender, or your background. we are a nation of free people that welcome immigrants and we must remain true to that. moderator: senator? sen. kirk: my opponent says that we should accept a minimum of 200,000 syrian refugees, even though the director of national
2:43 pm
intelligence, general clapper, says he cannot -- in the test testimony he gave to congress, the director of the fbi, james comey, said that the common-sense point that you cannot deploy fbi agents throughout syria in the middle of the civil war. after 9/11, i took testimony of the general and director of the fbi seriously. i think the wise and prudent and moderate action is to repeat the policy that the president executed with regard to iraqi refugees, when he found refugees in bowling green, kentucky, or starting terrorist operations. he wisely thought to postpone the program to figure out to -- who these people were. moderator: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: my opponent is misquoting the fbi director. in fact, he was called out by "the washington post" and "the chicago tribune" that says the fbi director did not say that
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and he is also misquoting myself. bottom line, let's do a thorough but allow people fleeing murders -- we are adding to the isis propaganda machine that says america hates islam, muslims, and i will not allow us to endanger american servicemen and women in harm's way by feeding the isis propaganda. moderator: the next question to senator kirk. erika maldonado: the face of immigration reform is very different depending on whom we elected as president. would you go against a republican president and your own party proposal if it contemplates building a wall, mass deportation, and separation of family? sen. kirk: erika, let me answer
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this question in a language most important to the people on this issue. [speaking spanish] she does not speak spanish. i think we need a reform immigration system. the reason i voted for the immigration reform bill is it contains the kirk amendment that says if you are not an american citizen, you are serving in the military, and you come under fire with a combat infantry badge, you become a united states citizen immediately. that is a rocket sled on the principle that if you fight alongside us, you are one of us. i was one of the bipartisan majority to make sure that we passed comprehensive immigration reform. erika maldonado: congresswoman, would you vote against that kind of plan? sen. kirk: in the long run, we need more border security.
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border security opens up the bipartisan space to have immigration reform and to bring the 525,000 people who are undocumented in illinois out of the sombra en nuestra sociedad. for the roots that are very deep in this community. moderator: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: the problem with the senator is he is not consistent on this issue. when he is up for election, he votes one way and election, he votes the other way. in 2007, he said the best way to combat, in his words, illegal immigration, was to distribute free contraceptives in mexico and he has also voted against the dream act before voting for it. he was not consistent and could not answer your question. i believe fully in comprehensive immigration reform that must be fair, practical, and humane. when i moved back to the u.s.
2:47 pm
when i was 16, when my dad lost that job, even though i was a daughter of the american revolution, the daughter of an american, the sister of an american, my mom could not come with us. for those months when we were separated, those nine months, we suffered and i needed my mom there. i cannot imagine what it would be like to be six years old and and to have your parents deported overseas and you -- because you are american-born and they are not. whatever we do, it must become preventive and we must humane about it. we need to get to work on this. moderator: congresswoman duckworth, u.s. intelligence officials identify isis as the number one terrorist threat in the world right now. the u.s. response has primarily been one of airstrikes and special ops forces. do you believe that that strategy goes far enough? if not, do you believe that we should have more american troops on the ground in syria and iran -- iraq? rep. duckworth: i think the problem we have right now -- first off, we must destroy
2:48 pm
isis. they are an enemy of the american people and freedom-loving people everywhere. they are an enemy of our closest ally in the middle east, israel. the problem we have right now is that the american people do not know how many american troops are engaged overseas. i fully support airstrikes, special ops, the use of drones, my position, why i want to go to the united states senate, is to be there when the proposal is to ramp up and to say, but, if that -- to say, look, if that is the case, then we need to have the new discussion of the authorization for use of military force, which is the guidelines by which we send american troops overseas. we must have an exit strategy. this is what it is going to cost in lives, and we need to do right by military men and women, so we are going to do this and and i will make sure we have that discussion. the american people deserve to know. moderator: do you always know the cost upfront? rep. duckworth: you do not always know the cost, but here is the problem -- too often we
2:49 pm
have hidden the cost from american people. an example of when this came up recently, when the president proposed to the tune of $500 million arming syrian rebels and sending them back with three weeks of vetting, i opposed him because there was a hidden cost he did not bring up. when you give troops american-made weapons, you have just committed america to a long-term resupply of american caliber bullets, so someone with real combat experience, it is a important to have me there. i opposed it, i stood up to my president, i think the senator was wrong to support it. in fact, none of those rebels are working for america and those weapons are now in the hand of isis. moderator: senator kirk? sen. kirk: in the case of isis, i think the current policy of using special force in the united states air force, a point that we do not need boots on the ground but we need boots over the ground. the u.s. air force is very good at hitting targets. iraqi military is moving forward and they can identify american
2:50 pm
air force and that would make rapid progress against isis. i would say that using this strategy, we are likely to capture mosul. at minimal cost to the united states, and the key thing is to look at what happens afterward. afterward, when we had the iraqi military, which is muslim, speak s arabic, and represents the armed wing of the elected government of iraq, it is much more likely to hold the territory long-term without blood and treasure from the united states. moderator: we will move past the rebuttal. at this point in the debate it they have the opportunity to question each other. senator kirk, you go first. won thekirk: when i race for senate, i asked my ex-
2:51 pm
appointed to meet me for a beer summit. i would ask you that maybe we can meet after the election to have a beer. maybe we can show the american -- illinois families that weekend bury the hatchet and that democracy is the best way forward. representative duckworth: i'm certainly willing to meet with you. i will actually take a diet coke. i'm actually allergic to alcohol. if you will let me have a diet coke, then i will certainly meet with you there. moderator: congresswoman, your question now. the question i have to ask you is the paycheck fairness act. you called it the most sexist legislation. women on average make about 12 $12,000 a year less than men do. i do not understand how you could vote against it and call it a sexist piece of legislation when it hurts not just women by but it hurts their families as well. that is $12,000 less that families have to spend on
2:52 pm
