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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 9, 2016 6:00am-11:01am EST

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student filmmakers. coming up on "washingtoncam>> journal," your reaction, kohl's, and comments on the election -- calls, and comments on the election. >> it has been what they call a historic event, but to be really historic, you have to do a great job. host: donald trump has been elected the 45th president of the united states. thismorning, everyone, on wednesday, november 9, 2016. the businessman has secured the 270 electoral votes he needed to win with 276 so far to hillary clinton's 218. there are solar states that are too close to call right now, arizona, new hampshire, michigan, but mr. trump has the five the polls -- has defied the
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polls and will become president. republicans in the majority, 191. two majority with 51 republicans in the senate and democrats 47. good morning to you this morning. we want to continue what we have done all night and into the day here on sees and, get your thoughts on election 2016 and what happened last night. donald trump winning the presidency. the republican keeping the house and senate. more on the balance of power. >> morning. 51-47 as it stands right now. i want to go through the math how we got here in the senate. there were 34 total senate seats up for election. 10 democratic held seats and 24 republican held seats.
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of those, nine were considered competitive. and is one democratic seat eight republican seats. behind yourn r name, you did very well last night. starting in florida, senator marco rubio held onto his seat against his challenger, patrick murphy. in misery, senator roy blunt held onto his seat against jason cater. republicans won in indiana as well. senator richard burr holding onto his seat against deborah ross in pennsylvani. and wisconsin, senator ron johnson defeated russ feingold. in new hampshire, that race too close to call. the republican ahead of governor maggie hassan.
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waiting for results of that race. democrats held onto one seat, nevada. senator harry reid's seat there. democrats also knocked off senator mark kirk. that is how we got to this. two seats have not been called, new hampshire and louisiana. that will be going to a december runoff. the: let's hear from the viewers and voters out there. you can also send us a tweet or go to facebook to join the
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conversation there. let's listen to a little bit of what mr. trump had to say last night during his victory speech about how he plans to unite the country. [video clip] mr. trump: i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all america, and this is so important to me. chosen not tohave support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i reaching out to you for your guidance and help so we can work together and unify our great country. [applause] as i have sent from the beginning, ours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement made up of millions of hard-working men and women who
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love their country and wanted a better and brighter future for themselves and their families. [applause] it is a movement comprised of americans from all races, religions, backgrounds, and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve the people and serve the people it will. [applause] beging together, we will the urgent task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the american dream. i have spent my entire life in untappedlooking at the potential in projects and people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. [applause] tremendous potential. i have gotten to know our country so well. tremendous potential.
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it will be a beautiful thing. every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer. host: mr. trump celebrating in new york last night his win of the presidency. spoke after hillary clinton, who did not come out to address her supporters, called mr. trump, conceded the race, and congratulated him. donald trump hearing from the president as well. kellyanne conway, the campaign manager, told her that president obama called mr. trump tonight. she did not know what the two discussed. mr. obama and mr. trump slated to meet this week.
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cindy, good morning to you. what are your thoughts this morning? caller: when i went to sleep less night, i was afraid to hope , and i wokead won up this morning and found out he did. i am a democrat. i voted for trump. neither candidate had it all it allbut in the end, presidential elections, it is not about men and women. they are about the constitution, which is about the bill of rights. no government in the united states has the right to charge you one penny for a right. it is a right. any of those on rights, be it the right to freedom of speech, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to bear arms, when you step on it,
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you are committing treason. i know people do not know or intend to do that, but for those who do not, and mr. trump has an enormous job ahead of him to get this country back in line with the bill of rights as defined in the constitution of the united states. and the state who does not like that, please secede from the union. we do not want to pay taxes for you. for those people who believe in hen i suggest you take out your copy, read it, and you will know what this election was really about. host: cindy, you are calling only democrat line. you are a democrat? caller: yes. i am a democrat, and i voted for trump. host: the vote for president obama?
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-- did you vote for president obama? caller: yes i did. host: was mr. trump your candidate? caller: he had no problem defending this nation. he had no problem defending this nation against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. that is why i voted for president obama. my vote does not go -- my constitution does not say we republicans versus weepy democrats. .t says we the people that is what the constitution of the united states says. host: ok. constitution, bill of rights obviously important issues for you. a democrat who voted for obama twice now voting for donald trump. independent,, an you are on the air. caller: thank you.
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i wanted to call and congratulate mr. trump, and i also want to know and ask him, when is he going to prosecute hillary and put her in jail? we want her killed. host: whoa, whoa. let's not go there. lancaster, pennsylvania, republican. joseph, good morning to you. caller: good morning. host: what do you think this morning? did you vote for mr. trump? caller: yes i did. i agreed with what the last woman was saying about how she should have been charged for treason basically because she and she should have. host: are you still there? i do not know what happened to joseph. mark in washington, a democrat.
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good morning. caller: yes, good morning. longtime watcher, first-time caller. i appreciate the opportunity. somebodyonald trump is being a huge threat to people of color in this country. as a person of color myself, i feel very threatened by his election. i think so many people across this country who are of color and just people who believe that freedom is something valuable are going to be feeling very threatened by his election. we were very hopeful that like hillary clinton somebody who could break a barrier with being the first woman president could bring something to that office that would advance the legacy of barack obama.
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i think that hillary clinton or rather donald trump is somebody that is going to squash that legacy and ultimately really create fear in this country and really do a lot to damage relations. as a place that has value people from an agriculture background in terms of people of color, we are going to see a very huge division within our communities. very scary time for us. donald trump does not represent something that is going to create hope or change in a positive direction for our communities here locally in washington state or a across the country. -- or across the country. is a scary time for us. host: what do you make of mr. trump defying expectations and getting minority voters, doing better than mitt romney with that minority and
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voters, african americans in particular, did not turn out in the numbers they turned out for president obama? caller: i think it is very curious. in places like north carolina, we have seen that laws have african-american ability to go to the polls because of voter id laws. that is a huge issue here in washington state, where we are trying to make it more accessible for people of color and beyond who are interested in participating in the process. that is what we value here in washington state and the democratic party, providing more access for people to participate in the democratic process. obviously, we're not talking about people doing voter fraud. we are talking about people who are eligible getting out and being able to vote. we are not able to do that in places like north carolina, where voter id laws are restricting people's ability to
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access the vote, and that is very problematic. host: in your opinion, you think that is why she lost. your blaming it on voter id laws. if not, why do you think she lost? caller: i think that is a big concern for the democratic party in north carolina and other swing states in which we have particularly republican secretaries of state and republican state governments have generally been moving towards a direction in which they are restricting the ability for particularly people of color and poor people from accessing their ballots or their ability to vote in elections. it has been something we have seen for the last several years. i think it is a huge concern for everybody in this country. host: on voter turnout, from "the wall street journal,"
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hillary clinton failed to capitalize on president obama's turnout. 46,000 fewer votes for mrs. clinton that it has for the president in 2012. she took a larger hit in detroit. deborah in los angeles, independent, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? host: doing well.
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caller: i am african-american, and i voted for trump. i want to tell you why. for years, the democrats have taken the black vote for granted. i have people that are voting for hillary and people voting for trump. i think they underestimated the fact that florida has a large hispanic population. hillary kept talking about bringing 150,000 refugees. our borders are insecure. we have compete with immigrants to get jobs. i think that is one of the reasons why trump won, and i do not like obamacare. let's see what he does. i don't think he will be able to get the wall built, but let's see what he does. me uncle tom call whatever, but i am tired of the same old same old. nothing got done under obama. host: did you vote for president 2012?in 2008 iand caller: no i did not because he
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did not say he had a black agenda but he had a gay agenda and illegal immigrant agenda. let's see what donald trump will do. host: african-american in california, independent caller. more of your calls coming up here. were on last night's results. >> we broke down the amount on the senate side. here is the house side. republicans have the lead 235-19 1. there is nine races still uncalled. right now, democrats gained nine seats but it is only a net of seven seats because they lost two seats of their own. three seats in florida. florida's seventh district. they picked up the 10 district and -- 10th and 13th district. two districts in nevada. one district in illinois, the 10th district.
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new hampshire, the fifth district. those are the nine races that democrats won. republicans picking up two seats of their own, boat in florida. reddy perkins lost to the republican in the race to replace congressman murphy, who is running against marco rubio, so that is one of the republican pickups in florida's second district. if you subtract those two from the total of nine gain for democrats, seven. host: the power we are showing the viewers. this is associated press data. as expected, retain the majority in the house. 236-191.
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democrats, that will change as we go throughout the day. we will see some of those races being called. luisa in new york, democrat, welcome to the conversation. what are your thoughts? caller: thank you, good morning to everyone. i am really upset. i stayed up last night. i voted for hillary clinton. confused and like afraid. i am originally from honduras. i came here when i was a little girl. i am 54 now. i will finish all my business today and go to mexico by the weekend. because it islans the language right now that is bothering me. all that hate among people when you go to the supermarkets, when
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you go to the stores. it really changed. the environment has changed. it has always been so beautiful, especially here in new york. we are 20 minutes from new york city. host: are you saying you are an american citizen, and you are going to go to mexico? caller: yes. i am an american, but i am 54, so i am planning to leave and come back in four years or retire. host: are you originally from mexico? caller: no, i am from honduras. host: sorry i missed that. i heard you say that. your plan is to go to mexico? caller: yes. my husband and i have a house there. we will go there. i don't know if i will come back in four years or probably
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retire. this country has been so great to us, to my mother, to him, to me. the only good thing about the whole situation right now that the dollar is higher over there, so it is the right time to go. host: that is luisa in new york. you and others may be interested in what donald trump had to say last night in new york about how he envisions america, what he would like to do for the country going forward. [video clip] mr. trump: no dream is to be. no challenges to great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our reach. america will no longer settle for anything less than the best. [applause] mr. trump: we must reclaim our country's destiny and dream big and bold and daring. we have to do that.
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we are going to dream of things for our country and beautiful things and successful things once again. i want to tell the world community that while we will always put america's interests first, we won't deal fairly with weryone, with everyone -- we ill deal fairly with everyone, with everyone. we will seek common ground, no hostility. partnership, not conflict. president-elect donald trump last night in new york. onwould hear your thoughts this wednesday, the day after the newtion, about york businessman beating hillary clinton, defying expectations in the polls. 276 electoral votes right now to hillary clinton's 218. believe she could win the popular vote but not have enough electoral votes.
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she has conceded. she called him. she did not address her supporters last night. mr. trump received congratulatory calls from her as well as president obama. he received congratulations from other world leaders. prime minister theresa may sending out a statement congratulating him along with vladimir putin. we will save international reaction on "washington journal" as we go along. how did mr. trump win? americans emphatically declared their anger at government tuesday as they elected a political outsider who failed to generate much excitement but offered the prospect of change. 4 in 10 voters said they were hungry for change.
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if we go to, the news website, what people elected donald trump is their headline this morning. take a look at these numbers. nonwhites, they make up 70% of the vote, and 58% voted for trump. up 48% of the vote.
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look at ages 18 through 29 of the white vote. young people only made up 12% of the electorate. 43% voted for hillary clinton. college educated whites and noncollege educated whites, mr. trump getting the best of hillary clinton with those two voting blocs as well. bruno, you are on the air. good morning. share your thoughts with us. caller: good morning. i am an independent hispanic. i never voted before, and i decided to register because i am so fed up with the media telling us they were disqualifying factors. mr. trump had disqualifying factors because of things he said. theybody you talked to in florida area, they were not frustrated with him, just the system, the ineffectiveness, the inefficiencies of the government. flawsoth candidates have
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and one of them is totally disconnected from politics, pretty much everybody i knew, my sister, my mom, my female cousins, my female friends, they tried to turn it into whites are going to elect him. i know many african-americans and hispanics and women who voted for him so i do not think it was a specific gender or race who won it for mr. trump. i think it was frustration with the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of the government. people were tired of it. host: that is what the exit polls showed us well. what is the first thing you want president-elect donald trump to do? caller: well, if you have to go with the first thing, cut taxes. if he cuts the taxes, that gives more money to the american people and you feel more confident to go spend, buy items in the u.s. economy, start businesses, build more savings.
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you can afford to pay for extra education. the economy that solves a lot of problems because if we have jobs, if we are buying more products, we are investing more. that helps start even more businesses, more jobs in the country. it is almost like once youtube over the rock -- you tip over the rock and it starts going downhill. host: what has been your income level like over the past eight years? what has it been like for you? caller: it has risen dramatically from i would say average income to well over seven figures now. my family started off homeless when we came to this country. i have not met anyone with a similar story. nobody can rise from rags to riches anymore.
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voted for romney, voted for bush, and nobody for hillary because they said we do not like mr. trump because he might shake things up and make it harder for us to stay wealthy, and i like i was not always wealthy, so i want other people to have that same opportunity, and i think if taxes are low and we are encouraging american businesses and giving american people jobs and rebuilding the family unit and rebuilding our nation from within, it will reignite the country. host: you have done better over the last eight years. you do not give president obama credit for that? caller: no, that was because of me. i went to college, got an education, and i put in over 40 hour weeks. it was not because of anything he did. he made it harder. he raised taxes, made it more expensive to get health care. why on earth would i vote for
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more of him? essentially, hillary is an extension of him because she was going to tell whatever she thought the democratic party wanted to hear. host: we will get more calls coming up. a check in on some of the key races still uncalled. in new hampshire, all eyes there is one of the last and it racist to be called for the night. senator kelly ayotte is ahead by 1500 votes in that race. heading to california, one of the house as we are watching. 100% reporting in the 10th district, but the race still not call. -- called. jeff denham appears ahead of
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michael eggman. 49th district, one of the strongest critics of president obama in congress, the former chairman of the house oversight and government reform committee. he is leading in his effort to hold onto his seat. to 81,360 for it. doug applegate. overon with 49.2% edge commerce but ashford. -- congressman ashford. arrive atrs did not
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their normal time. strength leads to elections that are. early lead in must win state caps off a dramatic race is what "usa today" puts on their front page. republican shows surprising strength in battleground states, and he ended when many of the battleground states he needed to win. florida, ohio, north carolina, wisconsin, pennsylvania. wisconsin and pennsylvania have not voted for a republican since 1980 and 1988. mr. trump is going to become the next president. " this morning as well. we know the race was called earlier this morning. president-elect mr. trump has enough of the electoral votes.
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276 to hillary clinton's 218. butclose to call in alaska, mr. trump winning what he needs and hillary clinton conceding the race. tight end to better race despite misgivings about candidate of b. host: christine in florida, what do you make of the state of florida going for mr. trump? caller: i am originally from philadelphia so i was thrilled to see florida go republican and to see my home state, philadelphia, also go republican also. i have been watching this for a really long time, and i have never voted in my entire life until this year, and i'm a transformational healer. i used to work for celebrities in west hollywood, california. i have lived in massachusetts, new hampshire, milan, italy.
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i have done all kinds of things for alternative medicine so my problem was with genetically modified organisms, and he was backing that up, to corruption. my concern was more of the children of america. whorked for the guy invented how to put the barcodes on plastic in pennsylvania so i have three children i have raised while people were out there making money. my concern was her influence over their mindset, their crystals. they are very special and unique to this planet. doave been telling my sister not send my gogod daughter to school. they can invent it themselves. you do not need to have a college education in america to make your dream come true. that is not with the middle
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class america is about. the people that came here, the original immigrants, my grandfather had four bronze stars in world war ii in the army with a medal. needeyou did not go to college. college. not go to i don't understand that these children have to feel that they have to get and education. host: christine in st. petersburg, florida, where there were 29 electoral votes at stake. donald trump declared the winner with a 1.38 point margin. hillary clinton garnering 47.7% of the vote in florida. don in georgia, democrat. good morning to you. caller: good morning to you. i am not a democrat or a
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republican or independent. on a person i think will be the best man for the job, and i always have. when mr. trump was running, i cannot believe it. i am 65. i have watched what he has done and stuff like that and watched mrs. clinton, too, through the years as long as she has been in washington. i just felt that mr. trump's really rough around the edges, no doubt, but he built a big empire in his lifetime so he knows how to build a business, and i'm sure he is smart enough to put the people smart enough to run this country with him as he tackles what he has to tackle, but i thought a vote for hillary would be a vote for the super pacs. i just kind of got a bad feeling when i heard they would put
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veterans behind refugees as far as money. they are cutting money from the veterans who fight for us, a war we probably cannot win anyway, and then they come back and have to fight to get help. that to me is something else. i am a veteran, so i know. i am glad the election is over right now. really crazy. i cannot believe the guy pulled it off. i knew it was going to be close, but i did not think he would beat the missing because the last couple of days i have seen every three minutes on my television those commercials with donald and the ones they were putting on. host: hillary clinton and her supporters were spending a lot of money in the state of georgia. some speculation that she could make georgia blue, but take a look at the numbers. trump winning by
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nearly six percentage points. caller: i told my friends because there are a lot of hillary supporters in my neighborhood, and i said i believe there is a lot of people that are not telling you they will vote for trump because they do not want to have to get the backlash of you telling them they should not. host: do you think a lot of people like yourself, a democrat? caller: i think so. i really don't speak for many people except myself, but if you look at the mountains, people are fed up with the way it is running up there, and they want something to change. it?: how is mr. trump do how does he change washington? caller: there is no doubt about it, he has a long road, but hopefully he can do it. he says he wants to rebuild our structure. i used to have a company in gainesville that we made weed
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eaters, but the japanese put us out of business quick. we really could not compete. take them jobs out and if you are walking to walmart, everything in their comes from another country except for two of them. we donate anything in america anymore. we should. host: final question for you. have you ever voted for a republican? caller: yes i have. i voted for bush. i voted for obama the first term. i voted for romney. now, i am going with trump. host: did you vote for president obama the first time because you thought he could change washington? caller: yes. it came out of nowhere, and i thought he was the antichrist because he was going to save us. 2008, my phone quit ringing. we were all in a little bit of trouble there. host: frank in louisiana, independent caller. lots of eyes on louisiana. the senate race not called down
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there or looking like it is going to a runoff in december. caller: it probably will. you got to think the father, son, the holy spirit for entering everybody's prayers. to get the military behind him and protect him because the nazis and communists and muslims will be coming after him right and left. host: why do you think that? well, you have a demonic country here. it is split right down the middle. people are mad. aboutot really crazy , but if it would have gone the other way, we would have been deep in the tribulation. is a shame this has happened.
