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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 10, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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in about 35 minutes, we will discuss the election with jeff mason and we will talk to bob cusack of the hill about the new congress and how they will work with the trump white house. presidential transition begins today, thursday, november 10, 2016. president barack obama will be welcoming donald trump for a meeting and a sit down, as well michelle obama. good morning and welcome to "the washington journal." we will spend the first half hour getting your thoughts. here is how to get in on the conversation. democrats, (202) 748-8000.
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republicans, (202) 748-8001. independent and all others, (202) 748-8002. you could also send us a tweet. the race was called early , so most ofesday the east coast newspapers didn't get a chance to have a banner headline. here are the washington times -- "president trump." this peas three that the victory was cemented by wins in wisconsin, pennsylvania and perhaps michigan. republican party hasn't claimed since the 1980's. voters feelg-class neglected by washington. hillary clinton had been seeking to make history but instead, the 70-year-old mr. trump made history of another sort. the first person elected to the
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top job without having held a high government office or command. clinton and obama asked their supporters to accept the results of the election. obama invited trump to the white house on thursday for an initial meeting on the transfer of power. he promised the same gracious treatment that he received from george w. bush in 2001. that is part of the washington times. we do want to get transition specifics. from buzz feed, looking at maybe a line. here is a list of potential cabinet picks. writing that the transition team has put together a who's who shortlist of circuits and a to take top positions. orging from rudy giuliani duncan hunter, jr..
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obtained bynames buzz feed covers 13 departments. chief ofney general staff and the white house cancel. a source familiar with the list says it is not final. it is unclear whether they have narrowed it down or added more potential candidates for consideration. buzz feed writes that in a handful of incidences, there is only one candidate listed. is the only name listed for chief of staff. vittorio nick is listed for secretary of labor. jeff miller as the veterans affairs administrator. jeff sessions as the office of management and budget. and don began would be white house cancel. that is from buzz feed. your thoughts and priorities for donald trump. we hear from virginia on the
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democrat line. caller: good morning. my name is virginia. president elect trump should not be president. as we believe that the way he talks to women, the way he talks about women, the way he treated women all through his election. the way he talked about immigrants. the way he treated immigrants. clinton haveillary been the woman for the presidential. she has the knowledge. she has the faith. she has everything behind her to be the president. host: we are asking this morning about your priorities. on the republican line, ed, go ahead. caller: before i say what the priorities are, i would like to say that the democrats are sewer
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-- are sore losers. the lady who called, she didn't vote. and now she is complaining. as far as president trump, the first thing he should do is make sure he gets all these people who have come into our country illegally and that are destroying everything that we are about, they need to go back to their country as quickly as possible. and i can't wait. host: next on the democrats line from pittsburgh, good morning. good morning. you have a nice program here and i think i have a chance to get a word in every once in a while. i have to express that i'm not happy about trump. and i think we ought to try out someone that will work in the
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interests of people. we are on trial right now. to find out whether we make good choices. so i will be a witness to this. i think irs old and will find out exactly what turn of events will happen during the course of my life. host: on those choices, what kind of decision could see president elect to make that would satisfy you? will try to do away with social security and planned parenthood. and it up with two adopted children and it was a blessing in disguise. because i didn't want to have children. wife was having problems
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having children. meplanned parenthood helped to be an adoptive parent and i think that is a good thing. asking your thoughts on the priorities for the trump presidency. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independents. donald trump will meet with president obama. after the results were announced, president obama and vice president came out to speak to reporters and white house staff. here is some of what he had to say. secretnt obama: it is no that we have significant differences. but remember, eight years ago, president bush and i had significant differences. president bush's team could not have been more professional or gracious in making sure that we
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had a smooth transition so that we could hit the ground running. and one thing you realize quickly in this job is that the presidency and the vice presidency is bigger than any of us. so i have instructed my team to follow in the example that president bush's team set eight years ago and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president elect. because we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. powereful transition of is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. chance last night to speak with secretary clinton and i just had a chance to hear her remarks. i could not be more proud of her. she has lived an extraordinary life of public service.
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a great first lady. an outstanding senator. and she could not have been a better secretary of state. i'm proud of her. a lot of americans look up to her. and domination was historic and sent a message to our daughters across the country that they can achieve at the highest levels of politics. will am confident that she continue to do great work for people here in the united states and around the world. everyone is sad when their side loses an election. but the day after, we have to remember that we are actually on one team. this is an intramural scrimmage. not democrats first. we are not republicans first. we are americans first. we are patriots first.
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we all want what is best for this country. heard in donald trump's remarks last night. that is what i heard when i spoke to him. directly. and i was heartened by that. that is what the country needs. a sense of unity. a sense of inclusion. a respect for our institutions. our way of life. a rule of law. and respect for each other. host: president obama will meet with donald trump today at the white house. we are asking you hear the top priorities for donald trump. writingciated press about potential administration changes or appointments in the trump administration. according to an organizational chart for the transition obtained, press
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national security planning was being led by mike rogers, who previously worked for the fbi. domestic issues are being handled by ken blackwell. trump was expected to consider several loyal supporters for top jobs. including rudy giuliani for attorney general. c-span, on twitter at this says -- about rudy giuliani, he has attorney general, i wouldn't trust him as a mall crop. another one says, having control with ultimate control of the supreme court is a mandate. obama is showing trump where the buttons are this afternoon. back to your calls on the administration top priorities. solomon on the independent line. caller: my priority line is the
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supreme court. acause he can appoint conservative judge. and also, my priority is education. host: all right. a republican color. caller: hi. my most important thing is border security first. and the crime in america. to give you an example. i transferred from florida to utah. built, ie my house was had to stay in an apartment while my wife stayed in florida. was -- i think they are coyotes? it, a bunch ofay people who were bringing in
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andls and they set them up then bring in a new bunch and .et them up i called up ice because they made a lot of noise and stuff. and they told me they can't do anything for six months. and i couldn't understand that. if i could see this going on. , don't we have laws? the immigration that we have is to protect our country. what was the reason that ice gave you that they couldn't do anything? caller: they said they were too busy. when i called it sounded like they were eating a sandwich. it was a joke. and an officer came to my door. must have seene the police car and they came down the stairways and walked right past them as i was telling the officer what was going on.
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host: so immigration is a top priority here. tweet, offload the immigrants who are costing us millions in social services. jim says trump should direct every federal agency to remove all questions regarding race. the headline in the new york times two days after the election day, democrats, students and foreign allies face the reality of a trump presidency. the american political establishment real as leaders on both parties began coming to of a with four years presidency of donald trump. a once unimaginable scenario that has punched a deep uncertainty very about the office.nty of his >> the new york times, democrats will be out of power for the first time since 2006 were particularly crestfallen.
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it was a fate similar to our gore. campuses nationwide, students marched against donald trump with signs like, "not my president. protesters set fire to garbage bins. night, thousands of people protested in thousands of cities. new york, seattle and philadelphia. protesters converged in front of trump tower. the headline of usa today, a photo of a protest. that protest is in new york city. .e hear from helen in memphis her priorities. go ahead. morning.ood i think the most important priority for the new president is to bring some unity to the nation. and what does a president makeow does a president to
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a country unified? what is the most outward sign of doing that in your view? toler: the first problem was go across the nation with a sense of anger and bringing out some really bad character. try to traceave to back. trace back the steps you made in crisscrossing the nation and bringing disunity. you have to be careful in the election of cabinet and the re-tracing and redoing what the prior administration has done. just think carefully before you tear everything down. think carefully before you appoint judges. be careful before you appoint a staff. with theareful character and nation of the people that you appoint.
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and how you just demolish what has been done. that will help to make people feel like they are included. just beingu are not pushed out to bring in a new reign of something else. issue of unity, reports say that president obama has a final foreign trip coming up to places like peru later this month. and after that, the president will be making speeches around the country about national unity, we ask you this morning about president trump. the firstiorities for 100 days. his top priorities. we welcome your calls and comments. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, wiccans. others, (202) 748-8002 -- (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. , others.-8002
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what theome of majority leader had to say. >> we look forward to working with him. i think most of the things that he is likely to advocate we will be enthusiastically for. where we have differences of opinion, i expect to discuss them privately and not hash them out in public. but the goal will be to try to get on the same page. turn the country in a different direction. we have had a tutorial in the last eight years of big government. taxes, regulation, debt. we know it doesn't work. you do this stuff and you get slow growth. so in order to get the country going again, we need to undo much of that. and the good news is done by the president himself. so we are going to be enthusiastically supportive almost all the time. and where we have differences, we talk about them privately and
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try to work them out. host: host: let's go to your calls. thank you for taking my call. i have a chuckle here watching mitch mcconnell. because the last time they had both houses under president bush , we wound up in a war and almost the worst recession since the great one. and the national debt, obama has been trying to pare that down and reverse that for eight years. with johnl the tape mccain on the senate floor, c-span showed if years ago, him chastising his republican comp patriots for spending like drunken sailors, i never forgot that. because of the earmarks they were putting on bills. that they areoke fiscally conservative and they are out for the people. what i saw in the streets last
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it shouldelevision, be a lesson to the young people who are disappointed because bernie sanders didn't champion them. they should have listened more carefully to what was being offered. wanted,d for what they not to get out on the streets a day later and say trump is not my president. i think understanding that your vote counted and instead of writing in somebody or lamenting that your person didn't make it, the idea was to get out and vote and that is the saddest thing that they have to live with. but i hope it is a lesson learned in the future. whouse this buffoon, doesn't have a care in the world about this country, who doesn't have a platform, who will make it up as he goes along, i can only pray he doesn't make the kind of mistakes that he has made on the campaign trail. that will affect us for
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generations to come. we heard comments from mitch mcconnell a few moments ago. and he famously vowed to make obama a one term president. in the washington times, a moment about how progressive groups view donald trump. progressive troops now to obstruct the agenda. bipartisan calls for healing and unity after a brutal presidential campaign, liberal activist groups vowed to fight from the get-go to stop donald trump's agenda. andcracy for america dependable advocate for the democratic party called for a progressive political revolution andtymie mr. trump's racist sexist agenda. your thoughts on the priorities for the next administration? we hear from rosemary and napoleon, michigan. thing: the most important
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that should be his priority is faith in god. god back in the white house. so people will respect themselves. our country and our lord. people can say all they want and call him a buffoon and all these ridiculous statements. when he won yesterday, it was god's hand who brought him into the white house. no matter what anybody says. and the most important thing is that people need to understand that they need to give this paper a chance. give him the admiration that he deserves. movesin terms of a policy beyond that, what do you see as your top priority for the new president? caller: a first priority for me is a economy and getting jobs back for the 94 million people who need them. host: that was rosemary. we go to north carolina with joe on the democrats line. caller: good morning.
