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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  November 20, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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transatlantic relations, and the future of nato. as a wii, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. host: good morning. president obama is in peru today for the closing session of the a-10 conference. it is his final foreign visit as president before leaving the white house on january 20. he returns early tomorrow morning. and then on tuesday, the president will issue the medal of freedom awards to the nation's highest civilian honors to 21 individuals, including bill and melinda gates, actor robert redford, actress sicily tyson, singer diana ross, and veteran sportscaster villanova scully. it is sunday, november 20, and we begin this morning with the intersection of broadway, president-elect donald trump,
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and the cast of "hamilton." it's what people have been talking about over the last 48 hours. donald trump demanding an apology from the "hamilton" cast. we want to get your reaction to all of this. for democrats, 202-748-8000. republican, 202-748-8001. for independents, 202-748-8002. send us a tweet, or join us online at good sunday morning to you. let's begin with a story online at it begins with these words, "mike pence was elected vice president by the coalition of mostly white voters nostalgic for what they thought was the good old days in america and galvanized by promises to deport millions of undocumented immigrants." on friday night, he came face to face with a symbol of the new america, a hit musical called "hamilton" that celebrates the principles of the nation's founding, but reimagines the revolutionary
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period with multiracial actors playing the statesmen and the contributions of immigrants central to the story. they go on to say as he took the seat, mike pence heard an impassed, sustained boo. we'll have the video in just a moment. and this is the headline this morning from inside the jump page of "the washington post," we have a guest in the audience. here's what happened with actor brandon victor davis, who played aaron burr in hamilton." >> we sue you walking out. there's nothing to boo. there's nothing to boo. we have a message for you, sir, we hope that you will hear us out. i heard everybody pause. there's nothing zpar wide, ok? vice president-elect pence, we
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welcome and you truly thank you for joining us at "hamilton: an american music 58." we, sir, are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new and administration will not protect us. our planet's children, our parents but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of s. this show, this wonderful american story told by a diverse group of men and women of defrpblt colors, creeds, and orientations. floip the richard rogers theater in new york city, and brandon victor dixon, who plays aaron burr in the hit broadway musical based on the book, also
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receiving 11 tonys. this is from the washington post this morning. the remarkable moment crystallized the cleavage wrought by a toxic presidential campaign in which millions of aggrieved white americans propelled donald trump and mike pence to the white house and left millions of others, blacks and latinos, gays and less beans, muslims and jews, fearful of what might become of their country. that's this morning from "the washington post," and a tweet from donald trump actually, two tweets, one demanding the apology. here's what he said over the last 24 hours. our wonderful fufle v.p. mike pence was harassed last night at the theater by the cast of "hamilton," cameras blazing. this should not happen. hat from his tweet at, @realdonaldtrump. also, the cast of hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man, mike pence. apologize. and a couple of tweets from you. peg says, i've never felt so
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terrified in my 80-plus years than i feel now. and another tweet from a viewer saying not since lincoln at ford theater has an actor disgraced himself as much as the cast of "hamilton." let's begin with victor, joining from us silver spring, maryland, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. if i were there at that theater, i would get my money back. i've had it with the left. this shows that they have come unhinged. and as i said for years, liberalism is a mental disorder , and it's shown right now. look at the left. they have gone absolutely insane. you can't even disagree with them without being called some kind of name, and frankly, when they call me a raysist, sexist, homophobe, whatever, coming from them, i take it as a compliment. thank you. host: let's go to dorothy joining us from pine bluff, arkansas, independent line. good morning. your reaction to all of this,
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dorothy. caller: i want to admire the theater, because you have to realize that our campaign this and as racist-oriented many of the country have been left out because of diversity. diversity is critical for the united states. we have children in arkansas putting up white power signs again. so until we can unify the country and get away from all this racism that was promoted in the election, we have to address it, and if we don't address it, then we're going to keep ignoring it, and then we're going to keep taking america back. host: dorothy, thank you very much for the call. more tweets. if you want to know why trump won, it's probably because the "washington journal" thinks a lot of people are thinking about a broadway play. hmm. that from sea of tranquility. and carol says it's inappropriate to go to an entertainment event for a cast
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nobe make a political comment. let's go next to bill, also on independent line, joining us from illinois. good morning, bill. your thoughts on all of this. caller: good morning, c-span. i would just like everybody to think what would have been said if a white actor would have said that to president obama. to me, this was racist, and the actor should have stopped after he said thank you for coming. and this is getting ridiculous with the left. just like the previous caller before had said. this has to stop. people have to understand that the public spoke, the electoral college voted in our president and our vice president, and that's it. thank you. host: thank you. another viewer saying the nonwhites taking their anger out on pence when the white folks elected a white man instead of a white woman. well, politico has this story online, president-elect donald trump yesterday tweeting out
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that vice president-elect mike pence was harassed by the cast of "hamilton" after an actor addressed pence's presence and criticized the incoming administration on stage after the musical performance friday of "hamilton." more of your calls in just a moment. but joining us on the phone is daniel strauss, who's been following all of this for politico. good morning, thanks very much for being with us. guest: thanks for having me. host: this thing has been the talk of yesterday and this morning on twitter and social media. explain why this type of reaction. guest: i mean, it's a little surprising, given everything else that's going on within the transition to the trump administration. but it was also sort of a high-profile event. it's the first time we saw sort a celebrity from at probably the most popular broadway show out there, sort of really respond, really
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confirmed mike pence in a civil manner, but a forceful manner at the same time. host: and the two tweets coming from donald trump yesterday on a day in which he met with his one-time rival, mitt romney. explain the dynamics in all of this. guest: so this comes as donald trump is trying to figure out his cabinet posts, and he's meeting with a number of republicans to fill out top positions, including secretary of state, which was the position that romney's rumored to be in the running for. but that doesn't seem like a sure thing right now. but the dynamic of this is that it comes at a time when there are pockets of americans who feel very preansive about the trump administration, and that was what mike pence was addressed about at the "hamilton" show. host: let me ask about you
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donald trump tweeting on this yesterday. give us a sense of what we can expect during his presidency, because he told us that he may continue to tweet, although on a very limited basis. yesterday with regard to what happened friday night at the richard rogers theater with his vice president, mike pence. what do you think we'll see from him once he becomes president with regard to social media? guest: i mean, it's hard to tell. on the one hand, he has sort of scaled back his twitter usage, right? and his handlers have also strongly encouraged him to tweet less and be a little bit more sparing in how he responds to the news of the day. but at the same time, in the past few days, he's sent multiple tweets out about this "hamilton" event. he has responded angrily over twitter to a "new york times" story. and it's hard to see, really, any difference once he becomes
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president. host: so what do you think happens next with regard to this story? guest: i don't know if -- i doubt we will see an apology from the cast of "hamilton." i would not be surprised if other theater actors follow suit. i don't think we will see more tweeting from president-elect trump on this stuff. host: stay with us for just a moment. want to play what the actor said backstage. >> he's going to be at the show, soverb kind of thought about what it meant considering our show and considering the kinds of things that the platform that and he trump ran on and what we wanted to say if we wanted top say anything, and we really thought it was an important moment to really say something. and, you know, to get in front of an individual with whom we feel we have differences and
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make sure that he hears and sees and recognizes the importance of the fact that it was told by a diverse representation of americans, different sizes, shapes, colors, creeds, you know? and to really just have a conversation, because that's what we have to do. the only way that we begin to find a common ground is if we can speak to one another, if we can empathize with one another. it was important that we did this, and i'm so glad we had the opportunity. i'm so glad that he stayed, because he stayed, and he listened, and i truly appreciate him doing that. >> do you think it had any effect? >> i'm going to go ahead and believe that it will. host: from last friday evening after the show, and vice president-elect mike pence, daniel strauss is joining us. this is the headline from the new york "daily news," "burr in his saddle," trump slamming the guest for a unity plea to pence. my question to you, daniel strauss, what does this tell about you the state of america that donald trump will inherent as he becomes our 45th president?
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guest: i mean, i think he's looking at serious concern from parts of the country about what kind of administration he will run. and the question, the topic that pence was confronted with on friday was really sort of there are americans who feel that this next president will not be a president who protects them, and vice president pence, are you aware of that, are you cognizant of that? i think this was a very telling moment. this is the highlight -- well, this is, rather, sort of one of the big concerns americans feel about this next administration. host: daniel strauss joining us live this morning. his work available online at thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate it. guest: thanks for having me. host: one more look at the new york "daily news," "burr in his saddle." the actor playing aaron burr in the hit broadway musical, and this is from stella who says it was not a conversation, it was
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a one-sided propaganda for a one-color cast. gleets to terry, joining from us maryland, republican line. good morning. caller: thank you. i want to wish and you your family a very happy thanksgiving later on in the week, sir. yeah, there's no conversation. it was a lecture from a liberal who i think needs to have maybe some play-doh or coloring books so he can recover from his shock. and i found it funny that he was lecturing vice president-he protect pence on people who can't even afford to go see their play, because the tickets are as high as $850. and it is just amazing to me that the liberals who came to be so tolerant, so open-minded, willing to have a discussion, can't accept the fact their candidate lost 30 of the 50 states in this election. and this is just another example. the only thing i can tell this gentleman here, suck it up, buttercup. we won. you lost. you'll have a chance in four
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years. steve, again, happy thanksgiving to you and your family, sir. host: thank you for the comment. the "new york times" sunday magazine, this is what it looks like, "this land is your land," reflections from trump's america. from a story in new york, democrats line, christine, you are next. good morning. caller: good morning. when i heard in the news that he's tweeting about this, taking his time to tweet about this, i thought it's unpresidential, it's undignified, it's another xample of tempermentally being unfit, not to mention unqualified to be president. i was even more concerned, and i got insight into his character, that inside a bully is an insecure person. it was another example of that. host: christine, thanks for the call. a couple of headlines from "the washington post," new hampshire i will ton versus pence, the new touchstone in cultural wars.
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and from the "new york times," a look at senator tim kaine, readily received from his brush with fame, this is more me, a look at what it was like as the secret service left as he resumed his more normal life as the senator from the commonwealth of virginia. this morning from the "new york times." we'll go to john from philadelphia. good morning, republican line. what do you think of all of this, john? caller: good morning, and thank you for having me. wake up, america. first of all, a man goes to see a show. and this was already planned. he had a paper he pulled out of his pocket to read, and he had this planned out. anyway, what i don't understand is, the last caller was talking about the primaries, and they're always throwing dirt anyway. it's all lies until they get -- till they get a winner. if you haven't seen how trump has changed -- actual, what i
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got -- i'm a republican, and i got to the -- i got to vote -- when i got in the door, i went straight democrat. i thought hillary would win. i regret making that move. from what you've heard over the last couple weeks, ford motor company is not moving. apple wants to bring all those jobs to america. if trump can do all that -- all his business that he wants to, and bring jobs back here, more power to him. and another thing is, i don't understand people walking around with signs that say black lives matter when all lives matter. thank you. and have a happy thanksgiving to the united states of america. john from philly. host: john, thank you. and you can tell us your comments as well, join us on facebook. this is what it looks like at
7:18 am we're getting reaction to president-elect donald trump demanding an apology from the cast of "hamilton." your thoughts about what happened friday evening inside the theater to the vice president-elect mike pence, who was there for the performance and what's ensued since then, and also, what it says about the state of america. this is a tweet from another viewer saying the tweeting president upset over a theater actor, what a clown. the presidency means less and less as the president-elect has no moral authority. on the independent line, james is next from tennessee. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. host: go ahead, james. you're on the air. caller: thank you. thank you for taking my call. want to say this. donald trump hasn't changed anything. and i don't know why the republicans, people who call in act like, well, we won. so what? i don't care who won.
