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tv   Politics and Public Policy Today  CSPAN  December 29, 2016 12:47am-12:59am EST

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a televised speech, and israeli prime minister criticize secretary kerry speech and the united states decision to abstain from a vote, calling it unbalanced. there is more on the palestinian-israeli peace process on our website, , a live discussion on the presidency of barack obama. we are taking your phone calls, tweets, and emails. a white houseudes correspondent, april ryan. a princeton university professor galude, and david mar
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aniss. >> this evening, donald trump met with don king at his home in palm breac beach, florida. >> who doesn't know don king. >> it is great to be in america. is your israel he flagged a
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message for president obama? >> peace in the middle east, we wanteres, and so everyone to come together as one unit and make things happen, and he is a leader who can make things happen. commentse any further about john kerry? he said friends need to set friends free. view.have a different i think it's set us back, but we will see what happens after january 20. i think you will be very impressed. the 5000 jobs you announced that they were part of the 50,000? they are bringing
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5000 jobs to this country. you will see it. and they are also doing 3000 jobs with oneweb. >> that's not part of the 50,000? journalists are trying to get the records that congress sought for a legend russian intervention and the election. do you think any record should be made -- >> i think they should figure it all out. any options for health care in the united states. >> cleveland clinic, mayo clinic , john hopkins, the three top people, the best in the world, and they were amazing and have some really good ideas, and we have to get it fixed. i have been saying we will take care of our vets, and we will take care of our vets.
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they were all in a room together with myself and some others, and we will make it great for the veterans. the veterans have been treated very, very unfairly. >> here here. >> i don't want to see veterans waiting in line for weeks. in many cases, they have a minor illness and it takes so long to see a doctor that it becomes a major illness, and i don't want to see that anymore, so we will see what happens. , theu look at my website doctors were expanding to me when you wait too long, it is life-threatening, and that is what is happening. people are dying. we are going to fix of properly. not like it has been done in the past. you said you wanted to dissolve your charity, but the new york ag office says you cannot do that. >> i have a foundation that has
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given millions of dollars to people over the years, and it has been well thought of. we will see what happens. we will see what happens, but it has given millions and millions of dollars with the zero expenses. no one has that that i know of, with zero expenses. to plansose are you for your business? >> it is a very routine thing. it is not a big deal. you people are making that a big deal. had a bignew i business all over the place. in fact, i reported it with the federal elections. it is a much bigger business than anybody thought. it is a great business, but i will have nothing to do with it. as you know, i would not have to do that, but i want to do that because i want to focus on the country. when i ran, people know i have a very big business. i guess they elected me partially for that reason, so i think that will work out very
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easily. it is actually a very simple situation, not a big deal. we will be having a press conference sometime in early january. a little bittalk more about your conversation with president obama. is the transition going smoothly? >> he called me. we had a very good talk generally about things. he was in hawaii. it was a very nice call, and i actually thought we covered a lot of good territory. >> are you satisfied with the transition so far? >> our staffs are getting along well. i am getting along very well. it and smiledt about it, and nobody is ever going to know because were not going to be going against each other in that way, but it was a great conversation. hesenator graham today said
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would put together sanctions to go after putin personally. would you back that? >> i don't know. n againstt run agai senator graham. >> he shocked the world. if nothing else, he shocked the world. >> what you think about sanctions? >> i think computers have complicated lives very greatly. has made itomputer were nobody knows exactly what is going on. i'm not sure you have the kind of security you need, but i have not spoken with the senators, and i certainly will be over time. i think you know what i believe. i'm very strong on israel. i think israel has been treated unfairly by a lot of different people. you look at resolutions in the
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90, take a look at what is happening, they are out for 20 reprimands, and other nations that are horrible places, treat people horribly, have not even been reprimanded, so there is something going on, and i think it is very unfair to israel. thank you very much. >> thank you. over the next few hours, i look back at congressional hearings from the past year. first up, the flint, michigan livingroblem, resident with lead tainted water for the past two years or more. the health oversight committee hears testimony from the governor of michigan and the head of the epa. here is congressman elijah cummings, the top democrat on that committee. >> there will now be an entire generation of children who suffer from brain damage,
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learning disability, and many other horrible effects of lead poisoning that were inflicted on them by governor's administration. >> more about the water in flint, michigan coming up. the house oversight committee also held a hearing in the increase of the price of the epipen. it can help save the life of someone experiencing an allergic reaction. an pharmaceuticals is asked why her payrolls over 600% as the epipen price rose 400%.
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later, c-span takes a look at the senate banking committee's hearing on wells fargo cross-selling. peer before the committee to explain why thousands of wells fargo employees had opened unauthorized accounts in customers names. here is senator of elizabeth warren of massachusetts: for the ceo to resign. ifwhat gets me about this is one of your tellers took a handful of $20 bills out of the cash door, they would probably be looking at criminal charges for theft. they could end up in prison, but you squeezed your employees to the breaking point so they would cheat customers and you could drive up the value of your stock and put hundreds of millions of dollars in your own pocket, and when it all blew up, you kept your job, kept your multimillion dollar bonuses, and you went on
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television to blame thousands of $12 an hour employees who were just trying to make cross sale quotas that made you rich. this is about accountability. you should resign. you should give back the money that you took while this scam was going on, and you should be by thelly investigated department of justice and the sec. we will also look back at a senate hearing with top executives from the cable and satellite industry. they were called to testify about a report on cable and satellite companies overcharging customers for equipment and services. we will show you portions of all of these hearings tonight, but keep in mind that you can always watch them in their entirety any time at our website, with thein tonight flint, michigan water contamination hearing.


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