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obama has split this country in half as far as racial divide. there is a lot of good black people out there. it is a shame there is so much racism now. it was not like that 20 years ago. host: take a look at your state. donald trump best hillary clinton by nearly 20 percentage points in the state of louisiana. 20 point margin. eight electoral votes. what do you have? >> leading up to election day, one of the major storylines was what the republican candidate would run with coliti, against? mixed results on election day. here is a story from the "wall street journal." moderates who paul ryan campaign heavily for both survived tough challenges and the victories were notable because both said
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they would not vote for republican presidential nominee donald trump, a tactic employed by many republicans. the story notes that congressman bob dole broke early with donald trump and was unable to hold onto his seat even after house republicans brought in their campaign arms. to brad it happened in the senate as well. mixed results. this is paul came from a reporter for the "washington post." three republicans all taking a different posture on trump. ayotte unendorsed, burr supporting trump, and all getting the same percentage as donald trump. burr goes on to win his race. ayotte still not called. senator toomey won's race.
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won his race. pat toomey gave his answer tuesday evening after exiting the voting booth according to "the allentown morning call." he said in the end, we have to change the course that we are on. some of the supporters and those who did not support donald trump and their results last night. host: it looks like there were coattails for the senators running in key battleground states like pennsylvania. pat toomey getting the best of katie mcginty by less than two points there. we on c-span last night, if you were watching our coverage, showed you many of the concession victory speeches from the key senate races. this is what pat toomey had to say when he addressed his supporters last night.
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[video clip] >> thank you. thank you very much. very thank you so much. my goodness. it has been an interesting night, huh? [cheering] >> i received a call if you minutes ago from katie mcginty ,ffering her congratulations and i want to return the favor and congratulate katie mcginty on running a very spirited campaign. [applause] >> that is appropriate. getting in the political arena, running as a candidate is a tough thing to do . it is not easy on the candidate. it is even harder on the family. i want to thank katie mcginty
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for her public service, and i certainly wish her well in the future. i have to say i am deeply humbled by this victory. i am incredibly honored that the people of pennsylvania are giving me another term in the united states senate. [cheering] >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. thank you. listen, i have a lot of people i need to thank, but it needs to start with the person who is my most important constituent. she is the person who makes this possible, makes our family life possible, and without her, i
6:45 am
certainly would not be here, and i love her, and i am grateful to her, and that is my wife. [applause] also want to thank the big who have a family number of occasions where dad he could not be there with them because we are out on the campaign trail. they have a great sports about it. our little guy, i am hoping he is asleep in bed because he is only six, but this is bridget and patrick. i am grateful to them, too. [applause] thanksve to give a huge to an absolutely unbelievable campaign team. my campaign team is just amazing. [applause] manager. the campaign
6:46 am
a round of applause. [applause] >> the whole team really. mostly young men and women who just worked their heart out for such a long time. i am enormously grateful to them. i want to say how much i appreciate the work of mark, john, the guys who really play a huge role. most of all, i have to thank the tens of thousands of people who contributed to this campaign, the tens of thousands who volunteered for this campaign, the people who kn ocked on doors and worked so hard. thank you so much. [applause] >> let's face it. this was a tough campaign. this was quite a battle. there was an all-time record amount of money spent against us. a lot of the ads word just outright false, by the voters
6:47 am
were smart enough to figure it out as they usually are. not just tell you the truth about my record and my approach to government is pretty simple. i do not think the government should be wasting as much money as it waste. i don't think it should be spending as much of your money as it spends. i don't think taxes should be as high as they are. [applause] >> i don't think the federal government should be slightly our economy by over regulating businesses. i don't think washington should be making health care decisions for all of us. washington should be making the job of law enforcement more difficult than it already is. [applause] finally, i do not think that washington should withdraw asrica from our natural role the leading beacon of freedom around the world.
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[applause] so these are the principles that i believe in, the principles i've going to pursue over the next six years in the senate. i will do it in a way that respects the opinions of people who disagree with me, and i will do it in a way that will seek to find consensus and common ground so we can actually make progress on the big challenges we face. we have a lot of work to do, but i will take a little time off. i am going to enjoy this moment. thank you so much. god bless you. got bless america. thank you. host: patrick toomey winning reelection to the senate. narrowly beating katie mcginty, the democrat there. following in donald trump's lead, mr. to me getting a win in pennsylvania.donald trump getting congratulations from around the world. prime minister theresa may putting out a statement saying
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she would like to congratulate mr. trump on being elected the next president of the united states. she says britain and the united states have injuring a special relationship. we are and will remain strong and close partners on trade, security, and defense. victory following that brexit vote in the u.s. to leave the european union. fortune magazine with this headline. tin congratulates donald trump. he expressed confidence that the companiesetween the is an interest of both the u.s. and russia.
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this is a tweet from fox news that the prime minister of israel also congratulating mr. trump on being elected the 45th president of the u.s. theiras a story on website about reaction from around the world, and it says that in germany, a senior member of the german chancellor angela merkel said the situation was uncertain. a voice of anger enters office and becomes the most powerful man in the world said one member of merkel's christian democratic union. anothe let's get back to all of
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you. adrian in california. good morning. how are you? caller: good morning to you. host: good morning. what do you think about last night's results? caller: i am ecstatic. thank you jesus. we are finally getting the people out of america that have been tearing us down from the inside most powerful spot. it is amazing that they have held office this long with their life. aam a great-granddaughter of legal immigrant. his daughter married a native american indian.
6:52 am
the two of them forced to work in the migrant farm industry. my parents tried it for a couple of days, born and raised in america. they could not do it. there is all kinds of issues here for me, but the number one thing is that trump wants legal immigrants, not illegals. that is the problem. the number of legal immigrants that stand behind illegal immigration tried to tear us down even further. i am praising god. thank you jesus. the silent majority won, which i did not think they could. not with all of the given propaganda and publicity that habitintons and obamas into, including our president jumping on the bandwagon.
6:53 am
what is he going to do the rest of the time? give consolatory speeches? i don't know. host: what is your reaction to president-elect donald trump with his first tweet this morning at 6:30 a.m.? amen.: i have never heard a winner speak of unity to see if this man did -- to the extent that this man did. i was concerned with some of the things that came up during this process, but i believe the true man, the man that is inside him, spoke tonight. host: fox news putting this alert out that hillary clinton is currently leading with the popular vote. donald trump with enough electoral votes, winning the
6:54 am
battleground states where there were a lot of electoral votes up paragraphs like florida with 29, pennsylvania, ohio, etc. 276 and hillary clinton with 218, but she is currently leading with the popular vote. that coming from fox this morning. let's go to jacklin in philadelphia. republican. hi jacklin. caller: hi. good to speak to you again. host: good morning. caller: good morning. i am the 80-year-old woman who say a song. ang it.cared, but i sen i am ecstatic. i got up at 3:30. i could not believe it. he won. i am so ecstatic. host: let's remind viewers, your song was about mr. trump. caller: yes it was, and i have
6:55 am
to change the world a little bit -- words a little bit. i will change it to he will make america great again, make america proud again. say merry christmas. shout hallelujah. say here is to you. anything goes. he will make america great again. donald trump for the usa. host: well done, jacklin. well done. was mr. trump your candidate all along? caller: yes he was. host: why? caller: because he spoke for me. he is in my age category, a little younger, and something struck me this morning. he said the forgotten man. from the second world war, i was alive, and we heard about things like that. i like what he says.
6:56 am
we just could not speak out. my neighbors would say you are for hillary, right? i would say yes and not talk about it. we were all silent for trump. most of us. we kept it to ourselves, but we voted on voting day, and i don't know what to say. my daughter called me at 2:30 a.m. this morning. host: all of your family voted for mr. trump as well? caller: i don't know that for sure, but most. most of my family voted. and my friends. i am 80. i have 50-year-old friends, and we all got together. we all voted for him. host: did you vote for president obama in 2008 and 2012? caller: i voted for him the second time around. song jaclyn sharing her with the scum of the renewed version of her song about mr. trump. mr. trump 10 years younger than
6:57 am
she is, but will be the oldest president ever sworn in for a first-term when he does so in january. what else do you have about last night's election? >> keeping an eye on the on-call governors races. let's start it north carolina -- in north carolina. over 4.5 million votes cast in the north carolina governor's race. all of the precincts are reporting in that contest. the race very close there. the democrat is ahead there. all creases are reporting. just a 5000 vote difference in the tar heel state. nother state that has been called here in the governor's race, the democrat trying to hold onto his seat
6:58 am
there. two other governors races to keep an eye on that have a lot of interest yesterday was the indiana governor's race, the race to replace vice president elect pence. the republican lieutenant differenceth over 6% over john brennan. to check in on, the first time a u.s. state has elected it openly lgbt governor. governor kata brown has been elected their. this was her first time running the race. she stepped in as governor in the former12 after governor resigned over and influence peddling scandal. those are just a few of the
6:59 am
governor's contests we were watching last night. host: back to our viewers. paul in big spring, texas, democrat. welcome. good morning. caller: good morning. i am 63 years old. i am a disabled veteran. i served during the vietnam era. after i got out, i was search-and-rescue in the coast guard, where i was injured. anyway, i have a democrat my entire life. when i was growing up, there were signs that said colored only and white only. for me to see a man that is spreading so much hate and let's go back to the good old days, those were the days that we went through, you know? it is a criticism of the veterans, the people that are fighting right now.
7:00 am
ihis criticism of the muslims, so many that have died for our country. i just cannot believe that a man that is like him is being elected to our office. i guess all those people that elected him will see what happens in the next four years. , iowa seemingly voted for hillary clinton. why do you think -- i caller: the republicans, the senate and congress have blocked -- he has done several things for the veterans and minorities and everything was blocked. the same thing the republicans are saying, they made up stuff
7:01 am
about donald trump -- there making a whole big thing about colin powell- even said it's a witchhunt about benghazi. they don't realize how well they are doing, period. if you had gone through the stuff i have gone through, you would see a clear picture of what reality is. host: we are at the top of the hour this morning on "washington journal," getting your reaction to last night. stunning news that donald trump the fight the polls and expectations and won the presidency. there are some states that are too early to call. you can see the shaded states where they have not been called by the associated press. but donald trump being declared the winner.
7:02 am
vote, hillary clinton could still win the popular vote. both of them with 58 million votes. hillary clinton could still win the popular vote here. but donald trump besting her with those big electoral states like pennsylvania and florida and ohio. map, whate red on the happened last night. we will continue throughout the day on c-span like we did last your phone calls, getting your reaction to election day 2016. we are also monitoring the international reaction to what happened here last night.
7:03 am
the president of russia making a statement -- [video clip] , a fewes and gentlemen hours ago, present elections -- presidential elections have finished in the united states of america. thisve been following continuing tension. and i would like to congratulate the people with the end of the electoral cycle. and i would also like to congratulate mr. donald trump for his victory in this election. -- when he wasis
7:04 am
a candidate for president. restoringbout relations between russia and the united states. we understand that the way to that will be difficult taking into account the current state of relations between the u.s. and russia. as i have repeatedly said, it is not our fault that the relations are in this poor state. but russia is ready and poised to restore the full-fledged relations with the united states.
7:05 am
we understand that this will be way forward but we are ready to play our part in it. and do everything to return the russian-american relations back on track. well-beingserve the of both russian and american peoples. and will have a plastic affect on the general climate, taking into account -- host: the reaction from vladimir putin, congratulating donald trump on his victory last night.
7:06 am
donald trump will become the oldest president sworn into his first term. david in west virginia. independent caller. good morning. caller: good morning. washington, d.c. and obamas administration's worst nightmare happened. they will not have hillary clinton in the white house to cover up some of the corruption and scandal up there. donald trump does not have filibusterthe senate proof like obama had. know the democrats will try to block everything he's got to peopleget through -- were saying they don't want donald's finger on the nuke button.
7:07 am
nuke before.the they believe donald trump will do that with american people -- and not play the senate's game with filibusters. david talking about the -- berkeley,n california. republican. hi, derek. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: how did you vote last night? , voted witherkeley a conscience and engaged in the -- trumpversation conversation. it was a struggle in california.
7:08 am
curious from a larger perspective as to how the trump vote registered when there's also republicanism on the west midwest,it relates to as it relates to the south come as it relates to the east coast. there are other brands of republicanism. libertarians, as some have branded it. host: antonio in boston. independent caller. good morning. caller: good morning, america.
7:09 am
it is a beautiful, beautiful thing all over the country. -- united states of america there is no other country in the world like america. america one of the best. congratulations to mr. trump for winning this election. america should be very happy. i'm italian. i would like to say something to the entire government . the italian government is broke. no money. destroyedr of italy italy completely. --three years congratulations, america. i love you so much.
7:10 am
good luck to mr. trump. host: steve in baltimore. democrat. .aller: i voted for clinton of course, i'm disappointed. the pattern ofs what happened with george bush -- i don't know exactly the numbers, but i know he won a lot of states that donald trump won. at the end of the years that george bush was president, we were in a big hole. the united states is not a business. it is a government.
7:11 am
host: james in rural beach, south carolina. your thoughts this morning. -- myrtle beach, south carolina. caller: first thing i wanted to seen this morning from going to msnbc and a couple of other channels, the media still hasn't learned their lesson. they can't figure out how this happened. it goes back eight years. i keep hearing people talk about how bad the republicans treated barack obama -- the first thing he did was blame the republicans for everything that happened to our economy. we have a worldwide economy. the democrats were the ones that created the real estate bubble. i worked in a chemical plant for 22 years. productsg we made was
7:12 am
used in construction. i about lost my job over it. that was the first thing. then, going around apologizing for america -- we saved the free worlds twice. i'm tired of being labeled a racist. we are not racist. we freed the slaves. if it were not for the republican party, the civil rights act would have never been past. that we don't want illegal immigrants in our country makes us racist, the fact that we are in a climate of terrorism and everything and we don't want people just coming into the country as refugees to blow up america, it's funny how the democrats always want to jump on the moral high ground. they all talk about trump. he is rough around the edges, but someone has to take a sledgehammer to the political correctness in this country. do these people think hillary is
7:13 am
the answer? she is a crook. barack obama stood by and allow this to happen and then went out on the campaign trail and campaign for her. yet, the media still can't find out how this happened. there is a small, razor thin americansre are not could stand up to defend their democracy. if it weren't for wikileaks -- it took wikileaks to save our democracy. host: what do you think about , lindsey graham, and the long-standing feud that he had with donald trump throughout this campaign? i'm disappointed in a lot of republicans. it took me a while to warm up to donald trump. he gotlike every time going on the right direction, he would say something wrong.
7:14 am
after a while, i figured out what he was doing. he was just taking a sledgehammer to political correctness in this country. it's funny how the democrats can i'manything they want to -- disappointed in a lot of republican senators, governors -- john kasich, to name one. going into this whole primary process, john kasich was my guy. no, i would not touch john kasich with a 10 foot pole. host: lindsey graham sending a congratulating donald trump and saying the nation needs to pull together. john mcardle with more. >> a couple of callers talking about the balance of power in the house and especially in the senate. let's remind viewers where the balance of power stands. 47-51 republicans have the edge right now in the senate.
7:15 am
two races yet to be called. democrats were supposed to do very well in the senate. in the end, a net gain of only one seat so far. all eyes on new hampshire. senator kelly ayotte with a 1500 vote lead. the other race that is still not called is that louisiana race. louisiana with a bit of an interesting, unique way they do their elections. what is known as a jungle primary were several candidates in each party are allowed to run at the same time. gets more than 50% of the vote, it goes to a runoff. kennedy, the state treasurer in louisiana with 25% of the vote.
7:16 am
foster campbell is the democrat who received the most votes -- the second-most votes. john kennedy expected to be the favorite heading into that december 10 runoff. , republicans have a to 191 seat edge. --weet from john boehner host: the man that replaced john boehner, house speaker paul ryan from wisconsin. here he is from last night after winning reelection. [video clip] >> i want to thank the people of
7:17 am
southern wisconsin tonight for trusting me to return as their congressman. [applause] working for you has been one of the greatest honors of my life. i can't even begin to express my gratitude to your generosity and goodwill. however inadequate it may become i want to say to everyone i been working with for all these years, thank you. thank you, from the bottom of my heart. i will do everything -- i will work my hardest to deserve this. there's only one thing that can make this even more special. i get to celebrate this evening with the people here in this room. [applause] daughter, lizamy
7:18 am
, our boys, charlie and sam, my sister, janet, my brother-in-law, bill, my been a -- myat my nephew, matt nephew, matt. we have a number of officeholders here as well. members of the state assembly and state senate. we look forward to hearing from you tonight. well deserved races, all of you. congratulations. [applause] you've heard me say this before. i'm a fifth generation native of this town come i've lived here almost my entire life. i've known most of you for years, if not decades. we have grown up together.
