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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  November 7, 2016 9:00pm-12:01am EST

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you a reason to vote tomorrow. you do not just have to vote against someone. you have somebody who is extraordinary that you can vote for. philadelphia, you have somebody outstanding to vote for in hillary clinton. i will be honest, i have had to te my tongue with the nonsense that people have said about hillary clinton. i can only imagine what bill and hillary have to go through. there are vicious attacks and double standards applied to her, which are like nothing we have ever seen before. most of the people who are saying this do not believe it and they know better. , shehillary was a senator was really popular. people saw how ineffective she
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was and how she got things done. before she announced her candidacy for president, the republican leaders described her impressive." one of the most effective secretaries of state. they were right. . agreed with republicans then great job for america and is a reason we are respected. when it was politically expedient, the republicans began tearing her down. tok, when you are subjected negative fire, it takes a toll. hillary clinton does not complain or buckle. she brushes it off. like the american people, she is
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strong and tough and she knows that government is not about her. it is about you and your struggles. your dreams. throughout her career, hillary methodist creed asdoing all the good you can long as you can and she does not plan on stopping. i know that she will work her heart out for you. needs ay child who ladder out of poverty, every student who needs relief from student debt, every immigrant who wants to contribute to the workry they love, she will and she will deliver. she will not just sweet -- tweet. and she need your help
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will need help in washington. if you want hillary clinton to continue the progress made, you need to give her allies in the senate, like katie mcginty. there she is. hillary withst put republicans in congress, who promise more dysfunction in washington. it would be hard to do, but they are promising it. years of hearings and investigations. you know, gridlock is not mysterious. it is not something that happens because both sides are being unreasonable. it is a stated republican strategy and the only way to break it is to make those who engage in it pay a price by electing democrats.
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mcginty's opponent. don't boo. vote. i give him credit for working on background checks. hollow when he supports a republican leader who blocked he supports tax cuts for the wealthy, just like donald trump and a lower minimum wage, just like donald trump. omeyo not need a trump-to economy. we need somebody who want to ,ollege -- who went to college
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katie mcginty. that is why you have to vote for her. pennsylvania, if you think and gridlock helps the family, you should vote republican. if you think that americans need childcare care they can afford and equal pay for women, a higher minimum wage for workers, you need to vote for democrats. roll are people who will up their sleeves and move america forward. listen, i know that we live in a cynical time. i know that elections in the negative advertisements have heightened the cynicism.
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last week, a journalist asked me if i still believe the optimism i expressed, that we were more than just a collection of red states and blue states, that there was not a conservative or liberal america and that it was just the united states of america. she asked me if i still believed in change. they said, it the country is so divided and hillary is in a close race with somebody who stands in total opposition to everything you ever sued for. maybe your vision was misguided or naive. it was a fair question. i did not count on the obstruction we would see.
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none of us knew how great the recession would cut. recovered the economy , despite all that, i told you, "the answer is yes." i still believe in hope and i am as optimistic as ever, because of you, the american people. i have visited schools, and the letters you have written me and the tears you have shed over a lost loved one, i have seen your goodness, strength, and your heart.
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, a skinnye a chance and, fora funny name these past eight years, i saw how hard you worked and the values you teach your children and how you treat strangers in need. i have seen men and women in uniform and military families who served and sacrificed. and, the wounded warriors who never quit. bet oon that on me -- n me. for that.ys grateful i always had the better odds, because i always got to bet on you. america, i am betting that moms
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and dads will not vote for somebody who denigrates their daughters. i am betting that most americans will not vote for somebody who says that people with disabilities is inferior. that, tomorrow, true conservatives will not cast their vote for somebody with no regard for the constitution. i am betting that young people turn out to vote, because your future is at stake. i am betting that men across this country will have no problem voting for the more qualified candidate, who happens to be a woman. i am betting that african-americans will vote in big numbers. never about the color of the president, but about the content of the character. i am betting that america would
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reject a politics of resentment and choose a politics that says that we are stronger together. tomorrow, youhat, will reject fear and choose help. -- hope. that the wisdom, decency, and generosity of the american people will win the day and that is a bet that i have never lost. place, thea, in this founding fathers forged the documents of freedom and give us the tools. if you share my faith, i ask you to vote. if you want a president who shares faith in america and has faith in america and will shatter the glass ceiling, being
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a president for each and every one of us, i am asking you to work as hard as you can this day to elect this fighter, this woman, our next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton. ♪
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>> permanently there for you. ♪ [applause] hillary clinton: hello, philadelphia. thank you.
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i am thankful to be here tonight to spend this time with all of spot and to all of the volunteers, the activists, the union organizers, those hardhats in the audience tonight, thank you for coming out for one last rally before even a day tomorrow. personally, i am happy to be finishing this campaign with my husband and my daughter by my side. we have been traveling across this country and trying to cover as much ground as possible to talk to as many voters as we can. i am really glad that we are all together tonight in
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philadelphia. it to have bon jovi and springsteen? in addition to all of that, what is so special, for me, is that we have our amazing president and first lady with us. years, theyight have served our nation with brilliance, and a whole lot of cool. us, again anded says, "whenchelle high." o low, we go
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as they said,re, the best way to thank them is to do something really important, vote. every single one of you and every person you know. as the president just pointed out, there is a clear choice in this election. a choice between division or , an economy that works for everyone, or only those at the strong, steady leadership, or a loose cannon who could put everything at risk. make a mistake, -- make no
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mistake, our core values are election.ed in this we know who my opponent is and the question is, what kind of country do we want to be and what kind of future we want to build for our children. i am proud that i had the chance to serve in obama's cabinet and could watchhat i the extraordinary service of our first lady. a thing i know is that, like and i knowe america that you do. and what it country stands for.
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we are not blind to its flaws or challenges. i believe that the best days are still ahead, if we reach for them together. anchoose to believe in inclusive and big-hearted america where everybody has a chance to live up to their potential. there have been so many memorable moments in the election for me that mostly real fall of around people i have had the privilege of meeting. manchester, new hampshire, i had the honor to be
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azir khan, whokh killed in iraq. at our convention, he reminded us of the responsibility we all share and to protect and defend our constitution. you remember the story of khan, the son of immigrants, brought as a young child, growing up to join the united states army. saw aat fateful day, he suspicious car and he moved
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towards it to determine whether it was a danger or not and told his men to stay back. the car was rigged and the bomb went off. he died protecting his men. the bronze star and the purple heart. was was said last night something i want us all to remember. after the many derogatory and insulting comments we have heard son donald trump, would his have a place in donald trump's america? it is an important question for all of us. we do not want to shrink the vision of the great country. we want to keep expanding it, so
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that everybody has a place to pursue the dreams and aspirations and the future. think about that when you go to and hows tomorrow generations have come to meet the test of their time. president obama said that it thered right here and 13e representatives from colonies that came together to watch the greatest experiment that the world has ever seen. our parents and grandparents they marched and
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for civil rights and voting rights. tomorrow, we face the test of our time. for, not justote against? although my name and my opponent's name may be on the ballot, every issue is on the ballot. that americae thrives when the middle class thrives, you have to vote. believe that all of our
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kids should have good kids and teachers, you have to vote. believe that college should be more affordable, you have to vote. if you believe that we must reform our criminal justice system, so that everybody has respect for the law and by the law, you have to vote. if you believe we need to protect kids and pass commonsense gun safety reforms, you have to vote. if you believe that we must wage and minimum guarantee equal pay for women, you need to vote. now, every time i say that last about equal pay for women,
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my opponent accuses me of playing the woman card. if that is playing the woman card, deal me in. my name orot just donald trump's name on the ballot. every issue you care about is at stake and that is just the beginning. we have two bridge the divide in the country. angry the talent of .he campaign became
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did anybody see those debates? trump andxt to donald i approved that i have the stamina to be the president and the commander-in-chief. say -- o i have to say that there were so many really troubling things that my opponent has said. at thet horrifying was end of the last debate, when he insulted more than half of the population, immigrants, african-americans, latinos,
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he launched the attack on our democracy, refusing to say whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election. we will show there is no doubt about the outcome of this election. know that iyou to will be a president for all americans, democrats, republicans, independents, not just the people who support me. i believe that we all have a a better anding stronger america on the progress that we have enjoyed under barack obama over the last eight
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years. i am not going to let anybody rip away the progress we have send us back in time to where people are free to question the foundation of the did.ry, what the founders they did not agree on everything, in case you do not remember. there was a lot of contentious argument. they saw the higher purpose and they came together. this is what i want us to do and we can take that first step tomorrow. make a plan to vote. pennsylvania, it all happens tomorrow. text, we will walk you
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through where to vote, when to vote, how to get there. you can do that right now. tell your friends, family, neighbors. you can go and get all the information you need. every person who lives in philadelphia lives within five blocks of the polling place. that is it. at 7:00 and close at 8:00. if you are in line, they will have to let you vote. so, we need your help in the last hours. we need your help to turn people out and those who need assistance.
