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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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here comes the sun, and i say it's all right sun, sun, sun, here it comes sun,sun, here comes sun, here comes , sun, sun, here it comes little darling, i feel that ice
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is slowly melting little darling, it seems like years since it's been clear here comes the sun here comes the sun, and i say it's all right here comes the sun sun, and i say it's all right it's all right >> thank you.
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[applause] !> i'm with her ex natio >> she's with us! >> i'm with her! >> she's with us! announcer: jon bon jovi entertaining the crowd gathered at independence mall in philadelphia in front of independence hall, waiting for
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hillary clinton, joined by former president bill clinton, also president obama and the first lady, michelle obama. we are also expecting to hear from bruce springsteen, so we will stay here live on c-span is our final night of election therage continues -- before election, our coverage continues. donald trump holding his final rally before the end of the campaign in cleveland at 11:00. p.m., theg up 11:45 last rally for hillary clinton will be in raleigh, north carolina. we will have that life is well on c-span
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announcer: the scene on independence mall in philadelphia. the hillary clinton rally. jon bon jovi opening up. ♪
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announcer: in the background, of course, independence hall. hillary clinton be joined by a bill clinton as well as president barack obama. he has already been campaigning for her today. bruce springsteen is expected up next. the stages being reset from jon bon jovi, who was on before. katie mcginty is running against republican pat toomey. bob brady, congressman from philadelphia also spoke to the crowd earlier. right now, they are waiting for bruce springsteen and hillary clinton. o. will to
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24 hours from now, our election coverage will be underway, not only the presidential race, but congressional races and governors races as well. we will have all the results beginning at 8:00 eastern tonight live on c-span, streaming live on, and you can listen live on the free c-span radio app.
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announcer: this is philadelphia, a huge crowd waiting to hear from hillary clinton, and ahead of that, bruce springsteen is set to perform. crowdeed news says this for clinton is unlike anything we have seen in the course of her campaign. of course, donald trump has been crowds.big
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is off to grand rapids. we will have that rally at 11:00 p.m. eastern, followed by hillary clinton's final rally of the day, which is set for raleigh, north carolina, at 11:45 p.m. jongoodwin for yahoo! says bon jovi will fly on hillary clinton's plane between philadelphia and raleigh tonight. hillary clinton is in philadelphia. we will hear from bruce springsteen, next.
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announcer: this scene outside of
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independence hall in philadelphia. independence hall with as many as 40,000 people gathered for the final event here in the campaign for hillary clinton. she will be joined by former president bill clinton as well as president and mrs. obama, and is waiting to hear from bruce springsteen coming up next live in philadelphia. [applause]
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>> good evening. yes, yes. philadelphia, how are we? philadelphia, how are we doing? -- hear you, philadelphia, how are we doing? [harmonica] the screen door slams ary's stress waves like a vision she dances across the porch as the radio plays
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roy orbison singing for the lonely hey that's me and i want you only don't turn me home again i just can't face myself alone again don't run back inside darling you know just what i'm here for so you're scared and you're thinking that may be we ain't that young anymore , there'sttle faith magic in the night you ain't a beauty, but hey, you're all right and that's all right with me you can hide beneath your covers and study your pain crosses from your lovers throw roses in the rain waste your summer praying in vain for a savior to rise from these streets well now i'm no hero that's understood
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and the redemption i can offer girl is beneath this dirty head with a chance to make a good somehow hey what else can we do now? except roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair well the ninth busting open these two lanes will take us anywhere we got one last chance to make it real to trade in these wings on some whales wheels kleiman back heaven is waiting down on the tracks come take my hand we are writing out tonight to case the promised land road, oh, thunder road
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lying out there like a killer in the sun it's late, but we can make it if we run tight, takeroad sit hold thunder road well, i got this guitar and i learned how to make it talk if you areout back ready to take that long walk from your front porch to my friend seat but the ride it ain't free , for know you're lonely words that i ain't spoken ut tonight we'll be free
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all the promises will be broken there were ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away roadhaunt this dusty beach and the skeleton frames of burned-out chevrolets they scream your name at night in the street graduation gown lies in rags at their feet nd the lonely cool before dawn you hear their engines roaring on but when you get to the porch they're gone on the wind so mary climb in t's a town full of losers and tonight i'm pulling out of ere to win ♪
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[harmonica] >> good evening, good evening. tonight will be here president and mrs. obama, resident clinton ,helsea, and tomorrow president-elect clinton. the choice tomorrow couldn't be any clearer.