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he's not going to do nothing for no one. he's not going to do nothing for women. so i don't see why they all up in the air. this man have talked about winning, and i don't understand white women who voted for trump. when he say he going to grab them. and then he holler around, you can grab mine. what is wrong with people? i don't know. thank you. host: james, thanks for the call. we'll go to kathy from michigan. welcome to the program. caller: good morning, steve, c-span. i don't think that the cast has anything to apologize for. the actor who was playing aaron burr, the third vice president of the united states, that was the appropriate person to pick to speak. and i thought it was respectful in the face of the constant tweets that president-elect donald trump seems to put out.
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i've never sent a tweet. i think from what i read with people like david duke and heir opinions that hate is ok, we have a problem here in michigan. there's an article in the "free press," i think it was yesterday, by the director of michigan civil rights that incidents happen particularly in the schools with little children. that's very, very frightening that that is taking place. i've had to witness it as a substitute teacher a lot in northern michigan. i've been speaking to it to the local democratic and the michigan party and the dccc. i'm proud of the cast. i think public speaking is honest in that people can hear t's not behind closed doors. and tonight wish mr. trump or mr. pence ill, but i think that they had better understand this
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is very serious. we're at a very serious time in this country. and what they do can have a positive or negative effect, and i hope they go with the positive. host: kathy, thank you for the call. from the new york "daily news," trump supporters are calling for a "hamilton" boycott. he's not even president yet, but donald trump is in an unprecedented war of words with the great white way, according to broadway historians. that available online at this tweet says, white supremacist john from philly doesn't understand why black lives matter. and this from michael who says, looks like the haters on this stream are winding themselves up early today. reaction to donald trump demanding an apology to the cast of "hamilton" based on what happened friday evening at the richard rogers theater in new york city. nokes zachary from west lafayette, indiana. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i wanted to comment.
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i think this shows that donald trump hasn't attended theaters before. anyone who has on a regular basis knows that that's part of the joy of the art form, is that you can actually interact with the art before you. one, i find it highly appropriate that the cast chose to address one of their guests, in this case, vice president-elect pence. the commentary that they gave is the commentary they wanted to have, and i hope it really spurred other people in the audience to perhaps engage the theater or maybe even caught im outside or with each other. i think the most appropriate way to engage people, one of the last art forms that you can. i find it fascinating that president-elect trump would even address this on a national way, so i think that's hopefully going to be telling. i regret that that's probably going to be telling that pence and trump will be very
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sensitive to any form of criticism. i assume that trump hasn't had a press conference still. and so this is going to be a very, very fascinating time ahead for america and this administration, take some criticism from some theater performance. host: zachary, thanks for the call, from west lafayette, indiana. we appreciate it. and let's get the story from the "new york times," it is front page and inside, available online at, reads the following, a surprising confrontation erupted on saturday between president-elect donald trump and the cast and creators of the broadway hit "hamilton," setting off furious debate over american principles like free speech, respect, and the ability to challenge authority in the trump era. the story goes on to say that the president-elect demanding an apology from the cast for making a rare politically charged appeal from the stage on friday night to vice
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president-elect mike pence, who was in the audience. mr. trump, who was strd bipartisan concern over his habit after tacking those who challenge him, said on twitter that the actors had harassed mike pence. the story goes on to say that mr. trump posted to twitter a third time and deleted the tweet shortly after posting it saturday night, the clash between the hamilton actors and mr. trump captured the sharply divergent feelings of many americans, 11 days after the election, a showdown between the values of multiculturalism on the left, including the racially diverse "hamilton" cast, and the world of entertainment, as well as the conservative prince pills of the incoming republican administration, who was backed strongly by working-class white voters and traditional president. -- and traditional republicans. that this morning from ny we'll go to ben in springfield, massachusetts, democrats line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. it looked like eight years ago when president obama was first
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elected, when he was still the president-elect. and i recall the vitriol in which the so-called tea party section of the republican party used to demean him. i'm also con any zant of the fact that the message from the president was speaking to the entire congress and the world when the gentleman from north carolina, i believe it's north carolina, called him a liar, interrupted his speech by calling him a liar. i think that all of this has to do with the most important part of what should be happening in america today, and that is the fact that we need to come together. we recognize our differences politically, but at least that comment that was made on that stage by the member of that cast taught vice
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president-elect pence, did he talk about the importance of diversity and how america should look, what america looks like, and how it should proceed going forward. i think the content of that statement was something that we as americans all should listen to and understand and work from that. host: so how do we get there? ben, how do we get there? caller: well, we got to listen to one another. we have to listen to one another, stop calling names. uttering negative comments toward one another is not going to help. we need to work together. deal with what we talk about doing. you know, i haven't heard very much from the religious community. i haven't heard a lot from the elected body of people who are speaking out in terms of what should be happening, setting a pattern for the future, that we
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can march on toward what american ought to be like. it would be good for some of us to listen to some of the speeches made by dr. martin luther king, because some of his speeches from years ago are very important for us to deal with today. one of the ones he might listen o, where do we go from here? there's a time in america today when we need to understand, in order to make a better country, we need to stop talking about white supremacy or black supremacy. the gentleman talked about the sign, making black lives matter, everybody know that all lives matter, but sometimes people do forget that black lives matter when you can destroy it, likewise without any responsibility for doing it. host: ben, thank you very much for the call. jodie has this tweet saying, can the winner be the bigger man? doesn't appear donald is
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demanding respect, something one only earns. and the front page of the "new york post" on this sunday, commander in tweet, duel escalates between trump and hamilton. ron is the author of the best-selling book "hamilton," and back in july he said this about donald trump. >> i'm disturbed by the words missing from the trump campaign, liberty and justice, freedom and tolerance. i'm disturbed by the emotions missing from the trump campaign, kindness and compassion, empathy and understanding. i'm disturbed by the human graces that are missing, irony and wit, nuance and subtlety. i'm disturbed by the groups that are missing, women and blacks, muslims and latinos, veterans and the disabled, groups who, if they are discussed at all, are either
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mocked or insulted. i'm disturbed by the ordinary americans who are missing, the frail and the weak, the poor and the dispossessed, the sick and the elderly, the people who mr. trump would undoubtedly refer to as losers. i'm disturbed by the absence of anything that is not a glorification of money and power and might. this emphasis has disturbing historical parallels. i'm especially disturbed by the absence of any sense of american history. i'm disturbed by the documents that are missing, the constitution and the bill of rights, the gettysburg address and the four freedoms. i'm disturbed by the movements that are missing, the abolitionists and the sufferagettes, freedom rights and environmentalists. the only historical movement that mr. trump alludes to is the shameful one, america first . i'm disturbed by the periods
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that are missing, reconstruction and the new deal, the fair deal, and the great society. i'm zshed by the presidents who are missing, washington and link sandon franklin roosevelt, and the other president for that matter. mr. trump makes no room in his speeches for any american president. instead, one gigantic ego hogs the spotlight and timed to the 24-hour news cycle. host: that was during the height of the campaign season back in july as trump was about to be dominated by the republicans. he's the author of "hamilton." "wall street journal" has this tory available online at donald trump demands an apology, and the tweet that was deleted earlier saying mr. trump posting the tweet that mocked one of the "hamilton" actors, very rude and insulting of "hamilton" cast member to treat our great future v.p. to a lecture, could not even
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memorize the lines. later, that tweet was deleted. and the man behind "hamilton," lin-manuel miranda saying proud of the "hamilton" musical cast, proud of brandon v. dixon for leading with love, and proud to remind you that you are all welcome to the theater. he was not in attendance during the performance that took place friday evening. we'll go to denise, joining us on the independent line, reaction to all of this from raleigh, north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i would like to say this morning that i feel the play that was to be entertainment, i'm sure is educational, was not a platform for politics. and that i think was not fair, and i will say this, i'll soon be 74 years old, and i've lived through many generations, and i remember marching with martin luther king, but some advice
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that i got as a young person, i was told now, your attitude determines your altitude. america needs to raise their mentality and their attitude nd not so much as what you are told, but we need to go back to teaching our young people civics. we need to go back to teaching them what was in the constitution, the declaration of independence, and our bill of rights. most young people don't even know what it begins with, what it stands for. i love america, as martin luther king did. and i want to see us progress. so all i'm asking of america, love america, because america is all the people of america, so that we can go forward, progress, and be the great
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country we've always been intended to be. and thank you so much, and i love you, america. and we're going to come through this greater than ever. thank you very much. host: denise from raleigh, north carolina. if you're listening on sirius x.m., this program is carried live on the potus channel 124. of course, here on c-span radio. and to our international audience, we're getting your reaction to donald trump demanding an apology from the cast of "hamilton" based on the comments that took place friday evening as vice president-elect mike pence was in the audience for the performance. the story this morning from inside the "new york times," "hamilton" cast appeals to pence prompts a twitter blast from trump to apologize. and wf our viewers saying, so, when can we expect mr. trump to apologize? and "usa today" is weighing in on all of this, saying, "not since ford theatre has so much furor he frupt a politician attending a play."
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with the vice president-elect mike pence, an outspoken opponent of same-sex marriage who was supported diverting federal funds to h.i.v. and aids groups a therapy seated in the audience, certain lines resonated even more than usual. we'll about to karen joining from us winter haven, florida. democrats line. good morning. caller: hi. i find it kind of ironic that "hamilton" is the one who had the idea for the electoral college. and his idea was that if we ever elected a raving lunatic, the electors could vote to not seek them, and that's what we have here. it's bad that mike pence, the biggest homophobe in the nation, could expect to attend a broadway play, which has worked against aids forever, and not expect somebody to say something. i mean, it's just crazy. so anyway, donald trump has
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lost this election by over two million votes to hillary clinton. he will never be considered legitimate. e should stop this demanding curbs on free speech, because it just shows that they're more of a fascist than anyone thought. host: thank you for the call. this is from inside the "new york times," the white nationalists converge on the capital to celebrate what they call an awakens. a piece says for years they have lurked in the dark corners, masking themselves with cartoon images and writing about the demise of white culture under only niss sued nisms, bout saturday, in the wake of donald j. trump's surprising victory, hundreds of his extremist supporters converged on the capital to herald a moment of political ascendance that many had thought to be far away.
