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tv   Congressional Republicans Discuss Climate and Energy Policy  CSPAN  December 9, 2016 12:47am-2:10am EST

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oof a systematic review. how long would that review take? the rumor is that it will be as long as a few years, but with this kind of regulation by decree, there is no knowing for sure. it is unknown and unknowable. they will complete bother to tell us when they get around to it. imagine you are a coal miner trying to support a family. one day you hear you will be out of a job once your company's holdings expire. on top of that, you have no way of knowing when, or whether you might ever be hired for another job. for far too many of our citizens today, they do not need to imagine this. this does not require any kind of stretch of the imagination. it is how they are living. it is their own reality. it is their own living
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nightmare. but starting in january of 2017 we can begin to change that. and that is why i am so happy today. that is why this is such a great time to be alive as an american. the incoming congress and newly ministration give us the best opportunity -- the incoming congress and new demonstration give us the best opportunity, perhaps in our lifetimes, do but washington, and especially federal energy policy, back on the side of hard-working americans. as i see it, this will require a dual track approach. one that simultaneously reigns in our hyperactive federal bureaucracy, and it takes positive steps to return policy back to the states. because of course, most of our problems in washington stem from the fact that we have completely neglected this document, whose central, most important feature is it
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protects us against the accumulation of power in the hands of the few. first, they separate power along the vertical axis. and then along the horizontal axis. it separates power between three equal branches of the federal government. that we have drifted from those protections. first by moving power away from the people and taking to washington, and then within washington. handing power away from the people's elected representatives. we can and we should and must, and i believe we will, start to restore this system of checks and balances. we need to start to process repealing the most costly federal regulations right away. now, with president-elect trump, he will be undoing many of his predecessor's executive orders, like the moratorium on coal leasing i mentioned. and on capitol hill we can get to work immediately after the new congress is sworn in by
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using the congressional review act, first to rescind a long list obama's issuances, and then to adopt new reforms, which will make sure that these powers are not delegated out to unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in the first place. in fact, i know my friends from texas and from alabama have a few items on their wish list they would like to share with us. some regulations i will mention here include the buffer rule and the interior department's new methane emissions rule, which unnecessarily conflicts with new and very effective methane reduction methods put in place by the state of utah. both of these rules are ripe for review under the congressional review act and i plan to work tirelessly to make sure we do exactly that. much of this can be accomplished
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within the first hundred days of the demonstration, but we also have to have a long-term vision to rein in this centralization problem. this has to be in with a much-needed and fundamental attitude adjustment within administrative agencies, which is one reason i'm so encouraged by the nomination of scott pruitt to be the head of the epa. this is a man who understands federalism and separation of powers, and has been a warrior, an champio to restore those things. he is a smart man, and most importantly, understands the dangers of consolidated power. as attorney general of oklahoma, scott pruitt has spent years being ignored and being pushed around by washington. so, he knows the kind of dangerous bureaucratic mindset he is up against.
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e's notfident that h going to shy away from the battle, from the task of shaking things up and moving things forward in washington. and reminding epa regulators that their job is to work with, not condescend to, the states and those they regulate. finally, congress should work to pass and get signed into law legislation that empowers the states to resume their rightful role in regulating energy producers, so that we are not constantly following this instinct to take all that power to washington. for federal land states, like utah, i believe the only fair and sustainable solution would involve significant transfers of noncontroversial and back to the states. there is no reason why the federal government needs to own 2/3 of the landed my state.
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this of course, is a long-term goal and in the meantime, we can develop solutions that encourage management of public land in a way that will prevent federal rules from preempting and overriding effective regulations and laws implemented at the state level. these are just a few of the ideas. they were meant to kick off this morning's discussion. texas hasfriend from other ideas and my friend from alabama, who we heard from moments ago, has other ideas he proposed, and i respect him greatly in support them. i thank you for letting me speak to you this morning. i encourage all of you to join in the fight to restore constitutionally limited government. this is the time to make it happen. [applause]
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>> thank you, senator. that was great. exciting stuff. ok, we have one more speaker. congress and pete olson is joining us here for our final talk. pete olson is a navy veteran. he cut his teeth in politics when he worked for the great texas under phil gramm. i came to d.c. in 2000 and met him and it was absolutely ian honor. he took the oath of office on january 6, 2009, first term as congressman. since then, he has served on multiple committees and most recently, has been appointed by the leadership in the house to be on the energy and commerce committee. and obviously, that is a great committee for all the things we are talking about today. it allows them to advocate for all the issues that we care
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about. he has been, in particular, a champion in congress and we have appreciated this at heritage, and fighting against ozone regulations. he has made that one of his major rallying cries, and we look forward to helping him. we are excited to have him. please welcome congressman pete olson. [applause] pete: wow. thank you, tim. now, i'm 53 years old, so bear with me. my glasses. but thank you tim for that very kind introduction. and of course, thank you to the texas public policy foundation and the heritage foundation for hosting this important forum on the new administration and energy policies.
