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tv   Ezra Edelman and David Chang Speak at the Washington Ideas Forum  CSPAN  January 2, 2017 10:48pm-11:25pm EST

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made a hallmark was unlike many republicans he does not necessarily want to go after long-term and title programs. -- entitlement programs. that is something speak ryan has been aggressive about wanting to privatize elements of medicare. that could be one area of tension. in the democratic ranks, you have divisions on the house and senate side. on the senate, grassroots energy with democrats, the bernie .anders, elizabeth warren wing the 2010 map for senate democrats is brutal. there defending 20 56 including a bunch that trump won by 20 points or more, west virginia, .orth dakota, joe manchin they will be up for reelection. is trick for the democrats to find ways to keep their
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pockets together when conservatives are sweating. host: two democrats that met with the donald trump for possible seats. senator john mccain who donald trump was critical of will be holding a hearing we will be covering this thursday. .he issue of cyber threats donald saying it is time to move past the sanctions put in place by president obama. this thursday, live on c-span3. streamed on the web at and c-span radio. what can we expect? seeing is the are potential divisions among republicans you were mentionable for. donald trump has had a friend julie posture toward -- friendly posture toward russia. even congratulate russian president putin for not retaliating when obama announced sanctions and diplomatic
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penalties on russia. on the other hand, you have a real defense and national security hawks on the republican side led by senator mccain. i think he is raring to go, look at out of the gate, the first week back, he wants to put a real spotlight on the russian meddling the russian involvement in our election. that is an immediate source of tension between some of the defense hawks and trump. it is now much love lost between john mccain and donald trump. we remember things like very early and donald trump's campaign and one of the things people thought would be fatal to his election that did not turn out to betrayal, if you recall in 2015 he questions and criticizing john mccain's record as a war hero. i do not the mccain has a great reason to shield donald trump on this issue. host: one of your areas of expertise is energy.
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we will have a confirmation hearing for governor perry and all of president-elect trump's nominations. why did he want the job and white except the job? been: rick perry has interested in energy for a long time which makes a lot of this. he was a longtime governor of the state of texas. that is a dominant oil and natural gas producing state. there's a lot of wind power in texas. he may several successful efforts as governor to expand wind power there as well. running the energy department is a really, sort of, fascinating job. sure, it is involved with research and development programs on specific energy technologies. the bulk of the budget is on something that's on related to energy, which is maintaining emissions and nuclear stockpiles. is in them is in -- perry for an interesting confirmation
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and will be asked about a series of nuclear security issues. a department he talked about cutting as a presidential candidate in 2008. guest: he had the famous moment momentople -- oops that people thought ended his candidacy. he cannot remember the energy department was the third one of them that he wanted to eliminate. one footnote is he is not the first likely energy secretary to be late in the department he tried to abolish. spencer abraham was george w. bush's first energy secretary. he cosponsor legislation that would have abolished the energy secretary. energy department. his legislation one not have done with all sectors, it was a euro credit realignment. rick perry gets a lot of attention. not the first energy secretary
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to do so amazingly enough. host: let's get your calls. our guest is ben gorman at "national journey policy." line for-8000 is our democrats. we have new numbers today. don from houston, texas. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. -- whatthe question is would our energy policies look like had we embraced more of tesla's ideas? tesla came here with ideas. host: thank you. guest: to bring it back to perry.
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when you think about tesla motors. back in 2014, the wind is was governorship launched an aggressive effort to a tesla motors build their huge factory in texas. ultimately, nevada won the competition. if you were to look at some a brutal for-eight years pretty you have cabinet picks including rick perry whole denies climate change. -- who denies climate change. if they want to find more keenly signs, rick perry understands the job crating potential of energy sources of all kinds. he wanted the tesla he plant in his country but because he simply realized it is a lot of economic development and jobs. one of the things on the
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electric vehicle front is as congress looks to do policy overhaul, what will be the fate of the test credit for purchasing electrical vehicles which the important right now. there is a credit for purchases that make the vehicles more attainable. if that were to fall victim for an overhaul, that is something the industry would feel punished by. host: sometimes we switch and numbers. the number for this segment is (202) 748-8000 for republicans. democrats.48-8001, we will keep the numbers on the line. sean, independent line. you are next. noticed we discuss politix ad nauseam, we dissect as if it had great importance.