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host: historian david mccullough, also tarned ron was talking about donald trump, said this on youtube. >> president dwight d. eisenhower, who so admirably served his country his entire
7:37 am
career, said there are four key qualities by which we should measure a leader, character, ability, responsibility, and experience. donald trump fails to qualify on all four counts. and it should be noted, eisenhower put character first. in the words of the ancient freaks, character is destiny. so much that donald trump spouts is so vulgar and so far from the truth and mean-spirited, it's on that question of character especial that will he's he does not measure up. he's unwise. he's plainly unprepared, unqualified, and he often seems unhinged. host: historian and author david mccullough, who's been featured so often on this network, weighing in in july before the nomination and the election of our 45th president, and donald trump weighing in after the cast of "hamilton" went after the trump-pence
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administration this is a tweet, the "hamilton" cast must have forgotten that mike pence caved to political correct innocence indiana. he softened the religious freedoms law, and a lot of you weighing in on our facebook page, with some of the comments looked like. join the conversation, saying that you spoke so well, brandon, this is such an amazing thing, referring to the actor who played aaron burr. another saying, i'm so proud to have you as my role model, thank you, truly. comments on twitter and facebook. tell us what you think from massachusetts, craig is joining us, republican line. good morning. caller: hello, good morning. thanks for having me. host: sure, thank you. caller: i'm not sure where to start watching the rest of this. but one tweet said you're all welcome at the theater. well, that's part of the problem. you might be all welcome, but they don't understand. i worked all my life, and $800 ticket? i'd have to take my whole christmas bonus to go and go and listen to that? he wasn't the only one in that
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place, you know? they say free speech? there's nothing free about that. they're all being paid while they were on the stage. people paid good money to go and see that. and to be -- i hate to say it, but i won't even say it. it's disgusting. you go to something like that to get away from what's going on, and to get that piled on you, i just can't believe it. and one more thing. they're saying, oh, trump couldn't win. how many said trump can't win without the blacks, without the latinos, without the women? now he wins, and it's, oh, oh, it's the big white wash. it's the great white overtaking. it's not the white thing. i agree with his policy. got nothing to do with the man's skin color. and the last thing i like say, is ben that called from springfield, it's a big democrat politician in
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springfield. i know his voice. i know who it was. host: thank you very much for the call. let me show you another tweet. this is from thomas who says the truth is that this "hamilton" musical debacle is a nonissue, intended to distract the american people from what is really happening. raymond says the following, it's a shame that mike pence was ambushed rather than inviting him backstage to meet with the cast. i don't think the producers of "hamilton" and theatre-goers would encourage a member of the audience initiating a similar "conversation" by standing up and responding in kind. and there's this from lawrence who says he's right, it wasn't a conversation, because pence didn't even get a chance to publicly respond. it was a lecture. pence should have turned around and walked out. share your thoughts at also on the republican line, james from athens, georgia. good morning. caller: yes. how you doing? host: fine, thank you.
7:41 am
caller: i'm african-american, and i voted for donald trump. and what i'm tired of is these african-americans that get on tv thinking they speak for all african-americans. calling trump racist against african-americans. but you don't speak for me, and you don't speak for other african-americans. they get on this tv, and the van jones and people like that, and they think -- they're not speaking -- they speak for themselves. they don't speak for all african-americans. a lot of african-americans voted for president-elect trump, and a lot of them like his policy. and a lot of them don't think that he's racist. so this, o, he's racist, i think that's just a way of -- you know, we used to have debate in this country. when you had ideas and i had ideas, and then we debated about, you know, and i might try to persuade you to my side of thinking by laug out my side, and you might try to persuade me. now we don't have that. we just call people racist and homophobic, just the way to
7:42 am
shut them up, you know? and it's just -- it's just really unfair. you know, i just -- i don't understand where this whole trump is racist thing coming from. just because somebody supports you from a movement or like the ku klux klan, you know, that's not his fault. i don't think he's racist. i mean, you know, why is that his fault? i just don't understand it. host: we'll leave it there. front page of the "new york times," the meeting that took place yesterday for over an hour with 2012 republican nominee and critic of donald trump, mitt romney, in new jersey. by the way, governor chris christie of new jersey and former new york mayor rudy giuliani will travel to new jersey, and below that, sfreans mike pence as he arrived on friday evening and the cast of "hamilton," but we're talking about, this is from jim, a tweet saying, you keep stirring that racial hate pot, "new york times," you're the very best at
7:43 am
doing it. and this from jim saying it looks like trump will try to undermine the first amendment, and finally, john in north carolina, says the fall of calling. sers is well go to gina in texas. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. i don't have a problem with the cast after the show speaking their mind. this is america. and we get to say what we like say. some will say good things, some will say some bad things. it is our right to speak up. these individuals on that stage had a platform to address their concerns to our president, not one person, president or vice president. and put simply, he said thank you for registering your concerns with us, and i appreciate it, and our administration will show you that we will be for all people, not some people. and that's simple what will
7:44 am
they were asking. they didn't call him any names. they weren't disrespectful or disparaging or anything like that. and why do we take exception when people are asking people just to treat them fairly? that's it. just treat people fairly. and that seems to be something we take exception to. i'm not quite sure why we do that. if someone could explain that to me, why we take exception with someone asking to be treated fairly. why is that a sflob thank you very much for the call. host: sure, gina, thank you from denton, texas. photograph from "the washington post," again, mitt romney meeting yesterday with trump. following the meeting, the 2012 and former massachusetts governor had to say. mr. romney: we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theatres in the world where there are interests of the united states of real significance. we discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those
7:45 am
topics. very thorough and in-depth discussion in the time we had. and appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. thank you. host: mitt romney yesterday meeting approximate donald trump. in the metro section of "the washington post," this headline, the election results still smart, and they're learning to deal with it. those people who did not vote for trump and who did not think he could win, it is a time of regrouping, story from "the washington post." on the republican line, don from hopkins, minimum men. good morning. caller: hi, i agree with both last two callers, especially the one saying why is everyone labeling donald trump a racist? i voted for donald trump, and i never thought he was going to win, and i was thrilled that he did. and i feel like both the theater actor and donald trump
7:46 am
are both free to do and say whatever they want to say. this is the united states. and another thing i just wanted to say that i am so happy that yesterday after donald trump interviewed people for his cabinet, that the reporters were also standing there waiting for him to say him or they interviewed people to say something, and they only gave him a few words, and that is what the news media needs. i am so angry with the news media, except c-span am i love c-span. they have been controlling our lives and all the things that people say about donald trump have, these people ever met donald trump? have they ever talked to donald trump? i can't believe how blind americans have become. they can't see to the heart of a person. yes, donald trump said a lot of hard things. ' wakened us people -- us, the american people that feel like we're getting drowned in our
7:47 am
own country, and now that he became the president-elect, he's a human being. he wants to treat people fairly. he's going to sit down and do things right. and we need a man, we need a man in the united states to be our president. host: thanks for the call. going to move on. just have a few minutes left with the "new york times," his land, this land in trump's america, and dave has this tweet, the cast of "hamilton" is there to entertain consumers, not give unwanted political commentary, offending half of their audience. quickly, go to maureen in west palm beach, florida. good morning. caller: yes, hi, good morning. i listened to all that has been said this morning, and president-elect trump, before we can move on, there are a couple of things that he needs to do. first, he needs to apologize to
7:48 am
the now president of the united states. for his racist comments and all that that he wasn't born here. let's move on. then he needs to apologize to women. for those accused of groping and all that. he needs to apologize. and then mr. pence, i just want to say this to you, because you call yourself a christian. and this is what i noticed with most republicans that call themselves christian. they put up with a lot of garbage that jesus would not put up with. so if you're a christian, you have to do the work of christ and say you cannot abide in your heart with things that you know that is wrong. host: florida, democrats line. outlook section of "the washington post," if trump fails, his base can still win. a piece saying he can't revive industry, but he can lift
7:49 am
wages. and from the sunday review of the "new york times," the end of identity liberalism, our fixation on diversity cost us this election and more. so to richard in louisville, kentucky, democrats line. good morning. what do you make of all this, richard? caller: well, it's really surprising. in 1973, when my first election, i voted for george mcgovern. was a democrat. and i joined a union. now, all through my life, i'll be 64 years old. all through my life for almost 44 years i voted democrat. i was a union organizer. i was on the committee, the greater louisville central council. i did everything in the world i could do for poor people of all colors. and now i'm called a racist. now, there was a president here a couple of years ago when republicans asked him if he would reach across the lines, across the lines, across the table to work together with
7:50 am
republicans, and his response was, elections have consequences. well, liberals, get over it. the consequences now is that we're going take a new direction, and when donald trump goes to south chicago in the black communities and he shows them what he's going to do for them, what will the cast of "hamilton" have to say then? thank you. and everybody have a great thanksgiving. host: richard, thanks for the call. last night, "s.n.l." is back with alec baldwin playing donald trump, and what happened friday was part of the skit as he met with the actor playing ice president-elect pence. >> mike pence is here. [laughter] >> perfect. >> hello, sir. i heard you went to see "hamilton." how was that? >> it was good.
7:51 am
i got a free lecture. >> i heard they booed you. >> absolutely. >> good reason i'm never going to get impeached. >> sir, we have a few problems. the democrats are already pushing back on our illegal immigration act, because they say finding 11 million illegal immigrants is going to be hard. >> impossible probably. >> and then they say it's going to be even harder to deport them. >> so maybe let's not do it. >> uh, don't do it? >> yeah. scrap it. >> scrap it? >> scrap. scrap. >> maybe we'll just talk about that later. >> let's move on on obamacare. as you know, 20 million people use it, and it sounds crazy, but a lot of them like it. >> keep it. let's just keep it. >> i'm sorry, deep? >> yeah, keep it. all of it. no change. >> let's just hold that for later, all right? also, they're going to make it hard for us to hire a special prosecutor to put hillary in jail. >> don't do it.
7:52 am
>> don't do it? >> scrap it. she didn't do anything. scrapped. >> sir, being president is not going to be easy, but we'll get through it if we work hard together. >> thank you, mike. oh, and mike. you're going to do everything, right? >> yes, sir. >> oh, and mike, one more thing. live from new york, it's saturday night! host: they were back last night. what happened friday was part of the skit, the opening skit, courtesy of nbc and "is the n.l.." lorne mikes will be among those honored by the president of the freedom medal ceremony. one final tweet, this from donald trump, just about an hour ago, the cast and producers of "hamilton," which i hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior. up next, our sunday roundtable.
7:53 am
nan aron and carrie se rain owe will join to us talk about the -- and carrie severino will join us to talk about the supreme court. rrie severino is chief council. and later, frances burwell to discuss the u.s.-nato relations in a trump presidency. "newsmakers" follows the "washington journal" at 10:00 eastern time. the top democrat on the house arms services committee is our guest. we talked about some of the individuals that the president-elect is considering for key national security positions. here's a portion of that conversation. >> there have been quite a few names for secretary of defense that have been thrown out there. are there any that you would find acceptable or might see a shift in that world view? >> you know, i don't think so. and it's hard to know what to believe in terms of the names that have been thrown out there. certainly senator cotton would not be good with regard to that worldview.
7:54 am
so vile to scombate see. but like i said, the way it's shaping up is pretty frightening. >> let me unpack some of the realities of the campaign rhetoric versus governing, as you said earlier, and even senator cotton who yesterday started to sound a little bit more like a cent rest than a trumpist in saying he defended nato, and he defended the rational use of nuclear weapons. he didn't sound so blustery as a campaigner, or someone like even general flynn, a three-star general, had an operator with lots of combat experience. the reality of trning your back on nato and working with putin, what would really have to happen for the united states to turn its back on nato? there are operations across middle east, across africa, all the intricacies that are so much deeper than the campaign bluster of being able to say you might turn away from nato and toward putin. >> yeah, i don't think these people know exactly how it would work. and that, too, is scary.
7:55 am
and look, i worked with general fynn. i've donna loft work on counterterrorism stuff. i was pretty close with general mcchrystal and his staff when he was at socom, and then, you know, in afghanistan. and i mean, there's aspects of what they say that made sense to me. you know, certainly we do need to take the fight to zpash to al qaeda, but we also have to understand that the broader issue is ideological. we have got to work with moderate muslims. and, you know, people like bannon and flynn would laugh at that sentence, oh, there's no such thing. yes, there is. host: congressman adam smith, the ranking democrat on the house armed services committee, a democrat from washington state, and he is our guest on c-span's "newsmakers" program. you can listen to it on c-span radio, watch it here on c-span elevision, and any time at it's 10:00 a.m. eastern time.