food, college education, everyday necessities. how could you possibly called the paycheck fairness act sexist piece of legislation? senator kirk: remember, i am for equal pay. i voted for the -- the senator from nebraska, her legislation -- toanybody in equal pay find out how much other people in the same company in the case made. in the case of the lily led better act, it was written by a house democrat with the american trial lawyers at her side. the troubling part of the legislation was that it gave the right of a big, democratically connected law firm, to take away -- take control of the rights of women just because they were democratically controlled. we want to make should that as an american female in the workforce, you do not deserve to have a politically connected law
2:53 pm
firm take control of your life just because you are female. i thought that was the sexist part of it. it was a very cynical piece of legislation. i know the tagline equal pay is a good one. in this case, i felt that if you are in the workplace, you should not have legislation passed that would allow a politically connected trial lawyer take control of your place in the workplace. that is incredibly sexist to me. that is the reason i voted against the act. moderator: response? rep. duckworth: i think the senator does not understand the act or paycheck fairness. in fact, it is not sexist legislation. it will allow women to work and the same as men for doing the same job, something that i enjoyed as a member of the military and as a member of congress. i simply think that all women should be assured that they will receive the same pay for doing whereme work no matter they work. so, i disagree with my opponent. equal pay for equal work is not sexist legislation.
2:54 pm
moderator: we turn back to our panelists now. our first question goes to charles thomas, senator kirk. senator six years ago , you promised during the campaign of 2010 to work to repeal obamacare. does that remain your position? senator kirk: in the case of obamacare, i think we should keep a couple of pieces -- long-term obama legacy from the act should come with covering people up to age 26 and making sure that pre-existing conditions come in. when i first voted on obamacare, i wrote the first republican alternative. the way to lower health care costs in america is to reform lawsuits in america. in illinois, we have vast, open deserts of places where you cannot get competent ob/gyn care because of malpractice concerns.
2:55 pm
we want to make sure that if we reform lawsuits, that we can lower the barrier. i want to make sure that up to age 26 is kept. there is one key reform that we need. you as an american citizen deserve the right to be able to buy insurance from any state in the union if you can buy car insurance from a green gecko in northern virginia. you should be able to have full competition across the country. rep. duckworth: the senator has voted to repeal the affordable care act every chance he has had a chance to vote against the act. he has voted consistently to try and repeal it. i voted to fix it but also to preserve it. i voted to get rid of the medical device tax, because hospitals told me they would have to pass the costs onto individuals. there are things we can do to fix the affordable care act without throwing people back out onto the street. one of the fixes is to allow people to close up loopholes
2:56 pm
that currently allow people to sign on during the grace period, have a major medical procedure, and then drop it. there is a loophole that says that if you sign on during the open enrollment period and receive a major treatment, then you have to keep the affordable care act for the entire year and that will alleviate the cost over the course of the year. there are many things that can be done. we cannot put millions of americans out onto the street without health insurance. moderator: senator, response? senator kirk: i would agree with president clinton when he called obamacare a crazy system. we saw exchanges in many states collapse and offering no coverage to people. -- in sure that we offer illinois we had increases on the order of 15%. the higher that we make health care costs, the more we restrict health care. that is taking things in the wrong direction.
2:57 pm
moderator: erika, your next question goes to congresswoman duckworth. erika: most people my age will not be able to, either. 60 do you assure the million-plus people in the system and future generations can count on some form of government aid when they retire? rep. duckworth: that is an excellent question. one of the things we can do that has bipartisan support would be to raise the payroll contribution cap. right now, if you make $1 million, that you only pay into social security based on 10% of your income. hard-working americans who make 40,000 others, $50,000 zero, 100% of your income. so, you could actually expand
2:58 pm
the lifetime of social security by 30 or 40 years. one thing i am not willing to do is what my opponent has done which is to raise the age of social security enrollment. -- recipient. my mom relies on social security, and when i go to granite city and talk to home health care workers, they tell me that they need social security to retire. please don't raise the age i do , not know how i'm going to make it i am counting on it to be , there. another thing we can do to extend the life of social security is comprehensive immigration reform. we have 11 million people in this country. many are paying under the table and not into the system. that would help. senator kirk: the best way to save social security is to not break the bank of the american government. there is a difference between my opponent and i. she wants to spend more, tax more, and borrow more. i want to spend less, tax less, and get us out of the red. if we have big spending
2:59 pm
proposals come if the government goes on a spending spree, it is going to hurt people who have been hurt in the state of illinois. the duty of illinois voters is to make sure that we protect people from the state that has already departed people in puerto rico and greece. in the case of puerto rico and greece, we have social services systems collapsing there because the government is defaulting on debt. we have to make sure that does not happen to the people of the united states. moderator: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: my opponent says he is a fiscal conservative emma but he is no fiscal conservative. on the war in iraq and the bush tax cuts it will account for 50% of our national debt by 2019. that is almost $8 trillion. the person who is been spending money to get us into the mess that we are in is sitting right next to me. what we can do is make sure that
3:00 pm
social security is there. we can lift the cap, and we can make sure that the top 1% pay their share. yes, i do want to invest in the economy. i want to invest in the next generation of workers. we are foolish not to do so. moderator: thank you. my next question goes to you, senator kirk. judgeent obama nominated merrick garland to the u.s. supreme court. to date, there's been no senate hearings about the nomination. many republicans are saying that they want to wait until the new president to make the nomination. now the same republicans are saying that it hillary clinton is elected president, they will not accept any of her nominations. senator kirk: i was the first republican to meet with justice merrick garland, and after meeting with him i encourage other republican senators to meet with him. we had a dozen senators follow my lead. have i seen my opponent, rated as one of the most ineffective members of
3:01 pm
congress, lead people against their own party like that -- moderator: where are we right now with republicans saying that we should keep the supreme court with just 8 justices? unreasonable is for ted cruz to say we will not confirm anybody for the next term. the reason why i was the first republican to meet with mayor merrick garland, i said to my colleagues, "unless you meet with the guy, how can you consent?"y advice or thisagree with ted cruz on point. i do not think it is reasonable. when i go back, i will say that to him. you cannot hold up the system for years and years. it is not reasonable. that is not what the constitution says. if the democrats win the presidency, they have their right to bring forward their nominee. that is just the way the system works. moderator: congresswoman?
