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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 5, 2016 7:00am-7:46am EST

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isis inspired attacks in the u.s. with mark ginsberg who is a former mideast jimmyr to president carter. later, liz farmer talks about federal grant money being used by large ♪ trump wentdent-elect to nominate armor presidential candidate, dr. ben carson as the head of housing and urban development. dr. carson was his choice to advance his agenda for urban renewal and the inner-city. this is the washington journal for december 5. we will talk more on that later. the decision yesterday concerning an oil pipeline. the obama administration has put on hold a project in north dakota. that is known as the dakota protest -- dakota axis pipeline.
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we will learn more about the construction and the decision by the obama administration. if you have been following it, we want to get your input. if you're a north dakota resident and you want to give your thoughts on this decision, call us. if you want to post on twitter, you can do so. you can put a thought on facebook. the usa today has a story that takes a look at this decision by the administration concerning this dakota access pipeline. the headline controversial type on put on hold.
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the company did not respond to a comment but adding to the story that the eye blind was set to cross the river from a half-mile from standing rock to the reservation border. tribal members have for months protested. that is some of the writeups this morning from the decision that was made by the obama administration that was released
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yesterday. wanted to get your thoughts -- we want to get your thoughts. for those of you and north dakota and you want to give your perspective being a resident of the state. you possibly have been following the closeness. available to you posted on our twitter site and on our facebook page. the other headline from the new york times, "post testers gain victory over the fight for the oil pipeline." the army corps of engineers will look for an alternative route for the pipeline. construction of the route a half-mile from the standing rock
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sioux reservation has become the flashpoint sewing thousands of people out here -- joining us to talk more about gilmer.ision, ellen she covers the legal issues for that publication. good morning to you. guest: good morning. host: what are the options left for the company that is behind the pipeline? guest: at this point, energy transfer partners, the company behind the pipeline, they cannot drill underneath the missouri river. that is where the easement is. they cannot complete the pipeline. the environmental impact statement that the army corps is going to view now is going to take months, maybe a year.
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that really is going to delay the project significantly. what we don't know is exactly what a trump administration will do to affect that timeline. that is something we are going to have to wait and see. host: why now did the obama administration reacted this? what: nobody knows exactly timeline the administration was working on. all we know is several agencies were involved in this decision. the army corps met with representatives from the pipeline company on friday, last week. they appear to have been mulling this decision over the weekend. thatiming was something appears the administration wanted to get done before president obama leaves office. other than that, we cannot tell why they chose last night. host: the pipeline overall, does
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construction continue? does it hold -- does it halt? guest: it halts what is happening at the missouri river. anywhere else, the company could move forward with construction. financial risk they would be taking on, in case the pipeline inns up being rerouted. the company is free to do that. host: as far as the decision by the obama administration, could the company at behind energy transfer, could they countersue or soothe the army corps of engineers or administration? the company has already sued the obama administration or they filed a claim in court last month. they might use that existing claim to challenge this decision . the complication is typically a company can only challenge an agency when it makes a final
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decision. technically, this decision is saying we need to study this more. we still have not decided on the easement. that can make things challenging. the dakota axis is going to try and challenge that in court. host: in the lead up to the obama administration, there's been back and forth about the native american tribes. have they come to the table? for this project, they had this meeting with the army corps on friday. the environment impact statement that they will be working on, the army corps will work in close coordination with the tribes. in general, and the administration is working on improving its process. or seeing if the process needs improvement as far as consulting with tribes. the administration is looking to see if there are certain steps
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they need to take to improve communication between those two parties. host: what has been the reactions for those on the ground? it is absolute relation on the ground from what i have seen. people dancing and hugging and singing. also a very real understanding of the uncertainty that the trump administration brings to the decision. they know the site is not -- the fight is not over for them but they are eager to join their families for the holidays. .ost: that is ellen gilmer she is a reporter talking about this decision by the obama administration. thank you for your input. the numbers will be on the screen. a special line for you, north
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dakota residents. in sioux falls, south dakota. what do you think? caller: this decision is the first step. we just had this legal person speaking and i cannot understand why she did not bring up public health law and the history of these pipelines busting and causing all kinds of problems. disaster.the bp how that was covered up and was a slap on the wrist. the foreign company that is intruding upon sovereign american land and our rights to clean drinking water. how come the natives are standing up? the citizens, the americans, are not? for somebody to be promoting this private company to come through and threaten their lives
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in this way, threatened their health in this manner, is unacceptable and if trump were despite what has happened so far, that is treason. host: let's hear from asheville, ohio. you are next. caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. that gentleman before me, right on the nose. i would like to make a comment that we need at least one million people around the state of north dakota to stand up with the people on this situation. the police will not be able to shoot all of the million people if they get involved. host: are you suggesting that
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-- otherota's overall people who are against this project? caller: i think we need more protesters to stop the project. they can be routed just like the gentleman before me suggested. maryland republican line. good morning. caller: clearly this is a page -- they arentalists big-time campaign donations. they are funding this chaos. they are standing in the way of capitalism. else. warming or whatever right now, [indiscernible] there rerouted past the point where they camped out at and find a way to hold them accountable.