7:56 am
our sunday roundtable includes an aron and carrie severino. to both of you, thank you very much for being with us. i want to begin with the comments of associate justice clarence thomas. this is what he said this past week about what to expect in the supreme court ahead. justice thomas: this practice of constitutional revision by an unelected committee of nine alza kpped, as is today, by extravagant praise of liberty robs the people of the most important liberty they asserted in the declaration of independence and won in the revolution of 1776. the freedom to govern themselves. with such unchecked judicial power, we americans leave it for the least accountable branch to decide how existing rights should expand our
7:57 am
contract, should expand or contract, a decision that so often hinges upon which particular rights are judicially favored at the time and which are not. with such unchecked judicial power, we leave it for the least accountable branch to decide what newly discovered fundamental rights should be apended to our constitution. of course, as justice scalia these newly discovered fundamental rights are neither set forth in the constitution nor known to the nine justices of our court any better than they are known to nine people picked at random from the kansas city telephone directory. and i add, i'd rather bet on
7:58 am
the folks in kansas city. host: so nan aron, let's begin with the comments of clarence thomas. he spoke to the federalist society this past week. by the way, the full speech is available on our website. let's use that as a jumping off point for our conversation this morning. your reaction? guest: that's a good place to start. i would say he's offering up a rather bleak view. supreme court, which is indeed unfortunate. i should also mention that it is unfortunate that a justice of the supreme court and associate justice would choose to speak at a fundraising dinner of the federal society, if he were a lower court judge, he would be in violation of the code of conduct, the supreme court does not abide by a code, but having a headline that fundraising dinner, it is most inappropriate. but getting to his comments, it is a very grim view of the
7:59 am
supreme court and the role of the court. you know, if we bring, as americans, all of our hopes and eams to cases, to bringing cases around the country, with the expectation that our courts are judiciary, particularly our supreme court will dispense justice in a fair, equal way. i think the american public still has that expectation for the court. i would hope that over the next several years we can continue to put our respect in the court , but, of course, that is all up to donald trump, president-elect, to see that our hopes and expectations are met. host: let me turn to carrie severino of the judicial crisis network, which, by the way, is what? guest: a group advocating for
8:00 am
judicial nominees who are going to be faithful to the constitution and the text of the law. host: your organization in a sentence is what? guest: the alliance for justice is an association of over 120 public interest civil rights organizations dedicated to equal justice and fairness. host: your reaction to justice thomas? guest: fist of all, i point out, this wasn't a fundraising dinner. there was no fundraising appeal. that's false. the justices speak all the time at such events, just like justice ginsburg, many of the justices speak regularly at the american constitution society. the justices speak regularly at this event. and every year the every year, the same accusations are trotted out despite the fact . that is simply not true. that is an amazing event and it gives us a wonderful note of hope for the supreme court. as justice thomas, a wonderful justice, was laying out, the
8:01 am
whole purpose of the court is to be interpreting laws according to the way all representatives have written them. a democracyas enabling branch, making sure the within what iss signed by the president. as long as we have justices doing that come we should not worry about the politics because ultimately, the decision goes to .he representatives we are free to amended as we choose to, but that is something they have to -- , that we are not here to rewrite the laws or the constitution of the spring court. but simply to give voice to the people and we have the to change the flaws
8:02 am
as well. it is a great tribute to the system we live in. host: this battle will move front and center this year as donald trump replaces justice scalia. the trump campaign making a list . what kind of fight do you think we will see in the senate? guest: what happened to merrick garland, who was confirmed to the d.c. circuit in a bipartisan manner. republicans voted for his confirmation. he is by all accounts, the embodiment of the kind of nominee we expect donald trump
8:03 am
to send forward. however, having lived at that list, and there are 21 names, america across the country have about the concerned kind of people you would select. he knew at the time the list was made public that it was provided organizations, the heritage foundation and an that is devoted to undoing much of the progress our country has made. i would like to see a nominee in the mold of merrick garland and i'm fearful we will not. we can talk about some of the names but almost every name on
8:04 am
ourlist poses a threat to civil rights, liberties, freedoms, and worker and consumer protections. host: ted cruz said before the election that maybe we could live with just a justices, vowing to block any nominee by president-elect hillary clinton. now it is donald trump and he said last week we must do everything possible to make sure we can fill that position. politics are at work which is understandable. filling it with a high quality candidate is it a priority for trump. nominating supreme court justices is one of the most far-reaching decisions they have.
8:05 am
i think it was right to allow people to know what kind of justice -- judges you would be putting there. timenot remember the last the supreme court was the top issue, and those voters voted decidedly for trump. it is a high priority for the american people. given that we have a lot of other presidential nominees, i cannot know how fast they would the able to move it. depends on how fast the democratic senate, just saying it would fall apart with eight justices. senate democrats are trying to put up roadblocks. donald trump will choose a highly qualified
8:06 am
and that from his list person will be confirmed. /thomas, a graduate of law school,-- harvard law you want to follow up? we start with a situation where a very respected nominee was denied in an unprecedented fashion a seat on the supreme court. what happened to merrick garland was unprecedented. no hearing, no vote in the committee or the senate floor. that has never happened in american history before. to any supreme court nominee. this is a stolen seat.
8:07 am
now republicans want to take advantage of their obstructionism and simply put a name out and expect that the country will come together and confirm the nominee. democrats will not immediately block any candidate, but, so far a number of senators will take a very close look at whomever is put forward by donald trump. looking at the list of 21 that he has provided, we have great and scared. afraid bill pryor said abortion is the worst abomination in constitutional history. let me stop you there. 60 minutes, donald trump said on the issue of roe versus wade. mr. trump: i am pro-life. the judges will be pro-life.
8:08 am
they will be, in terms of the whole gun situation, we know the second amendment and everyone is talking about the second amendment and they are trying to dyson up and change it. they will be very pro-second amendment. abortion, if it ever were overturned, it will go back to the states. >> some women will not be up to get an abortion. by state. to goump: they would have to another state. >> and that is ok? mr. trump: well we will see what happens. your reaction? guest: i think his comments focus on abortion. i would say they are regrettable.
8:09 am
roe versus wade is a settled law in this country. wouldled states which have blocked abortion access for women in the state. the supreme court deals with issues, including abortion, is a wide expanse of things that are so important in american society. imitation, environment, worker rights, lgbt concerns. americans will be looking at is nominee not just from the standpoint of portion but of the complete record on a whole series of issues. william pryor, very unfortunate statements he has made on
8:10 am
abortion. but others on the list, bryan sykes, a judge on the seventh court of appeals, voted to reinstate discriminatory voter laws. a judge on the eighth circuit court of appeals allowed a major corporation to get away with up to $24 million against employees. filese they did not workpapers properly. he disallowed a woman who brought a case involving sexual harassment by her book -- her so he retaliated .gainst her it is not just abortion, which is bad enough, but it plethora of issues that will be considered with the next supreme court justice. sayingrom politico,
8:11 am
trump is committed to the case released on september 23. from the article, the list has not changed. president-elect trump has committed to choose his supreme court justices particularly by justice scalia. i will come back to you for equal time. paul, good morning. i am very happy mr. trump got in because now we have four justices that believe the constitution is a living document. no doubt clinton would have appointed the fifth one, which would have basically torn up the constitution. religious liberty would have disappeared.
8:12 am
anything that is not in the constitution should be left to the states or the people. liberal justices have completely disregarded it. some: i think paul makes great points. these are some of the issues that i believe joe people out to vote against hillary clinton and for donald trump. in replacing justice scalia, one of the most conservative member of the court, someone who would be like merrick garland or .nyone else the american people did not want to see that five vote liberal majority to run down a laundry list of items. teri of state clinton was helpful in giving us that list. she talked about the policy goals she was trying to achieve the the court is not here to achieve policy goals. yours, hers, president trump's. and that is what justice thomas was talking about.
8:13 am
that is why the real question is, yes, though i do not like they came down against a plaintiff in this case or that case, the bottom line is to apply the law equally. they do not get out of that .iling crime anymore what we need our judges who will apply all of those laws faithfully across the board. not looking for, "i like this policy or i don't. scalia, particularly in the criminal law aspect, rice dish into it, he looked absolutely defending those interested in situations where it is not like the policy and he is looking at the person going, i think this person probably did commit the crime here. protectsh amendment
8:14 am
him. those are the kinds of judges that are on the list. a tweet -- guest: well he is wrong. i will say this. clarence thomas was absolutely wrong. he uses very lofty language. demanding his own ideological .genda if you back in time to what republican presidents looked for in nominees. what they look for our nominees who are opposed to rover -- roe versus wade, opposed to civil prayer in school, they
8:15 am
use the ideological prism to to choose their judges. they are result oriented. whatever they say about the constitution and original as see -- originalism, they tearing out a very specific mandate. put thosed reagan justices on the supreme court, he knew he could count on them one day to do the bidding of the republican party. republicans are strategic about this and get the judges and justices they want. and it is not just the supreme court. by the time president-elect becomes president trump, there will be posted on hundred
8:16 am
vacancies in the lower courts. courts of appeal and district courts. that is a huge number of seats. peopleesident will name not just for years or eight years, but for the rest of their lives. senatef a democratic blocked a repulsive presidential pick in his final year of office, how would you feel? i would have been disappointed, assuming it was a good pick. i am not willing to endorse every republican, especially the last couple of decades. one of the most liberal justices in the court, think of justice to say that the republicans always get people who will do the bidding of the republican party come hardly. i think the democrats have a much better track record. righttheir constitutional to do so. i may be discouraged and argue with them on merits, and that
8:17 am
this person was actually faithful to the constitution, but i will not say they do not have a right to vote for their nominee. that is what the constitution tells us. our roundtable focus with carrie severino and nan aron. republican line, good morning. caller: good morning, everyone. democrat and ig voted for donald trump specifically because of the to givecourt and also my one meager vote out of 120 expressthis country, to my dismay at people like nan aron and others in the
8:18 am
who got on anda about theold lies republicans. it just became overwhelming. i just thought, this just cannot stand. n lied twice this morning about the purpose of justice thomas'speech. it was not a fundraiser. in 2013 when harry reid triggered the nuclear option, the lower courts were packed with obama nominees. .ost: nan aron they were noty, and that was the problem. from day one, republicans in the senate have engaged in relentless, mindless obstruction. about someeresting
8:19 am
of their actions is that some of these republican senators blocked judges whom they supported. the republican strategy was to prevent any obama judges from being confirmed. agreed i would probably that many of these judges, most of them, should go forward, i would hope. president obama did not look for liberal icons, the most progressive nominees to be on the federal bench, unlike his predecessor, which we will get to an a minute. the fact remains that the allblican party blocked three nominees to the d.c. circuit court of appeals. what you expect democrats for government to do and there is just a blockade. vote the issue is a 60
8:20 am
majority. do you think that will change in the next congress? we have heard talk leader mcconnell that he might get a .imple majority if a block nominees, we may take action in the senate. i have been advocating for getting rid of the filibuster. we have been through the bush administration and the obama administration. as much as i disagree with the cases, that was a lowest in the country. he knew it was the most prestigious court and well-placed to hear the law issues. all these other courts, great rim. i think the supreme court will be the next want to go. if the republicans ever filibuster the nominee, he thought hillary clinton would win, and he said, the nominee of
8:21 am
hillary clinton, the filibuster will be gone like that. there is no way the democrats would have left it like that. the republicans should do the same. votes.e gets 51 then we can move forward. the democrats had a 51 vote. there is no filibuster after harry reid hit the option. maybe he should have moved a little faster. he did end up with the same impact. he transformed one third of the seats. we went from having one with maturities democrat nominees, 29. let's not pretend president obama to that have a major impact on the court. that is true of every president they're not unique to donald
8:22 am
trump. good morning. beth, are you with us? caller: yes, i am. hello? host: you are on the air. caller: i am frustrated with mitch mcconnell. when president obama, who now currently has a high percentage of approval, he was our president and we elected him when the supreme court needed to be filled with the nominee. he kept saying that we would see basically, election, i know the popular vote went to hillary. hillaryricans believe would have made it better president -- a better president.