3:02 pm
rep. duckworth: my opponent would like to portray himself as a leader on this issue, but he is not. he did meet with merrick garland, but at no point did he say to his leadership that he would not vote for senator him, senator mcconnell, unless you allow the vote. he did ask him to please meet with merrick garland, but after he did that he got on conservative talk radio and said that he knew that the hearing and the vote would never happen. he was just encouraging these meetings to happen. what he should've have done would have been to gather his colleagues and send a letter to his leadership -- chuck grassley , mitch mcconnell -- to say that we will not vote for you until you have these hearings. he did not do that. it is about smoke and mirrors. i think the system is broken. we need to have these hearings. it is why i hope the democrats take control of the senate, because then at least the nominees, whether it is president trump or president clinton, will get that hearing and the american people will see if the nominees are fully qualified to do the job.
3:03 pm
moderator: you say the system is broken. how do you fix it? rep. duckworth: exactly what i said, that if democrats have control of the senate, will make sure that those hearings happen. i hope if republicans retain control, they will have the hearings, because the american people could then see how qualified the candidates are. what is happening right now is pure obstructionism on the part of republicans not allowing us to even have the hearings. moderator: senator kirk, final word? sen. kirk: i would say that on this i disagree with republican leadership, and i told senator mcconnell that a hearing with merrick garland would be in the interest of the country. it would be a national television event where americans exploring issues of the day would watch the nominee answering questions from senators. it is very helpful to the country. that is why we should do a hearing. we should do a hearing because it is the right thing to do. because the constitution gives the impetus to the president to
3:04 pm
make a nomination, and we have to advise and consent. moderator: charles thomas the , next question for congressman duckworth? trolls: before i do -- charles: before i do that, senator, why do you vote for senator mitch mcconnell given that you have such profound differences with him and other the leadership of your party? senator kirk: i told him that i was pro-choice and pro-gun-control. i am going to be pro whatever illinois needs. the leader understands that someone from illinois is going to attend to the left it the interests of the state. charles: why vote for him? senator kirk: in my case, mitch mcconnell is pro-life and anti-gun control. so, i disagree with him. you disagree without being disagreeable. moderator: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: i think he just made my case. he has the meetings that he does
3:05 pm
-- but he actually does not take a real leadership role. i think you should be that leader in the senate. he should tell mitch mcconnell i will not vote for you in 2017 unless you agree to have these hearings and the vote. he is not willing to do that. moderator: charles, the question goes back to you. charles: this is to congresswoman duckworth. the pro-labor economic policy institute reports that your home state, state of illinois, the land of lincoln, has the highest african american unemployment rate among all 50 states. if you are elected, what would you do to reduce the african-american unemployment rate in illinois? specifically for african-americans? rep. duckworth: one of the things i'm working on now is looking at my work on federal procurement reform and working with the state.
3:06 pm
i've been talking to senator clyburn of southern illinois. we would decouple some federal contracts. if we get a massive federal infrastructure improvement plan come wehose dollars need to hold the government accountable. we can hold the contractors accountable for hiring minority owned businesses. charles: we are talking about african-americans here, specifically. rep. duckworth: absolutely. this is why when i talked about the gun violence in chicago, and economic plan is part of what i am proposing. we provide tax incentives for businesses that locate into these communities. we provide support for training for the workforce. which is why i think we should have free technical education progress for the young people and are black and brown communities so that they can go into the work force them easily. this is why we need to invest in community college education. moderator: time. senator kirk?
