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tv   President-elect Donald Trump Holds Thank You Rally in Grand Rapids Michigan  CSPAN  December 10, 2016 2:04am-3:05am EST

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caller: not bad. it is normal. it is cold, but it is ok. host: what is normal? i was at a funeral here about a week ago and the lady asked me what was it like 60 years ago because she was telling me that it was warmer than it was today 60 years ago and it is warmer than normal right now, but we can't change that. host: go ahead with your question or comment. caller: we are talking about the state news. that is really interesting. i just keep listening and and i shaket this my head. they want to keep blaming the russians. russians did not write hillary's emails, she did. she was the one that didn't want to hand them over and said she handed them all over. that was a complete lie.
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that is fake news. panelist there, michelle, i think the world of her, i really do. i think that she does know, but she is in with the wolves again on c-span because i think c-span has turned into nothing more than cnn or msnbc. host: why do you say that, brad? caller: because it is always slanted and you always ask questions from people like myself that i know that you disagree with me wholeheartedly. host: i just asked what the temperature was today, just curious. guest: [laughter] caller: you know exactly, you are diverting. you are a democrat. i really just was asking what the temperature was in international falls, minnesota. thank you for the call. are you still on the line? brad? i appreciate his opinion.
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i think it is good for all of us to get feedback. i would say -- and i'm not just saying this because i am sitting with you, steve, i tell this to people all the time. when i have to go out on media tours and the sand from a mountaintop in colorado, the thing that always look most forward to is this time and space. c-span's history is a proud one of doing justice to the first amendment and the privilege we have as information providers. i don't know what your politics are. [laughter] after all of these years. i think probably that because there has been so much bias in cable news programming and the thatnse of objectivity listeners and viewers were not accustomed to great questions and straight, unfiltered
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that is of news happening on capitol hill, that theyautomatically assume must be biased. this is a horrible thing that people feel that the people that are on their cameras have contempt for them. that is something that there ought to be much more introspection about an elite media circles, and instead, they are trickling down on the same ways of delivering their narratives and they have for the past 30 years. i want to say that he has a point about, for example, the dinosaur networks -- which are all broadcasting hillary's comments and condemning things like [indiscernible] does anybody remember robertgate? that was dan rather, who faked texas international five documents, and it was the little citizen bloggers and journalists, who are not credentialed, the ones who brought them down.
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or the exploding trucks on nbc or in the last election cycle when cnn had to admit, and i remember jake tapper saying it was "journalistically terrifying or horrifying that there was someone within the organization that was leaking questions taylor clinton." host: he called it malpractice. guest: he did. host: one more call. we love having you on, either here or colorado. i will not ask what the temperature is. just go ahead with your question or comment. good morning. caller: good morning. can you hear me question mark host: we sure -- me? host: read sure can. caller: one will donald trump stand behind his numbers? in other words, when will you stand behind what he really is doing and not based on what we think he is doing because apparently, a lot of his numbers are gigantically enormous, and
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when you find investigation journalism that the numbers are not true? host: marcia, thank you. guest: i'm not sure which numbers she is talking about. i'm just going to speculate that it is either save the job creation numbers in the carrier deal with the idea that there were a large number of people who cast votes that were illegal in this election cycle, the of that kindmping of information that, it must not be true, i think serves the political and ideological agenda . when the fact is that you have even got academics who don't have any special political interest who have been pointing to that problem to
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reflexively say there's no election fraud in this country is as much fake news as anything else. host: a look ahead to january or february when donald trump makes his nomination or supreme court, what will the battle look like in washington? guest: bloody. [laughter] i think it will make for those of us with long memories, the battle over others look like kindergarten. i think everyone has a [indiscernible] her workhelle malkin, available online and twitter at and your news venture at crtv. they consider website? coming up saturday morning, jonathan rockwell will discuss a recent joint report by
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gallup and the u.s. council on competitiveness, which argues that despite a record low unemployment rate, there has been a decline in long-term productivity growth, increased regulatory burdens, and poor performance of health care and education. then, robert levinson will securityhat national can look like under the trump administration. mr. levinson will also discuss trump's election of -- selection of james mathes as defense secretary and the criticism that there are too many generals in -- trump cap netgear you and in the trump. -- cabinet. be sure to watch "washington journal." join the discussion. tonight, the senate passed a short-term spending
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measure to fund the federal government through april 28 the next year. the stopgap maintains current spending levels to help lead, michigan with lead tainted water system, and the provision to allow donald trump's defense secretary nominee james mathis to be confirmed by the senate. president-elect donald trump continued his thank you to her in stacy won in november. -- thankake you to the to states he won in november. we will take you to the rally in grand rapids.