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i am a former investigative broadcast journalists whose my -- i find it a waste of time if we were such great detail a harry potter movie and i second get. it was seem to me it would have as much importance. is notrage individual taxed at all about what is happening. it is not real, whoever is in control of whatever is making the decisions. but we have such energy in this discussion as if it actually meant anything. it is an incredible waste of time. and very, very depressing. i am curious of your position, you as an expert in politics and discussing these matters in such a detail and death and expertise. -- depth and expertise. does it have anything to do with anybody?
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would it not be more important if we put our energies elsewhere ? the political races are some sort of sporting event where the outcome is probably -- anyway, a very pleasant good morning and a happy new year. host: thank you for the call for the does it matter? would respectfully disagree with the caller a little bit. respectfullyould disagree with the caller a little bit. the political horserace journalism but one of the reasons is the policy stakes of these races, up and down the ballot are quite that it. we will see it very quickly out of the gate and the new congress. one of the things republicans what to do fairly quickly is move to repeal a number of obama administration's regulations. their ability to do it is compromised by the way the regulatory process works.
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there will be some regulations and donna lake and the president's term using these privileged proof resolutions notr something that's been very done much. to get back to the caller's point, one of the things republicans might try to go after his department of labor's regulations on overtime. that is something that would because a for a lot of people. they are poised to go after environmental regulations. one of them could be some very recent finalize interior department regulations that deal with prevent country from dumping coal mining waste close to streams and appalachia and elsewhere. yes, back to the caller's point, a lot of attention to the horse race, but the policy stakes are very real for very large numbers of people. host: all this with a new
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democratic leader, charles schumer. here's what he had to say. something none: of us expected, i suspected that is true for many of you in the press as well. it certainly do not go the way we democrats hoped. it was a tough night, no doubt about it. election likean this, you cannot flinch. you cannot ignore it. you need to look at it right in the eye and ask, why, analyze it and learn from it. one thing we know is that we heard the american people loud and clear. they fell to the government was not working for them. they fell to the economy was rigged against them in many places. and the government was so beholden to big money and special interests. there is a debate going on on whether we should be the party of the diverse, obama coalition
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or the blue color american in the heartland. something we need to make a choice. and spend oliver energy focus on one group of americans or spend all of our energy focused on one group of americans or another. i believe there does not need to benefits -- division. there should not be a division. we should be the party that speaks to and work on behalf of all americans. and a bigger, bolder, sharper asked economic message -- sharper edged economic message for those struggling to make it to the middle class can make a there and deal with the unfairness and the american economic system. andill unite our caucus speak to the blue-collar worker ,n west virginia, in michigan as well as the people who live along the coasts. bolder, sharper,
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the words from charles schumer as the democrats lost an election. as he takes over as leader on tuesday. guest: if you are the incoming leader, this need for a sharper message on the economy and the working class voters, the democrats will be tried to road test that message fairly quickly for a couple of different reasons. you will have a whole series of nomination hearings. we were talking about governor rick perry and also a whole series of other confirmation hearing scheduled for the opening weeks of this month. what i am hearing from democratic aides, they want to use the hearings took rate contrast between the wealth of the nominees, multiple billionaires. they will try to say, while trump campaigned on a message of appealing to working-class voters, democrats will try to
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say his nominees are not sort of faithful to those messages or those goals. another thing after the date is that republicans are going to take the first steps to end obamacare. the way there are going to do do not because of they have enough power in the senate to beat back filibusters, they need to find a way to strip away striptop they need -- away. they need budget reconciliation, which means there will be budget resolutions introduced fairly quickly that essentially paved the way for future legislation down the line, but one of the fascinating things about budget resolutions, which are often have this burst of relevance, likely will seek soon is that they allow for a full series of boats on the senate floor and members can bring up essentially
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what they want, often times, the senate floor is famously slow and difficult to get with you want up there. in this case, there are a lot of opportunities to test out the message and try to enforce the of party into taking a difficult vote. if you're senator schumer's plans for how democrats resent goals going forward, they will be able to go through this the confirmation hearings and all the upcoming budgets. host: tomorrow morning, "the washington journal" will focus on your message to washington as we begin a brand-new year and are start of the 115th congress gets underway wednesday morning, january 3, at 7:00 eastern time on c-span's "-- tuesday morning on c-span's "washington journal." live all day coverage on c-span and c-span2. stephanie come you have been patient from new jersey. democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning and happy new year. host: happy new year. as far as question is
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congress goes, all the things they say they will to, which they did not do this past eight years, and why all of a sudden to do these things? they did not want to spend the money for infrastructure, this andother, and donald trump others say that the way to go is and heg industries in also said they will be making money off of this. ok? erssaid that the contract would pay -- contractors or pay taxes and then be taxed again, which means contractors will pay for this and so will taxpayers. host: based on stephanie's question, office of the debate she outlined.
