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tv   House Speaker Election and Swearing- In of Members  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 2:41am-5:02am EST

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news and policy issues that impact you. reporteret order christina peterson on the effort by the house judiciary committee to move the independent office of congressional ethics. she will talk about wednesday's meeting between obama and house and senate democrats. washingtonwatch journal, beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern cen -- wednesday morning. the opening house session for the first 115th congress. the election of paul ryan as house speaker. the first 115th
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>> are there additional representatives elect who wish to record their presence? if not, time has expired. elect haventatives recorded their presence. the forum is present. credential have been received, shown the election of the honorable jennifer gonzalez as the commissioner from the commonwealth of puerto rico for years, beginning january 3, 2017. the delegate from the district of columbia. the delegate from guam. plaskett ase stacy the delegate from the virgin islands.
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and the honorable delegate from the commonwealth of the islands. pursuant to law and president, the next order of business is the election of the speaker of the house for the house of representatives for the 115th congress. nominations are now in order. we recognize the gentleman from washington, mrs. mcmorris rodgers. >> whether you are from the evergreens they are the badger state, we gather here on the house floor, representing very diverse backgrounds and walks of life. this house, the people's house, the center of our government is where views and phil of millionsof are representated. nobody understands this better than the speaker of our house, paul ryan. he understands the
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responsibilities given to this body by our founders. it is our responsibility to protect the constitution and the balance of power that representative government, the rule of law, and equal opportunity for all is protected in this chamber. by the people and for the people. just over one year ago when he picked up that gavel, speaker rind challenged us to respect his institution and open up the legislative process, which best represents the will of the people, to be accountable to the people we represent, to be ben and women of integrity, to serve our country with purpose, and to empower everyone to reach their full potential. healthy competition of ideas between our passionate, talented members is an asset to representative government. as speaker, paul ryan made a commitment to getting this institution working and as a result we have had more conference committees and more bipartisan achievements. he put this majority to work on
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bold policy solution that is have united us. under his leadership, this think tank of ideas was able to find common ground without compromising conservative principles. together after crisscrossing our districts and listening to americans of all walks of life, we developed a better way. our vision for a confident america. policies that solve the biggest challenges of our time. policies that trust people not the government to make their own decisions and pursue their own dreams. as speaker ryan said the day he was called upon for this role, nothing could be more inspiring than a job well-done. nothing could stir the heart more than real concrete results. in this critical moment in our nation's history, as our unified republican government begins to take its place, we have an opportunity to think big, to reimagine this government from the top to the
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bottom, and to put people back at the center of it. it's a time to act with a sense of purpose, to rebuild the american idea, and reclaim the people's voice. there's no one better to lead the people's house in that calling than paul d. ryan. through all of it the man from janesville never forgets where he came from and who he works for. he insists on calling his constituents his employers. he insists on all of us calling him paul. make no mistake, today and every day we're honored to call him mr. speaker. as chair of the republican conference i'm directed by the vote of that conference to present for election to the office of speaker of the house of representatives for the 115th congress, the name of the honorable paul d. ryan, a representative elect from the tate of wisconsin.
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the clerk of the house: the clerk now recognizes the gentleman from new york, mr. crowley. mr. crowley: thank you, madam clerk. first i would like to welcome back the gentlelady from washington state, mrs. mcmorris rodgers, and her family. as well as welcome all of our colleagues and their families to this new session of congress. madam clerk, as chair of the house democratic caucus, i have the honor of nominating the gentlelady from california, congresswoman elect nancy pelosi, as our candidate for speaker of the house of representatives.