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mr. trump: i am here tonight or one main reason -- to say thank you to the incredible people of michigan. mr. cuban[cheers and applause] trump: you went out and pounded the pavement, organized your fellow citizens, and propelled to victory a grassroots movement the likes of which, actually -- actually, the world -- we can't just have to say the country -- the world has never seen, never seen. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and now we are going
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to bring back your jobs, we are going to bring back your jobs. i also want to give a very special thank you to our veterans, who have been so incredible to me and to you. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: our service members and our military families -- boy, did we get their votes. thank you. big numbers. america's men and women in uniform are the finest and bravest the world has ever known , as far as i am concerned. so to all who have worn the uniform, i say right now on behalf of all of us, thank you, thank you very much. great people. we are in your debt, and we will never ever let you down, believe me, and you will see that with the vets. we are going to take care of our vets. we are going to honor your service and sacrifice, and that
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begins with respecting the american flag. we will respect the american flag. [cheers and applause] that is the flag that our soldiers fought and died for, and we're going to protect it. you will see, we are going to >> protect it. one man who understands the meaning of service is general "mad dog" mattis. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: earlier this week, i formally announced my plans to nominate him as your new secretary of defense. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and everybody is happy about that. even the democrats are loving him. isn't that nice? what can you say? he has some record. he has a record of winning. that's what we want.
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we want to win. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: when he had to do battle, whether he agreed with it or not, but when he had to do battle, he won and he won fast. and there were no games. there were no games. he is going to be great, secretary of defense. i believe we are in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in our nation's history. you are seeing that. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and you will be seeing some more names coming out next week that are phenomenal. one of the most critical issues we will have to tackle is education. you know about that. you know what i am about to say. america spends more on education than any country by
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far, and yet our results are terrible. we spend more per pupil than any nation in the world by far, and you look at sweden and denmark and norway and china and japan, and they are all at the top, and you look at us, spending much more per pupil, and we are down at the bottom. we are going to change that. we are to reform our broken education system to put students and families first. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so importantly, this includes providing great education to students living in our inner cities. you know, i talked about the forgotten man, the forgotten women. they are not so much forgotten anymore, by the way, in case you have not noticed. they are still trying to figure out, the media, where did all these millions of people came from? i knew they were there. they just never had the
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incentive to go out and say, i like this person, but they came out in big-league numbers. our plan includes eliminating common core, bringing education local, and providing school choice. we want every child, every single child, low income, we do not care where they are, where they live, every child in america to be able to attend a public, private, charter, magnet, or religious school that is right for them. choice. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: the person i have selected to lead the department of education, in my opinion, one of my most important decisions, is a native of michigan, of all places -- michigan. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and considered by everybody to be one of the top
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education reformers in our nation, someone totally respected, someone devoted and devoting decades to helping disadvantaged students. i am thrilled now to welcome to the stage your next secretary of education, betsy devos. come up, betsy. [cheers and applause] ms. devos: thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you, mr. president-elect. what an amazing leader. west michigan, aren't we proud of president-elect trump? [cheers and applause]
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devos: the so-called experts did not think we could win it, but we did. we believed in president-elect trump, and we went to the polls and changed the world. [cheers and applause] ms. devos: it is an amazing thing, what can happen when someone believes in you. and nowhere is that more true than in our schools and in the lives of our kids. i am so excited and huddled to humbled to be nominated as secretary of education. and -- [cheers and applause] ms. devos: and in deference to the u.s. senate confirmation, i am not giving interviews. but just between us, let me share this -- it is time to make education great again in this country. [cheers and applause]
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ms. devos: this means putting kids first every single day. this means expanding choices and options to give every child the opportunity for a quality education, regardless of their zip code or family circumstances. [cheers and applause] this means letting states set their own high standards and finally putting an end to the federalized common core. [cheers and applause] ms. devos: for me, it is simple. i trust parents, and i believe in our children, but it will not be washington, d.c., that unlocks that potential. it will not be a giant bureaucracy or a federal department. nope. the answer is not bigger government. the answer is local control. it is listening to parents.