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put down democrat because i was a young democrat in chicago with jesse jackson. but i have been voting republican since reagan. theas far as i'm concerned, cartels make a joke of us. when i was working with the guard for three months. a 10,000 gallon water truck and to get across the border. and the border control couldn't do anything about it. asit is the same thing between state borders. when criminal activity in one state, they can't do anything. we need to have an agreement with mexico to crush the cartels. and that's all i have to say about that. host: here is eric in california. caller: god bless america. intonk trump should look
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contacting the clintons and trying to set up a pardon. i think it would go a long way in letting him establish his own agenda. this potentially bad thing and get it behind us. and that is what i think you should do. host: you are saying a pardon? for any possible crimes that might have been committed by hillary clinton. and people associated with her. just get rid of it. on those lines, do you think the fbi director, james comey, should stay or go? i think he should stay. i have his integrity. i think he was in a rough place and he did what he could. it was just a rough spot area i think the president's statements on him were valid. that he didn't think he was trying to impact the election.
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the because he testified in front of congress, he was under an obligation. we have to get this kind of us. this was raise yesterday at the white house briefing. the president has offered clemency to a substantial number were previously serving time in federal prisons. we didn't talk in advance about the plans to offer clemency to those individuals and that is because we don't talk about the president's thinking. particular way respect to specific cases. orm may apply to partisans commutations.
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what i would direct your attention to is that the president's observation that he made in the rose garden about president-elect trump displayed in his remarks last night, that tone is consistent with a long-standing tradition of our democracy. and the president expressed hope that that kind of tone would continue. that is relevant. because we have a long tradition -- ofs country of not people in power not using the criminal justice system to exact political revenge. in fact, we go to great lengths to insulate our criminal justice
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system from partisan politics. that commitment has served our country well for more than two centuries. and the president is hopeful it will continue. host: the first part of the program this morning is your top priorities for trump. we had your comments on twitter as well. this one says that trump's first act should be to reveal his tax returns as promised. edwin says the first priority should be to reinstall in his supporters and unite the country. "i don't think he will be able to control them. " mike, go ahead. well, priorities. start putting together his national security team quickly. put together a business friendly cabinet that has practical experience in the business world where they understand the
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ramifications of tax policy. and monetary policy, and what it does to the business community. that is a great step in the right direction and it will send a message to american companies that they have a friend in the white house. era oft hopefully, an prosperity and growth will be returning. not exiting an era of redistribution. what is already working its way and is the house now somewhat sponsored by chuck schumer in new york is a will to allow the two trillion dollars that is parked overseas by american companies, not being hidden or kept out of america for nefarious reasons, this is money that american companies have earned overseas through their services and products that they sell. and taxes have been paid on it but american companies have been
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reluctant to bring it back or 35% of the 37% corporate tax that america has. i do don't want to be double taxed. so the bill working its way through congress now, and trump would sign it immediately. would lower that for a short amount of time or a window of time or permanently to something like five or 10%, which american corporations would be more than happy to spend. and then $2 trillion will be brought back to the country with certain restrictions on it and it would be deployed to build new plants or invest in new technologies and possibly hiring and retraining somebody. a conservative supreme court nominee quickly. get that moving through the system. as well as approval immediately of the keystone pipeline. send a message to energy producers that they will no longer be handcuffed in producing energy. tos does not mean we have
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exit or stop research or progress we have made on alternative energy such as solar and wind and so on. that is wonderful. but now we truly have an all hands on deck and all solutions policy. so once we take the handcuffs and showcan energy, american industry that they have a friend in the white house and not an enemy, we will see an era of growth and prosperity. trump is a businessman. he knows how to cut deals and he knows how to negotiate. that is one thing we have lacked. so that is my opinion. leading the money section of usa today, their headline says the gop sweep may be the boost that wall street needs. in onp sweep ushered tuesday may not be bad for stocks. into election day, most investors stressed the gridlock
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of having two different powers was good for markets but the postelection consolidation of gop political power in the oval office, senate and house of representatives may turn out to be an equally bullish configuration. on the independent line, anthony. caller: yes. his priorities for the first 100 days should be to fulfill the lie that he brought back up. john boehner's lie., it got the republicans to vote in the midterm, overwhelmingly and you see stagnation right after that. the republicans sat on their hands and did nothing. and the guy mike who just got off. once a young to do is hire him because he has good ideas. but he's not going to invest in green energy. it's not going to go the way
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mike thinks. i'm sad to say. the lady you called to say we ought to give him respect? you get what you put out. and you have to expect that he is going to get the same type of treatment that he put out. andcan't disrespect people expect people to respect you because of that. have four years of turmoil coming and it's not going to be good. but jobs is what he ran on. host: part of the reaction from capitol hill yesterday was the house speaker paul ryan and the headliner reporting here. "donald trump will lead a unified government." he was asked about his relationship with the president-elect and here is what he said. >> i have spoken with him twice in the last 18 hours. we spoke last night and we spoke again this morning. i spoke to mike pence twice as well. i vaguely will hit the ground running. we are talking about getting our
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transitions working together. we are excited. when i say seven out of 10 americans don't like the direction where the country is going, they just voted. he pulled off an enormous political feet. he heard the voices out there that other people weren't hearing and he earned a mandate. and now we have a unified republican government. the days of the campaign, we made an appeal to our fellow citizens and to all republicans to come home and unify and we did just that. that is why i'm excited. host: trump meeting with obama this morning at 11:00 at the white house. we understand that donald trump is meeting with paul ryan on capitol hill. we will keep you posted on coverage plans. meanwhile, reaction from nancy pelosi. the report says that the minority leader congratulate president-elect trump on his
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victory, promising a peaceful transition and reaching out on areas where the democratic leader and trump may compromise. a peaceful transference of power is the cornerstone in our democracy. we have a responsibility to contempt together and find common ground. that was part of nancy pelosi statement. and there is the 200,000 vote difference with hillary clinton. the electoral college is still pretty much done. a few states are still lingering. let's hear from sean on maryland. on the independent line. good morning. caller: i think the first priority for trump is trying to heal the nation. you have a lot of people that are really angry right now. you have a lot of people who voted for him, not because they wanted him. but because they didn't like clinton. -- a lot of people are
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upset. i would like to see something from the new president -- i want to see him reach out to people. really try to bring people together. as you see all the protests. and sometimes protest could turn into riots and people are not afraid to go to jail. so it may get violent and he started it. the stuff he said about latinos and muslims. we could name a whole bunch of stuff. and he has to fix that. he has to show some type of her morris. so i would say before anything, he really has to bring the nation together. the host: cousin does not look good right now. host:thank you. sean referenced the protests. overnight, reporting from reuters showed that thousands of anti-trump protesters took to the streets.
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demonstrators marched across united states who protest against donald trump. blasting his campaign rhetoric about immigrants, muslims and other groups. on that note, some of the video you're seeing here, as we take our next call from jim in delaware on their public online. good morning. good morning. i think the priority of the president should be to reestablish the respect for the laws of the country. situationsprosecute where we had voter fraud. that stuff has to stop. isis just wrong and it affecting the bedrock of our republic. we also have to start enforcing the rules about coordinating a political campaign between groups that are supposed to be unaffiliated with each other. and we also have to start enforcing rules about lobbying in this country. not to be it is to be enforced.
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and i think donald trump could go a long way in making sure that people feel that their country is giving them a fair and square deal by making sure and lawhave a judiciary enforcement system that can be trusted to uphold the law. that is the first priority. host: on your note about voter fraud. and in the election that just wrapped up, do you think there was evidence of that? well, watching the philadelphia tv news, they had documented quite a few instances of people voting inappropriately. the document and people did not have the right to vote voting. and i also documented people who work voting in multiple times and locations. so i question in a lot of areas whether the popular vote was trumped up?
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i think it was trumped up. in some of the larger cities. and it has to stop. we have to be all to trust our elections. and with president obama coming with obama saying there would be repercussions, that cuts out the integrity of the system. trump has to work hard at making sure that people can trust the election. that is the basis of the republic. trusting what is going on. host: we are asking you for your top priorities. we are looking for your comments on phone and twitter as well. a number of people have expressed the sentiment. thing donald 45 must do is ask forgiveness from all of the american people he abused . and this one says the top priority is to protect the civil rights of all americans.
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" pamela is in maryland. good morning. good morning. what i want to say is that both clinton and trump, they both ran addressing the angry white men and person. was ay's platform platform that included everybody. because our country is a country of diversity. trump ran on a platform of addressing the angry white person on bigotry and hate. his first order of business ought to be t.r. knight the country. the second order of business ought to be to ensure that there is no violation of anyone civil rights or liberties. and the third order of business ought to be the jobs and the economy. employers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants. start there. forcingthe ones who are
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the americans to lose their positions. because they are hiring illegals. host: we are spending the first part of the washington journal asking you your thoughts on the priorities for donald trump. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. , independents and others. or send us a tweet. president obama will meet this morning with donald trump at the white house. and we are joined now by jeff mason. reuters white house correspondent, to get a preview of the meeting. what is the plan this morning? what are we hearing about what this meeting will include? guest: we think it probably will be a little awkward. it is perhaps one of the first times that president obama and trump has ever actually met in person.
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we spoke to josh byrnes just to day, the press secretary, about that. he says he thought they had met once before but that was it. as far as what they talk about, this will be the first time that they begin laying the groundwork for a peaceful transition of power. the president will probably discuss some of his policy priorities and some of his programs. perhaps that donald trump is considering repealing or getting rid of when he becomes president. obama may use the opportunity to talk about why they were good. from his point of view. and why donald trump should hold onto them. and otherwise, no doubt just to give an overview of the job. and what will be expected of him when he takes over on january 20. traditionals a meeting between the outgoing president and the president-elect. how are these things
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orchestrated? how are they put together by the staff? guest: a good question. and the president actually spoke yesterday about how much he admired and appreciated how those meetings and the position generally was handled when he took over. after his election in 2008 from george w. bush. hardthink he is working and his staff are working hard to emulate that sense of graciousness despite their disappointment over the loss of hillary clinton. and to answer your question, it is handled by the staff. it is handled by the president as well. trump aftert called his victory on tuesday night or early wednesday morning. and issued an invitation for him to come this week. and that is where it started and everything else is set up by the staff. and it will be set up by the
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transition teams for trump and the white house team over the next 70 days. host: re: expecting public comments by the president or donald trump? guest: probably. they meet at 11:00 in the oval office. and the press pool that covers the president is invited to go in for a spray. towards the end of the meeting. that certainly president obama will make remarks. and probably president-elect will make remarks as well. it is in clear if they will take questions but we will get a chance to see them and take pictures and hopefully here are some statements. and perhaps get questions answered as well. host: what about the east wing with the living quarters? is meeting trump with mrs. obama. that meeting will be private so he won't have a chance to see them or ask them questions. but that is also part of the tradition.
