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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  December 16, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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protections like federal markers, you have to notify the union rights. do certain regulatory schemes and contracting rules. there is a different package that republican presidents like. george bush, ronald reagan like. >> a couple more of the details. congressional approval not needed for these orders. the judicial branch can get involved, right? >> a lawsuit can be brought. any kind of executive action.
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congress can rescind an order by undermining the legal justification. i also mentioned often, the president will sign an executive order. it will later be caught a fight by congress. host: some of the examples we have talked about, administration executive orders. change, consideration of climate change. an executive order on the deferred action for childhood arrivals. more than 20 executive orders to combat gun violence. anything you want to speak to?
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gnomon claytor -- the nomenclature sometimes gets confusing. white housein the will conflate those terms. for a while, president obama was making the claim he had signed fewer executive orders than his predecessors. he was less aggressive in his use of executive orders. executivey counted orders, that was true. if you look at memoranda, there are a few stylistic differences. those host:re of
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thank you. caller: good morning. i am calling to question about executive orders. congress,o nothing ofe there be any examples doing less? congress, i haven't seen the final numbers. we seem to be hitting a new, historic low in terms of the number of bills passed. imperfectse are measures. a bill can do everything from renaming a post office to implement in the affordable care act. billsg at the number of doesn't always tell you the whole story. president obama has used
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executive orders to fill in that vacuum. he never used the term executive first years of his presidency. it was only after democrats lost control that you started to hear president obama, frustrated that he could not get anything what hecongress, using calls the pan and phone strategy to get around congress. he cannot do that for all employers that he can do it for contractors. , that sets anple example and raises the bar. the federal government is a huge enterprise and controls a significant portion of the american economy. the president feels he can accomplish things even within the federal government that might have trickle-down effects a.r that they lost the house of -- trickle-down effects.
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militarya: i am a career person. i have one question. how do you stop a conglomerate when there are people who don't nation?giance to any they are trying to run and over the people with limited government? thank you. i will hang up and listen to your response. host: thank you, carlton. guest: i am not sure exactly what you're asking. certainly, we have an ideological divide in this country between republicans and liberals about the scope of government and what the proper role of government is. should it be involved in regulating health care decisions and the health care marketplace, should be involved in setting labor standards? be, how much is the
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government responsible for the economy in investing infrastructure and other projects? that is what is discussed everyday on c-span. in terms of how that applies to executive power, we have had for the past six years, a divided government. with congress and the president unable to agree on much, the president's use of executive power to advance his agenda, but we are entering into period of unified government. we have a republican party that has a much more limited government view of the world. they will be able to -- they have the mandate to publish that. -- to a complex that. host: in oregon, independent caller. caller: i would like to ask a question about our new president. donald trump. if he is going to write executive orders like obama did,
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anywe going to have oversight to him so we know he will not be lying about everything? guest: first, obviously, with president-elect trump, he is not been sworn in yet. i would expect at least for the not seeo years we would a lot of executive orders. we will see in the first few days, present trump rescinding some of the obama we will have a orders. republican congress that will send him bills he can sign to implement policy changes that he wants. there may be executive orders, memoranda. there may be regulations to implement those -- that new legislation. but i would not expect president trump would need to resort to a lot of unilateral power because he has a republican congress. host: others are writing about this.
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president obama was once skeptical of executive power and has come to embrace it -- their interpretation. take the first part of that. do you think he has been skeptical and why? guest: what he was a senator, he was skeptical of executive power and was critical of how bush used it, especially with national security in terms of warmaking. he wanted to curtail the president's ability to wage war. he was also critical of president bush's use of signing. when congress passes a law, they present can either sign and or veto it or as we saw yesterday he can allow it to go into law without signature. often times, the president will have a signing statement that will tell the rest of the world how he intends to enforce that law.