8:23 am
in the next election, we will see who the american people want . i thought that was very wrong. we did vote for obama and he won it it was still his term. he needed to be the want to bring forth a supreme court justice and they needed to bring him in. host: thank you for the call. nan aron. guest: democrats want to the fall as well with the supreme court in mind. two points. and the fact that marek garland was never accorded basically -- republicans, by the fact that during the end of ,he election, senator hatch senator burr, senator cruz, all made statements to the effect clinton is ary
8:24 am
elected, we will not confirm thosee court nominee, statements and actions will have major reverberations in the senate. there is no question. can send donald trump a name to the senate of a nominee that will adhere to the court and constitutional value, i think the senate will treat the nominee fairly. there is no one on the list that organization, the meeting that incredibly high standard. we're not putting someone on the supreme court for just four years, eight years, but the rest of his or her life. be individualso who do not always side with the wealthy and powerful, who understand the courts are there for all and's, and not just one constituency or another.
8:25 am
we will be looking very closely. we will be looking toward democratic and republican we will be looking toward democratic and republican senators to evaluate those records carefully. host: a tweet -- and this statement from senator dianne feinstein who will become a democrat --
8:26 am
guest: i hear a lot of complaints from democrats but biden,icy was by senator saying if there is a supreme court opening, i do think we should move forward on it. he did it in literally dozens of nominees that never got hearings, never that votes. claim thisulous to is something, where democrats weaponize the process. democrats are discouraged that they are being forced to play by the same rules. no one knew what would happen. it could easily have been hillary clinton but the american people did have a voice. they are practically slandering a long list of highly qualified judicial nominees for many
8:27 am
estate supreme court's. who look att people a pocketbook of the plaintiff and defendant and decided who they want to vote for. that is unfair. qualifiedm are highly and i look forward to the confirmation hearings for whomever gets picked. we will see someone committed to the constitution explaining their commitment. north carolina, democrats line. good morning. caller: i am calling as a lifetime democrat who just voted for donald trump. i want to talk about why i did that. courts, only one of two other branches of government.
8:28 am
the founders set it up that way because they were concerned about the government being representative. out of all three branches of government, the judiciary is the least accountable. they serve lifetime appointments. because of how accountable they was veryjudiciary strictly the purpose of the constitution. the democratic party has used the courts. tothe least democratic way move our society forward and represent the will of the people and consent of the government. host: nan aron. you and would say to others, when you like what the spring court does, you are usually the first out-of-the-box to cheer them on.
8:29 am
i'm sure that happened with bush v gore and citizens united. what we all want or should want is the judiciary with judges who are open-minded fair-minded and , notve in equal justice just for the wealthy and powerful, but for all americans. that is what we want. is there a potential conservative judge you would support? guest: if i were to tell you, they would not get nominated. i will keep my views to myself at the moment. host: some love for both of you from make -- you.ays thank together.n ad put caller: they said he would have
8:30 am
to give in and approve obama's liberal nominee. liberals attacked him over and over. senator grassley stood strong and protected the supreme court during a heated presidential campaign. led the fight. tell senator grassley thank you. i do not think senator grassley made any of us proud. some of the republican senators who stood in the way of merit garland nomination to the supreme court, have said to some of their democratic counterparts they are embarrassed by what mitch mcconnell did and by what senator grassley did. they know 17 supreme court justices were confirmed during
8:31 am
the last years of presidential terms. they are quite aware of what they did. senator grassley is quite aware of what he did. again, it is regrettable and will not be forgotten. host: let's go to hell and joining us from colorado the line for independents. go ahead with the question. my question is why aren't we the people being represented. goingpublicans seem to be down corporatism, which does not represent the people and is not a healthy weight or the country to be run. you do not run the country like a corporation. that is purely for profit and not for people. democrats just do not seem a clear argument about what they are doing.
8:32 am
they're just not clear enough. we, the people, need to be represented. republicans are acting like fascist. i'm in fear of what our country is coming to. host: thank you for the call. carrie severino, your reaction? guest: there has been fear mongering from the last this campaign. we will not see the fears people have articulated. the only things we have seen are from the left with these protests and thinks we are seeing. but i agree we need to have the people represented. our congress passes laws and the president signs them here we need to enforce those laws evenhandedly. did not agree
8:33 am
with the underlying law, for example when he voted to uphold the medical marijuana law in california. it is not something he would have voted for if he were a legislator, but that was something he felt they had the constitutional right to do. the defendant cases, they have really been the , when we haveng sentencing rules that allow judges to decide factors that bump people's sentences way up. it is supposed to be that the jury decides this fact. they are not acting conservative lyrically. thing as conservatives constitutionally. that means let's stick with what the constitutional -- what the constitution said.
8:34 am
give -- ift to do to they want to change the position, they have the democratic process to do that. that way the people do have voices. host: nan aron do you want to follow up? guest: i can only agree how important representatives are and imitate your, the senators, who represent all of us, will opportunity toly demonstrate their readiness to do the job and read records and hear the american people out. nominationoncern the to the attorney general. i know we have not talked about his nomination, but it is certainly a dead sign for justice in america. he has a record that is
8:35 am
offensive not just on civil rights, and that would be bad enough, but on a range of issues. 1986 is happened in that the senators on the senate judiciary committee took the time to hear testimony, review , hearcts, read the record from mr. sessions, and make the decision. and two republicans came across the political aisle and voted against -- with democrats to reject his bid in alabama. a moderate, conservative democrat on that committee from his own home state of alabama, voted against sessions. we will be looking to elected at hisntatives as well
8:36 am
upcoming hearings, and demanding that they take the time to the entire set of facts, not just direct it in 1986, but his voting record, his statements, his speeches, and calling on them to come together and collectively reject him for attorney general. host: that is what we're talking about with supreme court and other pending nominees. adam is joining us on the republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you to your guests. to nan aron,o say i find your commentary a little interest in it she is to about how she disagrees with the
8:37 am
possible nominees of president-elect donald trump based on ideologies and agenda and politics. and yet, i mean, she just, i never been a judge, and and there iss that no rule reason other than ideology and politics why she got nominated by president obama. it is pretty obvious. aboutu are complaining president-elect. i think it is a little disingenuous. trump will make some reasonable choices and i just want to say a lot of republicans in the primary, supported him in the general because of the supreme court. i think we have got to give him a chance and i think he will do a good job choosing the right people.
8:38 am
thank you. guest: i think that is exactly right. what we often see it hillary clinton did not talk about the constitution. itemsve a laundry list of she wanted the justices to accomplish. it is not, i want to achieve , find in favor of unions and corporations. no one should be make those. it should be about the constitutional principles. i feel like i have to response to the slander against senator sessions. decades-oldedge up allegations is shameful. it is particularly striking in the context of, we saw the president at the funeral today, a previous recruiter for the ku prosecutor wasa
8:39 am
prosecuting members of the klan. they do not have a strong record on civil rights. it is slanderous and false. this is a man who is absolutely an upstanding representative and i am confident he will be did -- confirmed. discouraging to see people trying to drag his name through the mud. if you are opposed to him on the issues, let's talk about those issues. let's not do ad hominem's and drag out decades old ad hominem's. that is unfortunate. would invite you to look at his votes against immigration. the voters on environmental issues, environmental groups have given him a zero rating. this is post 1986.
8:40 am
but morenvite carrie importantly senators to look at the record. we heard two statements by donald trump during the election. blasted the judge from san diego who was hearing a case against trump university. we heard donald trump falsely say he was mexican and should recuse himself and called him a hater. -- weher thing we hope heard from donald trump that was equally upsetting, was calling on second amendment americans to commit unnamed crimes against hillary clinton. talking to aas particular constituency and maybe he was trying to get a lot of attention. he has a lot to do and a
8:41 am
journey to make to convince us that he is the president for all americans and not just one constituency or another. we will look very closely at him and in particular at his choices. fornow who he wants attorney general and we will be examining who he wants for the supreme court because we want to onea different president, who understands at the heart of democracy, is a respect for constitutional rights. host: one of those justices is appointed by barack obama. the headline, we cannot afford to despair. she spoke about what the election would mean. kentucky, good morning and welcome to the program. >> good morning and thank you for c-span.
8:42 am
trump mentioned that lgbt are over and decided. he would not say the same thing about roe versus wade. this is the right-wing agenda to overturn roe versus wade. you will have the 10 property,ts on public and as far as the protest, i have just seen this morning on cnn, there are hitler's signs everywhere and hate written about donald trump and president obama. it is terrible. stockyards that point and go back to you, carrie severino. to her final point about division in the country, can you touch on that? guest: it is very discouraging.
8:43 am
we do need people to find a way. both sides need to stop and consider. both parties that have not fully stopped, listen to each other and understand the concerns and that a vote against immigration bill does not mean you hate people will who are from other countries. it may mean you are concerned about how to do things in a legal and orderly way and it may have to do with the fact we do not have our own social security currently. we need to make a way to find ourselves more fiscally viable. there are a lot of reasons people vote for these things. we need to listen to each other and hopefully, we will be able
8:44 am
to work with the administration. to achieve these goals, something that will help all americans. he was the only senator on the list of 21. why? is excellent, he but i think it would be best to have someone with legal experience to be the judge first . i think 60's well to donald trump to include him on the list. another person on the original list spoke repeat the against donald trump. there are a lot of people on the list, he is not simply just putting on people in his camp. these people are widely regarded as solid constitutionalist and that is probably the reason he is on there.
8:45 am
last word from ohio, republican line. caller: when it comes to the they are supposed to be blind and uphold the constitution. they are not supposed to be democrat, republican, and they to supposed to keep it themselves. all the laws and regulations set forth by the constitution. thank you. an appropriate way to conclude our conversation. nan aron. guest: i agree with my buddy consensus is apropriate that good aspiration. if i would also say president-elect trump is looking for ways to build consensus, and among all respect
8:46 am
americans for what he is doing, his first action of putting a man like jeff sessions for attorney general, was an incendiary one. it is not a move that will bring people together but in fact do the very opposite. i want president-elect trump to think long and hard about this because what he has invited is a .irestorm of opposition jeff sessions is a lightning rod for people around the country speak out, speak up, and let their senators know how inappropriate and unfit is for attorney general. i would like for him to go back to the drawing work and come up with someone that we should all support.