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they do come and meet with the spouses. and they have a chance to talk about her role and a little bit about where things are at the white house. the ropes of that unique position of being first lady. host: that was jeff mason who covers the white house for reuters. you can follow his reporting on twitter. thank you for the preview. here on washington journal we are spending the first part of the program asking you about your top priorities for donald trump. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independent and others. we go to maryland on the independent line with joe. caller: -- host: are you there? go ahead?
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ok. we will go to jacksonville, florida. caller: hello. i'm glad to be on your television show. i am for trump. elimination of isis. because they are terrorists. all you have to do is read the outcome and. i've read it five times. it is for eliminating anybody who does not think the way they do. ok. a lady called earlier and said that trump was a racist bigot for the mexicans. becauses calling simply of illegal immigrants. the muslims, he wasn't against all islamic people. he was for -- he said the ones you want to come here and follow the law -- it is simple. all you have to do is look at it.
7:46 am
philosophy forut a moment. a woman said if god ordained this. but if you have an all-powerful being ordaining everything, then he has allowed muslims, religious conflicts during the middle ages. the dark ages to happen. so let us go back to reality and hope for this man to do good for the country. host: asking about your priorities. we talked to jeff mason of reuters about the meeting. and we also touched on the meeting of the first lady with mrs. trump. usa today -- what kind of first lady will mrs. trump be? they write, what kind of floaters will she be? here is a hint -- think jackie
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kennedy and not eleanor roosevelt. in terms of the evolution of the first lady, i see trump moving us back to the traditional roles. "a traditional social host, this is something i think she will be comfortable with. she will be expected to be front and center and not shy and retiring. she was hardly on the campaign trail so what is to stop her from doing the unexpected as first lady?" from arizona on the democratic line. caller: good morning. good morning world. to -- i am a total democrat. ,nd if we had total democrats total democratic values, we would honor everybody's life.
7:48 am
like to see about 17 different federal things done. the first one would be to undo this electoral college thing. have a one would be to mandated voting. that way people would be interested. another thing would be publicly funded elections to the federal government. he federal government prints it seems to be for corporations. doing away with the gold standard. our labor toroduce diminish our labor ultimately, which is what happened. so this has been a setup over 43 years. the biggest turmoil in
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the world, bush, with the bombing of the land where people could grow food in the middle east. and now they're flooding all over the world. and another thing, do away with borders. let me tell you why. because how about money being able to move all over the world? to corporations being able move all over the world? and yet, the biggest irksome thing that people have to do with is when they are exploited in their own country, because we bought up there political oil. oil for you, you say "is? caller: "are's. be kind to each other. try to help each other. when we build borders, we are just trying to insulate the thing that corporations have. protection. another thing to do away with is
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that, do away with nuclear weapons. money frompons make somebody but screws up the earth. takeer thing would be to all the tax exemptions away from corporations. so that they can get richer. the biggest problem is that people cannot afford to eight. they cannot afford to grow food in their own country. they cannot afford to educate themselves. and that is because we have made everything so technical. people can't get jobs because some people don't want to get on the computer. a long list, we appreciate that. he talked about getting rid of the electoral college. here is where things stand. this map is everywhere. three states are left to be called. arizona. michigan. and new hampshire with donald with 270 nine electoral votes. hillary clinton 228.
7:51 am
loretto is next in ohio on the independent line. good morning. we had openink if borders like the guy just said, we would be a muslim country with sharia law. why don't they bring any christians in? isis and the muslims go by the same koran. they both read the same koran. it doesn't matter if they are terrorists or not. loretta, you don't think christians are being allowed into the united states? -- obama said he would veto any bill to bring in christians. and hillary just got through saying in her campaign speech that she didn't like catholics. host: one of the things hillary clinton actually did say toterday in addition
7:52 am
consoling her supporters was offering her congratulations to donald trump and what she hopes will happen in the trump administration. hillary clinton: i hope that he will be a successful president for all americans. this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for. and i'm sorry that we did not win this election. for the values we share and the vision we hold for our country. pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we build together. diverse, creative, unruly, energized campaign. you represents the best of america. and being your candidate has been one of the greatest honors of my life. [applause]. clinton: i know how
7:53 am
disappointed you feel. the i feel it too. do tens of millions of americans who invested their hopes and dreams in this effort. this is painful. and it will be for a long time. but i want you to remember this. our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country that we loved. , about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive and recorded. we have seen that our nation is more deeply divided and we thought. but i do still believe in america. and i always will. and if you do, then we must accept this result. and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president.
7:54 am
eo him an open mind and the chance to lead. democracy inional the peaceful transfer of power. and we don't just respect that. we cherish it. >> all of our campaign coverage is available on calls overto your your priorities for the new trump administration. robert in massachusetts on the republican line. make sure that you mute your television. go ahead. i am 77-year-old, vietnam veteran. and i believe that if donald straightens out this country, i won't live to see it. but he will have riots and revolutions. there is too much of it.
7:55 am
sanctions illegals . i have talked to people who have had green cards for 30 years. they said they would never become a citizen of this country. why are they here? if you aren't proud of america, why be in it? what is the priority for president in terms of immigration? stopping some executive orders? toler: if they are not going be proud to be an american and you are just here for the money, get rid of them. send them back. here is catherine, the democrat line. caller: good morning. the most important thing that donald trump can do to start his presidency is to get on his knees and ask god to forgive him. donald trump has said he has
7:56 am
never asked for god's forgiveness. ever in his life. christian, that is my first thing i do when i wake up in the morning. i say lord, i love you, forgive me for what i have done. and donald trump has never said that. how can we start this country with a president who has never said that? he needs to do that. soare a christian nation that's what i wanted to say. the first thing, get on his knees. i can't say it any more passionate. host: the headline this morning in the washington post -- across the divide, all eyes on trump. the president-elect considers a new washington and shakeups are
7:57 am
expected. a mandate after maintaining majorities in both chambers in congress. trump's party planned an aggressive party mandate to systematically dismantle obama policies and a shoe in a new era. the washington post writes for the gop there were signs of unity after a season of acrimony brought bite trumps divisive candidacy. paul ryan, who had all that abandoned the nominee in the final weeks of the campaign, alleged that they would "work hand in a positive agenda to tackle the country's big challenges. and that is what we are asking about. your priorities for a trump agenda. tony is next. the independent line. caller: yes. i believe that donald trump is a rich racist terrorist.
7:58 am
he appoints too his cabinet will be the same way. giuliani, newt gingrich. there are all terrorists. and let me say this. that is one of the first things that they are going to do. plan and facilitate and another terrorist attack. in order for us to go to war with iran or something so they can make money from it. because that is all terrorism is. another form of war and war is business. that is how he will keep the money going. another thing he will do, he will cut taxes for the rich and cut social programs for the poor. toning that he is going decrease social programs. for people who need help. and enrich people who don't need help. because that is always people are about.
7:59 am
helping the rich and ignoring the middle class and the poor. let's go to texas on the republican line with bob. good morning. caller: good morning. i think if donald trump focuses obtain racial mentality in this country, there needs to be -- there is so much racial animosity. and many of your callers call in and everything becomes racist. and one of the parties, the democratic party, has made a trying to inflame racial attitudes and outcomes. donald trump needs to focus on that. he needs to keep his campaign promise of working on the inner cities. getting the inner cities out of the poverty level. getting them jobs. if he can do that and reach across the racial divide and economic divide and that does apply to hispanics as well -- he will be a successful president for our country. given the state that he
8:00 am
has the republican house and senate, how willing do you think the republicans will be for things like a projector spending with good leadership that should happen. the democrats, but you know, this country was set up to run with the two parties. he needs to get democrats on his side's opm the republicans need to reach out and show they are willing to cooperate and try to get both sides together. i think the infrastructure work and get it done. host: a meeting today with president obama and president-elect donald trump at 11:00 eastern. let's hear from beverly next on our democrat's line in the nation's capital. good morning, beverly. muteverly, make sure you your television or radio and go ahead with your comment.
8:01 am
i will have to let you go. darrell in long beach, california on independent line. your thoughts on the parties for the presidency. caller: the thing that is amazing to me is being an independent, donald trump does not belong to the deal, princeton for harvard groups. donald trump has got a super opportunity to do things we all wonder why in the world these other people have never thought about. october the 18th, a of weeks 149th anniversary of russia selling alaska to the united states for $7 million. even donald trump can't beat that deal. he says he wants to go on to the
8:02 am
audit, look how much money is spent around flying around to gulf games. nok at the fact we have disregard for the words anymore. corps,was in the marine sod me meant you could go to jail. there are 40 states that have no .llegal aspects this nation is not only divided, but it is an a moral disease. let's hope we let donald trump be donald trump and let's hope he puts union workers to work. that is it. overseas to the
8:03 am
election of donald trump as president. this is the guardian in the u.k.. putin applauds trump's win and rights that vladimir putin called for a new era of fully fledged relations with his country and the u.s. after a surprise victory. pennsylvania, good morning to ted on our republican line. caller: good morning. -- do theacism college kids know the meaning of it? to believe that you and your people are above and beyond anyone else. , doesecause we disagree not make you a racist.
8:04 am
they use that to divide this country. when i was in vietnam, we had the same problems for different people drafted and in the military. these young people have to be educated on what they are thinking and saying. thank you very much, bill. host: let's go to the toilet in germantown, maryland on the democrats line. caller: hi, i one it to say that i was -- i want to say i was dismayed about trump's win. he could go a long way if he could apologize for some of the divisive things he said to me campaign. he said he does not want that support of the white supremacist groups. there are things he has laid out in his first 100 days that i agree with when it comes to lobbying and congressional and term limits.
8:05 am
i think those are bipartisan and i am willing to give him a shot. host: latoya, you are in the d.c. area. are you are any of your friends and family federal workers? caller: yes, yes. host: how do you feel about donald trump -- he has talked about draining the swamp. what does that mean to you as a federal worker? means: i don't think he the federal workers more than he ,eans some of the politicians some of these congressmen, who are not doing their job, who are looking out for their own interests and not for the people. that's what i take it to mean. i think he wants to be a successful president. i hope you would not take actions that would jeopardize his ability to be successful. host: i appreciate that. latoya in the maryland suburbs in the metro section.