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how he intends to interpret it. president bush, the criticism was, easy signing statements to reinterpret law to get around provisions of law that he did not like but obama was critical of that. what we have come to see over the past eight years is president obama, especially without the support of the democratic congress, except in the first two years, has resorted to some of the tools that he had been previously critical of. the advanced policy that he was interested in pursuing, he that ought they were the right thing to do. i think it is probably true of every president. when you're in congress, your protective of congressional prerogative. when you're president, you have the perspective of the white house that the world is too dangerous of the place to have congress debate these things for months on end. you need to take action and that is what presidents do. host: a little bit more comparison of president obama
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and the recent past presidents with executive orders. the american presidency project puts it this way -- at the bottom of the list, president obama to end at 260 and working up the list, george w. bush, two hundred 91, bill clinton, 300 64, ronald reagan, 381 and richard nixon, 346. the current president is at the bottom of the list. guest: that is true, but as i have said, if you take the presidential memoranda, similar to executive orders and have the same legal effect, and you have those numbers together, he would leapfrog over those predecessors. host: calls, rosie, houston, texas, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. what i don't understand about congress, the people who are ahead or over congress, they have rules that they are supposed to be going by. i don't understand now they're pushing the rules away from
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trump and there he is tweeting, doing everything he is big enough to do -- looks like a club going in and out, in and out into the trump tower. if he is everything you said you cannot do, he is doing it and he is getting away with it. so that is hard to understand. it is not nothing that is nice, look like it doesn't have any -- i cannot think -- i cannot really think of what i am trying to say. it does not have any class. they act like just a bunch of saloon people. he is getting away with all the things they said he could not do.
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guest: i remember when i was younger, i grew up during the reagan presidency and reagan had these huge electoral landslide victories and would talk about how that was a mandate to enact his policies. donald trump does not have that. he lost the popular vote, w the on the electoral college, and we now have unified government, both houses of congress and the same political party, that is where he gets his mandate. you see a new group of people coming in through trump tower. they are people who have not been in power for the past eight years. they are going to put together policies together that are different than what we have become accustomed to in the past eight years. that is what the election was
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about, elections have consequences, so that is what we have got the next two years. remember, there are congressional midterm elections in two years, either house of congress could switch that and take away president trump's mandate to do anything like what happened with president obama in 2010. host: in new hampshire, independent caller. hey, catherine. good morning. caller: good morning. i have a suggestion and had to pay for it. it is an executive order health care suggestion and i call my plan the obama-trump dynamic duo. they would go down in history together. president obama could issue a holiday executive order extending the affordable health care to a single payer medicare for all. when taking office, president-elect trump could implement a plan and carry it
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forward. to pay for it, there would be a 4% say of national sales tax except food. money could be used only to pay for health care. by having these small increments, it is manageable for people. rather than all this insurance stuff. also, companies and businesses are not have to pay worker health insurance because you would have the above plan. therefore, they would be able to raise minimum wages to $15 an hour and their workers would have more money to spend, thus, support the 4% national sales tax to support complete health care plans. i think that would be a wonderful christmas present -- holiday present for the american people. i would wish they would do it. host: thank you. guest: i hate to throw an ice bucket on your plan because it seems you have got through this a bit. it cannot get done by executive order.
