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tv   British Youth Parliament Debates Mental Health Care  CSPAN  January 2, 2017 5:27pm-6:16pm EST

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announcer: you can watch the rest of that discussion from the wealth club of california tonight at 8:00 eastern here on espn. -- c-span. announcer: earlier president returned to washington, d.c. after spending the holidays in hawaii. in president has 18 days office before president-elect donald trump will be sworn in. it looks to be a busy few president eeks for obama. plans to deliver a farewell speech in chicago which follows tradition of presidents addressing the nation before leaving office. meet with congressional democrats to in uss the healthcare law which mr. trump and fellow republicans have promised to repeal.
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the new congress starts tuesday, opening day the events and activities on c-span. we're live from the u.s. capitol starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern. representatives and hear from new members. opening day business includes of the house speaker, his address to the later debate and rules for the new congress. one rule in particular is attention. a proposal to fine members who live stream video from the house floor. response to last summer's democratic sittin that was streamed by several democrats. 2, our live coverage of the senate starts at noon astern and includes the swearingin of senators. opening day continues on c-span
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live coverage of the ceremonial swearingin of members of congress. eastern, vice president joe biden presides over the swearing-in of at 3:00,l senators and speaker paul ryan swears in house.s of the we'll have a full replay of opening day on 8:00 p.m. eastern c-span and c-span 2. >> having a little bit of technology that puts tweets on air for you. you can post to the site. e wanted to show you some facebook comments this morning. r as her messages to washington. saints michelle moore, enjoy the last days of peace and dignity. -- saying dave russell said --
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claudia ewing said -- reflecting that the about midterm elections. washington ino 2017. that is what we want to hear from you this morning. to whole three hours devoted this and taking as many calls as we can. we will hear other voices. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. for independents, (202) 748-8002 . post onaid, you can
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twitter. we cannot show that today, we will work on that. that is and you can post on facebook. when it comes to the agenda is self, the washington post highlights things that will be on for congressional republicans saying this year's agenda has clarity that was otherwise lacking from trump campaign. they favor using a procedure known as budget reconciliation which measures can be passed with a simple 51 vote majority rather than a filibuster.
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that is "the washington post." if you go to "the new york work, looking at the congressional agenda. the reporters adding the tax overhaul and infrastructure build may be two opportunities for bipartisan. both of the issue still are expected to remain on the back burner. on many issues, senate democrats including a third new leader are expected to pivot from postelection carping to act if the warning using complex procedures to block elements of mr. trump's agenda.
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your message to washington is the focus of our three hours this morning. we want to hear from you. the numbers will be on the screen. we will start with shavonne in washington. taking ahank you for my call. thank you for all of the great work you do. i'm a loyal c-span listener and i am a radio listener. i love c-span. thank you and happy new year. the democrats,o i am a proud democrat. we will be fine. we needed to hold on to our morals, our values and our message of helping the people. we are going to be fine. we just needed to do that and remember we are not splintered. we are not annoying where we are going. we have to values.
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we have to hold on and to do the work that is needed. host: can i ask you a question? how can democrats be more effective in the next administration, especially the next two years of congress? caller: we just need to remember we are here to help people who need our help. that is what we have always done. we have to get away from this talking and carping. we have to be about the getting things done that need to be done. there are many things that need to be done. strong to hold on and be . and hold to the republicans. keep their feet to the fire. do not let them get away with things we know are not right. just do not do it. from that is shavonne washington. bob will tell us his from wisconsin, republican line.