7:19 am
we shared this community together. it's a great place and a wonderful state in the best country got ever created. -- god ever created. [applause] i am so eager to get back to work for you to get on with fixing our country's problems. we have so much potential in this country. it -- that'st have what is ahead of us. i've been sitting there watching the polls -- by some accounts, this could be a good night for america. this could be a good night for us. fingers crossed. [applause] -- there'sr to watch a lot of races we want to watch. like you, i'm eager to watch the rest of the evening. i'm eager to enjoy this evening with you.
7:20 am
thank you so much for coming out. god bless you all. ryan reelected to another term in the house last night. he addressed his supporters bo before the results -- ron johnson did pull off a victory there. it was looking like he would not get reelected, but he started to search and was declared the victor in wisconsin. reelection with 65% of the vote in wisconsin's first district. the president-elect, donald tweeter, hasuent changed his bio on his twitter page to say president-elect. he sent out his first tweet of -- day
7:21 am
, president president obama putting out a statement saying he has phoned donald trump to congratulate him on his victory early this morning. he also called secretary clinton and expressed admiration for the strong campaign she waged throughout the country. he will make a statement at the white house to discuss the elect ion results and the steps needed to bring the country together. good morning to all of you on this wednesday, november night. what are your thoughts about this election? angel in new jersey. independent. go ahead. caller: good morning.
7:22 am
this time, i voted libertarian. i am retired military. vote democrat. what happened in benghazi, basically, they were left out there to die. the increase in social security and the medical coverage, people are paying higher and higher premiums. wages are not going up at all. the american people are tired of the same type of -- over and over. host: angel in new jersey. isl ryan should note currently serving his ninth term.
7:23 am
he was reelected to a 10th term. let's go to kevin in iowa. democrat. good morning. go ahead. are you with us? we will move on to britney in lexington, north carolina. independent. caller: good morning. i woke up and felt like i was blessed this morning to see trump beat the polls against hillary. hillary but up a good fight. she is very meticulous on how she runs. it was awesome to watch the polling last night. they saidintense --
7:24 am
north carolina and ohio were the two main state he would have to win over to become president. i thinkto come back and it was an awesome win. i want to see what he stands for. it is time for a change in this country. democrats and republicans, we have our own talks about how things should be done. we should honor our military, our veterans and support our country and our college students. it's very important to me. i want to congratulate hillary and trump. take a look at the numbers. donald trump getting 150,000 more votes than hillary clinton in north carolina.
7:25 am
look at gary johnson's numbers. he got almost 3% of the vote. john mcardle, what else do you have? >> you were just talking about the transition for a trump administration. politico with a story about donald trump's cabinet in waiting. that list includes plenty of current or former members of congress. newt gingrich is a candidate for the job, as is bob corker. he woulds said strongly consider serving as secretary of state. ,or secretary of defense senator jeff sessions has been job.ssed for that
7:26 am
for attorney general of peopl, e point to rudy giuliani. chris christie, another vocal trump supporter, also a contender for the job. team looking for -- one otherns member of congress being mentioned for a job, jeff miller being looked at as a potential head of the veterans affairs department. i'm sure there will be plenty more names discussed in the days
7:27 am
to come. host: back to our calls. continuing with our coverage, talking to the voters as we did all night last night, in the early hours and continue throughout the day. south carolina. democrat. caller: good morning to you. thank you for taking my call. i want to congratulate donald trump on his win. i'm a registered democrat. i watched the whole thing play out. i think america really needs to look into the mirror. a situation where people thought hillary was going to win, you had a lot of drawback. have president-elect donald trump making accusations that he ,ould not concede the election you had his pundits going out
7:28 am
saying things were rigged. it was either if you did not win, it was rigged. in, everything is fine and dandy. that is something we have to take a look at. donald trump has a huge gathering to be able to pull this off. he pulled it off. host: what do you think he can do? what should be his first gesture to unite the country? caller: his first gesture is him going out with the same passion he went out during his run for presidency and address each and lay outace the platform and say, look, i'm not coming after you guys. we are not going back to the
7:29 am
1960's. people need security to feel like they are going to be a part of this america. all this divisive stuff needs to cease today. host: harry in pittsburgh. republican. caller: the guy from south andlina, the republican democrat from new jersey's had a lot of things that were true. body is thing every missing, democrats have been using this racist and bigoted the people's signs were all trump. probably some black and mostly white. called in and said
7:30 am
cracker about 20 times. saying if yourson don't like obama, you are racist. it changed my tone of thinking a lot. the people with the hate right now calling in are afraid. you have a congress, a country they hate anglo-saxons. host: sandra and alabama. democrat. that's sandra in alabama. democrat. caller: i want to say congratulations to donald trump. i still feel like the election
7:31 am
was rigged by russia. we have to pull together in this country because this is tearing us apart. host: did you vote for hillary clinton? caller: i did. i voted for hillary. we need to pull together because i feel like the russians got the selection for donald trump. -- this election for donald trump. if we don't pull together, it will be another civil war in america. what is your biggest concern about the trump presidency? talkinghe's always about let's make america great again, taking america back. back from what? we've all been together. everybody in the military fights for one cause, the usa. what do you have to take your country back from? everybody needs to stand
7:32 am
together. for prudent to come out and --gratulate the president host: barbara in california. independent caller. share your reaction and let's talk about the senate race there as well. caller: the last time i called in my said we are not paying attention to the american people. we want change. this is what we got, change. i'm curious as to what this change is going to look like. , ifar as the senate race don't like the fact that this is one-sided. we have division to make things work. one party cannot control everything.
7:33 am
that doesn't represent a change. host: in california, they have the jungle primary -- it doesn't matter what party you are come of the top two leading candidates go on to compete in the general election. do in the senate race? caller: i ended up voting democratic. i saw there was definitely a need for change. i was like everybody else, hold your nose and vote. both candidates were flawed. i really wanted bernie sanders. i don't know what to look forward to. i know we want change. host: you wanted bernie sanders. and you voted for donald trump. caller: i voted for bernie
7:34 am
sanders. since he did not win the hillary.n, i voted for trump is too inexperienced. he is like a time bomb. i don't know what he might do. host: roger in lexington. republican. caller: let's see what he does and what he says. i've been following him since day one. i can't believe it. i believe he will do a good job. for senatoru vote burri as well as? ? caller: i vote straight republican. hope senator you
7:35 am
burr and the other republicans in congress do with mr. trump? what is the first thing you want them to agree on? together andpull lead the way. like disability, social security -- i am disabled. give it about a year, then take it from a. -- then take it from me. previous presidents and congress have not a couple of big change. -- accomplished big change.
7:36 am
a dollar and nothing no more. especially when you can't work people on disability that work and claim a check. host: senator richard burr beating deborah ross 51-45%. a race that people were watching closely to see of democrats could pick up that seat. -- to see if democrats could pick up that seat. [video clip] saying, thisthout is better than all the rest. [applause] >> i want to start by saying thank you to my partner, thom
7:37 am
tillis, skippy. [laughter] [applause] tillis haveusan been available every time we've asked. they've done everything we've asked. they've gone from one end of the state to the other. i'm grateful for the partnership we have in the united states senate. there's no two senators from that were state closer than tom and i do. i'm grateful for that. tonight, i'm truly humbled by the support i've received people across this state. it is an honor to be granted a third term in the u.s. senate. this is a victory for all those who have believed in me. for that come i am grateful. [applause] >> i have to give a special
7:38 am
thanks, first and foremost, to my family. [applause] >> their support and understanding as to why i put them through this, campaigns and being away from town so much, is unbelievable. i could not have accomplished a fraction of what i've done without the strength and help i get every day from my wife. [applause] >> it goes without saying, my -- onen have grown up was a, one was nine when i went to congress for the first time. for many, the outcome wasn't that good.
7:39 am
at two i'm able to look adults that have grown up to be great contributors to the communities that they live in. [applause] it's not easy putting up with my schedule and the demands on my time. brooke does it without complaint. she keeps me grounded in reality. she sends me to costco or walmart or somewhere as and as i get home. , she wasve seen on tv my secret weapon in the campaign. [applause] >> i know i will never be able to thank her enough. sunday, with two sons, and daughter in law and a granddaughter, brooke looked over at me on sunday and said i want you to know, i have been blamed about being in paris for christmas -- by golly, you're
7:40 am
taking me to paris. [laughter] [applause] >> it's going to cost me, i think. we don't know what we might face in the nation ahead. for over 240his -- years, americans have always risen to the challenges, whichever way they came. we will not retreat in our to the cause of freedom to be one nation where liberty and justice is available to all. breathing the air of freedom every day, unlike so many other nations. andourses through our veins thousands of americans have shed blood to keep our liberty. our hearts swell with pride in knowing we live in the greatest land ever known to mankind. [applause]
7:41 am
campaigns are about differences. differences between the candidates. now that the election is over, it is time to move forward. solving the very real problems that we face as a nation. those of us who serve as elected officials must do so in a way that positively affects all of our citizens. that is our obligation and our responsibility. we should be prepared to make tough decisions as our nation's founders. so many who are remembered for the contributions they made. we all love america. i'm proud to serve in some way to make our future better for all that live and to keep america safe from the threats of terrorists and to provide everyone a chance to achieve their hearts desire. tonight leaves me with some
7:42 am
bittersweet feelings. not because it will be my last ay.ction -- yea [laughter] but because of something more personal. 12 years ago, we celebrated my first senate election come i stood on stage with my father , who provided incredible encouragement in everything i've ever done -- six years ago as we celebrated my second election, only my dad was here to be with me on stage. everybody there knew that my mother was still cheering me on. tonight, the bittersweet is that neither are with us in person. in i believe they join us
7:43 am
spirit as they've always enjoyed a great celebration. life is and always will be a circle. people are born, they live their lives, hopefully making a difference, and then their lives come to an end and they are replaced by a new generation. this week part about tonight is even though my parents are gone, grandchild arrived earlier this year and we celebrate the night with hope of her future and the future of your grandchildren. that is why i ran again this year to make sure she and all of your grandchildren have the unlimited opportunities in a safer world in which to live. the will of life continues to turn one generation leaves the stage and another enters. i pledge to you to finish my public service doing everything i can to make sure the next generation feels the full effects of what we can accomplish.
7:44 am
in closing, i want to share a quote from my father. watching5, 1945, i was in the pacific, the war with japan was near a great climax. on that afternoon, i was with a group that stared down one of those magnificent strands of golden pacific beach. -- there were dead bodies. instead of pleasure boats, there were broken and splintered barges. the bodies ind and out, as though trying to say, get up, get up, the battle is over. there was only silence. the silence of death. never those bodies would walk again in this life.
7:45 am
god was speaking to those who lived. those words were part of a sermon my father delivered on april 5, 1967. entitled "where the action is." the point he went on to make is there is always work to be done by the living. it is our responsibility to get in on the action. he taught me to do my part. i intend to carry out my duties through the next senate term. the best of my ability for the past 22 years, i'm also reminded that with this special privilege tonight, only , notenators being elected appointed, in north carolina's history will have served longer than i will. [applause]
7:46 am
>> but, at the end of this six years, it will be time to let another generation get in on the action by serving in the u.s. senate. tonight, to each of you, i thank you from the bottom of my heart. for this victory, which will be the capstone of my public service. this victory is as much yours as it is mine. thank you for being here. got bless this country and god bless you all. host: richard burr will return to the senate for a third term. his last. he said he will not run again in 2022. dentor burr put a serious ances ofemocrats' ch
7:47 am
taking back the majority. senator burr will continue on as intelligence chairman in the senate. take a look side, at the chairman positions that miller vacant -- candice -- every chairman can serve consecutive three terms, six years. candice miller is term limited. harold rogers, the same thing. john kline of minnesota is retiring. energy and commerce issues, fred upton is term limited there. charlie dent also cannot continue on as ethics chairman. miller being considered
7:48 am
for the trump administration -- the chairmanship of the veterans affairs wing is also open. it depends on seniority in some cases. republicans also retaining their majority as expected in the house. you are talking about the makeup of the new congress. let's look at one way to look at the makeup of the new senate -- a record number of women elected to the u.s. senate. in thiseen at 20 congress, will be 21 in the next congress. tammy duckworth won her race in illinois.
7:49 am
lisa murkowski won her reelection, as did patty murray in washington. in new hampshire, a woman will win that race. just a question of which one. ahead ofelly ayotte governor maggie hassan. that is one of those outstanding contests that we are still watching. we will bring you news as more votes come in. host: we are approaching the top of the hour. we continue taking your phone calls. what do you think and what is your take about last night's election? thanks to all of you have waited on the line.
7:50 am
.emocrats, 202-748-8000 republicans, 202-748-8001. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 if you are watching outside the united states, 202-748-8003. troy in maryland. a democrat. thank you for taking my call. i'm a lifelong democrat but i voted for donald trump yesterday. i hope it doesn't come back to bite us all. host: who was your first choice? caller: hillary just seemed a little less honest to me. so come i went for donald. host: what about in the primary? caller: i went hillary. host: and then you changed and went to donald trump? -- i sawith e-mails
7:51 am
through her. host: was it the letter from fbi director james comey that was the straw that broke the camel's back? saw -- she i just seems fake to me. she seems like a regular politician. host: you hope it doesn't come back to bite you and others who have supported him -- do you feel like you took a risk? caller: i'm a gambler. i took a risk. host: edward in west virginia. independent caller. how did you vote, what is your reaction? caller: i'm an independent and i
7:52 am
voted for donald trump. i've been a trump supporter from the beginning. we set a little prayer last night and woke up this morning and we were ecstatic. did you think you was going to win? caller: no, i had a sick feeling it was going to be hillary for the next four years. host: when did you find out that he won? morning.bout 5:30 this screaming.lering and we were just elated. host: this race was called when you were sleeping at 2:30 in the morning. hillary clinton did not address her supporters. president obama will meet with trump on thursday. what do you think he can say or do to bring those who have been
7:53 am
adamantly opposed? he can surround himself with the best people in the country and if you chose those people that the country is getting prosperous, they will come around. some people will never come around because they are just that way. he has a chance to do something really great and i think he will. get everybody else, the smartest people in the country he is in the business -- an experienced businessman. he is smart enough to surround himself with the best people in the country and you can do that she can do great things. host: what issue first? caller: the economy. we need to start making this country great by building our own stuff again.
7:54 am
when they see that stuff start happening -- host: does he rip up the trade agreements on the table? caller: if they are trade agreements like bill clinton put in, i would say yes. that's the kind of stuff we need to stay away from. we have been sold out by the clintons and a lot of other politicians. thatn't need to go direction anymore. that red map shows it. people are ready for change. host: have you ever voted for a democrat in west virginia? caller: no, i don't think i have. i don't think senator manchin has represented us, either. with the: the power plants and other things, it hasn't been
7:55 am
good. host: darrell in australia. how are you watching this morning? watching -- i have a lot of good friends in america. i think this is very exciting to see what's happened tonight. friends have been on facebook talking about trump. two see what's happened tonight is very exciting. happened what's tonight is very exciting. host: what do you think donald trump should do to reach out to
7:56 am
the international community? what should he say? waser: i think the election won two weeks ago. really fought the last two or three weeks. when i drove around, i traveled ohio on the first of october. -- all abouthe trump and pence. i did not see clinton anywhere. now, he hasas to do to prove himself to make sure he calms the world down.
7:57 am
time will tell. the best part about it is, it is a big world. tear it all down because everyone's been against him, everyone has been for hillary, i really don't know -- i do love the time in america. you have a great victory. all my friends there are celebrating. very interesting times. host: let's hear from your leader of australia. the australian prime minister making remarks about the outcome of this election. [video clip] >> on behalf of the australian government, i offer my congratulations to president-elect donald trump on his historic election victory. he has just spoken moments ago in york. we offer our best wishes to secretary hillary clinton who has fought a long and
7:58 am
hard-fought campaign. australians that have been confronted by the intensity of the political battle in the united states. president-elect trump himself described it as being at times a nasty campaign. it was certainly by our standards a very bitter one. you seen already the way he has reached out to bring americans together. fighterican people do their political contests hard. this great nation of the united states has the capacity to come , behind, and it will the leaders, behind the president that they have chosen. we have no stronger relationships, whether it is on the battlefield or in commerce than we have with the united states.
7:59 am
a great and powerful nation, they are a great and powerful friend. the unitednship with states is built on millions of us trillions -- australians and americans who have fought together, serving together for over a century. in soe stood together many conflicts. stood together, side by side. americans understand that they have no stronger ally, no better friend than australia. the enduring national interests of our two countries is such that our relationship will , we willto be strong continue to work together as we have done with many presidents in years past to take on the challenges of our time. whether it is the challenges of theal terrorism or
8:00 am
challenges of ensuring that we maintain stability of our economic order, whether it is the challenge of ensuring we maintain the stability in our by the strength of the united states which has been the foundation of the rules-based worldin our part of the that has seen the most extraordinary transformation of living standards in human history. that all of our engagements will continue to be strong and intimate, filled with the trust and confidence that has captivated for so many years. the obama administration will continue on until january 20. i want to acknowledge the great leadership president obama, vice president biden and the whole administration has given through their term in office. president obama has guided and lead the world through many challenges.
8:01 am
challenges of the global financial crisis, dealing with the challenges of terrorism, dealing with the challenges that we face in the middle east. where our servicemen and women are fighting side-by-side with their american comrades. this is a historic moment. it has been a long campaign. it is one of australians have witnessed with awe, consternation, indeed, from time to time. let me assure all a strong winds, the ties that bind australia and the united states , basedfound by a strong on our enduring national interests. politicians and government, primessman, senators, minister's and cabinets, will
8:02 am
come and go according to the will of the people of australia and the united states. nations,between our 2 our shared common interest, our shared national interests are so strong and committed, we will continue and work with our friends in the united states through the trump administration just as we have through the obama administration, just as we always will. we have so much in common. shared values. democracy. the rule of law. maintaining the international order upon which our security and prosperity depends. the american people have made a great and momentous choice today , we congratulate president-elect trump and we look forward to working closely as ever with his administration as it is formed and when it takes office early next year.