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i wanted to be here to talk to you all about these important issues, especially with a group of people who could understand my texas accent without having a translator. howdy y'all! much obliged to be here. theckon we dusted on down road. it is not news to anyone here, but the last two years have seen the most positive change in america energy in our lifetimes. has been brought from a nation of energy beggers to a country that has the largest proven reserves of oil in the entire world. than saudi arabia. more oil than russia. americanis liquid
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freedom. right, it could be a game changer for our economy and our national security. we have seen tremendous changes to our electronic grid, electric grid. president obama's 2008 promise to bankrupt coal has largely been kept. because it happened six years and 7000 miles away in japan, nuclear power is stagnant. natural gas is quickly becoming it can help because coming wind and solar online. and that is a lot of change.
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last eighte years, congress has been forced to spend time playing defense against a tidal wave of executive orders coming out as the white house tried to twist the market forces to meet their liberal ends. opportunity.a new we will have president trump in a few short weeks. and he'll have strong majorities in both the house and senate. ofeg walden, the new chair energy and commerce. and i hold the reins of the energy and power subcommittee. as greg knows, i want that gavel 115thfull term in the
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congress. as we close out the books, we need to determine how we use this bounty of new american energy. priority must be to stop the bleeding on energy coming out of d.c. more arbitrary decisions to block resources from safe development. we need to go back to days when we worked with local communities that wanted to safely develop their resources. our federal government decided ort alaskans or atlantics pacifics or federal land is untouchable. that is not some policy. 'txans like me say, that ani'in
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very smart. it hurts american energy and it is an abuse of federal power. it stings local communities that need energy for economic growth. likewise, blocking safe pipeline protests is not rational governance. we must rein in what i call the enterprise agency, the epa. thrilled president trump announced his new ministry to for the epa, our attorney general from the north, scott pruitt. friends, we can get this thing turned around. while cheap natural gas has been obama has worked from
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day one to find creative new ways to change the clean air act to close down coal plants. the clean power plan/climate alter thee did not law. it smashed the law. no surprise, the supreme court agreed. despite those liberal attacks, coal is still a big part of our power grid. in texas, my own state, coal is just a bit behind natural gas for power production. ht years,st eig we saw obama and the epa misuse the clean air act to shut down helps stateshat
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with electricity policies. going forward, rules must be written with a bounds between public health benefits, real technology, and economic impacts, jobs. and i know, y'all's blood boils like mine when liberals claim republicans dn'on't care about our children or environment. that is a load of texas bull. that's my thought on that. we are the party of teddy roosevelt, who made our national parks. we are the party made up of sportsmen who love open-space and the outdoors. we are the party that cleaned up the smog i breathed as a child
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in houston in 1972, so my daughter and son, our kids, can breathe cleana ir -- clean air today. we have to have rational, commonsense regulations and sensible laws. on to ourl not pass filledd grandkids smog air across houston, texas. i believe we can find that balance and that happy combination for the 115th congress. climate change. well, there has been climate change since the book of genesis. i don't believe that humans are about to destroy our earth.
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he will not see the energy and commerce committee advance a sweeping cabinet tax bill. i think it is the wrong policy that will be of great consequences to local communities -- that will give great consequences to local communities. to quote the free loving texans, i would say senator phil gramm, a tax bill is deader than elvis. emissions,r carbon and free-market approaches are worth talking about. approach is to produce more american natural gas. those who protest for natural gas are raising hypocrites. the sameet, foregetget, pipes they fear are the ones
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that help it clean gas to the markets and are medically cut our-- and dramatically cut carbon emissions. there are also the renewables. the ministry talks about how they are cost competitive. really? really? wind and solar are often located far from population centers. work unless you have reasonable transmission lines and perming at the federal level. in texas, we are the number one in america for wind production. through times go of energy to market. we had one day recently where
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over half of our power production came from wind power. but there has to be a free market. a conservative liberalists.he d.c. takingport winners and losers, especially on energy policy. we need to get the feds out of the way, let the free market takeover. we should look at combining reform with gas pipeline reform. at the same time. should include all forms of
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energies, the pipelines, coal po wer, should be able to get to market without federal wrote road blocks. the industryve fuelterm storage and options. they need to know, the people do, that the rnc will keep the people safe without adding layer upon layer of new costs that make those plans uncompetitive. need to make sure the nfc is liberal in improving new reactor designs. get the government out of the way and let's have what i call an energy cage match. may the best man win.