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the power to tax and to spend is exclusively that of the united states congress under the constitution. if you want to raise taxes, or change the affordable care act, that will have to come from legislation to congress. i expected to be some kind of legislation to repeal the affordable care act in the next congress and replace it with something. unfortunately, i think they are plan, what republican congress has in mind is to go the upper -- go the opposite direction, away from single-payer and more to market-based -- i don't know what they have in mind exactly, but it would not be in the direction of what you're proposing. host: do executive orders cost a lot of money to put into place? guest: fascinating question. every time the president signs an executive order, the office
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of management budget should sent d to congress a report on how much that executive order costs the american people. i have looked at every single one of these reports and have yet to see a dollar figure in them because what onb says is, look, we cannot spend any money that is not appropriated by congress so all of these executive orders might have some cost, but it will be within our appropriations. we cannot spend money that congress does not authorize. so none of these reports of congress has given any details on what the cost is. certainly they must have a cost because executive orders do things like and give federal employees raises. they did things like establish a minimum wage for federal contractors. what happens is the money that gets spent on those items just displaces spending elsewhere within the money that is already
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appropriated. host: on twitter, robert writes, obama has hogtied the economy with executive orders. guest: presidential memoranda -- i referred to these and i think it is important for people if they want the full picture of executive action, to look at not just executive orders but presidential memoranda. presidential memoranda are more regulatory and they start processes like the clean power plan or labor regulations, fair pay, paid leave policies. those usually start with not an executive order but a presidential memoranda. it is more of a soft power because they are not saying, you it says to examine the issue, do have to do this. a report and then develop regulations that make him a -- may come a couple years down the line. often times, a presidential memorandum will start the
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process that leads to an executive order. the -- not the caller but tweeter is suggesting there is a cost to it, absolutely. host: steve, ohio, republican. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: doing fine. caller: i was very concerned with the 2014 national defense authorization act that president obama signed. during that time, charlie wrangell also signed hr 1509, which is from age 18 to 45, a selective service draft for women, too. i was also looking a few days ago about the college debt. those kids will be examples
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for the new draft under the declaration of war or the use of military force. >> this is a great night for the great state of florida. president elect donald trump here tonight. president-elect. jobs?u ready for are you ready to take back our country? are you ready to make america great again? back in 2010, my race was like donald trump's. people said you cannot win, you are a businessman. proved the, pollsters wrong.
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you proved the pundits wrong. you got out and elected donald trump and made the state red. said, we are going to have a fighter in the white house. a fighter for jobs. a fighter for the military. a fighter for law enforcement, taxpayers. we are not going to have somebody in the white house that cap housed the d.c. elite -- kowtow's to the d.c. elite. we are going to have a president that will do what we have done in florida. jobs. job growth rate doubling national average in florida. you have made all of this happen. now we have the white house, somebody who is going to fight for the forgotten man and the forgotten women. you have done it day after day and you made it happen.
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now we have a president that is a good friend of mine, a businessman, a successful businessman. a father, a grandfather, a husband. he is going to turn this country around. drain the swamp. i first get to introduce the vice president elect. somebody who has fought against obama, 70 who knows what it is like to be a governor. -- somebody who knows what it is like to be a governor. you're vice president elect, mike pence. [applause] mr. pence: hello, florida. scott.ou, governor i am mike pence.
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i am from indiana. in 34 days from today, because of your support, your hard work, and your prayers, i am deeply humbled to report i will raise my right hand and take the oath to become the 48 vice president of the united states of america. i came here tonight on a very personal level, just to say thank you. thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve. mostly i am here tonight as a fellow american. to say thank you, thank you to the people of america for voting to make america great again. part you for doing your here in the great state of florida to elect donald trump to
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become the 45th president of the united states of america. thanks to you. thanks to you, we will have a ourident who will rebuild military. restore the arsenal of democracy. give our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines the training they need to accomplish their mission. we will have a commander in chief that will destroy and hunt down isis at its source. you weto you, thanks to will finally have a president of the united states who will support the men and women in law enforcement across this nation at every level. you, 34 days from today, we will have a president who will fight every day to put
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america back to work and make the american economy great again. president who will repeal obamacare, lock stock and barrel. and replace it with free market reforms and more choice. we will have a president who will cut taxes, rollback excessive regulation, and we will have our president who will repeal every single unconstitutional executive order that barack obama signed into law. and thanks to you, thanks to you we will have a president who will renegotiate nafta, get us out of the transpacific deal, and he will make sure that trade means american jobs first. and thanks to you, we will have a president that will enforce the laws of this nation for the
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citizens of this nation and all who are legally here. we will build a wall. [applause] build the wall. build the wall. mr. pence: we will build the wall, we will uphold our laws. we will have a president who will end illegal immigration once and for all. we thanks to you, florida, will finally have government as good as our people. government that works every day for the people and not the special interests. we will reform our ethics laws. and this president will drain the swamp. and thanks to you, florida, thanks to you we will have a president of the united states who will make appointments to the highest court in the land.