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the point that stephanie was making on calls is that for years, there have been great deals of discussions on the need to rebuild various types of like crumblings bridges, highways and airports but there are other infrastructure needs, as well. how to pay for it is going to be a topic of great debate, you can till with deficit spending come at a time when borrowing rates are really attractive or do do what the incoming president is looking to do, which is have the system or you provide incentives toward private industries. is in thee devil details. you hear that everyone is on board with the concept of infrastructure but how far they can go remains to be seen. not only you look at how it is paid for but what type of infrastructure, so one example democrats often want to seek the type of infrastructure that supports green or low
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carbon development and they could be in any one of the infrastructure packages. and where democrats come around would depend on some extent to some competing wings of the party because senator of west virginia, schumer put him in the new democratic leadership team and he will have a voice around run the table, but senator bernie sanders also has a seat on the democratic leadership team on the chairman about reach , something to what extent that is within the democratic caucus, given who is up for reelection, will dictate where they come out. host: the headline that bernie sanders wants to help congress and bring some of the issues to the floor by having his base storm congress as the chair, the chairman of the outreach, national beth from tennessee, republican line. good morning. caller: good morning.
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i have some concerns and questions. on the federal reserve, can you hear me? host: we sure can. go ahead. caller: sorry about that. it concerns me that with donald trump, i think one of his main goals is to get control of moneys, or about the federal the federal bank, and my concern, especially on the , donald trump does slam the environmental protection agency, are we going to get more businesses by polluting air like china has? -- water systems westmark systems? will it placate the middle class in a way with infrastructure but have the main money people control pretty much everything. host: thank you. there,my wife is from
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great place. i like it there. on theg with the points epa, that will be one of the flashpoints. pull betweensh and the parties regulations in general, to what extent are protections for clean air and clean water? how far should we go? whathould we dictate industries need to do? the president-elect and a lot of congressional republicans have for years wanting to be here back what president obama has done through climate change and other things. how far they can get with that will be one of the most interesting stories going forward. becauseon for that is republicans have this view that these regulations will be damaging to the economy, but how much that they can unwind the -- depends on factors
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because we think of executive actions with a broad paintbrush, but what kind really matters. from executive order can be unwound quickly come up something general policy matter, like insurance department policy not giving any more: dining in western states, that would not be hard to unwind. what is known as formal notice in rulemakings, that is the bulk of the most aggressive policies of the obama administration carried out to the epa and you cannot just snap your fingers and take them away. you need careful documentation under the environmental procedure act, and it will be howly heavily litigated, so much of the kind of obama regulatory kind of prolific regulatory efforts and what we see can unwound will depend on different factors because it is a slow-moving thing. host: our guest with "national ," and fred is next on
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essex, maryland, independent line. good morning and happy new year. caller: good morning, happy new year. my question -- can you hear me ok? host: yes. is related to germany and the changes going on in germany. it looks like germany is going to fill the void in leadership. i guess that is a controversial matter of leadership in general, , thatwas just wondering is my one question about germany . my other question is about i think the biggest events in the last year was a discovery by the chinese scientists and scientists that the bloomberg school medicine at johns hopkins, that it is much more sensitive to pollutants than two and these thought scientists are just coming out and saying point-blank that the regulations are not adequate.