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none of us want to wake up and think that we could have done more. today, when your kids and grandkids ask what you did in 2016, when everything was on the line, i want you to be able to say that you did vote and that you voted for the inclusive, bighearted, open-minded future that makes sure that we keep moving together. i believe that we are stronger together. voted for the america where we build bridges and not walls. maybe, most importantly, you toed in great numbers
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demonstrate, once and for all, that love trumps hate. let's get out and vote tomorrow and make history together. thank you. god bless you. ♪ ♪[music] ♪[music]
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corner of 5th and chestnut in downtown
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philadelphia, with independence backdrop.e back hillary has one more stop tonight in raleigh, north carolina. trump, meanwhile, speaking at this hour in manchester, new hampshire. see hisave a chance to remarks in its entirety, right here on c-span, as we continue our election eve coverage. if you're a supporter of hillary 748-8920. 202-748-8921. 202-748-8922., as we look at the scene in this tweet, donald trump saying that tom brady has voted for me. he made that announcement in new hampshire. new hampshire with its four electoral votes. part of the equation for donald to reach 270 electoral votes. let's look at the schedule for nominees today, as they travel around the country, beginning with hillary clinton,
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in oakland,e day pennsylvania, right outside of pittsburgh. and then allendale, michigan. tonight she will be in raleigh, wrapping upna and her pennsylvania visit in philadelphia. donald trump began the day in then traveledida, to raleigh, north carolina as well, with his battleground clinton andth the trump campaigns. scranton, pennsylvania, where joe biden was yesterday, in manchester, new hampshire, at this hour, and wrapping up the night in grand rapids, michigan, his speech expected to come well after midnight. we'll have it live on c-span. the vice presidential nominees also on the campaign trail. in charlotte, north carolina, kaine.ator tim you can see just how important north carolina is for both the democrats and republicans. also in wilmington, an event in fairfax, virginia and an evening in richmond, virginia. and mike pence began the day in minnesota, as he tries to put minnesota in play. also, travis city, michigan.
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to northwestern, pennsylvania, in the city of erie. trump inoin donald grand rapids, michigan. let's get to your phone calls. line for democrats. good evening. >> good evening. i'm calling to say that was just awesome event! and i'm hoping that everything tomorrow, and hillary clinton becomes the next president of the united states. i don't know why anybody at this point would be voting for donald trump or undecided, because the has shown himself to be totally unqualified for the united states. and imagine a president of the united states going abroad and welcome that we richly deserve, because it's a whole lot of people, people from abroad. i mean, i don't even want to imagine it. beenor the obamas, they've great these past eight years. is so lovely to see them working so hard for hillary
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clinton. goes wellrything tomorrow. >> catherine from maryland. is inile, donald trump manchester, new hampshire. his speech coming essentially the same time that hillary speaking inbeen philadelphia. we will be showing you that in its entirety. was introduced by his running mate, governor mike pence. what's going to happen tomorrow, darling? hope president trump will be in. and also, i'd like to make a comment about how they always talking about the khan gold-star family. how many american soldiers have we lost that they don't ever mention them? nobody. >> darling, you also have a key ohio. race in what is your production? is senator portman going to be re-elected? >> yes. >> and who will win ohio, hillary clinton or donald trump? trump.ld darlene.
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thank you very much for the call. the closing remarks by the this election eve. but first, maria from maine. good evening. >> good evening. yes. are we on the air? >> you sure are. ahead. >> okay. it's hard for me to know if you're there or not there. here. right >> you're right there. all right. i just wanted to say that i just clinton allary dressed in red, which i wondered, what was the significance of that? i'm independent and i'm trying to decide what i should be influenced by. her in a red suit didn't do too much for me. say anything -- she didn't address the problem record.r husband's and theeen called, experience and the facts show that he is a sexual predator. now, why doesn't she address that, and how can we let a man like that back into the white
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house? >> so who are you going to vote for, maria? >> i doubt, after her performance tonight, that i will be voting for hillary. >> thank you for the call. james, who covers politics with the boston globe, has been following the trump campaign, will stop the jobs from leaving new hampshire. new hampshire has one of the lowest employment rates in the nation, though, he point out. this has been called the closing ad, this from hillary clinton. >> i think we can all agree, a long campaign. but tomorrow, you get to pick our next president. are a few things that i hope you'll think about. first, it's not just my name and opponent's name on the ballot. it's the kind of country we want for our children and grandchildren. is america dark and divisive or inclusive? can our core values are being tested in this election. areeverywhere i go, people refusing to be defined by fear and division.
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know, we've come through some hard economic times and we've seen some pretty big changes. but i believe in our people. i love this country. our best daysced are still ahead of us, if we reach for them together. i want to be a president for all americans, not just those who me in this election. for everyone, because we all in buildingto play a stronger, fairer america. the second thing i want you to this.s i will work my heart out as president to make life better you and your family. we won't always get it right. this.u can count on i've never quit and i never will. i'll get up every day, determined to keep america safe and strong and make our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. and finally, working for children and families has been cause of my life. but it's never been more important than it is right now.
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has to be our mission together. to give our kids and every to live upe chance to their god-given potential. yournight, i'm asking for vote. and tomorrow, let's make history together. i'm hillary clinton. and one last time, i approve this message. closing ad from the clinton campaign. in just a moment, a two-minute from the trump campaign. she will be in new york city tomorrow night, with the glass ceiling. this is what it looked like for the setup. donald trump will be a few blocks away at the new york hilton. tyrone is joining us on the democrats' line. good evening. evening. i just called in to say that i ofa strong, strong supporter
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hillary clinton. and tonight was inspiring. there's a caller, i think just before me, that said that didn't mention her husband as a predator. these innuendos that have been said during this campaign, it's just ridiculous. things that donald trump has brought out. just not needed. obamak tonight, the family, just inspiring. hillary, inspiring. am looking forward to tomorrow, to president clinton first woman president. she is definitely inspiring. the other callers that call after me, if you don't have anything good to say about candidate, don't call! thank you. >> tyrone, thanks. this from nikki, who says that rally in philadelphia was simply amazing. for!s, as always,
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-- for c-span's uninterrupted access to this event. of our election eve coverage, three hillary clinton events and one with president obama. so eight live events during the course of our day. website at we're back tomorrow at 8:00 eastern time with our election we'll be with and you through the night, into the morning. and our washington journal under way wednesday at 6:00 a.m. a straight evening in overnight coverage to show you the results and speeches not only from the presidential candidate but also from the key senate races that makeup of the the senate in 2017. jeff on the republican line, nobelsville, indiana. good evening. >> good evening. how are you? >> fine. you?re >> doing great. thank you. thank you very much. >> go ahead. the air. >> i am? i love it and i appreciate that. and i appreciate the time. and i'm a 46-year-old man. i have two young sons, 17 and
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13. and this election is not so much theirs. future but and their children. death ifares me to hillary clinton is elected. >> from indiana. thek you very much for call. from the trump campaign, his closing argument, a two-minute released over the weekend in key battleground states. watch. >> our movement is about corruptg a failed and political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the american people. the establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. for those who control the lovers of power -- levers of power in globalton and for the special interests, they partner with people that don't have your mind.n political establishment that is sameg to stop us is the
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group responsible for our deals, massivee illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have country dry. the political establishment has ofught about the destruction our factories and our jobs, as flee to mexico, to china and other countries all around the world. power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have our working class, stripped our country of its put that money into the pockets of a handful of corporations and political entities. that can stop this corrupt machine is you. the only force strong enough to save our country is us. the only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt
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you, thement is american people. the peoplehis for and for the movement, and we back this country for you, and we will make america great again. i approve trump, and this message. >> the latest from the trump campaign. and we welcome our listeners on and those watching on the web at and cpac.rom trevor, you are on the air. good evening. >> hey, good evening. i am an independent. twothere were at least people in the republican party i would have voted for that didn't any traction whatsoever. were? those two
9:46 pm
>> kasich and rubio. absolutely. bettercandidates, people, far more acceptable, and believe to the majority of america. believe that tomorrow i'm gonna vote for hillary and i'm excited about it. ha! i just can't believe it. but that's gonna happen. >> and colorado in general, do going to go's democrat or republican? democrat,nna go absolutely. there's no doubt about it. >> who did you vote for four ago? >> i voted for barack obama. >> okay. have you voted for republicans past, though? >> yes, i have. yes, i have. voted for george bush. on.'m going to move we'll go to mary lynn, on the democrats' line. good evening. >> hi! maryland.on the air,
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go ahead. >> i wanted to say that hillary is very good, and with all that she has said and all that she has done, it's we are very well looking forward to go ahead and the changes that she's promised us. i believe that trump does not of they say a lot verys -- he's hypocritical. but if anything, i really think texas will be a democratic vote and everything. and it's really exciting to be able to see her and the stuff for use's wanting to do and the united states. >> thanks for the call from texas. patsy saying, spent a wonderful the philly rally. hashtag #i'm with her, stronger together. follow us on twitter
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and "like" us on facebook. fern, republican line. good evening. >> good evening. >> fern, do you think your governor has made a difference in this campaign with donald pence running with him? >> yes. most definitely. >> go ahead. you're on the air. >> yes. don't understand why to run is even eligible for president. she lied to the f.b.i. or i did that, we'd be in jail. she supports full-term abortion. gay marriages, everything that god is against, she's for. barack obama is a disaster, with the health care. i mean, immigrants can come over get health care, they get everything, just handed
9:49 pm
to them. can't even afford insurance because of the obamacare. hemp -- i'm not saying that is perfect. no one is. and he's made a lot of mistakes. is the lesser of two evils. him 100%.ort and i just don't understand how with any morals at all, even contemplate voting for hillary clinton. >> fern, thank you very much for the call. is from politico. about donaldlking trump and hillary clinton and kane spending time in north carolina. day north carolina became the center of the political universe, it is definitely a must-win state for donald trump and it's a state
9:50 pm
that hillary clinton would like keep donaldy to trump from under the 270 electoral votes. outside ofay, just pittsburgh, hillary clinton meeting briefly with reporters. here's part of what she told reporters as her day began. [cheering] >> well, we're working hard to the candidates, because it would make a real we could get what done. but right now, we're, you know, our looking at maximizing turnout operation everywhere, and working in coordination. with other candidates in both the house and the senate
9:51 pm
and governorships. but i'm really excited about having a chance to make all these stops today. at event tonight independence hall is really meaningful to me, about where it there.everyone who is >> it seems to me that over time, you've been often ahead of your time. been sometimes misunderstood. you fought off a lot of prejudice. americahink that today understands you and is ready to accept you? >> well, kim, i think i have some work to do to bring the country together. i've been saying in these speeches in the last few days, i really do want to be the for everybody. people who vote for me, people who vote against me. because i think that these splits, these divides that have but not only exposed exacerbated by the campaign on the other side are ones that we
9:52 pm
have to bring the country together. [inaudible] >> absolutely. absolutely. i love this country, and i believe in our people. we have a big agenda ahead of us, but i'm excited. i think we will get a lot cone i do think done and we will bring the country together. tomorrow?cerns about >> we're just gonna work until the last vote is counted! ha ha! me, guys. guys, please go back. few more photographers. >> where am i going? whew. >> a photograph and a couple of questions from reporters, who have been traveling with hillary clinton. earlier today, she began in pennsylvania. morning up early in the in raleigh, north carolina. again, north carolina, a trump.n state for donald it's been a battleground state for both of them.
