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  President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence Deliver Remarks in...  CSPAN  December 14, 2016 12:03am-1:05am EST

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it will be a huge ongoing fight for the next generation, because we will be rooting out the intellectual idiots. they will deeply hate what we are doing and will write brilliant essays attacking us for being against their rights to be an idiot. the other book i recommend is called coming apart. it is about what has happened. rise what hethe calls super zip codes. these are neighborhoods in which people are in the top 5% economically and are in the top 5% in educational attainment. he says people from princeton, harvard, yale, merry people from princeton, harvard, yale. they have children they send to prep schools, go to those three schools, and moved to zip codes surrounded by people who want to those schools. when trump began to rise, none of them understood the power of the apprentice. it was not on pbs. [laughter]
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and it wasn't downton abbey. i will take it few minutes. i apologize iran is long. i believe this is a very important turning point in american history. i cannot say too strongly. every day by inertia, by bureaucracy, by hostility, by the varied definitions of the old order, every day, we will face active resistance trying to stop us in the revolution we need. we need a movement nationwide, thised to talk about building a series of principles that i think are at the heart of trump is him. i think across the country, whether your school board, city council or state legislature or you're just a citizen trying to help, we need to think through why is our side of this watershed where we tell the truth, where we believe in work
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ethic from where we want to strengthen america, why are we so different from the old order? and how can we make sure we are moving in the right direction? i think it is really very important. trump personally cannot succeed unless the movement succeeds. he knows that. a key part of the movement is to find the people willing to move and get them to decide to actively be part of this kind of the future. guided questions? [applause] so we need to be microphones. pick somebody. >> thank you mr. speaker. trump received a
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phone call from the president of taiwan. he has also questioned the bounds of the one china policy. kicking ofus about the table of the one china and all his pressure in china to make concessions on ?rade thank you very much. he is very serious about communicating to the beijing government that they cannot continue to be aggressive been be on offense and not expect many things to be prepared for. i think is also sincere in saying that there are 24 million people who have three different changes of power democratically in a free society, you ought to take a phone call. there is a certain hypocrisy in americans even under obama -- billions of dollars of weapons to taiwan while pretending
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taiwan does not exist. it's also a little bit healthy for the beijing regime to realize there are no circumstances i can imagine where the united states would tolerate the beijing government attempting by force to take over taiwan. it's also true that when you are dealing with a country the size of china that there are no circumstances where we would encourage taiwan to declare independence because this goes to the very heart of the chinese definition of sovereignty. trump is indicating he will be more open and he's also saying to beijing you are in for some very challenging negotiations and should not assume it is all your way. that's why they did not ask us about building an island in the south china sea or the devaluing of the yuan. you want to create a conversation that is a real dialogue, fine. you want competition, fine, but don't tell us we are not allowed
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to compete. >> what will international aid look like under the trump administration? mr. gingrich: i hope it will be very dramatically overhauled. look at the trillions of dollars we spent and ask yourself to what degree does our bureaucracy giving another bureaucracy money necessarily the best way for countries to develop? had we spent the same number of dollars in tax credits for businesses to invest, we would have created an amazing number of permanent jobs all over the planet. i would hope they would profoundly rethink how we deal with aid. >> here comes the microphone. >> mr. speaker, thank you for saying christianity is under attack. i got to see that when i went as a for me -- a former army doc last year, and i got to see it across the world. i wonder what president-elect
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trump's position is about helping the christians even as we are doing for the least of these that are under assault. what is president-elect trump's opinion about helping the kurdish assault? mr. gingrich: i suspect it's much more aggressively in favor of helping the kurdish people in that van the obama administration. this goes back to the delusional nature of the old order. they want to pretend syria is going to be put back together. they want to pretend that iraq should only be dealt through baghdad. currently baghdad is dominated the mostnd second, reliable allies in the area are the kurds. these are decisions they have got to work out but i suspect they will be much more open to ensuring the kurds are equipped or more capable than the obama administration.