3:07 pm
senator kirk: with regard to african-americans specifically, i would put forward by work on entrepreneurial idol where we asked african-american entrepreneurs to put their business plans first. sharad, i hope you are watching out there. i opened up my rolodex and i saw the quiet racism that is often times in the capital committee. -- in the capital community. sharad went to cornell university. and we went to the wealthiest cornell graduate and asked them to back the business, he said he -- i'm not even going to talk to unless you have done $2.5 million of revenue. so, i could not break through to make sure that he got a hearing. i thought in this effort to learn by doing and make should i
3:08 pm
can get a business off the ground -- moderator: thank you. congresswoman? rep. duckworth: charles, let me give you a specific example. when we had the dan ryer improvement, we did not hold the contractors accountable to the -- for keeping those jobs in the community and indiana firms came in and hire people from indiana. we need to make sure the jobs remain in the community so that we can enforce federal guidelines. i will do that to make sure that we have those set aside for minority-owned businesses in these communities, so that they can have a chance of bidding on and winning those contracts. sen. kirk: probably the best idea i put forward was regarding vacant lots. legislation where if you have a vacant lot where nothing significant has happened in the past two years, if you put new investments there, there will be
3:09 pm
no federal tax on that this is the first year. this breaks through the quiet racism in the real estate community. you want to operate without federal tax for the first year? then go into the big, vacant lot in this community. ka, your nexti question? erika: 23 states and the district of columbia have passed laws for medical use of marijuana. would you support the legalization of cannabis? senator kirk: i do not support -- this country has seen long use of marijuana can lower physical and mental performance. i am worried about young drivers out there. the roads would become even more unsafer. i worry about with medical
3:10 pm
marijuana in places in colorado, the clinics are prescribing 10 times the amount that would be normally prescribed for people in the area. it seems like backdoor legalization. i'm worried about the effect it would have on our young people. erika: we do not have enough data to support one theory or another. senator kirk: right. in general, i think it lowers intellectual and physical performance. that is why people get five. -- high. moderator: congresswoman? rep. duckworth: i disagree. i think in illinois, we should expand the use of medical marijuana. it has the potential to help people with severe mental issues -- for example, children with epilepsy who have seizures. veterans who are fighting post-traumatic stress and brain injuries. my opponent said that he opposes it because there are too many high veterans.
3:11 pm
i think veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress and brain injuries deserve help. it also seems to be helping with a lot of other neurological disorders and cancer patients to be able to eat and maintain nutrition. i think that if we expand and fully implement, in a controlled way, the medical marijuana program, we will get that data that is missing. it can inform us if we should move forward in any other direction. erika: would you support it on a federal level? rep. duckworth: yes, i would. i affect supported allowing federal doctors to talk to their patients in a federal facility about medical marijuana in a state that has approved it. we have a problem here where somebody in a state that allows medical marijuana, gets prescribed by the doctor, cannot talk about it. there is actually a gag order. it is simply wrong. moderator: final word, senator?
3:12 pm
senator kirk: i would highlight the work of my colleague senator dick durbin about cigarette smoking. we know there is about 7000 chemicals that can come in on the inhalation of a cigarette. most people would not consume marijuana with a filter at all. i want to make sure that all the things we know that are bad about smoking, all that ingesting carcinogens, it doesn't create a long-term health risk for people. moderator: our next question goes to congresswoman duckworth. a week ago yesterday, fbi director james comey informed congress about an investigation into a new set of e-mails that he believes are relevant to the hillary clinton private server probe that wrapped up in july. as a result, he has been harshly criticized over the potential impact on the election just four days from now. do you believe that he overstepped his bounds? should there be not just traditions but rules that govern
3:13 pm
this kind of release so close to an election? rep. duckworth: you know, this is one of those things we will be dealing with when i get back to washington. i am on the committee on oversight reform. i am looking forward to hearing from both sides on the issue. i think there should be, at the very least, some sort of guidelines. i'm calling for the director to come forward with everything he has. bring everything he has to the table. if he can't, there is some classified information to the general public, then he should still do a full briefing to members of congress with a security clearance. i do not think it is helping our democracy. do do you think he missestepped? rep. duckworth: i want to hear from him. i think greater transparency is required here. moderator: it is about the timing of the revelation is what i'm trying to get to. rep. duckworth: i think that
3:14 pm
when it comes to law enforcement, you have to follow what you think is right. i trust the judgment of this man. i will give him the benefit of the doubt. but that only goes so far. i believe in greater transparency. i want him to bring forward what he has got and then i will pass judgment on whether or not he he has overstepped his bounds. i've not yet seen what he has, but i will do my job back in washington to see what he has is talking about. moderator: senator? sen. kirk: i admire director comey. i think he is in a standing civil servant. everyone in this country is under law. -- we have got to establish the principle that everyone in this country is under law. just because you are a candidate for president does not mean you can violate the law. the investigation should go wherever the investigator wanted it to go. if you are running for president, you should not have a
3:15 pm
