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tv   Mike Judge Discusses Silicon Valley  CSPAN  January 1, 2017 10:40pm-11:01pm EST

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research you guys have done. that was coming to disrupt primarily for research and then you came on stage. what was that first visit like? was very eye-opening. -- us, we had shot the pilot and the way he works with tv, the pilot is the first episode and if they like that, they greenlight the series. one of my cowriter's came on board and we were sitting in the office saying, we have to make all this up. we don't even know what these people do really. we just started doing a ton of research. i did not really know what tech were. and disrupt
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this woman in l.a. told us about startup battlefield. i thought, that is what we need, we need some drama. we came up and spied on you guys here. we just walked around and watched the whole startup battlefield and it is perfect for our show. things youre cowriter mentioned about disrupt is you shot a little bit of footage here. they watched this episode and they complained about how dude was and theyhot said this was actually at disrupt. is there anything we can do for diversity? -- for
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mike: looks like there has been a huge push for diversity. you solve the, 16-year-old girl who created and -- created an app that identifies symptoms of arkansans -- parkinson's disease. shooting and we were like, this is what these people look like. it was about 80 from a percentage -- it was about 85% the audiencen shot. sexist,hought it was
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but we said, no, that is the real shot. is exaggeration, but we did not have to exaggerate. >> one of the things about the show is the main cast is not exclusively, but largely male and white/asian. do you think the show should change the attempt to how we think about engineers and people who work in tech? mike: we wanted to try to make it realistic and all the highrch i did was very percentage of male. i went into a big room at the google where all the programmers were and i counted two women. when you do satire, you are making fun of it, so that was
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our way of poking fun at the world. i did not anticipate how kind of charged up this issue was. i had done a show "king of the and ther 13 seasons entire time and no one complained that there were not any women working in propane. i thought, this is tech and there are a lot of guys. propane, there is not a lot of money and power in it so no one cares about the world of propane. propane,ech moves into we will see them. so you used to work in silicon valley decades ago. mike: 80 years ago. >> when you came back to do the research for the show, did it
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feel like this is a continuing version of what i have been through or was it different? characters arehe kind of the same, but the landscape has changed. the barrier to entry to a startup was a little higher. it took more money. will he did not just get -- you did not just get three or four people build and test build and -- and build an app. i think the characters that i "officeoffice based --
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space," had they been born 20 years later, they could of and in a startup. had an apartment in east palo i thought it can get more expensive and there was just more in my -- more and more money flowing into this place. >> you talked about "silicon valley," and he said one of the conflicts is between the libertarian camp and the city values of-- hippie silicon valley. on when i was going was working in tech. i think the hippies will win no
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matter what. lot of money at play and a lot of companies competing for billions of dollars. foodll street, it is the school- it is the old where hedge fund guys get rich and here it is shrouded in we are making the world a better place. for comedy, it is a good thing to make fun of. culturees out of hippie , which isn't a bad thing. there is more attention on charity here then you would have in new york in the 80's. >> you guys have made it harder for a startup to come on stage and say we make the world a better place.
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the mostly, thank you for that. had hired the writers and we took them to launchpad pilot.d we shot the they bring out their first startup to talk to us and it is five guys, one east indian, the same ratio, and they did their pitch. basically combine all your music into one thing and they said we are making the world a better place. it was basically our group in the pilot. >> when you talk about this idea of dressing up and using a for-profit business idea in this hippiec instead of the anything -- isat
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that a thing. mike: it doesn't matter that much. >> it is just funny. hollywood, ifrom don't think you would hear jj abrams say, why are you making star wars -- why are you making say, iars," and he would want to make the world a better place. no, he would say, it is a great movie and i love "star wars." it is something fun to make fun of. i don't think anyone is doing anything awful by saying that. on, youe show has gone built an incredible network of people who consult on the show. twitter and a of
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lot of people, right? mike: we have had so many consultants reach out to us and tell us a great stories. when alec and i were in the office saying, what do we do here, we have to learn about this world. we have a guy who is still on the show who was immensely helpful. that just informed a lot of what we wrote about. leftnk costello, after he twitter came and sat in the writing room with us twice a week. >> there are people who work all the time on the show and then there are chores were talked to ceos and companies. as people have embraced the show, does it make it harder to do biting satire? people that weof
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have become friends with tend to not take themselves very seriously. and the ones that do, we don't end up talking too much. costolo was in our show playing himself talking to jeremy solomon about how someone sold him a bad vineyard. that's pretty self-deprecating. >> one of the things that happened that is kind of weird is as the show has become popular, you actually get people who are inspired by "silicon valley." as a satirist, what is that like for you? space,"en i did "office
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i had people come up to me and tell me i'm inspired them to quit their job. but i wanted to inspire people to do a startup or get a job. it feels good to build something and do something your own way. >> that is the difference andeen "silicon valley" "office space," you see the one as corrupt and terrible, but in "silicon valley" it is not so terrible. mike: if you believed what the characters were doing was bad or stupid, you would not want to watch it. in row wife -- in real life, i like these guys and you want to reach for them -- root for them.