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hillary's candidacy is based on intelligence, experience, preparation, and on an actual vision for an america where everyone counts, men and women, white and black, hispanic and native, where folks of all faiths and backgrounds can come together to address their problems in a reasonable and thoughtful way. [applause] that vision of america is essential to sustain no matter this realization. hillary sees an america where income distribution should be at the forefront of our national conversation, where the progress we have remade -- we have made on reducing unemployment is not enough here and we can do better. she believes in universal health care for all that will build on the work of president obama. she sees an american that needs to be fair, where our highest
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courts look to protect the rights of all of our citizens and not just the privileged. she sees an america where the issue of immigration reform is dealt with realistically and compassionately. she calls on an america to ofticipate in the welfare our planet, both in global affairs and in science, where helping everyone reach the highest limit is a priority. it is a country where we will indeed be stronger together. now, briefly, to address her , this is a man whose vision is limited to little , who prioritizes his own interest and ego before american democracy itself, some buddy who would be willing to damage all learn -- hour-long
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are long challenged and admired system. that's unforgivable. tomorrow, the ideas and that campaign is going down. [applause] let's all do our part so we can look back on 2016 and say we stood with hillary clinton on the right side of history. that's why i'm standing here with you tonight with a dream of a better america. is a prayer for postelection. this is called long walk home. last night i stood at your doorstep trying to figure out what went wrong
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you just slipped something into my palm and you are gone i could smell the same deep green of summer above me the same night sky was glowing in the distance i could see the town or i was born it's going to be a long walk home hey, pretty darling, don't wait up for me gonna be a long walk home long walk home in town i passed cells grocery street ershop on south i looked into their faces
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they were all ranked strangers to me veterans hall high upon the hill stood silent and alone the diner was shattered and boarded with a sign that just said "gone." it gonna be a long walk home hey, pretty darling, don't wait up for me long walk home hey, pretty darling, don't wait up for me home be a long walk it's gonna be a long walk home here everybody has a neighbor everybody has a friend
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everybody has a reason to begin again my father said, "son, we're lucky in this town, it's a , ittiful place to be born just wraps its arms around you, nobody crowds you, nobody goes it alone." over the flying courthouse means certain things are set in stone who we are, what we'll do, and what we won't it's going to be a long walk home hey pretty darling, don't wait up for me gonna be a long walk home
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hey, pretty darling, don't wait up for me, gonna be a long walk home it's gonna be a long walk home ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
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♪ [bruce springsteen playing "dancing in the dark"] ♪ [bruce springsteen playing " dancing in the dark"]
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[applause] ♪ [bruce springsteen playing "dancing in the dark"] [bruce springsteen playing
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"dancing in the dark"] ♪ [bruce springsteen playing "dancing in the dark"]
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♪ [bruce springsteen playing "dancing in the dark"] ♪
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bruce springsteen: thanks. let's get out there and vote tomorrow.
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>> bruce springsteen across the river to philadelphia along with jon bon jovi, warming up the crowd. herary clinton is here with daughter and we expect obama and the first lady. .hat will be tonight
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good evening, philadelphia. it is exciting to see, hear, and feel enthusiasm. the greatn one of honors of my life to travel on behalf of my mother's campaign to meet the organizers who were working so hard with no sleep. to be here with the tens of thousands of people here is
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extraordinary. grateful and i am ridiculously proud of my mom. --m on a pyogenic way unapologetically biased towards her. i hope you understand why that is true for me. i cannot wait to cast my vote for her tomorrow. i would like to think that i am the most excited person here. a little bitht be more excited. so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all very much. it is now my great honor to introduce my dad, president bill clinton.
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you.clinton: thank first of all, you just saw one of the reasons you should support hillary. i am proud of our daughter and i am grateful for her and all of you who works for her from the beginning to today. for bruceeful df springsteen and john bon jovi. minute to to take a think about where we are and what it means. this country began here. right here. people who pledged their honor,fortunes, sacred to form a more perfect union. we are stronger together.
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watched her live the campaign as she has lived her life. it proves that, no matter what comes along or what they hit her with or the obstacles in the eyes one would keep her the futures that our children deserve. matter what else happens, she says that we are stronger together. that means that empowerment is better than resentment and working together is better than fighting and it is better to lift somebody up than put somebody down. tomorrow, the american people
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are going to be given a chance, one more time, to form a more perfect union. we are losing our great president from term limits and it will be a change election and we have to decide if we are going to change forward or backwards. think that all of us go a great debt of gratitude to the administration of barack obama. saided it when he
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supporter, candidate for president, michelle obama. ♪ michelle obama: my goodness. wow. thank you so much. my goodness. all, i want to thank
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bill for the generous introduction. look at you. what an amazing crowd. what an amazing night. emotional moment for me for so many reasons. we are a day away from making history. chance towe have the elect someone who is singularly qualified to be our president, hillary clinton. she is a phenomenal woman who devoted her life to school,others, kids in other struggling to get by, women who need a voice.
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hillary is the person we want on our side. she never gives up. she never quits. to be knocked down, pushed around, or counted out. on top of all that, she is an outstanding mother, a loving and brilliant woman who is an inspiration to millions and millions across the country. in just a few hours, we have the power to make her our next president. that?azing is i am honored to be here on this momentn the eve of this and i am emotional. ismany ways, speaking here perhaps the last and most important thing i can do as the
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first lady. let me take a moment to thank you and the people of this country for giving the extraordinary honor of serving as your first family. prayers andr your welcoming us into the community and giving us a chance, whether you agree with our politics or not. you have inspired us with your courage and your decency. every day, we try to make you proud and live up to the standard of citizenship that you set. we know that our words and our actions are a
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it emulates. what this does not end when we end the white house -- when we leave the white house. we believe that we have a duty to make sure that this is handed over to a leader we can trust. a leader who takes the job seriously, somebody who is truly ready to be commander in chief on day one. we deserve a leader who ensures that our daughters are safe and respected and that our sons understand that truly strongmen are compassionate and kind.
