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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 2, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EST

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next three hours, we focus on the year ahead and some of the top issues you would like to see leaders focus on. we will hear from host: we are on the eve of the end of the 114th congress with the republicans holding both houses on the accrued dutch on the congressional agenda, anna other thingsing the president obama, limiting financial protection bureau. follow c-span for the opening of the new congress were you can possible house speaker which ryan is likely to win.
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in mind, will devote it the next three hours to largely hearing from you about your message to washington. what you want legislators to work on, what relationship do you expect with the democrats with income at president trump? all of those up for discussion and more on your message to washington in 2017. democrats, give us a call at (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001. .ndependents, (202) 748-8002 you could post on twitter and post on our facebook page at we are having a bit of trouble with the technology that posts t weets online. we have facebook messages as far as her messages to washington. saints michelle moore,
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enjoy the last days of peace and dignity. -- saying dave russell said -- claudia ewing said -- reflecting that the about midterm elections. washington ino 2017. that is what we want to hear from you this morning. to whole three hours devoted
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this and taking as many calls as we can. we will hear other voices. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. for independents, (202) 748-8002 . post onaid, you can twitter. we cannot show that today, we will work on that. that is and you can post on facebook. when it comes to the agenda is self, the washington post highlights things that will be on for congressional republicans saying this year's agenda has clarity that was otherwise lacking from trump campaign. they favor using a procedure known as budget reconciliation which measures can be passed with a simple 51 vote majority rather than a filibuster.
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that is "the washington post." if you go to "the new york work, looking at the congressional agenda. the reporters adding the tax overhaul and infrastructure build may be two opportunities for bipartisan. both of the issue still are expected to remain on the back burner. on many issues, senate democrats including a third new leader are expected to pivot from postelection carping to act if the warning using complex procedures to block elements of
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mr. trump's agenda. your message to washington is the focus of our three hours this morning. we want to hear from you. the numbers will be on the screen. we will start with shavonne in washington. taking ahank you for my call. thank you for all of the great work you do. i'm a loyal c-span listener and i am a radio listener. i love c-span. thank you and happy new year. the democrats,o i am a proud democrat. we will be fine. we needed to hold on to our
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morals, our values and our message of helping the people. we are going to be fine. we just needed to do that and remember we are not splintered. we are not annoying where we are going. we have to values. we have to hold on and to do the work that is needed. host: can i ask you a question? how can democrats be more effective in the next administration, especially the next two years of congress? caller: we just need to remember we are here to help people who need our help. that is what we have always done. we have to get away from this talking and carping. we have to be about the getting things done that need to be done. there are many things that need to be done. strong to hold on and be . and hold to the republicans.
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keep their feet to the fire. do not let them get away with things we know are not right. just do not do it. from that is shavonne washington. bob will tell us his from wisconsin, republican line. go ahead. morning.ood unfortunately, as a lady who just talked is incorrect and the fact after eight years of obama, he has done nothing. my issue is when congress comes in, shouldn't we go back to the constitution as law? we need to put that back in place because under our law, we need to get rid of all of these illegal mexicans. they broke the law. we are a nation of laws. our government needs to get back to the law. we, the people, voted these laws and. the democrats failed big-time. that is why we have a republican
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party now. so, please, just get back to the constitution. the real one. not the one obama stepped all over and abused. host: that would be started with immigration policy, that is what you would like to see them tackle first? caller: yes,. that would be a big one. host: how much -- i assume you voted for donald trump? caller: oh, yeah. host: do you think what you said as far as what he wants to do with immigration policy, do you think this republican congress will work with him? caller: is a better. we are as loyal as a party as democrats are to themselves. we are republicans as americans and democrats are americans, yes, they are. we need to unite under our president. in john mccain, i am a veteran,
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but he needed to rethink a few things. so, yeah, i agree. president trump wants -- i have a few that reference and we joke about going to help build the wall. leave, beingyou from wisconsin when it comes to immigration, where do you think paul ryan stands as far as what donald trump wants to do with immigration and what should you be doing? caller: one, again, he should go back to the constitution. our sovereignty of america needs to be upheld. we are a free nation because we defended our beliefs, ok? we cannot allow people to come in here and kill us and more like the muslims are doing. i mean the fanatic islamic people, not all muslims are bad. is, we need tont defend our country and paul ryan
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needs to stand up and defend our country as well. host: that is bob in wisconsin giving his message to washington. paul ryan, the current house speaker, expected to win the election that takes place tomorrow. that part of the process of the 115th congress coming in. you casino c-span play out all , the 115 comes into business. "the washington journal" will dedicate its show to that. c-spancan catch it on playing all day, the 115th congress coming that the business. speak orion will be part of the process pretty it was in november after the election, let me tell you little bit more about how the house plays out. the swearing in ceremony is part of the wanted 15th congress takes place tuesday about 1:00 in the afternoon, senators by
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vice president joe biden and house members by speaker paul ryan at 3:00 p.m. watch it on c-span. if you get our c-span radio app, you can see it there. paul ryan, right after the election meeting with the leadership, talking about what he hoped at the time would be the signature of the incoming congress and republican government. here is some of his uighurs -- statements. dawnlcome to the day of a of a new unified republican party. it'll will be a government focus on turning president elect trump's into real success. we cannot wait to get to work. we recognize the task ahead of us is enormous. if we put our country the right track, we have to be bold and go big. this country is expecting no less. in the days and weeks ahead, we
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will be working closer with the president-elect and his transition team to lay down our ambitious path for 2017. that team is led by vice president elect mike pence and includes several of our members. we are working hand and glove and make sure we had to the ground running so we can deliver on the new president's agenda. a better way, better days lie ahead for our country. host: your message to washington brent let's hear from tony, sarasota, florida. color happy new year. good morning. thank you for taking my call. witht to say do not mess medicare and social security. privatize because paul ryan and republicans want to privatize medicare and medicaid and social security. to wallt to get it street. they will pocket our money.
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of people, a lot of american people have worked hard and they will -- [inaudible] she needs to keep his word. -- he needs to keep his word. they cannot wait to privatize this. [indiscernible] they are so greedy. thank you, pedro. host: keeping medicare is tony's concern. you will see this story about what might happen when it comes to issues between the house republicans, senator republicans , what they want to do about medicare. you heard our guest, a person talking about privatization. if you go to the story at more flavor about what you can expect to see in the incoming congress when it
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comes to that topic. blue island, illinois, democrats line. you are next. caller: good morning. host: hi. caller: happy new year to every body. i have a couple of quick comments. i hear people talking by immigration. they always talk about the europeanabout the illegals or asian illegals for it is always the mexicans. i would like to find got a little bit more about our work president's -- and the other ,art is, our president-elect always talking about bringing jobs back here, but i never hear him saying he will start getting his stuff from overseas. i think he could be a good example of lead by example if we started bringing his stuff back and not all these foreign countries. that is all about all i have to
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say this morning. have a great day. host: herbert is next. democrats line. caller: how are you doing? happy new year pretty you something, all the democrats have to do is lay back, do not be obstructionist like that the republicans did to them and now the republicans right now have the 4 branches of the government in control. guess what? it is showtime, pedro. they have been running on their party, no same-sex marriage, no abortion, let's see how they will govern. all the democrats have to do is partyhis party here was a who has been do think you for years and now they have the chance to pass at the loss youout no excuse -- duping for years and now that a chance laws with nothe
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excuse for it put to their feet to the fire. they are like houdini. untilhow you an illusion it is time to pass of the laws. host: you said democrats should do nothing. what does it mean to you? should they let republicans do whatever they want? caller: that is right. that is right. , they havebout it been running on these soundbites for all these many years, pedro. thedo not wanted them to do opposite of what they did to obama and michelle obama. i am so sad, as a black person, i am glad that michelle and barack or out of there. the disrespect they showed michelle and barack, i do not care if you have an impeccable record, receive the highest education, the way they did michelle. let me tell you something, now you have a woman in there was not educated who posed nude,
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plus she messes around and not even -- she is a foreigner. the for some in the history of america that will for slated that has a that time -- that we have a first lady that has that type of record. that in the time, it would be call despicable. that is what these republic have come to. they want to be power-hungry. now is your chance. prove to the united states of america you know how to govern. if we do not, go back to where you were before. a whig party. kentucky, republican line. you are next. caller: yes, recently, president-elect trump remarked that you males are unreliable and message -- messages are unreliable and messages should be sent by career. i think somebody should introduce legislation that says every presidential vote cast should be hand counted.
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that is all i really have to say. host: before you go, we're asking people about the message to washington, what you think about that? deliver message to congress, the white house, whatever, what would it be? caller: i would say we have to ensure the integrity of the presidential election and all of the presidential votes must be hand counted. host: ok. kim from indiana. on our independent line. hi, kim. caller: height. i will -- hi. i want to know how come all of the gas stations are owned by foreigners now. is now one in the county i live is american-owned. am afraid of what is going to happen if they own
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them all. host: that is your message to washington? who owns gas stations? i want to know why they are not american owned it now. host: once again, your message to washington. that's what we're interested in. (202) 748-8000, democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. independents (202) 748-8002. democrats line. you are next. caller: thank you. happy new year to everyone. i am very concerned as a retired nurse about the collapsing of our hospitals. we live in a rural area and we had a long ways to drive to one hospital and the other hospital has closed. now in the front page of "the new york times,:" is says the safety net of hospitals, fears of cutting it with a health care repeal moving.
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in other words, obamacare is allowing people that get very 65, if they under are 35 or 40, they can be treated in the hospital and hospital can get reimbursed for medicare. that will be stopped, according to "the new york times," front page on december 28. i am very concerned about to the affordable care act that will cause a lot of us to be heard. not just those who have to deal with individual insurance or noninsurance. we will all be affected, including people like trump himself will not been to go to the hospital if it is not there. host: when it comes to the affordable care act, republican saying that possibly a strategy theo repeal it and delay
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repeal from coming in until the have a plan to replace it do you believe that philosophy? i know you're speaking about hospitals. what you think about the rope publicans' -- republicans' approach? ofler: republicans had all the time in the world to come up with any and everything to problemshe insurance and is a have not come up with anything. i do not think they will come up with anything in the future. i think obama's plan has helped a lot of people, has saved the lives, has been an important improvement. it will be acknowledged by the republicans win a day figure out they do not know what to do with it. they were just colligan obamacare and send the affordable care act, making get , stupidolitical
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discussion. host: what to think about the role of democrats when it comes to the affordable care act? what role should they play? caller: they should learn it involves dismantling the affordable care act will hurt everybody, not just those who are getting insurance. we should be happy that this law has been passed. host: andover, new york. it was in late november, the last day when the house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke about their plans moving forward after back intion, this was november. it is reflective of what might happen in the new congress tomorrow. here is nancy pelosi from november. nancy pelosi: i have respect for regional support that and have friendships that people have and that is how people make their votes. i do not take much of that as personal offense to me.
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and we are a kaleidoscope. in day, some of us together support of a bill or in idea. and at the other day, we turn that will and there are different purchase a fence and a kaleidoscope. l and therethat whee are different people in the kaleidoscope. it is time for us to go forward. the fact is, i will tell you as thends, the fact is we have fate of our nation, the greatness of america, the character of her country has been under a salt and we have to act -- under salt and left a act to allay the fears that some people have. communicate more firmly with economic stability is essential and important to our nation and important to us as a priority.