get out of jail free card. moderator: do you think that because he sent this letter to congress so close to the election that it was a bad idea? or he should have done it? senator kirk: i think the idea that director comey, who also works for loretto lynch, who i also voted for -- the idea that he is conspiring with republicans is not credible. rep. duckworth: i will hold my judgment and see what exactly he brings to members of congress. it is certainly highly suspect, but i trust the man who has shown himself to be a professional. but i want greater transparency and i will make sure that i figure out exactly what has happened in committee. moderator: we are winding our questions down. our last question is going to be 45- second response from each of you with no rebuttal. it starts with charles thomas to senator kirk. charles: both of you are outspoken in your opposition to
3:16 pm
donald trump's candidacy for president of united states. but what if he is elected? what will be your relationship? senator kirk: i have not endorsed donald trump. i even asked him to step down. i felt that when he said that one mexican-american judge is -- charles: but how would you work with him? sen. kirk: i expect i would have a lousy relationship with him. i do not think he will win. i don't think he has the temperament to be commander-in-chief. him? s: you would oppose sen. kirk: i think he should have stepped down at the nomination. i will not support him. many people sell their soul for allegiance. i will always call it the way i see it. just because he is a republican nominee does not make him the best choice for this country. i will tell the people of
3:17 pm
illinois that is not making the right one. rep. duckworth: i will start by assuming that donald trump loves the country as much as i do and as much as hillary clinton. i think the people of illinois are sick and tired of a government and congress that does not work. they are sick and tired of the republican initiative under mitch mcconnell that they will oppose every initiative from president obama. i would work with donald trump for the good a country went they make sense and are logical. not oppose every step of the way because we already have that and it is not working for the people of illinois or this great nation. i will start by assuming he loves this country as much as i do. he will be the new commander in chief, but i will hold him accountable for making good decisions. when they are bad decisions, i will oppose him. just like i post my own president when i disagreed with him. moderator: thank you very much. it is now time for closing statements. you each get one minute. congresswoman, we begin with you. rep. duckworth: i want to thank
3:18 pm
everyone for holding this today. i am running for senate because i want a nation that rewards hard work, not one that rewards wealth. i understand what families are going through throughout the great state. you are trying to save money for a down payment or your mortgage. that little piece of the market dream. -- american dream. you want to put a little bit of money aside so that your child can go to college, and you want a dignified retirement. that is all people are asking for, but they don't see that happening in their hometowns, whether it is on the south side of chicago or across this great state. as i travel the state, from north to south to east to west, i see that we have real work to do. if you elect me to the united states senate, i promise you that i will work for an economy that invests in manhattan, in illinois, that invests in hard-working families and will first, put those that seek to put jobs overseas had families that of the engine of our
3:19 pm
economy. moderator: congresswoman, thank you. senator, you have a minute. senator kirk: i would ask for your vote in the upcoming election, that you send a man that is independent from his party and has always put illinois first. so many people in washington, d.c., put their party first. with gun violence in illinois, i broke with my party as i should have to put illinois first. we want to put somebody in the next that is the glue for both parties. that once to make sure the entire senate will work for the people. moderator: that concludes this debate between the candidates for u.s. senate. we thank both candidates for joining us. we also thank abc political reporter charles thomas and meldonado. erika
3:20 pm
we hope that what you have heard here will help you make an informed decision on election day. please get out and vote. the election day is coming up on the eighth of november. thank you. have a good night. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> congresswoman duckworth trying to unseat the current illinois senator mark kirk. a total of 34 seats are up for election in the senate, 24 held by republicans and 10 by democrats. over in the house, all seats are up for election. 218 needed for the majority.
3:21 pm
includes 246rently republicans, 186 democrats, and three vacancies. in the presidential race on election day eve, c-span will have live coverage of president obama campaigning for hillary 4:45on in new hampshire at p.m. eastern time, and then headed to pennsylvania. with donald trump in scranton at 5:30. tonight, hillary clinton campaigns with the obamas at 8:00 eastern in philadelphia. donald trump heads west to michigan, and we will join him in grand rapids and 11:00 eastern. we finish with a hillary clinton campaign stop in raleigh, north carolina, and 11:45. >> election night on c-span could watch the results and be part of a national conversation about the outcome to be on location at the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters, and watch victory and concession speeches in key senate, house, and governors races could starting live at 8:00 eastern and throughout the following 24 hours. watch on c-span, online on
3:22 pm, or using the free c-span radio app. >> hillary clinton held a campaign rally earlier today in pittsburgh and she will be campaigning later with president obama in philadelphia. a cnn average of polls including a new survey out this weekend has secretary clinton winning the state with 47% support sompared to donald trump' 42. "hillary"]ting
3:23 pm
ms. clinton: thank you, thank you. hello, pittsburgh! hello. hello back there. [laughter] "hillary"]ting ms. clinton: thank you, thank you. wow. it's great to be here at this extraordinary time in our country's history and this great onversity, to have a chance a beautiful day to lift our sights, to think about what we are capable of doing together, the kind of future that we can
3:24 pm
create, if we search for and find common ground. to haves thrilling traveled across our country, to see the hopefulness, to talk about the positive changes that are occurring. to really see america at its best. and tomorrow, each and every one of you gets to make a decision as to whether or not, first, you ote, because in pennsylvania it is all about election day. other places around the country have been voting for weeks. for, i'myou will vote here to ask you to vote for yourselves. vote for your families, vote for your futures.