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and it is giving more choices. [cheers and applause] ms. devos: and if i am fortunate enough to be confirmed as your secretary of education, our kids, your kids will have someone fighting for them every single day. [cheers and applause] ms. devos: i have been involved with education issues for 28 years, as an activist, a citizen volunteer, and an advocate for children. i have the experience, the passion, and the know-how to make change happen. [cheers] ms. devos: still, there are many of you here and many in the media, the senate, and the education community who may not know me. [boos] ms. devos: in fact --
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news outa lot of false there. i -- to you, all i ask for is an open mind and the opportunity to share my heart. together, let's make education great again. [cheers and applause] ms. devos: so let me repeat. there is a lot of false news out there. all i ask for is an open mind and the opportunity to share my heart. together, let's make education great again, and let's win for kids. thank you very much. [cheers and applause]
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mr. trump: thank you, betsy. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: is michigan proud of betsy? yes. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and you are going to be even more proud as time goes by. she is going to do an incredible job. by our side, i know we will make great strides in fixing our broken schools all over the country. it is going to be a beautiful thing to watch. just hold on and watch, because she will do it. i have no doubt. but government must stop listening to the special interests and start delivering for the national interests and for the people. have to.
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it is time to deliver for you, the american people. our plan begins with bold reforms to create millions and millions of great-paying jobs. [cheers and applause] whether it is building cars, producing steel, or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in michigan. and, you know, so i won michigan. and michigan has not been won for many, many years, a long , long time ago. and i felt i was going to win it. you know when i felt i was actually going to win the whole thing? i do not have michigan on our list of stops for that final
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day, and i did the speeches, i did six of them -- that is a lot. i did three a day for a month, and these were big speeches. and we did not need any entertainers to come in to entertain. we needed no entertainers. we had packed houses, thousands and thousands. i said at 9:00 in the evening, let's go to michigan, ok, because i heard my opponent had scheduled michigan unexpectedly. it was like all of a sudden, with president obama and michelle, and bill and hillary, and they were going to michigan. [boos] forget, that plays great before the election. now we do not care, right? but i said let's go to michigan, and some of you -- i see some
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faces -- some of you were here, and tell me. so we had, between inside and outside, we had 31,000 people, and i started speaking at almost 1:00 in the morning. so now it was election day, right, because now it was tuesday. i left on monday. by the time we got here, it was almost 1:00 in the morning. we had 31,000 people at 1:00 in the morning. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and i said, we are going to win michigan. i felt it. i said, how does somebody else win it? and by the way, i heard half an ruled we'de courts totally won, it was over. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: not that we care about that. that was just a way of somebody trying to raise the money for themselves, because they were not very successful during the
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race, that i can tell you. but the courts, we had great people, and the whole group -- you spoke very well. i was very impressed with you. she did not sleep for about six months, i will tell you that. >> merry christmas! mr. trump: and merry christmas, everybody. right? merry christmas. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: that reminded me, we are going to start saying merry christmas again. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: how about all those department stores? they have the bells the red walls and they have the snow, but they do not have merry christmas. i think they are going to start putting up merry christmas, merry christmas. that is very good. that is a big group of people that said that. i just want to gradually -- congratulate everybody, because really it was that evening which turned out to be election morning. and i got home at 4:00 in the
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morning, and i said to my wife, i said, honestly, i do not see how we are going to lose, and we did phenomenally in michigan. and then we won wisconsin. we won wisconsin. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and of course, we won pennsylvania. did you see the look on their face? you know, it started with ohio, that we won by almost nine points which was much more -- we were expected to win ohio, and we did not have any support there, except for the people. the people were our support. but we were expected to do well in ohio, win by three points, what we won by nine. then and then iowa came in and we won by more than 10. and we won almost every single county in iowa, and we won one county that had not been won since 1952.