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>> thank you very much. today, mr. trump picked his secretary of state. would you be able to elaborate on trump and foreign policy? is it going to be harsh or how would you define that? mr. gingrich: i think if you are isis, it is likely to be really harsh. [applause] general mattis, when he was in iraq, he was a major general at the time, coined the phrase the marines can be your best friends or your worst enemies and you get to decide which. i suspect you will find the new secretary of state is going to negotiate and talk with everyone but he will do so based on american values and american
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interests. it's a great story that secretary of state george shultz used to tell. when you have a new ambassador, you bring them by the office for a final meeting. he would take them over the globe and say what country are you going to represent. four times out of five, they would point to the country they were going to, and he would say no and bring them back and point to the united states. if 80% of them were confused who they were representing -- i think you will find this is a team that intends to make america great again. they do not believe the chinese can steal $460 billion year of intellectual property, which was the director of national intelligence estimate this year. they don't believe you can get run over by people who think you are stupid and foolish, so they
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will be tough negotiators. this is one of the dumber comments about trump. in the middlets east, and scotland, panama, they do not understand the modern world. they don't think globalism in a sense of selling out america is a useful or practical thing to do. in that sense, they will be firm and top, but i do not know that they will be harsh. >> i happen to be a reagan kid. gingrich young adult. 43 bush kid and one of the senior advisors for the national diversity coalition for trump. one of the things everyone is talking about foreign policy, but we need to look at domestic. unfortunately, as a
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conservative, i've been a conservative all of my life, but we have to get into a form where we look at places and i applaud the president-elect for going into flint, michigan and having people like mr. percy jones from atlanta getting with the governor, trying to solve that problem. but what bothers me, i am from maryland. i was shunned as a candidate because my governor who happens to be a republican did not push our president-elect. how do we form a reality in our own party that they have to get on board or get out? mr. gingrich: i think what we have to do, and i think what president-elect trump is trying do both in his appointments and other activities is we have to
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, be ready to go everywhere in america and be prepared to represent everybody in america and i think -- i don't think they suggested the idea of a new deal for african-americans just as a passing thought. i think they're very serious about it. i was talking to the vice president yesterday and he was on the way to a meeting with 30 african american business leaders in new york and they are very serious about thinking about how do we ensure -- this is not political. if you believe in making america great again, you want to make sure americans have the chance to be great again and that is a key part to what trumpism is all about. >> mr. speaker, thank you. i'm from tv tokyo. i'm wondering how you feel about the american media's handling of the report of russian influence in the election outcome?
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thank you. mr. gingrich: this is an example of what i mean by a watershed. in the old days, and the old order, we would have taken them seriously. we would have felt bad about it. we would have been on defense for weeks. this is why i want us to use the term propaganda media, not news media. the entire story is a lie. the director of national intelligence does not agree, the federal bureau of investigation doesn't agree. who it is ciae agrees because no one talks on someone in the post talk to a friend of theirs with a guy from georgetown with the card that says cia and so they said this is great. first of all -- this is one of those things were you have to say to yourself -- this is why i
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go back to the essay on intellectuals yet idiot useful. and i want you to follow a for a minute. you understand how big the changes going to be. the obama administration is cheerfully saying gosh, we are so utterly incompetent that the russians may have interfered with our elections and we didn't know it. that is the heart of their defense. that really reassures me about the national security of the country. second, you have hillary, whose defense is apparently somebody from the fsb which is the replacement for the kgb apparently got to her and the fsb convinced her to set up a secret server in her bathroom which is an old russian device. honey trap used to mean sex, nowadays it means bathrooms. they convinced her to delete 33,000 emails and the same agent convinced her to lie about it and you have to ask yourself,
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when seven-year-old come in and say my dog ate the homework, it's one thing. when the former secretary of state who is a nominee walks in and goes i think the russians must have done it because i don't think that was because i was incompetent and a crook and nobody believed me -- this is why we are in a different world. political correctness is going to rapidly die and we are in a world in which we get to tell the truth, and the truth is the washington post lied just as the new york times was deliberately propagandistic in his description of dr. price and the rest of us ought to get a habit of calling them on it. these people are not newspeople, they are not reporters, they are propagandists, they write junk and they write junk with a deliberate left-wing bias and we ought to take them to task every single time they do it and on television, we ought to do the same. i admire kellyanne conway because she represented the new order. every time somebody on msnbc or
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cnn tried to go at her, she would reframe it. she would not allow them to set the terms. that is what we have to have when i talk about a movement. every citizen has to stand up and say we are going to fight to make america great again. if you don't want to fight to make america great again, i recommend you go home or we're going to run over you. thank you all very, very much. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> next on c-span, donald trump
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speaks at a rally in wisconsin. then a discussion on the media coverage of the 2016 elections. later, former house speaker newt gingrich on policy priorities in the trump administration. c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, former indiana congressman and former transportation secretary will be on to discuss their efforts as members of a bipartisan non-partisan -- bipartisan group that went to reduce the power of money in politics. then former senator bob graham will be on to talk about the news of the day and a bookie co-authored -- a book he co-authored. and michael warden of the weekly standard will join us to discuss republican efforts to repeal the portal care act in 2017. be sure to watch c-span washington journal live
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wednesday morning. join the discussion. federal reserve chairman janet yellen speaks to reporters wednesday following a two-day meeting of the federal open market committee. watch live at 2:30 p.m. eastern. later, senator bernie sanders and congressman keith ellison speak to a group our revolution. ellison,ative keith the possible next leader of the democratic national convention, outlined his vision for the party. live coverage beginning 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. >> i do think you can learn from failure. president the next wants to aspire to be like somebody, they probably want to be what did or lincoln. you can't re-create the country and you can't have the civil war. what do you do next? aspire to be james monroe? i don't know.