8:47 am
guest: i do not think it is consensus building to reach across an attack. think steve could not have put it better. i think we will have judges who will put the constitution and the law first. theirr they agree with own personal policy choices or not. i am optimistic we will see that the whole career was dedicated to the principle of putting the constitution first. we will see those shoes filled with someone worthy of the legacy very host: two experts on the supreme court. --rie severino , president for alliance of justice. her work is available online. know: if people want to
8:48 am
more about the names on the trump list, it is on our website. host: thank you both very much for being with us. we appreciate it. come back again. coming up next, we turn our attention to nato and strategic alliances. the 20th century pop artist, part of our coverage in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, you can check it out on c-span2's booktv, c-span3 including this afternoon at noon eastern, 11:00 for those of you on the west coast. here's a preview. >> we are in the archive study center in the andy warhol museum. we have all of his personal collections, including art
8:49 am
objects, posters, photographs, clothing, scrapbooks, source material, everything you can imagine. we also have come a part of the archives is a time capsule collection. one of the strengths of the archive is the deep amount of .ource material you have the famous maryland source material. you can see the lines he added himself. he also took the source materials from different types of materials. page where hee -- and the famous
8:50 am
funeral scene of jackie and morning. a great thing about having the candid shots is you see the man where he really lets his guard down. great photos with his friends. that is joan quinn in the background. it is a break from the composed and image put out there. tune in as we continue our cities tour or check it out online. and c-span3'stv american history tv. a renaissance city in western pennsylvania. joining us is the vice president for the european union and the atlantic council -- council. frances burwell. thank you for being here. president obama's meeting with
8:51 am
people of aipac in greece and germany, trying to reassure the rest of the world about our election of donald trump here at what are your concerns and hopes? are at a critical juncture in terms of our relations with allies in -- and europe. uncertainty about the trump administration as far as the europeans are concerned. one never knows whether the statements are made during the campaign are actually what will guide policy. there have been quite a number of statements from mr. trump about russia while he was campaigning indicating that he wanted to do a deal of some kind with president clinton. this has caused a great deal of concern among some european allies who feel mr. putin is a threat. first in georgia and now more
8:52 am
recently in crimea in eastern ukraine. see.are waiting to they are politicians and understand the difference between campaigning and governing. they are looking very closely at his appointments and particularly the appointment of secretary of state. president obama was there on his to underscore the successes his administration has in europe, and reassure them following his own private conversations with mr. trump about the future course of u.s. policy toward europe. host: the president held a town .all meeting as he traveled let's get some background on nato. in 1949.unded back there are 28 countries in belgium. norway, the basic premise
8:53 am
unanimous based on consent given oversight. a key aspect of the nato treaty, an attack against a nato member shall be considered an attack against all of them. it has yet to be invoked again. guest: right. it is remarkable that the one-time article five has been in vote was the united states, until 9/11. the reason would be because of the soviet attacks. nato does have its earth during the cold war. it was assumed the united states would go to the aid of its nato allies. have the first and only implication to protect the many of ours,
8:54 am
allies are still in afghanistan with us trying to make -- remake that country and provide security there. what we have seen in europe is a real awakening of what had been a cold war perspective. during the cold war as i explained, the main point of nato was collect if defense against what we had seen as the threat. war, that had faded and nato was looking for a bit of a roll, involved at the very end of the wars in the 1990's and then again as an. we also are seeing the reemergence of the desire within nato to reinforce the eastern countries against a potential russian aggression. author of a number of
8:55 am
books and publications, including "the transatlantic approach to the east." shoulder."ulder to a graduate of the university of maryland where she earned her doctorate. also oxford university where she studied. can we get a reaction to a the president said in germany? president obama: we have had very significant differences. my hope is that the case ant-elect coming in similarly constructive approach, finding areas where we can cooperate with russia, where our values and interests align. but the president-elect is also willing to stand up to where they are deviating from our
8:56 am
values and international norms. expect the president-elect will follow exactly our blueprint and approach. but my hope is he does not simply take a realpolitik approach and suggest that if we just cut some deals with russia, even if it hurts pedal, or even if it violates international norms or even if it leaves smaller countries vulnerable or problems, interm regions like syria, that we just do what is it -- whatever is convenient at the time. host: europe and key countries and nato in particular. guest: i think one of the
8:57 am
biggest issues we face with our european partners over the next years and the restaurant administration will be what is this with russia and how do we do that together? we have just seen president obama talking about the need to preserve a coherent approach to russia. our interests with european partners and russia are little different. they live right next to russia and they have had considerable economic interchange with russia. russia put sanctions on following the annexation of crimea and the russian ,ngagement with eastern ukraine the european countries have butn a big hit economically they have proven ready to persist with those sanctions. i think many of them have and
8:58 am
confirmed, that he would reconsider those sanctions. there is a big question about europeans able to keep agreement among themselves. they'll have to agree to retain this sanctions under the way the eu makes these decisions. president obama, after some time while he was in germany, met with a number of the leaders of the top eu member states. they all pledge they thought they should continue until the russian policy toward the ukraine changes and makes the conflict resolve the there. that is not a formal decision that will come later, but it was a strong indication of the desire to continue sanctions until russia passes behavior and policy changes. this program was carried
8:59 am
live on the policy channel. fromirst call is coming michael. good afternoon. you are on the air. my question is how will president trump deal with a brexit? i should say president trump has already made statement about how he favors brexit, the vote by the united kingdom to leave the european union, many of his advisers are -- or have close ties with the u k and the current government and such asarly individuals the minister for trade.
9:00 am
foreignt president-elect trump has indicated that he is willing to negotiate a u.s.-u.k. trade agreement. the first thing that has to happen for the to be started is that the u.k. needs to know what dates relationship is going to be with the eu. .hat will be a two-year process one can think of this as the divorce settlement, and then we will know what that relationship is and what we can negotiate as a trade agreement. the is very different from approach president obama had. president obama had launched the transatlantic trade investment partnership and the negotiations for that which is between the united states and european union, including the u.k. until it should leave.
9:01 am
he has said directly that it the u.k. were to vote to leave, which it did, that there would urry for the united states to negotiate a trade agreement with britain directly. he used the expression that written would be a -- that britain would be at the back, but mr. trump indicated he would drop do the bilateral agreement before he does the transatlantic trade and investment partnership, even if he decides to do the larger trade agreement, which is unclear. under a trump presidency, britain has the opportunity to have a close relationship with the united states, even though it will no longer be a member of the european union. host: headline from "the new sayingmes," head of nato he is confident donald trump will maintain the u.s. role in nato.
9:02 am
from massachusetts, democrat line, doug, good morning. caller: good morning. 1980's, there was a promise given by the secretary of state, james baker, that in return for the solution of warsaw pact, nato [indiscernible] it seems that was a promise that was broken pretty quickly. why should the russians have any kind of credibility in any of the promises made by the west? thanks. i will listen off air. host: thank you. guest: there is a lot of discussion about what kind of a promise that was and whether it was actually made and what it meant. for a long time, there was a great deal of reluctance in nato into the news member phase, so poland and the baltic states, etc., through the
9:03 am
nato-russia charter, a first of all said that these permanent troops would not be based him a permanent nato troops would not be based in those states. however, there is a consensus within nato that russia has failed to live up to its part of meansreement by military and the annexation of crimea undertaking an illegal change of borders from the postwar settlement. i think that there is a feeling now that russia has not lived up to its end of the bargain and has made it necessary for nato to reinforce its allies that are now the new member states of wealth since 2004 of nato, and to make sure that they are safe and secure and that we have a good the turn structure. host: this is a tweet from a regular viewer -- should we have
9:04 am
this splendid nato when the ussr fell? by doing keep nato? if gone, no more u.s. aggression in the region? guest: i think there was a discussion after the cold war as to whether nato was a cold war institution and should be tempered to go. i think what we found was that nato was valuable as a political institution, as well as military institution. we were able to address with nato some of the key areas of instability, such as the balkans , that threatens the cold war -- post-cold war peace of europe. nato help us respond in afghanistan to the strikes on an 9/ on for a while, nato and russia had a great relationship was cold on 9/11.
9:05 am
for a while, nato and russia had a great relationship after the cold war, especially with goodwin have what forces on location, so for a while, things went well. i think there was a lot of hope that nato could transition into an institution that was not about collecting the collective security. that is the point areas where we joint security threats around the world, where military responses might be needed. unfortunately, russia's actions in ukraine showed that it was not necessarily going to be the case. i would point out it was russia that started in ukraine the aggression that has led not to .he annexation of crimea it is clear, as well, that the irregular troops in the separatist forces in eastern ukraine are perhaps guided by
9:06 am
russian forces on the territory of ukraine. from scotland and i want to go back to a tweet during the december month saying they would soon be calling me exit."rigg any reaction? guest: mr. trump at that time, he has made himself clear that he thinks that brexit is a good idea. it is not clear if the fully understands how it is rated with britain in the european union or what the consequences will be for britain. being that hisr golf course in scotland and about the time of the vote, and commenting that all the people , when him favored brexit in fact, scots voted to stay in the european union, as opposed to england, which voted to leave.
9:07 am
it is important to understand ant the u.k. has been integral part of the european they gonce 1974, and as through this divorce, there is going to be a lot of disruption in terms of regulation. for example, u.s. firms that have based themselves in britain in order to have a doorway into the european union and the rest of europe, the 28 member states, 27, with britain as the 28th, in terms of having free access to that market. host: we should point out that brexit doesn't impact made of. guest: correct. britain has been from ensuring that it once -- impact nato. correct. britain has been firm in ensuring it will not impact nato. they are not abandoning europe come just one of the key european institutions or removing themselves.