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go ahead. morning.ood unfortunately, as a lady who just talked is incorrect and the fact after eight years of obama, he has done nothing. my issue is when congress comes in, shouldn't we go back to the constitution as law? we need to put that back in place because under our law, we need to get rid of all of these illegal mexicans. they broke the law. we are a nation of laws. our government needs to get back to the law. we, the people, voted these laws and. the democrats failed big-time. that is why we have a republican party now. so, please, just get back to the constitution. the real one. not the one obama stepped all over and abused. host: that would be started with immigration policy, that is what
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you would like to see them tackle first? caller: yes,. that would be a big one. host: how much -- i assume you voted for donald trump? caller: oh, yeah. host: do you think what you said as far as what he wants to do with immigration policy, do you think this republican congress will work with him? caller: is a better. we are as loyal as a party as democrats are to themselves. we are republicans as americans and democrats are americans, yes, they are. we need to unite under our president. in john mccain, i am a veteran, but he needed to rethink a few things. so, yeah, i agree. president trump wants -- i have a few that reference and we joke about going to help build the wall. leave, beingyou
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from wisconsin when it comes to immigration, where do you think paul ryan stands as far as what donald trump wants to do with immigration and what should you be doing? caller: one, again, he should go back to the constitution. our sovereignty of america needs to be upheld. we are a free nation because we defended our beliefs, ok? we cannot allow people to come in here and kill us and more like the muslims are doing. i mean the fanatic islamic people, not all muslims are bad. is, we need tont defend our country and paul ryan needs to stand up and defend our country as well. host: that is bob in wisconsin giving his message to washington. paul ryan, the current house speaker, expected to win the election that takes place tomorrow. that part of the process of the
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115th congress coming in. you casino c-span play out all , the 115 comes into business. "the washington journal" will dedicate its show to that. c-spancan catch it on playing all day, the 115th congress coming that the business. speak orion will be part of the process pretty it was in november after the election, let me tell you little bit more about how the house plays out. the swearing in ceremony is part of the wanted 15th congress takes place tuesday about 1:00 in the afternoon, senators by vice president joe biden and house members by speaker paul ryan at 3:00 p.m. watch it on c-span. if you get our c-span radio app, you can see it there. paul ryan, right after the election meeting with the leadership, talking about what
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he hoped at the time would be the signature of the incoming congress and republican government. here is some of his uighurs -- statements. dawnlcome to the day of a of a new unified republican party. it'll will be a government focus on turning president elect trump's into real success. we cannot wait to get to work. we recognize the task ahead of us is enormous. if we put our country the right track, we have to be bold and go big. this country is expecting no less. in the days and weeks ahead, we will be working closer with the president-elect and his transition team to lay down our ambitious path for 2017. that team is led by vice president elect mike pence and includes several of our members. we are working hand and glove and make sure we had to the ground running so we can deliver on the new president's agenda.
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a better way, better days lie ahead for our country. host: your message to washington brent let's hear from tony, sarasota, florida. color happy new year. good morning. thank you for taking my call. witht to say do not mess medicare and social security. privatize because paul ryan and republicans want to privatize medicare and medicaid and social security. to wallt to get it street. they will pocket our money. of people, a lot of american people have worked hard and they will -- [inaudible] she needs to keep his word. -- he needs to keep his word.
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they cannot wait to privatize this. [indiscernible] they are so greedy. thank you, pedro. host: keeping medicare is tony's concern. you will see this story about what might happen when it comes to issues between the house republicans, senator republicans , what they want to do about medicare. you heard our guest, a person talking about privatization. if you go to the story at more flavor about what you can expect to see in the incoming congress when it comes to that topic. blue island, illinois, democrats line. you are next. caller: good morning. host: hi. caller: happy new year to every body. i have a couple of quick comments.
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i hear people talking by immigration. they always talk about the europeanabout the illegals or asian illegals for it is always the mexicans. i would like to find got a little bit more about our work president's -- and the other ,art is, our president-elect always talking about bringing jobs back here, but i never hear him saying he will start getting his stuff from overseas. i think he could be a good example of lead by example if we started bringing his stuff back and not all these foreign countries. that is all about all i have to say this morning. have a great day. host: herbert is next. democrats line. caller: how are you doing? happy new year pretty you something, all the democrats have to do is lay back, do not be obstructionist like that the
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republicans did to them and now the republicans right now have the 4 branches of the government in control. guess what? it is showtime, pedro. they have been running on their party, no same-sex marriage, no abortion, let's see how they will govern. all the democrats have to do is partyhis party here was a who has been do think you for years and now they have the chance to pass at the loss youout no excuse -- duping for years and now that a chance laws with nothe excuse for it put to their feet to the fire. they are like houdini. untilhow you an illusion it is time to pass of the laws. host: you said democrats should do nothing. what does it mean to you? should they let republicans do whatever they want?