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right before inauguration they're going to put up a fight and they are going to rally again against democracy. it is another way [indiscernible] on the left. host: some reactions from twitter. this is john from twitter saying you can make your thoughts on twitter as well. some reactions also on twitter from legislators. paul ryan saying -- bernie sanders saying --
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let's hear from a north dakota resident. this is fargo, north dakota on the democratic line. what you think? caller: my decision is, you would not want your gravesite disturbed by putting a pipeline of oil on through it, would you echo -- would you? my opinion -- i have a brother-in-law who is in indian. land see, this is their before it was hours. -- [laughter] i can see their point of not wanting this oil pipe going through the graveyard site. go all the way around it, it is fine. that is my opinion. host: do you think residents
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share the same feeling among ?orth dakota's a majority would support what is going on or oppose? caller: as far as going around that? host: as far as supporting the decision? if it's supporting piping always around the gravesite, yeah. host: will go to california, justin. caller: i want to thank you for your show. i watch it every morning. far, except for one token color, i have been seeing -- hearing a lot of good stuff. this going around the pipeline, i am not so familiar with that. a pipeline going around missouri . i haven't heard so much about that.
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republican that called made it sound like -- i think he was saying that obama has created this whole belief in global warming and destroying jobs. the only people who get jobs out of this are the people who are going to clean it up when it breaks somewhere down the line. right now, more money is being spent and faster on renewable energies and yet we are still investing in the worst kind of oil. this is not like hitting the geyser and you got nice, sweet crude. this is out of tar sand, racking. i'm very happy that president obama did this. i wished he had done it a lot sooner. i am very afraid for what trump
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is going to do for this. pipelinefor the larger that obama stopped. republicans reactions tog your this decision by the obama administration to put a halt to that one section of the dakota type line -- dakota pipeline. get your thoughts on it, especially north dakota residents. thoughts.o give us bismarck, north dakota is where bert lives. caller: good morning. i called in to give my viewpoints. i am 70 years old and i live in north dakota. i have lived in april area.
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-- in the rural area. we have native americans all around. and i was on a tp -- tpe we had rings. [indiscernible] we found arrowheads in the neighborhood. buffalo bones in that type of thing. some of that is beside the point. we have lots of indian artifacts all around the state. host: to the decision itself, what do you think? caller: i think it is a mistake. a lot of people that depend on --s oil, it is not going to there are 200 pipelines under the missouri river.
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this isn't going to change anything. the native americans are poor. i don't think -- to give attention to what has been happening down on standing rock. are there remedies? -- we aret problem good friends here in bismarck. we deal back and forth with each other all the time. it is the outset is that of come in and burst things in shot cattle and all of the other things that we despise. host: that is bert in bismarck, north dakota. especially north dakota residents, if you want to call in and give your view. boy -- fromrom hawaii. [video clip]
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>> i'm here at the standing rock camp where the chairman just announced to the many people who were here that the army corps of engineers has informed him that they will not approve the easement to build the pipeline below their river, their water source. this is exactly what the chairman has been asking for. i met him yesterday as soon as i came here and asked him what was the number one thing he wanted me to take back to washington tomorrow. what was his message? this message was to deny the easement. that is exactly what has happened. he was successful in getting an environmental impact statement order for the entire pipeline to date. there's only been environmental -- that has only been an environmental adjustment. the standing rock sioux tribe and other native people, all of the people here today, the many
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veterans who have gathered are celebrating. they are joyful that their stand for water, as water protectors, has been successful. out her video via a tweet. if you go to our washington journal page, we have a listing of all representatives and their twitter feeds that you can follow along with. not only her reaction but other reactions. nancy from minnesota. democrats line. you are next up. caller: hello. i like a lot of the comments about this. this pipeline,ed and the crude -- they did not have any place to place the
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toxic waste. they put it in the -- in a vacated town. that is like putting the horse before the cart. they did not have any means of transportation for this oil either. peer over there north dakota in this region, we are sitting on one of the largest aquifers that there is. who pays forime, all of that water that they use and put the taxes back into the ground? to number one -- and another thing is our soil. around the lake, the water table
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is so high in the spring and everything, that there is flooding. it is bound to get into these waters. host: letter from raymond. -- let's hear from raymond. the republican line from new york. harry, you are next. caller: thank you. host: go ahead. caller: in the last year, i have a 500 acre farm. they drilled for a mile with noth my property problems whatsoever. they went in solid rock under the aquifer, under the waters in the rivers and they did this with no problem whatsoever. i just wanted to let everybody know that no damage was done and it has been completed and is now
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in operation. you are saying that if the project were to continue on in north dakota, possibly no harm would come? caller: no harm when they go below the water. they would below the rivers, , andes and three highways it is in solid rock. they bore in solid rock and there is absolutely no problem to the people or our water host: what d think this decision is about -- what do you think this decision is about to put this on hold? caller: i believe the whole thing is nothing but -- listen, i believe in the indians rights. have a great indian backer. i think the indians of all people in this country have been doneeated, but this can be
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without any problem to anybody, and i really feel it should be done. host: john, costa mesa, california. caller: thank you for c-span. it doesn't matter if it never links. it desecrates the land. some things are sacred. i support this decision. my wife and i are driving up to ventura to listen to them make a decision on 87 oil where we live in newport beach on the bluffs, a place called banning ranch. there was a decision where the community one against the development that they proposed. it is clear to see where speaker ryan stands. he is wrong. president obama is not anti-energy. we pump more oil under his administration than ever.
