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tv   US House of Representatives Special Orders  CSPAN  December 13, 2016 7:47pm-8:01pm EST

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everyhington journal live day with news and policy issues that impact you. former indiana congressman and democrat tim rower and former transportation secretary ray lahood will be on. from the bipartisan government officials. senator bob graham will be on the talk about a book he co-authored called america, the owners manual. in the weekly standard to repeal the affordable care act. join the discussion. >> and about 10 minutes,
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president-elect donald trump holds a victory rally in the milwaukee suburb of west allis, wisconsin. speaking with supporters after a final recount with mr. trump winning wisconsin's electoral votes by 22,000 votes. that is live at 8:00 p.m. eastern. anthony brown, the former lieutenant governor spoke about the background in previous experience. this is 10 minutes. >> representative elect anthony brown, you're a familiar face to folks in this area. would did you do before coming to congress? anthony brown: before i had the privilege of representing the constituents, i served as their lieutenant governor.
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i served with governor martin o'malley and i spent eight years in the maryland general assembly in the house of delegates, serving on a number of committees and economic matters. i had the opportunities. looking forward to that experience. >> look under work will help you on capitol hill? anthony brown: whether you're working in a state legislature or even in the executive branch, what you learn is that you get things done through compromise. finding consensus, the common ground. agreeing to disagree where we do. but having a commitment to getting things done. for eight years, i did that on some very weighty issues as well as the lieutenant governor.
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early childhood education, college affordability. trying to find that common ground. bring that to washington. i am excited about the new members of congress. there seems to be a real interest in getting things done here in washington. i'm hopeful that we will find common ground. so we can say we are making government work for you. >> why did you want to run for a house seat? anthony brown: for me, it is looking for opportunities to serve. my father taught his children the importance of service. i served 30 years on active duty and in the reserves. for me, being a member of
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congress is another opportunity in thee the constituents fourth congressional district. there are a lot of important issues. and i have experience with a number of them. >> you did run for governor and lost to the current republican. what did that teach you about politics and about coming the washington to serve in the house? anthony brown: 2014 was a life lesson that my father taught me. and a lesson that i tried to teach my children. sometimes you will have setbacks. face of setbacks, if you believe in what you're doing, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and stay in the fight. my fight is for good schools and safe neighborhoods. a strong economy that creates jobs for more and more.
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i picked myself up and said, this is what it's all about. staying in the fight. if there are more opportunities to serve, go ahead and do it. just as hillary clinton said wednesday morning after her it hurts because he put your all into it. a lot of the people are there supporting me. volunteers. obligation to continue the work and continue the fight. >> how would you describe your ideology? anthony brown: one of compromise. i am progressive on many issues. i support reasonable regulations. the backstop for many.
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equity in funding, public education. transportation. on many issues, a lot of economic issues. it is one of consensus. that are number of committees i think i can add value to. the house armed services committee. be other would transportation infrastructure. i led the effort to develop a public-private partnership framework that has resulted in
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the soon-to-be delivery of the purple line international capital region. >> tell us about your family. anthony brown: i am blessed with a beautiful wife, carmen, she is a professional networks inside a home and outside the home helping raise kids. as i mentioned, i have a daughter at the university of maryland in college park. that is pretty exciting for her. 216-year-old boys. i am ducted as -- there are a
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lot of anthony's in our home. i believe every child deserves the opportunity to be raised in a loving and caring home. there are many children that want and deserve to be in loving and supporting families. we thought we could do that so we adopted jonathan. what a joy. we thought we were doing jonathan, somehow, a favor of bringing him and our home. we learned the gift and the favor was towards us. he has been a wonderful addition to the family. my role model, not a political mentor, but mohammed ali told us
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a few things. one is that nothing in life comes easy. he reminded us it took a lot of hard work. he used to say that he ran long on the road before he got to dance under the light. it was his opposition to sending u.s. troops to vietnam. most importantly, spoke out about what was important to him. ,here are a number of figures attorney general steve sax, i'm looking a former members of congress. steny hoyer, the democratic whip.
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we have had a great relationship throughout. a lot of hard work with so many marylanders. >> anything you're looking forward to working on? >> to continue to do the work on what we've been working on in maryland and expanding childhood education. i believe every four-year-old in maryland and across this country should have access to affordable education. when four-year-olds are in pre-k, they start kindergarten. early childhood education.
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students and children for college. many, but the students need something as well. we collect rare technology education. and finally, college affordability and if it is a landing the hell grant. educationing higher and looking for ways to make college more affordable. people i would like to meet, i am excited about being down here. representing districts across the country. i'm looking forward to really getting to know all of my colleagues on the hill. theonna edwards ran for senate this time around. had she given you any advice? has given me: she
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a lot of assistance in the transition. atwas a top priority for me the top priority for how to make government work. getting a veteran disability claims approved. having some difficulty enrolling in medicare. we had a long conversation about that. .he shared with me don't be bashful. it don't hesitate. there's no such thing as heading -- waiting your turn. >> we appreciate your time. thank you for talking to c-span.
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the transition of government on c-span as president-elect donald trump suspects his cabinet. we will take you to key events as they happen. watch on-demand at >> we are live now at the state fairgrounds exposition center in the alli, wisconsins for .ictory rally in wisconsin he will be in hershey, pennsylvania, on thursday, orlando, florida, on friday, and in mobile, alabama, on saturday evening. we will have live coverage here on c-span once it gets underway. we will follow this with your news and comments with the from the administration, from


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