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and while we're improving the oil and gas at home, we have to open up the markets to american natural gas at the america movil. -- at the american level. we keep getting on the cusp, but failed to cross the finish line. it is time to get that done. exporting natural gas creates good paying american jobs and helps our allies abroad. expensive russian gas from putinmir strengthens our eastern middle opec stilllies and controls the global market, and that control hurts beacons of freedom in bad neighborhoods. like japan, like south korea,
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like india, who need our low cost energy for their security, and ours. issues,ricity congressional oversight does not end at the clean air act. for too long we have ignored the federal power act. sleepy sounding group. they oversee the markets. they shape our grid. they monetize the electricity sector. congress does not have all the answers, nor should it. if it did, i'd be very, very
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scared. new, hope that conservative majorities in theress can help administration can get these energy questions done right. americandemocracy, an free trade have given more freedom to more people in the world's history than all of our wars combined.f principlest preserve our way of life, keeps the lights on, and passes a booming economy onto our kids and grandkids with an environment we can be proud of. u very much.thank yo
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go navy. christmas, y'all. thank you. [applause] >> questions? >> i will start off real quick. this is dan pfeiffer tweeting last night. dan five or was the millennial speechwriter for president obama -- dan pfeiffer was the millennial speechwriter for president obama. he said, at the risk of being dramatic, scott pruitt at the epa is an existential threat to the planet. a scott pruitt appointment mean for the future? d.c. basically means loses power. it goes back to the states.
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he fought at oklahoma for our current attorney general paxton. and i'm excited. arefact that those guys attacking scott pruitt, i would say, my friend, scott, if people ain't saying bad things about you coming you are doing something wrong. so, my friends, he is doing something right. i am excited to have him come before the committee and say things i would like him to say, like let's build up american energy. let's have clean water and clean air. let's not stagnate. let's grow, make the world it better place. help allies. we can do a lot of things with the new java ministration -- with the new truck administration and it's got up there is -- with the new trump the ministration and it's got up there is the epa
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administrator. we have heard things about the congress approved regulations and the marines act. but that could be appealed by the next liberal congress. you thought that all about supporting the regulation freedom, and the constitutional t?rsion of the marines ac >> i thought about that, but we have thought about the act. mr. trump told us in late july, when that comes to my desk, i will sign it. that means the senate has to act. we passed that three times in the house. let's make this permanent, like you said. because we will not have the white house forever. make sure that when a democrat gets there that stays on there. that gives d.c. a voice.
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if the executive order crosses a threshold, we can seay yay or nay. it dies, unless we approve it. addition.t is because -- hey, that is the constitution. constitution? >> john hancock. >> john hancock signed by declaration. the john hancock from the revelation, but he signed my constitution. >> we have a question right down here. >> yes, ma'am. >> what can congress and the trump administration do about the pipeline? >> i will talk to mr. trump and say, let's pass keystone asap.
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mrs. clinton, twice, mr. kerry , once. all the states along the pipeline route said, we are good to go. people forget, that is the keystone xl pipeline that caused the problems. , sincestone pipeline 2007. 500,000 barrels per day, coming along the same route, basically, going to illinois. the keystone pipeline creates good paying american jobs, we all know that. it makes us less dependent upon oil we cannot control from opec or russia, helps out our allies. how about this idea? consider opec, how about apec? , three of us.ican
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our neighbors to the north, us, and mexico. private there. have got a lot of oil and gas down there. offshore of the gulf of mexico and gas down there. it goes all the way to the border. guess what? it is there. gas, in mexico. let's help them tap that. and we can trust them. in north dakota, the pipeline -- i'm sorry, the same guys that have it stopped right now, to build a pipeline from mexico to west texas, they are coming down to spread their ill will in my
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own stupidity will not be successful -- it will do my own state. it will not be successful. we have allies. >> may be time for one more question. >> [inaudible] theake some pressure off of miners? >> that is a big bear. that is a big bear to kill because of the corn lobby. it is very powerful. statellinois, the court -- supports it. but there is good news. facts a quote from phil, are consistent things. on that outcome of the facts are
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getting better and better. different groups will support climate change, hydrocarbons are now saying that -- makes it worse. it does. it is all the same. let's get the corn to market. now you are driving tractors and you have heard allies are and all of this. it is even worse. hopefully, that is a big hope. i know. but we should support getting rid of ethanol, because it is making the planet were -- worse. how about nuclear power? if you care about climate change with can reduce emissions nuclear power. it is really really safe. comments,rse, with my
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it comes across the pacific about nuclear power. and we are hitting people with the facts. the people to fax -- facts, american people are smart. once they have back -- have facts -- that is our mission. >> please join me in thanking the congressman. [applause] >> ok, we're going to take a short break. about 20 minutes. the next panel will start at 11:00. thank you. >> donald trump held a rally in des moines, iowa, next on c-span. then, we look back at the life of john glenn, who died on thursday. the house passed legislation to