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madam clerk, it is well-known on both sides of the aisle and in both chambers that nancy pelosi will never be outworked, outmaneuvered, or outsmarted. under her leadership america has made tremendous advancements. during her tenure as speaker of the house of representatives she successfully oversaw the rescue of the auto industry, saving of a $one million good-paying american anufacturing jobs. she was our captain when we ushered into law the affordable care act, which has extended health care insurance to 20 illion americans and counting. she didn't stop
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there. and she led the charge to enact wall street reform legislation to end taxpayer bailouts for big banks. but i know this, madam clerk, history will show that nancy pelosi's greatest victories will have been fought and won far beyond her speakership. a vote for nancy pelosi is a vote to ensure that congress does not undo the progress we have made over the last eight years. a vote to ensure that health insurance companies to not go back to controlling americans' health care choices. a vote to ensure wall street does not once again gamble away the economic future of main street. a vote to ensure we do not leave markets to police themselves. my friends, we cannot turn back the clock, and any attempt to
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do so will have to go through not just all of us on this side of the aisle, but through nancy pelosi. i assure you i know that's no small task. so in the name of fighting for our core principles and advancing the issues american workers and their families care about, and because the people's house should be ethical, accountable, and open to true , madam clerk, i am pleased to put forth the name of the representative elect from california, nancy pelosi, for speaker of the house of representatives for the 115th ongress.
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the clerk of the house: the names of the honorable paul d. ryan, a representative elect from the state of wisconsin, and the honorable nancy pelosi, a representative elect from the state of california have been placed in nomination. are there further nominations? there being no further nominations, the clerk appoints the following tellers. the gentleman from mississippi, mr. harper. the gentleman from pennsylvania, mr. brady. the gentlewoman from ohio, ms. kaptur. and the the gentlewoman from florida, ms. ros-lehtinen. the tellers will come forward and take their seats at the desk in the front of the speaker's rostrum.
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paul d. ryan, representative-elect from the state of wisconsin, nancy pelosi, represent-elect from the state of california. the roll will be called and those responding to their names will indicate by surname, the nominee of their choosing. the reading clerk will now call he roll.
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the clerk: mr. abraham. abraham votes ryan. ed a -- adams. pelosi. aderholt. ryan. aguilar, pelosi. allen, ryan. amash, ryan.
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modei, ryan. arrington, ryan. babin, ryan. bacon, ryan. anks of indiana, ryan. barletta, ryan. arr, ryan. , pelosi. . rton, ryan
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, pelosi. , pelosi. becerra, pelosi. pelosi. bera, bergman, ryan. beutler, ryan.
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beyer, pelosi. biggs, ryan. bilirakis, ryan. bishop of georgia, pelosi. ishop of michigan, ryan. ishop of utah, ryan. black, ryan. blackburn, ryan. blum, ryan. lumenauer, pelosi.
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, pelosi.hester pelosi. ryan. rendan f. boyle, pelosi. brady of pennsylvania, pelosi. rady of texas, ryan. ryan. bridenstine, ryan.
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brooks of alabama, ryan. , ryan.of indiana , pelosi.maryland brownley of alifornia, pelosi. uchanan, ryan. buck, ryan. bucshon, ryan. . dd, ryan burgess, ryan.
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bustos, pelosi. , pelosi.ld byrne, ryan. calvert, ryan. , pelosi. carbajal, pelosi. cardenas, pelosi. carson of indiana, carbajal, pelosi. carter of georgia, ryan.
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carter of texas, ryan. artwright, pelosi. , pelosi. florida castro of texas, pelosi. chabot, ryan. chaffetz, ryan. heney, ryan. , pelosi. , pelosi.
3:28 am
, pelosi. assachusetts , pelosi. new york clay, pelosi. cleaver, pelosi. clyburn, pelosi. coffman, ryan. , pelosi.
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ole, ryan. ryan. of georgia, collins of new york, ryan. comer, ryan. omstock, ryan. conaway, ryan. pelosi. pelosi.
3:30 am
ook, ryan. ooper, ryan. orrea, pelosi. costa, pelosi. ostello of pennsylvania, ryan. courtney, pelosi. cramer, ryan. crawford, ryan. crist, pelosi. pelosi.
3:31 am
cuellar, pelosi. culberson, ryan. ummings, pelosi. curbelo of florida, ryan. , ryan. davis of california. pelosi. danny davis, pelosi. odney davis, ryan.
3:32 am
defazio, pelosi. degette, pelosi. delaney, pelosi. pa lessy -- pelosi. pelosi. demings, pelosi.
