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tv   Electoral College Meets to Vote for President of the United States  CSPAN  December 19, 2016 10:50am-11:01am EST

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providers to serve consumers. >> michael o'rielly, fcc commissioner co talks about how the fcc may change at the administration to he's interviewed by david cal,. >> a lot of concern about cyber security. getting a particular amount of attention with what happened in last few months to the campaign. does the fcc have a role in that? >> i think it is an important issue. one that congress has been aggressive on in trying to find the right solutions. other agencies are doing so as well. the fcc's role is relatively limited by the statute that governs us. thee i do believe government has a role to monitor and potentially provide additional fixes in this space they are not authorized by the law for us to do. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span2.
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>> good morning from washington, d.c. the 2016 president of campaign that began two years ago today moves to its final stage as directed under the u.s. constitution, the electors meeting in all 50 state capitals. it's not the popular vote, the electoral college boat that the kerman's -- that determines how is like our president. we will be monitoring what's going to be happening. the states in red, states that incted donald trump, those -- 270 electoral votes needed. hillary clinton getting 232 electoral votes. double trouble winning with 306 electoral votes. -- donald trump winning with 306 on 12 votes. let's take you to the u.s. constitution which frames what will be happening today in a state capitals. "the electors shall meet in
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their respective states and vote by ballot for president and vice president, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves, they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as president and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as president and of all persons voted for as and of the number of votes for each which lists they shall sign and certify and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the united states." democrats trying to block donald trump from getting the necessary 270 electoral votes, including this web video released late last week. >> my name is brent and i'm a member of the electoral college. there are 538 of us.
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since there has been confusion i want to explain. our founding fathers spent years thinking about how our system of government should be run and they wrote a cup of touche and their similar . like all smart engineers they designed a failsafe mechanism, and emergency brake in case something went wrong. this emergency brake is the electoral college. you may think the electoral college is supposed to represent -- rubberstamp the winner of the election, that is not the case. whatis the opposite of congress intended. they intended for us to subject the winner to exhaustive scrutiny and if the candidate does not meet our standards we are expected to elect alternative. they were worried about the kind of demagogues who would take control of so many other countries so the electoral college was charged with making sure the president met three criteria. they wanted to make sure that the voters elected a qualified person. they wanted to prevent the election of a charismatic autocrat. thatounding fathers feared
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a president could be elected at was under the influence of foreign powers or the founders believed that even if the people failed to realize that the president-elect had compromising ties to foreign countries the discerning members of the electoral college could protect the country and choose an alternative president. the electoral college is our failsafe mechanism. butave never used it before our country has never needed before. we have always elected experienced statesman. this time is different. this is the moment hamilton and madison warned us about. this is the emergency they built electoral college for and it is a constitutional duty and our moral responsibility to put emergency measures into action read it only 37 republican electors change their vote donald trump will not have the 270 electoral votes he needs to be president. -- patriots could
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save this country. host: that group known as the hamilton electors. we will take you to stay capitals around the country including the scene right now in springfield, illinois. joining us live on the phone is kyle cheney, who is been following all of this politico. thank for being with us. guest: glad to be here, steve. host: let me begin with a story you posted earlier today, who are these electors? guest: people don't realize behind every electoral vote for over the election is a person. these people are typically party loyalists are insiders or donors because the post-up and ceremonial in the past. people got through who were kind of newcomers or not necessarily loyal to traditional loyalists to the party, which is why you are seeing some of these rest of efforts to change the outcome. host: illinois, at the top of
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the next hour we will take you to harrisburg pennsylvania, state that flipped for donald trump are you walk our audience through the process that will unfold read what can we expect? guest: the electors will gather in their state capitals. usually at the statehouse it self, sometimes other venues. it's not really spelled out how the process works. they have to sign certificates. that is mandated under the law. those certificates get sent to congress which will count the vote in early january. whether those certificates are announced publicly or just on a quiet ceremony is sort of up to the interpretation of the state. host: normally this is a process that does not get a whole lot of attention. when we vote on election day we are not actually voting for president, we are voting for electors who are meeting today. guest: exactly. usually a rubberstamp moment where they just safely check the box taste on what the states have decided.
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an unusual election for the beginning. this lobbying push to convince republicans to reject donald trump knowing there are a lot of republicans who have concerns about him is another facet of this unusual year. host: article two of the u.s. constitution dictating the electors based on congressional delegations in each of the states. your story points out a couple of interesting scenarios including in california treated what can we expect there? in waithey are sort of and see mode. california has 55 democrats. the largest electoral college delegation. i think they vote at 2:00. part of the pushed by democrats trying to stop trunk is to say, we will cast our votes for different republican in solidarity with you if you join us. california has the largest block of votes that could concede to that effort. it is unclear if they got any signal that that is their intention. host: 29 states requiring the electors to cast their ballots
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based on results in the states. that means there are a number of states that don't require that an is no federal mandate. guest: this even some debate as to whether thoseguest: footie eight state laws are enforceable. best those 28 state laws are enforceable. such an automatic vote that even the handful of stray votes over the last couple of decades have not been challenged. we could see some of those tests today if election officials decide to start cracking down. host: we're talking with kyle cheney of politico. and?about chris cooper he claims he is more that will -- as he saw from the web video it will take 37 republican electors to flip in order to deny donald trump the presidency. guest: it seems highly unlikely to approach the number. we see no evidence. chris hails from a state where there is no law that buys him to support that i would be -- support the nominee. other republicans in states that
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do have those laws harder to convince them to flip. host: we are looking at what happening in springfield, illinois. curious what's going through the mind of these electors as they prepare to do their constitutional duty a couple of minutes in illinois, starting the process on december 19. we will see how many of these democrats heated the call to say let's support a republican alternative. all four new hampshire democrats supported hillary clinton and it seems that a lot of things are falling into place as they traditionally would have despite all the noise and action around this vote today. host: kyle cheney covering the electoral college. thank you for being with us. guest: anytime. host: approaching 10:00 central time, 11:00 in the east and we take you to springfield illinois as live coverage of electoral college vote gets underway on the c-span network.
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>> good morning, presidential s.ectors, and guest the meeting of the 2016 presidential electors is now convened. the secretary of state, the honorable jesse white, proclaimed this day, the 19th day of december of the euro 2016 is the day fixed for convening the electors of the state to cast votes for president and vice president of the united states. all persons proclaimed by the state of illinois to bese


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