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keep federal agencies funded, the debate later. ♪ journaln's washington live every day, news and policy issues that impact you. michellerning, discusses her new show and reaction to the 2016 presidential election results, and expectations for the trump administration. then, polly will discuss the attempt by the hamilton of electors to sway their fellow collectors from casting their vote for the president-elect trump, and why they are engaged in that effort. kaiser health news correspondent sydney will look at the 21st century cures act passed by congress and talk about medical industries that benefit from the bill. be sure to watch c-span's
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washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern friday morning. join the discussion. the u.s. council on competitiveness will hold a form ceo fred smith. >> when you look at a project, you look to whether you achieved your objectives and at what cost, so i wanted to see through this last half-century of military interventions, party, politics, morality aside, what happens after the party is over? what are the human and financial costs on both sides? >> brian gruber discusses his latest book, war, the after party. it chronicles his travel experiences through countries
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affected by u.s. involved conflict. >> i went to all these places. of bias.ith some form i went with an open mind to not so much understand what a partisan point of view might be, misso look at what was ion accomplished and the cost on both ends of the gun barrel. trump held a rally to thank supporters in des moines, iowa. the president-elect has held events and a number of states he won in the november election. ♪
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>> i am mike pence. i am from indiana. and because of the support and hard work and prayers of the people of iowa and people all across america, 42 days from today, i am humbled to say i will take the oath of office to be the next president of the -- the next vice president of the united states of america. grateful and i are deeply humbled. we will be standing on that day on january 20, and i came here today on behalf of my family to just say thanks. [applause] [cheers]
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but mostly i am here tonight as a fellow american to say to the people of iowa, thank you you one month ago today voted to elect a president who will make america great again. so thank you iowa, thank you for doing your part to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america. [applause] [cheers] hee-president elect pence: did it. he did it. and we have all of you to thank. , america will
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finally have a president who will rebuild our military. [cheers] vice-president elect pence: provide our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guard with the training they need to accomplish their missions. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: and we will finally have a president who will name our enemy and marshal the resources to hunt is and destroy it at its source. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: and thanks to you after a heartbreaking day in des moines for the people of this community and in the law enforcement you, wey, thanks to will have a president who supports the men and women in our law enforcement community at every level.
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[applause] [cheers] wee-president elect pence: will have a president who provides the men and women of law enforcement with the resources and tools they need to protect our families and go home irs, and he will restore law and order to every city and every community in this land thanks to you. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: and thanks to you, thanks to you we will have a president who will make this american economy great again. [applause] [cheers] wee-president elect pence: will have a president who will repeal obama care lock, stock, and barrel and replace it with free-market health-care reforms. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: we will have a president who will
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cut taxes, rollback excessive regulations, appeal every single unconstitutional executive order signed by barack obama. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: and , and thanks to you we will have a president who will put american workers and american jobs first. we will have trade deals that will mean of american jobs and american prosperity. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: thanks to you we will have a president who fights for american jobs. we saw that in the hoosier state just last week. of the leadership of our president-elect, a company that announced they were pulling up stakes from indiana and going all the way to mexico, closing their doors, because he reached he described a vision for a growing america and america that puts american
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workers first, carrier decided to keep a thousand good paying jobs in the state of indiana. make no mistake about it, carrier decided to stay in america because donald trump was elected president of the united states. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: thanks to you. thanks to you, thanks to you we will have a president who will enforce the laws of this nation on behalf of the citizens of this nation and all who are legally here. wall, enforcea our laws, and end illegal immigration once and for all. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: thanks to you -- usa, usa!ng] vice-president elect pence: and thanks to you we will have a
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president of the united states who makes appointments to the highest court in the land that will uphold the sanctity of and, our second amendment, all the god-given liberties enshrined in the constitution of the united states. thanks to you. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: iowa, thanks to you, you have made a difference in the life of the nation, and i am here just as a fellow american from the bottom of my heart to thank you thishat you have done in great state. thank you for giving america a great president whose strength, vision, leadership will make america great again faster than you could possibly imagine. [applause] [cheers] vice-president elect pence: so i say, i say with a grateful heart and with real pride that it is my high honor and distinct
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theilege to present to you president elect of the united states of america, donald trump. ♪ [applause] [cheers] >> ♪ i am proud to be an american where at least i know i am free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me and i would gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today, but there ain't no doubt i love this land, god bless the usa ♪