3:25 pm
vote on the issues that matter to you, because they are on the ballot, not just my name and my opponent's name. thank tom for coming out here. he is in the middle of opening another one of his great restaurants, but he said he has got these 2 small kids and he just had to come and be part of lifting up this election and creating the kind of commitment that will bring a record- breaking number of americans to vote. are on the path to see more americans vote than we have ever seen in our history. [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: and i am hoping that you will vote -- obviously, i hope you vote for me, but i
3:26 pm
also hope you will send katie mcginty to the united states senate. we have got some great elected officials here, and i want to recognize congressman mike doyle. county executive rich fitzgerald. , mayor billrgh peduto. but mostly i'm here to say thanks, thanks for taking time out, to think about what the stakes are. i love you all, too, absolutely. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "hillary"]
3:27 pm
so for those who are still making up your minds or thinking maybe it is not worth voting at all, let me just say, the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon. between an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and an economy that is set up and run for those at the top. spent my public career fighting for kids and families and standing up for our country. if you give me the privilege of your vote tomorrow, that is what i will do every single day of my presidency. i will get up -- [cheers and applause] ms. clinton: and i will think
3:28 pm
about what i can do that day to knock down barriers, to create opportunities, so that you have the chance to fulfill your own dreams. you see, i believe america's best days are still ahead of us. now, that doesn't mean we don't have to work for it, because we do. that doesn't mean that we can just expect it to happen as kind of a birthright. .ut i really believe that i would not have worked for 18 months, traveled across our country, fought as hard as i have about what we need to do and how to do it together, proudly stand up and defend the legacy of president obama, which has given our country progress in the right direction. believe with all my
3:29 pm
heart that we could do this, right? we can do this. >> we don't have to accept a dark vision for america. tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful, inclusive, big-hearted america. and our core values are being tested in this election. that people are frustrated. a lot of people feel left out behind. there's fear, even anger in our country. got to say anger is not a plan, my friends. if we're going to harness our overcome oury to problems, then we've got to start talking to each other to get good have come from.ver they
3:30 pm
last night, i was in manchester, was withhire, and i khan wasse son captain killed while serving in iraq. you might remember him from the democratic convention. he was not a man seeking to be on the stage of a political convention. heard my opponent say what he said about muslims, looked at the flag that son'sen draped on his coffin, he felt compelled to out. he spoke powerfully about what america means to him and how we have to defend our values and our constitution. he said last night, his son, serving in the united states
3:31 pm
unit, saw his something suspicious, moved out,d it to check it telling his men to stay behind, exploded, hecar lost his life. stars awarded the bronze and the purple heart. but as mr. khan said, when you of the people that my opponent has insulted and denigrated, would there be a america donald trump's for captain khan? hope,an family gives me because they truly believe in great countrythis of ours. and they have stood up, holding the constitution, as he did at the convention, to say people the world, cherish this constitution, believe in our
3:32 pm
values. it's a source of hope for people. of we will never, ever let that go. let someonenever rip it away in the kind of negative, divisive, hateful campaign that we have seen on this [cheering] >> sometimes when i hear my opponent speak -- it doesn't mean we don't have problems and challenges. we don'tt mean that have to do more to help people betterour country get economic opportunities. of course we do. we can doi believe it. i love our country. i believe in the american people. i know what we are capable of! [cheering]
3:33 pm
>> throughout our history, generations of americans have risen together to meet the tests of their time. defended democracy, built the greatest middle class the world has ever known, marched for civil rights and voting rights, for workers rights and rights, lgbt rights and rights for people with disabilities! [cheering] oftomorrow, we face the test our time. will we be coming together as a furtherr splitting apart? of use set goals that all can help meet, or will we turn and pit one group of americans against aorta? against -- one group of americans against another? be on the ballots tomorrow but those values and every issue you care about will too.ere what kind of country do we want?
3:34 pm
i particularly think about this young people, as i look at this crowd and see so many students and other young americans who deserve the same this country in that many of us were given. we will make sure they are available, because if it takes toout what have a thriving america, it couple of keya issues. if you believe that america thrives when the middle class thrives, then you have to vote. biggestnna make the investment in good-paying jobs since world war ii, jobs in infrastructure, small business, clean energy, advanced manufacturing. actually deliver on that, unlike my opponent, who makes his products mostly overseas, buys cheap chinese
3:35 pm
steel and aluminum instead of by american steel workers right here in pennsylvania. we're gonna invest in america we're especially going to invest in communities that are left out and left behind. to stand up for the right of workers to organize and bargain. get incomesto rising across america. needf you believe that we a fairer economy, as i do, then thee going to raise because minimum wage, nobody who works full time should still be in poverty. we're going to do more to working families with affordable child care, paid family leave. pay forlly, equal women's work! [cheering]
3:36 pm
>> i gotta tell you, this always gets about the biggest applause ever, because fundamentally we know it's not fair. but it's also about families. a wife, a mother, sister or a daughter who is working. you don't want her short-changed, do you? crowd member: no! i talk about equal pay and all these other issues, say's i'm playing the woman's card. say! you know what i in. me you know, if you believe all of should have good schools and good teachers no liver what zip code they in, then you have to vote. if you believe that we can make for everyfordable young american, you have got to vote!
3:37 pm
i gotta say, i was very proud of that berniecampaign sanders and i ran. it was a campaign on issues and not insults. and after it was over, he and i together and we came up with this plan. public colleges and universities be tuition free for everyone who makes less than a year! [cheering] >> and it should be debt-free for everyone else. i don't think you should go into get yourive debt to education. it's good for you. it's good for your families. it's good for our country. and we're gonna make it affordable for everyone. [cheering] >> and for the millions of americans already struggling student debt, we're gonna ease that burden. we're gonna get those interest rates down. we're going to give you a different way of repaying it as a percentage of your income, not to a 6%, 8%, 10% interest
3:38 pm
rate. and you're never gonna have to than you can afford. [cheering] see, i think there are a lot of positive things to get excited about. agenda we pute forth in this campaign is one really give everybody hope. you see, working for children and families has been the cause of my life. but it's never been more important than it is right now. so this has to be our mission together. to help everyan american, especially every young american, and especially every child, to have the chance to live up to your god-given when it's allause said and done, that's what matters most. else?ou helped somebody have you reached out and tried to ease somebody's burden? do it individually. my mother got through a childhood,abandoned
3:39 pm
because people showed her kindness. her.wn parents didn't want her grandparents didn't want her. but that first-grade teacher, nothing to eat, brought extra food every day, to make sure my mother had eat.hing to [cheering] when she was 14 and had to go out and find a job to support herself and got a job as a maid and a babysitter in somebody's home, she was just relieved that she had a place to live and that she could support herself. but the mother of that home to gotood my mom wanted to high school. said, dorothy, if you get up early and you get your chores you can go to high school. you'll have to comele right back -- come right back, because we'll need you. but you can do it. now, look, that sounds harsh
3:40 pm
telling a 14-year-old, okay, you can go to high school, but you right back and work on both sides of it, but to my mother it was a blessing. i think about what so many people have gone through, to give us the opportunities that speakingad, and i'm for myself, my mother gave me the grit, the, get up and go. she told me everybody gets down.d what matters is whether you get back up. [cheering] lot of americans knocked down because of the great recession, didn't we? were lost. jobs millions of homes were lost. out.y wealth was wiped 401(k)'s,counts, everything that people had worked so hard for. we've dug ourselves out of the hole. now we've got to get up. and we've got to make sure that
3:41 pm
we don't leave anybody behind. i see this man standing here with a sign. "coal miners for hillary." sir --l tell you, [cheering] are.know how hard times and as i have said, and you can take it to the bank, i will not forget you. and i will do everything i can sohelp people who have given much, worked so hard throughout their lives, for generations, to this country! we are not gonna forget any americans! do any of this without your help tomorrow. election is going to really set the course of our country. crowd member: yes, it is. >> there's no doubt in my mind. philadelphiabe in with president obama and michelle.