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you can aspire not to be james buchanan. q and a, aight on historian talks that james buchanan's presidency, in his latest book was president ever. differentiation of good presidents and bad washington, lincoln, and fdr are always at the top of surveys. they were decisive men. you can't come to the top of the ladder and not be decisive. buchanan was a awful or -- a waffler.. he went back and forth on decisions. that is how he was as president. >>'s other night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q and a. >> next, donald trump speaks at a rally in wisconsin. he is joined by house speaker paul ryan and vice president-elect mike pence. this is one hour.
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paul ryan: wisconsin, how about it? oh, my gosh. is this not so cool? is this not incredible? it was before i had my drivers license the last time wisconsin went republican. this is amazing. here is what i want you to know. because of the hard work of the people in this room, you are helping us get this country back on track. i want to thank donald trump. i want to thank mike pence, for helping wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, the midwest, finally see the light of day and put a republican back in the white house. i also want to thank you for sending ron johnson back to the united states senate.
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ron johnson is here with us tonight. we have got so much work to do, and i've got to tell you something, the last eight years, they have not been fun or pleasant years in washington. the last eight years with barack obama have been years of divided government. and that is why we are so excited about having four years of a unified republican government to rebuild our military, reform our tax code, to clean up the regulations, to repeal and replace obama care, and to get people working in this country again. that's why we are here. that's why we are so thankful. join me in saying thanks and in welcoming a man from the heart of the conservative movement, a man from the heartland himself, a person we are going to be so
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proud in just about a month to call our vice president of the united states, joining me in welcoming the next vice president of the united states, mike pence. [cheers and applause] mr. pence: hello, wisconsin. i'm mike pence. i'm from indiana, and because of your support, your hard work,
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and your prayers, 37 days from today, i am deeply humbled to say it will be my honor to raise my right hand and take the oath of office to serve as vice president of the united states of america. i came here tonight on behalf of my little family, to say thank you for the honor to serve. but mostly i'm here as a fellow american, to say thanks to the people of wisconsin. thank you for voting to make america great again on november eight. -- on november 8. thank you, wisconsin, for doing your part to make donald trump the 45th president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause]
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mr. pence: he did it. and we have all of you to thank. thanks to you, america will finally have a president who will rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy, provide our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and coast guard with the resources and training they need to accomplish their mission, and we will have a commander-in-chief who will hunt down and destroy isis at its source, thanks to you. [cheers and applause] mr. pence: thanks to you. mr. pence: thanks to you. thanks to you, we will have a president who will stand with the men and women who serve in law enforcement across this nation at every level. we will provide them the
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resources and the tools to protect our families and go home safe to theirs, and we will have a president who will not rest until we restore law and order to every city and every community in this land. and thanks to you, thanks to you, we will have a president who will fight every day to make the american economy great again. [cheers and applause] mr. pence: in just 37 days, we will have a president who will repeal obama care, lock, stock, and barrel, and replace it with free market solutions to health care reform. we will have a president who will cut taxes, rollback extensive regulations, and repeal every single unconstitutional executive order signed by barack obama.
