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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  December 21, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EST

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[sirens in background] >> this week on c-span, tonight at 8:00, liam panetta and future of the defense department under donald trump. >> i think the challenges are very great. have, over the course of the last many years, done
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serious damage to our capabilities to be able to meet those threats. >> there are a lot of flashpoints. the administration will have to look at that kind of world. obviously will define policy we need in order to deal with that. then developed a defense policy to confront that kind of work. >> thursday, vice president-elect mike pence. >> we have stood without apology for the sanctity of life, the importance of marriage, and the freedom of religion. >> friday, beginning at 8:00, farewell speeches including harry reid, -- this week in prime time on c-span.
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>> this holiday weekend, here are some of our teacher programs. saturday, a look at farewell speeches and tributes for outgoing members of congress and the white house. starting at 12:30 a.m. eastern. and speeches from vice president joe biden. obama as she receives the official white house christmas tree. tour the white house and see ear's decos. maistmraftinects withldren lita isle a lot of reaction from
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which is to cancel theunds that willo tohe climate fund. to cancel the remaining $2.5 billion. te e lot ofas caelt. you c s 'm ki mmoney
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2arou s nnshrinally r tapan gwarm imentatirea legandin dentor clpoli reqnts, uld touch upon the tariff and other policies. in the last two years, japan has developed a new basic energy plan and related long-term energy and energy demand supply outlook, which became the basis
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for the formulation. also on non-energy-related emissions, japan has introduced law on the control, which is stringent. japanthe paris agreement, has not then it yet, but two have set up independently they arecouncils and now developing their own dress andthen they will combine develop something that documents sometime next year. are all interested in what is happening with japan's power sector before and after a time here presenting what has happened, together with described in the
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documents. demand has continually been 2010,sing compared to power generation is about 10% lower. it seems the trend will continue for the next several years at least. at the breakdown of the power generation, nuclear power has reduced from around 25% to almost zero. when it comes to coal power, for this use, hibernating coal power plants, they have about 18 gigawatts of new power construction plants. a fail come into the grid, then in 2030, the coal power share will be above 30% or so.
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at the same time, existing nuclear reactors have applied for restarts and it now amounts up to 25. this moment, three reactors in operation. if all 25 would restart, then by 2030, these would supply about 17% of total power generation. you can see that renewable energy growth has been quite song -- quite strong partly tariff scheme particularly for the solar technology. when you compare the recent 2030, itnts with the is uncertain whether the country is really going toward the direction that is planned.
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it is very uncertain. it can see that under current policies, the agreement will remain the major generation source. the institute work together with our research organization. tracking national mitigation efforts since 2009. we recently updated and analysis and you can see for japan, the target for 2030 compared to the global two degree goal, the ambition level is not sufficient, meaning that japan should set targets that are more ambitious and 26%. when you look at the climate and energy policies, the policy
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would not take japan to the 26% reduction. implementd have to more strength into policies to meet current targets. japan is not the only country. you he eions g pa as outpario reem, the 030s morethe total emissions from china today. you can understand the magnitude of that gap. a lot has to be done. implications on
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developed countries. many studies especially on a modeling study with 1.5 degrees. based on a limited number of literature, we made the estimate thehich time frame countries would have to reach zero emissions four different categories. it would have be achieved by around 2050. and electricity has to be achieved even earlier, around 2040 or so. that is what models indicate. this is an enormous challenge. i will not discuss whether or not it is possible. it is an enormous challenge. on theant to stay
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compatible emissions pathway, we need to implement strong policies well beyond energy efficiency improvements and onress the low hanging fruit the low cost for mitigating measures. that would include not only negatives emissions technologies but look into resource efficiency and reducing the energy service demand. if we are to be on track for the paris agreement goals, i will probably not be able to travel to washington dc for a one-day event. that would not be acceptable. s an e of adopti allou, almo
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pass vehs sale zedmissiehicefor 2040n caf the nethnds, n the nced sceos the vernme oth 100 low enotwhere es2040uires ffusionprentedpeed crag prodithouch
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ndenmiui san
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