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  President-elect Trump Speaks to Reporters After Meeting with Kanye West  CSPAN  December 13, 2016 7:02pm-7:13pm EST

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>> president like donald trump this a victory rally evening. he will speak with supporters after completing a final recount and wisconsin. by 10 electoral votes. in trump tower in new york, they came to the cameras after a brief meeting with musician and entertainer kanye west. reporters shouted questions but he replied he just wanted to take a picture. here's a look.
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>> what was the meeting about? mr. trump: just friends. just friends. we've been friends for a long time. >> [inaudible] >> you had a meeting with the president-elect of the united states. you have nothing to say? kanye west: i just want to take a picture right now. >> [inaudible] >> a busy day for mr. trump,
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meeting with several people including jim brown, ray lewis, a member of the trump transition committee. they spoke with mr. trump about program.i-can >> haddie's think it went? >> i think it went fantastic. >> we talked about marrying or programthe amer-i-can with the trump administration to make america great again. a great and tremendous vehicle in place to spearhead for several years. it's a match made in heaven. something for the african-american community.
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we need the country to get behind. we can affect positive change in our community. >> it couldn't have been a better meeting. the graciousness, the intelligence. >> what are the policies you talked about? >> if you talk about what we're trying to do, job creations are everything. or from the individual themselves? has done forram many years is put that in place.
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the economic development of urban neighborhoods to change what our kids see. what about he said about african-americans during the campaign? was it appropriate? >> what i feel is that he is wide open to change. think about what that is. solving poverty. $22 trillion we haven't addressed yet. no i did not. >> we have been listened to and we have a partnership. extension that we
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followed very closely. he made a commitment of improving the lives of african americans. this will continue the work that we started during this campaign with the diversity coalition with jim brown and ray lewis. the president-elect was very enthusiastic about it and committed to doing it. >> this is the first of many meetings. he made a verbal commitment and we're going to go forward and strategize. we are not going to drag our feet for the next three years. the vehicle is already in place. the government behind it. the trump administration behind it. but the american community behind it. >> does it concern you at all?
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>> we continue to talk about this. the amer-i-can program. >> how do you hope to use your and also pulled the administration to their words. it is no secret. it is in the role of athletic entertainment. picked it up years ago. to reachat i want everybody.
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we bring a lot of people here. it helps the people that need him. >> that is what we can easily be educated on. we can be caught up on housing very quickly. >> any other questions? thank you, guys. do we go the other way? >> we can't do this right now.
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>> i don't know anything about it. i've been doing this. [inaudible conversations]
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>> all of the transition of government on c-span as president-elect donald trump select his cabinet and the republicans and democrats prepare for the next congress. we will take you to key events as they happen without interruption. watch live on c-span and on demand at or listen on our free c-span radio at. -- app. >> washington journal is live every day with news and politics.
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the democrat and former transportation secretary ray lahood will be on. bipartisan nonprofit group of government officials that want to reduce the power of money in politics. will belorida democrat on to talk about the news of the day. and a book he co-authored called america, the owners manual. of the weeklyran standard will discuss republican efforts to repeal the affordable care act in 2017. beginning live at 7:00 eastern. join the discussion. alain kamarck is back at our desk. our topic is white presidents fail which is the title -- topic is why presidents fail which is the title of your book. what leads to successful