9:53 pm
sharon is joining us, tallahassee, florida, independent line. good evening. >> hi! good evening. i usually lean towards republicans for like small and i like their platform usually. littlear was a different. divisive that trump has brought like ourountry, i felt democracy is really, really at risk. so i started to listen to the other platform, listen to the other side. i think i am, after even i can tellaleigh, that i'm very excited. for those four years, i don't know if she's going to be forlected but i'm voting her, with my brain and my heart, because we really need to bring country together. the work she's done, she's
9:54 pm
unbelievable, you know. and i hope that mr. trump will this countryat grows on diversity, not, you hate and all this. and by the way, i did vote for him in 2012. he did an amazing job to just the people -- it's unfortunate but hopefully the can fix that,ty after the election. know, take it from need abecause we really two system, like a two -- and democrat. >> thank you for your call. us, republicanng line. arnold, as we listen to you, i want to share with you, from politics, the latest polling averages. this is based on a series of
9:55 pm
polls over the last couple of days. you can see the average for hillary clinton, up 2.9%, according to real clear politics. some of the states still within the margin of error. with a slight lead in florida. a lead fornow hillary clinton. real clearrding to politics, available on its website. arnold, go ahead, please. >> yeah. i think that donald trump will elected, if the christian thinks ofe out and what god has done for them in life. i really do, i believe it's abomination, because i just don't believe a woman should run the country. but they should be part of the -- >> why do you think a woman should not run the country?
9:56 pm
man, god created man in his own image. and then he created woman. is why,lieve that that if she is elected, this country will fall. and it's already headed that way. it's like benghazi. she didn't care about benghazi. she said, so what if they die? you know? care, because woman can't think like a man. to interfere with anybody, but if a true christian will listen to their hearts, read their bible, they will get answer. >> arnold, are you married? >> yes. >> and do you have any daughters? kids. i have a daughter, yes. >> and so what would you tell daughter if she wanted to run for national office?
9:57 pm
qualified ton serve, to lead? >> i do not think that they the office,be in i'll be honest with you. >> and what does your wife think? will agree with me. homen, it's not the stay thing. they can get up and work, because you've got to get up and work. and i'm not talking about in politics or nothing. go out in the community and work at a business like ae home and act woman. thingsbut the way that are going right now, they so much hatred.'s so was built onntry christianity. and a woman is really supposed to obey the husband, because god created man and woman that way. >> arnold, thank you.
9:58 pm
flats, tennessee, for sharing your point of view. of the latest ads now on the air. let's watch. ♪[music] ♪ i've got the eye of the tiger and you're gonna hear me roar roar ♪ roar ♪ ♪ roar ♪ roar i've got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪[music] ♪ the eye of the champion
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me roaru're gonna hear ♪ and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ clinton and i approve this message. >> decades of lies. cover-ups and scandal. finally caught up with hillary clinton. f.b.i. clinton is under investigation again, after her e-mails were found on pervert wiener's laptop. think about that. america's most sensitive secrets, unlawfully sent, and exposed by hillary clinton, her staff and anthony wiener. a nation.nnot lead while crippled by a criminal investigation. to serve.inton, unfit >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. phone calls. john from pennsylvania, good evening. john, go ahead, please. time for johnmore in state college, pennsylvania. are you with us? >> yes, i'm here. please.ead, >> i'm just extremely havepointed with what we
10:00 pm
left to select from. i thought we could do better. done a lottions have worse than this, and unfortunately, america is just colors.its unfortunately, this is what we have to deal with and this is what we have to select. hope that, in the future, we can do much better. >> john, thank you. so let me give you an update on what's been happening during the course of the evening. up an trump wrapping event in manchester, new hampshire. he is en route tonight to grand wills, michigan, where he have his final campaign event, probablyy to happen after midnight or 1:00 a.m. eastern time. hillary clinton, who was in philadelphia, will be heading back to raleigh, north carolina, before returning to new york overnight. she'll be voting tomorrow. and our live coverage of the results will get under way at here on c-spanme and also live on c-span radio. from go to ray, joining us schneider, texas. go ahead, please. >> yes.
10:01 pm
that mancomment on that said that a woman shouldn't hold office. >> yes. go ahead. i'ds far as his concern, like to let him know the next president of the united states a be >> ray, from texas. thank you for the call. let's go on to mark in liverpool, new york, independent line. good evening. >> good evening. i gotta tell you, first of all, would hate to play poker with you, because how you kept a straight face during that call from tennessee, if you had a would have never known. >> go ahead. >> a few years ago, i was able be on the air during a historic election when obama won. in college,or political science major. i voted for obama back then. tomorrow, i'm voting for donald trump. it's just, you know, i'm tired of politics. the same. donald trump beat out a field of
10:02 pm
candidates,alified people who have had public service. it was a tough primary. he came out on top. got to say something. as a guy who has a degree in political science, the textbook going to read, with the exception of 2016, this was the case in pop political science. i want a woman president. i can't wait for that day. i don't think hillary clinton is person.t i don't trust her. there's got to be a movement out there. gotta be a reason why trump was able to reach the top. do i think he'll win tomorrow? no.hfully, but i'm voting for him and we'll see what happens. i agree with the previous caller. we have the lesser of two evils. there's got to be a reason he made it to the top of the republican party, with the most votes ever. we'll see. well overmpaign began a year and a half ago. we've had about 90 house, senate and governors debates. and of course, the debates, conventions, early primaries, it all wraps up tomorrow.
10:03 pm
then back to governing, as we our attention to the new congress that will take place in 2017.y of martin is joining us from grand prairie, texas, democrat line on election eve. good evening to you, martin. >> hello, sir. you to we call from the lone star of the united states of america. we vote -- let me tell you this real briefly. we are an immigrant family coming from el salvador. and we -- my wife and i came here. and the republicans made us come legal due to the amnesty. god, we have our life together here. and we have three children. graduated. one is in the college of law in california. so we are immigrants, poor people. so we made our lives here. will vote for hillary
10:04 pm
clinton. about 12 votes in this family. this is because we are a minority. we are our own transportation business. it's because of bill clinton, interest ontop of credit cards. and now we have about 30 people for so that means we can make it better. we support george bush's son, because we believe in republicans too. but this time, the republicans, can don't have somebody who represent them with honesty. and also, like they say, will have four the button for nuclear weapons. that's very dangerous. support with all our hearts, hillary clinton to become the first woman president of the united states of america.
10:05 pm
tomorrow everybody has to go out and vote. god bless america. call.nks for the for ads on the air. we'll watch. trump makes fun of me... ah, i gotta see this guy, don't know what i said, ah, i remember! mr. trump makes fun of him, that hurts my feelings. >> advocates for people with disabilities, not pleased with trump's remarks. quote, it is unacceptable for to mock another child's disability on the aayground, never mind presidential candidate mocking someone's disability. for it. is no excuse he will not apologize and even said that the journalist should using his disability to grandstand. >> this is a reprehensible human being. you do not mock the disabled.
10:06 pm
be niceresident should to people. from extracts the most people, because people want to measure up to his expectations. finds the right person for the right job. the qualified person for that job. in that position and he gives you a tremendous amount of responsibility. micromanage the process. >> he is a mentor to so many. and he is kind. that's something that doesn't necessarily get out there as much as it should. >> from the ads, they give you a how they are playing in the battleground states. if you don't live in north or pennsylvania or ohio or new hampshire or some of the other key states that will
10:07 pm
270rmine who reaches electoral votes. let's get back to your phone calls in just a moment. tonight inp manchester, new hampshire. we're joined from the republican line. good evening. >> good evening. am i on? >> you sure are. >> yes. my name is paul o. o. latino and i'm a proud supporter of donald trump. i think this election, it's the most important issue in my is the supreme court. electdon't -- if we hillary, i think we're going to lose this country forever. thing is, i think mass immigration, it's been used to destroy cultures. and especially, you know, in first world countries. coincidence, what's happening in europe and do in america,to to destroy the culture of this country.
10:08 pm
and one last thing. after this election, i will ther, never, never trust mainstream media again. they're all dead to me. and everyone else. >> thank you for the call. lisa in to philadelphia, where hillary clinton was with the president huz,he first lady and her bill clinton, you're calling on the democrats line. good evening. us? r you with >> oh, hello. yes. good evening. ahead. you're on the air. say thatst calling to i am voting for hillary clinton. and i am very proud to be voting her. i am a teacher and i found it interesting, the speech about this election, because of the circumstances. you teach, lisa? >> civics and government and english.