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that is a long time. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and by the way, the governor of iowa, who has a great relationship -- because they sell so much product to china -- governor terry branstad was just made the ambassador to china. that's a good move. he likes china. they like him. that is a good move. he is going to be fantastic. so what happened on the evening was incredible. the espn people and so many other people said that might be the greatest legal sporting event we've ever seen. so it started with ohio and iowa. it also started -- remember, they said texas was in play. remember? taxes, -- texas, if you are a republican, you are supposed to win. for two months we have all been hearing texas was in play, and we heard georgia is in play. i said, man, we are in play. cash trouble. -- we are in trouble. if georgia is in place, you tend
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to believe these people, even though -- [boos] mr. trump: right? so the polls opened and closed, and now we go live on television with the numbers. and we got lousy exit polls. the exit polls -- i got a call from ivanka, and she said, dad, not looking good. it was like, 5:00, the exit polls. it does not help, fellows. you do not have to get bad exit polls. in two hours you know they will not have to do that. she said it is not looking good. his exit polls are not looking good. they put bad questions in the exit polls. like, many people say, donald trump is a very, very bad person. do you agree that he is a harmful human being? yes or no? and people go, yeah, i guess. boom. [laughter] mr. trump: so, you know, so we go out and immediately -- no,
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the election is over. [boos] mr. trump: that was a bernie fan. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: no, the election ended three weeks ago, darling. someday soon, she will be on our side. you watch. so, it was so exciting. so i get these horrible calls. i get a couple of them, but ivanka said, dad, you really have worked hard. i said, you know, ivanka, as be -- you know, like a football team, i left nothing on the field, right? i left nothing on the field. get them out of here.
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[cheers and applause] mr. trump: where do these people come from? where do they come from? unbelievable. >> usa! usa! usa! mr. trump: is there anything better or safer than a trump rally? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: your rally. i tell you, it's a movement like they have never seen before. look at this. look at this place. it is packed right to the corners. i was the cameras would show it.
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they never do. a big room, this is a big place. this is a big, big place. every place is packed right to the rafters. they never show it. they never, ever show it. but that is ok. but they hear it. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: you know, they will never show it. they never do, but you know what i say? they hear it, because it is a big difference between a massive crowd like this and having like, 250 people in a room. big, big difference. people say, we never saw the crowd, but that sounds like michigan or michigan state, right? which do we like? i will not say it sounded like ohio state. [boos] so the polls close, and i'm hearing the texas is close.
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but i'm getting all these horrible calls from my kids, too bad, dad. they had me written off. and i said to ivanka, i may have lost, based on what they were saying, it was going to be an early evening. it was not going to be an early evening for us. even though they refused to call it, it should have been an early evening, but they just refused area -- just refused. but i said, i left nothing out there. i felt so good. i was getting this news that sounded like it was over. and like a team, i left nothing out there. i could not have worked harder. we outworked anybody that ever ran for office. [cheers and applause] nobody ever ran for
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office that worked harder. so i was ok with it. i would not say i was thrilled, but i was ok. then the polls closed and we get the real numbers. that is one ohio came in, i love ohio, they are great. i know you guys have a little competition, but that's all right, but they were something. that is when iowa came in, 10 points. that never happens. all these counties, they have not been won since the 1950's. and then i hear these states that were in play, texas. we have breaking news, donald trump has won the state of texas. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and i could not understand. when we went to texas, we had massive auditoriums and stadiums packed with people, lines that were 20 blocks along, you could not get in. thousands of people left outside. so i won texas, they said it
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would be close, but it was a landslide. and then they have another one, georgia. they used the word in play. that means it can could go either way. donald trump, breaking news, has won the state of georgia. right? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: this is like, in the first two seconds. this is the one that they are saying, for two months, georgia is in play, texas. that's a great state. and then they had this character nobody had ever heard of before, from utah. i love utah, and they had him light, tied with me and beating hillary. and i said, who the hell is this guy? [laughter] mr. trump: and as a republican, you never lose your touch. i hate to say it, has anyone ever lost utah?
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they said utah is in play for months. i said, is he going to beat me? where does he come from, who is he, who is he? if he wins, we lose the supreme court, what is he doing? texas, so right after breaking news, donald trump has won the state of utah. [cheers and applause] by 25 points! by the way, in all fairness, hillary came in second, and this guy nobody had ever heard of, he fell off the planet. so we won all the states. and a certain person said to me, a very important person, who i actually got along with very well, said, when did you think you won? and i said, when did you think you guys lost?
