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  President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence Deliver Remarks in...  CSPAN  December 13, 2016 8:00pm-9:25pm EST

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the transition of government on c-span as president-elect donald trump suspects his cabinet. we will take you to key events as they happen. watch on-demand at >> we are live now at the state fairgrounds exposition center in the alli, wisconsins for .ictory rally in wisconsin he will be in hershey, pennsylvania, on thursday, orlando, florida, on friday, and in mobile, alabama, on saturday evening. we will have live coverage here on c-span once it gets underway. we will follow this with your news and comments with the from the administration, from
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the trump administration today, the transition team that rex tillerson, the exxon mobil ceo will be his choice as secretary of state and rick perry possibly being named as secretary of energy. you are watching live coverage here on c-span. it looks like it is reince priebus, the rnc chair, so we will stay here live. priebus: how does it feel to win? even better, how does it feel to win twice? we had a recount and after we spent all the money and went through the process, donald trump picked up even more quotes than when he started -- even more votes than when he started. you have to admit now, the only thing you all know how to do in wisconsin for the republican party and conservative
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candidates is win. that's all you do is win. now we have to make sure the packers keep winning, ride? so -- right? to the super back bowl. you guys have a lot to be proud of. you have a great organization here, the trump campaign, the republican party, the reason it worked is that we were a team. everybody, the entire team is something that was so special, and it couldn't have happened without everyone here. i want to thank you. i want to thank the people of wisconsin for once again, as you have been doing year after year after year, with that great but pave scott walker, the way to the future.
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it started here in wisconsin. it started with that walker revolution, with that huge 10, all the act things that scott got done with republicans in the legislature paving the way to freedom for the rest of the country. and that night when the exit polls came out and we were not sure how things are going to go, it was wisconsin that brought it home for the united states of america. [cheers and applause] reince priebus: and it was the battle for freedom that was one ,nce again in the badger state and you did it. and when president-elect trump walked up to that stage, he talked about the future of this country and the kind of president that he would be. for he would be president all americans, no matter who you
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are, where you come from, what your gender, your race, your background, it didn't matter. together we are going to make america great again. [cheers and applause] forget the things he promised, a strong america, tax reform, repeal and replace obama care. repeal those executive orders. process of eliminating and defeating isis once and for all across the world. border, our southern once and for all.
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you all did it. you did it here in wisconsin, once again, paving the way for america. from thisproud to be awesome state. we are so proud to have all of the battles we have fought yearher and won year after after year, and we are proud, and i am proud to introduce the launch thishelped revolution, one of the greatest governors in the state of wisconsin, our governor, my governor, the man we are so proud of, please welcome governor scott walker. governor walker: good evening. i love that flag over there. , endowed by our creator, defined by our constitution.
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[no audio] [applause] i was just inr: afghanistan last week speaking to our troops there and in kuwait, united arab emirates, and germany. i've got to tell you, some of the best news for them -- don't let anybody fool you, it is still a difficult place for our men and women in uniform, but one of the greatest pieces of news, when they heard that our next resident was nominating general jeff matus to be the next secretary of defense. they were, and up because they knew this was a leader who's going to make decisions based on security and military and not political decisions. needed a new
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president and a new vice president who are going to leave leadcountry forward -- this country forward, and that's one of the best decisions they have made so far. i want to tell you, what a great crowd. i know there are still people coming in, but once again, wisconsin led the way this last november. thank you to all of you here. [cheers and applause] i look aroundr: this crowd and i think back six years ago. you helped us transform this state in november of 2010. you sent us as a new governor, you helped elect a new lieutenant governor, and new majorities in the assembly and the senate, and then a week later we said it is put up or shut up time, and we delivered on our promises. you helped us do that. in fact, you helped us deliver on those promises so well, we didn't just win in 2010, we won
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again in 2012 and again in 2014. not just in the recall and the reelect, but in the state assembly in the state senate. those common sense considered reforms worked so well, we added seats in 2012 and 2014, and again last month in 2016, to one of the largest levels of republican majorities we have 's history.state and we did it because commonsense conservative reforms work. in fact, today, if you're getting your property tax bill, be thankful that a median valued home in this state, you are paying on average $116 less than you would have six years ago, before we took charge. [cheers and applause] and now we have an incredible opportunity, thanks to the voters in this
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state, by sending a new president and vice president, along with the house and senate, that commonsense conservative reforms from wisconsin and applied to washington, where they desperately need more common sense. [cheers and applause] think aboutker: this. for the first time since paul ryan and reince priebus and i -- which by the way, people asked us, what happened? we all grew up in south central wisconsin. they say what was in the water? . tell them it was beer it wasn't water, it was beer. but you think about that, for the first time since reince and paul and i were in school, wisconsin went republican for president for the first time since 1984. you helped change america.