10:09 pm
>> what grade? >> 11 and 12. government.2, in but history is being made. exciting totremely be watching. to be teaching about this. >> lisa from philadelphia, thank you for the call. earlier tonight, in manchester, new hampshire, donald trump on street in -- on elm street in downtown manchester. introduced by rudy giuliani and also in attendance, governor mike pence. ♪[music] >> america's mayor, everybody! [cheering] >> well, the time has come. high honor and
10:10 pm
to introduceilege to all of you here, in the great the nextnew hampshire, president of the united states of america, donald trump! [cheering] ♪ proud to be an american ♪ ♪[music] ♪ for there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ i'm proud to be an american ♪
10:11 pm
♪ ♪[music] >> thank you, everybody. [cheering] >> thank you. fantastic! thank you very much. well... [cheering] >> thank you. thank you, everybody. [cheering] >> thank you very much. we made a great
10:12 pm
choice in picking governor mike didn't we? didn't we? [cheering] >> thank you. thank you, karen. by mythis is big standards. look at this. and here's the good news. peoplere thousands of outside trying to get in. do you believe what's going on? [cheering] >> so it all began for me in new hampshire, the first state we won. remember the promise i made? stop those drugs from pouring in, poisoning your poisoning everyone else. very hard tol work get people off that addiction. to happen. we're going to do it.
10:13 pm
i said i was going to do it. and we're gonna do it. i want to thank everybody in new hampshire. thank you. my family was here. i said, come on. my children were here. tiffany, jared, ivanka. [cheering] >> we know the pence family, very, very famous. and by the way, i just looked at the numbers. indiana is doing very well. you have done a great job. a great job. you. thank you, karen. laura., evans, eric and [cheering] >> they've been such a big part. reading know, i've been about all these surrogates going all over for hillary clinton. but i had my family. i had the best surrogates of all. were all of them. so i just want to thank you. on behalf of the
10:14 pm
family, say a couple of words? go ahead. [cheering] was not planning on speaking tonight. but i did want to be here on last night, prior to election day, to support my father. so incredibly proud of him, what he's accomplished today. be i know tomorrow will another great day. and then he will get to the real making this country great, of working for you, the american people. will never, ever let you down. thank you! we're grateful. and god bless! [cheering] >> thank you very much. it.again, go and enjoy let's go have a good time. and by the way, we are going after this to michigan, because michigan is in play.
10:15 pm
and i may get there a little bit they're waiting. we have thousands and thousands of people. the polls just came out. we're leading in michigan. [cheering] >> we're leading in new hampshire. we're leading in ohio. we're leading in iowa. leading in north carolina. [cheering] we're doing really, really well in pennsylvania. do believe we are leading in florida. so it's gonna be amazing. it's going to be amazing! want to thank do believe we ar. and folks, go ahead. mike, i'll see you in a little while. i think mike is going to come with me to michigan, right? you. thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very much.
10:16 pm
well, you know, we said we want to finish off in new hampshire, the incredible relationship i have. but who would have expected right? who would you expected this? this is something else. so... couple of things. two people i have a lot of respect there, really like as people, credible people, and because they're so important to thought i would give you this information. they have told me i can do it. so i will do it. tom brady... [cheering] >> great guy. great guy. great guy. great friend of mine.
10:17 pm
great, great champion. unbelievable winner. called today and he said, donald, i support you. you're my friend. and i voted for you. [cheering] you, thisant to tell guy is a champ and he is the winner and he is a great person. so, tom, you voted for me. you support me. allowed to say it tonight to this massive crowd in new hampshire? he said if you wanna say it, you say it, okay? [cheering] >> tom, that's what a champ is about. and another person, very close to tom actually, for a lot of reasons. you'll understand in a second. have unbelievable respect for them.
10:18 pm
champion in every way. i was in the plane. they handed me a letter. coach belichick. [cheering] me the mostote beautiful letter. hours ago.only two so we called back. thatid, do you think mr. trump could read that letter to the people of new hampshire? [cheering] >> and he said, absolutely, if you'd like. but do me a favor. don't read that letter. a littlend one that's bit different. so i figured he was going to take all the good things out, right? like most gutless people do, gutless. but he's the opposite. champ! so he sent me the new letter and it was much better! stronger.
10:19 pm
see, most people don't do that. most people are the opposite. oh, gee, i don't want to get involved. this guy is a true champ. so he writes -- coach congratulations on a tremendous campaign. you have dealt with an unbelievable slanted and and have come out beautifully. beautifully. you proved to be the ultimate and fighter. your leadership is amazing. have always had tremendous respect for you, but the youhness and perseverance have displayed over the past year is remarkable. tomorrow's election results will give the opportunity to make america great again. [cheering]
10:20 pm
>> best wishes for great results tomorrow, bill belichick. to...ust want [cheering] >> it is funny, though. when he said i really want to the letter, i really did expect it to get a little bit -- peoplestand how most work. but most people aren't the coach. so tom brady and bill belichick, to thank you both. and go win a good super bowl or whatever you want to do. what a combination! never been a better combination. but when you know them personally, like i do, they're even better. [cheering] >> tomorrow we are going to win the great state of new hampshire. and we are going to take back the white house. deliver historic once-in-a-lifetime change. of this country,
10:21 pm
from florida to minnesota, from new mexico to right here in new hampshire, step on to the ising booth tomorrow, there one fundamental question for you to consider. want america to be ruled by the corrupt political class, america to be ruled again by the people? [cheering] >> we want trump! we want trump! [chanting] >> i am asking for the votes of americans. democrats, republicans, first-time voters, and there are a lot of those first-time voters, folks.
10:22 pm
who are so desperately in need of change. imagine having hillary clinton for four years? [booing] >> can you imagine? hillary clinton's only allegiance is to herself, her her special interests. my only special interest is to me, is to you. that's why i'm doing this. that's why i'm doing this. the corrupt special interests stolen your jobs and chip shipped your wealth to other countries. they've destroyed the working this country. tomorrow the american working class will strike back. it's about time. [cheering] withal change begins
10:23 pm
immediately repealing and replacing obamacare! [cheering] >> it's just been announced that americans, nationwide, are going a massivence double-digit and triple-digit premium hike. counties inthe losingpshire are obamacare insurers next year. lots of luck in your negotiations. honestly, folks, it's not gonna matter. we're going to have it terminated. have great health care at a fraction of the cost, so it's not going to matter. i want you to leave here happy tonight. [cheering] surging,ms are companies are leaving, insurers are fleeing, doctors are quitting, and deductibles are going through the roof.
10:24 pm
yet hillary clinton wants to obamacare, making it even more expensive. vote so wefor your can repeal and replace obamacare save health care for every family in new hampshire and in country. restoringe also means honesty to government. of's start by getting rid clinton. that's the best. that's the by the way, did you ever see like happening right
10:25 pm
now? have we ever seen anything like this? four-star general, james cartwright, two weeks ago, for a tiny, tiny infraction by comparison, can go to jail for up to five years and might very well. his life waseus, destroyed, reputation totally destroyed, for something that fraction of what hillary clinton did. what a shame. what a shame. so sad. hillary clinton is the most theupt person ever to seek office of the presidency of the united states. she threatened national security. she sold her office to the highest bidder. tracks,, to cover her she deleted 33,000 e-mails after receiving a congressional
10:26 pm
subpoena. [booing] >> that in itself disqualifies her from running for president. shouldn't be allowed to run. protected by a totally rigged system. for a longaying it time. [chanting] >> drain the swamp! hillary has shown content for the working people of this country. in wikileaks, has spoken horribly about catholics and evangelicals and so many others. [booing] it all down, folks. wikileaks. wikileaks.
10:27 pm
and what they said about her, bad instincts. she's got bad instincts and bernie said, bad judgment, right? so do we want a president with judgment?cts and bad crowd member: no! >> i don't think so. we're going to stand up for the catholics. and we're going to stand up for the evangelicals. released another debate question. hillary got another one, just one hour ago. i said i have to mention it. westnow, if you go to or the airndianapoli annapolis force academy and if you get the questions to a test and you yourself, they throw you out. sad. sad. to me, it's one of the bad things. a lot of my people, they say, oh, let's not talk about that. i said, talk about it. questions.l got the
10:28 pm
donna brazil took those questions and gave them to crooked hillary. right? and crooked hillary didn't do anything. the questions. and i'll tell you what. if i were bernie sanders, i wouldn't be too happy. and she probably did it with me thoseut did we win debates or what? [cheering] matter.uldn't wouldn't matter. so she got those questions. she never turned them in, folks. remember, you're dealing with a person.honest my contract with the american to endegins with a plan government corruption and to from thecountry back special interests. the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear these words from all of us. when we win tomorrow, we are
10:29 pm
going to drain the swamp! [cheering] >> that is something. that is something. of my contract is my plan to bring our jobs back. new hampshire has lost one in jobsof its manufacturing since nafta, a disaster. a deal signed by bill clinton supported by his lovely wife, hillary. amazingly, america has lost, 70,000 factories since child entered the world trade organization. hillary-backedd disaster.
10:30 pm
we are living through the single loss in the history of the world. stopmp administration will the jobs from leaving the united states and we well stop the jobs from leaving new hampshire. believe me. if a company wants to fire their workers, leave new hampshire, and moved to another country and then ship their products back to the united states through what will soon be a very, very strong and powerful border -- applause] [chanting]
10:31 pm
mr. trump: we will make them pay a 35% tax on those products into know what is going to happen? you know what is going to happen? they are never leaving. they are staying. a are staying. we will renegotiate nafta, stand and stop the job-draining transpacific partnership. as part of our plan to bring back jobs we will lower taxes on torican business from 35% 15%. we will massively cut taxes for the middle class. hillary clinton is raising taxes very substantially. inwill cancel billions global warming payments to the united nations. billions and billions and
10:32 pm
billions of dollars a hand nobody knows where it goes and nobody knows what it is used for. i know where it goes. it goes into a lot of people's pockets that's where it goes. use that money to invest in environmental infrastructure in the united states of america. you don't mind, right? the africanrebuild community and the hispanic community. you will love what is going to happen because the inner cities in so many cases are like living in hell. crime is rampant. horrible. you cannot walk to a store without getting shot. schools are terrible. as bad as it gets. and, there are no jobs. we're going to bring back the jobs, fix the schools and make
10:33 pm
them terrific. and make the inner cities say. we will make them safe. democratou know, the for longer than 100 years in many cases, unbroken chain, have been in charge of the inner cities and you know what they want? they want your vote and then they say, see you in four years folks. i will fix the inner cities. and i ask you, though, what do you have to lose? to leave me. we will do such a great job. what do you have to lose? and we have been doing very well. if you look in florida, look at those long lines. we have been doing very well with the african-american community and be hispanic community. and all of the dishonest press, they are saying, what is going on here? what is going on? the world's most dishonest
10:34 pm
people. look at them. look at all of those cameras. -- crowd booing] mr. trump: what are you show them on those cameras? go ahead. show the crowd. should the crowd. they don't do it. outside, another 10,000 reported. 10,000. bade are the world's people. dishonest people. very, very dishonest. not all of them, but i would say most of them. the coach. he mentioned it, too. i guess he's got his difficulties with them also. no, they are very dishonest. i will be a champion for all americans against the sun very and corrupt system. we will become a rich nation again.