3:42 pm
and i so appreciate how hard me. have worked for but it's not for me. it's for us. when president obama came into office, put yourself in his shoes. young, dynamic, first elected torican become president of the united states. and what does he find? he finds the worst financial the greatce depression. that's what he finds. wow. those were hard, hard times. gets the credit he deserves for making sure we the't go even deeper into ditch we were in! but make no mistake. there were reasons we ended up in that ditch. it didn't happen by accident. we had huge tax cuts on the wealthy! the administration in office took their eyes off the financial markets.
3:43 pm
and we know what happened. pressures inthe the mortgage markets. happened.w what elections have consequences for we care about. to have's why we've got each and every one of you put in our future. if the lines are long tomorrow, please wait. [cheering] >> in early voting, we have had line for twog in and three hours. and there have been reporters down thes going up and line, asking people, all kinds of americans, not one type. all types. why are you here? on it, my future depends they say. [cheering]
3:44 pm
election.w is the but that is just the beginning. have to heal this country. we have to bring people respect, listen and each other. now, i know it's unusual for running for president to say this. i started saying this months ago, because i literally was meeting people who were scared hearingwith they were in the election. you know, i've known a lot of the republicans who have run for president, been elected history. in recent i didn't agree with them on everything; we had our differences. but i didn't doubt that they were fit to serve as president. this election is different. is temperamentally experience, disqualified to be president and commander in chief. so many people know that!
3:45 pm
[cheering] morethink we do need some love and kindness, right? above all ofo rise this hate-filled rhetoric, all these insults and scapegoating and finger pointing insulting. i want to be the president for americans, not just some. i want to be the president for republicans, and independents. [cheering] i want to be the president for those who vote for me and those who vote against me. want to represent everybody! [cheering] i know we have a role to play in building a better future. tomorrow.ts if you don't know where to vote,
3:46 pm
you can get all the information you need. the polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. we are on track, as i said, to but we can only do that if all of you make up your minds. friends, your everybody you know, to make sure voices are heard. historic, historic election and we're going to do everything we can, not only to win but then, immediately, to get to work. i especially... [cheering] anyone whoy invite wants to volunteer for the next go tors, text "join" to 47246. one of our offices. we would love to see you. yourse when your kids and
3:47 pm
grandkids, ask you what you did in 2016 when everything was on line, you'll be able to say you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america, where we build bridges, not walls! [cheering] finally prove, once and more all, that love trumps hate! thank you! ♪[music]
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3:49 pm
♪[music] ♪ don't stop believing feeling ♪to that ♪[music] ♪ don't stop believing ♪ [cheering] wake up, everybody ♪ ♪ ♪[music] >> and more coverage of the
3:50 pm
presidential race on this election day eve. live coverageve of president obama in just under an hour, campaigning for hillary new hampshire. 4:45 eastern time. and then we'll head to stop withia for a donald trump in scranton at 5:30. and continuing tonight as hillary clinton campaigns with the obamas at 8:00 eastern in philadelphia. donald trump heads west to michigan. join him in grand rapids at 11. and we'll finish up our live coverage tonight at a clinton stop in raleigh, north carolina, at 11:45. a look at the senate lineup here. democrats and, 44 two independents currently in the u.s. senate. independents caucused with the democrats. 34 are up for re-election. and a look at the house as well. 218 needed for a majority. are 246y there republicans, 186 democrats and vacancies.
3:51 pm
>> election night on c-span. watch the results and be part of a national conversation about the outcome. at the hillary clinton and donald trump election night headquarters and victory and concession at 8:00, starting live p.m. eastern. demandive on c-span, on at or listen to our live coverage using the free c-span radio app. arizona, senator john mccain is seeking a sixth term. he is being challenged by democratic representative ann kirkpatrick. joining us on the phone is dan, theowing this race as national political reporter for the arizona republic. he is in phoenix. much for being with us. >> thanks, steve. >> earlier, the race seemed to close.tively senator mccain with a very slight lead. something seemed to change.