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and not spend our time figuring tv and you you go on can more votes and how do you feel about that. i feel great. thank you. host: of that is from november. "the washer poll\/ -- post" highlights the democrats main plate will be -- -- main play will be the democrats are planning many demonstrations. again, your message to washington. right threeocus hours, largely hearing from you out there who watches this program area if you want to give us a call, (202) 748-8000 for democrats.
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(202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independents. during the show we will hear from hosts and a pianist. joining us from concord, new hampshire, arnie arnesen, she is a syndicated talkshow host for wnhn radio and concord. good morning. guest: good morning. aboutalong the theme where democrats stand and what role they should play not only in the congressional season but the relations with the incoming trump administration. guest: the message in this election was change. which from new hampshire is the first in the country primary. i want to remind everyone there was a message back in february and that was bernie sanders more votes than any democratic candidate for president in new hampshire's history, any candidate running for president. and donald trump won.
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the democrats and republicans in new hampshire were sending a message of change. they were sending a message they do not give a crab about party. we want to see something government different. the message for democrats needs i sawthis, based on what and what i hear people saying and that is people are sick and tired of socialism for corporations and capitalism for the rest of us. what do i mean? we hold corporations' hands and we bailed them out. did we help people who lost their mortgage or people who went on to water or help people deficit by the economy? belles to the people who drove us into it. people are sick and tired of it. the message to democrats need to do is watch and make sure we are not holding hands, even the courier deal which was like a job still, no, it was not worry it was a taxpayer bribe to
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carrier to keep some jobs. they do not bribe small businesses to keep their doors open. they are bribing corporations to keep 800 jobs? screw you. i want a really job and i want to make sure corporations are not made whole all of the time and the rest of us are sacrifice. forink that is the message the only is you may not like affordable care act i want to know what the republicans are going to produce? people do not want insurance. they want health care. they do not care about insurance for you as a. they hate deductibles, co-pays and picking what planet they want. they do not want to that. -- they do not care about insurance, they want health care. their child isif sick, it will not bankrupted them. they have to make sure i have health care i can afford.
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data means me, not some corporate ceo is somebody that insurance companies will tell us. it will be an interesting year. i have to thank donald trump, he woke up a lot of people. be remarkable, not how the democrats will be responded what the rest of us. we demand a change and if we see the same old, same all and a couple of little symbols, it is not enough. host: on the health care front, you heard about repeal now and replace later and allowing portability of plans across other states. i am guessing, in your mind, those proposals are not enough when it comes to changes? guest: they are not enough. say you have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month and they do not see their wages increased, it is not affordable. if i go to another state, i do not want to go to another state. i want to go to a doctor.
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don't people get it? people hate insurance pre-as a case thinking about it. they do not want to understand it. -- people hate insurance. that is the case that are thinking about. they do not want to be complicated when they are sick they just want to be made healthy. that's what donald does not understand. they are offering something more complicated. they want the simplicity of knowing they can go to a doctor. host: arnie arnesen, tell me about the role that bernie sanders who will stay in the senate with elizabeth warren, what voices shouldn't they have with these issues -- should as they have with these issues? guest: it is great for he is a will say, what are you angry about? -- it is great, what will they say? you know how barack obama said how many jobs he brought back? you know what kind of jobs were
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created, it was gig economy. temporary. jobs you do not know if you have it for six months or six hours. jobs they do not give you the defense or promise you a salary. what they should be doing is saying where is your job? where is the stability? security?he that is what people are angry about. it is not about white middle-class people angry, we're all ticked off. we are all browned. you know why blacks and hispanics did not have the same reaction? white working-class had something to lose because they rose at the front of the bench and not the back of the bench. we're all in it together. people are sick and tired of that. another thing i want to remind people, the rest of the world know climate change is
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happening. the rest of the world knows and guess who else does? about 84% of ceos believe climate change is real and is happening now. for are beginning to adjust that. if they want to roll back the regulations with climate denial, everybody else knows and they need to move forward. and to hell what is going on in washington. if you want to operate on world stage and save the planet, it does not matter what prewitt .oes or what they deregulate we are moving and a one direction. we have to look at sustainability. you know what is promised to the west virginia or call miners -- coal miners? who is going to buy the damn coal. nobody wants to buy it. it may not be a job at a coal mine but it better be a damn good job. my goal is to make you whole economically and not getting black lung disease. about elizabeth
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warren. what is the role of president obama after he leaves office? we have seen a couple of things meant to preserve things and elements of his legacy. what role should he take now as far as being out of office and talking about things he made happened while he was in office? guest: i will be snarky. what i will tell him as the first thing he does not do and the last is go to goldman sachs or jpmorgan and to give it speeches for $300,000 for 45 minutes. if he doesn't, he will get a knuckle sandwich for me. if he has a role, he really is incredibly smart and he understands what people want from it is no longer going to be about making sure he does not become president again. eloquence,, use his uses passion and going to communities and he tried, in arkansas and remind people what it is they need to make sure
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they can keep your family secure and their homes stable. he is good at that. he can pointed the finger and say this is what they are not producing. you need to demand change. change may be exactly what are the republicans do not want. they are totally in control. guess what? they own it. barack obama can remind them what do they own. a radio showst is host out a concord, new hampshire wnhn. mitch kokai -- arnie arnesen. what is your topic? guest: we'll talk to more about protecting scientist and climate change and more about businesses addressing climate change is. the other thing is what does it mean would you do not have access to bring quality health care? the sad thing is we have an
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aging demographic. rise in opioid addiction especially in new hampshire. more than ever when you need health care without having to think about, just to get it, this unstable, insecure situation where they do not know what they are going to offer us pretty i think they are terrified. they know what a day sold and they know they cannot deliver. we will talk a lot about that and connecting the dots. we will celebrate instead of going into santa demaio. the more donald trump wants to say does not exist, i will say really. -- we will sober instead of saying it does not exist. with the donald trump figured out is anger is contagious and so is courage. i think my station will encourage people to thank donald trump because he is provided us with a velcro to bring everybody together to silicon valley to indigenous people.
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we are going to sit there and say brailley, how, nothing has changed? the rich made richer. -- we're going to sit down and say really, how come nothing has changed? host: wnhn. 12:00-1:00 every day. thank you. arnesen, let's go back to the phones. your message to washington. bill, reading, massachusetts. good morning. host: you are on. told your calls gruner is i wanted to bring the draft back. told your call screener is i wanted to bring the draft back. i was serving with people, men and women, from the entire country. and i think one of our major problems now is we are in our own little silos and not
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interacting with other people. now with other people not like us. and i think breaking the draft to seeuld enable people people not like themselves. we were not dumb in eyes them. we were not necessarily say that people who share our values are not too dissimilar from us. -- we were not demonize them. climate change is number one. and i really appreciated arnie arnesen and what she was really talking about with all over the map but it was spot on with everything else. the last thing i would like to do is i would like to see everybody vote. i am sick and tired of people, thatters, that are saying only 40% of the electorate voted or 80% or one at your percent
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have to vote -- 100% have to vote. there are two responsibilities we have as americans. one is to vote. one is to serve on a jury. read may beat -- i a long time ago that australia has 100% requirement. i think we need to do that. those are my three big messages. host: we got you. larry, democrats line. hi, larry. caller: good morning. the policies destroy this country. big business put first and the guerrillas pretty as they are doing the same thing. i saw program yesterday. they are putting of the same policies again and we will end up billing big business out. that kisses me off. off.sses me
7:38 am
ones -- whatcific specific ones? down the taxing rate for the big businesses. i saw program. it is the same thing that bush did. they are doing the same thing that bush did, sir. the same and we will end up billing out the big businesses again. withh poor people, to hell the poor people and middle class. we will end up with the same situation. have a nice day. host: next up is mike. you are next. i am -- the folk around here. it was that we have two wings on the same fulcher. i cannot tell a lot of difference between the critters accepted the rhetoric. -- we made a run and we ended up with trump and i was
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hoping for burning. unless we crowd source, all we are getting fed is shoot yourself in the left foot or shoot yourself in the right foot. none of these people are competent to run the country. we are going to have to crowd source our own faults. i do not know how we go about it. host: what do you mean by that? need to -- caller: we go nationwide and put our own people. we have to choose blue or red but we do not give any choice. none of these people the brain or intelligence or morals or best interests of this country. they are all out for themselves. unless we get somebody up there, even black to pay them double the money, recruited them out of the country. to pay theme have double the money, recruited them out of the country. think thatmakes you
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in a comic administration do not have the qualifications to run the country? caller: [laughter] it is a thing that takes 20 are 30 years. a statesman is almost a dead animal. flagstaff,rom arizona. good morning to you. caller: good morning. line.ed the republican i meant to, the independent line. i am an insurance professional. i have been in it for over 30 something years. one of the things i wanted to point out to people who talk about changing our current , from care system obamacare or affordable care act , some of the system. we have a system already in place that works, the doctors
7:41 am
are all familiar with, the administration of the program and it is called medicare. and medicare is set up, not only the people with money, but the people who do not have money. subsidies to help them. if you were to expand at the medicare system from cradle to grave, we would actually eliminate a lot of the administration, the insurance companies are already set up to sell medicare supplements. and do administration and have zero premium. it is ridiculous to me to have more than one system in place. build upthis, we can the medicare system to offer more benefits and also the
7:42 am
of our to take care people and do it overnight. like i said, i've been in the industry for quite a while. i have done everything i can do to -- an idea i've been working on for years. even under the affordable care act, there is a premium and it was almost, it is almost impossible. host: your message to washington will be to not offend medicare too much? caller: know, increase medicare. availability to medicare for the day where born for the host: tom calling us about medicare. the story i showed you earlier i will let you
7:43 am
read or give you a sense of it. preferrepublican leaders to focus narrowly on an obamacare replacement bill that does not contain changes to medicare the reflects their slim majority. house republicans in control of the lower chamber what to aim higher. i will jump to this pretty it says paul ryan better way plan -- asking to you about your message to washington in 2017 with a new congress, again. democrats line.
7:44 am
this is arthur. caller: how are you doing? [indiscernible] appointing his wife is treasured -- treasury secretary. host: you are talking about elaine chao. he is gone. he is talking about elaine who is nominated to head the treasury department. she is married to mitch mcconnell. i am calling because i have a message for donald trump -- i heard he is having trouble to get tell it for his inauguration. i called it before. i composed my own song for donald trump and sangha before. on c-span. and sang it before. i want him to know i'm willing to sing it. free of charge.