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and thanks to you, we will have a president who will put american workers and american jobs first. we will have trade deals that work for the american people first, and we will fight every day to make sure that trade means jobs, that trade means american jobs. and thanks to you, and thanks to you we are going to at last have a president who will enforce the laws of this nation for the citizens of this nation. we will build a wall, uphold the laws, and and illegal immigration once and for all. and thanks to you --
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and thanks to you, we are going to have a government as good as our people again. we are going to have a government in washington, d.c. that works every day for the , people of this country and not for the special interests. we will have a president who works with congress to reform our ethics laws, and we are going to drain the swamp. and lastly, and thanks to you, thanks to you, we are going to have a president of the united states who will make appointments to the highest court in the land that will uphold the sanctity of life, our second amendment, and all the god-given liberties enshrined in the constitution of the united states, thanks to you. so i am really here to say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you for giving america a new president.
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thank you for giving america a new president who strength, whose vision, whose leadership will make america great again faster than you could possibly imagine. [cheers and applause] mr. pence: so i say with a grateful heart that it is my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to all of you across the great state of wisconsin, the president-elect of the united states of america, donald trump. [cheers and applause] ♪
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mr. trump: thank you, thank you. thank you, everybody. so when i started, 18 months ago, i told my first crowd in wisconsin that we are going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry christmas again. so merry christmas, happy new
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year, and merry christmas. and i'm here today for one main reason, to say thank you to the people of wisconsin. incredible people. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: and you know, a wonderful thing, because now after millions and millions of dollars were wasted, and countless hours were spent, the recount vote has come back. you know, i called it a scam, but i won't say that, because we want to be nice. so i refuse to say it was a scam tonight so they can't come back and say it. after all this money was spent by the democrats -- believe me, they were behind it, ok?
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and the green party, wonderful party. she got less than 1%, but she thought she was going to catch us. [laughter] all that money, all that time, all that effort. we got 131 votes more than we had before. [applause] i think it was worth it, what did they spend, $3.5 million, $4 million for 131 votes? that's ok. that tells you how important every single vote in america is, right? we won wisconsin for the first time since 1984. 32 years ago. you went out and you pounded the pavement, organized fellow
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citizens, and propelled to victory, a grassroots movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before. now, all over the world they are talking about this, and they are now comparing what is happening in other places, faraway places, with what happened here. and brexit now is sort of a small version of what we did, but i predicted brexit. and when i predicted brexit, they all said he doesn't know what he is talking about. and when it happened, they refused to acknowledge that i predicted it. i will never forget you, and i will never, ever, stop fighting for you. never. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: i'm honored to be here tonight with our incredible wisconsin leadership team. sheriff david clark, where are
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these people? sheriff clark. senator ron johnson, comes from behind. he came from behind. governor scott walker, where is scott? he was tough. he was great. he is a great governor. he really is. he is a great person and a great governor, and i went against him for a while, and i want to tell you, he was tough. so now it's going to be your turn pretty soon. you and pence are going to have to fight it out, i don't know. speaker paul ryan, i've come to appreciate him. speaker paul ryan. oh no, i have come to appreciate him. where is the speaker? where is he? he has been, i'll tell you, he has been terrific. and you know, honestly, he's like a fine wine.
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every day goes by, i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he ever goes against me, i'm not going to say that. he is a great guy, and we have some amazing things in store. we are going to work on taxes, obama care, we are going to work on things and he is going to lead the way, so thank you. we are going to work on the wall, paul. [applause] somebody said -- look at these guys. you think we are playing games. somebody said the other day, now that trump won, he's really not going to build the wall. i said what are you --? we are going to build the wall. you have to. you've got to stop the drugs from coming in, and the wall is going to be a big, big factor. i also want to thank a man who
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is another star from these territories. there is good water in this state. chief of staff reince priebus, fantastic guy. fantastic guy. he has done an incredible job. and now he is a superstar. you know, i thought he was a superstar, but you've got to win to be a superstar. i said, reince, you are a superstar, but you have to win. we won, so now you are the superstar that we said. together we are going to washington. are you ok? do we have a doctor in the house, please? doctor in the house? doctor in the house? ok. good. we love this lady.