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some things are sacred. sacred as the a incoming administration. trump's position, we know that. i support the indian decision. host: that is john in california. a couple of other things -- stories concerning the transfer process with the trump administration. a story released early saying that trump has chosen dr. ben carson
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that is from the trump administration. another story in the wall street journal looks at who might head the federal reserve.
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from net in el paso. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. out as ag started noble idea. it has turned into a festival. it is turned some the tribes here in texas and southern new mexico like burning man we've got other people showing up with drugs, alcohol and they are asking them not to bring them. first, they were asking for cash and then they asked for pickup trucks, laptops and cold weather
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gear. other people showing up there who are not native american. they think it is a festival, like burning man. people showing up with drugs and alcohol. thank you. host: let's hear from ron in south dakota. democrats line. guest: -- caller: good morning. i'm with the indians on this. i think they should at the very list -- very least the route the pipeline around the missouri river. i appreciate the indians stand that they are defending the water appeared i have always believed that if you don't have water, you don't have anything. i believe in this hyperlink more than -- this type line more than
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keystone xl. i think keystone xl should never get off the ground. i'm really afraid what trump is going to do when he gets into office. host: why do you like this over keystone? this pipelinest is transporting north dakota crude. the tar sand oil should stay in the ground. host: the dakota access pipeline, the decision to halt the construction of a certain section a short distance from a native american land. north dakota residents, you can call in and make your thoughts known.
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also when it comes to truck transition news, one of the people on sunday shows yesterday was david trias talking about -- david trias talking about the possibility of his choice to become secretary of state and issues that may come along with that especially how we treat sensitive information. he was asked about that on abc yesterday. here's his response. >> you'll be pressed on what you make false statements to the fbi. director comey said you did. you acknowledge that. you said it was supposed that use of the forgot. are you challenging the no.ctor's conclusion? >> i made a false statement. at the time, i did not think it was false. they may have pursued that more
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i want to add something that he left out which is the fbi in the agreement acknowledged that nothing that was in my journals that i shared, certainly improperly, ended up in the biography automated out to the public. that is a significant point. the fact was written -- the book was read by colonel greg been with me in the whole year that i was in afghanistan. look, i made a mistake. i acknowledged it. host: one of the reactions from the decision by the obama administration came from one of the north dakota's sitters -- senators. saying this administration's delay
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that is the reaction from north dakota's democratic senator. the niece from germantown, maryland. our line for the kratz. -- for democrats. caller: i am nervous. this my first time calling in. i support the native americans. they have been through so much in this country. with them feeling that their land will be desecrated is something we need to take into account. the i heard last week that pipeline was supposed to have been in bismarck and the people up there decided they did not want it there so they rerouted it to the native american lands. if that is the case, that needs to be talked about also. host: about a half mile distance
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from -- does that make a difference echo -- different? caller: no, you never know what could happen with the pipeline. you never know, it could leak and he could leak into your pipelines -- into the pipelines. i am sorry, where they are -- whether ancient burial grounds are. we don't want that to happen. host: what drew you to the story initially? protests overall and how the native americans have been treated. it was about time they were able to stand up to the federal government for once and for all, enough is enough. when you compare what happened with the bunny ranch -- the bundy ranch and people got killed. i can't remember where it was. thatrd somebody saying
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people were bringing in alcohol advance.g for the same thing happened around the bundy ranch. they were bringing in all this food in the protests. nothing happened to those people. it was like the federal government was afraid they would be -- there would be large-scale outbreaks of violence and nothing happened. here, you have native americans who are peacefully protesting. they were asked to leave. , they were met with all of this violence. host: the new york times, you just saw some of the photos from some of the celebrations that the place. providing video of some of the reaction that took place after this decision was announced. we can get your input as well.