10:35 pm
that to be a rich nation, we must also be a safe nation. 550%ry clinton wants a increase in syria and refugees coming into the united states. can't do it, folks. can't do it. her plan will import generations of terrorism, extremism, and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities. when i am elected president, we will suspend the syrian refugee program. and, we will keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. believe me. a trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of
10:36 pm
the united states and yes, we will hold a great, great wall. "] anting "build that wall mr. trump: in's don't forget, new hampshire, i promise you. i promise you. hampshire and the primary i promised you, i said we are going to stop the drudge from flowing in. stop it from flowing in. we're going to stop the drugs and poisoning your children plenty of others. we are going to build the wall. peoplendorsed by so many
10:37 pm
having to do with the borders. iceborder patrol agent's, --all endorsement. they all endorsed trump. but i promised you. you were the first ones. you were the first ones who really taught me how bad the drug epidemic is. i met with your police, who are incredible people, by the way. and they explained. and i guess it made a big impact on you because i love new hampshire. i love the beauty of new hampshire. the trees, the wanting roads from the likes come the rivers, the whole thing. the little streams. i would meet with people and say, what is your biggest problem and they would say heroin. i would say, heroin? it does not seem to work with the beauty of your area. we would stop
10:38 pm
we will stop it 100% and then we are going to work on helping the people who are so seriously addicted. ok? we are going to do it. ] heers and applause clinton -- mr.ry trump: hillary clinton totally supports open borders. there goes your country. which means unlimited drugs pulling into your states, pouring into our country. hillary clinton also strongly supports sanctuary cities like san francisco where kate steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant and deported probably more than five times. we will cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities. all of the funding. we will stop illegal
10:39 pm
immigration. stop the drugs from pouring into our countries and dismantle every last criminal gang and cartel threatening our citizens. cheers and applause] mr. trump: we will also repeal the obama-clinton defense. national will be a effort. and a major part of this rebuilding will be the portsmouth naval shipyard. it is going to be a big part of it, folks. a big heart. smallest navy, by the way. does anyone know this? he smallest navy that we have had since world war i. we are going to build it back up. i am honored to have the endorsement of more than young 200 top admirals and generals
10:40 pm
and 22 medal of honor recipients and the list goes on and on and day.d up every hillary and her failed and establishment have dragged us into foreign wars that have made us less safe and that we never win. we never win. fight in fight. like most. we give them for months notice we're going in. what about the element of surprise? remember the old element of surprise? we're going to be attacking m osul in four months. we'll hit them from the rear. we'll hit them from the front. we will paratroop in. we'll do all sorts of things. then, three months they say, again. then onemonths, months. then, we expect to be attacking next week. these are smart people!
10:41 pm
one of the reasons we are attacking his we want to get the leaders of isis who we feel are staying in mosul. they left after the first mention we're going to attack! don't these people understand it? oh, what a bunch of people we have. what a bunch of people. i mean, we got a president, all he wants to do is campaign for crooked hillary. that is all he wants to do. big 747, he takes that air force one. those big old engines that spew. he flies it all over the place campaigning for hillary and then he talks about, let's not affect the ozone layer. what a joke. what a joke. and, he should not be campaigning. he should be out trying to get our jobs back.
10:42 pm
trying to secure our borders. hoping up our military. stopping our problem. amazing. amazing. and, hillary cannot fill a room. let's look. this is called filling a stadium. and i have no guitar and no piano, right? i mean, she gets jay-z and beyonce the other night. the language! right? the language was so bad. people were insulted. they started walking up. theary then walks onto stage. hugs them, hugged them, hugged them. then she says, donald trump uses such owl language. give me a break. did you hear what he was saying? and, tonight she has bruce springsteen. they do not say is this. so, they performed, actually in the case of jay-z, so many of these people never heard
10:43 pm
language like that, they started to leave. what happens is they come in, listen to the musician which i think is demeaning to the clinical process. they listen because she cannot fill a room. if she came here, i am telling you, she would have 100 people sitting. we are going to have -- we have 28,000 people including the people outside. more than beyonce. more than jc. -- jay-z. more than anybody. and we do not have a guitar. what we do have is we all have together a great plan to make america great again. that is what we have. fairness, isin all there any place better than in a trump rally to be? i mean, really. there is no place better. havehese politicians
10:44 pm
shipped to our wealth all over the world and left our borders wide open at home. that will change immediately upon our victory. leave me. immediately. got a get out and foot. tomorrow is the day. got a get out, got a get out and vote. new hampshire has never disappointed me. remember in the primary? trump -- younald know, the phony polls. these people. boy. trump may notald win new hampshire. i said, that is surprising. i think i am going to win. i think i'm going to win. and then we won by 18 points. with a lot of people. you know, we had 17 people.
10:45 pm
you know what else? right next-door in massachusetts --re they are represented oh! oh! now i know why you like belichick so much and tom brady. either way, is there a better reference than tom brady and belichick? i don't inc. so. you know, in massachusetts we had what? wanting people left westmark they go like this, boom, boom, boom. 14 people left. we got 49.5% of the vote to end these dishonest pundits said, donald trump has not broken 50. how do you break 50 when you have 14 people? what we want massachusetts. we got over 49%.
10:46 pm
-- but we won in massachusetts. we got over 49% and massachusetts is represented by pocahontas, right? represented by pocahontas. represented by pocahontas. oh, she is terrible. she is just a terrible person. terrible. you know, clinton thinks she is doing herself a favor using women as a surrogate. everybody that watches her says she is a terrible human being. she is. terrible. so, i don't know who is going to challenge her but lever does, you know i hear a very great his ball pitcher is going to challenge her. guy. a great you know what, he is a great guy. i don't know if is going to do it but he is a great guy. and elizabeth warren is terrible. into know what? she is a terrible senator. take a look at what she is past. nothing. nothing.
10:47 pm
it in the senate, everybody hates her. they don't even want to deal with it. i make you a deal. you can up pocahontas, i will belichick,ady and ok? and from now on, it is going to be america first. americans, i say it is time for change and time for leadership. just think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days of a trump administration. we're going to have the biggest text cut since ronald reagan. even bigger. and, hillary is going to raise your taxes substantially. we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job-killing regulation. illegalcancel every obama executive order. just like that. he goes out and plays golf so
10:48 pm
much that he does not have time to convince congress to go and do it the way it is supposed to be done, right? right? i mean, he has played more golf than most people on the pga tour. i mean, this guy. is it over 300 rounds? a look, that is great. golf is fine. lay with leaders of countries and people that can help us. don't play with your friends all the time. we're going to protect religious liberty. rebuild our military. and we are going to finally take care of our veterans properly. our veterans properly. our veterans have been very mistreated and i want to thank them for their tremendous support and the military, the tremendous support i get. they did polls there and it is like, forget it.
10:49 pm
it is like i'm not running against anybody. in dow or law enforcement has been good. we are going to provide school choice and put an end to common core. we are bringing our education local and we will support the men and women of law enforcement. great people. and save our second amendment which is under siege. justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. think of this. i started on june 16. long time ago from way back. can you imagine this? and now i just say -- you have one day. but it is no longer one day. it is like just like tomorrow morning. who is going to vote tomorrow morning?
10:50 pm
[cheers] mr. trump: i promise you this, i will never, ever let you down. i promise you that. to do this.ed you know, i built a great company. one of the great companies. great, great, some of the great real estate assets in the world. i was on the other side. you know, i am criticizing the other side because i understand the other side as well as anybody but our country was in trouble and i love the our country and i looked at what was happening and i'm really happy i did this. i am really happy i did this. it has been an amazing experience and we are indeed going to make our country great again. you have one day to make every dream you ever dreamed for your country and your family come true. you have one magnificent chance to beat this corrupt system and
10:51 pm
deliver justice for every forgotten man. for every forgotten woman. and for every forgotten child in this nation. this opportunity slip away. folks, it is never going to happen again. never going to happen. for years from now, never going to happen again and people are voting that have never voted before. these are great people but they never saw anybody they want it. they are voting in numbers like the of never seen in texas, in florida. the metairie look they are voting in #they have never seen before. every fighting for citizen. not the donors and not the special interests. we are fighting to bring us all together as americans. just imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god saluting one
10:52 pm
american flag. applause] chanting "usa"] mr. trump: thank you everybody. such a great honor. incredible people. you are incredible people. i'm asking you to dream big because with your vote we are just one day away from the change you have been waiting for your entire life. people in all of our cities and towns, i say these words to you tonight. i am with you. i will fight for you. and i will win for you. i will win for you.