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[applause] [cheers] ♪ president-elect trump: what a crowd, beautiful, wow. wow. what a crowd. [applause] [cheers] whatdent-elect trump: great people, great people. usa, usa!ng] president-elect trump: i am here today for one main reason, to
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say thank you to the great, great people of iowa. out and pounded, and i mean pounded the pavement. you organize your fellow citizens and propelled us to victories at a grassroots and every other level. we have a movement, the likes of which this world has never seen before, never seen before. also want to give a very special thanks to our veterans, a lot of veterans in this room. thank you. thank you. service members, military families, unbelievable people. yesterday was the 75th anniversary of pearl harbor and a reminder of the countless americans who made the ultimate
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sacrifice for this and our country. [applause] [cheers] america'select trump: men and women in uniform are the finest and bravest the world has ever known. , we arehe way, folks going to be building up our military. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: it will no longer be added depleted military, i promise. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: so to all serving in our military, and all veterans who wore the uniform before, i say to you now on behalf of a very, very grateful nation, thank you, thank you, thank you. debt, and we will never ever let you down. never. we will honor your service, your
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sacrifice, and that really begins with defending and respecting our american flag. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: i think he you will be liking some of the things we will be putting forward in the not-too-distant future, you know what i mean? yes? you know what i mean? when pearl harbor was attacked, one man to defend his country was john glenn. for the next seven decades, he devoted his life to serving the american people, which he did from the cockpit of his fighter jet, tough times, in the weightless silence of his mercury space -- oh, that's ok.
1:35 am
that's ok. we have to respect to john glenn . that's all right. i think they are actually on our side. they just don't know it yet. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: they will be soon. also in the weightless silence of his mercury spacecraft, and later in the halls of the u.s. capital, our nation mourns the passing of one of our great heroes. he was a giant among men, and a who american legend inspired generations of explores and trimmers, and we will honor his legacy by continuing to push new frontiers in science, technology, and space. , i'm looking ca
1:36 am
for people who fully understand the meaning of service and who are committed to advancing the common good. one such man who by the way our country has fallen in love with matumattis.ames mad dog he doesn't lose. he doesn't lose. together last night. he is a great guy. a general's general they call him. earlier this week, i formally announce my plans to nominate him as your new secretary of defense. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: i believe we are in the process of putting great thate of the has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so far everybody?
1:37 am
i also want to take this opportunity to thank your great senators, chuck grassley, great , and aally great guy woman i have gotten to know very well, a tremendous woman, phenomenal person, that's right, joni ernst. they are going to be tremendous partners in the senate, and they are right now in washington dc working very hard on something that is very interesting, but they are tremendous, two tremendous people. they never wavered good we would have some people who wavered, right, waiver? and as long as they came back sometime prior to the vote, they are all right, but we don't like people who waiver, right? those two did not waver. your governor did not waver, i want to tell you that. he did not waver. not even a little bit.
1:38 am
invite on am going to the stage one of the newest additions to our administration, a man you know well. one of the most important relationships we must improve, and we have to improve, is our relationship with china. the nation of china is responsible for almost half of america's trade deficit. china is not a market economy. they got a lot of help, and that is why we designate them as being a non-market economy, big thing. the have not played by rules, and i know it is time they are going to start. they are going to start. they have got to. we are all in this thing together, folks.
1:39 am
we have to play by the rules, folks. the massive theft of intellectual property, putting unfair taxes on our companies, not helping with the minutes of north korea like they should, and the at will and massive devaluation of their currency and product dumping. other than that, they can wonderful, right? [laughter] [applause] president-elect trump: but i have to tell you the man that is going to be coming up your very soon, every single time i have spoken as i'm going onto the stage, he said, please, mr. call me see, he could mr. trump. now it is president-elect. can you believe it? if it wasn't for him, i probably would not be president-elect. but he would always say, mr. trump, donald, don't say anything bad about china when you are in iowa. i said one? because i have so many friends
1:40 am
there. i like them and they like me and we do well with china, we do well with china. so when it came to thinking ,bout the ambassador to china right? i started saying this is big stuff. and i can't take you how many people wanted that position. it's not bad. you go over there. you live like a king, but he is not looking to live like a king. he and his beautiful wife kim to my office the other day. if they are willing to work on that relationship because he knows -- and the leaders in china for so many years, he knew your current leader years ago and said he will be the ultimate leader when he was just a young guy, but you have a very special to tell youust want officially that the man i have chosen as our ambassador to china is the man who knows china and likes china, but are like
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china if you going to be over there, do we agree? and knows how to deliver results , and he will deliver results, just like he has been delivering results for 23 years of the great farmers and people of iowa. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: he has been on six straight missions to china, and is highly respect by all of the chinese officials. he is also a native of iowa. america's longest-serving governor in the history of our , think of3 years that. in the history -- you don't know what it is to be a governor for four years is tough. 23 years -- and has done an incredible job. he has also become a great friend of mine.