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and they said, well, florida was looking ok. but theyf a sudden -- had not counted the panhandle. what is that, 91%? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: those are great people, workers. we were doing well in florida, and they were not liking those numbers, we were even and had not gotten into the panhandle. all of a sudden, breaking news, donald trump has won the state of florida by a lot. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and then we just went right up the coastline. we won south carolina and a big one, because they put all their eggs in one basket. they interviewed people on television from the other side. you just lost florida. they said, we are a little
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disappointed, but we have no problem because north carolina is our firewall, he cannot win north carolina, will not happen. two minutes later, breaking news, donald trump has won the state of north carolina. big league, big. we won it big. and i knew they had problems because they took the convention center and i just took a ballroom. if i lost, i don't want a big room, i just want to say, thanks, everybody, i will see you next time, i am out of here. but they spent like, $7 million on fireworks over the east river. so they had the ballroom, and they spent millions on this massive fireworks display, the big barges in the river. that was a month before the election. but three days before the election, they canceled the fireworks. i said, that is a good signal. [laughter] i said, is it
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supposed to be inclement weather? they checked and said, actually it is supposed to be a beautiful night. i said, why did they cancel the fireworks? and they were in for a lot, like $7 million. i think they spent $2.2 billion. what do we spend? a little more than $300 million. you that --ll tell in the old days, you get credit if you spend less. they used to say, she spent more money -- he's up by one point -- she spent more money. like it is good. no, it is bad. if you can spend less money and win, it is good. we have to remember that. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: when i heard they spent $7 million on the fireworks, and i did not know if we would win or lose, but i was
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feeling really good, so we sent them a nice verbal statement. we will offer you five cents on the dollar for the fireworks, because it was only a few days. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: they never responded. i thought i could buy the fireworks cheap. just like i do not want to buy an airplane for $4 billion. [cheers and applause] even if i do not get to use it, who the hell cares? i am not paying for billion dollars for an airplane. so we had an amazing night. >> trump! trump! trump! mr. trump: thank you. they forgot about you people. by the way, in four years, they
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are not going to forget. because you are not going to forget. we just went up and it was amazing. and we won michigan. these folks have done an unbelievable job. ronald mcdaniels, what a great job you and your people have done, an incredible job. and then we won wisconsin, which was so incredible. that one way were not expecting, necessarily, and it came in. they are incredible people, hard-working people. and it was over. it was an amazing experience. and winning pennsylvania -- for 38 years, they did not win it. and it was always the one that got away. every republican said, we are going to win pennsylvania. and it never happened, they say the bride that got away. everyone said they would win it. not only did they not win it, they lost it big. i felt so good in pennsylvania. thesetime, we would have
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massive crowds, signs and everybody's lawn. the trump-pence sign. and by the way, how good is mike pence? how good is he? [cheers and applause] mr. trump: what a good choice. what a good choice, he has been great. he is a great guy, but i just want to say thank you to mike pence, he has been amazing. so, it has been an incredible experience. pennsylvania, woodway won that, they could have called it around 12:00 or 11:00. remember the states? the red was starting to get big, that was a lot of red. remember when they said at the beginning, there is no path to 270. you know, the amazing thing about the electoral college is that you stop -- in all the states, i was going all over the place, and in many ways i would
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rather have it the other way, to campaign in new york and california, you stop in florida and texas, and it would be easy. but this does get you. i was never as much a fan, this you to stop in states you are not going to stop in, and that is what our founders had in mind, and that is what people had in mind. it is an amazing thing. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i went to maine four times. i needed one, because they said maybe i can get to 269, they did not know we would break that beautiful blue wall. so i went to maine four times. under the other system, you would not do that. so it was an amazing evening, we ended up with 306, which was a
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landslide. some states we won by 30 and 40 points. it was just an amazing thing. we are going to work really, really hard for you to justify what you did. so we are doing our little tour, and one of the places i had to stop was michigan. we are going to bring our michigan jobs and michigan workers back to work. [cheers and applause] manyrump: i have been here times, and even before i was an award about four years ago, man of the year. and i talked about the cars, they are taking your car manufacturers, ford and others. and i said that long before i said i was going to do this, and the people in michigan remembered i had been talking about this for years.
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we are going to stop it. ford made a promise to me, and hopefully at the beginning of the year they will honor that promise about something they will do that is very big, and they will do it in michigan, not in mexico. it will be great. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: we want to thank you. but on taxes, we are going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simple for patients -- simplifications in american history. at the center of this plan is a massive middle-class tax cut. middle-class tax cut. we are also going to lower our business tax rate from 35% all the way down to 15%, bringing new companies to our country and to your states. [cheers and applause] so we go from the highest-taxed nation in the world, to one of the lowers. not the lowest yet -- don't get greedy -- but one of the lowest.