8:06 am
a sinking feeling in the capital region. --y write jonas, independent caller. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. douglas, america. i wanted to say first of all, donald trump is the most bona
8:07 am
fide outside elitist candidate running. elitist because he is not a commoner like the average joe, but he knows how to write what they are saying. realize that the money that hillary clinton has made is atrocious. she is selling assets or something. donald trump is used to buying keep all. he does not want to be bought out. he has an independent mind. thank you. .ost: comments on twitter this one says --
8:08 am
let's hear from north carolina from spring lake, north carolina. john is on our independent line. caller: hey, c-span. thank you for taking my call. i would like to address education. one of my favorite lines from a novel comes from the great urdle says, he is so down, he does not know that he is alive. i think americans have gotten increasingly less educated and less sophisticated. one of the things that a trump
8:09 am
administration should focus on is educating the masses, specifically a classical education. fromf my favorite stories greek mythology is stealing fire from the god and giving it to humanity. the societies became advanced. trump's to to sit -- appoint an ivy league graduate to the office of secretary of education and have that individual do everything in his or her power to bring about a classical education so that american mind can be enlightened again. to be honest, i don't think that is going to happen. i think what is going to happen is president trump is going to appoint someone who is going to try to force these charter
8:10 am
school models down the throats of many americans. as far as i can understand, statistically, it remains to be seen if charter schools are active are ineffective. -- effective or ineffective. my major worry is if he will appoint an education secretary to encourage americans to be enlightened and to read again, study again, and they can ponder again? or is he going to do the exact opposite? right now, i don't know the answer. i think you will appoint an education secretary who will try to force the charter school model down the throats of many americans. thank you, c-span. host: we are asking about president-elect trump because of the meeting getting underway, the transition an 11:00nderway at meeting between president obama
8:11 am
and president-elect donald trump. hopefully there is video we can show you on the is the network. the white house issuing a statement echoing similar president obama say yesterday. here is the statement in part -- he said that the peaceful transition of power is a bedrock of our democracy. grateful inama was 2008. -- part of the statement from the white house. the meeting this morning and 11 eastern. we have covered a number of events featuring the transition teams from both the trump campaign and also from the clinton campaign. the national transition office here in washington, you can i'm those at
8:12 am
john.nd, republican line, good morning. caller: what a great day in america. what a miracle year. andago cubs beat out 3-2 broke the 180 year curse since 1908. whoever thought that would happen? whoever thought that a guy who was an amateur and never ran for office, and gets the support to veteran.g they said hillary was in politics for three decades. she worked on the watergate committee in 1973, 1974. years, around 40 senator, secretary of state, and this guy comes from nowhere and , republicanponents
8:13 am
opponents, gets the nomination. they said he was the weakest candidate. that is what the democrats said. now, he is going to meet with the president for the transition. as far as the priority, i was walking -- i was watching fox. i was watching a great economists who worked with the reagan administration. he is for lowering taxes and of some for getting rid regulations. overseasriate money that people put up with it because the taxes are too high. he wants to bring them back and i am not sure whether he wants to lower the tax on the repatriation because he said, they are ready pay taxes on that money, so why tax second time? same thing with the state taxes.
8:14 am
taxes forlowers the both corporate and individuals and gets rid of these regulations that are strangling the economy, to me, that is a top priority. people, get happy again. host: john in maryland comment on the stunning win by donald trump. the headline -- you can read more on the new
8:15 am
york post online. thatews tweeting the fact in addition to the meeting today with president obama, donald trump will be meeting next week with japanese prime minister kenzo abbe. we hear from diane on our democrat's line. good morning. caller: good morning. i have two questions about obamacare. thank for obamacare. i went 14 years without insurance and the employer hated obamacare. it was a law that if they had so many employees, you had to get insurance for their employees. well, with all of those years without having insurance, i ended up being on disability due to high blood pressure, i am on dialysis. -- know, a lot of people , and they make more money
8:16 am
maybe they go over the poverty level, but there are a lot of us out there, if it was not for obamacare, we may be dead or half living right now. i have all of these problems on dialysis three times a week. my other question is, this appealing that mitch mcconnell wants to do, does that come out of the taxpayer's money? shouldi don't think it -- if so, it should come out of their salaries. that is what i have to say. thank god for obamacare. and you have a great day. host: on the issue of the affordable care act, here is the headline in the "wall street journal" --
8:17 am
in arizona, diane on our independent line. caller: actually it is arkansas. host: i'm sorry. my fault. arkansas, thank you. caller: yes. what i wanted to say was i hope institute all of his plans because it will crash the economy. this experiment of having an independent, non-politician type
8:18 am
person happened in minnesota with intra-and it wasn't -- with jesse ventura, and it was a complete disaster. if he implements all of his plans, this country will go into a deep recession, and maybe people and all of this nonsense we will end all of this nonsense once and for all. and i will never support a man who is a racist and has a wife as a nude model. host: your top priority for president-electronic? show where heuld has brought these jobs that from overseas and show what he has done. it is one thing to talk about printing jobs back, and then you don't do it. start --ove for c-span
8:19 am
making idiotic remark, you should go to the and put corrections on it. [indiscernible] all the information is available online. people can go online to look up the information and correct themselves. all people do is read what other ignorant people post on facebook.
8:20 am
host: thank you for your input. we hear from jacksonville, florida next. willey. caller: the first thing i want theld trump to do is repeal first law obama signed giving equal rights for equal pay. that is what he represents. he represents the good old boys, ok? he -- that is who he surrounds himself with and will have no power of women in his administration at all. i want that to be the first act he appeals. know who heeople to is and i want him to stay true to his word. thank you. host: after losing to donald trump in the election, hillary clinton both to her supporters yesterday in new york city. and spoke to young women and
8:21 am
girls. here is what she had to say. [video clip] i wanted to know that nothing has been me prouder than to be your champion. [cheers and applause] now, i know he have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling, but someday, someone will, and hopefully sooner than we might think right now. [cheers and applause] and to all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt
8:22 am
that you are valuable, and powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dream. host: your top priority for president-elect donald trump. the louisiana, ricky on the republican line. caller: yes, sir. thank you for taking my call. people shouldthat give trump a chance. it is only two days and. host: your message is give him a chance? after that, what would you like to see him get done? caller: there are a whole lot of things. he has an agenda. people are dogging him and not giving him a chance. people need to give him a chance. obviously voters wanted a change
8:23 am
and something different. need to give him a chance. --t give the management in just give the many chance. on anjust some wrapup issue on the agenda on the ballot in nine states, writing about marijuana laws. --eadline
8:24 am
one of the advisors is rudy giuliani. giulianiaid let rudy -- alignment tip from chris in washington on our democrat line. your priorities for the top administration, chris? caller: good morning. my comment is obviously the first item on the table, or the easiest item he could accomplish would be an infrastructure
8:25 am
project. because bernie sanders and elizabeth warren came out with their statements that they would agree on progressive initiatives that would impact all americans, right? but other than that, trump has boxed himself any delay. because hemself in has the republican senate and a republican house. affectingexcuse and all of his policies throughout the entire campaign. even if they wanted to get away from building a wall and making mexico pay for it, that is what he promised, and now he has the backing to do that. the of his how policy proposals are going to be different from anything he has promised on the campaign trail. it is going to be a long four years for him.
8:26 am
a lot of people who put their hope and trust in him will be disappointed when they realize a lot of his will turn america around and we will be the laughingstock of the world. host: you're calling from washington d.c., chris. who has the upper hand in getting things done? trump: it is going to be because right now the house numbers, they get reelected every two years. essentially, if any of them decide they are going to refute trump or go against him, he has a lot of political power and he will attack them. whatever elected official decides to go against trump on the republican side, they will get bullied. consequences and
8:27 am
a lot of democrats sat home taking it for granted and this is the outcome. host: one of the new democrats coming to washington is the governor of new hampshire. a headline -- that is one of three races yet to be called main stored hillary clinton, michigan and arizona, but many for donald trump it a few more calls. we hear from julie in
8:28 am
birmingham, alabama on republican line. your priorities for donald trump? carer: affordable medical because before obamacare, i was able to afford insurance. after obamacare, i have no insurance. that he is not a true politician, but i think can get the job done for america. host: worn, michigan the stuff on her independent line, roger. caller: good morning. all, and correct me if i am wrong, but was not been a director from the united states government that all cable companies will pay for this? independentlyas audit by the cable companies and we're independently -- we don't take a dime of government or tax money at all.
8:29 am
you were founded by the cable companies in 1979 to provide coverage of the u.s. house of representatives. it has broadened out to cover public policy and debate on issues for ever that may happen across the country, and in many cases, around the world. go ahead with your comments, roger. caller: ok. that aside, there is an expression called you can full all the people some of the time, some of the people some of the time, and this man managed to fool this many people at this point in time. i cannot believe what this has happened and that lies have won out over truth. so loudly, ihouts cannot hear what he says. he is not my president, nor will he ever be my president. america is in for some really
8:30 am
dark times. host: we are asking you about your priorities for donald trump. writes --n post" one more call from michael who is in little rock, arkansas on republican line. caller: high, yeah. mi on?
8:31 am
-- m i on? host: yes. caller: i would like to make a comment about president trump. i think he would make a great president. i am an african american who voted for him. i live in little rock, arkansas and i have watched jobs diminish here. people are unemployed. the clintons have been a big focus point on a lot of corruption in arkansas and around the world in foreign policy. and forgivestand by the clintons for what they did in haiti. i think donald trump's message was there about bringing jobs back and taking care of our vets. that resonated clear to me that he was the best candidate. that is all i got to say. host: michael in little rock. more ahead as we look to congress, joined by the hill's
8:32 am
editor in chief barbecue sac usack joining bob c us. next week, the lame-duck session gavels back-end washington journal continues here on c-span. >> this weekend on american history tv, on c-span3, saturday night, a little after 7:00 eastern, king's college london discusses the roll up -- discusses the role of george see marshall arguing the general's skills transform the u.s. army despite opposition from president roosevelt and british prime minister winston churchill. >> he had a highly ordered mind and a talent for total concentration. a skillet delegating once -- leaving only his trusted
8:33 am
officials and a work ethic. this gentleman with beautiful manners was single-minded and astonishingly calm considering the pressures on him. thet 10:00 on will america, 1921 silent uncreated by the u.s. army signal corps of the ceremony honoring the unknown soldier of world war i, documenting the journey of this alter's remains from france to the u.s. capitol rotunda and its procession through washington d.c. to arlington. >> it was tremendous. the streets of washington were lined with thousands of folks who waited for the casket to be removed and brought by the honor guard down pennsylvania and across the bridge. is it is one of the largest turnouts for any parade in the city. >> sunday evening at 6:00 eastern on american order ask -- >> beautiful building and from
8:34 am
the moment it open, it was too small for what it was about to face. millions of people. >> we tore ellis island number russian see him in new york city to learn about the immigrant experience were some 12 million immigrants came to america between 1892 and 1955. just before 9:00, and 1916, president woodrow wilson nominated boston lawyer brendan to the medassets supreme court becoming the first gu -- becoming the first jew to sit on the court. and melvin, and author, talks about the justice's life, career, and legacy. >> what he is trying to do here is limit the court to a very specific role, one that is defined by the constitutional network for which all government operates. and which limits, or should
8:35 am
limit any one branch from exercising power beyond its prescribed providence. >> for our complete schedule, go to >> washington journal continues. host: bob cue sac is editor in chief of the hill. smaller numbers for both the house and scented --house and senate. who has the advantage, the upper hand? guest: certainly republicans have the surprising amount of power. on election night, a lot of republicans were bracing for big losses, especially the white house and probably the senate and a number of house. senate obviously stays in republican's hands. next year could be a big policymaking year because
8:36 am
republicans have all three. in then't have 60 votes senate, but through this budget reconciliation process, they can move some things with just the majority of republican senators voting for it. host: let's talk about speaker ryan spent time campaigning spending money for those members think his distance from donald trump. yesterday was a different look at paul ryan trying to bridge that divide. donald trump is set to meet with the house speaker today. how big of a divide is there? guest: it is less of a divide the before the election. before the election, paul ryan and donald trump as well as mitch mcconnell and donald trump, there was never any joint press conference. it is highly unusual. it is because the controversial things will trump had. and ryan and mcconnell did not know how to handle it. it was a very awkward position
8:37 am
for them to be in. it ended up with a good ending for the gop. remember, before the election, staff trump suggest it to suggested that paul ryan would be in a different position because he was upset at ryan and they had been feuding. now that donald trump has this historic win, they will bury the hatchet. i don't think anyone could get to 218 votes other than paul ryan. paul ryan did talk to trump and i do think they will bury the hatchet. and paulnd and not -- ryan will be the speaker in the house in congress. host: we had been asking the priorities for the trump presidency. the first meeting with donald trump and president obama. in his last days, donald trump has been talking about investing in infrastructure. go back to the 2009
8:38 am
infrastructure bill, $830 billion was approved, republicans spent a great deal of time criticizing the effectiveness and amount of money spent. it is like the that a big chunk the money will be spent on infrastructure. how does donald trump convince them on spending that money? onst: no matter who won election night, hillary clinton or donald trump talk about infrastructure. this'll be a part of trump's first 100 days. suggested she is ready to deal of transportation. it depends on how they do it. there could be tax provisions in their. those are always controversial. before the stimulus and 2009, transportation was a bipartisan issue. agreedcans and democrats and were able to reauthorize the highway bill pretty regularly.