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apparently, the mass media has not read this or discovered this. inhink it needs to begin publicity and have some bearing on our energy policy. host: thank you. on both points, a response? guest: sure. on the second one, i'm not familiar with the research fred was referring to, but it does get to the kind of the debate on regulation, which is how much should the federal government be levelsng to the types of of different a mission that can happen in what will be the economic effects of that? defenders of the epa will say, ourave been tightening pollution standards and it has not hindered or humpback economy or growth. that said, they drill down into specific sectors and it could be more pronounced. donald trump talks about the coal industry and a qs president
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obama waging a war on coal. it is accurate to say epa regulations to some extent had an effect on coal in the electricity sector, but the dominant and strongest reason that coal has been declining for years now is because of the rise of relatively cheap and natural gas developed through fracking techniques, circuit court of the difficulties donald trump might have is if the sort of tries to andg back the coal industry simultaneously try to provide the natural gas industry with deregulations, those do not sing in harmony. but is good for natural gas is not good for cold. on germany, i am not sure what the caller was referring to. germany has had an aggressive program on conditioning the energy sector, but -- host: a new year, a new congress . we welcome our listeners on c-span radio, check out our free radio app and serious xm, live
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every sunday morning on the potus channel, 124. kim from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, republican line come you are next. caller: good morning. this global warming, this debate ist saying the over. we never had a debate. these global warming people are going to lose. i would like to ask you a question and i went to ask you and i'll tell you why i am asking the question. what is the diameter of the earth? me?you tell host: wehost: have no idea, so why do you ask? statement gore made a that it is one billion degrees in the middle of the art. [indiscernible] in this global warming nonsense, there has never been a debate. produce they are being paid by the government. host: thank you. guest: certainly, i guess i would disagree with the caller
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to some extent. if you look at the overwhelming opinion of the scientific community, whether we talk about federally funded science or science conducted within preparation like exxon mobil, which you can get to in a moment, the dominant scientific view is the earth is heating up and warming at this point since the middle of the last century has been human activities, notably burning of fossil fuel and deforestation and other types of industries. heating up at what rate? guest: the last several years, i think 15 of the 16 hottest years on record have occurred during this century. heating up at what rate? guest:the one that was not was , so it has been very pronounced. what is less concern is how much warning we are in for. climate of the paris change and the goal of a lot of experts is to hold off some of the most dangerous forecasted
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effects of global climate change. you would not want to see global temperatures rise by more than two degrees celsius over their preindustrial levels. we are about halfway there right now. if we did nothing to abate emission, you could see projections that go far higher than that. how much you can hold lower than that is difficult to say. is theer question of global warming, is it human induced, and will it have a dangers affect on the road and do we see some of those effects come into being already? i don't think there is a huge amount of this paper, but the economic effects of u.s. policy and how far we should go is something that is subject of massive debate and a lot of that plays out quickly in congress. there will be a lot of focus on repealing the affordable care act and that will be a source of contention and they have one of the chance to pay back what they see as overly aggressive obama administration and regulations.
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hardest tickethe in the house, giving that the outgoing ceo of exxon mobil is the nominee for secretary of state. the biggest source of questioning for him at the senate foreign relations committee is quite certain will be his views about russia, gigantic explorer -- expiration deals in russia, and rex tillerson was awarded a medal by the russians, so i think what the senators will be looking for is on both sides of the i/o is some type of signal from rex tillerson and that he is willing to adopt a somewhat aggressive posture toward russia or at least they will be looking for him to sort of not just be buddy-buddy with vladimir putin -- host: i think i'm correct in saying the former senator tower forlast time nominee president elect herbert walker bush, designated him as treasury secretary and it was scuttled by
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the senate. to think >>'s tillerson -- see think rex tillerson could face the same or he will be confirmed? guest: if i had to guess, and everyone who guesses is wrong, but if i had to guess, he will be confirmed. i would imagine democrats to be fairly united against him, so you only need three republicans to go against him. john mccain, lindsey graham, marco rubio and some of the other hawks in the senate will look for some fairly strong reassurance that he is committed so if thatf solid goal can be filled, it is hard for me to imagine them floating him down. there was one nominee that will face the most difficult road and it would be tillerson and to bring that back around to the climate issue, i think we will see a lot of questions toward him or some about his own company's history of in the past funding organizations and think tanks that sort of tried to show doubt about the reality of climate change, but that said, i think the greatest number of
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questions will be about his connections and experience with russia as the ceo of exxon. host: it begins tuesday morning with the swearing in of the 115th congress, live on c-span2, asked the president of the senate, vice president joe biden swears in new senators, an interesting thing to watch. we stream it on the website. we will be your place for all of the confirmation hearings, the president-elect nominees for cabinet positions, you can check out the full schedule as the hearings continue into february orthe website at that's go to janice in east st. louis, illinois, democrat line. good morning. caller: how are you? host: we are fine, good morning. caller: good. you know i called -- it was the and he wasn earlier telling the geither what he was saying wasn't really important or doing any good -- i apologize for him because what that guy is doing is very important.