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and we didn't just win the hearts and minds of the voters. we even won the next generation. is thealex here tonight chair of college republicans for the state and 18-24-year-olds went, the majority of them, we pence and forand ron johnson for united states andte -- we won for trump pence and for ron johnson. mike gallagher to congress in the northeast for the first time. we sent back great people like sean duffy to the congress and the rest of the team, to do the job. you will here in a moment from the man who's going to help in the congress to lead the way so this president and vice president can work together with the house republicans and senate
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republicans and make things happen in this country. i'm excited about the possibility, because i know with tax reform, with national security, securing our borders, reforming our government, putting the power back in the hands of the people in the states, and more importantly, the hands of each and every one of you, that's going to happen, because we've got a team in washington that shares the kind of commonsense reforms we have enacted in this state, and one of the key people who's going to make that happen is our next speaker, the speaker of the house, your friend from janesville, wisconsin, paul ryan. [cheers and applause] ryan: wisconsin, how about it? oh, my gosh. is this not so cool? is this not incredible? before i had my --
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my drivers license the last time wisconsin went republican. this is amazing. here is what i want you to know. because of the hard work of the people in this room, you are helping us get this country back on track. i want to thank donald trump. , fort to thank mike pence helping wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, the midwest, finally see the light of day and put a republican back in the white house. i also want to thank you for sending ron johnson back to the united states senate. ron johnson is here with us tonight. work to do,so much and i've got to tell you years,ng, the last eight they have not been fun or pleasant years in washington. the last eight years with barack obama have been years of divided government. and that is why we are so
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four yearsut having of a unified republican government to rebuild our code,ry, reform our tax to clean up the regulations, to ,epeal and replace obama care and to get people working in this country again. that's why we are here. that's why we are so thankful. thanks and ining welcoming a man from the heart of the conservative movement, a man from the heartland himself, a person we are going to be so proud in just about a month to call our vice president of the united states, joining me in welcoming the next vice president of the united states, mike pence. [cheers and applause]
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mr. pence: hello, wisconsin. .'m mike pence and because ofa, your support, your hard work, and your prayers, 37 days from today, i am deeply humbled to say it will be my honor to raise my right hand and take the oath of office to serve as vice president of the united states of america. i came here tonight on behalf of
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, to say thankly you for the honor to serve. but mostly i'm here as a fellow american, to say thanks to the people of wisconsin. take you for voting to make america great again on november the eighth. wisconsin, for doing your part to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] he did it. thank.have all of you to thanks to you, america will finally have a president who ,ill rebuild our military
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restore the arsenal of democracy, provide our soldiers, marines, anden, coast guard with the resources and training they need to mission, and we mission, and we will have a commander-in-chief who will hunt down and destroy isis at its source, thanks to you. [cheers and applause] mr. pence: thanks to you. thanks to you, we will have a president who will stand with the men and women who serve in law enforcement across this nation at every level. we will provide them the resources and the tools to protect our families and go home safe to theirs, and we will have a president who will not rest until we restore law and order to every city and every community in this land. you, thanks to you , we will have a president who
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will fight every day to make the american economy great again. [cheers and applause] just 37 days, we will have a president who will repeal obama care, lock, stock, and barrel, and replace it with free market solutions to health care reform. we will have a president who will cut taxes, rollback extensive regulations, and repeal every single unconstitutional executive order signed by barack obama. and thanks to you, we will have a president who will put american workers and american jobs first. we will have trade deals that work for the american people first, and we will fight every day to make sure that trade
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means jobs, that trade means american jobs. and thanks to you, and thanks to you we are going to at last have a president who will in horse the laws of this nation -- who will enforce the laws of this nation for the citizens of this nation. a wall, uphold the laws, and in illegal immigration , once and for all. and thanks to you -- are going to you, we to have a government as good as our people again. we are going to have a government in washington dc that works every day for the people of this country and not for the special interest to read we will have a president who works with congress to reform our ethics laws, and we are going to drain
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the swamp. , and thanks to you, thanks to you, we are going to have a president of the united states who will make appointments to the highest court in the land that will , ourd the sanctity of life second amendment, and all the god-given liberties enshrined in the constitution of the united states, thanks to you. so i am really here to say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you for giving america a new president. thank you for giving america a new president who strength, whose vision, whose leadership will make america great again faster than you could possibly imagine. [cheers and applause] mr. pence: so i say with a grateful heart that it is my high honor and distinct
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to all ofto introduce you across the great state of wisconsin, the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. [cheers and applause] ♪ mr. trump: thank you, thank you.