7:45 am
host: that does not concern you that freedom -- caller: it bothered me that a lot of them were backing down saying he is not my president. i. read when i am available. [laughter] when i amts me available. i am 80. host: i think i remember you singing a couple of lines. what inspired you to write to the song? caller: because i am 80, from the second world war and the tune went like that. i write poetry. i am a single. senior host: sing of the couple of bars. >> ♪ make america product can
7:46 am
-- proud again makeup america great again say hallelujah anything goes make america great again it is donald trump for the usa ♪ ♪ >> that is it. host: thank you. in operation ceremonies planned -- inauguration ceremonies being planned and you can see it as far as our coverage. is friday, december 20 starting at 7:00 in the morning. c-span and and our radio app. from colorado. democrats line. caller: good morning. i'm as the unum veteran. ho what thee to ec earlier veteran said about the draft and i think women should
7:47 am
have to register also. living in rural colorado, we toe done a lot to learn how use the choice program for veterans, the health care program. it is due to expire this next year. we have learned how to use it. we have learned how to have it work better for veterans. programeed a better like this. we do not need another new program to start over again. and congress needs to reauthorize the choice program and take some of the problems and basically leave it alone. host: is in their suggestion of process ofp in the choosing someone for veterans administration. what would you advise that person coming in? caller: working with secretary mcdonald, actually, he should
7:48 am
stone as the secretary of the v.a. he has created and working to create a service oriented veteran administration in a rural area. have 5000 miles, we veterans. we have had a chance to work all the way up through the chain. the problem is middle management, not upper management, and not to the field line staff generally, but with lost a lot of good people that are in the v.a. system that has worked for the v.a. they have good ideas. we have put forward some ideas and some of them have been adopted. some are being looked at. to talk toeeds to go individual veterans, not adjust the american legion and the vfw
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organizations that have management there. but get to the field, come to rural area as it were veterans have to do and put up with and find a way to make it a service oriented organization. host: that is richer. the military times reporting on saturday that the choice for the by president-elect trump on heading to the v.a., quionen es drew -- with the drew his knife. toby is the most likely -- withdrew his name. toby is the most likely. let's hear from jim in tennessee, independent line. caller: good morning to you. i would like to see the swamp
7:50 am
drink. by that i mean i would like to see an end to people like the last caller going to washington hat in hand to ask the government to do this or that for them. that wouldy i see really be possible to drain the swamp would be to abolish the crown jewel of progressive/socialist legislation which was the individual employment or income tax. it comprises about 49% of the government's revenue, i believe. without that, the swamp would have to be trained. -- drained. it is the most intrusive tax it is. it robs people of their privacy. , it makes you a slave to the government.
7:51 am
some cases 30%, 40% of some people's income which is a more taken from them in europe. host: that is jim. we will continue on with calls about your message to washington in 2017. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. for republicans, (202) 748-8001. for independents, (202) 748-8002 . we are being joined by columnist and a pianist. mitch kokai is a columnist for "carolina journal," joining us on sky. guest: i hope you are doing great on this first were of the new year. host: thank you for asking. you cover a lot of things when it comes to the economic. what you think about the last call? swamp about draining the as mr. swamp has said about how to reform taxes.
7:52 am
thee talked about joining swap and mr. trump has said about how to perform taxes. guest: making sure you get the economy jumpstarted. the last call the reference to the joined the swamp mantra. one of the things i've been mulling over is what to talk to you about about people in this state and what they are saying the new administration should be doing. that has been one of the ideas will perhaps not in those exact words. washington has become far too powerful, makes too many decisions about our lives and it would be much better if washington scaled-back and became the limited government it originally was intended to be in the constitution. to the extent the government plays a role of getting to the question at hand, yes, it would be great for the trump administration to focus on the type of tax changes that would help economy. they tend to be lowering rates, broadening basis, reducing
7:53 am
regulatory burdens. washington has such an impact on everything that everyone of us across the country does every day, it makes it hard for people to figure out what can i do that the government will allow me to do. that's when the huge barriers on innovation and types of things we need to get the economy going at the pace we would like to to go. host: as far as where you are in north carolina, top of the businesses that could be most affected if mr. trump put his economic policies into place? guest: will would like to see just what we would like to see a and they in tax policy idea you will see the government not try to pick losers and winners at great of an extent as possible. the possibility of a limited
7:54 am
government, free market that i take to writing for "carolina journal," the think about that carrier deal was something that was a little bit disturbing to us. this the case of government stepping in and picking winners and losers to the extent instead you level the playing field for all and try to make the burden as light as possible and allow federal government to still do the things they need to do. that will be a positive. to the extent mr. trump and his team take a look at things that will lighten the burden for all without picking winners and losers, i think it will be a benefit for companies in north carolina and across the country. host: give your assessment of the economic team that donald trump is picked so far. treasury secretary and the like. what do they bring to the table? do they help mr. trump of
7:55 am
getting that agenda across? guest: to the extend i know the members of the team and we have seen good signs. one of his advisers early on with steve moore, a person we have dealt with and is a supply-sider and supply-side economics has been a major driver as of the reagan administration shows to getting the economy moving. entrepreneurs, business owners to move forward and making the steps of the knee that will create the jobs. to the extent steve moore, that is good. one of the people we would liked to have seen on his team who has so far is not is former head of bb&t, john allison, who was one of the last two or three names up for treasury secretary. that would've been a great addition. hopefully, john allison will play a role even if only
7:56 am
advisory role. he has run not one of the largest banks but one of the larger banks solve what the regulation of the banks did that was good, what the regulation of banks did was bad. and some of it is counterproductive out of washington, d.c. the benefitswhat of banks working locally with customers they know and to know what who is it that can pay back alone rather than let's benefits of banks working locally with customers they generate as much as the numbers as possible. i think that will be the type of perspective helpful. haverms of the names i seen, nothing has believed out as a red flag, saying, oh no. host: let's talk about policy. we heard donald trump pound on an infrastructure plan. will seen a price cap possibly of $1 trillion. a lot of interest of democrats and republicans to work with that. what you think about an effort by the trump administration on
7:57 am
infrastructure not only in washington but those in north carolina? guest: the devil will be in the details. stimulus package from the later days of the bush administration, early days of obama administration. much of a was to focus on infrastructure. a lot of it was diverted into a lot of things. to the extent we will see a dead -- a package that deals with real needed infrastructure and not other projects that have anything really to do with infrastructure, that will be a positive. it will be a very good package if as has been advertised that it will be largely driven by private sector. makef the key things that free government folks like myself shaking their heads is when a government decides that of the way we are going to get in the economy jumpstarted is by
7:58 am
spending a lot of taxpayer money. that comes from somewhere else. the government is taking the money out of the private sector and deciding on his own how to spend the money and thinking they end result is going to be better than the people with their own money deciding to make the choices. we tend not to like that on the limited government perspective that well. that what taxpayer money is used in it is infrastructure plan is basically just a seed money to drive private investment and public/private partnership and that the bill very good thing. the devil is with to be the details. host: mitch kokai who writes for "carolina journal." local politics for you. a new governor. roy cooper. gift and us -- give an assessment. what he faces from your stay, transgender the bathroom?
7:59 am
guest: you have interesting challenges. he is a new democratic governor unseating patent recorded. the general assembly with homely as well to work very closely is very much controlled by republicans. cap super majorities in both the north carolina house and senate. they have not signaled they have any great interest in changing policies. they will be focusing on things they have been focusing on, and to the extent roy cooper puts aside the political arguments he made to win the election and decides some of these things the assembly has done are very good, let's build on those, i think that can be successful. take the fights where it is necessary, but on the things that have driven the economy, work with the general assembly and on that issue of house bill two, just before the start of the year, there was a real dustup on this issue.
8:00 am
if cooler heads can prevail, that can come up with something. there was an idea coming out of the state senate to repeal the controversial house bill, but also have a six-month cooling so no local legislation of this type would crop up until there was time to come up with some sort of good statewide policy. if people can agree to that and not just see it as political gamesmanship, we can see some long-term solution. host: a columnist for the carolina journal. is where you can see his writing. talking about the issues of the incoming congress and incoming trump administration. thank you for your time. guest: have a great new year. host: we have done our first hour. viewer messages to washington in 2017. we want to hear from you. democrats, (202)-748-8000. republicans, (202)-748-8001. .ndependents, (202)-748-8002
8:01 am
post on our twitter page. we are having a bit of trouble putting those tweets on the air. we are addressing that. facebook, if you want to post on that as well. new york, republican line, donna is next. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. anmessage to washington is , whoof a previous caller says he was an insurance agent from arizona, who said that we should expand medicare to cover everyone from birth to grave. i agree with that idea. the affordable care act is not affordable. first, they contracted a canadian company to set up the health care exchange. when you log on to the health
8:02 am
care exchange your first time, it automatically has all of your financial information from your previous tax return. this means our government has given every american's financial information to a canadian company. care -- withth these subsidies, the least younsive plan and they give 46 different choices, the least expensive plan cost me 36% of our income. it is not affordable at all. i believe his idea about expanding medicare is where the republicans should go with this. host: david is up next, florida, democrat line. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. my plan for washington would be to the new congress not to pass
8:03 am
tpp. on theto put a cap social security tax and i want to see tax breaks for companies that move jobs overseas and see them repatriate that money. host: you listed the transpacific partnership, first. why is that important to you? that stop has flaws sovereignty of u.s. laws. would affectthat other companies, we could be sued for that money and it would .ome out of the taxpayers , also fromck florida, independent line. caller: good morning.
8:04 am
i would like to see this year's government actually follow the constitution. i would like to know where in the constitution fdic, flood insurance, i would like to know where in the constitution that it is up to us to protect the europeans from each other's throats, as they have been killing each other for 500 years. flood insurance covers $250,000 in personal property beyond the value of the home itself. i know on c-span, the only top you -- only time you talk about the constitution is gun rights and abortion. the government pays 80% of the medical bills through gun violence. where is all this craft in the
8:05 am
constitution? thank you for taking my call. host: charlie from texas, democrat line. i want to talk about the va. i have a backlog claim that has been the system 13 years, and i still have not gotten results from it after 13 years of being in the system. i served my country well and i deserve to be treated. i should be able to be treated more fairly. should not have to wait 13 years to get a decision on a claim. i thank you for taking my call. gets the new congress seated, tomorrow. you can see that activity on c-span. a lot of activity will take place during the day. swearing-in ceremonies, election for the house speaker. a lot of things take place.
8:06 am
c-span3 is where you can find it when it comes to the swearing-in ceremonies. 1:00, you will see the senators being sworn in. 3:00, house members sworn in by house speaker paul ryan. all the activities going on tomorrow, go to our website at the washington times has a story taking a look at what is the possibility of what might happen tomorrow when it comes to president obama's choice for the supreme court, merrick garland. obama will get a golden moment for garland because congress will be out of session for five minutes. he will have one last chance to force judgment or garland on to the u.s. supreme court, tuesday. it is a legal gamble that has so many pitfalls even those that say he could get away with it would believe it is not worth the fight. is moment will come just before noon in the five minutes that the senate gavels the 114th
8:07 am
congress out of session in the time the 115th congress begins. in those moments, the senate will go into what is known as a intercession recess, creating one moment when the president could use his appointed powers to send judge garland to the high court. there is a page that says he has given no indication that he is thinking about doing such that. the white house did not respond to our request for comment and the move would be a legal gamble . a decision overturned a handful of his early 2012 x saying the senate was in session with the president enacted, so he could not use his powers. that is a story you will find in the washington times. many things that play out tomorrow with the coming in of the new congress. we invite you to go to our website for more information and our coverage of it. oregon, republican line, paul. caller: i just wanted to take a
8:08 am
look at the personnel currently under unemployment. make them accountable and get them job opportunities and be able to train them. host: job training programs for those under welfare is your message to mark caller: yes, and make them accountable for staying on welfare five or six years. host: why is this important for you? caller: that is where a lot of terrain is from -- a lot of the drain is from. welfare and medicare and things like that. i feel that is an important aspect to get the economy going back, getting people off of welfare and fill the jobs that are out there. host: why do you think job-training works? are there examples you can cite? caller: i am currently in virginia on a job assignment.