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caller: that is right. that is right. , they havebout it been running on these soundbites for all these many years, pedro. thedo not wanted them to do opposite of what they did to obama and michelle obama. i am so sad, as a black person, i am glad that michelle and barack or out of there. the disrespect they showed michelle and barack, i do not care if you have an impeccable record, receive the highest education, the way they did michelle. let me tell you something, now you have a woman in there was not educated who posed nude, plus she messes around and not even -- she is a foreigner. the for some in the history of america that will for slated that has a that time -- that we have a first lady that has that type of record. that in the time, it would be call despicable.
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that is what these republic have come to. they want to be power-hungry. now is your chance. prove to the united states of america you know how to govern. if we do not, go back to where you were before. a whig party. kentucky, republican line. you are next. caller: yes, recently, president-elect trump remarked that you males are unreliable and message -- messages are unreliable and messages should be sent by career. i think somebody should introduce legislation that says every presidential vote cast should be hand counted. that is all i really have to say. host: before you go, we're asking people about the message to washington, what you think about that? deliver message to congress, the white house, whatever, what would it be?
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caller: i would say we have to ensure the integrity of the presidential election and all of the presidential votes must be hand counted. host: ok. kim from indiana. on our independent line. hi, kim. caller: height. i will -- hi. i want to know how come all of the gas stations are owned by foreigners now. is now one in the county i live is american-owned. am afraid of what is going to happen if they own them all. host: that is your message to washington? who owns gas stations? i want to know why they are not american owned it now. host: once again, your message to washington. that's what we're interested in. (202) 748-8000, democrats.
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(202) 748-8001, republicans. independents (202) 748-8002. democrats line. you are next. caller: thank you. happy new year to everyone. i am very concerned as a retired nurse about the collapsing of our hospitals. we live in a rural area and we had a long ways to drive to one hospital and the other hospital has closed. now in the front page of "the new york times,:" is says the safety net of hospitals, fears of cutting it with a health care repeal moving. in other words, obamacare is allowing people that get very 65, if they under are 35 or 40, they can be treated in the hospital and
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hospital can get reimbursed for medicare. that will be stopped, according to "the new york times," front page on december 28. i am very concerned about to the affordable care act that will cause a lot of us to be heard. not just those who have to deal with individual insurance or noninsurance. we will all be affected, including people like trump himself will not been to go to the hospital if it is not there. host: when it comes to the affordable care act, republican saying that possibly a strategy theo repeal it and delay repeal from coming in until the have a plan to replace it do you believe that philosophy? i know you're speaking about hospitals. what you think about the rope publicans' -- republicans' approach?
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ofler: republicans had all the time in the world to come up with any and everything to problemshe insurance and is a have not come up with anything. i do not think they will come up with anything in the future. i think obama's plan has helped a lot of people, has saved the lives, has been an important improvement. it will be acknowledged by the republicans win a day figure out they do not know what to do with it. they were just colligan obamacare and send the affordable care act, making get , stupidolitical discussion. host: what to think about the role of democrats when it comes to the affordable care act? what role should they play? caller: they should learn it involves dismantling the affordable care act will hurt everybody, not just those who
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are getting insurance. we should be happy that this law has been passed. host: andover, new york. it was in late november, the last day when the house minority leader nancy pelosi spoke about their plans moving forward after back intion, this was november. it is reflective of what might happen in the new congress tomorrow. here is nancy pelosi from november. nancy pelosi: i have respect for regional support that and have friendships that people have and that is how people make their votes. i do not take much of that as personal offense to me. and we are a kaleidoscope. in day, some of us together support of a bill or in idea. and at the other day, we turn that will and there are different purchase a fence and a kaleidoscope. l and therethat whee