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docto in the house, thank you. we love this lady. we love everybody. we love everybody. that woman, who i have seen before, is terrific. make sure she is perfect. make sure she is ok. take your time. we have time, right? we have time. [applause] together we are going to make washington answer to the people once again. we are going to put the
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government to work for you, first time in a long time. the whole world is recognizing our movement. it is because of you. and by the way, again, of -- a movement that they have never seen before. they didn't know what hit them. they didn't know what happened. and it is because of you that we, all of us, were just honored with the time magazine person of the year. and just a little while ago, it was announced that we were also honored with the financial times person of the year, so that's great. you see, in the old days, it was called the man of the year, right? ok, so let me do this. and we've got a lot of women here.
12:40 am
-- i will gofer persevere than man of the year. i'm doing this for all of you politician. see person ofer the year? man of the year? [applause] these guys are so politically practical -- politically correct. what, person of the year is not doing well. i also want to give a very special thanks to all of our great veterans that are here. service members, military families. way, the military and law enforcement, i don't know what our numbers were, but i know they were record-setting highs. to all of those veterans and people, iople and law
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want to thank you, because you are special people. because the fact is that america's men and women in uniform are the finest and bravest the world has ever known . they're going through something very very difficult in the world, and even in our country. you who have worn the uniform, i say to you now on behalf of a very grateful nation, thank you. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] we are in your debt, and we will never let you down. we will honor your service and sacrifice. that begins with defending and respecting the american flag. [applause]
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[chanting "usa!"] we don't like seeing people burning our american flag, ok? we don't like it. and we're going to take a look at that. all right? we will all take a look at that together. one man who understands the meaning of service is somebody that has become unbelievably tough, heecause he is is strong, and he does not lose. general mad dog damascus -- mad dog mattis, right? he is a popular guy, because of his record.
12:43 am
ever hear of somebody called ?ince la guardia -- lombardi our country is going to start winning again, ok? would anybody like to keep it the way it is? i don't think it -- we are going to wait. much,going to win is a you're going to go to paul ryan, and you're going to go mr. speaker, please, please, we can't stand winning this much, we can't take it. and he is going to come to see me and he will say mr. president, the people in wisconsin are tired of winning so much. you are winning with health care, we are winning on the border, we are winning with isis , because we are going to get isis out. [applause] we are willing all over, mr. president, they just can't take it anymore. i will say paul, i am sorry, you
12:44 am
have to go back and tell them we are going to keep winning and winning whether they like it or not. last week, i formally announced my plans to nominate general mattis as you knew secretary -- your new secretary of defense. process ofare in the putting together one of the great cabinets. certainly the cabinet with the highest iq. these are seriously great people. did you see today the president of goldman sachs, and we have general kelly, we have incredible people. dr. ben carson, great guy. i think it is going to be one of the great cabinets ever, ever, ever. leaders and titans of industry, arts, sports, science are
12:45 am
reaching out and want to find ways to help. today is example. in my office, the great jim brown, right? jim brown. and kanye. that is right. i rather like kanye. ray lewis. we have had somebody people come up that want to be part of what we are doing. we wants to use everybody. we are going to bring this back. be great, likely to we are going to be greater than ever before, you watch. tomorrow, coming up to the office, the true giants of silicon valley are going to talk about how to grow jobs. we're going to talk about how they can stay on top. we're going to talk about a lot of great things. the real giants are coming up tomorrow, so it is going to be great. today i announced my plans to nominate rex tillerson.
12:46 am
officer andecutive chairman of exxon mobil, to be the next secretary of state. is one of the greatest and most skilled global business leaders of our time. make of the greatest deals ever made in the oil industry -- or any industry. a great diplomat. a strong man, a tough man, a man who has already earned an avalanche of endorsements and growing praise from our nation's top leaders, including james baker,ice dick cheney, majority mitch mcconnell, and so many more. at thisre looking resume, and honestly they have never seen a resume like this before. a fierce advocate for america's interests around the and and has the insights and
12:47 am
talents necessary to help reverse years of foreign-policy blunders and disasters. [applause] mr. trump: blunders and disasters. very excited about rex. he is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we do not get along with varied some people don't like that. they don't want him to be friendly. that is why i'm doing this with him, because i like what he is all about. we are going to have somebody who is very special. america has been caught in a cycle of failed interventions that have weakened our security and undermined totally our stability. we have spent $6 trillion in the middle east. $6 trillion. do note that is? we could have rebuilt our countries that we could have rebuilt our country three times. the situation is far worse than when we started.