8:09 am
i have the training capability to perform the job i can do. host: alberta in georgia, line for democrats. caller: hello. host: go ahead. i just want mr. trump to resign. host: he's not even in office. why do you want him to resign? caller: i don't think he is a man of good integrity. next, georgia, independent line. caller: good morning. my message to the congress is, they are already talking about social security. donald trump said he was going to protect social security.
8:10 am
last time we had these huge tax cuts for the risk -- for the said from george bush, he he wanted to give the american people their money back, but he forgot about the social security contributors who had put money into social security all these years, and the surplus that came in that was not used was spent by the congress to the tune of 3.5chilean dollars -- trillion dollars. not want to does pay that back to the social security recipient. be careful about touching social security and medicare. harry, in georgia, your message to the congress, the white house, the upcoming trump administration, other aspects of washington you want to address a message to. let us know.
8:11 am
republicans,1 for (202)-748-8000 democrats and (202)-748-8002 for independents. headline, trump skepticism about technology differs from president obama. his use of twitter, the president-elect appears to be leaning toward old tech to ensure the security of sensitive messages. he told reporters on saturday about alleged russian hacking. his skepticism of some technology marks a sharp
8:12 am
contrast from the president he will replace on january 20. we know that mr. trump uses twitter a lot as a platform to communicate messages to those who follow him. sean spicer, who will be the spokesperson for donald trump in the new administration was asked on the sunday shows if he still plans to use twitter as a platform to communicate. here is some of that exchange. it freaks the mainstream media out that he has this following of over 45 million people on social media that he can have a direct conversation with. it is not have to funnel through the media. new sheriff in town and he will do things first and foremost the american people. you will absolutely still see twitter. >> he said on 60 minutes he will cut back. >> the fact is when he tweets, he gets results.
8:13 am
sure that heo make continues to fight for the american people every single day. >> are you going to have regular white house press releases? >> absolutely. we understand the importance. have been made, but we are looking at every single facet of government. we will sit down with the correspondent center. we understand that we have a message to get out and we want the american people to understand. people use every tool possible -- we will use every tool possible. wayne from iowa, democrat line. what is your message to washington? caller: i would like to see them cut the farm bill. that is the biggest welfare system. they get bailed out on everything and they don't pay taxes because they can justify
8:14 am
it on all their paperwork that they make no money. i would like to see him basically eliminate a lot of the programs in the farm bill. host: for those who may not understand the nuances, talk about a bit about what farmers get under the bill? . caller: we have some farmers in the area they get their subsidy checks. they get paid for everything, whether or not they plant corn, they get paid up front for the amount of acres they have. they get every type of payment there is. their exempt from taxes and don't pay taxes on any of their now they aret, and taking all the jobs away from the truck drivers because they are exempt. they can go unlimited on their weight in a regular trucker cannot do that. i would like to see him abolish a lot of the system in the farm bill program.
8:15 am
they get way to much money but justify it on their books that they don't have any. michigan, from democrat line. john from michigan? caller: i am independent, not democrat. host: go ahead. caller: i would like to see them reduce the size of government, with all the duplicity that goes on. we heard there were 17 agencies that said the russians hacked the elections. why do we have 17 agencies doing the exact same thing? that seems an awful lot of duplicity within the government. might from new york, fromendent line -- mike new york, independent line. caller: i would like to see the
8:16 am
new president treat everyone fairly. we live in hudson, in columbia county and we are looking to see if we can actually get resulted on a number of issues here, but we are looking at a number of lynchings that have taken place throughout the year. we are hoping we can have the new president look into this and see if you can get any result because some of these were from 30 years ago, but there are people who met their death by hanging, one from a tree in the town of hudson. we are hoping the new president can do something about that. host: let's hear from another mike, in illinois, democrat line. himer: i would like to see keep obamacare, but we need to fix it. -- wey to fix it would be need to rebuild a lot of veterans hospitals and do cost
8:17 am
control on insurance companies. government is not too big, it is too small. and we treated our veterans right, we could use the same hospitals that treat other people. the problem is the cost. we allow all these extra costs. cost ofll the hospitals. we could socialize medicine a different way. spend that kind of money for veterans that a fighter plane costs. let's specifically focus on the affordable care act. what changes would you like to
8:18 am
see? there is no cost control in the affordable care act. the insurance companies can just raise their prices. business, wet of need universal health care, socialize the whole thing. people don't need to make this kind of profit. and hospitalss were the profits are outrageous. on whatd of regulation people make. laws --d have more always use malpractice insurance, we could have a review for doctors. if you do that for teachers, you wanted to have their reviews, if
8:19 am
they are not performing right, they should be taken out. with a messages to washington. (202)-748-8000 for democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. (202)-748-8002 for independents. we have been joined by colonists and radio talk shows for their take on washington. escape, --the joining us via skype. do you get a sense of a message coming from your listeners as far as what to they are -- what they are sending to washington? guest: no question about it. the question i think matters and centers around who and where you are asking. in south florida, this is democrat country, a part of the , the country that
8:20 am
overwhelmingly with democrat. their message to washington would be don't change what has already been working. if you were to ask some of the trump supporters which are also significant in this part of the world, they would say change everything. they are looking for a dismantling of the last eight years and i think that has been what has set up this clash where congress has the opportunity to really play the difference maker role. establish some sort of authority. one of the most interesting things about the 100 days following the inauguration of president-elect trump is who emerges from the power struggle and of the legislative branch, in particular congressional republican leaders see an opportunity to take the reins from someone coming in with a lot of popular support but little experience. those topics of interest going into the election and after that was immigration, especially when it came from
8:21 am
what mr. trump brings to the table, but members of congress as well. talk about what you see, in florida. immigration was the issue that held donald trump in the primaries and since the nomination. inched the nomination. again, many of those people that backed donald trump over that issue are expecting action and expect him to deliver on campaign promises. he left no question about the fact that in his first hundred days, he was going to begin construction of that wall. the question still is, who is going to pay for that wall? he insinuated it was going to be the mexican government, but that does not seem to be likely. a lot of people are expecting action and the very reason they got behind the -- got behind
8:22 am
donald trump on this issue -- it will be a great test of whether they can deliver on those promise results. host: you talked about congressional leadership. republicans controlling both houses. what is the role of democrats, when it comes to immigration and dealing with republicans in congress and the incoming administration? guest: there is a posture of let's wait and see what happens. do we take the turnabout is fair play approach, democrats might argue and utilize the same tactics that the republican party did in just blocking everything that barack obama did as president. will they apply that same protocol to donald trump and his aministration or, on case-by-case basis whether it is around infrastructure that seems to be a big priority, to try and work on issues that democrats are in favor of and at the same time just resist outright. one of the major issues that
8:23 am
will be hanging over this first medal of thed, confirmation of the new president cabinet choices but also an open supreme court vacancy which is going to take up a lot of the political capital in the room. amandi, this job is not your full-time gig. tell us about what you do in florida. guest: i am also an opinion researcher and political consultant. looking at theen multicultural electorate of this country for over 30 years. we've always got our finger on the pulse of what the american electorate are saying. that is what makes this such a fascinating time. on one account, you look at where the public is on the outgoing president. , get ofapproval ratings the same time, the incoming
8:24 am
president-elect has some of the lowest marks you have ever seen for an interim president -- four in entering -- for an entering president. host: as someone who gains public opinion, what did you learn from the election in florida, going for donald trump? guest: the biggest thing was just the massive turnout all across the state. florida had record turnouts. in spite of the fact that other states did not see that type of turnout, it was critical in swing state florida. record turnout in northern florida, a lot of counties that had underperformed for republicans really over performed, this year. democrats in south florida were typically enough to get them a slight wind.
8:25 am
it shows the importance of florida and it is note with the debt that the president-elect is here today, spending his two weeks in south florida. you'll see a lot of time for the profit elect in florida -- for the president-elect in florida. it continues to be the state i think alexa president -- i think he likes the president -- elects the president. host: is oppose that florida will come into scrutiny amongst other things. guest: no question. that phenomenon historically in the state, whether it was truman in the 40's, president kennedy had a home in south florida. president nixon was always known to take a respite. campaign dollars raise out of florida, you always see candidates on both sides. florida is always going to be in the mix.
8:26 am
one other point going back to policy. let's not underscore this development with putin an russia and the hacking of this potential democratic process. this is another fault line that quickly may emerge and set up a battle between congressional republicans and congressional democrats and the new administration. you saw that all trump over the weekend say that he had a different story or different angle on what this hacking situation was. he was going to present that either tomorrow or wednesday. it is important to see how this issue develops to see if those relations with congress and the administration can be productive in these first 100 days. can a stream your show? guest: absolutely, any day.
8:27 am
we are on, every day from 10:00 to new. host: as far as your background, not only are you a managing partner, you worked for hillary clinton back in 2008 and president obama in the 2012 general election. guest: our firm worked for both clinton and obama. we ended up for filling the capacity again on his reelection campaign. we set out, this cycle. we were looking at it as independent observers. what a cycle it was, to do that. host: it says you're a cuban-american. as far as u.s. cuban relations, what do you think donald trump brings to the table, when it comes to what happens in the future with the relations between the two countries? guest: that will trump could not have been more explicit. he met with they have veterans and secured their endorsement --
8:28 am
with day of pace -- bay of pigs veterans and secured their endorsement. perspective, it may be an easy victory for donald trump if you were to go and in a do that public way, undermine one of the big obama legacy items without much political cost. even though this is an issue of great interest and importance to cuban-american voters in florida. i don't think there will be much loss to donald trump if he reverses this and it may be able to appease his base a little bit, to undo a very high profile foreign policy a couple schmidt from the perspective of the democrats -- foreign policy from the perspective of the democrats. host: thank you for your time and happy new year. ian.ll hear next from
8:29 am
ian joins us from tennessee, democrat line. caller: happy new year to everyone. i think that one of the most important things that we can do is ask them to pass legislation that would require all presidential candidates to release in than a month of five years of tax returns -- to release a minimum of five years of tax returns before they can enter the primary. we need that information. president-elect trump has proven that this is vital information to the voters. host: have you had interest in seeing this information for the president-elect? -- before the president-elect? caller: it had never entered by mind. host: so the release of tax information from donald trump.
8:30 am
caller: exactly. i don't trust him. i want to know what his foreign investments are. i want to know the banks that he owes money to. i can't trust his financial dealings to the above bar. indiana, wein doubled in line -- republican line. know,: what i want to these drugstores, it is like $21 for the same amount of pills, you go across the street and it is like $27 or the same amount. go down to the next drugstore and its $30. you stop at one bill of station and a quarter and you go up a
8:31 am
couple miles and it is $2.75. our like to know how come it is $.50 higher at one place -- i would like to know how come it is $.50 higher at one place. gas gouging, the way i think about it. one thing we should do first, and serve all the people -- that is what i've got to say. i'm going to stand for god. everyone should be down on their knees and praying.
8:32 am
you have a happy new year. e is next from florida, independent line. caller: i am not represented locally, let alone in washington. i want everything to be fair and everything to be equal. see all i would like to the congress groups dissolved because i don't think any members of congress should be with a special group to protect special people. that is not their job. that is what i would like to see happen. a very happy new year to everyone. we heard the previous talk show host joining us, talking about donald trump and the
8:33 am
topics of russia and the hacking. we saw the recent actions by the obama administration on more sanctions because of those claims. one of the people on the sunday talk shows discussing house intelligence committee, asking about the russian hacking and what happened -- what happens to those sanctions if donald trump decides to change them around. how solid is the evidence that it was the russians? >> it is very solid. it is overwhelming and the president-elect says he knows things that other people don't know. he needs to stop talking this way. if you will have any credibility, he needs to stop talking this way and stop denigrating the intelligence community. is going to rely on them. he will have to rely on them, and this is the overwhelming judgment of the intelligence community.