10:53 pm
together, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america stronger again. we will make america safe again. greate will make america again. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. god bless you. get out and vote. thank you everybody. ♪ announcer: from the first in the nation primary state, new hampshire. tonight in the city of manchester, the states largest
10:54 pm
city the second to last event for republican nominee donald trump who won the new hampshire route to grand rapids, michigan. this is a scene in grand rapids at this hour as supporters in michigan await for donald trump to arrive tonight. meanwhile, hillary clinton who was in philadelphia earlier with the president is heading to raleigh, north carolina. have live coverage. we will share with you a couple tweets. this is from a viewer saying, they never show the crowds with regards to donald trump. c-span does all the time. another comment from pennsylvania. the clinton's and obama's, i loved every minute of it. another call from kristin who says the c-span caller says it is an abomination for women to run for president as a are unfit to lead the country. this is america in 2016. finally for mrs. u.s., to that
10:55 pm
term supporter that said women blonde in the house, yes. the women is an -- the woman's place is in the house. the white house. more on hillary clinton's speech. her husband, chelsea clinton, the president need first lady. we are joined by someone who has been following the story is a national reporter. thank you. let me begin with two aspects of your piece tonight available online at you mentioned the president with 33,000 people in attendance in philadelphia, and emotional apex. how so? >> you could tell he was feeling the moment. this was his final political speech. his final campaign rally as president. he was really feeling the scene.c he started to talk about the early days of his own campaign.
10:56 pm
his own8 and presidency. he really brought the crowd back to that time as a way of making the stakes clear. -- is interesting >> what is interesting about this race is going back to 1988, the last time you had a sitting president actively campaigning. that of course, ronald reagan and the successful when of george herbert walker bush. and as you point out, hillary clinton, the guardian of his legacy. can you 11 raid? -- can you elaborate? >> he is a very popular president. clinton did not start this race out saying, i am going to be a third term brock obama and she has never said that because it is a hit on her that trump tries to use. but essentially that is when she is running for.
10:57 pm
obama is saying, if we do not elect hillary clinton, all of the premise of the last eight years will be turned back. for trump, that would be a good thing. at the point is, clinton is trying to get obama supporters to see her as a protector of what obama made and what obama made possible. >> let's talk about the calendar today. both clinton and strap in raleigh, north carolina. mike hence in minnesota. -- mike pence in minnesota. tim kaine in florida. as you look at the electoral map, north carolina has really become the battleground state in 2016. rides yes. yes. it is not that whoever wins north carolina wins the race. the question is particularly on trump. cap must win north carolina were asked his -- donald trump must
10:58 pm
win north carolina or his path becomes almost impossible. andh carolina is a front center in electoral battleground in and of clinton wins it, it just seems as if tribes path will be very difficult. -- donald trump's path will be very difficult. hillary hearing both clinton and the president talk a lot about the senate races and new hampshire, in north carolina , and pennsylvania. what is your take on what we can expect tomorrow with 24 republican seats being defended and democratic seats tomorrow night? >> it is going to be obviously an extremely close race for control of the senate. a 50-50 predicting split. we will be watching the hampshire and very clear -- closely. hillary clinton will be able to drag over, you know, drag
10:59 pm
candidates over the line. in states like pennsylvania and new hampshire, that is particularly the case. north carolina to a certain degree, too. all of these races are very close. almost half a dozen races could be decided by two points or less. politicalalking to a reporter, national political reporter for politico. for -- as be looking soon as we hear numbers out of pennsylvania, out of florida, out of north carolina, out of pennsylvania, we will have a good sense of the evening. donald trump basically needs to be sweeping the battleground states in order to have his path remain open. some of hillary clinton's numbers are looking good in southern florida, stronger the end usual as they have been in
11:00 pm
early voting, that maybe the whole wall game. but donald trump thinks he is an opportunity and he may indeed and pennsylvania and ohio, which -- where many people think he may win. this will not be one of those interminable election nights. >> thank you very much for you with us. we appreciate it. phone calls.few donna is joining us from michigan, independent line. caller: good evening. you for waiting. caller: i have been listening to -- myonderful speech by husband of if the four years, my husband, we have been watching politics for our entire married life. this has been probably the worst news reported that there has ever been especially when has been so much corruption going
11:01 pm
on. i believe that mr. trump is a man more family-oriented they and are the other two running. the other person running. looking out for our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren. would not want to have to explain to my undo thendchild how to things that the other woman would do as a grandmother to my kids. i would never want her anywhere near my kids. or him. so i, my husband, my entire family, are voting for donald trump will stop he is the only person that is going to be a leader and do the right thing by appointing to supreme court justices. so our supreme court can make
11:02 pm
our country one of law and order once again. thank you. you are looking at the scene in raleigh, north carolina and in grand rapids, michigan. the run-up to what is going to be the final speeches by hillary clinton and donald trump. let's listen to what is happening in grand rapids, michigan. ♪ >> this is the real michigan, huh? michigand to see real
11:03 pm
get together. canake michigan back so we take america back. is this enough real michigan to take michigan out of the blue and into the red for donald trump? michiganienough real acs? hunters inan deer bear country in the winter water wonderland? stand up for what we believe in. ♪
11:04 pm
[patriotic guitar medley] ♪
11:05 pm
11:06 pm
11:07 pm
announcer: ted nugent in grand rapids, michigan. we continue with your calls and comments. joining us from san antonio, texas. independent line. good evening. caller: first of all, thank you for having me on the air. i want to start up i think that foruld like to thank c-span being one of the few objective news outlets that we have covering this election cycle.
11:08 pm
i think it is important healthy level of highest today on the left, and the coverage. and i think that stems from the divided country. not only because of the media but because of the inherent political structure that exist. a two-party system that really should not exist and was warned against by our founding fathers. ishink the key to solving it education. i do not see either of the candidates actually wanting to solve this and that is troubling. nevertheless, i have to choose the side and the one that i thought was proposing something a bit better for this country donald trumpase who was the only one who brought up the dangers of the national debt and the dangers of monetary inflation, which were important.
11:09 pm
host: thank you very much. one more color and background information on voter returns as they come in tomorrow from a reporter from time magazine but first i am from philadelphia. democrat line. good evening. caller: good evening, c-span. thank you so much for your coverage. the more i listen to the republicans that call, the more i am convinced that god is a democrat. i cannot believe how hostile and a green and better some of the republican colors are. using the bible to subjugate women, foreigners. those are things that christians believe in. i will be so happy to cast my vote tomorrow for hillary rodham clinton. that is my girl. i have admired person she was first lady. i have always admired her.
11:10 pm
host: thank you for the call, diane from philadelphia. >> in the latest edition of time magazine and that, how media got smarter about calling elections. let me begin with that collection, how so? guest: in the early election, the media messed up. in 2000, for gore, for bush, and for this is a real crisis. -- in the wake of that they put their heads together and change that. they formed the national election pool. they change their name. hired a new poster, edison
11:11 pm
research. very well respected. in they pledged before congress that they would not call an election based on exit poll results before they had -- before the polls had closed. so that was a major difference beginning in 1980. the network would call it elections before the polls closed. the last thing they did that was really interesting was that instead of allowing exit poll leak to newsrooms to become available to reporters, to become available to anchor sitting at the desk. you know, the pressure to report on that is huge. they actually chose to put it into quarantine so the five big news outlets, abc, nbc, cbs, ap alld fox news and sent people, data analysts and statisticians, to a room with no
11:12 pm
phones, no computers, no tablets where they look at this election data all day long and analyze it, question it, polka, prodded, make sure that it is robust before reporting back to their individual outlets just before the polls close. out in your point peas, this all begins at 6:00 in the morning east coast on election day and continues throughout the day. how does edison research determine whether they send canvassers and what are they asking? is a good question. it is an incredible army of people. edison research sends out a little bit more than 1000 surveyors and then ap has their own army of stringers and members that have about 4000 more people reporting back from county seats. so between the two of those outlets, there is an absolutely enormous amount of people on the ground. edison, for its part, is hired
11:13 pm
by the big media outlets as part of that national election pool the national election poll actually comes up with the questions on this questionnaire. the questions on this questionnaire. it is a 100 page questionnaire with two sides. about 20 questions. 15 or 20 questions. we don't know what those questions are right now but they were arrived at by committee with abc, nbc, cbs, everyone else. and they will go up by randomly -- to randomly select did -- and they will go out randomly. they will not choose keep racing's, not necessarily in key swing areas. randomly selected in the states and whatever state they get from there, these us surveyors will talk to about 100,000 people leaving the polls and that information will be combined with telephone poles that edison has been conducting over the last week with people who voted
11:14 pm
early and absentee voters. not onlythis to learn who voted on election days so networks can: early but why they voted the way they did? test: exactly. on the questionnaire, we do not know what exactly is on there but we know generally that every voter who is called ahead of guest -- absentee or they will ask to they voted for in state and national and gubernatorial races. they will be asked why, they will be asked their general feelings about the candidate and they will be asked about which issues are important to them. so on this particular questionnaire, their questions about debt, pension, euthanasia, marijuana. take topline issues. frome have come a long way
11:15 pm
1948 when dewey was declared the winner over truman. guest: the chicago tribune headline there says, dewey defeats truman and i think it is a specter that hangs over the media on election night. you do not want to screw it up at badly again. there is a very robust understanding. i talked to a lot of people who will be in that quarantine room. there is a very profound feeling that this time they absolutely have to get it right. if there is a question, if it comes down to a very close call, most of the vote has been counted but there is a tight race and the user can still pull it out, they will not call it. for the with us. having me.k you for host: our live election night coverage gets underway tomorrow. part of c-span's road to the
11:16 pm
white house coverage. also on c-span radio, streamed on the web. 5:00 for those of you on the west coast. isabella is joining me from the republican line. caller: how are you? host: fine, how are you. is for mr. trump. i watch him. the whole debate. the one year. then i watch, i very focus what he talk about. first of all he wanted to get in the president and change. they need to clean out the white house because we notice it has a stuff in there. he need to do that. i am latina. i very, very good mexican people
11:17 pm
stuffwant to win. years i am voting for obama. he say he want changes. he did. he did changes but he did not do what he promised to us. host: thank you for the call. the rally tonight with hillary clinton and donald trump. all eyes on the capital for the inauguration of our 45th president, either donald trump or hillary clinton. today the construction began in full earnest. this is a live view of the capital earlier today as workers begin the first phase of the project that began will have the reviewing stand on the west part of the capital. it has been on the west front since 19 81. ronald reagan was the first.