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thank you, everybody. , 18 monthstarted ago, i told my first crowd in wisconsin that we are going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry christmas again. so merry christmas, happy new year, and merry christmas. for one maintoday reason, to say thank you to the people of wisconsin. incredible people. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and you know, a
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wonderful thing, because now after millions and millions of dollars were wasted, and countless hours were spent, the recount vote has come back. you know, i called it a scam, but i won't say that, because we want to be nice. --i refuse to skate it was a i refuse to say it was a scam tonight so they can't come back and say it. after all this money was spent by the democrats -- believe me, they were behind it, ok? and the green party, wonderful party. she got less than 1%, but she thought she was going to catch us. all that money, all that time, all that effort. we got 131 votes more than we
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had before. i think it was worth it, what did they spend, $3.5 million, $4 million for 131 votes? that's ok. that tells you how important every single vote in america is, right? for the firstin time since 1984. 34 years ago. thewent out and you pounded pavement, organized fellow propelled to victory, a grassroots movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. now, all over the world they are talking about this, and they are now comparing what is happening in other places, faraway places, with what happened here.
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and brexit now is sort of a small version of what we did, but i predicted brexit. and when i predicted brexit, they all said he doesn't know what he is talking about. and when it happened, they refused to it knowledge that i predicted it. and i never forget you, will never, ever, stop fighting for you. never. [cheers and applause] to beump: i'm honored here tonight with our incredible wisconsin leadership team. clark, where are you? .heriff clark senator ron johnson, comes from behind. he came from behind. governor scott walker, where is scott? .e was tough he was great. he is a great governor.
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he really is. he is a great person and a great governor, and i went against him for a while, and i want to tell you, he was tough. so now it's going to be your turn pretty soon. are going to have to fight it out, i don't know. speaker paul ryan, i've come to appreciate him. speaker paul ryan. where is the speaker? where is he? i'll tell you, he has been terrific. and you know, honestly, he's like a fine wine. every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he ever goes against me, i'm not going to say that. he is a great guy, and we have some amazing things in store. we are going to work on taxes, obama care, we are going to work
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on things and he is going to lead the way, so thank you. we are going to work on the wall , paul. somebody said -- look at these guys. somebody said the other day, now he's really not going to build the wall. we are going to build the wall. you have to. you've got to stop the drugs from coming in, and the wall is .oing to be a big, big factor i also want to thank a man who is another star from these territories. priebus,staff reince fantastic guy. fantastic guy. he has done an incredible job. and now he is a superstar. you know, i thought he was a superstar, but you've got to win
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to be a superstar. eince, you are a superstar, but you have to win. together we are going to .ashington are you ok? do we have a doctor in the house, please? doctor in the house? ok. good. we love this lady. dr. in the house, thank you. we love this lady. we love everybody. woman, who i have seen before, is terrific.
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make sure she is perfect. make sure she is ok. take your time. we have time, right? we have time. together we are going to make washington answer to the once again. we are going to put the government to work for you, first time in a long time. the whole world is recognizing our movement. it is because of you. and by the way, again, of movement that they have never seen before. they didn't know what hit them. they didn't know what happened.
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and it is because of you that we, all of us, were just honored with the time magazine person of the year. and just a little while ago, it was announced that we were also honored with the financial times person of the year, so that's great. days, it washe old called the man of the year, right? , what shouldfer be, i am doing this for all of few politicians. not that we will change at this point. would you rather see person of the year? man of the year.
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[cheers and applause] i have done that three times. person of the year is not doing well. specialant to give a thanks to all of our great veterans that are here. service members, military families. military and law enforcement, i do not know what the numbers were but they were record-setting highs. for all the veterans and service people and law enforcement people, i want to thank you because you are special people. special, special people. thatse the fact is america's men and women in uniform are the finest and bravest the world has ever known . we are going through something the world and in even in our country. the world has ever known.
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you who have worn the uniform, i say to you now on behalf of a very grateful nation , thank you. thank you. thank you very much. debt and we will never let you down. we will honor your service and sacrifice and that begins with defending and respecting the american flag. [applause] mr. trump: and -- chanting] seeingmp: we do not like people burning our american flag, ok, we do not like it.