8:03 am
thank you very much. host: 29th prime minister of australia congratulating donald trump on his victory last night and talking about u.s.-australia relations. another reaction from world leader to donald trump's victory. justin trudeau in canada tweeting cow -- -- tweeted out -- he said where the government works first and always for the people. continue is hard work towards these ends and we offer our hand in partnership as a day move forward. no mention of mr. trump and mr. trudeau's comments. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for having me. host: what is your reaction? as they are so--
8:04 am
up in the air. they are not really thinking that i believe that putin had something to do with the election some kind of way. in our system and nobody paid attention. i have been watching from early thisntil late morning. the way the vote kept dropping. why is donald trump -- nobody asked him this question, why is donald trump having such a relationship with putin? somethingtell them about putin. putin do not like america. donald trump is weak when it comes down to putin. and nobody is paying this attention. i watched your programs this morning. putin called and congratulated
8:05 am
donald trump. why is this? before we know it, putin will be selling america away from america giving to pull we putin will have so much control with us that when we realize what don happened, we will be sorry. host: we hear your points on russia. as a woman, were you excited about the possibility of the first female president? excited. was so so many other people. beautiful,trong, white woman. women it -- so many white -- she been doing good all her life. that is all she did. they call her ally your. a thief. -- they called her a liar.
8:06 am
i hope she gets back up. i am rooting for her to get back up and try this again. rest assured, we will be sorry. -- he did not even show his tax returns. nobody -- host: hillary clinton, you want her to try again? caller: yes, i do. they need to look into this election. host: i will let you and others know that we will hear from her this morning. hillary clinton campaign sending got a statement she will address her supporters at 9:30 a.m. and we will try to bring you what she has to say. as we continue on this wednesday morning, november 9, the day after elections with all of your calls and your thoughts about these results. to thet the presidency
8:07 am
balance of power in the house and senate. republican retained their majority in the senate and in the house. what else do you have about last night? hour, where the balance of power stands right now. in the senate, republicans are states --seats to 47 seats. you can see on the map. .ew hampshire and louisiana new hampshire could go either way. a race with a 94% of precincts reporting, about 2000 votes separate kelly ayotte and maggie hassan. to 191ublican seats democratic seats awaiting for eight races to be called. in the 8:00 hour, how the markets are reacting to last night's vote.
8:08 am
bloomberg.rom market turmoil is is as plantors wait for trump's for the economy. after initially sought -- sliding the futures on the s&p 500 index, losses with the european at woody's with the yen scaled back. the associated press about the reaction from the markets note story --onsulate conciliatory speech helped soothe nerves. the german market was down and the leading british shares of their market was down .1%. one other story about market reaction, impacts on certain companies in the wake of donald trump's victory last night. this story from bloomberg noting some of the companies, a turkish conglomerate spent much of the year trying to get trump's names
8:09 am
scrolled off of a skyscraper that they owned in istanbul. the partnership they formed is not looking so rash as trump came.- trump's victory one other company that is mentioned in that is mentioned in the story is a renewable energy company in europe, the world's biggest manufacturer of wind turbines. battered by troops victory overnight opened down almost 14%. has overdent-elect tweeted his disdain for wind farms. host: back to our calls. gregory in california. independent. thank you for waking up. what are your thoughts? i congratulate donald trump. i tell people to read their bibles.
8:10 am
am -- i have been praying for him to be president for over 20 years to restore this country back to one god, one jesus. i tell you this has been a brutal -- america under this president obama who took this country and the bible says when we go with other nations, that is what we do, split, 2 americans. old america today which donald trump represents. the people before 1965. half of a country -- the democrats passed the biggest immigration act in 1966. half of this country is new america. people we cannot pronounce of their names. barack hussein obama. you can rest assured old america stood up because people in new york and california and chicago,
8:11 am
who have been raised with the generations of foreigners, old america. the roosevelts. that has not been the case. tohank god they stood today take their country back. blackmerica great for people. bringing us to the foundations of this country. host: as we showed viewers earlier were donald trump's support came from, we put together this. white people voted to make donald trump president-elect. the white vote made up 70% of the voting bloc. 16 present voted for mr. trump. 34% and 63% ofup them voted for donald trump. white women voting for donald trump. vote.p 37% of the
8:12 am
-- they made up 37% of the vote. the young white vote split between hillary clinton and donald trump. educated white and non-college-educated whites, most going for mr. trump as well. there is this headline from "the washing post" that white evangelicals voted overwhelmingly for donald trump. voters voted for a high percentage for donald trump. the most they have voted for republican presidential candidate since 2004 when they chose resident george w. bush by a margin of 78%. their support for mr. trump will likely be as part of the reason the candidate performed unexpectedly well in tuesday's election. called at 2:30 a.m. eastern time for mr. trump when
8:13 am
the associated press called it. look at past victories times.ion speeches start donald trump speaking earlier this morning. mr. romney after that race spoke around 1:00 a.m. president obama followed him and spoke closer to 2:00 a.m. around 11:20poke p.m. eastern time. mr. obama closer to midnight. in 2004 when john kerry tried to stop president bush from getting a second term, he spoke around 1:55 p.m. on wednesday, the next day. p.m.e w. bush around 3:00 in 2004. everybody remembers the recount in 2000 which meant al gore conceded on apple -- december 13. you can look at past election
8:14 am
speeches. if you missed donald trump speaking, you can go to our website and all of the other races we covered. earlier,wed you speaker house ryan. you can follow it all including the election results. you can dig deep into each state if you go to alex was watching a simulcast in australia. welcome. caller: good morning. host: what time is it to their? -- what time is it there? caller: midnight so good morning to you. host: what are your thoughts? caller: i have been watching from the outside from the very beginning. your election campaigns are extremely long and complex and quite funny at the same time.
8:15 am
the thing that worries me is trump has not said how his relationship with his ally nations, especially our partnership more than 70 years or so, he has not said how it will affect when it comes to the tpp. our government has signed on to that. also the current arise of charter and what is that going to do, that seems to be very escalationgiven the in the south china sea. but all so, he was saying i believe that allies would have to start helping out more. would beg to differ with him. australia has done our part, if not, with gone beyond. we are a smaller nation. we do not have that many
8:16 am
saying it- i am not is not as much as what the u.s. or other nations would have. we are very small. think it is a bit of a slap in the face for us considering we have helped with the war in afghanistan, iraq. we are helping out at the moment in syria. going forward, how that is going useither be detrimental to or have we done enough to satisfy his requirement on that. concernshe thing that me. and i know talking to a few people, what does it mean for us?
8:17 am
are we going to be just as worse part and will be our part of the wider community? upt: thank you for staying past midnight and watching the program this morning and calling in and giving your perspective. north carolina, republican. hi, james. what was it like? thoughts, share your what was it like to live in north carolina? caller: i didn't hear that. one heck of a race. burrglad to see senator election. i was surprised to see donald trump when his. his election. i voted for him yesterday. i voted a straight republican ticket.
8:18 am
i tried to stay up but i fell sleep. when i woke up after 5:00, i was shocked that trump one. and grateful. -- trump won. businessman but i think we need a new face of politics. host: what is your concern, top concern with president-elect trump? any worries? caller: no. i don't. host: james and north carolina. australia. another call from there. good morning to you. caller: good morning. reaction tos your what the voters here in america have said about who they want to lead this country? caller: i was kind of shocked. would prefer obama but i know
8:19 am
that is not possible. i feel like it is sad. i feel like trump put fear into the american people to win and the rest of us around the world are worried about what he might do when in power. host: you are fearful? caller: i have family and friends in our defense force and as australians, we are allies. was to callrump war, our people would have to fight alongside the americans. what -- i fear what could come of this. host: bethany in australia. francis in newport, maine. good morning. go ahead. caller: good morning. host: what are your thoughts? caller: i am worried. i really am worried. i do not know what is going to happen. i am worried about foreign
8:20 am
policy, the fact we have three branches of government in the same hands. it means on obamacare is gone. dodd frank is gone. all of our regulations are going to be stifled back. there will be no global warming change. went farms are a thing of the past. no more solar units being put up anywhere. fracking will continue. i am worried. host: you really think that president obama, given checks and balances of our government, you think he could undo all of that? caller: i really do. he has both houses behind him. he hasn't the senate and the congress. all he has to do is propose it and as will go in lockstep. host: do you want to see your party in the senate filibuster and try to stop him? caller: no, no, i do not want to step to that level.
8:21 am
to repeat what has happened in the past. what we need to do is stand up and speak on the floor with our objections. at least our objections will be there and as stated for the public to hear. host: francis in democrat said he is very worried. planned parenthood sent out a tweet sounding worried. they said we will never stop fighting for access to care and reproductive rights. us? else do you have for >> when you talk about the folks that are worried about a trump's presidency. protest erupting in the wake of his victory on the west coast. some of the news organizations stating lightly because of the timing that the race was called why more people were out
8:22 am
protesting on the west coast. the website fusion focusing on one of the oakland protests. here is video. >> the people united will never be divided! the people united will never be divided! >> abc 7 in los angeles talking about some of the protests that irvine at the ucla, uc and northern california after donald trump was elected. here's the video of that. [bleep donald trump] >> donald trump's got to go!
8:23 am
>> twitter exploded overnight in anger following donald trump's election with thousands of users declaring he would never truly represent them within minutes of the president-elect finishing his speech. thatuffington post said isnotmypresident started trending. a tweet from one of those who opposed donald trump. tweets and this morning -- congratulations on your victory, donald trump. for you in the days and months to come. host: back to our phone calls. carolinamidland, north , and dependent. your reaction to campaign 2016 results. isler: hi, i feel like trump
8:24 am
this interesting mix of the worst of the first obama term and bush junior in a that he has been extremely lofty, in my withon, unreasonable goals the competence of fish -- bush junior. i wonder what will happen in the next two years. will he build a wall? will he kicked the illegal immigrants out of the united states? will he banned muslims? when the midterm comes around and the house and senate are going to swing really hard back to the democrats because i do not see him delivering. host: you probably know the map. republicans have less seats to defend in two years. democrats chances get more challenging in two years. that case,l -- in a
8:25 am
we have to look forward to 4 years from now. there's been a great populist revolution against the establishment pollack -- politics. blue-collarnk workers are going to get what they are wanting out of trump. i do not see it happening. i do not see manufacturing jobs coming back to america. governing a country as much harder than being collected. is sometimes not so very difficult. -- much harder than being elected. host: did you vote for senator burr or deborah ross? mostly democratic ticket. hillary clinton, deborah ross, ever pumped and superintendent of public education. -- a republican superintendent of public education. host: you split your vote?
8:26 am
caller: not a lot of choice. how did you vote in 2008 and 2012? caller: mostly democrat. host: don is watching. and republican. good morning. good morning. i would like to make a statement to mrs. hillary, how about them that terrorist group, the nra, they sure did turn out. it is called karma. thank you. host: elizabeth city. democrat. you are on the air with us. go ahead. caller: good morning. i would like to holler out to donald trump and congratulate to becomeat he did the president. we could use a change. i am calling as far as of the work situation. opener and you can
8:27 am
be and on you to -- youtu far is helping the nation get to work. congratulations. congratulations, donald trump. host: louise was watching in australia. making the effort to call in. your reaction? caller: my worries. a few of myho countrymen. what are you guys doing to yourselves and to the rest of the world? it is not a reality tv, it is real life. host: what is your biggest concern? caller: just today, our stock market lost $47 billion as it looked like trump was gaining ground.
8:28 am
my concern is for the world economy. give it six months, america's economy will go down a hall and it will drag everybody else with a. we were lucky in australia. and it go down a whole will drag everybody else's with its. we were pretty ok. this time around, we will not be so lucky. 45% cap on chinese manufacturing, they are our biggest manufacturing partner. they buy so much of our iron ore. we would lose our biggest trading partner. host: why would you lose your trading partner? caller: you slap the tariff on the chinese, 18% of chinese exports is sold to america. it,rump slaps the tariff on they lose one of their biggest
8:29 am
buyers which means we lose one of our biggest buyers. host: do you feel the effects? caller: yes. and unfortunately, our country is not in the position that it was last time around. anxious to see how the next few months play out. just wondering, these americans stock on their way to the ballot, a very insular mindset. did they stop and think about the rest of the world? host: we will ask some of our viewers that very question. we continue to take your reaction here in the united all of youwe welcome watching outside of the united states to call in as well with your thoughts about last night's election results. donald trump spoke after the results.
8:30 am
he spoke around 2:50 a.m. hillary clinton did not speak to her supporters. she will talk to supporters in new york in a hotel around 9:30 a.m. eastern time. an independent caller. i want to congratulate donald trump and everybody who worked hard for his campaign. to all of those proposing doom and gloom, that are jumping the gun significantly. when you incentivize business to come back, it will bring businesses. if you bring money into the inner cities, they will start to see what is happening and having a businessman running the country. those around the world, he is not going to make decisions without addressing all of the those who are basically
8:31 am
politicians who understand. he understands economics. runs on economic. we need a businessman and he will help those countries dramatically. or eight years, he will make the biggest difference in america and printing american jobs and make america great again. host: did you vote for senator marco rubio? caller: yes. host: you did? you were reluctant? what did you feel about the senator? obviously, the biggest challenge is some of the stuff that went on during the primaries. the primaries go on too long and too much attacking instead of doing things right. their narratives. those are where you have some of the hesitations. at the end of the day, it is great to have a latino in the community because i am part latino. host: marco rubio securing a
8:32 am
victory over congressman patrick 4% in the state of florida. back to you with more on last night's results. the caller talking about 2018 senate and what the playing field is supposed to look like in two years. wanted to add numbers. in 2016, there were 30 more sent see up -- senate seats up. democrats had to defend 10. in two years, it flips. up andhe 100 seat are democrats have to defend 23 with held byill -- seats independence. a much health playing field for democrats. a story from politico before last night's election. democrats race against 2018
8:33 am
senate to disaster. noting that landscape will feature five democrats in ruby thestates among those seats party will have to defend including west virginia all up in 2018. there is a map. host: jerry in mount vernon. good morning to you. what to do you think? let's talk about the senate race. -- she is really a nice person. i have for met her. i have talked to her. she did a lot for our country. yes.- as theas far
8:34 am
presidential election, it is ok. not --get him -- i am you know -- [indiscernible] i think there should have been more democrats so he would not have had republican house and senate. well -- tammy duckworth able to stop senator kirk from being reelected in your state of illinois. we covered her victory speech and brought that to you last night. let's listen to what she had to tell her supporters. tammy duckworth: where do we go from here? just as i try every day to live up the sacrifices, i will go to tok in the senate looking honor the sacrifice and quiet dignity of those illinoisains
8:35 am
facing challenges. this nation did not give up on me and needing the most help. i believe in an america that does not give up all in one who has not given up on themselves. work to make will college affordable for every american. -- whether it is an honor student searching for the right school bus scared of but scared of-- taking on $30,000, $50,000 of debt. trying to enroll in a certificate program at a community college. i will work to make illinois a leader in renewable energy also. [applause] duckworth: our neighbors in iowa gets more than 1/3 of their energy needs from wind well we only get 5% in
8:36 am
illinois. not only should we were producing more from wind and other were normal sources, we shall ever -- leverage our advanced manufacturing sector and geography to be a global leader in building the renewable energy infrastructure. [applause] i will workth: every day to make sure our veterans are getting the best care and the benefits we promised them. they do not hesitate to answer the call when america asked them to serve and we should not wait -- make them wait to now. [applause] city'sckworth: this vibrancy was on full display four days ago when 5 million cubs fans -- go, cubs! and a few reluctant sox fans came out to celebrate.