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again to what i was about to say can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: my phone was cutting out. all those people will be nominated, every last one of them, will be sworn in. every last one will get the job everyone -- job. everyone except that the president. the first time after he swears in an officially got that seats, the first [indiscernible] will be the one to impeach us, and i'm talking about the republicans. guest: i agree with janice insofar that she mentioned everyone of the pixel be confirmed. i think that would be -- if i had to bet -- that would be my suspicion. we talked about difficult to tillerson my face, but in 2013,
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the democrats in the senate were forced to able change that prevents filibuster some cabinet nominees. while i think the democrats will try to exact the political crisis against the current administration, [indiscernible] i think it would take some sort of really damaging or major revelation from these hearings that has not come out yet. host: two democrats regret that moved by harry reid? guest: i think they viewed it as necessary given the slow pace of executive appointments. i think they did say that eventually, the she would be on the other foot, and guess what? it is on the other foot. henderson, north carolina, republican line. good one. caller: i would like to ask a question to the gentleman. i really do not trust the media and he is using a lot of democrat focused words, such as da,atizing health care, the
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all these other organizations. no, i think donald trump, his message then he put out is he wants to personalize, , the taxze the v.a. code a little fairer, personalize health care and out like to know what he thinks about that. i think that is the brother -- that is the better word to what mr. trump has put out in his speeches. host: thank you. guest: i think with the term privatize, i was referring to past her puzzles by congressional republicans on have it be something about the voucher program. a lot of that will be hashed out in the coming months in the .attle over obamacare certainly, republicans feel the health insurance law is heavy on mandates and heavy on taxes and has not been that good for
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people, even though on paper, it has increased the number of people who have insurance. of the thingsne the caller gets to you is what precisely they want to replace it with this something that is more big. -- more vague. people gained insurance through and it will be a runway, not losing the insurance right away but as digitally at the law, what are the parameters of the replacement what they look like is unclear but they andbuying themselves time they have to work on that replacement legislation in fairly short order but they have to give themselves plenty of time to seek an early transition, undercutting the main parts of obamacare. democrats of do their darndest not to let that happen.
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obama is going to capitol hill on wednesday to meet with democrats to talk about how they can try to make the defense of that law as robust as possible against this incoming onslaught. host: i went to share this tweet from donald trump yesterday. he talked about political enemies -- happy new year to all, including my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly, they just do not know what to do. love? -- love! guest: [laughter] beloved part notwithstanding, a fairly aggressive treat. -- tweet. something that will give congress harper and is anything -- giverump -- anytime congress a hard time is anytime donald trump says something over twitter, they are asked to respond and that happens frequently. i would be curious to hear what the next thing he tells people or how congressional republicans will respond. from let's go to lee and
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austin, texas. democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning, happy new year. thank you for the show, i appreciate all the information i get. i worked for the army my entire life. when regulations are put in place, they are reviewed. and all of the experts are placeed and they are in for our safety, and it concerns me that mr. president-elect trump -- had a hard time getting that out -- it concerns me that he is so blase about the work that went into the regulation that was put in place to begin with. host: thank you. guest: i think that gets to the parameters of the debate


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