12:48 am
it is a mess. the cost in both dollars and lives has been immense. we need a new direction. we need a new direct in. foreign-policy has lacked a clear vision, a clear goal, and a clear understanding of the threats. the threats are in immense. instead of jumping recklessly from one intervention to another, my administration will build a long-term strategy for stability, prosperity, peace, and we building our own country. we will rebuild our country. we need it. will be guided by our values, our principles, and our patriotism. we will see goodwill among , a strengthening of vital alliances, and the pursuit of shared goals with interests aligned.
12:49 am
we will not be taken advantage of by other countries. we will not be. no more. no more. we will get along great with other countries. we will not be taken advantage of. our goal is not to build new nations in far-off lands that most of you have never even , but to crush isis, we have no choice. to defeat radical islamic terrorism. [applause] mr. trump: my administration, with the help of paul and ron will also rebuild our badly depleted military and veterans of our great the way they should have been taken care of for a long time. we are building up this great military power in the hope that
12:50 am
we never have to use it. we believe strongly in peace through strength. our military is going to be modern and powerful again, believe me. a strong nation, we must also be a rich nation. it doesn't sound so nice. trump, i don't. like when you say rich nation. i say ma'am, you are a fabulous woman. if we're not going to be a rich nation, we cannot rebuild our military. we can't take care of all of the problems we have, including our medical problems. we are going to be a rich nation. she was ok. my administration will be focused on three very important words -- jobs, jobs, jobs. [applause] whether it is
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building cars, producing steel, or curing disease, we once the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america, and right here in wisconsin. [applause] first on taxes, this is where we really need paul. we are going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and supplications in american history. this includes a massive tax cuts for the middle class, and middle-class families from wisconsin. we are also going to lower our business tax rate so that new companies will come to our shores and hire workers in cities like right here. is that ok? that is what we want. we are going to bring our rates down from 35%. we're going to try to get it down to 15%. and by the way, the jobs will
12:52 am
pour in. we are the highest tax nation in the world. when we finish, we will be one of the lower tax. one of the lower. on regulations, which is perhaps our more important because companies are dying did being strangled through regulation, we are to illuminate all wasteful job killing regulations. always wasteful job killing regulations. we will cancel the restrictions on production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean, beautiful cold. we're going to put -- beautiful coal. we're going to put our miners back to work. [applause] on infrastructure, i will ask congress to pass legislation that produces $1
12:53 am
trillion of new investment in america's crumbling and .estructure -- infrastructure and it is crumbling. i have friends, big guy, one of the biggest in the world. trucking. he is to buy big trucks, the most beautiful in the world. he said i can't buy them anymore , because we go from california to new york. by the time we get to california or new york, there will be to hell because of the potholes on the highway. i asked if it wasn't like this -- he has been doing this for 45 years -- and he said it was never like this. we have to fix our infrastructure. we have no choice. put our people back to work in the process. it is time to help get americans off of welfare and back into the labor market. [applause] mr. trump: rebuilding this country with american hands, and with american workers, my
12:54 am
administration will follow to civil rules -- by american and americanican -- buy and hire american. we are going to do it. from now on, it is going to be america first. america first. i look at some of these deals we make, and some of the treaties, and some of everything, and i say 'i think these people are picking about the other nations." i honestly do. it is impossible for this to happen. either that, or campaign contributions were magnificent for these people. , sodeals are so bad disgraceful, that i actually think they are putting other countries ahead of our own. now -- youe are people don't stop. [applause]
12:55 am
mr. trump: so i used to say when "let's just chant win on november 8." but now we've won. big win. tell you, -- i will some people in wisconsin, folks. on trade, we are now running a nearly $800 billion annual trade deficit. i say who makes these deals? think of it. i have friends here who are business people. who makes these deals? $800 billion. america has lost one third of our manufacturing jobs since nafta. we have lost 70,000 factories. think of it -- 70,000.