8:34 am
all the members of the committees in congress, democrats and republicans have no question about this. the only one who does, apparently is donald trump. there is only one thing worse than someone who wins elected office after someone told them that they would win and that is someone who wins after they did not. doesn't the incoming trunk press secretary have a point on the response by the obama administration? we did have the hacked by the chinese. the opium attack. -- the opm attack. the obama administration did nothing that we know of, publicly. why do nothing on that pack by china and then in this, on the way out the door, make this big statement? >> what mr. spicer fails to appreciate is there was one form of hacking for the form of an -- for foreign intelligence gathering which is what china did, gathering information they
8:35 am
could use for their foreign intelligence purposes. >> that is all theory. >> it is very serious. all nations gather foreign intelligence information. you are not going to prevent foreign nations from stealing data that they think is in their interest. the best thing you can do is defend against it. russia did not just steal data. they weaponize did. it with the specific intent of influencing the outcomes of the election and sowing discord in the united states. it is not something china has ever done. frankly, it is not something russia has ever done. it is very different than just stealing information. that is why the administration handled both cases differently. host: we go to carrie, new jersey, democrat line. caller: i would like washington, d.c. to look at public service entitlement. i feel that there are a large
8:36 am
amount of the population who receive food stamps and questionable social security awards and affordable housing where they are healthy wealthy people that can get out and work, that they have become and happy where they are, because they don't have to play their part in society, which is taking care of themselves like the rest of us. go, whatore you changes would you make? would it be changes to the process of finding a job or those who receive assistance? what kinds of things would you like to see? caller: as far as social security, i would have them go back and do restraining, because there are a lot of people in the younger population who receive disability and there is nothing wrong with them.
8:37 am
they make up these stories and they go in and they get pushed through because at our know if it is overworked or what. they can get a job. as far as housing and all that, i think that creating better school systems and helping people be more sound in their thinking and living, learning how to live and provide for themselves, teaching them that. when i was in school, we had ec, we talked about learning across the board. school systems were set up to teach people to people to live, and that is not what's happening now. host: next up is kimberly in pennsylvania, republican line. tell us your message to washington. caller: my message to washington is that the previous caller is
8:38 am
right. we are holding everybody accountable. there are no more free rides. as far as the hacking business, if russia did do this, i consider that a great service. to the american people are entitled to the truth. anyone who says security and all that crap. we do it to each other. from ohio, independent. caller: thank you for taking my call. i would like to see citizens united overturned. i would like to see the affordable care act repealed and replaced with a single-payer system. i would like the federal marijuana laws relaxed. i would like corporations and billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes. out of -- i would like increased
8:39 am
funding for c-span. vladimir putin put in charge of sewers, donald trump impeached. host: citizens united, why was that first on your list? caller: i thought it was a disaster risk bill that leads to people making bad decisions. i think that corporations and people with lots of money can control elections, and it sort of drowns out the people's voice. i think their freedom of speech is being violated by millionaires and billionaires who could buy a politician. host: just to clarify, we don't receive federal funding. we are funded by the cable toustry, so i just wanted make that a point of clarification. joe thomas is a talkshow host in charlottesville, virginia. good morning to you. guest: good morning and happy
8:40 am
new year. i hope you had a great time with your family. host: thank you for saying that. whatit comes to messages, would be your personal message peopleington and from that listen to your program, what do you think they would like to see washington do? guest: i hope you heard the people because one of the things that they said loud and clear is they are sick and tired of the in transparency, that whole echo chamber that the national security advisor admitted to that we heard about during obamacare. we have seen it come to fruition. it is the reason donald trump is the president-elect. he did not lecture. the people are tired of thinking that there is an elected class that rules over the country. they are not about that. both democrats and republicans. host: you have heard the
8:41 am
campaigning one thing, governing another. guest: all the time. host: what faces this administration? guest: first, then will trump has never been the guy that you have been warned he was. idle me during this campaign. i grew up in new york city. i watched him build buildings, restore landmarks, open hotels were nobody said he could, do all sorts of things. every time he got involved in a project, there was inevitably going to be news coverage of naysayers saying if you allow donald trump to do this, and then they would fill in the blank with some horrible thing that was going to happen. in no case has that ever been true. they never go back and recant their statements. the same is true in the presidency. you are watching during the transition,. most recent polls show he is
8:42 am
up to 37% approval rating from somewhere in the team's, for the election. people have seen a deliberative administrator, someone who has done big projects before and understands the project are not one-man jobs. he goes to the construction floor of the hotel and meets the supervisors and union stewards and the workman before going upstairs to the board room, because as he once told new york magazine, the people laying the brick and running the plumbing are much more important than the architects to a hotel. if they don't do their job right, the whole hotel comes down to matter what the architect through. host: with that philosophy in mind, if he faces those board rooms of the house and senate, what do you get a sense of his far as republicans and their willingness to work with him on thinknda, and what do you democrats are going to provide over the next four years? guest: i think both sides are
8:43 am
going to find that the we will tell you what we want you to know is done with. his point of view regarding his twitter feed, if somebody is trying to play a little back room, to quote the current president, he will out it. he will not sit there in the board room or the meeting rooms of the rayburn office building and cut back deals and then come out and try to sell it. he knows that is the surest sign for failure. it has been through all of these administrations. we watched what happened with obamacare. somebody asked me what was one of the most mitigating factors in the election and i said the fact that so many of us had to have that meeting with our human resources department regarding how much it are your premiums are going to be going up or your co-pays. i think that has is -- had as much to do with the election and russia, and russia did not do that. host: joe thomas out of
8:44 am
charlottesville, virginia. tell us about your show. what do you focus on? guest: virginia is a tree that never stops growing fruit. there is always something. apparently one of our lieutenant governor candidates is now that she had evidence that her opponent had had some kind of extramarital affair, then recanted when confronted about it and said i think i was hacked, i'm waiting for her to say it was the russians that did it. there is never an end to the things we can discuss with our listeners and we try to expose to our listeners. we take this very seriously in charlottesville. charlottesville, virginia is the home to jump -- thomas jefferson and james madison. the declaration of independence and the constitution come from
8:45 am
charlottesville. this is serious business to us. aside from being home to donald trump's winery, we are very keyed into what is going on and a lot of people, both democrats and republicans were tired of the same old. my particular neighborhood in charlottesville was renamed bernieville. everyone was a bernie supporter. i did not see any hillary signs after the primary. you were told that the democratic party had this united front and they had put that contentious primary behind them. i don't think so. how do you think as far as the political landscape of virginia has changed over the years, typically they vote for democratic presidents but sometimes it goes either way in the gubernatorial resident -- elections. one of theguest:
8:46 am
things most important to understand is republicans in virginia are good at undoing and trashing other republicans. when they go against democrats, they tend to pull their punches. we watched it in the gubernatorial race because bill bolin was supposed to have his turn. build bowling supporters stayed home for that election. we are seeing one of the gubernatorial candidates try to heal that. -- racening close range with mark warner from the senate woke up a lot of people. republicans in virginia need to stop fighting other republicans only so much as it makes those republicans who hold office understand what donald trump is talking about, which is transparency. it's not about the old boys network.
8:47 am
it is not get along to go along. you are supposed to have one job and that is go to wherever your office is and defend our rights. host: your bio says before you became a radio talkshow host, you were a restaurant business manager. how did you make that transition? guest: i went to the same high school as mike to rico. up and i havet bug out ofhad the high school. i wandered into the restaurant business. when asserted managing the restaurant i was managing, it was 1979. i had about an inch thick clipboard. of applications for the time i left, 1985. twos lucky if i had
8:48 am
applications waiting for summary who needed a job at my restaurant. that is the all of it -- that is all the economic indicator i needed. host: joe thomas out of charlottesville, virginia. the guest: my new year's resolution is to do a better job of podcasts. i promise my listeners we will do more podcasts. are screen because the rock people that like to protest and harassed business owners even if you don't live anywhere near where those businesses are. host: joe thomas, thank you for your time. guest: happy new year. host: let's go to patrick in maryland, democrat line. caller: thank you.
8:49 am
think the first action of the new year should be to correct a mistake. electoral college voters failed in their duty. that vote must be set up such -- set aside. up andess must stand object to the validity of the vote. the american people elected one candidate by over 3 million voters. elected members of the congress must be held politically accountable. the blood of people has been sacrificed for this democracy. congress itself must indicate their loyalty to protect and defend our election. george washington warned in his farewell address about the full -- corruption of political parties.
8:50 am
our country is in distress because of that, right now. this must go to a vote of the house. host: how word from west virginia -- howard from west virginia, independent line. caller: good morning. i believe one of the first -- thethey need to do is u.n. for the sanctions against israel. i don't think the u.n. should "to dictate where the border should be. if they can do it to israel, what would keep them from coming to our country and doing the same thing, or another country? the second thing that i have to let them know is we could tax a renewable resource for health ase, such as would -- such wood, any kind of product. we could include baby diapers.
8:51 am
it is something that everyone uses and everyone would pay for someone that is married. i think it would help put the fairness in the health care system for each and every one, to have health care. next in wests up virginia, republican line. caller: i agree with the previous caller that you had from florida. i think these special interest groups need to be dissolved or severely limited. we don't need this. theyld tell washington need to respect the electorate. we have listened to the news and the talk shows that try to dictate to the electorate who is going to win and why they were going to win right up until hours before the election.
8:52 am
these kind of shows can influence people who have not voted. i believe there are not many of intothat have developed more competitive, they are not news, they are entertainment. cbs competing with fox competing with nbc. c-span and i like c-span, but the talkshow people is just entertainment. there are people who believe that entertainment, though. the press has been wrong, have been severely wrong. now they want to criticize trump . they did not do their job well enough. if you do not do your job well enough, you get bypassed. they need to stop advising trump. he will hire people to do that. i don't think we need the news doing that.
8:53 am
i also think they need to leave the electoral college alone. that lost thee election are interested in dissolving the electoral college. finally, i think obama needs to exit gracefully, now. host: you're the previous color talk about the united nations -- you heard the previous caller talk about the united nations. relations not only with other members of the world, but the united states, saying -- took the reins of the united nations, promising to breathe -- be a bridge elder, phasing and antagonistic u.s. administration who thinks the world take a body do nothing except talk and failed to phillips potential for global affairs. the former portuguese prime minister told reporters after being sworn in as secretary-general that he will engage all governments and of
8:54 am
course the next government of -- mr. trumpates and his america first agenda has shown little interest in multilateralism which is the cornerstone of the u.n.. as he faces his five-year term, debt crises from yemen to syria, washington's support for the u.n. remains a question mark. new jersey, democrat line, good morning. what is your message? i wanted to speak on the role of the executive. i reading a book called the britannica perspective. it says the american ideal of -- the original [indiscernible]
8:55 am
you have to be like a broker and he has to be taken -- taking into account all sides, not just one side or the other. that is what i'm hoping donald trump will be. hoping that they will get laws passed. i hope that he will be able to do thingst and fairly, the right thing or the just thing, not just one party or the other. , like whatr president lincoln did or president johnson or roosevelt. , notsident for the people just saying it. being a president for all the people and doing the right thing, no matter what.