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we will take a look at that. will take a look at that. we will all take a look at that together. one man who understands the meaning of service is somebody that has become unbelievably because he is tough, he is strong, and he does not lose. "mad dog" mattis. he is a popular guy because of his record. someone namedof vince on party? you have never heard of been somebody. he was popular. we like people that went. we want to start winning again. our country will start winning again, ok? would anybody like to keep it the way it is. we will win a lot. we will win so much you will go thell ryan and you will go,
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-- mr. speaker, please. we cannot stand winning this much. we cannot take it. he will come to see me and he will, mr. president, the people in wisconsin are tired of winning so much. health care, we are winning on the border. we are winning with isis is we're going to get isis out. we are winning all of her they cannot take it anymore. say, paul, imc. you have to go back and tell them we're going to keep winning and winning whether they like it or not. last week i formally announced my plans to nominate general mattis and i believe we are in
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the process of putting together one of the great cabinets, certainly a cabinet with the highest iq anybody has ever -- these are seriously great people. presidente today, the of goldman sachs, and we have general kelly, we have incredible people. dr. ben carson, great guy. [applause] be trump: i think it will one of the great cabinets ever. leaders and titans of industry, art, sports, science, are reaching out and want to find ways to help. today is an example. in my office, the great jim brown, jim brown. bill gates. -- anna kanye west. we had so many people come up
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and they want to be part of what we are doing. we want to use everybody, we want to use all of the brain power because we want to bring this back. we are going to be greater than ever before. you watch. you watch. and tomorrow, coming up to the office, the true giants of silicon valley. we will talk about how to grow jobs and talk about how they can stand top. -- stay on top. we will talk about a lot of great things but the real giants are coming up tomorrow so it will be great. tonight -- today i announced my nominate rex tillerson, the chief executive officer of exxon mobil to be the next secretary of state. rex is one of the skilled businessman of our time. man,at diplomat, a strong
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a tough man, a man who has already earned an avalanche of endorsements and growing praise from our nation's top leaders. including condoleezza rice, bob cheney,ames baker, dick majority leader mitch mcconnell, and so many more. and people are looking at this and honestly, they have never seen a resume like this before. a fierce advocate for america's interest and has the insight and talent necessary of foreignerse years policy blunders and disasters. blunders and disasters. rex.excited about rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world we do not get along with and some people do not want that. a do not want them to do -- be
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friendly. this is why i am doing the deal with rex. we will have someone that is very special. in aca's been caught cycle of failed interventions that have weakened our security and undermined totally our stability. $16 in the middle east. $6 trillion. you know what that is, we could have rebuilt our country three times and yet the situation today is far worse than when we started 15 years ago. it is not even a contest, it is a mess. the cost in dollars and lives has been immense. we have -- we need a new direction. americans -- america's foreign policy has lacked a clear vision, a clear goal, and a clear understanding of the threats and the threats are immense. instead of jumping recklessly
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from one intervention to another , my administration will held a long-term strategy for stability , prosperity, peace, and rebuilding our own country, folks. we will rebuild our country. we need it. will be guided by our values, our principles, and our patriotism. we will seek goodwill among , a strengthening of vital alliances, and the pursuit of shared goals when interests aligned. we will not be taken advantage of by other countries. we will not be. no more. no more. with otherg great countries. we will not be taken advantage of. our goal is not to build new nations in far-off lands that most of you have never even heard of. but to crush isis, we have no choice, and to defeat radical
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islamic terrorism. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: my administration with the help of paul and ron and everybody will also rebuild our badly depleted military and take care of our great veterans the way they should have been taken care of for a long time. we are building up this great military power in the hope that we never have to use it. we believe strongly in peace through strength. our military is to -- going to be modern and powerful again, believe me. but to be a strong nation, we must also be a rich nation. does not sound so nice. woman came up to me, i do not
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like when you say rich nation. i said mammal -- ma'am, your a fabulous woman. military,rebuild our we cannot take care of all of the problems we have including our medical problems. we will be origination. after i spoke to her a few minutes, she was ok. my administration will be focused on three very important words. jobs, jobs, jobs. cars,r it is building producing steel, or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in wisconsin, right? first on taxes. this is where we really need
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paul. we are going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in american history. this includes a massive tax cut for the middle class and middle class families from wisconsin, too. are going to lower our business tax rate so new companies will come to our shores and hire workers and -- in cities like right here. is that ok? that is what we want. where going to bring our rates down from 35%. where trying to get it down to 15%. so right now, and by the way, the jobs will pour in. with the highest tax nation in the world and when we finished, we will be one of the lower taxed. one of the lower. regulations, which is perhaps even more important, because our companies are dying and being strangled through regulation. we are going to eliminate all wasteful job killing