3:52 pm
john mccain with now a much wider lead. happened? >> that's right. i think that the race looked tight early on, maybe in the spring. and i think part of it was that mccain was embroiled in kind of a bitter republican primary. and he wanted to -- he wound up winning it fairly handily, by about 12 points over his closest opponent. four-way race. and he wound up getting 52% of and about 48% of republicans voted for one of the other candidates. ofi think there was a lot dissatisfaction with mccain in the republican party. and i think that may have of the polling on the general election race. somew that the mccain -- sources in the mccain campaign, when they were doing their own polling, there was some confusion among anti-mccain voters between ann kirkpatrick, to run ads, and kelli ward, who was his main primary opponent. you know, they kind of confused
3:53 pm
them, in their minds. they just know they can't like mccain. it was that kind of republican satisfaction that was bleeding into the polls. after mccain sewed up the primary, i think a lot of those republicans kind of came home. might not like mccain. some of the conservatives think he's too liberal. him onn't like immigration reform perhaps but i think they see him as a better alternative than kind of a regular democratic foot soldier kirkpatrick. >> our audience had a chance to see the debates in the arizona senate race. takeaway between these two candidates, if anything? >> well, i think ann kirkpatrick a little bit uncomfortable up there. she hasn't had nearly the debate that mccain has had. obviously, he was a presidential so he's -- probably few politicians have as much stageence on the debate as mccain does. i think she held her own, but to knock himeeded
3:54 pm
out with the consensus. and i don't think she did. >> let me ask you about arizona, a battleground state for both the democrats and republicans. clintonrump and hillary both campaigning in your state. what impact has it had on the senate race out there? >> well, it's kind of interesting, because it looks like arizonans are going to split their ticket. the presidential race has been very tight. maybe trump is kind of opening up a lead a little bit. in the wake of the f.b.i. disclosures. but it's still tight. it still could probably go either way, depending on the and the turnout, on the presidential level. but mccain has been maintaining, pretty much since he won his leadry, a double digit over kirkpatrick. that have been a fe few polls showed it narrower, but there's been many that showed him with a lead. looks like, at least in the
3:55 pm
minds of the voters, they're able to separate the two races. be -- help explain to tiekpatrick's attempt mccain to trump didn't work very well, because mccain is such a brand, not just in arizona but across the country, even across the world. so to kind of try to paint him as kind of cut from the same as trump is probably difficult to pull off, just because people know him so well. to all of that, former republican nominee mitt for the 2008igning nemo. senator john mccain running for re-election. both have been very critical of donald trump over the last couple of months. event that took place in arizona. >> right. well, there's been some kind of confusion about the event. some national pundits and wasysts didn't know what it about. but the strategy is pretty clear. worried thatn is
3:56 pm
maybe there's a lack of enthusiasm among mormons in arizona. obviously this has gotten utah.ion in but there are many mormons in arizona as well. they're usually reliable voters for the most part. so i think, given that many trump, just don't like they're turned off by his lifestyle, i think mccain wants make sure at least they come out and vote for him, if they don't want to vote for trump. out mitt romney. he went to mesa which is well-known as a mormon founded by mormon pioneers. he had jeff flake on stage, who is a mormon. he had the mayor of mesa, who is a mormon. he had a congressman who mormon.a it seemed kind of programming for the mormon community out in eastern suburbs of phoenix. >> what do you expect the be in arizonat to
3:57 pm
on tuesday? >> it seems to be going through the roof. voting is up.rly i think arizona is leading the latinos, inrms of early voting. so there's a lot of engagement. by the business presidential candidates and the vice presidential candidates and surrogates really have added to the excitement. i think it's going to be a big turnout. a nationalcki, political reporter for the arizona republican, he's in phoenix. for your >> senator john mccain campaigned in arizona this past republican012 presidential candidate mitt romney. at ano spoke to reporters event just outside of phoenix. this is 15 minutes.
3:58 pm
>> thank all of you forr coming. thank you. [drums] >> thank you. thank you all for being here tonight. thank you. and, you know, typical arizona evening. [laughter] nice tot's kind of be -- i hope it will be the same kind of winner that the chicago cubs had last night. it's really remarkable. and i think we're very proud here in the state, but also in the east valley, to have a facility like this. it's really remarkable and wonderful. and i'm so glad you all would come out tonight. i'd like to say that one of the privileges i've had is to congresso serve in with matt salmon, a conservative man of principle, a man who understands what this country is national and its
3:59 pm
security needs. could we thank him for his great the house of house of representatives? [applause] mayor, thank you for the great job you do. mayor.roud of our doesn't he do a great job? it's because of him that we have this great facility. you. and, of course, jeff and sheryl, you. i've said this a thousand times and i promised i wouldn't say it anymore. but i can tell you this, if i look like jeff flake, i'd be president of the united states today. [laughter] >> by the way, after i lost, i slept like a baby. sleep two hours, wake up and cry. sleep two hours. wake up and cry. so i thank all of you ko for cog out tonight. campaign.a great we've had a wonderful campaign. and we're coming down to the end.
4:00 pm
that we'refident going to win. but i also think that anybody who predicts what is going to this election is using a substance that they're trying to legalize on the ballot there of days.le so... look, i'm proud to have been able to -- to have the honor of serving in the united states senate and the house of representatives before that. the people of arizona are the most wonderful on earth. a diverse economy. we have a diverse history. and we have a state that all of proud of. we're proud of our universities. we're proud of our people who the best helicopter on earth out at boeing and the best missiles down at raytheon. and we have our military bases such -- men and women serving in uniform, who are doing a good job serving uniformion in throughout the world. and i'm very honored to have a role as the chairman of the senaterm


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