8:56 am
-- it goes into the role of the executive and it says very in-depth. host: linda from minnesota, independent line. caller: i have been trying forever to get on, so happy new year. i would like to say that people in the united states should get along no matter what they are or who they are. i am so tired of hearing people
8:57 am
not liking the next person because they don't think the way they are. united states is supposed to be with each other and not thinking that you are no good. draft and the first thing i would say it's for everyone in the congress, including the president, their children should go to the draft, and be on the front lines. then they would know what it is like to lose a person. host: we are asking people this morning about their message to washington, especially with the incoming congress. that proceeding takes place tomorrow. a lot of elements to that. the best place to go to find out information from us, you will see speaker elections, swearing-in ceremonies at 1:00
8:58 am
in the senate and 3:00 in the house. you will see the setup of the 115th congress and issues they will take up in these days preceding inauguration day, which will take place on january 20, also being covered by c-span. a lot of things happening starting early in the morning on that inauguration day, -- your message to washington is what we are asking you. (202)-748-8000 for democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. (202)-748-8002 for independents. right after the election, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell spoke about the victory of donald trump, what faces the congress, especially when he comes and office next year.
8:59 am
let's hear from senator mcconnell after election day. >> i want to congratulate president-elect trump. i think we agreed this is a stunning election. therly an indication american people would like to try something new. i know the speaker shares my view that we would like to see the country going to different direction and intend to work with him to change courses, to change the course for america. he will to fill a supreme court vacancy. yeard in february of this to a hell of controversy that i thought it best that the american people decide who made this appointment to the supreme court. i thought i was on firm footing in doing that. since -- n 80 years
9:00 am
early next year. host: those are topics of the majority leader. your topic for those calling in to watching, your message washington in 2017. address the congress, address it to the white house. us know at 202-748-8000 for democrats. for republicans. 202-748-8002, for independents. we've heard from you for the last two hours, one more hour to go. we will hear from other topics. ridgefield, wisconsin, republican line. you are next, tell us about your washington. caller: good morning, pedro. my message is simple, i would ike to see donald trump
9:01 am
overturn all the executive orders, kind of create a going forward, where congress and the rule of law help make decisions. you know, we've got the states, one ongress, we don't need person making all the rules and regulations, which happened obama.resident intentioned.ll no y reid is retired, will longer stop bills the house puts forward. that's my message. virginia, here is tom calling in on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. vet, let's , i'm a say it's cloudy day inside and try to makeme, i'll this succinct as i can as a statesman. i think the american people's i es have been heard and
9:02 am
congratulate donald trump and i thoughts and my prayers are with the current dministration leaving gracefully and they will be so after the lection and that the current administration and congress will best, their utmost to the out the wishes of founding fathers for this country that still can be great. i know we're in different times that call for different just my thoughts and prayers are that everyone civil and do their best in this country, as it was set up to be. very much for letting me make this comment.
9:03 am
host: okay. thank you, sir. democratse, michigan, line. beverly, you are next up. hi. caller: hi. i'm calling is about russia. hello. host: you're on, go ahead. caller: russia hacking the d.n.c., it is not true, it a hack, it was a whistleblower, his name was seth rich. , it eason why both parties is an excuse to control the that americans are getting over the internet. morning to you, from columbia, missouri, republican line. pedro. hi, your well-done stuff over the -- over at your
9:04 am
there.zation i just have one thing. i think that -- i hope the trump administration really addresses he problem with homelessness because the homeless people are having a difficult time. they're all over the place and i just hope the trump administration really helps out the homeless. best approach he to help them out? caller: i don't know exactly i don't have all the facts and everything in front of be what states need to addressed mostly, but whatever addressed, to be hey need mental healthcare and they also need facilities for that are homeless. host: do you see a lot of columbia, where you live? caller: not as much as in bigger cities. the worst cities have
9:05 am
problem. host: jeff from columbia, issouri, message dealing with homelessness and how to deal with that. pick that topic and other topics, as well. "new york times" today, provile f previce, former head of the republican national committee and chief of staff to president-elect donald trump, a what faces im and him as he comes to washington in the next couple of weeks. the "new york om times" saying that as different trump, he rom mr. shares one thing with the president-elect, little apparent need for sleep. is a person quoted earlier, textedhe marveled how he saturday and got immediate response and awakened at dawn.-up text that means the future president in the wee f tweets hours, his chief of staff will seeing them.
9:06 am
the two will be learning fundamentals of their job together. of ecent lunch with chiefs staffs hosted by the current priebus questioned said during s private sessions. among the querys, how do you involve cabinet officials and they are pursuing the president's agenda, rather than your own. are the most crucial allies to have in the build something how do you control who gets the ear?dent's what is paramount, said former staff, andy card, no one be able to run around priebus, almost no debate in the oval office should come without prior debate in the chief of staff's office. it will be a challenge for rice. mary from maine, let me push the button. may
9:07 am
-- mary from scarborough,card, one be able to run around priebus, almost no debate in the oval office should come without prior maine. happy new year to everyone at sxeekt c-span and you for taking my call. i have an idea that i've had for a ut eight years of putting fee, transactional fee on to that is every trade done on wall street and i know a computerized, so millions per second, but even if it is just $.10. $.10 and put in a fund that is just used to reduce the deficit. that might help with our trillion dollar deficit and we eliminate it in that. 10 years of doing also, you know -- host: are you a trader yourself? up with ow you came this idea? caller: used to be. got out of it, it was so volatile. i thought, well, there are so many transactions done on wall street, even if we didn't call it a tax, we could call it a
9:08 am
fee. should transaction probably help us a lot for infrastructure or for anything that we choose to do. aside t set that money and maybe we could get somewhere. offering from maine suggestion for incoming congr s ongress, when it comes to raising revenue. ray is in mt. vernon, south dakota, independent line. hi, ray, how are ya? caller: good. morning, pedro. >> moderator: your message to washington, what do you think? well, i think donald the -- he to tell eeds to start in schools teaching people about government. need to -- excuse me, they eed to teach people what government really is and they to history and
9:09 am
we've come from and -- that is do you think most important for this incoming administration? listening all en morning to all the folks talking just seems and it like the people don't understand where we come from. do you peen by that? the r: we the people are government. at the local level. hen the state level and the federal level are there to perform for the people, to serve people. and it just don't seem to be done, you know. and, vernment is too big they need to -- downsize a little bit. host: okay.
9:10 am
mary from surf city, north carolina. washington? to caller: my message is they need or replace obamacare. don't know, it is not affordable for most people out there. have choices. there are some federal qualified facilities which is solely based on your income. for it t have to pay every month, you only pay when you need to see a doctor. insurance should be a choice for people. have of people don't insurance because they can't afford it. many have worked with people that has applied for obama tlt care because they have to. and then they get punished if they don't accept it. to be repealed and replaced.
9:11 am
host: what about, there is a possibility that the repeal part then the early and actual -- it would take place once a plan is in place. republicans the have a solid plan to replace it? caller: i believe they should, i also believe it should be an option. the federal clinics t funds these out here. and like i said, you only go to he clinic when you need to see a doctor and it is a cheap visit providers, reall doctors, real nurse practitioners, but you only pay to go to a doctor. these people have insurance for pay all these premiums and they never go to a doctor. it should be a choice. host: okay. city, north surf carolina. 202-748-8000 for democrats. for republicans.
9:12 am
independents 202-748-8002. this last hour, been the theme of the previous your message to washington in 2017. go ahead and give us a call on or post on twitter and facebook, as well. during the course of the hearing frome been you and from columnists and topics.ists on various micha michael hiltzik, columnist for times, mr. eles hiltzik, good morning to you. guest: good morning. yours, recent column of jumping off the last caller, she talked about what happens with of affordable care a recent column of yours looks at the process of repealing and do for those with pre-existing medical conditions. expand on that? guest: sure. one of the pseudoachievements of ffordable care act, it eliminated this opportunity that nsurance companies had before
9:13 am
the act of doing medical underwriting. they would look at an history and edical he or she had a pre-existing condition, they would be able to deny them insurance or they could charge them a huge premium discourage them from signing up. sorts of d do all shenanigans that people with pre-existing conditions, history of hay diagnosis or a heart condition, that would keep getting any insurance at all. you have a very skewed market.ual the a.c.a. eliminated that and made that illegal. every applicant was entitled to get insurance at a community without being overcharged or surcharged. if the republicans in congress repealed the affordable away.ct, that could go
9:14 am
now they said, we will keep the with tion for people pre-existing conditions, but i hink what people don't understand, once dow that, all of the rest of obamacare dictated. you have to have a mandate so everybody is in the pool. you have to require insurance companies to take on all comers, the basic structure of obamacare asically has to remain and the more republicans talk about repealing this act, the more threatened, that protection is threatened. it is really the core of what the a.c.a.d with host: mr. hiltzik, what do you floated ublicans have several ideas as part of the insurance ect, buy across state lines, other plans and proposals, what have you potentially as what could replace it and is it
9:15 am
workable? mr. hiltzik? i think we may have lost ontact, we'll retry that and get right back to him as soon as we can. we'll continue on with your calls. soud hadley, massachusetts, democrats line. next up. go ahead. caller: good day, happy new year. in all the upcoming events of the new administration the investigation of russian hacking that will be going on in or the , if media congress will persist in uestioning whether president-elect trump had conversations with mr. putin or russian official prior to say the summer of last year? and if he knew of the hacking did e the c.i.a. or f.b.i. and approved it and in some way thus was involved.
9:16 am
host: the president-elect has said come tomorrow or wednesday information or insinuate more to say on the hacking.the russian that might be expected mid-week. ohio, lan caster, republican line. you are next up. hi. what i hey, this is take. when they spend our money, it is free and when they go to ass laws, they need to be more careful. they don't need to change the the carpet. host: so your focus is spending, what i'm hearing? caller: yeah. host: where would you like to it comes to t when paying attention to spending? what area of the government? going to happen when donald trump steps in there. in the care if you put cabinet peep they'll have -- we s of dollars, they
9:17 am
need somebody that knows something about business and he does. nelan caster, ohio. our going to continue conversation with michael hiltzik, a columnist joining us on the phone. get your k, i want to thoughts on what republicans are replacement far as for affordable care act and if those things are workable in mind? guest: right. well, what they typically is to replace the individual mandate, which conservative republican idea going back before the a.c.a. replacing that with a continuous coverage equirement of some sort, that basically says if you don't allow your insurance to lapse, still be eligible for this sort of protection. are people even on the left who say that is pretty much ust as good, we shouldn't draw
9:18 am
a line in the sand over that. i don't agree. i think if you look at the find the main l reason that people allow their insurance to lapse is economic. can't afford it. people who are -- have lost moving between jobs, who lose insurance, often have a choice, they need a bridge of some sort between old obamacare or old insurance and new insurance. i think sometimes lapses are inevitable. what i haven't heard no one has heard from the republicans, how manage that, to what they are going to do for people who for economic reasons maintain insurance for a month or two months or it is onths or whatever they set as the lapse limit. i think this is the problem we've seen with all of the republican proposals for replacement, they haven't walked the last mile, they haven't really talked about, thought
9:19 am
the consequences of the changes they want to make nd as a result, changes look arbitrary and i think that is the real problem with this replace or each repeal and delay and replace idea. thought it through. host: one more thing we want to talk about while we have you on the phone. a recent column, donald trump being touted a businessman, concerned about business and focusing on that. i will read the headline, this from december 29, will president trump run over 2017?ess expectations in can you encapsulate what you are writing there? guest: sure. talked about was the fact, you know, business leaders always talk about, complain about uncertainty, complained or eight ast four years about the uncertainty of tax rates, that sort of thing. about is that they're about to see a lot more uncertainty than they have seen long time because
9:20 am
trump hasn't articulated coherrent view of economics, industry, view of what what is expected of industry and what role it should play. his very see that in confused talk about trade. eliminate nafta, he wants to start a trade war with china. think the consequences of all these quasi policies he's articulated, the consequences are unknowable. i think that will disturb businesses a lot. the idea that he's afterall supportive of repealing that will really cause chaos, not only in the ealthcare industry, but other industries that have, that provide their employees with that have tried to incorporate obamacare into their
9:21 am
plans.nce so all these things that trump has talked about in tweets, but has not really worked out for for the nd i think this ss community, so euphoria we've seen in the stock market over the last month or so since the election i think is oing to ebb pretty fast as businesses and investors wait around to see what will happen with the administration. you think about the details on the one side as far have icy is concerned, we optics such as what happen when is he meets with carrier and things.ind of what do they bring as far as what donald trump might do for business? i don't think these tell us anything. opportunities, p.r. opportunities. carrier is a perfect example, uring the campaign he talked about punishing characters.