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that will uphold the sanctity of life, our second amendment, and all the god-given liberties enshrined in the constitution of the united states. thanks to you. i'm here, men and women of florida, just to say thanks. thanks from the bottom of my heart. thanks for giving america a new se strength, whosength vision, whose leadership will make america great again faster than you could possibly imagine. so i say with a grateful heart, and distinct honor privilege to introduce to you the president elect of the united states of america, donald trump.
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[applause] [proud to be an american] thank you you. most normal insane -- let's start by saying, merry christmas. i am here for one reason. to say thank you to the incredible people of florida. what a group. as you know, florida is my second home. in many ways it is my first
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home. i love this state. i love the people of this state. you propel it -- propelled a grassroots movement, like the world has never seen before. what all of these people. that is a lot of people. [applause] mr. trump: they say we broke the record tonight. we broke the record. incredible people. you stood up to the global special interest and delivered a historic win for the american worker. the american worker. [applause] votes --: with your [applause] [cheers] mr. trump: friend or foe? i think it is friday.
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friend, right? the citizens of this country declare to the world that from now on it will be america first, america first. [applause] mr. trump: let me also take a moment to really recognize and thank our terrific governor rick scott for being here tonight. am bondi.ondi -- and p you are an incredible person. these are truly amazing people. >> i love you. mr. trump: i love you too, darling. i even love the guy that said i love you. he is a rough looking dude down there. i also want to give a special women to you, the men and
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in the united states military. [applause] mr. trump: we are in your death -- debt, and we will never let you down. wellou know, we did very with many different groups. we did fantastically well with the african-american community. withd fantastically well the hispanic community. [applause] mr. trump: we have a lot of people here tonight from the india community, hindus. we did great with the hindus. there they are. we have a big group. i want to thank you. they were amazing and voted and they were fantastic. and we did well with women. women. [applause] but you know, we --
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by the way, how about the evangelicals? how good was that? a world record. evangelical christians, we set the all-time record in the history of elections. evangelicals. we will honor our troops and it really begins with restoring respect for our great american flag. is that right? we are going to defend the flag are heroes fought and died for to protect. i want to tell you, i do not like when i see people burning the flag. i do not like it. i do not like it. you do not like it. and we will try to do something about it. we are going to do something about it. we're also going to rebuild our badly depleted military.
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greatest people in the world in our military and we are going to rebuild our depleted military and we are going to finally take care of our great, great veterans. where are the veterans tonight? [cheers] mr. trump: america -- usa]ting [applause] usa.a, usa, mr. trump: america assumes military power in the hopes that we do not have to use it, but will be prepared if we have to. there has rarely been a time when we need military power more than right now, and we will have it. it will be peace through strength. peace through strength.
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at the same time, our foreign policy needs a new direction. we spent $6 trillion in the middle east and now it is in worse shape than it has ever been before. years of horror. look at what is happening. $6 trillion and a look at what happened. it is a horrible thing. we are going to do everything we can and we will get it straightened out one way or another. think of it, all of that money, all of those lives. on both sides, tremendous numbers of people. and we have nothing. it is 15 times worse than it was when we started. we will start using our head and we will do things right and try to pass that up -- patch that. we are going to help people. we will build safe zones. safe zones in syria.