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are different people in the kaleidoscope. it is time for us to go forward. the fact is, i will tell you as thends, the fact is we have fate of our nation, the greatness of america, the character of her country has been under a salt and we have to act -- under salt and left a act to allay the fears that some people have. communicate more firmly with economic stability is essential and important to our nation and important to us as a priority. and not spend our time figuring tv and you you go on can more votes and how do you feel about that. i feel great. thank you. host: of that is from november. "the washer poll\/ -- post"
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highlights the democrats main plate will be -- -- main play will be the democrats are planning many demonstrations. again, your message to washington. right threeocus hours, largely hearing from you out there who watches this program area if you want to give us a call, (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8002, independents. during the show we will hear from hosts and a pianist. joining us from concord, new hampshire, arnie arnesen, she is a syndicated talkshow host for
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wnhn radio and concord. good morning. guest: good morning. aboutalong the theme where democrats stand and what role they should play not only in the congressional season but the relations with the incoming trump administration. guest: the message in this election was change. which from new hampshire is the first in the country primary. i want to remind everyone there was a message back in february and that was bernie sanders more votes than any democratic candidate for president in new hampshire's history, any candidate running for president. and donald trump won. the democrats and republicans in new hampshire were sending a message of change. they were sending a message they do not give a crab about party. we want to see something government different. the message for democrats needs i sawthis, based on what
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and what i hear people saying and that is people are sick and tired of socialism for corporations and capitalism for the rest of us. what do i mean? we hold corporations' hands and we bailed them out. did we help people who lost their mortgage or people who went on to water or help people deficit by the economy? belles to the people who drove us into it. people are sick and tired of it. the message to democrats need to do is watch and make sure we are not holding hands, even the courier deal which was like a job still, no, it was not worry it was a taxpayer bribe to carrier to keep some jobs. they do not bribe small businesses to keep their doors open. they are bribing corporations to keep 800 jobs? screw you. i want a really job and i want
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to make sure corporations are not made whole all of the time and the rest of us are sacrifice. forink that is the message the only is you may not like affordable care act i want to know what the republicans are going to produce? people do not want insurance. they want health care. they do not care about insurance for you as a. they hate deductibles, co-pays and picking what planet they want. they do not want to that. -- they do not care about insurance, they want health care. their child isif sick, it will not bankrupted them. they have to make sure i have health care i can afford. data means me, not some corporate ceo is somebody that insurance companies will tell us. it will be an interesting year. i have to thank donald trump, he woke up a lot of people. be remarkable, not how the democrats will be responded what the rest of us.
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we demand a change and if we see the same old, same all and a couple of little symbols, it is not enough. host: on the health care front, you heard about repeal now and replace later and allowing portability of plans across other states. i am guessing, in your mind, those proposals are not enough when it comes to changes? guest: they are not enough. say you have to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars a month and they do not see their wages increased, it is not affordable. if i go to another state, i do not want to go to another state. i want to go to a doctor. don't people get it? people hate insurance pre-as a case thinking about it. they do not want to understand it. -- people hate insurance. that is the case that are thinking about. they do not want to be complicated when they are sick
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they just want to be made healthy. that's what donald does not understand. they are offering something more complicated. they want the simplicity of knowing they can go to a doctor. host: arnie arnesen, tell me about the role that bernie sanders who will stay in the senate with elizabeth warren, what voices shouldn't they have with these issues -- should as they have with these issues? guest: it is great for he is a will say, what are you angry about? -- it is great, what will they say? you know how barack obama said how many jobs he brought back? you know what kind of jobs were created, it was gig economy. temporary. jobs you do not know if you have it for six months or six hours. jobs they do not give you the defense or promise you a salary.