9:22 am
he talked about moving jobs overseas at two factories it had in indianapolis. strong armed e them and they said, all right, in l keep 700 jobs here indianapolis, for some ndefinite period. the others are still going to move to mexico and they got rewarded for frment abate indianapolis, trump crowed about everything he t had done to keep carrier around. carrier is not staying around, keeping a romp work force in indianapolis, but away.g other jobs you can't read anything from hat, except that trump is looking for p.r. opportunities that he can use to promote this he's out for the working man, but he really isn't. example of great the sort of confusion, i think, the business community, the
9:23 am
investor community and the voting community. have about g to policy. host: michael hiltzik writes for times, how often do you write, sir? print once orr in twice a week, i appear online ight or 10 times per week with blog posts and column observations. you where can folks find on the web? guest: find me by going to l.a. com/hiltzik. or go on tlt line to, and search under business. host: that is the los angeles columnist, michael hiltzik, joining us. mr. hiltzik, happy new year. new year to you, my pleasure. ost: denise, what is your message to washington in 2017 illinois.gletlt side,
9:24 am
caller: hi. my message to washington is to congress and our incoming president to give a victims. crime excellent our voice spoken for by victim's advocates to get their agenda is funding for them and they have the legal system. are not attorneys, we really need this issue looked at that tally revamped so when we go through the system, as a crime victim, we are heard, are protected and we have representation. host: from cleveland, ohio, line., democrat's go ahead. good morning, what is your message to washington? good morning, thank you for taking my call. is essage to washington
9:25 am
twofold. i'll start first with the congress. think that it's going to be extremely important that everything presented to the vetted and ds to be questioned to the endth degree. obstructionism and not naive to think this republican congress will not things, ough very scary but i believe it is in our best interest that we need to vet. when things are said like the american people, we'll let them on the n who should be supreme court and this obama, nt, our president has eight more months to go, and is unconstitutional insulting and disrespectful to those who support the president, of the voting population that did not vote for the current president-elect. out that term american people and they completely disregard those opposing have opinion. second-fold, i think we as diligent at to be
9:26 am
following these things. we have to stop and read more just what our friends on facebook are posting or what e're seeing on very biassed media that favor our opinions. we have to reach out and look at other side. written back to the word, like the washington journal, as the gentleman you "new york r the times," and do more than 140 characters, understand the issues. going to be is imperative to each out to those and give and oppose our opinion and keep diligent eye on what is going on in congress. kathy in clinton, ohio, calling about her message to washington. the ll continue on with calls. we've heard from opinionists on the east coast, opinions on the joining us from iowa, another opinionist. talk show host,
9:27 am
mr. conway, good morning. caller: good morning. it is interesting have you gone real h coasts and now in america. host: what is the message from real america as far as the lection with the incoming congress and new administration? guest: job one, you have got to the v.a., it is absolute indictment of our nation how we people who come home having defended our freedom. die og wait lists, this is disgusting, it is indictment well,cialized medicine, as that is for a whole other day. what we do to our veterans has be fixed. it is not even that complicated, it is a fairly simple fix. have to let them do it and hopefully it will happen days v.a. hundred overhauled. that doesn't mean there are bad medics and nurses and doctors, there are excellent people who absolutely want to do the best veterans, unfortunately, like most of d.c., bureaucracy out of its own
9:28 am
way. host: as far as you said a imple fix, what is that fix in your mind? guest: that fix is, you come back and you are honorably our service, we give a card and you go anywhere v.a.ike, including the give you small code, you should have skin in the game, we take you.of that is the deal, right? they go over there, they sign up. what, re saying, you know i'm willing to die for this country. our part of that bargain is when come back, we're going to take care of you. if you are broken, we'll take and fix it. we have not had that bargain for a very long time. this isn't republican or democrat, this is about real people, real lives, who are and it is our fault, we need to fix it. host: the new congress gets tomorrow. looking at it, especially under republican rule and especially president, aside from the v.a., what should be top of the agenda?
9:29 am
affordable care act and other issues, including infrastructure, what other they take up aside from the v.a.? guest: illegal immigration. a talk show host, i've i'veviewed jemelle shore, interviewed the family of sara law., sara's i've interviewed laura wiltlt kerson, many parents who lost childrenats the hands of illegal immigrants. it has to stop. dealing with a guy, an alleged rapist, who we times.ed 19 how is that even possible? 19 times. of a uy is now accused very serious rape. it is another thing we have to fix. should be he wall built, that is only part of the problem. illegal immigration problem in this country is visa fix all ofwe need to it. it is not about mexico or peep frel one part of the world. guarantee, we have illegal
9:30 am
immigrants from the land of my england, guarantee they are here. we need to deal with it and make priority. things we need to do, we need a strong military. that is n air force going to museums right now to get parts. what is that? have the smallest navy since world war ii. soldiers who rmy are dealing with sub-standard quipment, that needs to be a priority. and going back to illegal mmigration, by the way, if you have sanctuary cities out there, getting one dime of federal tax we need to yank all of it. host: when it comes to immigration policies, do you donald trump literally as far as what he wants to do? symbolically, t what do you think should be the perspective for those when it immigration?gal guest: job one, find illegal mmigrants, as far as i'm
9:31 am
concerned, they have broken the law, to use the word criminal is a difficult word. the country illegally has broken the law. to find the first people, the gangs and the seriously violent people like rape thaft i've been talking about and we kicked out 19 times. e need to find all of those people. we need to give ice the power, the help, the support, which has been so sadly we ing for eight years, and need to get those people first them ck them out or lock up, only two choices they get. they get kicked out or locked up back, we tell them, if we find you, you come back fter this deportation, 25 years, not one day less than 25 up.s will you be locked host: simon conway, talk show iowa, ut of des moines, who radio, born in london, also career as r
9:32 am
16-year-old journalist at jerusalem post. true, yes, sir. host: what do you think about u.n. regarding e settle sxment obama administration's perspective on topic? guest: the obama administration has had absolutely no feelings whatsoever, they were waiting until they were absolutely out to stab our closest allie in the middle east in the back, i might add.s, i don't think i have ever seen a president about to leave office, knowing they are about to leave office, hand power over to the party, who has deliberately gone out of his way, gone out of his way, to problems for incoming administration. it is disgraceful what we've witnessing the last few weeks and hopefully incoming be as good on will as its word. first symbolic thing to do to
9:33 am
administration and what they are saying about supporting israel, most symbolic is move our ambassador to jerusalem. it is law in this country, a believe, every six months, has to sign a waiver to do it. will not no law that needs to be created president donald trump doesn't sign the waiver and we jerusalem,assador in where the law of this land says it is supposed to be. so many other things i want to about, as well, concealed carry, for example. second amendment issues. got a concealed carry in iowa, i should be able to carry in the other state union. idiculous we to not have a national carry law. please don't talk about gun laws, the most strict city in united states has just murder rate that if it was in people die in 0 chicago fthat was afghanistan, we'd be saying, send thousands troops to put this right or
9:34 am
be pulling everybody sxout bringing them home. we put up with this if there were this many murders in afghanistan, n. one american city, we need to address the second amendment. things, i lots of don't know how much time we have. time left.tle you be nothing des moines, how soon before you hear talk of people visiting the state and showing interest for the white house? the : well, i think outside, two years, i think it will be way before that. months here in 12 to just feeling the water across who. be president and you're smart about it, come and it in the studio at who, the radio station where president ronald reagan used to work hollywood, he to was with us for five years. host: that is where you will conway, can folks see your show or hear your show on the web? guest: absolutely.