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we will get rid of job killing regulations that undermine the ability of our workers and our companies to compete with the rest of the world. big things, bigger than the taxes. i think it is bigger than the taxes. on energy, we will cancel the restriction on the production of american energy, including shale , oil, natural gas, and clean coal. we will put our miners back to work. [cheers and applause] we love our miners. wyoming, i think it was my highest percentage. the opponent almost did not register in the state of wyoming. almost did not register in the state of west virginia, which we love. we love our miners. on infrastructure, i will ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investment in america's crumbling infrastructure. that includes major new projects
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for both our rural communities and our inner cities. and our inner cities are like the forgotten man and woman. we have forgotten about our inner cities. no longer. and the african-american community was great to us. they came through, big-league. [cheers and applause] and frankly, if they had any doubt, they did not vote, and that was almost as good because a lot of people did not show up because they felt good about me, and the hispanic community -- great. really great. and, women. thank goodness, women. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: the women. that was the other thing with
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the polls. it is like, i would go to these rallies with pink signs going crazy. we did great with women, so i want to thank the women. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: so we are going to put our people back to work. it is time to help get americans off of welfare rolls and back into the labor market. we are going to do that. rebuilding our country with american hands and american workers, and they are going to be so thrilled, they will make so much more money than they have ever made. they will love getting up in the morning, they will love what they do. my administration will follow two simple rules -- buy american and hire american. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: because from now on, it's going to be america first, america first. [cheers and applause] our trade deficit is
2:51 am
now nearly $800 billion a year, can you believe that? any business people in the room? raise your hand. do you think you can do slightly better than that, i think so. it is a chronic drag on growth and a destroyer of our country's wealth and our country's jobs. $800 billion a year. you say -- who is making these deals? you look at deals that mexico and other countries have with other countries, and the deals they have with us are the worst. but that is going to change. that is going to change. we've got the professionals lined up. these professionals know what they are doing. america has lost 1/3 of our manufacturing jobs since nafta. we have lost 70,000 factories. this last month i was talking about it, i always say, it is a typo, you mean 700 factories? you mean 70 factories.
2:52 am
70,000 factories since china joined the world trade organization. think of what 70,000 factories is. it is the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. no state has been hurt worse by our trade deals than the state of michigan. was going i knew i to win michigan. that is why i knew i was going to win. and it's the car industry, the automobile industry area you watch, they are going to come roaring back. they will come roaring back and you will be happy. you have lost more than 40% of your automobile jobs since nafta was approved. think about it, 40%. i tell you what -- if i was not elected, you would wish 40% two years from now. it would have gotten much worse. plenty of deals are going on. we did a great job for carrier with the help of mike pence. we did a great job, but, you
2:53 am
have to understand, we got to that table a little bit late. they already had built their factory in mexico and lots of other things. and yet, we saved a tremendous number of jobs. the rest of those jobs, they have to be prepared, carrier and everyone else, that when they make those air-conditioners or whatever they are making, i think they're going to make nots -- pumps, air-conditioners, but whatever they make, and other companies, they will have to pay a tremendous tax to get that product back into this country. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: the point is, the jobs that are gone, i think they will be coming back soon. it used to be that cars were made in flint. and you could not drink the water in mexico. now the cars are made in mexico, and you cannot drink the water in flint. we are going to change that.
2:54 am
[cheers and applause] mr. trump: it would have been nice if i had a little help from your governor. it would have been real nice. it would have been nice if we had a little help from your governor. we are going to withdraw from the transpacific partnership, renegotiate nafta, stand up to foreign cheating, and fight for every last american job and every last job that belongs in michigan. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and if a company wants to fire their workers, leave michigan for another country or anywhere else, and ship their product back into our country, there will be consequences. it is no longer to be, we do not know what we are doing, go ahead, fire everybody in michigan or indiana or
2:55 am
pennsylvania, fire everybody and build someplace else and just sell back -- no, no, no more. not going to happen. not going to happen. if we, it is not me, i am a messenger. if we did not come along, our country was going to be totally drained. there are thousands and thousands of companies right now that are negotiating to get out of our country because -- well, for one reason, the taxes are too high. for another reason, the regulations. even without doing what i am doing at the border, and there is no 35% tax -- you understand that, it is only if you leave. we are lowering taxes. but i do not think we will have to use that 35% very much because when we lower our taxes down to 15% or thereabouts, i hope i can get it down to that level, nobody is going to leave. when we lower our regulations by probably 80%, 85%, these are regulations that do not -- they are a disaster for farmers, for
