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tv   Washington Journal Joe Thomas Previews 2017  CSPAN  January 3, 2017 1:00am-1:10am EST

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♪ >> the presidential inauguration of donald trump is friday, january 20. c-span will have live coverage of all the day's events and ceremonies. watch live on c-span and, and listen live on the free c-span radio app. host in charlottesville, virginia. good morning to you. guest: good morning and happy new year. i hope you had a great time with your family. host: thank you for saying that. whatit comes to messages,
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would be your personal message peopleington and from that listen to your program, what do you think they would like to see washington do? guest: i hope you heard the people because one of the things that they said loud and clear is they are sick and tired of the in transparency, that whole echo chamber that the national security advisor admitted to that we heard about during obamacare. we have seen it come to fruition. it is the reason donald trump is the president-elect. he did not lecture. the people are tired of thinking that there is an elected class that rules over the country. they are not about that. both democrats and republicans. host: you have heard the campaigning one thing, governing another. guest: all the time. host: what faces this administration? guest: first, then will trump
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has never been the guy that you have been warned he was. idle me during this campaign. i grew up in new york city. i watched him build buildings, restore landmarks, open hotels were nobody said he could, do all sorts of things. every time he got involved in a project, there was inevitably going to be news coverage of naysayers saying if you allow donald trump to do this, and then they would fill in the blank with some horrible thing that was going to happen. in no case has that ever been true. they never go back and recant their statements. the same is true in the presidency. you are watching during the transition,. most recent polls show he is up to 37% approval rating from somewhere in the team's, for the election. people have seen a deliberative administrator, someone who has done big projects before and
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understands the project are not one-man jobs. he goes to the construction floor of the hotel and meets the supervisors and union stewards and the workman before going upstairs to the board room, because as he once told new york magazine, the people laying the brick and running the plumbing are much more important than the architects to a hotel. if they don't do their job right, the whole hotel comes down to matter what the architect through. host: with that philosophy in mind, if he faces those board rooms of the house and senate, what do you get a sense of his far as republicans and their willingness to work with him on thinknda, and what do you democrats are going to provide over the next four years? guest: i think both sides are going to find that the we will tell you what we want you to know is done with. his point of view regarding his twitter feed, if somebody is
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trying to play a little back room, to quote the current president, he will out it. he will not sit there in the board room or the meeting rooms of the rayburn office building and cut back deals and then come out and try to sell it. he knows that is the surest sign for failure. it has been through all of these administrations. we watched what happened with obamacare. somebody asked me what was one of the most mitigating factors in the election and i said the fact that so many of us had to have that meeting with our human resources department regarding how much it are your premiums are going to be going up or your co-pays. i think that has is -- had as much to do with the election and russia, and russia did not do that. host: joe thomas out of charlottesville, virginia. tell us about your show. what do you focus on? guest: virginia is a tree that never stops growing fruit.
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there is always something. apparently one of our lieutenant governor candidates is now that she had evidence that her opponent had had some kind of extramarital affair, then recanted when confronted about it and said i think i was hacked, i'm waiting for her to say it was the russians that did it. there is never an end to the things we can discuss with our listeners and we try to expose to our listeners. we take this very seriously in charlottesville. charlottesville, virginia is the home to jump -- thomas jefferson and james madison. the declaration of independence and the constitution come from charlottesville. this is serious business to us.
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aside from being home to donald trump's winery, we are very keyed into what is going on and a lot of people, both democrats and republicans were tired of the same old. my particular neighborhood in charlottesville was renamed bernieville. everyone was a bernie supporter. i did not see any hillary signs after the primary. you were told that the democratic party had this united front and they had put that contentious primary behind them. i don't think so. how do you think as far as the political landscape of virginia has changed over the years, typically they vote for democratic presidents but sometimes it goes either way in the gubernatorial resident -- elections. one of theguest: things most important to understand is republicans in virginia are good at undoing and trashing other republicans.
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when they go against democrats, they tend to pull their punches. we watched it in the gubernatorial race because bill bolin was supposed to have his turn. build bowling supporters stayed home for that election. we are seeing one of the gubernatorial candidates try to heal that. -- racening close range with mark warner from the senate woke up a lot of people. republicans in virginia need to stop fighting other republicans only so much as it makes those republicans who hold office understand what donald trump is talking about, which is transparency. it's not about the old boys network. it is not get along to go along. you are supposed to have one job and that is go to wherever your office is and defend our rights. host: your bio says before you
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became a radio talkshow host, you were a restaurant business manager. how did you make that transition? guest: i went to the same high school as mike to rico. up and i havet bug out ofhad the high school. i wandered into the restaurant business. when asserted managing the restaurant i was managing, it was 1979. i had about an inch thick clipboard. of applications for the time i left, 1985. twos lucky if i had applications waiting for summary who needed a job at my restaurant. that is the all of it -- that is all the economic indicator i needed. host: joe thomas out of charlottesville, virginia.
1:09 am the guest: my new year's resolution is to do a better job of podcasts. i promise my listeners we will do more podcasts. are screen because the rock people that like to protest and harassed business owners even if you don't live anywhere near where those businesses are. host: joe thomas, tha we've heard from opinionists on the east coast, opinions on the joining us from iowa, another opinionist. talk show host, mr. conway, good morning. caller: good morning. it is interesting have you gone real h coasts and now in america. host: what is the message from real ameri


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