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jamestown, north dakota. this is ivan. caller: i think that was a very poor decision by the u.s. government. i see this as simply the u.s. government during a financial lifeline to save the tribes and their supporters from a $100 million claim. the tribe certainly cannot afford to pay. ,he pipeline will get built most likely in the same place. that is about it. host: do you support the pipeline? caller: certainly. montana, from the beginning
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-- from the head of the missouri where it enters into st. louis, there are over 200 crossings under the missouri river. there have not been any problems. the water intake could have been built upstream of this crossing, but there is no compromise from so-calledor the supporters of the tribe. .his pipeline will get built in most likely in the same place. -- and most likely in the same place because the tribe cannot afford a $700 million for a 700 mile reroute. host: we will go next to greg. republican line. caller: good morning, pedro. first of all, i am an engineer
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but i am also a retired army officer. -- that were miscalculated to the max. to the tribe understanding rock, instead of protesting this, why don't they be a part of the solution. part of the solution instead of the oil go to a refinery, why don't they work with the government and build a refinery up there? the: do you understand nature of environmental impact studies? how long they take an out complex that problem is? caller: i worked in the petroleum industry and i built offshore drilling rigs. i think it is just not that complicated if there is a little
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common sense and it -- common sense in it. training swap means putting people in cabinet positions that have the capability of [indiscernible] -- and don't know what they are doing. host: hello, you are on. caller: hello? host: good morning. caller: i am very happy with the decision. a north dakota here, we have need to listen to the native american community when they want to have further look at the environment impact studies. i say, yes. i stand with them. i'm more at about the other water issues in north dakota. we have had pipeline links
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appear and a pretty severe one. host: kathy from ohio, good morning. democrats line. caller: good morning. i am from ohio and i am so happy that the obama administration halted the pipeline construction. i just want to say as a background, have been watching c-span for a long time, and i am so happy to see something positive happened for the environment. i do have some experience in the petrochemical industry. i worked for arco chemicals in the analytical department p let me tell you, they do put the processes like the procedures in place to do this and follow regulations. you better believe the people in power know how to post rings. i was an analytical chemist in a lab doing technician work.
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i had a visit to my lab before all of the crazy and run stuff happen because he had a huge market share when it was still in gas money. for him to be knowing where analytical work was happening for water samples, you better believe they know how to work it , they know how to do all of the tricks. people need to have a look -- need to have a strong world perspective on what is happening in the world environment. you go, you have heard the argument about the safety of transferring oil by pipeline versus shipping it by railcar. what do you think about that argument? was it a safer bet to have the pipeline in the alternate? know.: honestly, i don't for me, that is a very specialized question that needs to be answered.
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i consider myself to be very conservative when it comes to environmental issues. everything has to be evaluated to be most safe to protect the environment and to use as little petrochemicals as possible. that has to be done by the experts and not politicians that come in and want to get reelected. host: on twitter, post on twitter and facebook. call the line like robert did in brooklyn, new york. go ahead. anything that facilitates or promote the use of fossil fuels is banned in all to be opposed. host: what does this mean on your thoughts echo -- thoughts?
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caller: i am for the decision. host: jeff is next from nebraska. republican line. i'm quite sure that to go onld do anything with trump when he goes and office also, i'm looking all these teeees and cars and i'm made ofre they are not wood and they did not push those cars in place. they are probably using gas and bring the heat to get up there. host: i'm guessing you oppose the move by the administration. why? caller: what is the point? it is safer. if they're going to do a by rail, everybody knows, we have seen it twice under the obama
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demonstration, the rails when off the tracks. am i not correct? host: from michigan, this will be the last call, don from taylor. independent line. caller: i want to thank c-span. is a canadianhat oil company but i know china owns it. this has been going on for years. and put native land there downriver from where they were getting oil from, people were getting cancer. canadan't go through because the canadians don't want it. if it goes to texas, the texas will be making the money. canada anda in canadian people deny wanted. they are going to send it through here -- they are too
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corrupt. that is all i have got to say. host: don will be the last call. congress set to go on their holiday break soon. the story in the boston times takes a look at the incoming -- in the incoming administration. paul ryan saying -- he said that on the program "60 minutes." we'll take a look at how -- at
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house democrats as they face a republican majority in the house and senate and also the trump administration. we want to give a sense of what it means to be a house democrats. joining us, mike lillis who covers congress for the hill. ginsbergjoined by mark was been talking to social media companies about their responsibility to deal with content that could be used to inspire terrorist acts in the united states. that only will we talk about what he is saying but will get a sense from him what these companies are saying back to him. seen it but not senate republicans recently sent out a tweet thanking the freshman senate republicans for their work on various insulative aspects and wanted to highlight them as well. they did it in the form of a video set to music. here it is. [video clip] ♪ >> ♪


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