8:39 am
really --stimulus, it there is no doubt about it, the freedom can't and the conservative movement are not want a big, bloated transportation bill moving through congress. enoughink there is republicans and democrats to get something done in the first 100 days. guest.ob cue sac is our we look forward to your calls. send us a tweet. seems like with the election of donald trump, a whole lot less trauma in the lame-duck. guest: i think this lame-duck, there will not be a lot of business getting done. the first priority is funding the government. they must do that by december 9.
8:40 am
they have talked about maybe doing some appropriation packages. it will be very difficult to do. conservatives don't want a lot done now. they want to have more power next year. the president will be pushing for his agenda and that includes the tpp. that is highly unlike to move in the lame-duck and something that hillary clinton and donald trump opposed vigorously. it will be a impossible to get that done in the lame-duck. host: the house returning on monday with live coverage of us and coming on tuesday on c-span2. let's go to our independent line in here from connecticut. here is steven. caller: thank you for taking my call, c-span. congratulations president-elect donald trump. of thingsa couple
8:41 am
that president-elect donald trump promised in the debates that i want to see if he can do. one is childcare. childcare in new england is prohibitively expensive. that is so important that we get childcare for us up here. another one is carried interest tax reform. that is something that could help pay for child care. ofhe can get some form , iried interest, tax reform think that would be a tremendous thing. he made his bones as a builder. those issues -- childcare and tax reform. guest: childcare was more hillary clinton's and nancy pelosi's radar the donald trump.
8:42 am
that is not going to be the top of donald trump's agenda for now. as for his carried interest, said that he is going to after wall street. he has also criticized drug companies for drug prices and gone after the hmo industry. on tax reform and carried interest, he is for that. some onwhat he in capitol hill disagree on. think the chances of the tax reform bill, which is the hope. the last one was done in 1986. that was not a top priority for president obama through his two terms. it is a top priority for donald trump. he says the tax system is
8:43 am
unfair, but it is hard to get it done. there will be a lot of talk of it. host: headline in usa today says -- what do you see as the role of former congressman, now governor, now vice president-elect mike pence? guest: one of the best things donald trump did was mike pence. he mobilized the conservative movement and is a fiscal and social conservative. the base loves mike pence. he served in the house for a number of years. and he took on president bush on medicare and drug legislation. he is great relationships with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. he will play a huge role in getting the details. donald trump is not a big detail guy. mike pence can be the big detail guy on capitol hill.
8:44 am
mike pence has great relationships. he is very media savvy. president-elect trump is a little short on the details, but we will get a sense of those as a budget is developed. what does that mean for potential trump appointees? guest: the transition is number one. they have to decide who will fill these positions. there is chatter on who will help his cabinet. , and will trythat to move quickly and get them approved in january, then you've got to come up with a budget. that first budget is the most closely scrutinized document in -- since the last president's first year. people will be looking, what are the details?
8:45 am
if the proposal to build a wall in their? what is the cost? you have to have cost of their. he says mexico will pay for it. there is a lot of work to be done for now and inauguration. host: good morning to charles on the republican line. caller: yes, good morning. i'm a black republican. i have said that many times. i'm a black man in america. what donald trump is really doing is more than any white candidate i have ever seen done. he saying he is doing things for the inner cities and black people. subject i want to hear. in two years, we have the midterm election. republicanss, most were lining up in 2020. donald trump will be the incumbent.
8:46 am
those republicans have an idea about 2010 -- 2020. the third thing i want to talk is whos what people say black people vote for, and who do black people like? you have all these people on television, black individuals say black people want this and that. black people want the same thing donald trump is talking about. it reminds me of the 1960's. it is very sad to say this. i am not a muslim. i am a christian. in matthew starts with jesus christ. something that reverberated with me. asked malcolm x, he says
8:47 am
we are tired of singers, dancers, clowns, and people who consider themselves the leaders of black people. when you really look at it, and i think about who is one of the best black leaders? i am so sick and tired of black individuals running around calling themselves -- line mentioned fill jackson. and mix fan. overall, donald trump did not do well with minority voters, however, early data just, and everybody was wrong, nobody thought trump would run. early data suggest that hillary clinton won the black vote. but african-american voters did whenome out nearly as
8:48 am
president obama ran in 2008 and 2012. mccain got more votes than from. clinton did not have the turnout that they expected. that will be the obstacle for donald trump is uniting the country. a lot of minorities did not vote for him and he has to worry about that in the two-year midterm. george w. bush and barack obama, when they got elected, their teens worked hard behind the scenes to avoid a primary challenge. that is what trump has to do in 2020. both bush and obama avoided a primary challenge. cusack is our guest. we welcome your tweets and calls. says, here is some of
8:49 am
what he is hoping for a president. [video clip] >> after a tough campaign were people believe they were pitching so hard for one side, the time is to heal and unify. the health care is not a popular law. it is collapsing under its own weight. to your question about repealing obamacare, the senate majority has demonstrated that we are able to pass legislation and put on the president's desk. the problem is president obama be towed it -- vetoed it. with unified government, we can problems. it is not just the health care law, we have shown the ability to do it. there are so many more things i am excited about. think about the laid-off coworkers and the farmers and wisconsin teeing harassed by the epa?
8:50 am
think about the ranchers in the west with the laid-off timber workers. there is relief coming. this is good for our country. this means he could lift the oppressive weight of the regulatory state and restore the constitution. think about the conservative constitutional judges that will be nominated? this is very exciting. host: saying there is relief coming. guest: obama care is at the top of the agenda to repeal it and they can do it with the majority of votes in the senate. they have to keep their guys in line. think about obamacare, is survived major challenges. two supreme court challenges, and election were mitt romney vowed to eradicate it. republicans appear to have the votes. but they have to replace it, and replacing it is very difficult. the have not been able to
8:51 am
coalesce behind one proposal scored by the budget office. repealing it become a replacing it, very difficult. -- would youtrump think donald trump will get the most push back in congress? guest: one of the things that has not been on the agenda for either candidate is cutting government spending. that is something big for the conservative movement and was big on the agenda and 2010 -- in 2010. got shellacked in 2010. not016, donald trump is that he would reach the age for social security and medicare. those are things that those on the hill believe in. medicare is heading for bankruptcy before social security. the growth of government and the debt is something that
8:52 am
conservatives want trump to really take seriously and to focus a lot more on. host: here is warsaw, new york. independent line. caller: good morning, c-span. i am so behind in my sleep because i stayed up all night long tuesday night. i am so excited about this whole thing. when you are in new york, you have to stay up all night long plane because we are hiding the electoral college -- the are fighting the electoral college. i was praying, and praying, and frame. i am not as generous as donald trump and giuliani. , and in a lottive of people in this country, too, we are so disgusted with washington d.c.. donald promised us he would clean up the swamp.
8:53 am
for all of the republicans, i would start with paul ryan and with mitch mcconnell and with lindsey graham and john mccain. and i would make their life so damn miscible that they would quit their jobs and go home -- miserable that they would quit their jobs and go home. they are not or america but for their paychecks. they are a bunch of turncoats and i have no use for any of them. like i said, my candidate originally was ben carson. i hope the donald gives him a very important job in his cabinet. some of the ones that stood by him. donald is going to need a lot of help. he is not going to get any real help from those worthless republicans. they are worse than the democrats are in host.
8:54 am
host: hope you get some sleep. in 2008, after the supreme court decision was i know. clinton called for the end of the electoral college and ended up winning the popular vote. couple of things, during the swamp is a race that nancy pelosi used in 2006 that helped them win the house majority. donald trump is now using the term during the swamp. a ban on lobbyist. ben carson will have a very prominent role. he is a top advisor for donald trump. be in the cabinet, maybe, because he is a doctor. withr as the anger republicans, that will continue, but if paul ryan is working with trump, they will be able to get some legislation passed and that
8:55 am
might help approval ratings. but democrats -- the biggest target, obamacare, they will fight very very hard. host: some of the senators who opposed him -- john mccain, lindsey graham. guest: it puts them in a very difficult position. you think of 2020, most of this town and the pundits were thinking of 2020 of republicans theing thinking about senator who was thinking about a 2020 run thinking trump would lose. that is not going to happen in all likelihood. host: here is pennsylvania. caller: hello? host: good morning. go ahead. that --whats saying donald trump got elected, if
8:56 am
they give him a little time, he will get this country turned around. i was just so happy. i did not want hillary in there. i know he will turn it around they give him a little time. donna -- we will go to donnie on our democrat's line. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just recently became a usa citizen before the election. was int of view is -- i a documented immigrant. the process is difficult. country to bee my a rapist or murderer. i would like americans to look us in a different way. work for a law enforcement
8:57 am
family and i am proud for where i am right now. i would like people to not judge color or how we look. give us an opportunity to prove that we can be a great asset to this nation. we would like to contribute to everything. i am so blessed to be an american. glad you could join the conversation this morning, donnie. guest: there is a lot of fear based on donald trump policies and what he said about deportation. republicans know they are for legal immigration. and when there are violations of the law, it hurts people welcome through the process. in his budget, people will be looking at.