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we will build safe zones. and we will get them to pay for the safe zones. and we will try to help the people. meanwhile, at home, our infrastructure is crumbling. our schools are failing, and our workers cannot find good paying jobs. you know that. we are going to change that so fast, there has -- their heads are going to spin. instead of rebuilding foreign nations, it is time to rebuild our nation and that is what we are going to do. for too long, we have been moving from one reckless intervention to another, countries that most of you have never heard of before. it is crazy. it is going to stop. a trap administration will focus -- trump administration will focus on the united states. that means, crushing isis
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rapidly and defeating radical islamic terrorism. will alsoy, america stand with the cuban people in their long struggle for freedom. i want to appreciate -- i tell you what, their support has been unbelievable. it has been unbelievable. thank you. the cuban people. we know what we have to do. we will do it. do not worry about it. the numbers have been incredible. in fact, they gave me prior to the election, the bay of pigs award. let me tell you, that was a great honor for me. i want to thank the people, the cuban people. to be a strong nation, we must also be a rich nation. a wealthy nation. we will be. whether it is exploring curing
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disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in america and right here in our great state of florida, right? of you know, speaking florida commodity not know if you want to hear this test should i discuss one day, a day in the life, should we do that? i always say, should we do it? we will make it florida oriented, because this was a big win. we won easily and we won by a tremendous number and if you watch television and these dishonest people back here -- [boos] lot.rump: man, is that a [chanting]
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well, first of all, maybe before we start. i am looking back there and you cannot see, but i am seeing -- look at that. that is a lot of people. i tell you, that is a lot of people back there. let's see if we can get the cameras to turn around and capture the size of this audience. they won't do it. let's give it a shot. that is a big crowd. you know what was we should have done, we should have had thousands of people behind the camera, we should have the cameras back and the people forward. we are wasting our time with
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these people. we should have had the cameras back. do that next time. move the cameras back. you know, the equipment is so great nowadays, they can microscope and we can get it nice -- they could be in the back and it would not make a difference for television. [chanting] mr. trump: they are screaming, move them back. can you believe it? move them back, move them back. mr. trump: here is the bottom line, they are very dishonest. they have written dishonestly about all of us. it is a movement like they have never seen. and yes, we won. we won, right? [applause] mr. trump: you see the other side is complaining.
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they are all complaining. before the election, when they thought they were going to win. i tell you, that final week was magic. replace we went, we had crowds like this. and we have 22,000 people here tonight and thousands outside that cannot get in. that is pretty good and you cannot get inside to the field. marshal andhe fire i said, can't you let more people in? i said, why? they said it is stampedes. seriously, that is how many people we have. they are worried about a stampede. at least we know it will be a friendly stampede, right? i really appreciate you being here. this is incredible. idea,s really, i had this we won very easily. remember they said, he cannot
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get to 270. there is no path to 270. i went to maine four times, because i wanted to get one vote. i needed it because i believe these people. so what happened? we went out and we watched the media and we believed the media and the media is very dishonest. they were even dishonest in the exit polls. what is the purpose of being dishonest and exit poll, when he will find out the truth? what were they doing. other than tormenting us, because we got for 2-3 hours we were going to lose. it started three months before the election, when we heard the great state of texas, which i doubt we were doing great in, and georgia, what a great state. you heard it, georgia is in
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play. that means, you know, i could lose it. georgia as a republican and you are in big trouble. he is even. i thought i was way up. texas is in play. i said, this is not good. and then we had the exit polls, and my daughter and son-in-law paul and they said, it is not looking good. and i really thought, i was already preparing in my mind -- well, that is the way it is. but they were faulty polls. -- has anybodya heard of her? she said, dad, i'm telling you, do not worry about it. it is ok. --aid my cannot believe it said, i cannot believe it. i have seen the crowds, it is
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not make sense. bottom line, the polls close and they go, donald trump has won the great state of texas. in like, two minutes. donald trump, breaking news, donald trump has one georgia. donald trump has one utah. they were saying for two months that we were even. in fact in utah, there was a character that nobody ever saw before. nobody ever heard of him before. and i said to my wife, that is his name, do you believe this? or something like that. i never heard of this guy. nobody did. and the polls said, he is even with donald trump. my wife said, he is not even with you. believe me. he is not even.
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anyway, so we went -- win. is melania great? she is. she is a great person. she loves you and she is enjoying herself. it is much better to win than to lose. so utah is announced very early. breaking news, donald trump has one utah. we did not just when it. and evan, this person, remember he said, we think we can win the election. but you will only win maybe utah. and maybe -- it did not turn out that way because we had plenty of everything. but all -- [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: i do not know if he is a lightweight. we should not say that. do not ever called a person like that a lightweight. what a group.