11:18 pm
prior to that it was the east front. the west front overlooks the mall and the washington monument. we'll have live coverage but first the election of the resident. democrats line. good evening. caller: thank you c-span very much for allowing us to speak and it is a privilege to do so. i will tell you that i am a bernie sanders democrat. already an early vote for hillary clinton. i did so on a whole host of basis. one i think that for the working people, if they want to actually be paid for their labor they would not put for mr. trump because he stiffed working people for quite some time in his own company and he seems to smart he is really thinks not to pay any taxes. of course, the working people pay taxes.
11:19 pm
so the tear he supports is certainly not the tear that bernie sanders supports. interestings an point this morning about no entertainment needed and then you hear ted nugent entertainment and i would prefer the jimi hendrix version of that same tune, which gives them illustration basically of the cost of war and the idea of them" certainly i am not in favor of calming them around the world and certainly people around the world into nations around the world, are certainly very nervous about a trump presidency. when i was involved in disarmament work in the 1980's, joint chiefs of staff at that 54 nuclear war. i worked very hard with others to change that. i'm afraid a trump presidency will put a reverse of that and escalate the threat of a nuclear
11:20 pm
war and i certainly don't want to see that for anyone. thank you. we will go next to mark in grant city, illinois. republican line. caller: yes. disabled military veteran and some of the issues i have been concerned with have been with employment and our veteran goingand military rates up in general. i have noticed in the last 30 years, when a him a been in office they have totally forgotten about the families in the military. in the united states, there is about maybe 2% of the united states people that join our military forces and i would think those people, those women and men of our nation, should be honored and be able to be taken care of. since i have been out as a disabled veteran, it has been very hard and rigorous trying to find a good job or any job for
11:21 pm
that matter. when ronald reagan in the 80's and bush were republicans that were president, they had had and sinceof up to 14% clinton and obama were in office, it has been, you know, rates as low as 1%. maybe up to 1.5%. hadnt to see, anytime with republicans in office they have been a lot more for the military the hand what i have seen in democrats. see, youd like to know, what clinton is going to become next president, what things you will have to look out for military families and veterans that serve this country. host: hillary clinton has landed in raleigh, north carolina, her final event scheduled to get
11:22 pm
underway within the next half an hour or several. donald trump in grand rapids, michigan. one saying, white trump doesn't chose taxes, the biggest mystery onerous. what is he hiding from? joining us from columbia, south carolina. good evening. caller: i am sitting outside with the pups. it is cool. was that americans sometimes are not that smart. do not shoot the messenger, but they used to say, well, you know, one watches america and one watches tv. you can control all of the people all the time and some of the people some of the time and mr. trump just seems like a confidence man to me. pure and simple. i voted for mr. kasich in the primary, i will probably vote for hillary tomorrow.
11:23 pm
the fruit look at people bear. in south carolina, trumps kid opened up a business that went bankrupt and all of those folks an empty bag. an article neutral student newspaper, the post and courier, you look at the fruit people bear. kindly.u very host: from columbia, south carolina. ted nugent performing grand rapids, michigan. let's listen in to a moment for what he is saying. ted nugent: never back down. ♪ died.en he and this happened. ♪
11:24 pm
nd there i was back in the wild again back home it where i belong ♪ just like it happened so many times before ♪ many makes me feel warm and good inside i know his name wind he is still alive
11:25 pm
take me back back where i belong [indiscernible] ♪ >> ♪
11:26 pm
11:27 pm
alonegent: ♪ we are not n the great outdoors ain't that right, boys?
11:28 pm
a downright? again down these trails take me back back where i belong bear he i am glad to have you by my side again. because the wind, he's still alive. oh fred bear walk with me down the trail again i hear you, fred
11:29 pm
back home in michigan, baby up and grand rapids aat the polls took off the day to support donald trump take america back oing to clean those swamps we will get that, michigan
11:30 pm
♪ cheers and applause] ted: we've got somebody passed out? is that what happened?
11:31 pm
ive them a water bottle. they'll be all right. i'll revive him. is he all right? you need a doctor. they took all my tools away. i can't help. you've got a doctor coming over there? this happens every time i play fred bear. women have babies. people pass out. is he all right? should i stop joking about this? what's this? i don't like that prognosis. is a doctor coming? can we get a thumbs up? all right. all right. you see, i told you there's a spirit to that song. couldn't handle the spirit. so thank you for even having me here tonight. do you want -- do you want the
11:32 pm
definitive proof -- the definitive proof that donald trump needs to be the president that he's qualified to the -- be the president and that he's got the cojones to be the commander-in-chief? you want the ultimate proof? he invited ted nugent here. that's all the proof you need. because you've got to have some to invite me here. because i'm radical! i'm radical! i'm an extremists! i believe we have an experiment in self-government. how radical. i believe that we the people determine the future of america. that our elected employees work for us. i'm radical! i believe that the u.s. constitution is written in stone and blood and it is not translatedable. it is not alterable, the supreme court cannot mess with
11:33 pm
our constitution. they're supposed to just obey it and enforce it! [applause] i don't need the bill of rights to know that god gave me individual rights. he gave this guitar player individual rights and our founding fathers wrote them down because the kings didn't acknowledge them. the kings and the tyrants didn't respect them. so we left the kings and the tyrants and we came here and now in 2016 this country is now led by a king and a tyrant and i say it's time to end it now! [applause] and here's a little something for hillary clinton and her sheep. keep, means it's mine. you can't have it. bear means i've got two on me and they're loaded. and if you keep in infringing on us, we'll arrest you and
11:34 pm
put you in jail where you belong because you work for us. [cheers and applause] i'm 68 years old and i'm a happy man. i'm happy here tonight because i see real michigan coming alive and taking it away from the blue punks who have turned this into a jennifer grand ome mayor kuhami joke. ow dare michigan turn blue like i'll and california. illinois, we're not california! we're michigan! so i'm a happy man. i'm happy to see the fire and the passion and the energy. god bless you all. tomorrow's the day. i spend a lot of time with the heros of the military because i owe them.
11:35 pm
we all owe them because freedom is not free. i spend a lot of time with military families crying around graves. i sa loot hundreds and hundreds of flag-draped ffins in fa lugea and -- faluja and kandahar. freedom is not free. and every one of those amazing american military warrior heroes, they charge into that ar on terror for us. and a whole bunch of them would like to be in the woods in michigan in november but they gave the ultimate sacrifice and they're gone now. and a lot of them gave up their legs and their arms and their eyes and their skin.
11:36 pm
but not their spirit. and i know when we hang out with them at the campfire, i know we've got some military at our camp. and i promised them that i'm not the only radical, that working hard, playing hard michganiacs will give back to those heroes. here's all they want. here's all they want. they want you to vote the onstitution. they want you to vote the bill of rights. but around michigan, around a deer camp you don't have to solicit anything, do you? the spirit flows. it's real.
11:37 pm
it's honest. and you know what they tell me ? they're heart broken that their buddies died at the hands of a commander-in-chief who didn't let them be warriors. that's what they tell me. and if anybody in the media has a problem with that, ou've got a problem. so if anything else, if you know somebody who's apathetic and who is not acting like a responsible american and not doing their duty, it's not just your riling it's your absolute right we the people, obligation, moral responsibility to do the research, find out who represents the constitution and the bill of rights who
11:38 pm
respects working hard playing hard people who produce and that individual is unquestionably donald j. trump. cheers and applause] so thank you. thank you for even putting up with me here tonight. i love michigan. i love america. i love freedom. i love your emergency and your attitude. i actually love you. i actually love you. do you feel the love. you -- do you feel the love? you know donald trump has been working really hard to earn our votes. unlike hillary clinton who takes from the producers and . ys the votes
11:39 pm
unlike hillary clinton who claims she's for gay rights and then takes money from empires that kill you if , unlike hillary clinton who lies she's for women's rights and takes giant donations from empires that will stone to death a woman if somebody just accuses her of adultery, those are hillary clinton supporters. dear god in heaven, what kind of freak votes for that? you know, i played the star-spangled banner a moment ago. again, you feel the love, don't you? well, just to prove that i'm a united tolerant lover, i
11:40 pm
played the star-spangled banner the american national anthem and it sounded pretty authentic, didn't it? those notes bled red, white and blue. i closed my eyes and play it for the heroes of the military. so right now to show that i'm an inclusive guy and i want to make sure that i'm tolerant to other points of view, i would like to sing a couple of stanzas for the hillary clinton national supporters. ted baa, baa, baaa, isn't that a
11:41 pm
lovely song? am i out of line here, sir? the g.o.p. needs me bad, you know that, don't you? so i will leave you with this, there were some animal rights people out here earlier. if you smoke enough dope, you can think animals have rights. and on the way in, a couple of them are really angry because they knew i'm ted nugent and i whack them and i stack them. i kill them and i grill them. they were quite mad because i hink i smell like dead herbivores. i've got my deer spray. to them and told
11:42 pm
them how much i love them and because they're such goof balls, i'm going to kill an me.a deer for i personally donal ruffle feathers, i pluck them.
