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tv   Interview with Representative-elect Jamie Raskin D-MD  CSPAN  December 19, 2016 4:30am-4:41am EST

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a look at the career of vice president elect mike pence. >> amidst the sands, we have stood without apology for the sanctity of life the importance of marriage and the freedom of religion. >> on friday night fair well speeches and tributes to several outgoing senators including harry reid, barbara boxer, kelly ayotte and dan coats. representative-elect jamie raskin representative-elect jamie raskin (d-md) spoke with c-span for a house freshman profile interview. he talked about his reasons for running for the seat, his work while serving in the maryland state senate, and his life and ackground.
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>> maryland representative elect jamie raskin spoke with c-span for a house freshmen profile interview. he was elected to serve maryland's eighth congressional district. he has also served in the maryland state. >> jamie raskin, representing maryland's eighth district. a democrat. why did you decide to run? rep.-elect raskin: i have been a state senator in maryland for a decade. we have tried to restore voting rights to former prisoners, assault weapons to reduce the bloodshed on our streets. the truth is we cannot solve any of those problems at the state level. we need to be fighting in congress. the level of function in congress not to appoint where i said -- i have to go and see if i can help dislodge the paralysis and impasse that has overtaken congress. i had some success in maryland working in a bipartisan way for real progress in our state. and the general assembly had passed more than 100 of the bills that i introduced and more than 90% of them had republican support. we need a universal background check for gun buyers. that is something supported by the
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overwhelming majority of gun owners in the country. it is not a second amendment problem. i am happy to talk about the second amendment with colleagues on the other side of he aisle. we can advance common sense middle way gun safety legislation without impairing anyone's second amendment rights to possess a gun for self-defense purposes or for hunting and recreation. hat is one example of an issue where i hope to play a role in pushing thinks forward and getting beyond the stalemate that has seized congress for so ong. >> why do you think, with that background of state politics, how is that going to make this job easier? what experience will help you with serving in the house of representatives? rep.-elect raskin: i have only been in my freshman training for a couple of weeks now but i am starting to think that the real divide is not between democrats and republicans that between people who run with a lot of money, never having served in office before. and those who have served in state legislatures. it is at the state and local level that we
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experience the real opportunities of democracy and we learn the art of civility and treating people well and creating friendships across the isle in order to build the foundation for making progress on the problems that affect the ountry. and we have so many. infrastructure is a great example. it affects everyone whether you live in the countryside and the roads are falling apart or you live in the washington metropolitan region where the metro system is a huge crisis. i used to ride the metro when i was a kid to look around and it opened new world for me and today, it cannot get me to capitol hill on time. i was late for my first set of meetings. we need to invest in american infrastructure and we can have a real conversation about that across party lines and geographic lines. it is something that can unify the country. it is something we can ake progress on.
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>> where did you grow up and what influence did your parents ave on who you were -- who you rep.-elect raskin: i think i will be the member of congress, the freshman living closest to congress. i live 20 minutes away in takoma park, maryland. i have lived my whole life in maryland or washington. i have offered to give towards to my new colleagues or advise them on schools or where to go in rock creek park. and so on. my parents have been a profound influence in my life. my dad worked for president kennedy. he is a political philosopher. he wrote a book. he has been a great progressive thinker and influence on me. when i was a kid, i dad said that everyone has two impulses in life. one is to fly like a bird and another is to stand like a tree. really, this is the place
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that i love. i am very moved hat the voters of the eighth congressional district sent me here as their representative. it is a great title to have to be able to represent people's needs, interests, and values. my mom was a great writer, a novelist and a journalist. i have a lot of respect for your profession and what the media people do. i think it was jefferson that said -- if you would ask me to choose between having a government without a newspaper or a newspaper without a government, i would not hesitate to choose the latter. media keeps people engaged with citizens and lets people know what is going on. that is an important role of a representative.
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? show less text 00:05:34 ? unidentified speaker >> what does your -- what did your father do for president 00:05:40 kennedy? rep.-elect raskin: he was on the national security council. he left in early opposition to the vietnam work. e created a think tank. he has been a professor at george washington university. >> did president kennedy have an impact on you? ep.-elect raskin: i got from my dad all sorts of jfk emorabilia. i love the kennedy family and the role they have played in american life. and i always thought that bobby kennedy embodied both the toughness that we need to have in order to make progress but also the gentleness that we need in order to understand what the real needs of society are. i have always looked up to bobby kennedy. and i know his daughter kathleen kennedy ownsend.
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>> any mentors in this area that you have worked with or anyone you are looking forward to working with on the capital? rep.-elect raskin: the maryland delegation is a very strong, tightknit delegation that punches way up of its weight in congress. we are a relatively small state. nancy pelosi, the democratic leader, was born in baltimore and her father was the mayor of baltimore. the number two democrat, steny hoyer who was born and bred and bleeds merrill lynch. and he has been a terrific help to me. i love serving with anthony brown and john star baines. john delaney has the neighboring district. i know all of these people and we work strongly together as a cohesive team to bring back the best
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results for our people and the best programs and services that will uplift the people of maryland. >> what will be the biggest difference for you coming from the state assembly to the house of representatives? rep.-elect raskin: the maryland senate is a small and intimate body. 47 members. 33 democrats. and a lot of the action takes place on the floor of the senate. i had many amendments that were offered that were incorporated into legislation and you can see legislation change there. what i am learning firsthand in my towards through the house is the political science role that the larger the body, the more hierarchical it is. at the time legislation comes to the floor, there is not that much maneuverability. the committees re where all of the action is. you have to be a very diligent and involved committee member.
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i have a nerdy disposition bout parliamentary procedure and i will like that a lot. rep.-elect raskin: what committees would you like to serve on? rep.-elect raskin: we just got a speech from nancy about not having our heart set on a particular committee. i have been on the maryland legislator -- legislative committee. i think the judiciary committee is a logical place for me to go. there are all -- other committees appealing to meet, n oversight government reform. i am hoping to get on that because it overseas the whole federal government. i have more than 85,000 constituents that work in the federal government in every place from griculture, to the pentagon, to the treasury department where my wife works. and i want to be a champion for the ard-working people who are
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doing the work of the public interest by going to work every day and advancing the agenda of the american people. >> thank you so much for talking to c-span. general david petraeus, talks about combating terrorism and other global threats. this took place on the campus of george washington university in washington, d.c.. this is just over an hour. hour. >>


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