8:58 am
there was talk about a ban on muslims, but then changed that to certain countries. these are details that are very important. they will reveal why trump administration would do. in terms of immigration, he could do some of the executive orders president obama has issued. guest: that's what he has promised to do. he has a long list of what he wants to do on day one. that is one of them, he would please send a lot of these -- he would resend a lot of these executive orders. his supporters give him the way. -- give him leave way. they give him the lee way. a give him that, but he cannot abandon his promises. host: he comes into this with the supreme court being at justices.
8:59 am
i want to play the, some mitch mcconnell on what he is thinking and then get you -- and get your reaction. [video clip] >> we all agree that this is a stunning election. clearly, an indication that the american people would like to try something new. i know the speaker shares my view that we would like to give the country got into a different direction and intend to work with him to change courses. to change the course for america. towill have an opportunity fulfill a supreme court seat. -- a supreme court vacancy. i said it best that the american people decide made this appointment to the supreme court. i thought i was on pretty firm footing. has been 80 years that he vacancy was created during the middle of an election year.
9:00 am
back tod have to go 1988 to find a vacancy during a presidential year and considered by the opposite party. soon early next year. host: what are democrats' options with a republican president appointing his nominee to the court? host: aest: the base really liked lot of things the conservative base did not like about donald trump. when he put out his list of potential supreme court justices, they love it. republicans on capitol hill are in all likelihood going to support that. it is a very controversial pick. democrats can filibuster supreme court nominees. republicans, unless they change the rules, are going to be 50 votes. they have been able to move
9:01 am
prior whether it is justice alito or roberts with the democratic party not supporting bush's nominee. i think that is always a heavy lift to get your supreme court nominee in. that is something that is likely going to happen. host: we go back to calls from florida. david on the republican line. caller: good morning, america. how about that trump? awesome, i love it. theve been saying for years only way this country is going to turn around is it a billionaire comes in with no ties to special interest and gets things done. that is what he is going to do. everybody in the media was wrong about this guy from day one. you guys are a bunch of backstreet -- ask the drivers sitting back and watch and do his magic. that is all i have to say. host: we will let you tend to
9:02 am
your dogs. guest: the media was wrong, pollsters were is wrong that were wrong. -- pollsters were wrong. we interviewed donald trump four times. he is very media savvy. he knows what his message is. i think he had a very good slogan. it was controversial to some but making america great again. hillary clinton was too careful. we tried to sit down with her and she would not sit down with a lot of media outlets. she did not have press conferences for 300 days. in retrospect you can't run and be too careful and get there. you have to go for it. donald trump went for it and now he's the president-elect. host: trump vilified lobbyist with his win will keep k street busy. another effective victory likely boom foroo for the --
9:03 am
the lobbying district. political upheaval, certainty, heightens interest and concern from the business community about the agenda and will of the pursued by a new administration and congress. mid-1990's, even newt gingrich and bill clinton. they got big things done. they got the balanced budget act done, welfare reform act done. divided government worked in the mid-1990's. it has not worked since then. in 2009 obama had the overwhelming majority, a lot of stuff got done. obamacare, climate change. you had done frank pass -- dodd-frank past. i think most people agree gridlock is not a good thing. democrats are not going to like to see what is moving through
9:04 am
capitol hill next year. host: debbie on the democrats line. caller: i would like to give my point out before you hang up on me. i cannot understand how it 8:00 on tuesday night when i am voting i still believe hillary is going to win and all of a sudden things change. it is not just alabama or wisconsin, it is all over the country. isn't that strange to you? been -- isay this has believe the media, the fbi and certain politicians all put this little plan together. right here after the polls closed they dropped a few extra little numbers. if you look on every state, they won by less than 150,000. something is very fishy in this country and everyone better be looking because this was stolen. mentioned -- you
9:05 am
usak, what does it look like? what the media organizations seven back and saying what committee right the next time? guest: never what is not listening to groupthink. if you look at the polls and at donald trump had a shot going into election night but he had to run the table because these battleground states were very close. virginia,out, like which was a nailbiter that hillary clinton up winning but donald trump was up most of the night because they cap the southern counties first. her up bye was five points. the pollsters -- not every poll is wrong. most of the polls were off.
9:06 am
on and, they were dead actually underestimated barack obama's performance. i do think the media needs to reevaluate itself. you have to look at the passion and enthusiasm was there for trump. it just really was not there for clinton. host: you are the editor in chief of the, the helm this paper. -- hill newspaper. what is it like looking at the congressional districts? guest: you have to get out there. you have to go. i was in ohio recently. being in ohio i could tell. there is no chance hillary clinton was going to win ohio. i didn't think he would win by double digits, but is the import of having money in your travel budget see you can go to places, talked to people and get out of the d.c. bubble. in manchester, new hampshire a
9:07 am
year ago was the first time i realized the opioid issue was so devastating. we have to start writing about it. in d.c. people at that time were not talking about it. florida.dela in miami, caller: thanks to c-span. i am curious. i keep hearing about this change, we voted for change. i can't understand what that really means. does it mean we get going back to the transition period with bush where the economy was in a hole. the dow jones index was so low. there were so many people without health care and then obamacare came in. is that really what we need? gridlockeally mean the in the parliament, the house and
9:08 am
senate, this is where changes really needed. everything the president put forward came up with grid, and senate anded by the the house. host: we had a couple of calls like that concerned with people with the affordable care act. guest: if you take away benefits from people, you will feel the effect in future elections. that is what republicans have to -- they have to get all their republican brain trust together in figure out a way to replace obamacare, if they are going to repeal it. that will be the rub. people are nervous about losing their benefits. that is why in 2012, if mitt romney had one, the benefits and not gone into effect. after that, after the 2012
9:09 am
election, john boehner said obamacare is the law of the land and took a lot of heat for it. they knew it was going to be difficult from that point on to eradicate the law. without a doubt a are going -- that is their number one issue. ryan andse speaker leadership in the house has been waving the better way policy issues. and a number of issues they repose for the next administration, the next congress. how much of that becomes part of the trunk proposal? -- trump proposal? guest: donald trump is not a details person. his administration will flesh out details in the budget, but paul ryan is a policy wonk. he likes to get into the details. that could be a nice, women read 20 of ryan and trump and mcconnell. they do disagree on the tpp trade deal.
9:10 am
there is no way trump will give him the green light. ryan have to back off on that and other major issues that trump once. -- wants. he is the one that just got elected and they are certainly going to like it a lot more today have a friend in the white house now and not an enemy. 1 he touted -- host: could we see a new renegotiated transpacific partnership deal ? presidentmp says vice -- like president obama did he will renegotiate nafta. he has gone after nafta a lot harder than obama did. that is going to be extremely difficult for trump to fulfill his promise, but it's one that got him elected. caller: good morning gentlemen. ecstatic thati am
9:11 am
there will be some good changes coming for all of us americans. one of the issues i am very concerned about has to do with social security. there has been very little mentioned about social security in this campaign. discoveredrch i have hopefully it is true that our government has taken over $3 trillion out of the social security fund. yet no one speaks of this. we are just told social security is in trouble and we have to do something about it. yet they continue to take more money out of it. with my watching what is going on in the campaign, one of kelly ayotte's republican people running with her brought up the fact she had voted to take another $117 billion out of
9:12 am
social security. is this truly going on? if it is, why isn't it a ponzi scheme? what can we the people do to stop washington from draining the social security fund? host: do you have a specific response? guest: there is no doubt about it that social security and medicare are heading for bankruptcy. there will have to be something. that happened in the mid-1990's. congress had last second past the balanced budget act and was able to increase insolvency. because that is not happening next year or in the next five years, social security has more solvency than medicare. at some point they will have to be some reforms and the parties to agree on it. democrats are talking about expanding social security, having more benefits for beneficiaries. donald trump does not support
9:13 am
raising the retirement age for social security. on social security i think the recourse is calling your lawmakers and pressing them on the issue. i don't think there was going to be many changes to social security in the first term. host: maybe a republican president will have to deal with raising the debt ceiling from time to time. will we still see cliffhangers in congress when that happens? guest: absolutely, but this time cuttingyou will see government at the same time so we don't keep doing this again and again. i do think that's going to be -- it's always very difficult. it's going to be a very different dynamic now with donald trump in the white house. host: stephanie in moscow mills, missouri. caller: good morning to both of you. i have a few questions for you,
9:14 am
maybe some statements. mr. trump has some legality issues. as a president-elect and/or a president how does that come about? i am not familiar. i don't know if we have ever had president -- precident on this. can you discuss this as far as the trump university rico charges explicitly? if you could comment about that i would appreciate it. we have the debt ceiling coming up. it should be taken care of hopefully. we have the debt ceiling coming up and what the freedom caucus -- you know how that gets on the times spent comes up with ted cruz, etc., how is that going to work with mr. trump? and i hear this big infrastructure bill he wants to do which is great. that would be great for jobs in construction.
9:15 am
that is i'm not sure going to fly with the freedom caucus going along with that. there will be some problems. they demand cuts for spending. if you close the budget very much, i think we will see a conflict in that. -- i also hear a lot about bringing jobs back from overseas and nafta. one thing i never hear anybody explaining is that we have really got to an increased technological infrastructure, automated systems, computerized age. a lot of the jobs are gone. they just don't exist anymore robot or computer has taken the job over. it no longer exists. nobody has come up with better reasons or examples of what to do for a job after that. host: a good list. some of those we have touched on already. has a lot of trump
9:16 am
lawsuits filed against him. trump university is one of them. they will be continuing. he has not released his tax returns. he said he will release his tax returns after the audit. thehe is president-elect, press will continue to press him on that. obviously it did not hurt him that much in the presidential election and the criticisms of trump university by hillary clinton and others did not matter that much. the government funding bill has to be passed by december 9. that will be an issue with the freedom caucus. the debt ceiling, the details of that will matter to the freedom caucus. there are definitely challenges ahead for donald trump. he does have control of both the house and the senate next year. that is a big deal. host: the trump brand having impact in international affairs.