9:08 am
with the center for security studies at her on the moderate at the university of maryland and currently at the atlantic council. burwell.follow her @fran good morning, very patient on the republican month. caller: good morning. three observations that ms. burwell could comment on. first, when president obama refers to president-elect trump, he never says president-elect trump, he just says president-elect. trump anded about mr. how he will deal with the russians, and i have a feeling he is not going to be walked all over by putin but stand up to him. thirdly, when he said to have a lasting effect on europe, i believe there were close to
9:09 am
untold millions of syrian refugees wandering around europe. thanks a lot. host: robert, to a. guest: thank you. -- thank you. guest: thank you. i cannot comment on light president obama does president-elect trump rather than president-elect. a lot of people in washington just use someone's position rather than their name, so i cannot comment on that. of the things about what mr. trump has said about making a deal with president putin, one of the issues is uncertainty about will happen. mr. trump has made a great deal about his skills and making deals and coming from his is this background, i have no doubt he is good at this. the question will be if he makes the deal and we don't know what the parameters of that deal with the, just about syria and support for the antiterrorist campaign there, perhaps at the
9:10 am
cost of accepting that president assad will stay in power, despite what he is doing to his own citizens, or will it be a bigger deal than has to do with fears of influence in europe? the uncertainty about this comment has to do with and the concern has to do with we do not the what he intends, with deal might be, and what he hopes to congress from it. i do agree that based on what we have seen from mr. trump's behavior in the past that should he come to a deal with president putin and feel president putin does not live up to his end of the deal, i think he would be very strong and forceful in responding to that. the main thing i would underscore is the uncertainty about that and hopefully we see some initial conversations that will shed some light on that. from along those lines,
9:11 am
scott peters is -- why couldn't the united nations take more of the responsibilities of nato? guest: there are two very different organizations. for the united nations to do almost anything, it requires the theement of the p5, permanent five of the un's security council. host: they are smart guest: editing -- they are? guest: they are the chinese and russians, so they would have to great anything we do. nato is 28 members, are much more like-minded in terms of their support for democracy and their support for maintaining a stable rule of law that we've had in europe and international system since the that the second world war. nato has not been an alliance that has reached out and engaged in places outside of europe for 9/11, andart until
9:12 am
then it was in response to an attack on one of the key members, ourselves, of nato. nato does not have a mandate to go and solve problems in the sea, for example, only amended to address issues that affect member states, even if it is not on the territory of the member states it is originating somewhere for more distant. nato also was into areas like cyber security. several member states have been cyberted to serious attacks that have closed banking systems and other things of that nature, so there is an internal discussion to set up capabilities to identify when and with the cyber attacks come from and to create resilience to that kind of attack, which is a form of warfare. host: first, is made a larger than anyone president? guest: yes, i think it is. i think that a president comes
9:13 am
in, any american president comes in with their own ideas, and nato has a history. it is also 27 other key leaders, including angela merkel, theresa may, the british prime minister will continue to be an active leader in nato, the nato secretary-general is usually a former prime minister, so a senior international leader, as well. i think residents come in and learn aboutdents, the nato history, multilateral diplomacy, and learn that our nato allies are committed to our defense, as well as their own. not just security takers. host: if a president trump wants to change anything with regard to our obligations with nato, our alliance with the european countries, what can and can't you do? trail,on the campaign
9:14 am
mr. trump made it clear he thought that nato allies should pay more for their own defense. i think this has been a consensus that that is the case. the sharing debate has been going on in nato since the creation of these alliances. what we have seen in the last couple of years is that many of the european allies have in fact started to increase their defense expenditures and also to look seriously and how they can get marketability for the line that they do stand. sending forcesly and also equipment to help with coalition, quite unusual for germans in their history to be fighting that far away from europe. is that trump will highlight the issue more. i think we will see more european countries, increase
9:15 am
their defense budget more than what we have seen the last couple of years in response to what they feel is at the from russia. in that way, and he will probably have a positive change on the alliance. if mr. trump wanted to review our commitments to the alliance, which i think would be very destabilizing or europe, it is a treaty commitment, so it would be a treaty would have to give notice on and it would be difficult. at mentioned article five the beginning, which is an agreement that an attack upon one is an attack upon all. it's as we would then consult and then decide what we will then do, so it is something that we had used and during the cold war, stabilized europe and made europe safe and secure. hopefully, maintaining that commitment is what will continue to keep nato said and secure,
9:16 am
but ourselves and our nato allies. 10 to 15 minutes with our guest, our phone lines are open, (202)-748-8000 for republicans. (202)-748-8001 for democrats. also, send us a tweet to get your reaction. the british labour party member said in a speech that went viral, over too many people have watched it. first, al in tennessee, independent line. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call, a couple of questions. to know what the test for memorandum of security insurance is due? guest: which memorandum? caller: the one where ukraine, britain and the united states signed an agreement. guest: yes. ukraine -- caller: hang on. are you aware that brits don't have in their craft carrier? guest: yes. caller: there is no possible way for the brits to do anything
9:17 am
about ukraine. this is an example. the only country that can do and put their power into play overseas is the united states, so all of these feel-good agreements are just that, feel good. if you don't have the ability to project power pastor borders, you are just feeling good host:. we will get a response. -- feeling good. host: we will get a response. guest: ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons after the soviet union fell apart. in return for that, it was promised by the united states come i think britain, france and russia, that its territory would be preserved and it would not suffer any loss of territory. there has been an ongoing discussion in ukraine about how it has or has not been defended
9:18 am
by this inventories, when russia, one of the signatories, violated that pledge, by taking over crimea. right about the british not having an aircraft carrier, but they have strong forces otherwise, and in fact, i think the british are not rethinking that aircraft decision. differenttter of requirements for different forces, and in ukraine, i don't actually think anyone is talking troops tonding ukraine, they have been a partner of nato, which is a different level, and it doesn't require the defense guarantees. i think that although a few of the european militaries have anything like the half of the american military because we are
9:19 am
a global military power, they provide key capabilities and also provide a lot of diplomatic and political [indiscernible] in afghanistan, for example, so , theythese operations provide key functions, such as protecting airbases and also serving out in one of the most dangerous areas of afghanistan. i believe it was the dutch who had a higher per capita of the troops deployed in afghanistan than anyone else, so and the british also suffered tremendously with casualties from afghanistan. i think we need to respect our allies contributions to these military efforts to try and keep our own country safe. host: this is from jjj cash every international deal, eu,
9:20 am
nafta, etc., results in the loss of sovereignty to citizens and power for bureaucrats. guest: that is certainly the perception of the people who voted to leave. when i was traveling around the north of england, right after the vote, you could see many of these signs that said, take our country back. i think there is a feeling among certain segments of the population and citizenry. over the last few years, just as here, take governments blame washington. national governments in europe will have to make unpleasant decisions, often blame vessels, the seat of the european union -- brussels, the seat of the european union. discussionve a long about how democratically the
9:21 am
european union is. it is removed. if you live in yorkshire, if you live in the north of england, it seems it is a long way away and is difficult to understand. i think that there is something to say about the distance. i am not sure that it actually enhances the role of therecrats, and i think are medium-size countries in this world, and the u.s. is , allntly about global gdp the countries are about the same. together, we are 45% of world trade. that is not going to stay that way. as the asian economies grow, in particular, china, we're going to be less and less percentage
9:22 am
of global gdp and trade, so we should be thinking together about how we maintain the system that has benefited us, rather than having chinese dictate the in trading system will run east asia, for example, that might be bigger. host: from vermont, good morning. caller: good morning. thank you. i appreciate for giving me a chance. [indiscernible] you are the best channel. i do not like some channels. say one of two sentences in general. greek it is about the country [indiscernible] it is to tell the truth, before
9:23 am
the truth, for young people, it is not like that. it is controlled media by how powers -- by high powers. he be as job is to tell the truth about each continent, their policy, their past service, their policy, [indiscernible] if you don't like the person to people president -- to be president, you do not vote for him. this is democracy. [indiscernible] that is not -- i do not agree. host: thank you. to her point, your reaction? guest: i agree with the importance of free media. and the importance of media
9:24 am
acting as what i would say to check on some of the falsehoods on inaccuracies that have been spread to particularly social media. we have seen a lot of coverage about that and president obama spoke about that in germany. europe are not facing in and even here -- i would say a lot of disinformation from certain media outlets, particularly those coming from russia, who portray what has way, andin a different i think i citizens need to be able to distinguish between news that comes from different places that has a bent in ambition behind it, whether left or right. host: a perfect segue to the comments of a member of the irish senate, member of the labour party. his speech is gone viral. it runs a couple of minutes.
9:25 am
[video clip] >> can the government have understood what is happening? we are at international crossroads. what is happening in britain and across europe is appalling. it has echoes from the 1930's. and america, the most powerful country in the world, has just elected a fascist. going to duck about direct investments and cut american investments. there are 50,000 irish people illegal in america who are fearful of their futures. whenever going to have the moral courage to speak in terms of other than economy all the time and to realize what is happening? the future of this country cannot stand, as an irishman, at the crossroads of this awful adventure, that international, political system is facing into. call it what it is, then we are
9:26 am
doing at the -- nothing. i am frightened. i am absolutely frightened for what is happening to this world and what is happening to our inability to stand up against it. he said he will not participate in this charade. a clear challenge to all political leaders in this country and their fundraising capacity in america [indiscernible] of the member of the labour party in ireland, the state senator in that country. part of that speech is gone viral. guest: i think what you are seeing is an example of the concern that many europeans have about the election of donald trump in the united states. based on his comments on beer
9:27 am
peanut alliance, based on his -- his comments on the european alliance, based on his divisive comments on different ethic .inorities and immigrants the legislator pointed out that there are quite a number of illegal irish immigrants in this country will now fear for their position, as well as there is a huge irish immigrant community, illegal immigrant community in the country. i think what you are seeing is the concern. it also reflects concern about europe. if this were not also happening in europe, if there are not extremists in europe, much more extreme than what we have seen from donald trump, then i think that there would not be quite as much concern. a number of challenges coming up in terms of its own electoral calendar, so december 2, they will have the austrianof the
9:28 am
president, largely ceremonial position, and the two candidates, one is from the far right, and another one is from the green party and environmental party, and then in march, we have an election and in the netherlands and right now, the one going highest in the polls is the freedom party, anti-e.u., and to immigrant candidate, unlikely to be prime minister because -- anti-immigrant candidate, unlikely to be prime minister, but it is pulling the strongest it ever has in that party. the french election, this week and come first-round of the republican primary in france. they are anticipated to face off penne, who hasla made that party more respectable from various early fascist roots
9:29 am
under her father, but she is still very anti-immigrant, anti-eu, talks about taking france head of the eurozone, which would probably be a huge cataclysm for the french economy , and in germany, in the fall, transfer merkel -- chancellor merkel will face reelection. we have an emerging party, too small to have a chancellor, but it is the alternative for door -- and cash for geo with their rhetoric, it harks back to an unpleasant time in german history. , thank youes burwell for stopping by. come back again. guest: pleasure to be here. host: we want to turn our attention to the question we asked in our first 40 minutes, the reaction of governor of indiana and president of -- as
9:30 am
president-elect mike pence, and donald trump demanding an apology from the cast of the hit broadway musical "hamilton." area code. 748-8000 for democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republican. outside the u.s., (202)-748-8003 . for independents, (202)-748-8002 . this is a story from "the new york times." cast ignited a showdown with donald trump after appealing to mike pence on friday evening. [video clip] [laughter] [applause] >> we had a guest in the audience this evening. vice president elect, i see walking out, but i hope you will hear a few more moments. it has nothing to do it do, gentlemen. we are here with love. we have a message for you and we hope you will hear us out. i encourage everyone
9:31 am
[indiscernible] this message needs to be spread far and wide. vice president elect fans, we thank you for joining us here. we really do. we, sir, we are the diverse americans who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. [applause] our friends, our children, our parents will look older and amiable rights -- unalienable rights, but working on behalf of all [indiscernible] [applause] the wonderful american story told by a diverse group of men and women, ball colors, creeds -- [applause] >> "washington journal"
9:32 am
continues. host: the comments of brandon dixon as he spoke to vice president elect mike pence friday evening. it is a moment getting a lot of attention this week. this is "the new york daily news." donald trump slamming the for the unityt plea for pence. this is what it looked and sounded like. [video clip] brewing -- boo host: what do you think? caller: i think donald trump is right, the behavior of both the audience and the cast was very, very disrespectful to mr. pence.
9:33 am
he is our vice president-elect, and it is thoroughly disgusting. this comes from the left, which is always talking about their tent, and they went toublicans and conservatives always be tolerant of everything, yet, their hypocrisy is just overwhelming. disrespectful, they are tearing of property, private property, writing in the streets , and it is going the disgusting. one more point. i understand that when they were casting this hamilton musical, reversedas actually racism because they did not want any white people in the cast. that wered people either latino or black or mixed races. it is just also hypocritical. it is disgusting behavior, and
9:34 am
they do owe vice president pence, whether they like it or not, he is the vice president and the need to show him respect to host: thank you -- respect. host: thank you. we have a guest that was in the audience. unfolded,d to how it most of the audience members were in their red velvet seats when pence into the theater, greeted with loud boo's, a smattering of cheers, the flash of supplement cameras. host: joe under public and nine from new york.
9:35 am
-- on the republican line, from new york. caller: you are right, [indiscernible] topuld not have spent dollar [indiscernible] host: from new york. "hamilton" is a broadway play. theas won 11 tony's for musical, and usually it has a choice reaction -- has a joyous reaction, but that night, .eaction was heightened
9:36 am
[video clip] wordsturbed by the missing from the trump campaign, liberty, justice, freedom and tolerance. i am disturbed by the emotions missing from the trump campaign, kindness and compassion, empathy and understanding. i am disturbed that the human graces that are missing, irony, , nuance. nuance -- wit i'm disturbed by the group's missing, women, blacks, muslims, latinas, veterans and the disabled, groups that are not discussed at all or they are more or insulted. -- mocked or insulted. poor, therbed by the sick and ultimately the elderly that are missing. mr. trump has referred to as losers.
