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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  December 30, 2016 6:47am-6:59am EST

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valley. >> who was your father? jimmy panetta: he was a congressional member at the time. his name is leon panetta. remember about those days when your dad was a house member? jimmy panetta: i came out here at a formative time of my life. here, i was inut second grade. it was the summer of 1977. back then, parents were different about how they would allow their kids to wander around. i had it free reign of the capital and the whole mall, i could go anywhere i wanted. it was a neat experience. being here now, it evokes a lot of memories i had then. >> what impression did you have back then that led you to want to seek a house seat for
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yourself? jimmy panetta: some of my other memories are after college, i interned at the state department. during that time, i lived with my father. a father night shared full-size bed right over here on east street in george miller's place. george miller was northern california. marty russo was from illinois and my father and i and across the way was chuck schumer on the foldout couch. watching these men who would go out and do great things, getting them up in the morning made me realize they are just regular guys who are working very hard and going out and doing great things. that was inspiring to me. i will never forget the collegiality of not just those for members they had together,
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but all the congressional members seem to have at that time. not just democrats, but republicans. there was a chemistry among congressional members that i believe led to their ability to compromise. i look forward to reinstalling that here as best i can. lastll develop over this week and a half. we have been here at new member orientation. i look forward to doing it with the republicans as well. >> what did you do next? jimmy panetta: i worked in alaska on a research vessel. when i was back here, i met a commander who was working in my father's office. he said if you ever want to get a ship, what you know. my four roommates at the time that all been to law school, that inspired me to go to law
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school. i became a prosecutor. i knew it was an education to have. i knew i didn't want to go yet. i got home to carmel valley and i was on a ship off the course -- coast of alaska. the truth is, i was an ordinary seaman cleaning a lot of toilets. experience,d especially as a college graduate being stuck on a ship with a bunch of salty sailors who did not take kindly to me at first. you realize you have to earn their respect and they asked me to come back and be an officer, which i turned down. i worked another year for legal services and did some research at the moderate institute and that i went to law school. i got a job at the alameda
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county district attorney's office for 13 years. i felt it was time to move back home. in 2010, i became a prosecutor in moderate county. >> you were awarded the bronze star. jimmy panetta: i was working with the joint special operations command and i was among two heroes. people who were at the tip of the spear. it was an honor to be there and work with them. i saw what they go through. not just weekly or monthly, but night after night after night and it was a true honor to help them out as an intelligence officer. i was there to make sure they were going on the right missions and be safe while they were doing it. they felt that i didn't well and that's why they awarded me with that distinction.
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with your background and your family tradition of serving, what do you want to a comp us here? understand where i come from on the central coast. the important thing there is agriculture. it's the number one industry in that area. billion and $10 provides 100,000 jobs. what you realize as there are people who come here to our country and specifically to that community to contribute and help their families be it here or in their countries of earth. emigration are very important. the president talked about building a wall. if there is border security, that comes with comprehensive immigration reform. that will entail a pathway to citizenship.
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as well as a change in the visa process to make it easier for people to come here and contribute to our country and my community on the central coast of california. another issue that affects our community as a process -- prosecutor was mental health issues and making sure the we can't rely on the criminal justice system many more to take care of mental health issues. it falls to the community to do that. in small counties, they don't have the resources. we have to rely on the state and i think it's time for the federal government to help out. >> did your dad give you any advice about ina member of the house? jimmy panetta: of course. i would be remiss if i didn't talk to my father about this, he had 16 very productive years here. they got things done. i think the key to it and it's what i am seeing now, the ability to talk to each other. you're always going to have to deal with jerks.
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he used another word for that. he is fond of swearing. he said you are going to have to deal with jerks. it's making sure that you deal with them and talk with them. it's about relationships here. it's about personalities and relationships and being able to deal with all types. i saw it this morning at the caucus we attended during its being able to earn and work with people and have a relationship with people. i think that's foundational. it's foundational with anything. that's what i hope to establish her. i am in the minority party. that was discussed quite a bit today. if you talk to the member i am he did a hell of a job for the central coast in his 23 years there. he was in the minority most of the time. he was able to be successful because of his relationships with emma kratz and republic --
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democrats and republicans. that's the important thing. my father was right. it is about relationships here. >> what about his advice for balancing your job out here and your family obligations in california? jimmy panetta: my father came into elected office when i was in the second grade. they were called the young turks back then. alwayser made sure to come home. i can tell you another lesson i learned from my father, it saved his butt. he was in the nixon administration and got fired. he went home and became a democrat. he was here for 16 years and
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came home every weekend. why? it keeps you attached to that area and the constituents you represent. it sure home. the central coast of california, that's my home. i will go back home every weekend as much as i can. my two is a judge and daughters are 10 and 11 and go to the same public schools i did. i want them to be carmel valley kids. i don't want them to be beltway kids. they are going to have their own identity. it's making sure your family that's how we did it with my two older brothers. that's the most important thing. notpe my daughters are known as jimmy's daughters.
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important thing, that they have their own identity. ,hat's what we're trying to do actually. i am going to look at a place that i may share with two or three other freshmen congress members. i saw it first hand. i lived it. you, it's good to have that sort of living situation. it does add to the chemistry. it can be done here. i look forward to living with other congressmen. >> any republican roommates? >> that's what it's about. it's about working together and talking to one another. most importantly, it's about adding things done. i was back here in january and i spoke to a congressional member. he said it's easy to be an average congress member.
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sam, we hadfrom above average representation on the central coast. he said you come back here and vote the party line and you get reelected and you just keep doing it over and over. another piece of advice my somebody said it was easy to be an average congress member. he said of course it is. it's fun when you get stuff done. i got the point. it's fun when you get stuff done. that's what this job is about. it takes other democrats and other republicans and hopefully we can work together. that's why i am here. that's why the voters of the central coast sent me here, to work across the aisle and get stuff done. i hope i can do that and follow the tradition of sam barr and my father. >> thank you. jimmy panetta: thank you very much.


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