9:35 am
who on iheart radio, ou will see a listen live button, press that or onniheart me at simon llow radio, 17 tlt 76 at simon radio 1776. i often tell what you is going on. i interviewed incoming president 16 times over 18 months, the come on my matter do show. host: mr. conway, thank you for, happy new guest: happy new year. thank you. phyllis, tempe, arizona, republican line. e are asking about the message people want to send to washington. what do you think? caller: first off, i want to time to thank you for accepting my call and i want to new a happy democrat, but
9:36 am
voted republican because the had on me obamacare personally. ll i watched was my paychecks got smaller because i had to and the insurance company that was providing the it where for me made the huge deductible made it out most for edical expenses only to have them not make any contributions oward any of those expenses besides prescriptions, but that want the real message i to get across, the fact that obamacare, i think it failed the simple reason that i think they attacked the roblem from the wrong perspective. the cost of medical, the medical nomiccal.-- are astro
9:37 am
it is bad. they should go from that angle, an hsa far as i have account and that hsa account has it, but i would like to see where instead of people for not having insurance, allow people hsa account own and have it set up with their wn bank and be able to contribute money to it so they can use it for their medical expenses. and make it where they don't have to have a specific be able to do that. from vic , joins us vicksburg, mississippi. good morning, casey. caller: good morning. thanks for taking my call. comment, my message to divisivenesshis is of the country is something verybody noticed that was
9:38 am
pretty severe. the fact now the republicans have control of the white house, and thee of republicans senate, i wanted to let people it clear that -- pay attention to what happens next four years because it would seem to me that whatever legislation to pass and ant what they believe in shouldn't ave as much problem going through and saying like four years from now, every election battle another divisive between republicans and democrats, like they got what they wanted and republicans didn't get what they we will have the same situation reversed. host: do you think there is be some fighting amongst republicans themselves over issues donald trump might passed?see caller: certain there will be. population, eneral they -- depend where you live in lot of social
9:39 am
pressure to join one party or the other. pick whatever f they think is right and go with that. they are not thinking about rights or good what -- need to survive and how i don't think that is the need to i think we move away from such a two-sided party system. ou have democrats and republicans and total opposite on so many things. don't understand how we can move forward over time, you know, may not happen in our ifetime, but i'm sure there will be, you know, divisiveness in the republican party just democratic party smchlt point, they have to come together or they don't get anything done. somebody eluded to this, another caller, he said something about sourcing out. i can't remember. candidates.sourcing caller: yes, that to me would be
9:40 am
multiple olution, candidates representing geographic areas of the country people have different types of communities, different industries and they are not represented because the congressmen and senators have to with whatever party that the or they n majority of can't get into office. host: got you. frelogan, democrats line. hi. happy new d morning, year. host: thank you. caller: the message i'd like to to washington, d.c. concerns social security. i am 68-year-old female and i've hard all my life and paid my social security in. washington to pay back the money they have stolen from he social security funds and they give you a $3 raise a of h, you can't buy a box cereal for $3. the cost of living in this has went sky high and
9:41 am
i agree with one of the other men out there's young there that's drawing ssi, they don't have anything wrong with them, they have an anger management problem or something that they're at, what theyecks for and need, they need to get out and get a job. i think washington needs to address the fact that the elderly are not being taken care of. agree with the former call, the veterans are not receiving what they should receiving and i firmly my social aid into security and i should be getting something that comes up to date with the cost of spending. florida, e from republican line. asking about the message to washington for 2017. hi. caller: hi. thank you for this opportunity and happy new year. you. thank caller: i'd like to have the words evisit
9:42 am
onservative, that term is demonizing, conservative means to stay. shouldn't we be saving what is good we have inherited from the know, conservative simply means, save what you know for you. one thing the first thing we look at to save would be the 10 commandments and i agree the gentleman the crusty old guy from the south who said, pay more d to attention and worship god. to worship e need god, instead of all these things place. in his and the 10 commandments are if we simple rules, could just simply keep them. reflect them and then we would all be encouraged is good -- one point,
9:43 am
thou shalt not commit adultery. i believe our laws are taxesaging people through to live together, not marry them. that may offend a lot of people, simply the just truth and that should be re-looked at. is diane, thank you. arkansas, zashg, independent line. caller: good morning. host: you're on, go ahead. good morning. i just wanted to piggyback on talking conway was about in regard to the v.a. and the military. right now we seem to have a retention problem in the i agree and we also, with the healthcare side of it. we have a compensation side of v.a. hat is kind offar caic system
9:44 am
they have in place for determining that. i think that we can kind of retention with v.a. compensation and healthcare going back to what we did with the first voluntary force united had for the states, which was during the revolutionary war. give everybody 40 acres and a mule, they came up with a pension in return for you basically had to maintain your readiness to be back up to active duty n. your days, you had to keep own musk sxet ammo and be ready duty.called to active i think if we gave people same incentive we do congress for service, which basically wo for one deal on the years served and compensated them for ilitary for military and veterans for retention purposes disability d
9:45 am
evaluation system that the basically retire eople for disabilities if for military duty, we can combine ystems and i think it would be a lot less expensive and take care of a problem that we would with retention so if we needed 30,000 air men to come duty, we would have them available for recall. got you. dale, thank you for the call. the final person joining on message give sense of to washington, he's kevin the en, columnist for "cleveland plain dealer," mr. on'brian. good morning. can i take you back to a column you wrote on december 2. can you headline and you fill in the particulars. trump should unite in downsizing you meandency, what do by that? guest: well, i was writing
9:46 am
tongue and cheek, not entirely. donald trump comes into office the united nt of states with darn little into rity really, going the election. he and hillary clinton were among the two least popular contend for er to the office. i'm thinking maybe if we think him now as a nation, maybe this is the time less of the king presidency as an office and try to get back to the norms that were set by the founders, that the congress would really be the partner in the federal dance. would be lessency emphasized as maker of domestic policy, certainly. something that maybe we can hope for, maybe onald trump will tweet himself into less respect in the offices up until now. with that in mind, let's take the theme of the dance coming into this new congress new president,
9:47 am
who is taking the lead at this dance? the president, congress, is it to be both of them stepping on each other's toes out?ill they work guest: i tonight think we know yet. i would like to see the division constitution envisioned. congress would deal with matters, the executive deal with more foreign policy nd of things and running the executive department in way that makes sense. with shown, my view cabinet appointments, some illingness, i think to hire people that he would delegate to and that was among the many he said during the campaign he would to. that is what he described, at sometimes as his style. that would be nice knoweck dote accuratic side displayed during the campaign. it seemed like he would be himself.ll decisions the question is whether donald micro-manager or
9:48 am
a corporate-style manager or the nderlings get to do things and make some policy. host: as far as your -- where sitting there in cleveland, what do you think people that you write for, people who read your paper, what they like to see coming out of washington starting in 2017? think the key thing for trumps, if he wants to maintain credibility with people, he's have to make progress on the big issues that he consistently on. he's going to have to do something on immigration, it may wall, it may not be solve the problem, i don't think the problem is solvable in which is what the time frame is until the next off year election. to do something about obamacare. i think people have voted in the elections to try to get the federal government to the big control part of obamacare. there are some aspects of it
9:49 am
like and certainly trump talked about keeping those in place. i don't necessarily agree with but he needs to make some progress to show people emotion on that. he can't sit still and i don't think the republican congress they will or else face reckoning next time they election.or host: mr. o'brien, we hear about oters that participated in the last election. talk about ohio's case, you residency, ump have did he resonate there and resonatelly who did he to? guest: i continuing is a pretty broad set of categories that to in ohio.ted yes, a white nationalist think it to it, but i is small. he resonated with people who are with how government works for someone else or doesn't work for them. resonated with people in this area, like the oungstown area, where a lot of
9:50 am
jobs have been lost because of he perception at least trade agreements with messed up our job market. you know, i'm not sure all these have it right. i don't think they're necessarily going to be nthralled with the trump residency, because i think some promises in that regard with into a wall of reality. he will not bring back manufacturing jobs single handedly, there will be a lot of changes in things like tax policy and employment policy and yes, immigration policy, for him to be able to do that. i think a lot of pieces will fit together in this puzzle for him to satisfy a lot to.he people he appealed host: kevin o'brien, cleveland plain dealer. do you write? guest: once a week. your where can people find column? guest: go to'brien. up. should come host: mr. o'brien, thanks for your time, happy new year to you.
9:51 am
same to, host: 10 more mondays left in the program. out a tweet sending for today. he says the new year begins, the says, we will together make america great again. that is from the twitter -elect's account. calls on the message to ashington for 2017, from louisville, kentucky. bob, go ahead, you are on. taking my nk you for call. i would like to talk about the entitlement reform. that people demonize that term. they are trying to demonize that term. entitlement, if you look in the dictionary, something that is earned. i am a recipient of social security disability. i began working at 15 and i 28 years to work for and then part-time while wife on disability. i'd like to point out not every is visible. i know several peep they'll suffer from substance abuse and disorders.
9:52 am
as far as entitlement reform and reform, i n of the earned what i put into the system. all i want is what i've put in. i've earned it and i am entitled to it, just you need to look up definition of entitlement in the dictionary. my second point i'd like to obama, think president this is to the white house, should give hillary clinton full pardon.lete i don't believe she did as much damage as people say she did, i believe she intentionally did what she did. facts have to look at the and donald trump is a loose cannon and may go back on his word. certainly playing games already and he's not been inaugurated. trust the man, i think president obama should grant a to and complete pardon hillary clinton. thank you for letting me eshgs express my opinion. host: bob, independent line, tyler, texas.
9:53 am
you, pedro, you guys are a conduit to truth. we talk about issues, we've got to get back to unalienable nd rights that were guaranteed to constitution. god given unalienable rights guaranteed by the constitution. follow the constitution, our founding piece les, every little f specificity that we try to address is going to be just doomed to chaos. that is about it. -- we have a professor here that ran against orin hatch when he first won that teaches constitution here in tyler 27 a year. last time he taught was muslim mosque, so i think it is things like you getting the truth sxout letting the truth out that andas and the guy from iowa
9:54 am
you know, you're part of the and just of america help us stick to the constitution, unalienable rights and knowing we are the boss, not we elect 6789 host: next from joyce in plant line.florida, republican good morning. caller: good morning. go on, caller: yes. host: you are on, go ahead, joyce. okay.: the obamacare. the waythink it's right they are doing that. they need to do more it.estigation on people with free insurance, when taxes, they should just put that aside and let them penalty like other people. host: okay. from hear from ray massachusetts, democrats line. hi. caller: hi, how you doing? you. fine, thank
9:55 am
caller: happy new year. host: thank you. aller: regard to judicial procedure and congress deciding what to do with commission reform. i think states and federal government should have procedure i refer to as reverse where right now we have system where person doesn't get parole until they have been prison 15 or 20 years and then released on parole after have been ruined. i rather see them paroled beginning of their sentence and the sentence hanging over their head, in conditions where are sound enough to be given that sentence, i call it reverse sentencing. of the to think outside box in terms of reform. are -- we should face up to that. host: okay. williamstown, vermont. independent line, your message mary.shington, hi. caller: hi. my message is what does for ngton plan on doing
9:56 am
american dairy farmers in 2017? dairy farmers constantly. hi. is -- age host: we got that part. yourself?dairy farmer caller: i am. host: so when you say how is our business affected and specifically how has it been affected? caller: how has it been affected? host: yes. caller: they say we have a surplus here and so we've been our milk prices caught. we have the only commodity in that we can't es even set our own milk price, market.t our own host: mary who joins us from vermont. farmer we've been asking about message from washington. e-mails. get rid of interest and unfair ultrawealthy.r sue from whiting, new jersey, focus on middle class more to keep more hard-earned dollars in
9:57 am
pocket, revisit nafta and deal with illegal immigration has get federal spending under control. this is jim, who says washington to do this seriously, start educating people, do not allow anyone to enter america without possessing a skill. it goes on to say a couple e-mails people have sent. been off for us, we can't show tweets on the air. fwiter and facebook., democrats line, caller: how are you this morning? host: fine, thank you. go ahead. i'm calling from old school, lead my example. president that won't even show his taxes, we have a congress that works about a and complain ear about people unemployed. i think they should get paid for actually work. do nothing congress, for eight that is why obama wasn't done.o get anything
9:58 am
host: do you think anything will as far as workload of coming in r this one 2017? caller: not as long as you have the same people there. you try to do something and you want change, change the people doing it. ost: ring, georgia, where johnny lives, republican line. talking about a message to washington for 2017. johnny, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? good talking to you. would like to make a comment, america is broken in the way that i see it. they would just read second 7:14, as the land, god promised he would heal the land. until they realize that, and god is the final authority, then our heal.ry will our country needs to be healed. leaders that god
9:59 am
will give them wisdom to lead us god is first, we're second. last, albany, new york, independent line. caller: good morning. happy new year. host: thank you. caller: hi. my note to congress is not only is the whole world watching, but americans are watching, too. and really, trump is a figure head. really more concerned about ryan will donnell, what they behind the scenes with him istracting everyone with his tweets and nonsense last, alban independent line. caller: good morning. happy new year. host: thank you. caller: hi. my note and what is going to happen. do hope the dems and the independents in congress do as the to a degree republicans have justice done for the last eight years under obama. money le think that no was spent in this country to retraining, new jobs, education, help out eterans, look to the
10:00 am
republicans, they did sturdy budget, they would not spend and they held obama back. were going to hold the republicans back because they corporate nt on more breaks, where we give corporate breaks trillions and people about welfare? that is only billions, that is anding people alive, health he fed. that is vital to this country -- att: our coverage starts 7:00 in the morning. we have a show devoted to the swearing in the congress. you will see the election of the house speaker, the speaker address the


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