8:37 am
we love this city and we know how great in the it is. that's it does not mean we do not acknowledge is problems. them is communities at the neighborhoods where hope and opportunity are so far removed from that scene they might as well be in a different city. too many of our neighbors have to travel outside of the neighborhood for amenities that we take for granted in the rest of the parts of the city. groceries, clothing. thousands of hard-working illinoisans have fled because of the lack of hope leading tools spiral neglect and opportunities for our young people. jobsdress this, we need to and investment in oliver communities. [applause] rep. duckworth: opportunity should not be something that requires a commute. in the senate i will work for
8:38 am
increased infrastructure whether maintaining roads, bridges, expanding public transportation or ensuring our drinking water is safe by replacing lead pipes throughout our communities. [applause] duckworth: that will help to create the jobs. economic justice means an educational system that prepares our children for a fast-changing economy and that serves adults as wall. those in granite city pools lives were of ended last year. we should not close up opportunities to any american. daddy, he was one of those people, he lost his job in his 50's. our middle-class existence was turned on its head. i am here today because of public schools, food stamps, pell grants and safetynet is
8:39 am
designed to help people who have been knocked down. and i'm proud of it. host: the congresswoman, now senator elect for illinois. she served two terms in the house, serving her second term. veterannow, a war served on the armed services committee and oversight and on the special committee for benghazi. she bested the incumbent senator mark kirk, who was trying to get reelected to his second term. unable to do so last night. here's what he had to say. i have just called senator elect ductwork -- a duckworth to congratulate her. i told her i would do everything possible to make sure illinois has the strongest representation in the united states senate. go theteam picked -- to the traditions i started, i
8:40 am
invited her to join me at the billy goat tavern. coming will -- this show opponents can bury the hatchet after a tough election. and what unites us as americans is much stronger than what the device us. congress to make a difference. for amy stroke i thought long time, what is the gift illinois has given to the country based on the lincoln presidency and the 1964 passing of the civil rights act? been individual dignity and personal freedom. that's gift from the working public -- the practical midwestern that iran to be an ran to be an advocate. the state to have a strong work
8:41 am
to the bests home baseball team on the planet. go, cubs! whont to thank everybody was made the telephone called and not all doors and made a contribution. and to my friends and family and staff, you mean the whole world to me. let's celebrate a living in the best country in the world. thank you. host: the senate republican incumbents knocked off last night, mark kirk. he wrote in david patrice as his selection for president and his concession speech last night, senator elect tammy duckworth will be taking over. we are getting your thoughts on "washington journal," continuing and throughout the this early morning with your thoughts about donald trump winning the
8:42 am
presidency. and the republicans keeping the house and the senate. the phone lines are your screen. we are taking calls from outside of the united states. we'll be hearing a lot from folks outside of the united states. they have done all watching. by the way, some programming and what is happening in washington as a result of last night's election. hillary clinton will address her supporters at 9:30 a.m. in new york and we will bring that to you. president obama expected to address the nation from the white house. we do not have a time. continue watching here on c-span. let's go to australia. deborah in queensland. thank you for hanging on the line. caller: how are you doing? i wanted to put my opinion in. dohink a lot of americans not understand why australia is
8:43 am
so involved. america saved us during world war ii against the japanese which we appreciate which is why australian soldiers went to vietnam which is today we have soldiers in afghanistan. what ever happens to the president of the united states of fax us as well. -- of fax us as well. what i was worried about is of the war -- is the war that is going to be built for millions and millions of dollars. the effect on the environment for americans. immigration, things like that. not seemed to come up at all. host: a republican. hi, jim. caller: good morning. host: as a republican, did you
8:44 am
vote for donald trump? caller: yes, i did. that is the only thing i voted for. i voted for the president and left everything blank. i figured it was sort itself out. i have three points i would like to make. not college male, degree. i'm a six year veteran of the u.s. army and an ordained minister. my first point is right off the top is abortion. i do not agree with that. the second point was national security. you cannot have a prosperous and free nation without national security. veteran, i know what it is firsthand to have limited funds and equipment. into the want to get position is all we have is the nuclear option which brings me to hillary clinton.
8:45 am
she wanted to establish no-fly zone in syria. the journals said -- and the general said it amounts to going to war with russia. whether we like it or not, russia is allies with syria. they are allies with iran. we were an invading force in iraq. which we installed a puppet government which has been a failure. the economy. we are a consuming nation. we love to consume but we are not producing much. we are sending get to china and outsourcing. , without people working in generating an income for themselves, i looked at the back end. i am 57 and social security is around the corner. if we do not have people working, we do not have people putting into social security which means it will collapse under its own weight.
8:46 am
-- i see lots of fast food restaurants going up but that is not really work. i go into those and i see the little machine that takes your order. your not talking to a person. , as far as the business and i will be done -- a friend friends, one of the major manufacturers of hockey equipment for the professionals and amateurs. he has all of his professional equipment made here in michigan. the lower equipment is manufactured in china. and even he will tell you he gets a better break. i think -- i say america first, i do not mean isolationism but we need to look afteri else first.
8:47 am
host: heard your point. you described yourself as 57-year-old white noncollege educated male, right? caller:host: heard right. host: that was jim in michigan, a republican and why he voted for donald trump. ushat else do you have for -- for us? >> liz cheney won her dad's seat. she is the lone a house representative. the at large state in wyoming won with 62% of the vote to democrat's 30%. --ney held that seat democrats had not won that seat since 1967. ms. cheney replaces cynthia lummis, the only female of the house freedom caucus. cynthia lummis declined to seek
8:48 am
a 5th term even though she won with 68 .5%. speaking of the freedom caucus, one of the founding members, republican from new jersey lost his seat the last night. h, 47% to 51%. scott got a, an interesting -- former speech writer to clinton. talk to some of those who voted yesterday. marietta, georgia. independent collar. caller: good morning. horse because i do not go to bed until i heard the returns. as a black american woman, college educated, i did vote for
8:49 am
trump. i voted forry, bernie sanders because this political season was about change. my mind ifade up bernie sanders did not win, i was going to vote for trump. as a black woman what made me mad is the way that in these democratic party comes every 4 years into the black community and use fear to make black people always being the next person is going to be the next big boogie man. asnew evil with donald trump a billionaire, this man is not stupid. he is not a person who does not know what to do. i was not going to buy that fear factor. that is why so many people are frustrated. some of the republicans and democrats fed the population fear. even of donald trump didn't win, i knew the sun will still come up.
8:50 am
host: a caller in georgia with her thoughts. independent. in texas, a democrat. caller: yes, good morning. on some to comment articles that are out on the internet as far as hillary lost. i have read that they said she had a week message and because -- weak message and because people do not trust her. one of the things i wanted to comment on that is not out to isir is that -- out there that hillary clinton did not win because of the dnc and how they sabotaged bernie sanders. people felt disenfranchised after that. do not support
8:51 am
hillary because of that. had they come together at least -- offered himbe to be vice president, the democrats would have won. they did not do that. bring command to be vice president? the headlineat, should be hillary lost because of the dnc. host: you think it is their fault? the fault of the democratic national committee. that is why she lost. i was a burning -- i was a bernie --we are the ones that funded the elections at the local level. we have nothing to say. whatever they do is what we have to go with? i urge people, do something about it. we have no say in what they do at all.
8:52 am
that is my comment. did not persuade you that bernie sanders said a vote for hillary clinton, she is more in line -- caller: well, i voted for her. i did. i am not one of the younger people. more matureeople -- so we see the bigger picture and we tried to go -- he was such an , the mostright now popular. i did. it was difficult. but, yes, he did persuade me to do that. for a lot of people, even in the states he won, they would have won those states had bernie sanders at least then selected to be the vice president. totally did at their
8:53 am
own thing. they do not listen to the people. now, we got what we deserved. host: democratic party in your opinion needs to change the primary process, how democrats elected their nominee? caller: yes, totally. they totally ousted him and now they got to nothing. they did not listen to the will of the people. -- so many ofy of them, he could not bring them together. ever -- i did not hear or read any articles on him being the vp. heard your points on that. want to get in more calls. more international reaction. the italian prime minister ho was just in the united states at a state dinner. -- prime minister who was just
8:54 am
in the united states at a state dinner. he said the relation with the united states is solid. said donald trump's election opens up uncertainty. >> the french president is giving his reaction live to donald trump. obama'sng with barack presidency, his election opens up a period of uncertainty. i needed to look at it in a clear eyed manner. partner to a major france and what is at stake is peace against terrorism. the proliferation of the middle and, economic relations
8:55 am
preserving the planet. on all of these topics, i will very soon started discussions with the u.s. administration. i will come into the office on the 20th. i will do it with sincerity and openness because the sentiments expressed by mr. donald trump should be confronted with interest that we share with the u.s. will help usstory engage. france will also continue on the way of the transatlantic cooperation without concessions. the new context after this u.s. demands it should be
8:56 am
and takethan ever responsibility as i have done since 2012. it also demands that the european union should be united, strong and able to express his opinion everywhere around the of thehinking about fight against poverty, the fight against social exclusion. and of course, after an election , you need to draw lessons. the u.s. election has a ripple effect on the rest of the world. this election comes after a series of other elections. when needed to take a clear, sober look at the specific election. in this case, try to understand the concerns felt by many people of the world, including the
8:57 am
american people in the face of the current world situation. we needed to find the answers. us.answer is within to be stronger than our fears and our ability andevelop our social models democracy. this election should lead us to take our responsibilities more than ever before as friends -- as friends. they eu is a framework in which we work. france will be doing that with the rest of europe. host: that was the french president reacting to the united states electing donald j. trump as their 45th president. we are getting your reaction. what to do you think about mr. trump defying the polls and pundits and getting a victory
8:58 am
over the former secretary of state hillary clinton? also the republicans retaining the majority in the house and senate? we continue with your calls and reactions as we did last night and early this morning. your thoughts, how you voted. tell us why and what you think will happen next. martin in new jersey. a republican. your turn. caller: good morning. i am a white male/college educated but that is not the reason i voted the way i did. here is a perspective i have been telling people for the last eight months. donald trump was my 17th choice. but he wasn't the only choice. it is a total anti-clinton machine vote. i have been suffering through her, the clinton years since 1991. it was anti-clinton. he was my 17th choice. i cannot defend him.
8:59 am
but -- thank god he won. that is a perspective you do not hear that much. a lot of people thought that the same way. , or did itome appeal, hillary clinton's argument you could not trust donald trump with the power of commander-in-chief how come that argument did not resonate or did it will be? 'd who lovedtrump their it should -- the trumps who love their children. they are not going to start world war iii. host: martin in new jersey. new york times has a this story this morning. misread.w media
9:00 am
>> rachael: holy mackerel! by trade deals that they see as hreats to their jobs and disrespected by establishment washington, wall street and the mainstream media. journalists didn't question the polling data when confirmed heir cut feeling mr. trump could never pull it off. they portrayed trump supporters a shot of he has
9:01 am
being out of touch with reality, in the end, it was the other way around. ago, election brexit.hy name is election day preceded by month of declarations the race was essentially over. that assessment held after the news the federal bureau of reviewing a was new batch of e-mails related to server.inton's private the clinton win would be substantial, but not overwhelming. the huffington post reassured readers, she's got this. nd the "new york times," mrs. clinton was 84% to win the presidency. a profound other major sites shifteds to a victory, extraordinary a ission, we are not having
9:02 am
reality-based conversation. if the news media failed to reality-based political scenario, it failed in fundamental st function. kelly, in australia, perspective, as well, this morning. hat do you think about what americans have decided when it comes to their leadership? really scared. i followed this election quite news ghly through the coverage we get. march this rica in year. it just seems he's running scare have fallen ople for it. he has no idea what is going on. abortion, ys about immunization, about women, we re scared and it is going to affect us. host: connie in london, kentucky, a republican, share connie.ughts, caller: first of all, i was in michigan.
9:03 am
i went and visited and it was destitute. my father had worked in the car industry, there is nothing there. okay. i'm a wife of a deceased vietnam veteran. they are talking about trump not having military affiliation, a draft dodger and he went to canada, that up, and he brought became president. i want to congratulate mr. him., i did vote for my dad is almost 91, he was for as was my -- i've got brother that is a biology teachener kentucky, he voted for him. at on trains policemen eastern university in richmond, kentucky, he was for trump, as his fellow f policemen. kentucky, for the first time in years, for itself,
9:04 am
republican. he's -- trump is a great businessman. desperate for s that, for somebody that knows hat they are doing to straighten this country out. host: connie, was he your first choice all along? because of his business sense, if nothing else. is a father and the man is smart. he couldn't be where he is at a genius. violence has to stop. okay. caller: he has a great staff to he will do fine. host: okay. onnie in london, kentucky, a republican. we will hear from the former hillary of state, clinton, the challenger, to at 10:30 a.m. now. cnn reporting out she will now a.m. emarks at 10:30
9:05 am
eastern time in new york, an hour later than originally a.m. ind, that is 10:30 new york. continue watching here, calling in, giving us your thoughts and bring you hillary clinton when she speaks, do our best to here. it to you live we continue throughout the morning. alabama, dalton, you are up next. caller: good morning. morning.d caller: in my opinion, i voted for trump. not vote for trump, i voted for hillary because who wants a person who this country -- be just a dictator, if you will. he makes fun -- he has made women that he's gone ith in his miss america pagepts, he's made fun of people who have disabilities.
9:06 am
a friend of mine and i'm tape,ou guys can find the but there is one where he was -- what do you call his is rally, he's moving hands around. i have a friend of mine who annot help that and yet he's like it's and, in my opinion, our country doomed. host: okay. dalton, democrat in alabama. doyle , utah, an independent. who did you vote for in the election? i voted for trump. host: you did? caller: i did. some want to make statements so people understand. -- during the obama administration, i've been coast country and out of this just for work because obama has more or less taken out the
9:07 am
boilermakers of this country. e sat down or plants, made it impossible for us to build -- trying to make new things for it is epa. shut wer companies rather down their plants than build them. do you make ofat utah and the e in challenge that evan mcmullin to donald trump and many mormon saying they would vote evan mcmullin, 21% of the vote. host: why did you have to bring the religion thing? why they voted that way? asking catholics why they are voting that way? the we sure have on "washington journal," we've done calls with evangelicals and catholics. mormon you presume i'm
9:08 am
because i'm calling out of salt lake? i wonder i didn't, what you make of mormon voter your state. caller: pay attention to what saying because he has them misconstrued. doyle, in utah. georgia, democrat, michelle. on the ning, you are air, go ahead. caller: hi, how you doing? georgia, i'm 54 years old, i guess i fit in the process of the lack of ducation or people are less educated when they vote for certain people. christian andi am abortion gainst the issue. my beliefs are stronger and my
9:09 am
thought was the gun laws. don't really like trump at all, i think we missed our to vote for carson or bernie sanders. evil got -- i don't think hillary has been honest we would like for her to have been. excuse me, i'm kind of nervous.'s we're following you. thanks, michelle, for the call. host: john mcardle, more on last night's election. 9:00 hour, in the on the east coast, update viewers where we are. that we're watching closely, more numbers but not called. of the the balance senate republicans with 51-47 lead, two races still not called, one of those of course that we're watching closely is
9:10 am
new hampshire. byator kelly ayotte trailing less than 1400 votes to governor aggie hassan, with about 97% of precincts reporting. if democrat consist pick up that gain of two net seats in what was supposed to be a very good election year for democrats. on the house side, balance of seats for republicans to 191 for democrats. races still outstanding there. ne of the most closely watched is california 49th district, some updated numbers there. precincts reporting in the race to hold on to the seat, the republican, the former chairman of the government reform committee, 51% to 49% over doug applegate.
9:11 am
seat her race to watch, a that could change hands, ongressman brad ashford, the democrat trying to hold on to his seat behind don bacon, the in nebraska's second district there. e'll keep looking at those and update you as they come in. we've been trying to update viewers with international reaction from around the world, mexico with a f couple tweets just now about the race.ential he tweeted out in spanish this tweet, it read necessary viconfidence that mexico and the united states will continue ties of respect.on and mutual reaction fromhave china. here is a little bit of the ewscast about the transpacific partnership and what last night means for that. as his is potentially comes low to japan, the tpp, and
9:12 am
security on tpp comes at a bad time whenning japan is about to tpp legislation this week. and it was pretty much expected president elected is one the tpp, but tpp pillars are basic conomic rejuvenation and experts say japan has to seek other trade agreements to cover loss from the potential benefits from the agreement and also, as you have seen today, nosedive 1000 points finishing 5.36% and dollar tumble friday 05 to 101 yen, and with the uncertainty and direction of the u.s. economy, the economic likely to nese yen remain strong as investors likely to hold on to japanese which will be impacting
9:13 am
apan's exporters and manufacturers, and some say depending how long this will continue, the economy japan's economy might crumble back to headache for o, a the prime minister and the governor if that happens. host: china t.v. coverage of the u.s. election results. the 45th trump becomes president, president-elect securing right now the at 276 ed press electoral votes to hillary clinton's 218. networks have it higher if they put arizona in the category. but the associated press shading that red, but haven't put it in basket.rump's it's too close to call in minnesota and new hampshire, we those states, as well. if you take a look at minnesota, and the percentage points that divide hillary clinton, it's 1.47 point margin right
9:14 am
now. the state of e on minnesota and, as well, as new hampshire. morning with is your phone calls about last night's results. us how you voted, why you voted the way you did and who you supported and what this means going forward. david in north carolina, independent caller. hi, david. good morning. yes, i voted pretty much traight democratic ticket, mainly because of mr. trump's campaign.during the but two things that concern me, see how mr. us to rump tries to -- we are a divided nation, just here in north carolina, the governor's 5000 vote i saw like difference, but we in the popular vote was pretty close. to see how he goes about trying to heal this divided all the rhetoric he
9:15 am
used during the campaign season. wanted to oint i address that concerns me more is the outside nfluences in the foreign entities that have, you know, intelligence e community is in agreement that the russians were behind the acks on the d.n.c. and stuff, that should be concerning to all mericans, regardless of party affiliation, that i firmly believe was a deciding factor in this election, so foreign entities succeeded in their attempts and one last quick comment, you had a caller earlier that was talking about the democrats and their super delegates. they need to eliminate the super delegates, allow the people to the choice, not affiliation, that i firmly believe was a deciding factor in this election, so foreign the p because i firmly believe had
9:16 am
ernie sanders been the democratic nominee, we'd have a totally different conversation this morning about who was and i think had bernie sanders been the democratic nominee, down ballot democrats would have fared much better bernie would have done just what donald trump did on the republican side, bernie the rs would have done for democratic side by increasing turnout. host: okay. did you vote in the governor's race? that is too close to call still, tight race. caller: yes, man, i voted for lot cooper, i think that a of that has to do with the hb2 uses is not about who what bathroom as much as about he other parts of that legislation that i think they may have adjusted it somewhat, away local cities, rights tomunicipality pass legislation like county did.