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what they should be doing is saying where is your job? where is the stability? security?he that is what people are angry about. it is not about white middle-class people angry, we're all ticked off. we are all browned. you know why blacks and hispanics did not have the same reaction? white working-class had something to lose because they rose at the front of the bench and not the back of the bench. we're all in it together. people are sick and tired of that. another thing i want to remind people, the rest of the world know climate change is happening. the rest of the world knows and guess who else does? about 84% of ceos believe climate change is real and is happening now. for are beginning to adjust that. if they want to roll back the regulations with climate denial, everybody else knows and they
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need to move forward. and to hell what is going on in washington. if you want to operate on world stage and save the planet, it does not matter what prewitt .oes or what they deregulate we are moving and a one direction. we have to look at sustainability. you know what is promised to the west virginia or call miners -- coal miners? who is going to buy the damn coal. nobody wants to buy it. it may not be a job at a coal mine but it better be a damn good job. my goal is to make you whole economically and not getting black lung disease. about elizabeth warren. what is the role of president obama after he leaves office? we have seen a couple of things meant to preserve things and elements of his legacy. what role should he take now as far as being out of office and talking about things he made
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happened while he was in office? guest: i will be snarky. what i will tell him as the first thing he does not do and the last is go to goldman sachs or jpmorgan and to give it speeches for $300,000 for 45 minutes. if he doesn't, he will get a knuckle sandwich for me. if he has a role, he really is incredibly smart and he understands what people want from it is no longer going to be about making sure he does not become president again. eloquence,, use his uses passion and going to communities and he tried, in arkansas and remind people what it is they need to make sure they can keep your family secure and their homes stable. he is good at that. he can pointed the finger and say this is what they are not producing. you need to demand change. change may be exactly what are
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the republicans do not want. they are totally in control. guess what? they own it. barack obama can remind them what do they own. a radio showst is host out a concord, new hampshire wnhn. mitch kokai -- arnie arnesen. what is your topic? guest: we'll talk to more about protecting scientist and climate change and more about businesses addressing climate change is. the other thing is what does it mean would you do not have access to bring quality health care? the sad thing is we have an aging demographic. rise in opioid addiction especially in new hampshire. more than ever when you need health care without having to think about, just to get it, this unstable, insecure situation where they do not know what they are going to offer us
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pretty i think they are terrified. they know what a day sold and they know they cannot deliver. we will talk a lot about that and connecting the dots. we will celebrate instead of going into santa demaio. the more donald trump wants to say does not exist, i will say really. -- we will sober instead of saying it does not exist. with the donald trump figured out is anger is contagious and so is courage. i think my station will encourage people to thank donald trump because he is provided us with a velcro to bring everybody together to silicon valley to indigenous people. we are going to sit there and say brailley, how, nothing has changed? the rich made richer. -- we're going to sit down and say really, how come nothing has changed? host: wnhn.
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12:00-1:00 every day. thank you. arnesen, let's go back to the phones. your message to washington. bill, reading, massachusetts. good morning. host: you are on. told your calls gruner is i wanted to bring the draft back. told your call screener is i wanted to bring the draft back. i was serving with people, men and women, from the entire country. and i think one of our major problems now is we are in our own little silos and not interacting with other people. now with other people not like us. and i think breaking the draft to seeuld enable people people not like themselves. we were not dumb in eyes them.
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we were not necessarily say that people who share our values are not too dissimilar from us. -- we were not demonize them. climate change is number one. and i really appreciated arnie arnesen and what she was really talking about with all over the map but it was spot on with everything else. the last thing i would like to do is i would like to see everybody vote. i am sick and tired of people, thatters, that are saying only 40% of the electorate voted or 80% or one at your percent have to vote -- 100% have to vote. there are two responsibilities we have as americans. one is to vote. one is to serve on a jury. read may beat -- i
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a long time ago that australia has 100% requirement. i think we need to do that. those are my three big messages. host: we got you. larry, democrats line. hi, larry. caller: good morning. the policies destroy this country. big business put first and the guerrillas pretty as they are doing the same thing. i saw program yesterday. they are putting of the same policies again and we will end up billing big business out. that kisses me off. off.sses me ones -- whatcific specific ones? down the taxing rate for the big businesses. i saw program. it is the same thing that bush
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did. they are doing the same thing that bush did, sir. the same and we will end up billing out the big businesses again. withh poor people, to hell the poor people and middle class. we will end up with the same situation. have a nice day. host: next up is mike. you are next. i am -- the folk around here. it was that we have two wings on the same fulcher. i cannot tell a lot of difference between the critters accepted the rhetoric. -- we made a run and we ended up with trump and i was hoping for burning. unless we crowd source, all we are getting fed is shoot yourself in the left foot or shoot yourself in the right foot. none of these people are competent to run the country.