1:42 am
i am now honored to welcome to the stage our next ambassador to china, your governor, and i can truly say your great governor, terry branstad. come up, terry. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: this is a big room. [applause] [cheers] mr. branstad: wow.
1:43 am
president-elect trump. it has been a great honor and privilege to serve the state, and thanks to our new president who will make america great again, i am proud to serve america and this important role. thank you very much. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: he is going to do so great, with terry on our side, i know we will succeed in bringing our jobs that china also know has been so tough and so competitive, and frankly dealing with people that did not get it, but i will tell you what. we will have mutual respect. , andll have mutual respect
1:44 am
china will benefit and we will benefit, and terry would lead the way, so i just want to congratulate him. [applause] [cheers] tosident-elect trump: but accomplish our goals, we must reject the failed approaches of the past. povernment must sto listening to this special interest and start delivering for the national interest. you, time to deliver for the american people, just like iowa delivered for me. boy did you deliver. boy did you deliver. you know just to go into this for a second, so we won almost every single county in the state. we won by over 10 points. won11 county that wasn't
1:45 am
since the dwight d. eisenhower, and we had a great night. and iowa was announced a very early, and so was ohio, and we won ohio by almost nine points, and we were expected to win ohio by two points or three, so we won by nine. that made the other side of little bit nervous. points, andby 10 then when they looked at the map of iowa and they saw almost every single county, and it was incredible, and they said maybe those two banger flukes. two are flukes. then we won north carolina, south carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, georgia, and taxes. and utah, remember utah?
1:46 am
remember utah? what i said, this guy, this unknown person, that he is doing so well, remember? they said utah is in play. no republican has ever lost utah , and i went to my people and said we have got problems. utah is in play. there was this guy, i never saw the sky. he was supposed to be doing well, and it was like we are tied, and hillary was in third place, and this is a case where i wanted her to be in second place to be honest. inthis guy supposedly was second place, and they said texas, right? they said taxes, very close. georgia, very close. and they had it so close, too close to call, this is before -- thereion, and then is a lot of dishonesty out there, so now the polls open and , texas goes to trump,
1:47 am
george agosta tromp trump, utah, right at the beginning, i won them in like landslides. i'm like what is going on, right? what has been going on for the last 10 weeks? they are in play. the expression they use is they are in play, meaning they are very close. they were not supposed to be in play. guess what? they were in play. the polls opened up and they said trump immediately wins texas. they say, very important to me, trump wins iowa. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: that was a big win, a big one. that was a big one. the numbers were so big that the other side is going around saying that is a big number. that was more than we were supposed to lose by, so i love you folks, i really, this is sort of a, this is a thank you, ohio,thank you iowa,
1:48 am
pennsylvania, north carolina, florida, and a lot of the states that were so, so crucial, and we won everyone, and nebraska, the guy from nebraska. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: actually we won nebraska two, right? nebraska goes twice, and we won oftwice, and we had a lot people in nebraska, a lot of good, wealthy people fighting us, right? that did not work feared those wealthy people aren't so unhappy now because the stock market has gone up so much because of us. those wealthy people just got wealthier, right? busing people from all over the place and we still won both of them. the american worker built this country, and now it is time for american workers to have a government that for the first time in decades answers to them. we are going to answer to them. [applause] [cheers] plandent-elect trump: my
1:49 am
begins with bold structural reform to create millions of jobs, good paying jobs, whether it is agriculture, medicine, or military technology, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america, and right here in iowa. you are going to be big beneficiaries, big beneficiaries. tost on taxes, were going undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. it has got to be simpler. too much work, too complicated. at the center of this plan is massive tax relief for the american middle class, has been forgotten, forgotten. vote,id they come out and huh? i think both parties to some
1:50 am
extent, but especially the other side, they forgot about those people. that's why i call them the forgotten men and the forgotten not forgottenare anymore, folks. they are not forgotten. they are not forgotten anymore. we are also going to lower our business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 15%. that's going to be great. going to prime the pump. got to prime the pump, get the jobs, 96 million people out there, we have to get them going. they want to work and they gave up looking for jobs. they are going to have their choice of jobs. you watch. wouldn't it be great to go home to your wife and husband and say, harry or sally, i don't know which one to take because i have so many options. i have so many options, please sally, help me choose, but you're going to have options.