3:33 am
enham, ryan. dent, ryan. desantis, ryan. desauliner, pelosi. ryan. ais, deutch, pelosi. diaz-balart, ryan. ingle, pelosi. doggett, pelosi. donovan, ryan.
3:34 am
michael f. doyle. pelosi. duffy, ryan. ryan. of south carolina, duncan of tennessee, ryan. unn, ryan. ellison, pelosi. emmer, ryan. pelosi. pelosi.
3:35 am
pelosi.t, pelosi. -- pelosi.essy farenthold, ryan. aso, ryan. erguson, ryan. fitzpatrick, ryan. fleischmann, ryan.
3:36 am
flores, ryan. fortenberry. ryan. foxx, pelosi. f florida, franks of arizona, ryan. frelinghuysen, ryan. fudge, pelosi. gabbard, pelosi. gaetz, ryan. gallagher, ryan. gallego, pelosi.
3:37 am
pelosi.i, garrett, ryan. gibbs, ryan. ryan.t, it it -- gonzalez of texas, pelosi. goodlatte, ryan. gosar, ryan.
3:38 am
ottheimer, pelosi. gowdy, ryan. granger, ryan. graves of georgia, ryan. graves of louisiana, ryan. raves of missouri, ryan. pelosi. pelosi. n,
3:39 am
ryan. h, grijalva, pelosi. rothman, ryan. guthrie, ryan. gutierrez, pelosi. , pelosi. harper, ryan. harris, it ryan. artzler, ryan. hastings, pelosi. eck, pelosi.
3:40 am
hensarling, ryan. jody hice, ryan. it higgins of louisiana, ryan. higgins of new york, pelosi. ill, ryan. himes, pelosi. holding, it ryan. hollingsworth, ryan. pelosi.
3:41 am
hudson, ryan. huffman, pelosi. ryan. a, hultgren, ryan. hunter, ryan. urd, ryan. ryan. pelosi.lee,
3:42 am
pelosi. jefferies, pelosi. jenkins of ansas, kansas. ryan. jenkins of west virginia, ryan. pelosi. f georgia, ohnson of louisiana, ryan.
3:43 am
johnson of ohio, ryan. eddie bernice johnson, pelosi. sam johnson, ryan. ryan. jordan, it ryan. joyce of ohio, ryan. pelosi.
3:44 am
katko, ryan. keating, pelosi. pelosi. illinois, kelly of mississippi, ryan. kelly of pennsylvania, ryan. kennedy, pelosi. hanna, pelosi.
3:45 am
kihuen, pelosi. ildee, pelosi. kilmer, pelosi. jim cooper. king of iowa, ryan. ing of new york, ryan. kinzinger, ryan. knight, ryan. moorthi, pelosi.
3:46 am
kuster of new hampshire. pelosi. ustoff of tennessee, ryan. abrador, ryan. lahood, ryan. lamalfa, ryan. lamborn, lamborn, ryan. lance, ryan. pelosi.
3:47 am
arsen of washington, pelosi. , pelosi. connecticut latta, ryan. , pelosi. , pelosi. florida
3:48 am
, pelosi. levin, pelosi. , is -- lewis of georgia
3:49 am
pelosi. ewis of minnesota, ryan. ed lieu, pelosi. lipinski, pelosi. lobiondo, ryan. loebsack, pelosi. pelosi. ong, ryan. oudermilk, ryan.
3:50 am
love, ryan. , pelosi. , pelosi. ryan. luetkemeyer, ryan. pelosi.lujan, michelle lujan english ham -- lujan grisham, pelosi.
3:51 am
lynch, pelosi. macarthur, ryan. , pelosi. maloney sean maloney, pelosi. archant, ryan. marino, ryan. , ryan. webster. niel
3:52 am
ast, ryan. , pelosi. mccarthy, ryan. mccaul, ryan. cclintock, ryan. , pelosi. pelosi.
3:53 am
pelosi. mchenry, ryan. ckinley, ryan. mcmorris rodgers, ryan. cnerney, pelosi. mcsally, ryan. meadows, ryan. meehan, ryan. meeks, pelosi. , pelosi.