9:37 am
i'm disturbed by the absence of anything that is not the glorification of money and power and might. disturbing, historical parallels. i'm disturbed by the absence of any sense of american history. i am disturbed by the documents that are missing, the constitution and the bill of rights, the gettysburg address and the four freedoms. by thesturbed movements missing, abolitionist, the freedom riders, the apartment to us. the only historical movement that trump alludes to his shameful, america first. i am disturbed by the. 's missing, reconstruction, the new deal, -- by the periods missing, reconstruction, the new deal, and i'm disturbed by the presidents missing, washington, lincoln, roosevelt, and any other for that matter. hogead, one gigantic ego
9:38 am
s the spotlight time to the 24-hour news cycle. host: you were hearing from the author "hamilton." you can watch more on their .ebsite at this particular youtube video from july as he spoke from his home about the candidacy of donald trump and now president-elect. we are getting your reaction on what happened friday evening in new york as vice president elect mike pence went to see "hamilton." "donald trump with one of the ourer of tweets -- wonderful feature bp mike pence was arrested last night at the theater by the cast of "hamilton." cameras blazing. this should not happen. let's go to blake on the democrat line for minnesota. good morning. caller: how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: i think it is about freedom of speech. we have the ability to say what
9:39 am
we feel. it all boils down to that. host: in maryland, join -- to marilyn next from florida. can morning. caller: good morning. i saw the man directing that plate say that he was going to give a performance, the money to hillary clinton, so that is all i need to say. i don't know who this country is going to because it is headed toward [indiscernible] it breaks my heart. host: thank you. and the tweet saying that the actor should the called a press conference and plead his case, not end there is our -- not embarrass our vp and his family by harassing them. on the british parliament channel, go ahead. caller: good morning. it is disgraceful. these people don't like the democratic process, then perhaps, they should go to north korea. that is all i have to say.
9:40 am
host: another tweet from donald trump -- the theater must always be a safe and special place. the cast of "hamilton" was very rude to a very good man. apologize! the man who plays ehrenberg in "-- aaron burr in "hamilton include spoke to the daily news. elect would bent at the show, so everybody got it would meant to the show, and considering the kinds of things and the platform that he and trump ran on and what we wanted to say, and we got it was a moment to say something and get in front of an individual with whom we have differences and to make sure he hears and recognizes the importance of the fact that it was told by a diverse representation of sizes,ns, different shapes, colors and creeds. and to really have a
9:41 am
conversation. the only way that we find a common ground is it to speak to one another and empathize with one another. i'm glad we had the opportunity and i'm so glad that he stayed because he stayed and listened and i truly appreciate him for doing that. >> [indiscernible] >> i will believe that it will. host: the debate over "hamilton," and mike pence was there in new york. today, president-elect donald trump will meet with longtime supporters, including rudy giuliani and governor chris christie of new jersey. yesterday's meeting was with republican, the 2012 nominee. one viewer said, why should the cast of "hamilton" apologized and donald has failed to apologize for anything? on the democrat line, pennsylvania, ruth. good morning. i think caller: the cast those nobody an apology for this.
9:42 am
i read this, they were pleading for inclusion for everyone and protection of all minorities. i think they were asking for help. as far as the audience, i don't think that can be helped. they were just -- everybody was so fearful and it took over the crowd. i don't think the cast had any thing to do at that. that is my opinion. host: thank you. this is at the conclusion of "hamilton," after the applause as vice president elect mike pence was about to depart. we have youtube and been talking about it this sunday morning. another viewer said -- respect is earned and trump and pence have to nothing to earn it throughout their boorish campaign to another tweet -- the cast and producers of "hamilton," which i hear is highly overrated, should apologize to mike pence for the terrible behavior.
9:43 am
on the republican line, jack from maine. [tone] host: one more time, are you with this? caller: good morning. it is so complex. respect is earned enough demand it. we do have freedom of speech and it seems like a trumpet administration is trying to silence our first amendment. the press, freedom of speech, people on stage. the citizens of the country are letting the republican party no pence and trump -- you are insulting us, singling this out. we are the united states, and we have got to come together. we have got to find a happy medium. if things do not go in terms direction and it does not go his off, hehe gets picked
9:44 am
looks like a big baby. if you do not kiss his ring or backside, you are out. .t is not fair it is not a balanced nation anymore. a have to recognize that. we are unified. we are united states of america. themwriter, the fascist of -- this rhetoric, this fascism, the fighting, you are not republican or democrat or independent like it has been told. we are citizens, americans. we have fought long and hard for our rights. we have come a long way, and it seems like we are getting sent back in time. we are repeating mistakes. we have come to far to go back again. bet: had his the -- that is h. from "the new york times," mitt
9:45 am
romney meeting in new jersey with the president elect. following the meeting here is what happened. [video clip] far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where their interests of the united states of real significance. we discussed those areas and exchanged our views on those topics. very thorough and in-depth discussion and the time we have had. i appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and the forward to the coming administration. romney, who has been listed as a potential secretary of state candidate, meeting yesterday with donald trump. series of meetings today and yesterday. we are talking about what happened friday evening on broadway at the theater with the
9:46 am
hit musical "hamilton." from "the new york times," -- "hamilton sets the stage for a trump clash." eruptedng confrontation on saturday between president-elect donald j. trump and the cast and creators of "hamilton," setting off furious debate over american principles like a speech, respect and the ability to challenge authority in the trunk era. host: mr. trump sent on twitter that the actors "harassed mr. mike pence," and said that
9:47 am
the criticized "our wonderful future vp mike pence." good morning. caller: i would like to comment on the last lady talking about respect is earned. he earned the respect when he won the election. automatically, you are in the office of the land. i did not respect hillary clinton being that thuggish woman she is, but i respect the office of the presidency. it is just the liberal way. if you talk about anything that does with christianity or conservative issues, it is their way or the highway. all i have got to say to these people and the crybabies and whiners, it is to trump calls losers, get over it. white america is back. we are not white nationalist but we have not had a voice in so
9:48 am
many years, well, all the whites cannot to vote, working class. i will a working class people, people with jobs, the god that and voted and the open their eyes and realize they made a mistake by excluding the working-class people. host: is this a black and white issue, which and port issue? caller: the democrat tried to make it a black and white issue, but it is not black and white. the government keeps us looking at each other but if the republicans and democrats keep us fighting and fighting, we don't look at what they are doing in washington. [indiscernible] and what the kkk are doing, and what the government is doing is taking our power and freedom from under our noses by using disruptions like these to keep eachap other at each other's throats so we don't focus on the corrupt system in washington. host: we will go to diane from
9:49 am
georgia. good morning. caller: well, i guess we can tell from some of the callers, including the one speaking before me, that fascism is alive usa.ell in the i do not think they need to apologize to pence or trump. they both need to get usa. i do not thicker skin. as a leader like that, you need to be prepared to be criticized. host: thank you. judy from virginia beach, virginia, democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to make a couple of comments. five or six spit years -- spent five or six years saying barack obama was not a citizen of the united states and never, ever apologized for that.
9:50 am
campaign calling other people or other races rapists, murderers, when maybe a handful of people have done over a handful of people that were illegal have done anything. maybe 100 out of millions. anyway, trump has not been respectful toward anyone. he has spent his time getting angry on twitter, when he has the country to run. vote, not win the popular people have a right to protest, and freedom of speech is still alive. it does not matter what race you are. the white race will never have control of america. this is a short period of time
9:51 am
that he has won, but white people can forget about having control of america. and trump included. host: thank you. some comments on our facebook page. join in on jennifer says -- despite donald trump's harsh rebuke of the confrontation, dixons rhetoric, the actor, was not dissimilar to remarks trump himself has made in the past about uniting the country, "make hypocrisy great again." and judy mccarthy says, the audience booing was disrespectful. host: robert says --
9:52 am
norma joins us from hastings, england. it has been a while. good afternoon. caller: i would like to say that i enjoyed c-span. i think it gives an open view to all viewpoints, which i really like listening to and watching. yesterday, i went to a production my grandson was in, "a christmas carol." when we look at "a christmas trost dickens a political writer and what i watched a political message? scrooge goesrote finally to the final place where he sees the ghost, the final ghost, and he shows the two
9:53 am
children underneath his cloak, thathe ghost says it isn't you should see a but ignorance. that is the messaging should all take. host: we were glad to hear from you. do not be a stranger. after more than a decade, leaving princeton and returning to harvard. provocative scholar whose politics made him enemies. he is reporting that he will return next summer to teach in fall 2017. j joins us from arizona. good morning. caller: good morning. i am a black american who voted for trump. when i was getting promoted to lieutenant colonel when barack obama became president, you know, it was not my choice. he was not my choice to become president, but i have always respected his office. there is a time and place for everything.
9:54 am
aboutwho are complaining the inclusiveness, well, and financial well-being, that is an inclusive statement. you do not need to be black or white to become rich. all you need to do is work hard. i worked hard for my commission, and i work hard in the army, and privated out as a lowly and worked my way up to lieutenant colonel. there are those who did better and those who did worse, but i grew up in south central los angeles and that got away. the one thing that gets you away from poverty is education. when you complain about somebody learning like a white boy anause they want to get education, that is a problem. that is what is going on in america. there are two divides, and the divide is those with an education and those without. host: thanks for the call.
9:55 am
on the cover of "the new york to the says, a cowardly cast pretending to be founders of the usa. this story inside "the new york times." whiteadline -- nationalist converge on capital to celebrate and awakening.
9:56 am
host: kevin joins us from kentucky. welcome. republican line. caller: good morning. thank you. my concern with hamilton cast is that they started from a point of view where they have party consider trump to be wrong. they repeated the hillary clinton campaign points and have are the considered him wrong and convicted him of these campaign points from hillary clinton. host: thanks. last word from bill in pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. host: final comments. caller: i think it was pretty disgusting to have a family go to an outing like that to see a musical and get that kind of stuff thrown at them.
9:57 am
i have been democrat all my life . i voted for trump. i'm not here in rural pennsylvania -- adhering rural pennsylvania -- out here in rural pennsylvania. this is part of the problem, there is a congressman from up in minnesota and he was on bill maher and he said he was going to be the new chairman of our democratic national committee, and he said on bill maher, we have to abolish the second amendment. this is the divide that democrats that live in cities do not understand that democrats about here where the rubber meets the road what is going on. i guarantee, republicans will lip of him saying let's abolish the second amendment over and over again. if i was in that theater and , and she camen, in with her family, i would never have booed her.
9:58 am
downer would have doubled and gone out after the show and got on stage and use that venue to an to give a lecture incoming vice president. that is a bunch of crap. host: thanks for your calls and comments. this moment came up last night. alex baldwin portraying donald trump on "saturday night live." [applause] [video clip] [applause] >> mr. trump, mike pence is here. [laughter] >> perfect. hello, sir. i heard you went to see "hamilton." how was that? >> it was good. i got a free lecture. >> i love you, mike. you are the reason i will get impeached. >> we have a few problems. the democrats are pushing back on our illegal immigration act
9:59 am
because basic by dean million illegal immigrants is going to be hard. >> impossible probably. >> and it will be harder to deport them. >> troop. maybe, let's not do it. >> ugh, don't do it? >> scrap it. >> scrap? >> scrap. >> may be let's talk about it later. let's talk about obama care. 20 way people use it, but a lot of them like it. >> let's keep it -- 20 million people use it, but a lot of them like it. >> let's keep it. >> keep it? >> no change. >> also, they will make it hard for us to hire a prosecutor to put hillary in jail. >> don't do it. >> don't do it? >> scrap it. she did not do anything. >> sir, being president is not going to be easy, but we will get through it if we work hard together. >> thank you, mike.
10:00 am
oh, and mike, you will do everything, right? >> yes, sir. > mike, one more thing, -- live from new york, it is "saturday night live." host: that was it. tomorrow morning, "the washington journal" tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern. and with this, talking about marijuana legalization. adam brandon will joinbrandon we president and ceo frameworks. .newsmakers is coming up next happy early thanksgiving. we're back again to more morning. enjoy your sunday. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]


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