9:17 am
i'm sure they retracted the part 12 it was all done within hours from introducing it to passage to signing. it was ram rodded through and that kind of ideology scares me bit, but i did vote cooper and that was my main reason. why it is so close, what you just said? have a i think that does big factor. i think that it is a big factor of this orth carolina, we have population like in johnson county just outside of wake county. mecklenburg, the triad fayeteville hill, and wilmington, most of the the are progressive and rural vote. i think hb2 is very much a the reason the governor's race is so close. host: that is david in willow carolina.orth
9:18 am
independent, but voted straight democratic ticket. texas, allege station, republican. hi, carol, welcome to the conversation. yes, good morning. i want to make a comment real quick. forward to0s, i look voting when i was 18, dressed up like i was going to church, real proud. voted for many years, i did not not vote bama, i did for bush. i stopped voting because i a long it was rigged time ago and i got out and voted this time. i'm excited. grotulate -- trump.ulate mr. i don't know where the educated people are coming from. i heard them talking about illegals hiding in the shadows. they are not hiding from me, they live around me and disrespect my country everyday, rive up and down the street with no drivers license, their children are getting benefits, college, they're
9:19 am
reaping benefits, but they're trump.ding by our laws. i host: okay. caller: and they laugh in our face and spit on our country. an american, be do what is right, come over the right way, like my ancestors did. host: all right. in texas, a republican, why she trump, or donald mmigration issue being what sounds like her top concern. david in mclane, virginia, democrat. hi, david. caller: hi. large group of americans feel they have been left behind and exploited. turns out they weren't left behind and exploited because of government policy, what we learn the reason ction, they have been left behind, they are gullible and undereducated fairly easy to stampede with fear mongering or hate mongering, so i suppose it is surprising they turned to the world's biggest snake oil peddler and i guess they'll have to find out for themselves how that works out for them. to drag sorry they had
9:20 am
the rest of the country down with them when they did. host: well, i think to what talking about, the associated press has this on the polling that found four in ten voters said they were hungry or change and the voters overwhelmingly favored donald trump. nearly seven in ten were unhappy way the government is working, including a quarter angry id outright according to preliminary reports of the exit polls. voters ourths of angry backed donald trump, six in ten voters said the country is on working class whites and trump's linton's coaalition, the exit polling found trump was famgsly uneducated, heved got plenty of love back. uneducated n from 10 -- en. and 6 in compared with whites who graduated from college was polls for n in exit
9:21 am
republican since the survey started in 1972. donald trump ran in the primary marco rubio.or he won the state of florida in primary, vesting the home state senator marco rubio. arco rubio said he would not run for senate and decided to do so because of the balance of power in the senate, it was so close. he leadership there, connelly connelly mitch mcconnell. he won re-election, here is a bit whaf he had to tell his supporters. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. let me start by saying this is i did than the last time one of these in miami. [applause] >> let me begin by telling you, ago i got off the phone with congressman murph and he congratulated him on a good
9:22 am
race. congressman murphy is a young man with a bright future and i hanked him for willingness to step forward in public service. guys, running for office is hard, putting your name on the is hard. i congratulate him and his family and look forward to see country in serve the the future. i want to begin by acknowledging is i always do, that absolutely, you should patrick ran a great race. [applause] praise he glory and the belongs to my creator, god, my ersonal faith, my lord and savior, jesus christ. [applause] carried us in every moment of our life and in the ones imes and difficult and twists and turns and there has been a number of twists and turns this year. always acknowledge god and thank god because the greatest blessing after the opportunity the greatest n of nation on earth is extraordinary oman to share my life with, my
9:23 am
wife and my four children. [cheers and applause] we had a great campaign team. i wish i could mention all their many great i want to acknowledge someone who came and helped us run the did a phenomenal job. no one better in this country at the ng the things than person who ran mine, his name is clint reid. his t to thank him for role. [cheers and applause] in want to thank the staff my senate office. i can't tell you how many people came up to me and said, i'm not a republican, but i will vote guys helped se you me, you helped with social security claim, an issue at the the work we do. we are honored to do it. that is the people that work in washington and across florida, the best senate staff in america and i'm grateful for them. [cheers and applause] thank of course i want to
9:24 am
the people of this extraordinary an e for giving me opportunity to continue to serve them in the united states senate. extraordinary state, florida, a collection of all that make us the greatest state on earth. peep they'll lived here for years, descendents, florida is america and such an honor to represent this extraordinary state. i want to say a few word necessary spanish, i know people necessary spanish, people learn about me in spanish. [speaking spanish] [cheers and applause] [speaking spanish]
9:25 am
[cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> we have been through an andresting year as a nation we are ready for results of tonight's election, but here is sure.i know for here is what i know. here is still no nation on earth that i would rather be, despite all of our challenges, and there isountry no people on this planet that i would trade places with. i'm an american in the 21st century, america will be okay, we will turn this country have faith, i know god is not done with america yet, he people.t plans for our in the days and weeks to come, i people, here in
9:26 am
florida, will set the example in this great state, that while we issues, we on cannot share a country where people hate each other because affiliation. we cannot move forward as a nation if we cannot have enlightened debates about tough issues. you can disagree with someone and you can g them disagree with them without delegitimizing their point of view. doesn't mean our diversity will not continue to divide us on critical issues, it does mean that there is no way for this nation to move forward if we i ve anyone behind and so hope that i and my colleagues as we return to work in washington, better example of how political discourse should exist in this country. feel betrayed le and you have a right to. every major institution in our us, the has failed media, the government, big academia, wall street, they've all failed us, so people and angry.trated
9:27 am
but we must channel that ang .xer frustration into something us forward as energy to confront and solve our challenges and our problems. america has never had an easy era. florida has never had an easy era. great te has confronted challenges and so to has our people. each generation, americans have confront rward to their challenges and embrace their opportunitys and now the time has come for us to do the same. i believe with all my heart that if we do what needs to be done in the years to come, my and yours, will be the free sxeft most prosperous americans that have ever lived. we must start now. for while we still have time to et this right, we do not have forever. i will close by saying that while i have the belief that the decisions we make in government are important, i know that in he end, america will not be saved by politicians. i hope that we as a nation will to our roots.
9:28 am
respecting diversity and ultimately g that what unites us is common dream and hope of a better life and only achieve that if we all achieve that. i hope that god gives me the voice to y and the move forward. i will close with this, i hope tonight irrespective of the outcome for president, we ill all say a prayer for our great country because as the ancient words of scripture tell builds a s the lord house, labor in vein who build and unless the lord guards a does the guard keep watch. god bless together, this great nation, thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve. god bless all of you and god florida. thank you. thank you very much. host: marco rubio wins his the senate last night. he served right now in the foreigntation committee relations, small business and intelligence committee. returning to the
9:29 am
senate for a second term. calls taking your phone this morning. your thoughts on last night's 2016 election results? are the lines on the screen. united re outside the states, 202-748-8003. we have had calls from are watching y simulcast there. in melbourne. hi, john. yeah, like to donald trump on his success. i've been watching the program debates and his debate the point, to the issue. the same -- people transparent and -- all the years dealing people could get a
9:30 am
job, maybe 30, 40, whatever can still be incompetent. hat happens in the states is exactly -- australia not looking good. people who -- beautiful country, incompetent politicians nothing o do, just had the idea or conclude how to run a business, a country.d up we do have freedom of speech, hat is tolerated, it is not liked. these are type of things that -- 30 years, we had oar, coal, iron everything that gives way for then corporation,
9:31 am
pollution, the country is not -- from it. host: john in melbourne, australia. more reaction coming up, corpor looking at numbers from last night and reaction, as well. have? what do you host: greta, not just numbers for congressional and governor from the numbers ballot measures we've been trying to keep track of the key taken measures that have place around the country. one of them that has gotten a recreationalion is marijuana, three states yesterday deciding to allow recreational marijuana. story from the, california, massachusetts and to legalize recreational marijuana. maine rejected it and was too close to call as of this morning. the results of the statewide on the a initiative ballot tuesday night, especially in california, could make for a landmark moment in efforts to legalize the recreational drug and push toward a repeal of cannabis.
9:32 am
four other states, arkansas, and north ntana dakota passed ballot measures legalizing medical marijuana. about key ballot measure this is in california. alifornia voters on tuesday expanded some of the nation's toughest gun control measures. noted that the ballot measure would ban possession of large capacity ammunition requiring background check for ammunition sales and firearms seizure of from owners no longer allowed to own them. that is from the associated press. story, this from, major mroe to the industry, all four cities that voted on soda tax yesterday passed them in landslide victory. san francisco, oakland, and albany, california, voted in penny measure to levee a per ounce tax on distributors of sugary drinks. colorado, said yes to 2 ent per ounce excise tax on
9:33 am
distributors smchlt measures we talked about on the "washington journal." ost: we will get viewer reaction to hearing that and results of the presidential race and the house and senate and the reaction from wall street is coming in. cnn's rket has opened, money website shows that the dow nasdaq down just slightly and the s&p up. the numbers, the market slide in over overseas markets earlier this that g, but came back and is something folks are watching to see the reaction from wall morning.his but we're talking to all of you, viewers and voters, what do you think of what happened? republican, good morning to you. caller: good morning. i just want to say that i did vote for donald trump. hillary, she th
9:34 am
she's cheated to get rich. i feel that her abortion stuff way off the wall, have an at you could abortion up to the day before you had a baby. that is wrong. that is wrong in god's eyes. with donald trump, with that istian and tim kaine saying that if the along that dn't go they could leave the country as abortion bill, that is wrong. this country for killing newborn babies. host: all right. geneva nindiana, a republican. as she was talking, we were donald trump's victory speech last night with the indiana governor by his
9:35 am
and on the ence other side, his son with his trump, who will become the first foreign-born quincy ady since john england.e, born in maryland, xenhill, democrat. hi, robert. morning.hi, good how are you? host: doing well. who did you vote for? caller: for mr. trump. i'm a lifetime democrat, first time i ever voted for a republican president. and just got sort of fed up with global politics mrchlt obama is a very intelligent man, of course, but they have agenda, along with mrs.morning. how are you? host: doing well. who did you vote for? caller: for mr. trump. i'm a lifetime democrat, first time clinton and open border and labor, etcetera. rs. clinton had trust issues, -- andse, that everybody
9:36 am
up.t fed host: robert, can i ask you, was against a vote washington, against establishment politicians or was your vote for donald trump? caller: both. host: both? with the m fed up politic necessary washington, but mr. trump unlike what his character assassination some of laid out a logical for middle class people like myself about immigration and other issues that we're concerned about. the only argument, the other had apparently, was to personal. trump on his things that came in the papers
9:37 am
media would bring up. working, relentless but they came back, he has an agenda. middle class america identifies with him. i'm a democrat, but he's not republican, that is why he didn't get too much, you help from the republicans on the hill. host: okay. caller: he's more middle of the road like me. ost: robert, a lifetime temaccurate voting for donald trump. you mentioned the newspapers, called at 2:30 a.m. eastern time. donald trump came sxout spoke to 3:00 a.m. about 10 to and for the newspapers reflected in their headlines. "wall street journal," tight end big turnout e despite misgivings of candidates. no mention of trump winning.
9:38 am
"new york times" -- "washington post," trump leads tight race, show surprising strength in battleground. "u.s.a. today," though, with the trump strength leads to election stunner. wilmington, indiana, robert, independent caller. hi, robert, thanks for calling vote?w did you aller: well, my vote was the press, the indiana id laws, i'm expired and i had my ers license, a passport, high school graduation ertificate, college id's and they wouldn't take my vote, even though i pay property taxes and take my appy to property taxes without an id. my vote was suppressed as a disabled person. 'm kind of disappointed and that is thanks to mitch daniels. i would like to say one thing,
9:39 am
reminds me of germany in 1933, and i think we all heal emporer coligua, make his hair piece a god. host: a republican. caller: yes, thank you for my call. host: you bet. caller: this is really a true country.or our and it's a true victory for the republicans, too. party.ublican he makes all the politicians trump.ood, mr. i really think, though, that we at the way to look that we vote, the voting and the media. that is my comment. i'm very happy today. host: all right. a republican, st. michigan. john mcardle. host: historic first last night come buzz congress to feed breaks down some of the
9:40 am
interesting story lines. in nevada, elected first ever latina senator in the united cortes-maesto,ne hecht.ed first latina senator in u.s. nevada attorney a eral and granddaughter of mexican immigrant n. california, california elected first ever indian american to serve in the u.s. senate. attorney general harris defeated fellow democrat by more than a third of the vote. she was backed by president obama and vice president biden. she is mixed race, born to jamaican her and american father. she is from california. black senator first ever a mexican immigrant n. california, california elected first ever indian american to serve in the u.s. senate. indian american senator. elected a, florida first ever vietnamese woman to congress. endorsed by rphy obama and biden along with campaign.ghts daughter of refugises and immigrated to the u.s. when she was one year old. a republican
9:41 am
incumbent and not the first vietnam american woman to grab a congress. the story noting, as well, something we noted earlier, elected, first ever lgbt elect openly lgbt governor, kate brown. other, washington elected first indian american woman to u.s. the american woman to hold a seat in the house of representatives. she was born in india and mmigrated to the u.s., after 9/11 founded advocacy group for es who liveand refuge in the u.s. historic firsts. c-span w faces that watchers will see on the house floor when they are sworn in to office in january. tony, south carolina, democrat.
9:42 am
caller: tony, good morning in south carolina. all right, i got to move to jim in arkansas, a republican. caller: hello. host: hi, jim. your turn. caller: how you doing? birthday. my comment would be anybody that supporter needs to call their congressman, senator that plain to those boys if they don't want to get on the trump train, they need to get way.f the host: okay. what do you mean by that? man is not able to get legislation through if he's fighting the republican party, democratic party. democratic party was on t.v. seen the when they results of what was getting ready to happen and talking dot-nothing congress and the very next thing out of their mouth was how they could get filibustering in the up anything g
9:43 am
donald tried to run through there. host: okay. all right. address e should he first, jim? caller: oh, he's going to have o do multi-tasking, i'm a man that what they want to call an uneducated person, just because didn't go to college don't make me uneducated, but i've businesses of my own and two of them i went out of business because of the in this country that doesn't speak english run me out f the construction business twice. he's going to have to do something with the people that in this posed to be country while he's trying to get us job necessary here so a man, of people out there that have two people toking for $9 an hour trying raise a family at the moment. we need to get jobs back in this to put the we need citizens of this country back to else.instead of everybody america can't help nobody if we can't help ourselves first. host: all right. jim in omaha, arkansas.
9:44 am
jasper, indiana, norma watching a democrat. hi, norma. caller: hi. how are you doing? morning. caller: okay. host: how did you vote? first, one thing, my mom and dad would killed me if they alive today because we're strictly democrat, but i voted republican this year. host: why is that? well, clinton, first of all, why would obama want to her win when he was against her when she was running against him? bring all econd, work over to ur stuff -- down, we money.ake no
9:45 am
is going to try to get back here. are on the people that social security and disability, ouran't even get a raise on paycheck because they say they ain't got no money. host: okay. they would quit helping other countries out a -- war where is we shouldn't be in, we would be a better place. norma.ll right, politico has this piece on their website this morning. echoing what you're saying about why you and others voted for trump. inside the loss clinton saw coming publicly they seemed onfident, but in private her team admitted her chances were always fragile. they write piece, that democrats and many others wrapping their
9:46 am
minds around the reality of president donald trump. the crisis is sharp nest clinton headquarters, they feel like everything is about to go deeply collapse of america going to happen because she faild and they failed her. clinton, operative went into the race predicting biggest problem two-termly and her age, president of her own party. the mood of the country surprised them. trumpecognize sanders and correctly defined the problem, addressing anger about rigged conomy and government and that clinton hardly never authentically could. still, continuing e-mail about the clinton foundation connections made strategy impossible. instead of answering the question of how clinton represented change, she tried to change the question to temperament, what kind of change and what kind of america they wanted to live in. it wasn't enough. world action from leaders, the prime minister of y elected prime minister
9:47 am
maye,ited kingdom theresa having this to say. >> i congratulate donald trump being elected next president of the united states. in the united states are and strong and close partneros trade, security and defense. e have a long-standing and enduring special relationship, which is built on our shared democracy eedom of and enterprise, and i look forward to working with ensure t elect trump to we can maintain security and prosperity of our two nations in the future. >> what he said in the campaign muslims and and plans that raise eye brows, is fit person to hold office and will you work with him? >> i look forward to working president elect trump. the american people elected him the e next president of united states. britain and the united states share values of freedom, democracy and enterprise. on ok forward to building
9:48 am
the special relationship we have between our two countries, to ensure the security and of our two nations in the future. >> i believe you want to say words about the accident. > yes, my thoughts and prayers who have ll of those been affected by this terrible incident that has taken place on the tram. the emergency services are on he scene and they are terrible incident. host: british prime minister wh been affected by this terrible incident that has taken place on the tram. the emergency services are on the scene and they are working on the scene treating casualties and government is closely in touch with the emergency services other authorities to ensure all is being done that is necessary to deal with this about the talking outcome of yesterday's election. mike in kansas city, independent caller, what do you think, mike? caller: i think it is a good donald trump morning. all the talk and pundits and head on media outlets, they ignorant, deplorable, uneducated, stupid, the names
9:49 am
they are calling us, we are people, working and pay our taxes. we were just pretty by thesulted by hillary, help of cnn and msnbc, which is watch c-span, by the way. thank you, c-span, for giving the people the voice to speak. a sad day for cnn, msnbc and is the night live and the who should have been reporting the news or trying to fix the election for hillary clinton. didn't work out, they are crying well, too tears and bad. as far as foreign influence, my rothers and sister necessary australia and everywhere else, you might not like it, but it is too bad, the american people spoken, the silent majority spoken, the polls that said hillary was a shoe-in, where are those people at now? nowhere to be found. crying crocodile tears. host: mike, have you ever trusted polls, will you trust forward?ing
9:50 am
aller: i didn't trust polls as an independent in 2008 and 2012, i was always ron paul, i sat and seen how the media treated ron paul and lying on the poll. ron paul had good numbers with young vote, the military vote, they lied about it, so i don't really care about polls. i like to listen to the american people and last, but least, get with this, the people with the polls, one thing you got to understand with people work. many people are working and polls and time to do go, they are working to put food on the table for their family polls s is something the didn't recognize. the polling and news agency have the n out of touch with american peep will. host: mike, how involved, you youh c-span, you know, have always been interested in bserving and being involved in politics? caller: absolutely. seen what when i happened with ron paul, i turned way from big news outlets and
9:51 am
watched c-span. last night, i had my t.v. glued on c-span. c-span allow us, the people, to call in, give us our we might not agree with each other, but you see the real oice of the american people on c-span, not with the talking networks. host: we couldn't agree more, washington know what all of you outside the beltway think about what is not only on e, public policy issue, but on politics, politics,as well. albert, you are next. good morning. good morning. i want to make a comment there what the lady said earlier about donald trump being a christian, f he's a i'm a pope and another thing, handled things about russia, no defense putin and in six
9:52 am
months we'll be in war in the nited states and in a year, we'll be in war big time, so that is where he's got us to. he's the biggest liar that ever walked. they ought to investigate him, show his taxes and things. he is a crook, biggest crook host: albert, that is how you want democrats in congress to time, investigating president elect donald trump? be er: i think he needs to investigated, just like he had all that done on hillary. host: okay. caller: hillary wasn't perfect, bama wasn't perfect, but the point is he lies about everything. he taxes, everything, says he buys steel factories all over the world. is he going to bring them back to the united states and put work? to he probably will if he can give them 5 an hour and stiff
9:53 am
time to pay them, them up. he's a crook and liar. host: all right. elbert in virginia, a democrat. by the way, hillary clinton up 160,000 opular vote by votes, according to associated press data. electoral map says that donald trump is the next electoral votes to her 218. new ill have minnesota and ampshire to gather the data there to see where they -- where go.e electoral votes would host: let's hear from charlie down in kentucky, independent caller. hi, charlie. caller: hello. 'm a registered green, i've been green since ralph nader 2000.n i'm disappointed and very concerned.