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only in florida could this happen. utah byone utah -- won law. a real lot. and it was -- and evan did not even come in second. hillary came in second. i really believe it was dishonest polling. who knows. who thinks it was dishonest by the media? so we open up with that. all of a sudden, ohio, where they had us down for two months, as even. we win it by almost 10 points. so, we were supposed to win by one point or maybe two point, and i had a hostile environment. the governor that was not like a great, rich guy. [boos] i said, how do you
8:45 pm
win a state when you do not have the support of a governor. i think i did better that way. so they go out and they say, breaking news, donald trump won ohio and with a very big number. and breaking news, donald trump won iowa by more than 10 points. that is unheard of. then we come down to this beautiful piece of land, surrounded by the ocean. surrounded. surrounded by beautiful seas. it is a place called florida, have you ever heard of it? has everybody heard of florida? i love florida. so, all night long it is even. it is going even. and then they get to the panhandle. i do not know who lives in the panhandle. did i blow them out of the panhandle or what?
8:46 pm
you know why? because the panhandle wants its jobs back. the panhandle was unbelievable and we won florida big. big. so they go, and you know you have the other side, they were weng interviewed, saying will win florida. we expect to win it easily. breaking news, donald trump wins the state of florida. right? [applause] mr. trump: and then we went south carolina. and then we have north carolina. north carolina was supposed to be close. very hard for republicans to win. many reasons for that. that we worked hard. my children were there, everybody was there and working hard. then it comes out. the tar heels. it comes out very strongly that
8:47 pm
donald trump is looking good in north carolina. and then my opponent, i will not opponent,mes, but my they spent a fortune. they spent a fortune in north carolina and their people got on television -- [chanting] is soump: oh, that terrible. you know, this is what is happening. i noticed, because i did ohio, iowa, north carolina, we did all over. last night, hershey, pennsylvania. did you see that crowd? it is like, thank you florida. thank you, pennsylvania. we are doing a thank you tour. we have more imagination than anybody. we are doing this. we are not politics. i tell you what i noticed.
8:48 pm
we go to ohio where we go to iowa and the crowds are incredible. thank you. thank you. thank you. [chanting] mr. trump: thank you. amazing people. here is what i noticed. the --eks ago, prior to viciousrior to, you people were screaming, we want the wall. screaming, prison. lock her up. you are going crazy. , mean andu are nasty vicious and he wanted to win, right? right,me crowd, that is whatever happened to the deplorables? they are not so deplorable.
8:49 pm
they are not so deplorable anymore. the other side is figuring out how to get some of those deplorables to our side. now, now, it is much different. now you are laid-back, you are mellow, right? you are basking in the glory of victory. getting toalready the mark. we are saving a lot of jobs in many places. we have a lot of things going on. we sort of have to wait until we get into office, don't you agree? i am having a hard time waiting. you cannot move. but, but now you are mellow. you are cool. and you are not nearly as vicious or violence, right? because we won, right? back,u are sort of laying although this does not sound
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like a totally laid-back crowd, but that is ok. so, the other side goes out and they say, donald trump cannot win north carolina. that is our firewall. remember, this is our firewall. ladies and again on, breaking news, donald trump has won the state of north carolina. [applause] mr. trump: then you look at pennsylvania. pennsylvania was always the state, they say the bride that got away. every republican for 38 years, they left. before the election, everybody thought, everybody thought he -- she was going to win pennsylvania. it did not work out that way. and we were campaigning in pennsylvania, getting the biggest crowds they have ever seen, by far. and i said, we're going to win
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this state. and i remember, they said over and over, republicans do not win it. and they would not announce these crooked -- denounce these crooked people back here. they would not. first of all, first of all, they were in a state of panic. now we win florida. and we won ohio by summit then anticipated. and then we won iowa and in florida so much bigger than they thought. and by the way, by the way, just to go back a few months, how good did we do in florida in the primary, right? how good was that? oh, that was good. i do not want to talk about that anymore. they are getting nervous on television.