12:56 am
it doesn't even sound like it is possible. i know it is right because i have said for the last month and a half and they never corrected me, so it has to be. [chanting] it is hard to believe. look at all those cameras. look at all that live television. look at that. who has to do this every night with all those light cameras up? can you imagine if we made a mistake? the other people running for office, if they make a mistake. but if i make a mistake, it is a disaster. have you ever seen so many
12:57 am
cameras, mr. vice president? i have to tell you, they were devastated on november 8. [applause] mr. trump: they were devastated. should i go over that evening just once, quickly? [applause] so it began with phony exit polls. and i got a call for my daughter at about 5:00, and she was called by people in the business , and her husband jarret, great guy, he was called. and they called me, and they said i'm sorry dad, it looks really bad. it looks really really bad. i said what is the problem, tell me?
12:58 am
it's very interesting. i really assumed i was. i assume these things are supposed to be correct. i sort of thought i lost. i was ok with it. i wouldn't say great. in fact, i called my vice president and said not looking good mike? and he got the same numbers i was getting. a lot of it is funny stuff, too, because they will say "donald trump is a bad person, do you agree or not?" and some people will say yeah. it is so much easier. phony.w, a lot of it is i will tell you -- so i got the call, and they said it looks bad. it looks really bad. and they want to be nice to me. they're talking this way because they wanted to be nice. they actually thought we might lose, strongly. so i said don't worry about it. whatever happens, happens. for the last month, i didn't do
12:59 am
interviews. all i did was these rallies. i did three a day. [applause] honest,p: and i will be i was surprised by got the call, because i thought every time we had a rally does look at these numbers, they are still pouring in the back. except we had major arenas with repacked. and then we had 20,000, 30,000 people outside who could not get in. it didn't make sense to me, but that is ok. like they say in football and sports, you left nothing on the table, nothing on the floor. month, i decided not to do interviews, because they give interviews and they top of your sentences and they cut them short. you will have this beautiful flowing sentence cut back and then i say never said it. a good deal -- they are very dishonest people.
1:00 am
i said i am not going to deal. month, i did, for one do to them three and sometimes for speech is a massive crowds, right? and they call, can we have an interview? watch me with the speech. whatever you can take, you can take. we did three or four dates. i tell you what, that is tough. i did three and day, a couple of force. the last two days, and even the last three, the third i was going to do five. then i was going to do six and six. when you do six speeches when you have 30,000 people, that is not so easy, ok? good stamina, high energy -- do you agree?
1:01 am
[cheering] president-elect trump: i did the three a day. there were no days off. i did go to church whenever possible. i did go to church. no days off. then we got down to the last two and i did six speeches. they know. they were exhausted, the press. on the seventh day -- you remember, monday? i did six speeches. i heard my opponent -- does anybody remember my opponent? [booing] president-elect trump: they don't remember. [chanting] governor,elect trump:
1:02 am
these people are brutal. now i know why it is always a bloodbath but you win. -- i did six on sunday. in -- mondaymes comes along and i did -- three hours before the final speech, this is it. before comingths down the escalator, right? a lot of things we talked about turned out to be right. i said a lot of things. we did six speeches. then i heard that hillary -- [booing] president-elect trump: was going with her husband and the president obama who has been very nice. [booing] president-elect trump: i am telling you. they have been very nice. they were on a plane going to
1:03 am
michigan. i said, that was not a planned trip. they spent $2 billion -- you don't get credit for this i spent a tiny fraction. in the old days it be spent less money and one, you get credit for it. we spent a lot less money. we spent a fraction of what they spent. they had unlimited money which means they did a poll. we didn't because white should i spend money for because why should i spend money for a poll? they spent a lot of money and found out, trouble in michigan because they had an unscheduled trip to michigan. they went to michigan and did not have a good crowd. i said at 6:00, let's go to michigan. by the time i finished in new hampshire, it was already 9:30 or 10:00. i said let's go to michigan.
1:04 am
my people said, are you crazy? i said i don't care. this is the presidency. [cheering] we wentt-elect trump: to michigan with no notice, with a tweet. we went up. i do have between facebook and twitter and instagram almost 40 million people. that is a lot. with a tweet -- we get there and it is very late, it is like 12:30. our vice president-elect was there. morningt 12:30 in the -- i started speaking at 1:00 in the morning. we had in michigan, 31,000 people inside and outside. 31,000 -- [cheering]