11:43 pm
so michigan blood brothers, never back down. destroy them with evidence and facts and truth and logic and common sense. this is a culture war not a culture argument, not a culture discussion. this is a culture war for the very sole of america. and do you real ice my brothers, do you realize that just the great winter water land the great lake state of michigan that it is in your hands -- all the poles say that if donald trump wins michigan, he wins. right now we're more powerful
11:44 pm
than ever because we hold the future of the supreme court. we hold the future of the american dream. we hold the future of we the eople. that's how powerful we can be and convince everybody in our lives. please examine the evidence against hillary clinton and don't vote for the criminal. don't vote for the liar. don't vote for the scam artist. vote for donald trump, president of the united states tomorrow, november 8, 2016 and then go out and kill a big old michigan buck. god bless america. god bless michigan. god bless fred bear. god bless up north. god bless grand rapids. god bless you all. i love you all.
11:45 pm
and let's pray tonight that we get a real commander-in-chief after the election is over tomorrow. thank you very much, grand rapids. thank you. cheers and applause] >> and god bless ted nugent for joining us tonight! all right! >> c-span's election eve coverage continues from grand rapids, michigan. a tweet from a viewer said jerry ford also held his last campaign rally back in 1976. we are awaiting hillary clinton who is in raleigh, north carolina after an event in philadelphia early this evening, the president is back in the white house according to reports from those who are at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. joining the former first lady, the former secretary of state the democratic nominee will be president clinton along with , jon aga and john be on
11:46 pm
bon jovi. another viewer saying prepare to wait in line tomorrow and i'm quite content about it. this reminder, we'll have live coverage of the results beginning at 8:00 here on c-span, also on c-span radio and streamed on the web. don is joining us from the republican line. thank you for waiting. what's on your mind on this election eve? caller: i feel that hillary clinton she's very crooked in the things she's been doing -- are you still there? host: we sure are. go ahead. caller: ok, i was calling to let people know that i'm in california but i feel that hillary clinton needs to be responsible for her actions on the 30,000 e-mails that she destroyed. and i feel she's not right. host: we'll go to brick, new jersey. robert is next.
11:47 pm
go ahead. caller: hey, thank you for having me on. so as far as donald trump and the michigan rally, it really --ks like the sequel to id idiocrasy. i'm not a fan of hillary clinton either. i participated in the dem exit. i've been a lifelong democrat. i'm over 50 years old. and i switched over to independent. i was on your show in 2015 in slidder rofessor about the legacy of president obama. i called out the professor on president obama's policy or his promise to take on obbyism and he conceded that
11:48 pm
president obama facilitated more lobbyists. and we need to rewind to 2007 the final debate between esident -- obama and hillary. obama won because he called out hillary on having a high dollar dinner fundraiser with military contractors towards war.nd of the iraq it's frightening. this is really frightening. either one of these two candidates are just -- i'm with what i feel like is the majority of americans. host: robert, thanks for the call. a lot of people waiting to get in. i want to share what "the washington post" has on its website. officials brace for a chaotic day of voting. you can see the map as the results come in on the east coast. florida, north carolina and new hampshire, three key
11:49 pm
states that are listed as purple and could very well determine whether or not hillary clinton or donald trump reach the 270 electoral vote early in the evening or late into the night or the following morning. gwen is joining us from california. caller: hi, thank you. c-span. i just listened to ted nugent and hillary does not belong in jail and i personally feel that hillary is very presidential. she has the knowledge and she is for all americans and as far as her e-mail is concerned, she did apologize for that. everybody makes a mistake. there is not a president in this united states that has been a president that has not made a mistake. i think that we need to listen to what is being said and who s she tries to bring all
11:50 pm
americans together and move forward to make our country even better than what it is. it is already a great country that make it even greater. so that's all i want to say. and i'm hoping that all americans please vote for hillary clinton. she will be the best president that you have ever had. thank you. host: ted nugent telling republicans to use logic as the best thing i've heard today. please listen to that. and vote for hillary. on the republican line, brian is joining us from port orange, florida. good evening. caller: good evening. i just want to say that i've been watching both candidates and now if you go back to nixon -- nixon got impeached for a 15-minute speech. hillary with her e-mail scandals and all she paid off,
11:51 pm
she should not be able to run at all for president of the united states but she should have been disqualified. she is very unfit. donald trump on the other hand is a 70-year-old billionaire who doesn't need to run for president but he's doing it for the love of this country. hillary wants to raise taxes off obamacare. i mean, we can't afford nothing. no one can afford obamacare. help that america's going to get. hillary wants open borders. that's more refugees, more immigrants in this country, more shootings like at pulse. she wants to take away our second amendment. i mean, she is very unfit for president and i think donald trump will make an excellent president and he is right
11:52 pm
about a lot of things and people don't like him because he speaks the truth. host: brian from port orange, florida. thank you for the call. another viewer says trump u -- is what america needs. the economy is the issue. he will create jobs. it's more than just the presidential race. there are 24 republican seats on the ballot and democratic seat trs if u.s. senate and that will determine control of that chamber. it will take 30 seats for the democrats to recapture control of the hourps. and we will have the returns tomorrow night beginning at 8:00 eastern time and all on our website at jermaine is joining us on the democrat's line. good evening. caller: how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: i don't even know where to begin. first i just want to say these trump supporters, i don't understand.
11:53 pm
everything trump says his life is completely opposite. he says he's going to bring jobs. but yet everything he sells is made in another country. he says he wants to make jobs. even to build the wall he doesn't want to give that job to america. ted nugent said use logic. yes, use logic and understand. alot of these republicans talks about taking away second amendment rights yet, on the flip side, they want to take a woman's wife to choose what she does with her body. i'm against abortion but that's my personal opinion. anyone's abortion is none of my business. f someone has an abortion in california, how does this affect somebody in new york? it doesn't. leaf these people alone and let them live their lives. it gets crazy to watch. in his speech, i don't need
11:54 pm
guitars. and what shows up? ted nugent with a guitar. every single thing he says he lives opposite. he talks about he's for black people, african-american whatever, but he's been sued twice by the justice department for discrimination, race and discrimination. host: thanks for the call. both hillary clinton and donald trump campaigning in michigan. hillary clinton began her day in the pittsburgh area and traveled to allen dale, michigan and philadelphia wrapping up in raleigh, north carolina. donald trump has spent 18 days campaigning in florida calling it his second home. he went on to scranton, in manchester, new hampshire along with michigan. governor mike pence was in duluth, michigan. and traveled to eerie, pennsylvania and to manchester new hampshire and will be
11:55 pm
joining donald trump in grand rapids. and senator tim kaine who is in richmond, virginia, he began in north carolina. charlotte in wilmington campaigning at george mason university in fairfax, virginia. barbara is joining us next, independent line. good evening. caller: good evening. how are you? host: fine, thank you. caller: i was calling. ted nugent did a good job. i enjoyed his speech. i think it is hillary clinton. i think it is an abomination under god for the lesbians and the gays to marry. i think it's wrong for abortions because that is murder. i think it's wrong that they took the bibles and the prayers and the 10 commandments out of the schools and things. and our second amendment, our gun rights. it's not the gun that kills people. it's the people that kills peoples. and another thing where she's
11:56 pm
criticized and trump on the women. she needs to clean under her own doorstep before her and her husband before she starts cleaning up from under trump's. host: thank you for the call. geel to jeff on the republican line from maryland. good evening. caller: yes, this is jeff. i'd like to make three quick points. one on hillary clinton and the mishandling of classify information. no matter how you look at it. she did it on a private server. it should have been there. many people have been fined or sent to prison. is she going to continue to prosecute people for crimes that she has done? as far as inner cities the way they are today, you need to ask yourself are you better today than you were eight years ago or 12 years ago. we've heard this talk that
11:57 pm
nobody's has done anything. it's time for people to start improving the schools and start bringing jobs in there. there's no two ways about it. and thirdly as far as the way that we've seen this election get out of hand, hey, the thing that makes us strong is that we can disagree without using violence toward each other. at the end of the day, at the end of the day after this election is over, you either have a millionaire in the white house or a billionaire in the white house. and the people that will drive this country are the regular folks that go to work 9:00 to 5:00. 90% of us get along just fine. that's all i've got to say. host: this headline, a wild race heads for a dramatic ending. and from new brunswick, canada. good evening to you. thank you for waiting. caller: hello. my dad is american.
11:58 pm
my mom is canadian. and i feel -- we do, us canadians a lot of us, feel that hillary clinton should be voted in as president because she cares for the people. she worries about children. she is concerned about war which donald trump certainly isn't because he -- do you remember what he said in his last message? well, ask them. we'll just blow them all to hell. you know something, we are your neighbors and when that happens, we get involved in that too. but hillary cares a lot about a lot of things. donald trump doesn't. and he calls her down all the time. why -- she didn't do that on her speech. she didn't call him down. but all he did, i just heard it tonight, all he did was
11:59 pm
call her down. everything was hillary, hillary, hillary and that is a shame. and you know what that means? that means he's covering up for himself. host: thank you for the call. from "the charlotte observer" with donald trump in raleigh, north carolina earlier in the day, hillary clinton there today. the headline is that donald trump slamming what he called a corrupt clinton in raleigh on the eve of the election. on the democrat's line, we'll go to shirley joining us from brooklyn, new york. good evening. host: yes, good night to you. my name is shirley. i'm calling in reference for my dear beloved hillary clinton who i believe will win. i've been praying for her. she's a great lady. she has experience. also elizabeth warren, a beautiful lady. i don't understand why the republicans are always putting
12:00 am
people down. we're supposed to be united so that we can work things out together. it's not about being a republican or a democrat. it's about unity. i do believe that ms. hillary clinton is great for our nation, our country because she has experience. she will have patience to deal with foreign policy. we need someone that will get along with our neighbors. we don't need war. we need peace. we need love. unity. this is all i have to say. host: shirley, thank you for the call. i want to share this tweet years iewer, that 40 ago in grand rapids, michigan, president ford. and this is


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