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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  January 1, 2017 12:15pm-12:26pm EST

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tyranny for the future. it's very important for us to tell our stories. [applause] >> can you talk a little bit about your goals? what is your intent for the future and how to get there? sure. not is i seehe problem many different paths but i have a hard time deciding which one i want to choose. working, i feel like the best way to bring up the awareness of human rights or sometimes i feel like i should serve in government to make positive recommendations.
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sometimes i think of other things, going to south korea or china to help others. i should be fine while i'm in college. think when i'm in my 50's or 60's, then i know what my dream is. time i am in my 50's i don't have to worry about human rights issues in the world, but also in north korea. don'tat reason, i hope i have to think about this difficult and challenging the professoralso and other experts, i hope by the
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, i will be at a high school or college level setting teachi -- i would love to and i think i would be happy talking to students. >> how about your goals for the future? while we are adjusting in american culture and the layers of learning, and set of changing our dreams and goals every day, i found out -- i work at the dental office as a certified assistant and every day, i see our doctors performing surgeries and i feel very happy when i see
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patients come back and show their appreciation to our doctors. i also think about in north korea, we don't have a lot of medical treatments and dental toatments and before i came america, i never thought about dental treatments. tobe this is a good way pursue my goal is a dentist and once north korea and south korea get united or the north korean regime falls, maybe there's a andce to go to north korea help a lot of elders and children to avoid all of that pain. that is my current goal. [applause] >> thank you for your service.
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really want to thank joseph and grace for your grace, for your example and courage and pursuit of freedom. it is really inspiring. thank you so much. [applause] >> some of the lowest paid workers in 19 states get a pay raise starting today. arizona plus minimum wage goes up by nearly two dollars. the minimum wages in colorado in maine grow by smaller margins but wind up at $12 an hour by 2020. washington state voters passed an initiative to raise the minimum wage 1350 an hour. other states like alaska, missouri, ohio, montana, south dakota and new jersey are raising minimum wages by $.10 hour or less. president obama and the first family are wrapping up their
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final christmas vacation in hawaii. this vacation has been like previous ones -- lots of golf, family outings and dinner with friends. first family leaves hawaii on air force one late tonight. president-elect trump got in a little bit of golf yesterday where he has been vacationing. the president-elect is expected to leave florida and head back to new york city later today. >> tonight on "q&a." >> while people were starving, van buren was having these fancy parties in the white house. it was part of the image making where harrison was the candidate for the poor people and here was this rich man in washington sneering at the poor people. thousands of acres and an estate -- he was very wealthy, but he was portrayed as a champion of the poor. women came to the parade and waved handkerchiefs. was gave speeches and it
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very shocking. they were criticized by the democrats who said these women should be at home making putting. -- the authorffer campaign." that tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." >> the new congress starts tuesday. watch all of the events on c-span. we are live from the u.s. capitol starting at 7 a.m. eastern. you will meet new representatives and hear from returning members. the house gavels in at noon. opening day business includes the election of the house speaker, his address to the whole house, and debate and a vote on rules for the new congress. one rule in particular is getting attention -- a proposal to find members who live stream video from the house floor in response to last summer democratic city and streamed by several democrats.
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c-span2, our live coverage of the senate starts at noon eastern and includes the swearing-in of senators. c-span3day continues on with live coverage of the ceremonial swearing-in of members of congress. , vice.m. eastern president joe biden presides over the swearing in of individual senators. 3:00, speaker paul ryan swears and members of the house. we will have a full replay at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span and c-span2. >> now, a look at diversity in silicon valley technology companies and the future of online gaming, including virtual reality and robotics. from the annual techcrunch disrupt conference, this is about 45 minutes.
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>> i appreciate you. what's your name? sam? you are my new favorite. hold on to that, take it with you to the bank. all right, we are going to roll right into our next panel. who here uses slack? i have got a special treat for you. if you type in the giffy slash giffy bango, you are going to get yours truly in your feed and that's a precious gift. please welcome to the page our next guests, leslie and john. [applause] ♪ >> this is the best intro music, ever. crisis is amazing. i'm in love.
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i want to do this all the time. this should be the soundtrack to my life. we have so much to talk about. first of all, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> that was a kind of attempted response. can we? this conversation is going to be amazing. in his picture, leslie looks like he has a terrible headache, probably brought on by silicon valley. but we will talk about that in a bit. first question, because you are one of the most senior development guys over there, why can't i do friendly conversations on slack? why? >> it's a good question, it's a hard problem to solve. everything there is done with craftsmanship. these are the things we are working on. >> can you give me a timing? >> can't, hopefully you will still have hair. >> 2017? my hair isn't going anywhere.
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[laughter] so, what about bots. that has been the hot thing for the past year. where you fall on that spectrum and what role with it play within slack? >> i don't know if i can say the role that they will play. it will be a technology that we will likely use. we have done some experiments and seen how people are very accepting of suggestions, of slack bots giving them suggestions and taking them through. we will continue to experiment with that. we will probably roll something out in the near future, but it is definitely a way for people to learn more. there is a great bot out there right now called intro. it's a great way for those who joined a new team to figure out


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