1:51 am
you have not have that for a long time. you take whatever you can get. we are going to have options. we are going to eliminate every single wasteful regulation that hurts our farms, and our small businesses. pruitt,it today, scott he is a tremendous guy who has been met with tremendous applause from the business community, we are going to protect the family farm and we are going to end the epa intrusion into your lives. [applause] [cheers] energynt-elect trump: on , we will cancel the job killing restrictions on the production of american energy, and that means lower energy prices for farmers, households, and small businesses in iowa, and frankly, all of for the united states. also pursue an agenda of
1:52 am
conservation, protecting our beautiful natural resources for future americans, your family, your children, and lots of other going tond we are ensure clean air and clean water for all of our people. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: regulations, by the way, will be cut down to a fraction of what they are now, and believe it or not, environmentally, you will be protected better and will have jobs, ok? you will have jobs. going totructure, i am ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investment in america's crumbling infrastructure, and it is indeed crumbling. that includes major new projects for our rural communities and our inner cities, which have also been forgotten. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: and we will put our people, not people from other lands, our people
1:53 am
back to work in the process. ok? [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: it is time to help americans get off get back intod the labor market, and they will want to do it. they will want to do it. rebuilding this country with by americands workers, we are going to do it. we are going to have people who have not worked for years, they are going to love it. they are going to be incentivized. administration will follow two simple rules, by american and higher american. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: remember years ago we used to proudly display made in the usa. you go get a car, made in the
1:54 am
usa. we don't see it. have you seen it? we don't see it anymore. , wet of the manufacturers are doing a lot of talking to a lot of companies who think they but they're not going to be leaving so fast anymore because we love our companies, and we love it when they are in flowing thousands of people, but we don't love our companies when they leave and go to another country and think they can make their product and sell it back into our country like we are a bunch of fools, like they have been getting away with for the last 35 years, not going to do it. no, there are going to be consequences. when they want to leave, i wish them well. i always say enjoy your new plant, enjoy the hot weather, to if you think you're going becoming through what will soon be a very strong border, no, not
1:55 am
going to happen so easy. there not going to be stupid people anymore, folks. we are not going to be the stupid people, because from now on it is going to be america first. it will be america first, very simple. you know some of the deals made, and i have been studying them -- i actually like reading deals. can you believe this? i have been studying some of these deals. they are horrible. they are inconceivable, but we are going to have some great news for you in the near future on trade. nearlyde deficit now $800 billion a year, think about that. we trade. i want to trade. i am a free trader. it has to make sense. you don't want to trade if you're going to lose $800 billion a year. it is a chronic drag on growth, and a total destroyer of jobs and the wealth of our country,
1:56 am
so we don't want that anymore. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: and, by the way, some of the people i put on to negotiate, you have been noticing, are some of the most successful people in the world. criticized me, why can't they have people of modest means? because i want people who made a fortune, because they are now negotiating with you, ok? it's no different than a great ace ballplayer or a great golfer. we want the people who are going to bring, and they are so proud to do it. these people are giving up fortunes of income in order to make one dollar a year, and they are so proud to do it, and you watch, watch what's going to happen. it's going to happen fast. it's going to happen fast. it will happen very fast. and we actually have, we have been given tremendous reviews on the people we have got. that is why we will renegotiate
1:57 am
our trade deals, stop the product dumping, the currency manipulation, which is totally out of control, which makes it impossible for our companies to every last defend american job, and we are going to do it. it's going to be so -- it's going to be fun. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: i actually love calling these companies. i say give me a list of 10 companies that are leaving, and i actually love calling these andanies and saying, hi, they get the president at this company, and i say how are you doing? oh, hello, mr. president-elect, congratulations. while were on the phone, please don't leave, please. we have been having great success. you will see more success. on the military, we will show the whole world that america is strong again. we are going to have a very
1:58 am
strong military. [applause] [cheers] president-elect trump: i mean they're rarely has been a time when we needed a strong military and a smart military more than we have now, right? there has rarely been a time. we will rebuild our badly depleted military and ensure our service members have the equipment, training, technology and resources they need to get the job done. to get the job done. ,ow, i have to say this hopefully we will never have to use the power that we are building. we don't want to use it. we believe in peace through strength. we don't want to use it, but it has to be there. it has to be there. , we will ensure our veterans have the best medical care in the world,
1:59 am
including the best health care for our female veterans, who have also been the forgotten people. there are a lot of forgotten people in this country, lot of forgotten people. we are going to be fairly strongly focused on female veterans who have had a tougher than almost anybody. on childcare -- thank you, that i very nice -- on childcare, am asking congress to pass legislation to make safe and affordable childcare accessible to all while fighting to get higher pay for women, women in the workforce. that is what has to happen, and ensuring women-owned small businesses can access the capital they need, we are going to be working on plans for companies, not only for women, but for companies to access the capital from banks. right now there is no capital. , and wet get a loan
2:00 am
will open it up and you will be able to get lucky and expand your businesses. it will be a beautiful thing. it has to happen. so many people cannot get jobs. the unemployment number is totally fiction. if you look for a job for six months and you give up, they consider -- you give up, you go home and say, i cannot get a job. they consider you statistically employed. it is not the way. do not worry about it, it will take care of itself. we want to employ every young woman who dreams of owning a small business, because that dream has not been a dream for a
2:01 am
long time. on health care reform, i want to tell you and i want to thank the women, because i heard from months, i will not do well with women. i said, why? i think i will trade the men for the women. i wanted to -- and then we had the election and i did great with women. i lead in many categories and every time we had a rally, i would have the beautiful pink signs, women for trout -- trump. and then i would go home and turned on the television to see how massive the crowd was, and they would never show it. and they would talk about women. guess what, we did great with women. african-americans, the african-american communities -- unbelievable. much more than in the past for other people. it was fantastic. plus, a lot did not vote for hillary.
