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tv   Interview with Representative-elect Josh Gottheimer D-NJ  CSPAN  December 22, 2016 6:52am-7:01am EST

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on c-span q&a. >> 115th congress convenes in two weeks. c-span has been talking to the new members that will take the oath of office for the first time that they. from ther interview fifth district. representative elect josh gottheimer, tell us about your experience in washington. you are not new to washington. >> it has been a lot of years. the last time i was here was during the clinton administration and i work at the fcc for a bit. most of my career has been in the private sector. it is great to be back. i have been excited about the chance to work with and sit down with democrats and republicans. during october -- during
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orientation, it is a time to be with each other. there is a lot in common, a lot of issues. >> representing the fifth district of new jersey, what did you do any clinton administration? >> i was a speech writer. most recently, i worked with the chairman of the fcc. >> what did you do? >> i worked at ford motor company during corporate advertising and most recently i was at microsoft where i did corporate strategy. >> what does that background mean the job you will be doing here? me a great perspective on bringing both the public and private perspective in. one thing that is so important in talking to folks, i think we have this in common, how do we actually solve problems? we need to getea our taxes down, we need to cut unnecessary regulation, and standby veterans and first
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responders. i think bringing this perspective of being willing to sit at the table and get things done and worry less about to solvehip, you have problems and move forward, i think -- hopefully, one of the greatest assets i'm bringing to the table. >> why did you decide to run? us areink most of incredibly frustrated with what is going on. you see what is going on here. over the years, too little in terms of solving problems and people are so focused on screening and being nasty versus hitting things fixed for people. -- getting things fixed for people. i'm eager to hit the road and start working hard from the beginning and really find a way for common ground. whether that is tax reform or infrastructure or doing right by families, i think there's so much opportunity to work together and that is what you're hearing. i will tell you, i must chart by democrats and republicans in terms of wanting to make
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progress and deliver for people. >> you are here because you to field representative scott garrett, republican. did a lot of work on financial issues. do you plan to do the same? is it important to the area you represent? >> financials are most critical to where i am from. regardless of what committee i am on, i know what i am focused on. we have a lot of big issues on the financial front to make sure our country continues to lead the world, especially from new york where i am -- especially in new york where i am from a new jersey, q2 local financial sector. small businesses need to thrive. getting our taxes down and cutting necessary relation is critical. unnecessary is critical. help the economy forward, bring jobs in, make sure the companies
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who are there stay there. the world is our oyster in the future can be credibly positive, but it will take a lot of work. that is what people want. they want us to work together. >> where did you grow up and what was your childhood like? >> good question. i grew up in north jersey not far from where i live now. i went to public school. my dad owned a small business, my mom was a schoolteacher. i learned like most people the value of hard work, but also the importance of giving back when you can. my dad always taught me, the private sector -- it is important to make sure we do everything to thrive but also standing by people who stand by us. which is why i spent a lot of time focusing on standing by first responders and make sure we do right by veterans, women's issues and families. i have a four year old and a seven-year-old who are the most important things in the world, and my wife, but i think we both agree the kids come first.
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mea parent, what guides every day is doing right by them. i think that is what drives a lot here, their kids and grandkids. it is why we realize at the end of the day what is most important is building a good future for them. >> what did your kids say when they find out you won? >> we did not find out until about midnight. asleep,ter had fallen my seven year old we woke her up and it took her a few minutes. my son had a light of -- he had been a lot of cookies so he was running in circles. but they were both very excited about it. it is a thrilling time. it was a great chance throughout this process to teach them about democracy and how it works. no matter who wins, the country will move on and that is most important. you get to teach them about the different branches. i am excited for them to come down here and see what we do. this is about their futures.
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it is exciting to have them be part of it. they are not wearing me pins around anymore, but they were very intimate. >> u.n. offer public school to go to the university of pennsylvania, oxford pennsylvania -- oxford university to harvard. how will that help you? a good education, but i met a lot of people. i think education is critical. i was aborted so many opportunities. i am so grateful -- i was afforded so many opportunities. i am grateful for that. i am really hoping to bring these experiences to bear here. that is what you're supposed to be. it all affects your values. i really hope i bring what i learned from president clinton, the time we had surpluses a great economic growth, incredible fiscal responsibility with balanced budgets and stem a
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law enforcement. there are certain bayous i learned that will carry through now -- values i learned that will carry through now. it is important to find the middle. i believe there are extremes on either side. everything in moderation my dad always told me. i think that is a good place. you for spending some time with c-span. appreciate it. c-span, "washington journal" is live next with your phone calls. tonight, political profiles with a look at the career of mike pence. the next senate democratic leader chuck schumer. interviews with freshmen members of congress. in 45 minutes, the center for public integrity on her reporting about growing abuse of opioid drugs in the role of pharmaceutical companies. we will talk to james get field about how u.s.
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intelligence agencies have changed since 9/11. later, an update on afghanistan with brigadier general charles host: good morning. it is thursday, december 22. donald trump will take the oath of office in 29 days. the transition to the white house is well underway but questions remain about potential conflicts of interest for the new president and his family. we want to know your thoughts on these issues this morning. do you have a concern about potential conflicts of interest? if you voted for donald trump, dial-in at (202) 748-8000, all others dial in at (202) 748-8001 .


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