9:17 am
the new philippines trade envoy right that the timing of the president of the philippines cannot be better. before his election victory, he had already named busine -- mr. trump a business partner in manila. is unpredictable, took on comparison to mr. trump. --e last month he was named the times writing the company is building the trump tower in 57tury city, a voyager $59, 157 million dollar development. "i think it's a special place. manila is one of asia's most spectacular cities." own,roject did not develop, or sold by mr. trump or his company. guest: the foreign policy aspect
9:18 am
will be very fascinating. we will see different relationships than obama had. he had a contentious relationship with the philippines. obviously russia is going to be a different type of relationship. puittin congratulated trump yesterday. that was a big issue on the campaign trail. on national security we will see a very different direction that we saw the last eight years. host: mike on the independent line. republicans have been trying to get rid of the affordable care act because they are so many problems with it. wouldn't it be an easy fix of the give us the same benefits they had, the same health care? with that not solvable problem? they always want to cut spending for the duo with domestic programs. how come we never hear about the corporate welfare spending? they never want to cut that. that is all. guest: that is an issue that
9:19 am
comes up a lot. why does congress treat itself differently than the rest of the country? they areomething that on a government health care program. we have seen some there was a congress decide to go on obamacare just before that reason. there is no doubt about it. the anger at washington and donald trump's message on corruption in d.c. and going after the media elite is going to change this town. it is just a matter of how much. george w. bush vowed to change washington can be a uniter. barack obama did basically the same thing. both subsequently said they failed to change washington. washington wins most of the time. we will see of donald trump is able to change both the gridlock and the culture of washington that everyone is so angry at. host: good morning to princeton, new jersey. caller: thank you for taking my
9:20 am
call. i first want to say i think donald trump will be the closest thing to being a president of the people, by the people. i think he will have people coming to the white house that are not going to be special interest donors. he has a unique opportunity to drain the swamp. he will have policemen, firemen, everyday people going to the white house and visiting on a regular basis as opposed to the highest donor. i do want to address quickly the illegal immigration issue. i have a unique perspective of dealing with legal and illegal. speaking of the philippines, my on a fiancee visa from the philippines. illegality,ior trying to get into the united states illegally and the reported her. there was a major black spot on her record coming in.
9:21 am
we went through a lot to try to clear that up. she is now a citizen, but we know about illegals. there was a very common sense compromise that can fix this. we need to build the wall. we have to stop the influx. with those who have not committed a crime, trump knows we can't deport 12 million people. the only logical solution is to give them a green card, which will probably make republicans upset but there is absolutely no chance of citizenship whatsoever. they have to honor the people who have come here through ellis ice.d or our own if they want to become a citizen, they have to go back to their home country and follow through regular -- get online like everyone else.
9:22 am
guest: those types of details are important details. anything you do with a green card can be controversial. there will always be opposition. donald trump is going to pursue a wall. sometimes these things actually get bipartisan support. wassecure fence act of 2006 supported by hillary clinton and barack obama. it was opposed by many groups and harry reid. it was the same thinking. border security which was popular in 2006. that is the mandate that donald trump wanted. host: 30 think will be the point people for immigration for donald trump in the house and senate and on the democratic side who my support some of his measures he is proposing? guest: on the democratic side you have to think of the red state democrats, whether that is -- the map is very unfriendly to democrats in the senate in 2018.
9:23 am
joe donnelly, joe manchin from west virginia. the republican majority in the senate is going to be narrow neck year but they have a chance to expand it because he republicans are up in 2018. as far as who was the point person, you have to look at the asiciary committee chairman well as senator chuck grassley of iowa. those would be the one to take the lead. host: chuck grassley reelected to another term and 84 years old and iowa. -- in iowa. maria in lexington, kentucky on the democrats line. about: i had a question the k-1 visa. there are people that are very marriedal citizens -- to illegal citizens. what is he going to do about it? guest: i don't know.
9:24 am
he has not gone into that much detail as far as i'm aware of. this is something he is going to have to flesh out in his agent that will be coming out early next year. host: let's go back to congress for a second. the relationship with paul ryan. has sent leadership elections for next tuesday despite calls from the freedom caucus and outside conservative groups to delay the races until they can evaluate how ryan evaluates the issues and the upcoming lame-duck session. the idea of seating the exact same leadership after such a historic presidential election is not sitting well with david mcintosh, president of the conservative outside group. house republicans should not replace ryan, but the speaker should rethink the composition of his leadership team." was speaker ryan and powered by like club to groups for growth or other conservative groups gain a foothold?
9:25 am
guest: i think ryan picked up some power. he was looking at a difficult speaker election of hillary clinton won. he would have to strike deals with hillary clinton if he was the speaker in the new congress. these leadership elections are on track for next week. that does help the incumbents who are in leadership right now. it doesn't give challengers time to get a whip operation going. they have called for that before, the conservatives have. i think there is a feeling republicans and certainly leaders are going to say to the freedom caucus, listen, we need to be unified for our agenda. -- let's stopt bickering and get things done. they will not agree on what stuff should get done so it is still a problem for ryan. host: an opportunity for speaker ryan to make changes in the committee members. a look at house cheers leaving. candice miller administration is
9:26 am
term limited. rogers from kentucky on appropriations. john kline, education and the workforce is leaving congress. fred upton is term limited. charlie dent limited by term limits. paul ryan will have the choice of chairmanships. what does it look like for him? guest: those are big decisions as far as there is an aspect republicans have to watch it. it looks like replacing klein could be virginia foxx from north carolina. host: the schoolteacher? guest: she would be the only female chair with candice miller leaving. the one big race here is the energy and commerce committee. fred upton is leaving. he is trying to get his 21st century cures act done in the lame-duck but he is term limited. the races boiling down to greg
9:27 am
the house used ahead republican campaign arm and did well in that job. john shimkus who also wants the job. ryan is the most those of anyone on the steering committee, but it is done by another -- a number of leadership votes. that committee is very powerful. whoever the next energy and commerce chair is will have a big policymaking goal. host: mark in fort lauderdale on the independent line? caller: hello. i have had you guys on of the background so i have not paid 100% attention to every word that has been said. two phrase -- the guy who said the election was rigged, he won the presidency for the second-most popular votes. talked about hillary actually winning the popular vote and the mandate and
9:28 am
what they're going to do? the fact of the matter is more people voted for hillary been voted for trump. in a way i'm calling on the independent line. i'm a next democrat it was -- an ex-democrat. they are always so interested in compromise as opposed to standing up against the other side. the republicans will fight, fight, fight. we have heard news that trump called democratic leaders and that it's wonderful and they will work together. they need to be reminded the first thing republicans seven president obama got elected was we will fight him on everything and do our best to make sure he is a single term president. guest: we talked a little bit about that. if you look at the republicans who ran for president, bush did not win the popular vote in 2000.
9:29 am
he did in 2004. since that time's democrats and won thpopular vote, including hillary clinton. when tim kaine was introducing hillary clinton for her concession speech, he also noted. both hillary clinton and president obama said we need to have a transition. you need to basically give donald trump a chance. he was elected president. a lot of democrats, including hillary clinton after just six said it should be illuminated and go the popular vote. the system was not changed. donald trump won the electoral college. democrats are saying that. yes, she won the popular vote but our system is elect oral college and there you go. host: independent, first reaction after bernie sanders. presents donald trump two paths going forward. he suggests the potential for
9:30 am
cooperation given some conditions. what is the role of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and others in the party now? guest: the democratic party is in a vacuum. tuesday night was one of us devastating nights in the history of politics for the democratic party. the ramifications of it will be felt for years. now we think of who are the leaders now? michelle and barack obama, they are leaving. joe biden is leaving. nancy pelosi. now you have a new minority leader in chuck schumer because harry reid is retiring. without a doubt the progressives are looking to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. they both have a populist appeal that donald trump has. do they agree on a lot of policies? no. the two people on the left to watch our sanders and warren. they have a huge movement behind both of them.
9:31 am
they will probably be fighting donald trump a lot over the next two years. host: bill in canton, georgia. democrats line. caller: i would like to speak to social security for reddit. -- for a minute. that is the easiest thing in the world of fix. that you get your social security paid up. i would like to see it run up to about $1 million. that way it gives us a cut on the lower end of the spectrum. not only that, they are having a meeting in the oval office with trump. he needs to be searched for a wire in case russia has gotten wired up. thank you. host: we will leave it on that the meeting today at the white house. if you could be a fly on the wall, what would you like to hear? guest: it's going to be an incredibly awkward meeting.
9:32 am
more so for barack obama, who said repeatedly that donald trump is unfit for president. he did not say that about prior republican nominees. barack obama is doing what he should be doing. the people have spoken and we need a smooth transition of power. we don't want to have violence. he will basically have to give to wars of the white house that donald trump and his wife. it is going to be awkward, no doubt about it. at the same time, obama has mocked trump repeatedly at the white house correspondents dinner a while back. next year donald trump will be giving the speech. host: thank you for your time. editor in chief at the they so much for being here this morning. and askpick it up there you about your top priorities for the trump administration.
9:33 am
democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. independents,, -- (202) 748-8002. we will leave your comments on facebook and twitter. for the program coming up on c-span. it will be a little awkward. this is perhaps one of the first times president obama and president-elect from ever actually met in person. we spoke to josh earnest yesterday, the press secretary. -- hed they thought thought they might have met once before. this will be the first time that they begin laying the groundwork for a peaceful transition of power. the president will probably discussed him of his policy priorities, some of his programs that perhaps donald trump is considering repealing or getting rid of that he becomes resident.
9:34 am
obama may use the opportunity to talk about why they were good from his point of view in my donald trump should hold on to them. otherwise, no doubt it's an overview of the job and what will be expected of donald trump when he takes over on january 20. host: this is a traditional meeting the 20 outgoing president and the president-elect. how are these things orchestrated? how are they put together by the staff so they go smoothly? guest: that's a good question. the president spoke yesterday about how much he expected, admired and appreciated how those meetings in the transition generally within -- were handled when he took over after tea of an eigh -- after 2008 with president george w. bush. his staff is working hard to emulate that sense of
9:35 am
graciousness despite the disappointment over the loss of hillary clinton. to answer your question it is handled by the staff, the president as well. the president called president-elect trump after his victory on tuesday night and issued an invitation for him to come this week. that is where it started. every thing else is set up by the staff and will be set up by the transition team for trump and the white house team over the next 70 days or so. host: are we expecting public comments? guest: probably, yes. they are meeting at 11:00 in the oval office. the press pool that covers the president is invited to go in for a spray towards the end of that meeting. i anticipate president obama will make some remarks.
9:36 am
not clear if they will take questions, but we will get a chance to see them, take pictures, and hopefully hear some statements and get some questions answered as well. host: what about the east wing and the living quarters? will melania trump meet with michelle obama? guest: this is trump is meeting with mrs. obama. we will not have a test to see them or ask them questions. that is also part of the tradition during the transition. the president-elect and his spouse come and meet with the spouse of the president and it will have a chance to talk about her role in a little bit about where things are at the white uniquend discuss the position of being first lady. host: that is jeff mason from the white house from reuters. you can follow him on twitter. thank you for the preview.