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we are going to have to crowd source our own faults. i do not know how we go about it. host: what do you mean by that? need to -- caller: we go nationwide and put our own people. we have to choose blue or red but we do not give any choice. none of these people the brain or intelligence or morals or best interests of this country. they are all out for themselves. unless we get somebody up there, even black to pay them double the money, recruited them out of the country. to pay theme have double the money, recruited them out of the country. think thatmakes you in a comic administration do not have the qualifications to run the country? caller: [laughter] it is a thing that takes 20 are 30 years. a statesman is almost a dead animal.
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flagstaff,rom arizona. good morning to you. caller: good morning. line.ed the republican i meant to, the independent line. i am an insurance professional. i have been in it for over 30 something years. one of the things i wanted to point out to people who talk about changing our current , from care system obamacare or affordable care act , some of the system. we have a system already in place that works, the doctors are all familiar with, the administration of the program and it is called medicare. and medicare is set up, not only the people with money, but the people who do not have money.
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subsidies to help them. if you were to expand at the medicare system from cradle to grave, we would actually eliminate a lot of the administration, the insurance companies are already set up to sell medicare supplements. and do administration and have zero premium. it is ridiculous to me to have more than one system in place. build upthis, we can the medicare system to offer more benefits and also the of our to take care people and do it overnight. like i said, i've been in the industry for quite a while. i have done everything i can do
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to -- an idea i've been working on for years. even under the affordable care act, there is a premium and it was almost, it is almost impossible. host: your message to washington will be to not offend medicare too much? caller: know, increase medicare. availability to medicare for the day where born for the host: tom calling us about medicare. the story i showed you earlier i will let you read or give you a sense of it. preferrepublican leaders to focus narrowly on an obamacare replacement bill that does not contain changes to medicare the reflects their slim
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majority. house republicans in control of the lower chamber what to aim higher. i will jump to this pretty it says paul ryan better way plan -- asking to you about your message to washington in 2017 with a new congress, again. democrats line. this is arthur. caller: how are you doing? [indiscernible] appointing his wife is treasured -- treasury secretary. host: you are talking about
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elaine chao. he is gone. he is talking about elaine who is nominated to head the treasury department. she is married to mitch mcconnell. i am calling because i have a message for donald trump -- i heard he is having trouble to get tell it for his inauguration. i called it before. i composed my own song for donald trump and sangha before. on c-span. and sang it before. i want him to know i'm willing to sing it. free of charge. host: that does not concern you that freedom -- caller: it bothered me that a lot of them were backing down saying he is not my president. i. read when i am available. [laughter]
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when i amts me available. i am 80. host: i think i remember you singing a couple of lines. what inspired you to write to the song? caller: because i am 80, from the second world war and the tune went like that. i write poetry. i am a single. senior host: sing of the couple of bars. >> ♪ make america product can -- proud again makeup america great again say hallelujah anything goes make america great again it is donald trump for the usa ♪ ♪
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>> that is it. host: thank you. in operation ceremonies planned -- inauguration ceremonies being planned and you can see it as far as our coverage. is friday, december 20 starting at 7:00 in the morning. c-span and and our radio app. from colorado. democrats line. caller: good morning. i'm as the unum veteran. ho what thee to ec earlier veteran said about the draft and i think women should have to register also. living in rural colorado, we toe done a lot to learn how use the choice program for veterans, the health care program. it is due to expire this next year.
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we have learned how to use it. we have learned how to have it work better for veterans. programeed a better like this. we do not need another new program to start over again. and congress needs to reauthorize the choice program and take some of the problems and basically leave it alone. host: is in their suggestion of process ofp in the choosing someone for veterans administration. what would you advise that person coming in? caller: working with secretary mcdonald, actually, he should stone as the secretary of the v.a. he has created and working to create a service oriented veteran administration in a rural area. 100 square


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