9:54 am
don't believe in american exceptionalism, i mean, we're an doubt onal country, no about that, but that's not what we're about. e need to have enough rising, mobilization, political evolution, i was a sanders supporter first, but i decided the party so that could stay alive and i'm really people will rethink the process, the political in the country. and that we'll learn to tap into the american spirit, which is what is going to win in the end. democrat you vote again based on what you just said? caller: excuse me. vote democrat again? green. you know, i voted host: i know, but you supported bernie sanders.
9:55 am
i mean, if the democratic party oesn't change, will you continue to vote green party? about: i'm more concerned the process than anything else. to be more le need politically and educated politically. ernie was stating some things that were very obvious to me and people, but i think e're in for a rough ride as a people. right.okay, all florida, doris, a republican. hi, doris. good morning. thanks for taking my call. trump day.derful is there is nobody country than this
9:56 am
somebody that hasn't already been corrupted. hillary he mud that slang at mr. trump, he came back with very little. mean, he could have talked about how her husband womanized people in the white house and she did her best to one of t every single them, but yet she claims she's for women's rights and for women there is no bigger liar on the andtry than hillary clinton i thank god that she didn't win country watched this go down the tubes ever since her office. was in host: doris, let me ask you this. should donald trump continue insist on t, investigations into the clinton hillary clinton? you be es not, will
9:57 am
disappointed? caller: no, i think that is f.b.i. and if he 'm not mistaken, they have reopened the case and investigating her and the e-mails. and everybody has forgotten white water. host: dorothy, they sent another saying they went through the e-mail and their conclusion july, e same as it was in intentionally ot violate any laws. new t in albuquerque, mexico, democrat, hi, elbert. caller: hello. having me.or host: share your thoughts. registered , i'm democrat and i did vote for donald trump. host: okay. wentr: i feel the reason i that way was in the middle of mud slinging and everything went polls were saying this and that, i didn't pay too much, i have my own independent
9:58 am
and i believe that donald trump has come into this a new blood, new person, he's ot going to end up with all these political connections and stuff. money can bring political but i believe the fact he doesn't bring all that kind of stuff. hey, i got to pat your back and that back, you know. able to make be legitimate decisions. and i heard earlier that hey, the goodsaid, thing, hey, he will be able to will be top people, it like a show, you are fired, you are better. of what i'm thinking he can do for this people in get our top there, the people that aren't know, their y, you compadres or friends and things of that nature. believe, i want to really believe that he's going to make us strong. knowing native american, i
9:59 am
we talked about african i want toand latinos, believe that and i appreciate one of his group, i believe his son, came down ere to the great navahon the nation in new mexico, that was and i really neat thought the fact that, you know, we as a group of people, you overlooked.imes get host: okay. okay. elbert there, a democrat in new mexico. call nothing to let us know he for donald trump. quits a few democrats this morning as we continue to take calls and why they voted for donald trump. i want to hear from those supporting hillary clinton and did you support in the senate and house races in your states? get your thoughts on that this morning as we continue here through the "washington journal." on c-span nue throughout the day taking your phone calls and getting your to 2016 election
10:00 am
results. been looking at data throughout the morning, now what do you have? morning andhout the night, as well, interesting on twitter, if you follow members viewers can. our we have a members of congress c-span twitter list that you can to, check nothing on the latest this morning. had ups and downs with donald trump, he tweeted his saying in ions statement, we are eager to work hand in hand with the new administration administration. lives agenda to improve of the american people. this has been a great a better future for all
10:01 am
americans. senator orrin hatch tweeted out a statement. the president pro tem of the senate republicans of utah. he said the american people sent a powerful message tonight by --lecting a strong republic a strong republican senate majority. as grateful to travel the country traveling alongside them. the american people will be well served with majorities in the house and the senate. there was congressman rand paul, one of donald trump's competitors in the republican primary. his latest tweet from 26 minutes ago, i will be watching my tv to see which of the tali would -- which of the hollywood elite will board their private planes and leave america. the few democratic members who have tweeted, terri sewell from alabama writes the american people have spoken. we must come together as one america in heal the divide. we are stronger together. , theessman hakeem jeffries cubs win the world series and
10:02 am
donald trump is president-elect. otherwise quite a normal year. host: we will continue watching what the members of congress have to say and bring you hillary clinton when she is scheduled to address her supporters at the bottom of this hour at 10:30 a.m. eastern time in new york. expected to go before the cameras. we will do our best to bring that to you live and see what she has to say after losing to donald trump last night. speaking of the house and the senate, those senators john was just reading their tweets, they will be welcoming a new face. senate leader for the democrats harry reid is retiring. replacing him will be catherine cortez musto. she beat joe heck for the nevada senate seat. here she is last night in her victory speech. >> how is everybody?
10:03 am
say, you all told me we were going to turn nevada blue and we did. you should be very proud of what we did in nevada today. honored to beand chosen by you tonight to represent you in the united states senate. before we get started, let me just say there's a few people i have to write off the bat bank -- right off the bat thank. one of those people as my husband paul. i could not have done this without him by my side, making sure that i could get up every day, have the energy and he was keeping me comfortable. he would make a laugh and he
10:04 am
just kept me going every day. he is my partner and would not be able to do this without him. my wonderful family are here. my mother, sister, cousins, aunts uncles cousins and friends. thank you so much. to all of you, supporters that are here. we did this because of all of you. i had the opportunity to get around this state and visit with so many wonderful people. i want you to know this is not my win. this is our win. we did this together. now, i cann the room incredible group of people out here. fabric ofolored
10:05 am
nevada. the diversity here is our strength and i can see from -- we are going to continue to be strong and continued to fabric f nevada. fight for our families, for our future . for nevada and across this country. you have heard me talk about my story. the daughter in great granddaughter of immigrants. a great-grandfather who came to this country from italy and a grandfather who came from chihuahua, mexico. like many of your stories they came here for an opportunity to 's that they could provide food on the table for their kids and give every .pportunity that is no different than all of our stories and that is what we
10:06 am
are fighting for. .hat is our future the current of my grandparents and the hard work my sister and i have a first in our family to graduate from college. and because of their hard work, i am now going to be the first latina ever elected to the united states senate. [crowd cheering] >> here's the thing, it's not just about making history. it is about ensuring we have a seat at the table to get something done. what, don't you think it's about time that we had diversity in the united states senate?
10:07 am
don't you think it's about time that our government and the representation in our government mirrors the people that we serve every day? that it should mirror the population that we represent? that's what this is about. that is what we bring. i am so excited to be the voice at the table for all of us now. because we have some things we have to fight for. there is no doubt that we have to fight for an economy that works for all of us. we have to ensure that we have a living wage, increasing the minimum wage for people who are still struggling across the state. equal pay for equal work. leave.mily the future for our kids.
10:08 am
a public education system that they canclass that obtained regardless of the zip code or neighborhood they come from. and i don't know about you but i don't think any student who wants to go to college should have to mortgage their future to do so. it is time to address that absorbent debt exorbitant -- that exorbitant debt and make their future brighter. there are so many things that we can do. one of the things i promise do is we are going to continue to fight to pass comprehensive immigration reform in this country. [cheering] >> i have had the opportunity to get around this state and talk to so many incredible families and dreamers and young people who have names who have voices who are fighting for their future. i don't think they should be fighting alone. this is about all of us.
10:09 am
this is their families. who we are as a country. that's why i'm honored to be standing before you tonight. it's not my voice i'm taking to washington, it's all of ours. [cheering] >> and here's the other thing. as i gone around the state i know that paycheck does not go as far as it used to. there are still families that are struggling and that's the reason why we need to fight for good jobs. there are men and women who worked hard through blood, sweat, and tears and strong union labor that built this country. it is those hard-working families and that labor that sustains america and it is our fight to ensure we are continuing to provide and tear
10:10 am
down those barriers to the middle class. so tonight, we are going to start our fight together. i'll tell you what, there's one person who should be here tonight who i want to thank. that is senator reid. so much for this democratic victory here in nevada is possible because of him and this is his night and we should all thank him for that. i also know that during this time there are people that may not have supported me and supported my opponent. i will tell you what an promise you this. across nevada i will work to earn your support. we are a big state and a diverse
10:11 am
state. but whether you are an immigrant family here in las vegas, a rancher in minden, a teacher in reno or a minor in elko, we are all nevadans at the end of the day and we all want the same things. we want that opportunity to work hard for a brighter future. we want a quality education for our kids. we want a good paying job when they enter the workforce. we want clean air to breathe and water to drink. love,t the freedom to without work discrimination. we want the financial security to retire without dignity. i think we all can agree that this is a little bittersweet.
10:12 am
we do know that the results of the presidential contest are not in yet. let me just say this. with hillary clinton, i will with her to move our country forward if she is president of the united states. and i now i can do just that. if donald trump is the president , i will tell you this -- [crowd booing] >> our government is built on a system of checks and balances. i will be one hell of a check and balance on him. [cheering] >> this is our fight for our future and the america we know it should be. is going to take that away from us. it is our voices, our people.
10:13 am
we our today forward going to continue to fight. i will be that warrior for you. that you chose me to fight for you in the united states senate and now it is time to take that fight to washington. host: the first latina senator elected in the state of nevada, in herne cortez masto victory speech saying she will be a check and balance against donald trump. the president-elect. the state of nevada did go blue for hillary clinton. it's only six electoral votes and hillary clinton beating donald trump in the state of nevada 48% to 46%. not enough with only six electoral votes. donald trump with 276 on this wednesday morning november 9, enough to become the next president of the united states.
10:14 am
we are continuing on the washington journal with your reaction to these results and we are getting international reaction as well. viewers in australia watching our programming. you lane is in sydney. good morning. caller: good morning. it's nice to talk to you. it is now 2:17 in the morning our time. i thought i would just like to keep watching as long as i possibly can stay awake. it's very interesting to hear comments from the americans. i'm very very happy we have donald trump and i do believe he will get a team of good people around him. host: why are you happy? we have heard from several australians who said they are concerned. caller: that's right. my daughter lives in new york and she said if donald trump
10:15 am
gets in she was going to leave america and come back home. however, donald trump is a wealthy man. he's not likely to be corrupted the same as many who want the money. is arime minister i wealthy man and he is a good prime minister for the same reason. i think some of your policies you need more interaction from justeople of america, not being trodden on and put down. here in australia we can ring up and complain and to be honest if donald trump does not work out in four years you just put someone else in. 's perspective in sydney, australia. randy, bridgeport, new york come independent caller. welcome to the conversation. how did you vote? caller: good morning.
10:16 am
i voted for hillary clinton. host: tell us why. caller: because i thought she was the most qualified to do the job. host: in heady feel this morning? right. i feel pretty all i'm not freaking out like the democrats are. i'm not whining and i'm not gloating away. now is the time to be americans and realize we have a higher calling it a higher purpose. the ditches call each other names. so much better together than we are part. host: what do you want to hear from president-elect donald trump to try to unite this country? caller: i think what he said was a pretty good start in his victory speech. i'm kind of sad he was not saying any of that for the past 18 months, i don't know why he decided to change his mind now.
10:17 am
maybe he realized all my god i'm the president i don't think i could be this kind of a tool. i'm going to have to actually be the president now and i think .aybe it's hit him the reality is bigger than maybe he realized. host:? are you hopeful that he can be caller: i am hopeful. i believe in the american people . i think we can come together and we can do the right thing. whether it was hillary clinton or whether it was donald trump i don't think this country is quite as split as it seems with a lot of the callers. a lot of the callers to call in just seems so uninformed. some people that know, some people don't. the majority are just so out there. i do believe we need to change a few things. it seems like the only time republicans win is when they win electorally.-- hillary clinton is going to win
10:18 am
the popular vote. majority of americans voted for hillary clinton, against donald trump. million of right now 59 59 million voting for clinton. she has more of the popular vote as you said, not much more but that is not how it works with the electoral college. he has 276 and she has 218. donald trump give her victory speech last night. some of you might have been sleeping. it was at 10:00 to 3:00 a.m. in the morning after he was declared the victor so if you ,issed that to our website you can watch it in its entirety there. hillary clinton in about 10 minutes we are expecting to give a concession speech. she did not speak to supporters
10:19 am
last night in new york. instead she sent out her campaign had chief john podesta to talk to the crowd. he at that time said he was hopeful and then told everybody to go home and get some sleep. thatderstand shortly after hillary clinton called donald trump and conceded in that phone call. mr. trump has heard from president obama who phoned him earlier this morning to congratulate him and the gentleman will meet on thursday at the white house to discuss the transition of power which the white house says they have been working on for over a year. we will hear from hillary clinton. mr. obama, president obama today , we expecting other news conferences as well. george in kirkland, washington, democrat. caller: how are you doing? host: good morning. you're a democrat, washington state was blue, how did you
10:20 am
vote? caller: yes. we are very liberal here. i consider myself pretty liberal myself. , almost at the end i decided to change my vote and i voted for trump. , was listening to a gentleman he said so many people are uninformed. he's pretty right and i considered myself one of them. it almost makes me wonder why he voted for clinton claiming that there are so many of us that are not well informed. reason why change my vote at the last minute was because of all the stuff that kept coming out in the news. it just added up. -- i looked at my own
10:21 am
numbers and i know mine went up so i knew that was true. the jobs are horrible. , we are doinggton really well financially because we have boeing and microsoft so we do better than the rest of the nation. for the rest of the nation all the barrios and ghettos are doing horrible. host: george, did you feel like you are rolling the dice and he wanted to take a chance -- and he wanted to take a chance? caller: no. it's fine that you say that. i thought he was going to lose. i thought that by voting my heart and just trying to do the right thing i thought if i'm listening to all of these things that are coming out about hillary, just too many things. i knew that she kept lying and you could tell. i thought i have to go with my
10:22 am
heart. i never thought trump was going to win. i thought he was going to lose to be honest with you. that was a shocker. i'm glad that he won. we are to give a non-politician a chance. i don't think republicans have got it together either. host: i'm going to get in some other voices. it's a shocker to you and shocker to pollsters and pundits. hillary clinton ahead in the popular vote. lost in the electoral vote. popular vote, still not completely totaled because we are still waiting on minnesota and new hampshire as well. president obama, hillary clinton with 59,000 323,000 votes. insident obama, 66 million
10:23 am
2012. mitt romney, 61 million. donald trump with little less than hillary clinton -- a little over 59 million but less than hillary clinton. , and the back to you with more from last night. >> the number still being crunched and some of the senate and house races that are out there. let's remind our viewers where we are in an election cycle that was supposed to be very good for democrats. democrats and up taking over one seat, possibly two. one of the races that has not been called yet, that new hampshire race. separating000 votes senator kelly ayotte from governor maggie hassan in that race. maggie hassan up by less than 1000 votes. the other senate race that is still out is louisiana senate race. that's because of the jungle
10:24 am
primary system that takes place in louisiana. runoff of the top two candidates. john kennedy, the state , willrer in louisiana that runoff along with foster campbell, the democrat, former state senator. one of the other candidates was david duke, the former kkk grand wizard, republican running in that race. he sent out a tweet earlier today saying this is one of the most exciting nights of my life. our people have played a huge role in electing trump. that's a look at the senate races at the house level the current status of power in the house, 236 republican seats to 191 democratic seats. not beenes still have called. many of those races are taking place in california so let's run through the four races that have not been called in california. bera'sporting in ami
10:25 am
district, the seventh district of california. term ino win his second the seventh district. california's 25th district, that is the race where steve knight is trying to win his second term, the republican. reinke for rio is the democrat. caforio is the democrat. the 49th district of california, that is darrell issa's seat, former chairman of the government and reform committee. the 100e to call all percent reporting. darrell issa is ahead 51% to 49% for doug applegate. one more california race to make note of has not been called yet are 100% still reporting, jeff
10:26 am
denham in his effort to win his fourth term, the republican is ahead in that race by about 7000 votes over democrat michael eggman. we will keep you updated if any of those races are called and we will keep an eye on them about the day. host: our viewers can go to to see these house and senate races. that tight ones that have not been called and also to see resources throughout the country to see how this new balance of power care about last night as well as presidential results. many of the key senate victory and concession speeches last night as well as donald trump so you can find them all on the website. larry in d.c., a republican. caller: i listened to a man that catastrophic rebuke against elite states in the
10:27 am
world. this one man people's -- this is the point, nothing wrong with a person that has a college education. the ones that are smug, have contempt for those that don't. this is the problem. america has $222 trillion debt and a smug intellectuals have brought us to this state. trump has backbone and that's the reason why a lot of opposition from foreign leaders and the reason why stock market has dropped. wall street and those around the world have bet that hillary would win. they lost their bet. with her, she is contempt for the american people called them deplorable's and also she is -- comeyeason because was threatened. she is a criminal.