9:37 am
25 minutes left in this morning's washington journal. we will wrap up or we began asking your top priority for the trumpet administration. here is how to join the conversation. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 four republicans. all others, (202) 748-8002. send us a tweet, @cspanwj. we will pick up with what bob said a few minutes ago. this morning in politico with a look at the interim dnc chair donna brazil. it could get worse before it gets better says one senior democratic aide. wednesday facing something they had worked hard to convince themselves was a problem exclusively of the right, a party in crisis. swept dramatically from power. they stood poised to make supreme court appointed seven dictate the direction of the
9:38 am
judiciary for a generation. the democratic party is only beginning to grapple with the enormous questions. everything from who will lead to what the party will stand for. "the party is in a period of chaos," says i strategist who work from the top of the bernie sanders campaign before supporting clinton. janice is in alabama on our republican line. caller: good morning. i have an idea. i think mr. trump needs a hotline from his constituents to let him know that something is going on or they have an answer to a problem. and maybe a place we can write to so it is not out there on the internet. you have repercussions. trump was sowhy
9:39 am
pleasing to everybody. a lot of our generation was raised with john wayne. that is kind of the way we look at donald trump. he always did the right thing in the end. maybe he got there in a way that was a little rough, but he always did the right thing. we are praying for him. he is probably being prayed for more than anybody in this world today. host: new haven, connecticut. next up. stephanie on the democrat won. i would like to repeat myself about obamacare. in my district i have several people who are out of work. especially a lot of the baby boomers from the financial fallout. they are so grateful for it. i notice everyone is comparing the graciousness of the outgoing
9:40 am
president and welcoming the president-elect. george bush and donald trump are two different people. they just happen to be republicans. george bush was gracious. in my opinion he was a gentleman. donald trump is a new yorker. barry out there. --very out there in a loudmouth. it is not a big deal. it is like someone in your .eighborhood i would not compare george bush the donald trump whatsoever when it comes to president obama welcoming and showing him the ropes. it is two different people. that is it. host: that meeting set for 11:00 eastern this morning. we will keep you posted on every coverage plans. donald trump is said to me with paul ryan and the speaker yesterday, 10 on the surprising
9:41 am
win. [video clip] this is thest say most incredible political feet i've ever seen in my life. this is something you have heard me say time and again. maybe they don't like the direction our country is going. many have lost faith in our core institutions. they don't feel hurt and don't feel represented by those in office. had a voice that no one else heard. he connected in ways that people no one else did. he turned politics on its head. and now donald trump will lead a unified republican government. we will work hand in hand on a positive agenda. look at it this way.
9:42 am
our house majority is bigger than expected. we one more seats than anyone expected. -- won more seats than anyone expected. donald trump had coattails they got a lot of people over the finish line so we could maintain our strong house and senate majorities. now we have work to do. republicans in the house are united front for a specific agenda for this country. -- wel help us get the will honor the timeless principles our country was founded on. liberty, freedom, free enterprise, consent of the government. we will apply those principles to the problems of the day. this is the kind of unified republican government we set out to deliver. there is no doubt our democracy can be very messy. we give remain a sharply divided country. but now as we do every four
9:43 am
years we have to work to heal the divisions of a long campaign. i think president-elect donald trump set the perfect home last night for doing just that. i know president obama and secretary clinton are committed to bringing the country together. this needs to be a time of redemption, not a time of recrimination. we need to rededicate ourselves to making america great in making it a more perfect union. host: the wall street journal this morning looking at the win by donald trump and how they came about. multitude of factors led to republican surprise win. several articles about that. they also say the latino votes did not turn the tide. immigration back wes --\surface and white voters -- immigration backlash surfaced and the white voters paid off for the trump
9:44 am
candidacy. caller: good morning. recent federal retiree here. trump seems to be smarter to running himself with knowledgeable and good people. i think a good first thing to do would be to form some kind of he would getoup people the government expertise in certain areas. i am thinking of personnel management, i.t., real estate, and a travel system. these are things that do not work that well. get some retirees. you would not have to do much to bring them in. there are thousands of them around here. but the have brainstorming sessions and suggestions to trump peaked work on. -- could work on. host: where did you work? caller: i worked with health and
9:45 am
human services in the real estate part. host: thanks for your ideas this morning. here is still in pennsylvania on the republican line. hoping president trump will protect the rights of the unborn. there was not much said about that during the debates or during the rallies or anything. he was very quiet on that. i voted for him because he was pro-life. to continue to be pro-life as he is the president, to keep his promises. wade 57 million babies have been terminated in the womb. those people would be paying into social security. that is a shame, it is a horror. host: appreciate your comment
9:46 am
about your top priorities for the trump administration. .com/cspan. facebook embarrassdon't us. danny says repeal or nullify every aspect of obamacare and replace it with nothing. --east berkshire vermont timothy it east berkshire, vermont on the independent line. caller: good morning. first of all this election is a being of the dnc selfish and fast tracking hillary through the whole thing, ignoring bernie. they are getting their just desserts. weller, that being said, we all have to river is the last
9:47 am
time we had a republican majority in both the executive and senate and congressional branches, the last time we had a 1928 underity was the hoover administration. as we know what happened when they deregulated the banking system, we had october 1929. i don't think we would ever go into a full-blown depression remember history can repeat itself. i certainly hope i am wrong but that is the last time we had such a majority. host: because what reason to 2006 amid president george w. bush and republican house and senate. your thoughts and comments on the top rarity for president elect trump. our meeting is set for 11:00 eastern at the white house today. rob from maryland on the
9:48 am
democrats line. about theam calling electoral college. people have been complaining about that this morning. to the federalist papers by alexander hamilton number 68, the electoral college -- if one candidate gets more than the other the popular vote, they are unbound. they are supposed to be free to do that and go ahead and correct that error. they are also in the hamilton federalist paper number 68 supposed to make sure the person who gains the presidency gains it by integrity. thedly, one of the reasons electoral college meets in the individual states rather than in one place is they try to avoid andls and influence "foreign influence," like the
9:49 am
putin wikileaks in the campaign. that type of thing needs to be corrected by the electoral college. all electoral college delegates are unbound purposely. in some states the two parties have agreed that each of those will abide by the electoral college. it is against the constitution to do that. the parties have the right to bind delegates. they are purposely meant to be unbound for specific reasons. people need to read the federalist paper number 68. it's only two pages. we have been through this in the year 2000. host: thank you for the reading suggestion. donald trump with 279, hillary clinton with 228. three states have yet to be called. leaving donald trump arizona and leaning towards
9:50 am
donald trump is arizona and michigan. here is ohio. bill, good morning on the republican line. do us a favor. mute your television set. caller: my name is -- hello? mute your television set in the go-ahead to comment. caller: i am calling to reply to the one woman who called in for so social security -- for the social security. onre is a lady in our area sunday morning that talks about the social security program. why it is going broke. there was possibly 17 different entities that we are being -- that are taken from the
9:51 am
social security program. understandinge that for some way or another we paid into social security, it's a program we get our money back at the time of our retirement. the only people that can get that other ones that paid into it are working people on your paycheck. and for your employee. that dopers get it, people on welfare. who is getting all this? host: bill in ohio. reaction by dylan matthews at donald trump's presidency is going to be a disaster for the white working class. "the white working class turned out in they struck back. that alreadyfter,
9:52 am
appears to be the dominant media narrative coming out of the 2016 presidential election. sure, the black and latino voters hillary clinton was counting on to deliver her victory were there, the white turnout was up and especially among white people without college degrees. it was a major swing to trump. there was already furious debate about whether and why this is an data suggesting trump supporters are richer and up for than poorer thannot average. trump's presidency for the other disaster for the white working class. every economically struggling person in america, the people the media is crediting the trump 's win have an incredible amount to lose." that is caller: hello. thanks for c-span. --ant to say bernie sanders
9:53 am
if bernie sanders have been given a fair shake in the primary, which he wasn't, conversations with the network people. they were feeding answers to hillary. there were six coin flips in iowa. the thing was rigged. if the democrats really tried, they could have won. what i have to say is the clintons, when she was secretary of state, which i don't think she was qualified for. they need a strong person in the diplomatic corps to be there. i'm sure they would've done a better job than she did. as far as theis crimes they have committed, instead of having -- saying let
9:54 am
it go, i don't think it should. i think they should pursue the foundation. worth ofget $600,000 payment for speeches from someone like goldman sachs avenue hide so no one knows what you are saying, i consider that a bribe. nowadays you want to make sure you protect yourself from the internal revenue, and you want to make sure you have the money so you can put it into circulation. $600,000 in bribes would be no good because goldman sachs could not write it off and she would not be able to get into into circulation to invest it. host: a paper that endorses donald trump early. the new hampshire new leader. clintonhuge triumph, wins in new hampshire. they are also reporting the upset win and the senate seat
9:55 am
but maggie hassan defeating incumbent kelly ayotte. a few more calls. california on the democrats line. cheryl? caller: hello. i am really enjoying your show in hearing what everybody has got to say. a lot of the questions have been a lot of my questions. what i really the would like to comment on is i would like to see trump do the first 100 days and clear his name. when it came down to hillary clinton, they let that slip with --e new e-mails they let that slip. in my opinion that is somewhat prejudiced the election. he has a cloud hanging over his head as well. different things they said on the media that he is being
9:56 am
investigated for. president he is the and i will respect that and i will respect that he is the leader of our country now, but still i will always have untilons and question him all these issues about him are cleared up, until he lets us see his tax returns like all the rest of the politicians have done. i will accept him. i will respect him, but i really need to have those things that even brought out after the investigations have been completed. i just would like for this not to go away. host: she mentioned didn't have sure union leader. they endorsed kerry johnson. my mistake -- gary johnson. begins." era
9:57 am
donald trump meets with president obama this morning at the white house. he will be meeting with mitch mcconnell on capitol hill. mike pence and donald trump on capitol hill at 1:30 this afternoon. we will keep you posted on any cover argues conference plans following those meetings. two atlanta, alexander -- to atlanta, georgia. alexander? caller: you corrected the tillman who called about the last time the republicans held a majority and you say this 2006. i just want to remind everyone that is what led to the great recession. the first suleiman pointed out they lived through the great depression when had majorities. you corrected him and now in 2006 that led to the great recession so everyone remembers. my second point in terms of dealing with trump going forward will be obstruction. we learned from the republicans
9:58 am
over the past years that obstruction works. if you're a democrat and not obstructing the hallway, that shouldn'-- then you should not be in office. that is our way forward and the only. not a barber that, you should not be a democrat in office. host: from the orange county register. for the first time since the depression, orange county voted for a democratic candidate. here is their headline about the tropic three yesterday. shock across u.s. the in thinkable gives way to uncertainty. the american political establishment was reeling from shock as they can to grips with four years of president donald trump in the white house. a once unimaginable scenario that is now plunged the united states and its allies and adversaries into a period of unprecedented uncertainty about the policies and impact of trump .
9:59 am
steve from california on the independent line. caller: i had a question with the white slavery article. the white working class. is i consider the global idealism a white slavery? -- will beffect another block for the lawyered interest? host: i couldn't tell you. you have to get to vox.c -- we hope you join us tomorrow morning taken for washington journal. until then have a great day. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016]
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newsday has an article on today's meeting between president obama and president-elect donald trump. thursday's oval office meeting is the symbolic start of the transition of power from president obama, a democrat who ushered in a sweeping health care law and brokered a nuclear deal with iran, and mr. trump, who has promised to wipe away those initiatives. here's more. what's the plan this morning? jeff mason, what will this meeting include? the meeting is probably going to be a little awkward. this is probably one of the first times that president obama


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