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regulations. on energy, we will cancel the restrictions on the production of american energy including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean, beautiful coal. s back tout our miner work. on infrastructure. i will ask congress to pass legislation that produces one -- $1 trillion of new investment in america's crumbling infrastructure, and it is bigbling, i have a friend, guy, one of the biggest in the world, trucking, and he used to buy these beautiful trucks, the most expensive, and he calls me up recently and says i cannot buy them anymore because we go from california to new york and by the time they get to new york
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or california if they are going the other way, they are all eat -- beat to hell. i said, has it ever been like this? he said it has never been like this. we have to fix our infrastructure. we have no choice. we are going to put our people back to work in the process. it is time to help get americans off of welfare and back into the labor market. withlding this country american hands and with american workers. my administration will follow two simple rules. by american and higher american, and hirebuy american american, right? right now it it will be -- it will be america first. america first. i look at some of these deals we make and some of the treaties
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and some of everything and i say, i think these people were thinking about the other nations create i and a. i say it is impossible for this to happen. either that or campaign contributions were magnificent for people. they are so bad, the deals are so bad, so disgraceful that i actually think they are putting other countries ahead of our own . on trade, we are now -- you people do not stop. so i used to say when i used to hear this chant, let's just went on november 8 but now we have one -- won, bigly. so, anyways. you people, tough people in
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wisconsin, fellows, right, governor, tough? on trade we are running a nearly $100 billion annual trade deficit. who makes these deals? think of it. i have friends that are business people. who makes these deals? $800 billion. america has lost one third of our manufacturing jobs since nafta. factories.t 70,000 think of it, 70,000. it does not sound like it is possible. and i know it is right because i have set it for the last month and a half and they never corrected me so it has to be. because -- boos]
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chanting] mr. trump: it is hard to believe. look at all those cameras. look at all that live television. look at that. this every night with all those live cameras? can you imagine if we made a mistake, would it be a disaster? the other people running for office, if they make a mistake, but if i made a mistake, a disaster. you ever see so many cameras, mr. vice president? devastated on november 8. they were devastated. [applause] they were devastated. should i go over that evening just once, quickly?
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with phony exit polls. and i got a call from my daughter at about five and she was called by people in their business. and her husband jerrod, great guy, they called me and they said, i am sorry, dad, it looks really bad. i said, what is the problem, tell me. i was doing, berry interesting. i assumed i lost. i believed these things are supposed to be correct so i thought i lost and i was ok with it. i would not say great. i called my vice president and i said, not looking good, right, mike? you get the same numbers i was getting. a lot of it is phony stuff, too. is awill say donald trump bad person, do you agree or not?
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people would say, yeah, but it is easier than to have yes in a big box like that. they have no. phony deals going on. i will tell you, so, i got the call and they said, it looks bad. it looks really bad. they want to be nice to me. this is, they are talking this way because they want to be nice. they actually thought we might lose. strongly. so i said, do not worry about it. whatever happens, happens. for the last month, i did not do interviews create all i did was these rallies. i did three a day. will be honest. i was surprised when i got that call because i thought every time we had a rally, it was, they are still pouring in the back. every place was like this except we had major arenas which were packed and we had 20, 30,000 people outside that could not
8:49 pm
get in. i said it did not make sense to me. that is ok. because like they say in football and in sports, he left nothing on the table, nothing on the field. last month, ie decided not to do interviews because they give you interviews and they chop up your sentences and the cut them short. you have this beautiful flowing sentence where the back of the sentence reverts to the front and they cut the back of the sentence off and i said i never said that. i am not going to do that, they are very dishonest people. i said, i am not going to deal with them. id all i did for one month, did two and three and sometimes for speech is a day, rallies like this, massive crowds. speeches a day, rallies like this, massive crowds.
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watch me and whatever you want to take, you can take. but watch me. we did three afford -- three or four and that is tough stuff. i did three a day, a focouple of fours. on the last in mind three, on the third of is going to do five and then i was going to do six and six. when you do six speeches where you have 10, 15, even 30,000 people, that is not so easy, ok? good stamina, high-energy, do you agree question mark high-energy. the three a day, a lot of speeches. no days off. there was no sunday off although i did go to church whenever possible. i did go to church but no days off. then we got down to the last two and i did six speeches.