3:54 am
esser, ryan. mitchell, ryan. moolenaar, ryan. mooney of west virginia, ryan. , pelosi. moulton, pelosi. ullin, ryan.
3:55 am
mulvaney, ryan. murphy of florida, pelosi. murphy of pennsylvania, ryan. nadler, pelosi. apolitano, pelosi. neal, pelosi. ewhouse, ryan. noem, ryan. nolan, pelosi. nor cross -- norcross, pelosi. nunes. nunes, ryan.
3:56 am
o'halleran, pelosi. , ryan. 'rourke, pelosi. ryan.o, , pelosi. almer, ryan. panetta, pelosi. pelosi.
3:57 am
paulsen, ryan. payne, pelosi. ryan.-- pearce, , pelosi. erlmutter, pelosi. perry, ryan. peters, pelosi. peterson, pelosi. , pelosi.
3:58 am
, pocan, pelosi. , e of texas -- poe of texas yan. iquin, ryan. polis, pelosi. pompeo, ryan. posey, ryan. om price of georgia, ryan.
3:59 am
price of north carolina, pelosi. quigley, pelosi. askin, pelosi. ratcliffe, ryan. reed, ryan. ryan. t, renacci, ryan. ice of new york, ryan. im ryan.
4:00 am
ice of south carolina, ryan. richmond, pelosi. roby, ryan. oe of tennessee, ryan. rogers of alabama, ryan. ogers of kentucky, ryan. rohrabacher, ryan.
4:01 am
okita, ryan. , ryan. rooney homas j. rooney, ryan. rosen, pelosi. oskam, ryan. ros-lehtinen, ryan. ross, ryan. rothfus, ryan. rouzer, ryan. pelosi.llard, royce of california, ryan.
4:02 am
ruiz, pelosi. ruppersberger, pelosi. pelosi. russell, ryan. rutherford, ryan. yan of ohio, pelosi. ryan of sconsin, .isconsin , pelosi.
4:03 am
ryan.d, arbanes, pelosi. scalise, ryan. pelosi. y, chiff, pelosi. schneider, pelosi. schroeder.
4:04 am
chweikert, ryan. ustin scott, ryan. david scott, pelosi. scott of virginia, pelosi. sensenbrenner, ryan. serrano, pelosi. ellingses -- sessions, ryan. sewell of alabama, pelosi. pelosi. er sherman, pelosi.
4:05 am
shimkus, ryan. shuster, ryan. simpson, ryan. john lewis. sires, pelosi. pelosi.r, smith of missouri, ryan.
4:06 am
smith of nebraska, ryan. smith of new jersey, ryan. mith of texas, ryan. smith of washington, pelosi. smucker, ryan. oto, pelosi. pelosi. stefanik, ryan. stewart, ryan. stivers, ryan. suozzi, pelosi. pelosi. of california,
4:07 am
pelosi. taylor, ryan. tenney, ryan. hompson of california, pelosi. thompson of mississippi, pelosi. hompson of pennsylvania, ryan. thornberry, ryan. tiberi, ryan. tipton, ryan.
4:08 am
titus, pelosi. takano, pelosi. tonko, tonko votes pelosi. -- tonko votes pelosi. , pelosi.
4:09 am
trot -- trott, ryan. pelosi. turner, ryan. upton, ryan. valadao, ryan. vargas, pelosi. easey, pelosi. vell -- vella, pelosi. pelosi.z,
4:10 am
visclosky, pelosi. wagner, ryan. walberg, ryan. alden, ryan. walker, ryan. walorski, ryan. mimi walters, ryan. wasserman i, pelosi.
4:11 am
pelosi.aters, pelosi. leman, eber of texas, ryan. webster of florida, ryan. pelosi.
4:12 am
wenstrup, ryan. westerman, ryan. williams, ryan. pelosi.f florida, ilson of south carolina, ryan. wittman, ryan. womack, ryan. woodall, ryan. yarmuth, pelosi.