2:56 am
manufacturers, for everybody. i also have an important announcement, and i will make it tonight. do you mind? [cheers] mr. trump: we will keep it low key, very low-key, they are turning off some of the cameras because they are so honorable. we have a great, great business leader with us tonight, one of the foremost leaders in manufacturing. one of the foremost leaders in the world of business. a man who cares greatly about this state and this country, even though he does happen to come from australia. he is here this evening. he has done an incredible job. he has helped build an unbelievable company. he has been the chairman and ceo of dow chemicals for 13 years. one of the truly great companies
2:57 am
that is based right here in michigan. and he is staying here. he is proud of michigan. he is also a fantastic family man. i just met his son, and someone who is committed to returning jobs to the united states of america. his name is andrew liveris, one of the most respected businessmen in the world. and i am asking him to come up and head up our american manufacturing council, and he has agreed to do it. [applause] mr. trump: they will be tasked with finding ways to bring industry back to america. industry and manufacturing back to america. nobody can do it like andrew. andrew, please come up to the stage. [applause]
2:58 am
andrew: doesn't the president-elect sing music? it is music, it is kid rock, it is detroit motor city music. it is michigan music. it is american music. i am very proud to be here. we love him, too, and we are very proud as a michigan-based company -- we were founded just up the road in midland. in the bay communities. we are global, but we have been expanding operations here in michigan. we have been expanding in the united states, over 7000 jobs, factory jobs, construction jobs, technicians, engineers, service jobs. invested over $7 billion in the last four or five years. and we are not stopping there.
2:59 am
we are not stopping there. we will add value by getting this incredible workforce in front of me, this incredible american worker, this incredible michigan worker, and we will put you all to work. we have ideas, and we have plans. tonight, in honor of the president-elect and his being here to thank you all, we have made a decision. we are going to invest a new state of the art innovation center in michigan. we will put an r&d center in place. [cheers and applause] andrew: this decision, this decision -- [cheers and applause] andrew: this man, these policies, we could have waited and put it anywhere in the world -- several hundred jobs on top of the thousands, but we are going ahead. we will use hard-working
3:00 am
american brains and fight for the dow company out of the usa. president-elect trump, i tell you, i tingle with pride. but to honor me to put in place the investments you talk about, you're paving the way with your administration in your policies to make it easier to do business in this country. not a red tape country, but a red carpet country for american businesses. america first, as you said. that is what we have to do. and you can count on me and the business leaders that we will put on the team, this'll be america's finest and brightest to help us solve these problems you all have. we need to employ our youth and help all our citizens. we need to give you hope, we need to find a way back to believe in ourselves again.
3:01 am
to help us solve these problems as you rightly said, i may have a funny accent, we aussies love america a lot. i bleed america and i bleed michigan. [applause] mr. liveris: thank you, sir. it is an honor. let's make america great again, by doing great things in america. [applause] mr. trump: so great, thank you andrew. wow, isn't that great? that is what is going to happen, folks. we are getting jobs, they will come back to michigan, we will come back to pennsylvania, all
3:02 am
these places. new york state, you see what has happened in new york state, we will bring them back. andrew will announce the names of the great business manufacturers, the best in the world, and he is setting up his counsel next week and they will announce them next week. they will be like him, the greatest leaders. i want to thank andrew and dow chemical, and that is really great news for michigan. i want to thank andrew and dow the military, we will show the whole world that america is strong again. we will rebuild our badly depleted military and are sure that our service members have the equipment, training, technology and resources of that they need to get the job done and done correctly. [applause] mr. trump: but i always add, we will have the strongest military
3:03 am
in the world come the most updated military in the world, and there has rarely been a time when we needed it as much as this. hopefully we will never have to use that power. we are building tremendous power, and hopefully we will never have to use that power. we believe in peace through strength. we will, however, get rid of isis. i am sorry, isis has to go. at the same time, we will ensure our veterans have the best medical care in the world, it is about time. [applause] mr. trump: and health care, we will repeal and replace obamacare. [applause] mr. trump: we will have health care that is much less expensive and will be much better, much stronger.
3:04 am
the murder rates our country the murder rates our country has experienced is the largest increase in 45 years. you do not hear that. we are going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement and we're going to bring this crime wave to an end. [applause] mr. trump: on immigration, we will build a great wall. and we will put an end to illegal immigration and stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning our youth and many other people. got to stop the drugs. and we are going to have people come into our country, hundreds of thousands of people, we want them to come in, because we will have big, beautiful doors in that wall. but they will come in legally, through a process, legally.


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