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they were exhausted, the press. was,e seventh day which you are a monday, right? i did six speeches and then i heard that my opponent, does anybody remove or my opponent -- remember my opponent? they do not remember. governor, these people are brutal. now i know why it is always a bath for you guys but you win. you guys, but for you win. i did six on sunday. and then monday comes along and i did six. three hours before the final speech, i am saying, oh, boy. this is it. started 16 months before coming
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down the escalator. about illegal immigration, turned out to be right. we turned out to be -- we talked about trade. we did six speeches and then i goingthat hillary was with her husband and with president obama who, by the way, has been very nice and his wife has been very nice. but theyen very nice, were on a plane going to michigan and i said, that was not a planned trip. they spent $2 billion so you do not get credit for this. i spent a tiny fraction of what they spent. in the old days, if you spent --s money and you one, won, you get less credit.
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we spend a fraction and they had unlimited money so that meant they did a poll, we did not because why should i spend a lot of money for the polls when the newspapers give you polls every single day, right? these pollsters. they spent a lot of money, they innd out, obviously, trouble michigan because they had an unscheduled trip. they went to michigan, did not have a good crowd. isaid at 6:00 that afternoon, said, let's go to michigan. by the time i finished in new 9:30hire, it was already p.m. or 10. i said let's go to michigan. my people said, are you crazy, you just did six major -- i said i do not care. this is the presidency, right? this is the presidency. we went to michigan with no up.ce, with a tweet we went
8:54 pm
do have almost 40 million people so that is a lot. with a tweet. itget there and it is very, is like 12:30 a.m. and our vice there withlect was me, and we had at 12:30 a.m. in the morning and i started speaking at 1:00 a.m., we had in michigan 31,000 people inside and outside. 31,000. showed up. said, to mike and everybody. michigan ando win we ended up winning michigan. i got the bad news for my daughter. and i said, that is too bad. i go and see my wife. i tell you what. we're not going to win tonight
8:55 pm
because the polls have come out and i always used to believe in those exit polls. i do not believe in them anymore . it is looking bad. i am ok with it because of the fact that i could not have worked any harder. you cannot do any worse than that. i could not have done it. -- and you know what? if i lose, i lose and i will have a nice, easy life. we can all relax together, right? guilt --ou do not feel good if you did not put out and you lose but if you put out every single ounce of energy in , ok,blood, you feel like there is nothing more you can do. and she looked at me and she has seen these rallies and she said, you're not going to lose. veryolls are not looking --d and she said, the polls you will not lose.
8:56 pm
she is a great person. , melania, wens love melania. melania. they love melania. she said you're not going to lose. ok. the polls closed and they start announcing. i said this will be embarrassing. i am trying to figure out what i'm going to do. i had this ballroom that is not that big. not am going to lose i do want big ballrooms. i go up and say ladies and gentlemen, thanks a lot, i love you, good night and i out of there. she had this massive convention center with the big fireworks display. about $7were paying million for the fireworks and it was a big deal and they knew they were going to win until the final week my they knew bad things were happening. i got a good sign when four days
8:57 pm
before the end, i called up mike. they just canceled the fireworks. there was a front-page story they canceled. usually you cancel fireworks because you do not want fireworks if you are going to lose. did anyone ever use fireworks if they are going to lose? governor. and the history of elections, if you lose, you do not set off fireworks, right? they canceled their beautiful gucci fireworks and i wanted to be a wise guy so i offered them five cents on the dollar for their fireworks. i did. we never heard back. but that was a good sign, do you agree? so i figured it is election, i figured we were going to lose but this is critical. i never did this stuff before. did we all do a good job together, right? the movement, it is a movement. so than the real numbers started
8:58 pm
ohio. and we started with i was expected to win ohio by two points or three points. i am talking about the two of us, all of us. it comes in, we have breaking news. has won ohio in a massive number. we won ohio close to 2%. 2% or 3% was closer to 10%. i said that is good. then, we have breaking news. donald trump has won the great state of violent. -- iowa. like onep in the polls point. we won it by 10 points. i am saying this is different from these exit polls, what is going on? the exit polls had me tied in ohio. were surprised by the
8:59 pm
numbers. these people that are standing back there, three of them i see. i see three of them and for them i think are hiding in the back. to florida ando they are doing pretty well. they forgot to count our votes. all of a sudden, they get to areas that we just dominated and we sort of tied and we have not gotten to the panhandle yet. i love the panhandle. and they told one of the networks, we feel very good about florida. florida is going to be hours, -- and north carolina. that is the firewall. we have breaking news. donald trump has won the state of florida.