10:28 am
i agree that he should prosecutor. new castle, indiana, peggy is a democrat. good morning, how did you vote? caller: good morning. i voted for hillary of course and all the other democrats. my front yard is full of their signs. . am 79 years old i have always voted democrat and i cannot even believe that the evangelicals would even vote for somebody like trump. the filth the comes out of his mouth, those advertisements were true. .e has got a very foul mouth it just makes me get chills run over me to think that somebody that is our next president, not mine, but the next president, is going to have such a filthy
10:29 am
mouth like that host:. i know you were waiting but you were breaking up it was difficult to hear you. the washington post has a story. exit polls show that voting block voted high numbers for donald trump, 81 to 16%. that is the most they have voted for a republican resident since 2004 when the overwhelmingly chose george w. bush by a margin of 78 to 21%. support for trump will likely be seen as part of the reason the gop candidate performed unexpectedly well in tuesday's election. john mcardle. >> one story from politico this morning noting that before donald trump raises his hand for hearing-in to be president is set for a less auspicious swearing-in. you will be taking the witness stand in his own defense in a federal court civil trial over alleged fraud in his trump university real estate seminar
10:30 am
program. trump faces a legal ordeal no president elect has ever encountered generally defending himself before jury with preparing for the challenge of political novice will face in assuming the presidency. the class action trial is sent for the monday after thanksgiving. one of the problem -- one of a plethora of lawsuits trump was entangled in during the campaign. the story is an politico this morning. host: estelle, lynchburg, virginia. a democrat. caller: i've been heartbroken. i can't believe america would vote for somebody saying the bad things he said about the handicapped people. i just can't believe it. adam have nothing against trump but why would you all vote for him? i've been a democrat all this time. it just hurts me. host: did you vote for hillary clintonhost:?
10:31 am
caller: yes i did. i got out and voted and i was shocked. they would vote for him. that he can get it together and be a good president. host: did your fellow democrats in your neighborhood or in your town, with a enthusiastic about hillary clinton? caller: they weren't really enthusiastic. to the last minute i made up my mind to vote for hillary. host: last minute, why? caller: that thing about her e-mail and everything. issue lying for telling the truth or anything? i was so scared. host: were you thinking a third-party or were you considering donald trump? caller: i was taking about not voting at all. host: so you're just not going to vote? caller: i always voted. host: ok.
10:32 am
tj in paterson, new jersey, a republican. caller: i have some miscommunication with the operator. i'm actually an independent who voted independent in this election. my beliefke to say why hillary clinton loss was preceding the election there was a lot of talk about trump dividing the republican party. when asked at believe happened, the democratic party was actually divided between the establishment and support for clinton and on the other hand supporters. sanders -- the democratic party as a whole alienated much of the progressive wing of the party by calling people on the other side socialists and things like that. many were thrown off the ballots in new york.
10:33 am
how to she believed these same people would come out and vote for her? instead of having a progressive agenda she courted people like henry kissinger and the saudi said everything that was negative pertaining to her e-mails and handling of it was basically all because of vladimir putin in russia. she is the cause of her own decline. the cause of her own fault. own designs and her own megalomania. grasping the seat of the white house. host: we're waiting for her to come out in new york to give the concession speech. that is what is being described this morning at a hotel in new york. she did not speak to her supporters last night that gathered in a large ballroom last night.
10:34 am
in his campaign, his supporters not to far with the clinton headquarters last night. he gave his victory speech at around 2:50 a.m. go to if you missed that. georgia, gomilla, ahead. caller: i want to say thank you for listening to the general public and getting an idea of how they are taking all of this. appreciate that. your station's interest in hearing that -- your station is interested in hearing that. that thed of ashamed republican and democratic parties came down to these two figures that have not been the best representation of our country. i decided to abstain from voting this year. i did not vote because i felt like neither were the best choice. i did have family that felt like
10:35 am
hillary was going to win and i felt -- and i have family that voted for trump. for me personally i did not vote. , how do youd to add come out of this feeling like voting is not rigged and your vote does matter when polls were so much -- came out so much differently than what everybody expected? it turned out a lot different than everybody thought. just kind of like, what a shocker. host: you're saying a vote does matter given that the polls were all wrong? caller: right. i'm wondering how do we take that and feel like it was not? host: do you regret not voting? caller: if i would have voted i would have voted for not but iat or republican
10:36 am
felt like i was not educated enough about the other parties. host: did you vote for president obama in 2008 and in 2012? caller: i'm going to plead the fifth on that. host: why because your families listening? caller: that's kind of been a concern also as far as there has been some skepticism. does your vote even count in the long run? is the system rigged and everything? we really thought this election was going to turn out differently. was it just computer rigged -- was it just pure rigged? i thought we would have a first woman president and i'm won.ised trump hope they, i just country is for the better.
10:37 am
host: john mcardle. >> a good day to be a committee chairman in the senate. several committee chairman of for election and all of them republicans. all of them with a sweet -- a sweep last night. ron johnson, roy blunt from missouri, the rules and administration committee chairman beating jason kander in his race in missouri. in north carolina, richard burr is the select intelligence committee chairman in the senate. he knocked off deborah roth. chuck grassley in iowa is the chairman of the judiciary committee. john, chairman of the armed services committee defeated ann kirkpatrick in that race in arizona. when it comes to chairman on the , justside of capitol hill a reminder that there will be some churning in the top ranks
10:38 am
of the committee posts on the house side. ,andice miller is retiring chairwoman of the house administration committee. known informally in congress as the mayor of capitol hill in charge of a lot of the congressional offices and facilities on capitol hill. rogers is term limited in his chairmanship of the appropriations committee. there will be some churn. john kline is retiring, chairman of the education and workforce committee. fred upton, chairman of the energy and commerce committee, also term limited in his ability to continue as chairman in that committee. charlie dent, term limited from the ethics committee and jeff --ler retiring chairman of
10:39 am
key posts to watch in the coming congress. host: james is watching in fort worth, texas. welcome with your thoughts about the election. caller: i want to correct the record for all of you people claiming the american people have spoken, hillary clinton won the popular vote. she got more americans to vote for her the donald tro. it is gerrymandered districts gave him the office, not the american people. this is not the first time in the a fascist root movement has risen in america. i think you just handed the country over to kkk and the kgb. keeping accusations in the news all the time even though she's been cleared of everyone of them. not one prosecutor has ever found reason to bring charges against her for anything but as long as they keep calling her names and accusing her in the .ews people will believe it hillary clinton was elected president, gerrymandering gave it to the wrong guy.
10:40 am
host: do you solely blame the fbi? caller: i don't blame the fbi. i think that hurt her. on his first speech was in the wrong. the fbi should of said we found reason to make charges but he comes out and makes these opinions. gave the heart of right reason to accuse her and say she got away with it. if you listen to the republican callers they are still the using her of everyone of the so-called -- this last thing in the e-mails there was nothing to them but donald trump is out there calling for her execution. host: all those who are not familiar or don't remember, swift boating, james was using that term. it refers to the name of the organization swift boat veterans for truth, later swift boat
10:41 am
veterans and pows for truth. the widely publicized in later discredited campaign against john kerry in 2004. eileen in miami, republican. caller: good morning. immigrant, college education and registered republican. i did not like trump and i did not like hillary. this was a difficult decision. immigrationdown to and obamacare. next year our premiums will again increase by almost $3000. and a changeorking needs to be made. throwing more money after a problem is not necessarily the way. i think trump proved that by winning the election when he
10:42 am
spent so much less money than hillary. guest: do you believe because of that he host: -- do you believe because of that he really can change washington? .aller: i think he can he will look at problems outside the box. he will look at it differently than up politician. they tend to look at it by throwing more money after the problem, which is not necessarily the case. sometimes you to sit back and evaluate things differently. his business background may help him do that better than established politicians. that's all they have seen. host: have you always been a republican? caller: yes but i have not always voted republican. every time a candidate comes up i try to evaluate that candidate. there are a lot of issues to
10:43 am
, how will it affect your life, the life of your children. i wish i had a different choice but unfortunately the only choice i had was trump or hillary. , goodbeverly morning. caller: i agree with the gentleman that said that hillary did win the popular vote. i think should do away with the because whene millions and millions of americans go to the polls and vote their candidate and then turn around and look at a few people change all of that and put in who they want to that's not a free country. time is hillary every
10:44 am
spoke to the news or at rally i would start off with, yes, i need a mistake, i will never make it again, i prayed to god to forgive me and i'm asking you for your forgiveness. had she done that every time, donald trump would have had nothing to say. sometimes when you make a mistake and something happens in you fess up every time, that stops the opponent from coming at you. host: do you blame her? that she lost this? caller: she didn't lose. she has more popular votes. we can't do anything about the people that put in the electoral votes. she actually won the election by our feet on the ground going to vote for her. she won. that's clear. to the popular
10:45 am
vote. hillary clinton has a lead of over 100,000. around that. check it out on our website for specifics. she trails and the electoral vote. she only has 218. donald trump, 200 76. associated press calling this race for donald trump 2:30 a.m. eastern time. beverly, i'm going to move on and get into charles. today? how are you doing host: i'm doing fine. caller: i was surprised to see the fact that our country has allowed hillary to run. i'm glad she had an opportunity but i'm hoping that trump will work for the people to educate and to allow citizens to come into our country with visas and the proper way to be into our country.
10:46 am
country to a this .ot here a the business aspect like him i hope you will go out to repair the country. i live by a popular air force base. i'm not trying to get into -- we thely need to concentrate country to be in an area -- future generations. host: we are waiting on hillary clinton to give a concession speech in new york. 15 was expected to come out minutes ago. it looks that they are still setting up so we will bring that to you. in the meantime, want to show you out of iran, the reaction to the u.s. election. >> the very fact that the united
10:47 am
states was always betrayed itself as an -- has always portrayed itself as a melting pot, not obviously a melting pot. it is a country that is deeply divided based upon race and religion, which is very unfortunate. this in the past has been used to the advantage of the political establishment for conducting aggressive foreign-policy pursuits. i think it also -- the myth of the united states as being exceptional has been destroyed. no matter how americans try to spin this. mr. trump will have great sortculty in pursuing the of policies that have been pursued by the united states over the past few decades. americans weather for racist reasons are simply out of protest, there are many good
10:48 am
americans who vote of or trumped simply because they did not want clinton because of her foreign policy. because of personal corruption. many may have voted for him for racial reasons. for whatever reasons, people voted against the current policies being pursued by the united states. the current policies of inequality at home and the policies that have been destructive across the globe. if trump wishes to be remembered improvedident that has the fortunes of the american people he will have no option but to behave in a more reasonable manner in foreign-policy with regards to iran i don't think that trump is going to do anything positive to improve relations between the two countries. he definitely will not have the capability that clinton had to hurt the country. trump has major problems with allies of israel like saudi
10:49 am
arabia. he's concerned about extremism for his own reasons. he wants to cooperate with the russians. that could have positive results if he is sincere and if he is allowed to pursue these policies of change. that could have a positive result for the region. i think that iranian state devises its foreign-policy and regional policy not based on who was elected in the white house but based on what it perceives a moral foreign-policy and the interests of the people of the region and interest of the iranian public. i don't think there will be any change in iran. it will not make a difference to iranians with a trump is elected or clinton. i think the reality on the ground in the united states and but we've seen today has diminished the united states considerably and i think that is very good for iran.
10:50 am
host: the reaction out of tehran to what happened in the united states. among jay trump being elected the 45th president of the united being -- donald j trump elected the 45th president of the united states. many of you, we just heard from callers about the electoral college. they don't think it's right. for those of you that don't know , the 50 states and washington dc are allocated 538 electoral college votes. the number of votes granted to each state depends on the representative -- reputation in the senate and house. every state has two senators and at least one representative. populated states such as montana are guaranteed three electoral votes. ohio, a battleground state has 16 covers manila house so adding two senators that means it has 18 electoral college votes. washington dc has no representation in the senate or house but has given three
10:51 am
electoral college votes in 1961. nearly every state awards its entire slate of electro college votes to whomever wins the popular vote. charles is in that battleground state of ohio. a republican, you are on the air. caller: what i have to offer is a thought. that being, what is being taught in the classroom today becomes our culture of tomorrow. i really think it's an ne time to abolish the nea. what is being imposed on our children and upon our families is dead wrong. host: did you vote for mr. trump? caller: i did. it was more of what i was voting for rather than voting for him. were,lly, my thoughts
10:52 am
pro-israel, pro-life, profamily and pro-religious freedom. that's graham's coming from. so it was more of what rather whom i was going for. john mcardle with more. >> some information coming out on their data and people tweeting about the 2016 election. some 75 in tweet sent yesterday -- some 75 million tweets sent yesterday about the election. some interesting points from data -- from twitter today. all trump has officially changed his twitter profile to include president-elect of the united states and as we showed viewers sent his first tweet as such, such an important evening. the forgotten men and women will never be forgotten again. we will come together and never
10:53 am
-- come together as never before. atlary clinton, her tweet 11:55 p.m.. this team has so much to be proud of. whatever happens tonight, thank you for everything. watching we have been to see some of those who have held the office of the president to see what they would be saying. george w -- george h.w. bush sending out a tweet, barbara and i congratulate donald trump, wishing well as he got to america forward. his family is in our prayers. john kasich, one of the men who ran against donald trump and the primary sent out this tweet. the american people have spoken and it's time to come together. president-elect doubled trump. -- president-elect donald trump.
10:54 am
the from charlie wrangle, 23 term congressman who's retiring at the end of this term. our marchn twitter, continues and i will never stop fighting. host: more notables would look your from today, hillary clinton shortly as she addresses supporters. president obama around 12:15 eastern time is expected to address the country from the white house. the white house saying that the president will meet with resident elect trump in washington at the white house on thursday to talk about the transition. the white house says they have been working on the transfer of power for over a year. the house speaker paul ryan will hold a news conference. that's expected around 11:15 a.m. eastern time. we will be live with that here on c-span. you can get the c-span radio app
10:55 am
to hear what the speaker of the house has to say as well as hillary clinton and president obama. let's go to california, sacramento. diane, a democrat. how did you vote? caller: i voted for hillary. i really wanted to vote for bernie. he did not get that far. but i voted for hillary. all those that did not take the time out to vote, shame on you americans. host:? do you have some friends who were supportive of bernie sanders who did not for caller: yes. host: what did they say to you about not moving? caller: pretty much that they did not trust hillary and did not trust donald. host: they stayed home. caller: pretty much. this is what happens when we don't voice our opinion. host: diane in california.
10:56 am
which was blue as it has been for hillary clinton. republican. caller: they stayed home because j. lo was not there to entertain them. farmer and a mule. a mule was misbehaving while it was taking a farmer down the road. the farmer got tired of it, got off the card and took a two by four and hit the mule several times over the head. a passerby says, why are you torturing the mule. the farmer said -- the passerby said what you teach them the right way. the farmer said i'm going to but first i have to get to his attention. and i think that's what happened in this election. mr. trump had to get our attention first. that's why he said a lot of those things that he did. carly fiorina would not have done it. ted cruz would not have done it.
10:57 am
those of the people -- i never thought i would have to vote for donald trump. there it is. first you have to get their attention. host: why could you not vote for hillary clinton in the end? drove mr. nixon out , may be ase house much as a percent of the scandal that the clintons have been through. they drove him out of the white house. why would you want to elect somebody who had a 20 fold amount of scandal that richard nixon had. ? indecisive.t, she's before a crisis and in different afterwards. that's going to get you in more wars in my opinion and more serious wars. all wars are serious.
10:58 am
more serious wars and somebody -- the north koreans believing he will push the button at any minute. host: we're waiting on hillary clinton to come out and speak. any concerns with all trump? caller: yeah. maybe the guy is a little quick-tempered. i'm concerned about that. i would trust his temperament more than i would trust her indifference. she's not a the concerned about anything except yourself. kind of a narcissistic opportunism. temperamentt his more than i would trust her indifference. host: a republican in pennsylvania. we look your next from david in north carolina.
10:59 am
where the candidates spent a lot of time as well trying to get the votes. trump: i voted for donald . in essence what i've been telling people, let me explain i am a pastor so i look at the moral value of a candidate. donald trump is a little brash and some of his remarks but we need change in the political system we f half. i started voting for the candidate. i voted both republican and democrat in all the races. i have sat down for the last couple weeks. their looked at information to try to see what their values are. i've been telling people who asked me a vote for donald trump is a vote for mike pence. mike pence is who actually voted
11:00 am
for. host: you've always been a republican? caller: i was a democrat over 30 years ago and that's looking independently at the person who runs for office, do they have similar philosophy these and views that i do, because i vote my conscious, and i think most people do that -- my conscience, and i think most people do that. if you don't vote, i don't want to hear anything you have to say, because you did not .xercise your right in america, and we are not careful, we could lose that right. my philosophy is to vote. we will go to john before hearing from hillary clinton. caller: now down to about 540


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