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we deserve a leader who sees dignity and humanity in all of us and who encourages us to see the better angels in one another. we need a leader who sees diversity as a blessing. sees this as hard-working people doing the best they can with what they've got and sees us as neighbors and ,riends who love this country not just as black or white immigrants, but as brothers and sisters who are all infinitely worthy and an important part of the great american story. , am here because i believe with my heart and my soul, that
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hillary clinton is that leader. we need to do everything we can to get her elected president of the united states. all,is the beauty of it this is on us, in our hands. if we get out and vote tomorrow, hillary clinton will win. home or playay around with a protest vote, hillary's opponent will win. end of story. presidential elections are precinct.ided by out ofng a few minutes
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your day to cast your vote and bringing friends and family with you, each of you has the power to swing a precinct for hillary. if we swing enough precincts, we , andhe state, the election we continue the progress we have all made in the past eight years. that is the power that you have. tomorrow, with your vote, you can stand up to those who look to divide us and make us afraid. you can declare that we are always stronger together. tomorrow, with your vote, you say that this country has always been great and that it is the greatest nation on earth.
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the son of a single mother from hope arkansas can vote and make it to the white house. a country where an outspoken woman is determined to do all the good she can. that is the power you have. that is the history you can make tomorrow. only if we get out and vote for hillary clinton. can we count on you? can hillary count on you?
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we have to get out and vote to make this happen. so, i now have the honor of introducing my husband to the the last chance, perhaps, to introduce him as the president. i just want to publicly say how proud i am of all that he has done for this country. proud of what he has done and how he has done it. getting the job done in the unimaginable challenges, going high when
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others go low. he is showing what intelligence, dignity, and grace looks like. gentlemen, i of myuce to you the love life and the president of the united states, barack obama. president barack obama: hello, philadelphia.
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are you fired up? are you ready to go? obama.ou, michelle partner, my love, my rock, and an amazing first lady. eight years ago, i asked all of you to join me on this journey and we set out not just to change programs or policy, but to rebuild the economy where everybody had a chance to succeed and to reform washington so that your voices would be more powerful. we set out to keep america safe with theg, not just
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might of our arms and the valor of our troops, but with the power of ideas, to shape the changing america so that everybody belongs and has a responsibility. know that america would fall into the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. in the face of challenges and entrenched interests, unprecedented obstruction in washington, we stayed with it and the american people stayed with it. because of your resilience, your , we turnedour faith this into "yes, we did."
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look at the road we have traveled. we have seen america turn recession into recovery, with businesses creating 15.5 million new jobs, putting people back to work. there was a resurgent auto , like one another clinton was resident. poverty is falling. 20 million more americans have health insurance. we have doubled the production of renewable energy. is finally ality reality from coast to coast. we brought home more of our men and women in uniform and we took
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out osama bin laden. almost every country on earth sees america as stronger and more respectable today versus eight years ago. because bill clinton is here, i just did a little arithmetic. under the last two republican presidents, job growth was basically flat and the deficits went up. over the two democratic by 30encies, jobs went up million, deficits went down, millions more americans got health insurance. with democrats in charge, america is stronger. just
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, we just one more day to go now have a chance to elect a 45th president who will build on the progress, finish the job, who has the respect of leaders around the world, who is smart, steady. somebody who comes to this as well prepared as anybody who has ever run, more than me or bill. the next president of the united states, hillary clinton. now, i know that it has been a long campaign and there has been a lot of noise and distractions. has felt more like a reality show or a parity. parody.
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tomorrow, philadelphia, the choice you face could not be more clear or serious. trump isonomy, donald uniquely unqualified. that is why most ceos do not support him. he would strip americans of health insurance, rollback the rules that are designed to check the wall street recklessness, and rollback regulations. , donald trumpicy is temperamentally unfit to be the commander in chief. do not take my word for it. listen to the republicans who refuse to support him. he lacks a basic understanding of the world. he suggests abandoning our allies.
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over the weekend, his campaign took away his twitter account, because he is erratic. if his advisors do not trust him to tweet, why would we trust him with the nuclear codes? more than his policies, throughout his campaign, he has shown contempt for the values that make the nation great. anybody who sees women as objects, minorities as inferior, un-american,as they cannot lead this country that we love. of this, it should give you a reason to vote tomorrow.
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you do not just have to vote against someone. you have somebody who is extraordinary that you can vote for. philadelphia, you have somebody outstanding to vote for in hillary clinton. i will be honest, i have had to te my tongue with the nonsense that people have said about hillary clinton. i can only imagine what bill and hillary have to go through. there are vicious attacks and double standards applied to her, which are like nothing we have ever seen before. most of the people who are saying this do not believe it and they know better. , shehillary was a senator was really popular.


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