9:00 pm
they spent ten to one in north carolina. i love that state. north carolina was supposed to be something hard to win. ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. and you see these people, they go -- one of the networks was going, ladies and gentlemen, we have breaking news. they are like in a state of absolute -- like they are getting sick. say, broke, they down and started to cry, but i do not think she did. they go, ladies and gentlemen, won therump has
9:01 pm
state of north carolina. we are running up the east coast, like a marathon. and now we hit pennsylvania and they do not want to call it, right? theye left with 1% and if got 100% of that 1%, they still get killed in pennsylvania. thoughtpublican forever they were going to win the great state of pennsylvania. the bride that got away, that is always the expression. i just felt so good, we are getting these massive crowds.
9:02 pm
we are going to hershey, pennsylvania, to celebrate. pennsylvania, they do not want to call it. they do not want to call it. 1% left and there is no way they can catch it and i am starting to do interviews because i think, this is fun, this is great. they refused to call it because they are dishonest people. go up the coast and it happened, right? before pennsylvania, even though they should have done pennsylvania about 11:30 p.m. in audience theyhe had that night was massive. did i win those debates, folks? the debates had over 100 million .eople
9:03 pm
by the way, did mike pence when his debate? -- win his debate? that was not even a contest. it actually got boring. then it happened, out of nowhere, and they got sick, they were, like, he was throwing up. with a map being -- that map was getting red as hell. it was bleeding red. before that, remember, texas, for three months, texas is in play. that means we are even and republicans win texas. even if you are a lousy candidate, you win texas. i had these massive crowds and
9:04 pm
for three months, they said, texas is in play and next week is very close and remember georgia? georgia is in play. can you imagine if i lose texas or georgia? i am saying to my kids and my wife, this is going to be a disaster. utah, i do not think of republican has ever lost. -- against some guy, i looked at him -- my wife looked at him and said, you will not lose to him. i am telling you, she is good at this stuff. they say he is tied with me. you will not lose to them, do not worry about it. now it is, whatever time, 8:00 were so the numbers
9:05 pm
great. donald trump has won the state of texas. that means it was a slaughter. donald trump has won the state of georgia. state trump has won the of utah. and this guy that was put up there to fight me, he was -- hillary even beat him, ok? we won utah by 25 points. all of a sudden, they are saying, what happened? now we win all of these states and they are holding pennsylvania. ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. applause]d
9:06 pm
they said donald trump has won the state and i give a lot of credit to them. your governor, i give a lot of credit to paul ryan. to vice lot of credit president mike pence. they stood up here and they campaigned like you never saw before. now we pick up a state we were not really expecting. we did not know that was going to happen. after that, michigan was announced. the greatest was when pennsylvania came in because that is a big and beautiful state. donald trump has won the state of pennsylvania. they are doing all of this red
9:07 pm
and the map was so beautiful looking. i will never forget the guy who was saying for months, there is 270 four donald trump. but there was a path to 306. there was no path to 270. in fact, they could not get me toto 270 but they got me 269. i kept going back to maine. times back to maine four for one. there is a beauty, a genius to it. the other would be easier, the popular vote. i go to new york, california,
9:08 pm
texas, florida. electoral college is genius. you go everywhere and unless you see it, unless you see -- it is a very different way of campaigning. it is matchplay versus strokeplay. unless you see how this works up close and personal -- we ended up winning and i will never forget when they were on the map and they put up wisconsin and he for, there is no path hillary clinton to become president. donald trump is your next president of the united states. because of you. thank the people of wisconsin. you are incredible people.