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announcer: monday night on the communicators, carnegie melon university professor, the author of the book "streaming, sharing, dealing" talks about the impact of the data on the book and movie interest. he also talks about how companies like netflix, amazon, and google accumulate data on consumer preferences and use it to transform and is. -- transparent industry. that it wouldhink give you an advantage and you can see where the industry is now going. announcer: watch the communicators monday night at eight eastern on c-span. >> the new congress starts tuesday. watch all of the opening day events and activities on c-span. we are live from the u.s. capitol starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern.
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you'll meet new representatives and hear from returning members. the house gavels in at noon. opening day business includes the election of the house speaker, his address to the whole house, and later, debate and a vote on rules for the new congress. one rule in particular is getting attention. a proposal to fine members who live stream video from the house floor, in response to last summer's democratic sit-in that was streamed by several democrats. on c-span 2, our live coverage of the senate starts at noon eastern and includes the swearing-in of senators. opening day continues on c-span 3 with live coverage of the swearing-in of members of congress. at 1:00 p.m. eastern, vice president joe biden presides over the swearing in of individual senators. and at 3:00, speaker paul ryan swears at members of the house. we will have a full replay at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and c-span 2.
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the senate armed services committee begins with the new session of congress by looking at cyber threats against the u.s., including alleged russian hacking during the presidential campaign. and week, the nsa director others are set to testify on capitol hill. that is thursday at 9:30 eastern on c-span three. house presste secretary sean spicer was asked about donald trump's reaction to allegations of russian involvement. we also heard from the ranking member of the house intelligence committee. headline, russian malicious cyber activity, it makes it clear and names russia. >> didn't says acts of state backup the system.
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does he accept that russia is behind this? briefinge to have the from the intelligence committee. toryone in the media wants jump forward and make a conclusion about other anonymous sources coming out of the intelligence committee. that the dncs is had a problem with their i.t. security and they need to do a better job. talking about the other influences on the election? why are we not talking about hillary clinton getting debate questions ahead of time? someone giving her the debate questions and the answer. no one is asking those questions. and makewants to talk donald trump admit certain things. why are we going to talk -- when are we not going to talk about
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the other side? boss,tell you, if my reince priebus, had gotten the debate questions and handed them out, he would have been given out of this town and trump vilified. >> how solid is the evidence that it was the russians? >> it is indeed overwhelming. the president-elect said he knows other people don't know. he needs to stop talking this way if he is going to have any credibility as president. he's going to rely on the intelligence committee -- intelligence community. the overwhelming judgment of the intelligence community is this. none of us have any question about this. the only one who does is apparently donald trump. there's only one thing worse than someone who wins elective office after everyone told them
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they would win, that is someone who one after every told -- everyone told them they would not. moves to ald trump do what president obama has done here, what would be the congressional reaction? >> it is going to be even more in favor of increased sanctions against russia. you're going to see republicans like mccain and graham and others coming together with a strong sanctions package. theas very meaningful what administration did, but it is not enough to deter russia. ♪ the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday, january 20th. c-span will have live coverage of all the days of vince and ceremonies.
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ideas for, filmmaker ezra edelman talks about ♪ announcer: now "q&a" with author ronald schaffer. mr. shafer discusses his book "the carnival campaign." -- mr. shafer discusses his book, "the carnival campaign: how the rollicking 1840 campaign of 'tippecanoe and tyler too' changed presidential elections forever." brian: ronald shafer, why did you write a book called "the carnival campaign"? ronald: for two reasons. i live in williamsburg, virginia, right next door to where william henry harrison and john tyler were born. they ran the first modern presidential campaign with rallies and presidential speeches.


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