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and you see the anchors and they are sweating and crying and throwing up all over the place. themou know, a couple of king, he is very good, now he is getting a little -- they are saying, there is no path to 270. now what happens? we are leading pennsylvania. 306 is right. we are leading pennsylvania by a lot and we have 1% and in the 99%. we are there for hours. i considered it a win because the 1% was not nearly enough votes. what happened? instead of announcing it at 11:00, they waited until 3:00 in the morning. i think they did it for commercials, if you want to know the truth.
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but a couple of things happened that were surprising. we have breaking news, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump -- now they will say something, they are ready to throw up all this cameld trump -- out and these people are incredible. donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. wait a second, where did that come from? where did that come from? right after, ladies and gentlemen, donald trump has won the state of michigan. michigan? years.not been won in 38 and now, the gentleman with the map, looking so read. -- red. remember the map? there was a lot of blue and he to not -- it got knocked
8:54 pm
hell. i will tell you that. it was pouring red. they said, you cannot break the blue wall. but my candidate, right? -- up by canada, right? we heard this for months. these to believe guys like walter cronkite. this is a different world. so we are listening to these people, dishonest as hell, and what happened is they are telling all of us, you cannot break the blue wall. what happens is, not only did we break it, we shattered the hell out of it. right? now we win wisconsin. and now what happens? we win wisconsin, we win michigan. i knew we were going to win michigan, because i was talking
8:55 pm
about cars going out of michigan and into mexico. i had been talking about it. i got the man of the year award in michigan. and i said, you are letting your actors go. you cannot do this. and they remembered, they remembered all of this. in michigan. w now what happens, he is up ith the red. and his hands start to shake. he cannot breathe. he is joking with a dog. -- choking like a dog. for months he said, i had no path to victory. many people probably believed in. and they do not go out to vote. it is called depressing the boat -- the vote. you love donald trump, but he said, he cannot win. i believe these people.
8:56 pm
they say he has no path to victory. mandated we have a path to victory. so he puts down red for wisconsin, red for michigan. now i do not even need the rest of the state. in fact, they took all the glory away from pennsylvania. they should have called it hours earlier. and he goes, ladies and gentlemen, and he is going - huh? victory forpath to hillary clinton. [cheers] mr. trump: there is no path. [cheers] mr. trump: there is no path. incredible.
8:57 pm
and then he said, donald trump is the next president of the united states. it is huge. it is huge. it was an amazing evening. [chanting "trump"] mr. trump: thank you. and congratulations to you. they never gave pennsylvania that glamour of victory. they should have. those people were so incredible. i was with them last night, i said, they took it away from you. but then pennsylvania came in and others came in. we ended up with 306. it could have been more than that. it was an amazing evening. they say the most historic ever. but you know what is more
8:58 pm
important now, that we altogether do a great job. that is what is next, ok? we are going to do a great job. for years, the jobs and wealth have been ripped out of our country. richgn powers have gotten bleeding america dry. andthat is all about to end it is going to end rapidly. the american worker is finally going to have a chance. and the white house will be a champion for you. our economic agenda can be summed up in three beautiful words, jobs, jobs, jobs. that is why we are going to lower our business tax rate from 35% down to 15% and you watch what happens. we are going to bring it from
8:59 pm
the highest in the world, to one of the lower rates in the world. maybe someday we will get it to the lowest. you watch what is going to happen. it is also why we are going to eliminate job killing regulations. a disaster. and we're going to lift restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas and clean coal. element of ourl jobs plan is a $1 trillion bad andnt in our very crumbling infrastructure. it is time. our bridges are deficient, our roads are in disrepair, our airports are like third world countries, articles are a disaster -- our schools are a
9:00 pm
disaster. we had no choice. it is time. i am asking congress to support the construction of new roads, bridges, tunnels and roadways across this nation and we will put people back to work in the process. believe me, it will be our people. americame to help get off of welfare and back into the labor market, rebuilding this country with american hands by american workers. my administration will follow americale rules, buy american. -- hire at the center of the agenda is fixing our absolutely terrible trade deals. they are so bad. i have studied them. i like reading trade deals. can you believe this? you do not want to read them.


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