9:09 pm
this, we arel you going to work so hard for you. we are going to work so hard. we will have the best people in the world and you see the people we are getting. if you do not mind, we will not be totally politically correct. is that all right? we're going to work so hard for you and we are going to bring back your jobs and we are going to terminate obamacare and come up with a great health plan that paul ryan is working on right now. and we will cut your taxes and we will have strong borders and we will have the wall, the wall. we will have that wall. we will stop the drug from pouring into our country. the drugs from pouring into our country. we will build up our military and take care of those vets,
9:10 pm
take care of them. and we are going to make -- look, here's the bottom line, we are going to make you so proud of your country again. so proud. "usa"]wd chanting mr. trump: we are never going to let you down. i am saying this from the heart. this is me to you, not reading anything, no speeches. i say it to the heart and maybe -- i know how hard you worked in
9:11 pm
the state and my people were so incredible in this state and they said they did not even have to work to get out the vote. we are never going to let you down, wisconsin. i want to tell you in the truest sense of the words, it is a theme we started right from the beginning, we will make america strong again. we will make america powerful again. we will make america rich again. make americato great again. i want to thank you, wisconsin. god bless you, merry christmas. god bless you. thank you, wisconsin. thank you. ♪
9:12 pm
9:13 pm
♪ >> another victory rally for donald trump and mike pence. they are calling it the thank 2016.ur of he talked about a couple of the men he has chosen so far for his
9:14 pm
cabinet and that will be the focus of our phones this evening, asking about some of the picks donald trump has announced. you can always send us a tweet if you would like to. this evening, three more stops .n the tour he will be in hershey, pennsylvania, on thursday evening, orlando on friday, and mobile, alabama, on saturday evening. among the latest news for cabinet picks, donald trump has tapped former texas governor rick perry to have the energy department he wants about to abolish -- he once vowed to
9:15 pm
abolish. good evening. caller: i would like to comment on the pic for his cabinet. makenk rex tillerson will a great secretary of state. i first started working for exxon and a filling station in 1968. i grew up were exxon was in my backyard -- where exxon was in my backyard. i worked on numerous exxon pipeline jobs and dallas may have the corporate headquarters. host: what should we know about rex tillerson as a boss? he is a longtime exxon mobil
9:16 pm
employee himself. as a construction employee, i know that exxon always stresses safety, productivity without compromise. mr. tillerson, when he took over reins, was very instrumental reins, was very instrumental in that. always had a good work originally and i went to work in one of their filling stations. host: we go to longview, texas, democrats line. caller: my name is patrick williams and i would like to make a comment about mr. tillerson. it does not make any sense to me that he has ties to russia and
9:17 pm
no one seems concerned about that. this gentleman has spoken to mr. putin and he seems like a personal friend and mr. trump who awards -- is the one who awards loyalty. what about mr. romney and mr. giuliani? minute, he nominates mr. tillerson. [inaudible] funny to me that he is his pick. host: if you were sitting on the committee, the foreign relations committee and you had the chance to ask rex tillerson, what would you want to know from him in particular about his relationship, business relationship with vladimir putin? about: if he concerned
9:18 pm
mr. tillerson or the united states -- is he concerned about mr. tillerson or the united states? would he sell us out to the russians? host: he talked about mitt romney, a potential pick for the secretary of state. the president-elect was charmed by his texas swagger and his restraint during the public audition. that was published in politico this evening. david petraeus pleaded his case on national television. bob corker, among a host of others, traipsed through the tower -- the lobby of trump tower. rex tillerson entered the trump tower backdoor twice.
9:19 pm
clearwater, florida, we hear from keith on the independent line. your thoughts on the cabinet picks? caller: to follow up on the tillerson nomination and the article, i am an investigative journalist with harvard and i have a principle i use with my work -- never overlook the obvious. i think journalists do not practice this.
9:20 pm
if you look at tillerson, he has the relationship with putin. what motivates putin is finance. he is a capitalist. his country is not, but he is. the russian oil company, giant oil company is across the street n's residence and parliament. it is a cash cow for his private bank account. i think, myself, what trump is doing, he is offering what any good business person does, what he wants. and what he wants his money. from trump's point of view, what he gets and what we get, we take belligerents off the table and we give putin money and we get
9:21 pm
other things strategically in exchange for that. and this threat that exists with russia going into crimea gets off the table. that is what trump is about. he really is transparent. analyzea tends to over and miss what trump is about. host: we appreciate your insight this evening. let's hear from michael in california, republican line. caller: how are you? i want to wish you a merry christmas. i want to let you know that i -- i really agree with it.
9:22 pm
we need somebody was really strong and knows our enemy, like isis or al qaeda. dealing with russia or businesses he is then, the people he has been our business minded -- the people he has business he is going to let those people withn what they are doing who he chooses to help them run what he needsoing to do. he is going to be president and he will oversee all of this but he will let them do their jobs to make america strong again. everybody has been talking about the middle class, the underclass, and the rich. he is putting america back to where it belongs, the middle class people who are the
9:23 pm
hard-working people. host: the president-elect has already named the people for his security post. michael flynn for his national security advisor. john kelly to head the homeland security department. another former military officer, and former navy seal, reported this afternoon, congressman ryan lawmaker.tana a former navy seal. the new york times also reporting rick perry is his thick as energy secretary -- is his pick as energy secretary. we will likely hear about those in the coming days. illinois on the democrats line. caller: i would like to wish
9:24 pm
everybody a merry christmas and although i did not vote for hillary,ump, i wanted obviously, to win, barack brought the stock market back and that is about it, i guess. host: thank you for calling. our political coverage continues tomorrow evening. we will hear from bernie sanders. also from the man who is likely to be in a good position to be the next chairman of the democratic national committee, keith ellison from minnesota. they will be speaking about party leadership and a way forward for democrats. that is coming up tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern. manchester, new hampshire,