2:02 am
hispanic community, incredible. with the males i set records, but who cares? who cares? i would rather set the records with the women. we did well with all groups. we really did well, an all-time record, evangelicals. i love you. evangelicals. we had such great help -- the pastors, the ministers -- and i will not go into detail, but we will get rid of the johnson amendment. it is a disaster. on health care reform, every day the law known as obamacare is destabilizing our health care system, surging premiums and
2:03 am
forcing providers out of the market. they are out of the market. nobody to talk to. if we do not act quickly, the damage will be irreversible and our country cannot afford it. the only can you not afford it, our country cannot. we must repeal and replace obamacare. we have no choice. [applause] president-elect trump: premiums, in some states, the great state of arizona, another one i want by a lot -- won by a lot. at the beginning of the evening i was saying, this is a lot of fun. arizona is great to me. obamacare is up 116%. so we will get that taken care of. on crime, the murder rate has
2:04 am
experienced its largest increase in 45 years. we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. [applause] president-elect trump: and we are going to bring this terrible crime wave to an end. on immigration, we will build the wall. [cheers] president-elect trump: and we will put an end to illegal immigration and stop the drugs. they are pouring into our country, poisoning our youth and other people. we. -- we will stop the drugs from pouring into our country in -- and poisoning are great and beautiful and loving youth. okay?
2:05 am
we will do it. [applause] president-elect trump: and we have a man we will be introducing present, next week, who is going to do a phenomenal job with homeland security. now it is the most important appointment. and he will do a terrific job. and he and his people are going to keep you safe. they are going to keep you safe. these are no longer political appointments, these are talented, smart people. they are tough people. is it ok to have some tough people? because the enemy is tough. the enemy is pretty tough.
2:06 am
we need to people. we have smart people. during the campaign by had a chance -- i had a chance to meet the family of sarah ruth -- root, who was killed by an illegal immigrant. and believe me, you have seen it, it is unbelievable how much there is coming across the border. and we will fight to protect every last american life and life -- during the campaign, i also spent time with american workers who were laid off and forest -- forced to train the workers brought in to replace them. we won't let that happen anymore. [applause] donald trump: can you believe that? you get laid off, and then they won't give you your severance
2:07 am
pay unless you train the people that are replacing you. that is actually demeaning, maybe more than anything else. and you know the name of one of the companies that did it. i will be nice because we are trying to get that company back. don't forget, much harder when they announced a year and a half ago, some of these companies like carrier, the announced long before i even knew i was going to be running for president. [applause] donald trump: what now? the movement, it is a movement. but it is hard to tell somebody, we don't want you to leave. we don't want you to go to mexico. wherever you go, but they say, sir, we have already built our plant. that is not a great position,
2:08 am
and yet we still kept so many of those were, so that was a good job. our governor who will soon be our vice president, indiana, we call him indiana mike, he is a great guy. he is a friend of mine, but he is a great guy. mike pence. [applause] donald trump: he has done such a good job. one of my first executive orders will be to have the department of labor investigate all of these abuses that undermine jobs and wages to the american worker. [applause] donald trump: to protect our country from terrorism and extremism, we will suspend immigration from regions where it cannot be safely processed or vetted. you know that i use the expression extreme vetting. extreme, oh, it is going to be extreme. we want people coming into our country, we want them coming in legally, but we want them coming in legally, but we want them coming in.
2:09 am
when we build a wall, we will, and there will be big, beautiful doors. we will have people coming in to our country, but they will come in with a process, they will come in legally, and we will see that these people have true capability to love us, not to hate us, to love us. [applause] donald trump: earlier today i visited the campus of ohio state university, great am a great place. to meet with victims of the attack that occurred only days ago with one man that saved a lot of lives. our whole nation extends our prayers. that man was a young guy give him applause, come on. [applause]


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