4:13 am
yoder, ryan. oho, ryan. young of alaska, ryan. young of iowa, ryan. zeldin, ryan. zinke, ryan. the clerk of the house: for what purpose does the gentlelady rise? >> i rise because my name or the names of the five representatives of the territories duly elected by collectively four million americans, our names were not
4:14 am
called. and i ask parliamentary inquiry as to why not at this time at this juncture in the united states that the territories do ot have a voice on this floor? the clerk of the house: the clerk advised on january 6, 1999, representatives elect are the only individuals qualified to vote in the election of the speaker. at this time the reading clerk will now call the names of the representatives elect who did not answer the first call of he roll. the clerk: ryan of wisconsin. .yan of wisconsin
4:15 am
schroeder. the clerk of the house: if there are any representatives elect who did not answer the call of the roll they may come to the well and vote at this time.
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the clerk of the house: the tellers agree in their tallies that the total number of votes cast is 433 of which the honorable paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin has received 239. the honorable nancy pelosi of the state of california has received 189. the honorable tim ryan of the state of ohio has received two. the honorable jim cooper of the state of tennessee has received one. the honorable john lewis of the state of georgia has received
4:23 am
one. the honorable daniel webster of the state of florida has received one. therefore, the honorable paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin, having received a majority of the votes cast, is duly elected speaker of the house of representatives to the 15th congress. the clerk appoints the following committee to escort the speaker-elect to the chair.
4:24 am
the gentleman from california, mr. mccarthy, the gentlewoman from california, ms. pelosi, the gentleman from louisiana, mr. scalise, the gentleman from maryland, mr. hoyer, the gentlewoman from washington, mrs. mcmorris rodgers, the gentleman from south carolina, mr. clyburn, the gentleman from ohio, mr. stivers, the gentleman from new york, mr. crowley, the gentleman from indiana, mr. messer, the gentlewoman from california, ms. sanchez, the gentleman from georgia, mr. collins, the gentleman from new mexico, mr. ben ray lujan, the gentleman from missouri, mr. smith, the gentlewoman from connecticut, ms. delauro, the gentlewoman from california, mrs. mimi walter, the gentleman from california, mr. swalwell, the gentleman from michigan, mr. mitchell, the gentleman from michigan, mr. levin, the gentleman from texas, mr.
4:25 am
sessions, the gentlewoman from new york, mrs. lowey, the gentleman from north carolina, mr. mchenry, and the members of the wisconsin delegation, mr. sensenbrenner, mr. kind, ms. moore, mr. duffy, mr. pocan, mr. grothman, mr. gallagher. the committee will retire from the chamber to escort the speaker-little bit to the chair -- the speaker-elect to the chair.
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>> madam clerk, the speaker-elect, paul d. ryan, from the state of wisconsin.
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ms. pelosi: it is [gavel pound]
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pelosi: maybe you should be doing that. speaker ryan: no, you got it. [gavel pound] pelosi: it is my honor to join speaker ryan in welcoming all of you to the 115th congress. to new members and your families in this special moment i offer a special greeting and special congratulations. each of us comes here sustained by the love of our own family and the trust of our constituents. i am grateful to my husband paul, our five children, our nine grandchildren, family, especially our patriarch, my brother. and to the people of san francisco, thank you once again for the privilege of representing our beautiful and diverse city. in a brief span of days we will inaugurate a new president, donald trump. and a new vice president, our ormer colleague, mike pence. at that noon hour we will enact the peaceful transfer of power that is the bedrock of our republic.
4:38 am
for eight years our country has been graced by the trail blazering leadership and dignity of president obama and michelle obama. at their side have been vice president and dr. jill biden. let us give the obamas, the bidens, and their families our thanks for all that they have given america. today as we celebrate the
4:39 am
renewal of our democracy, let us pay tribute to the men and women in uniform, those who rve or have served and their families who -- whose sfives an bravey are guarantors of our democratcy. let us thank our men and women n uniform. in this chamber restand at the very heart of the american experiment. every time each of us steps on to the floor, we carry with us the hopes and the hurts of those who have sent us here. we surely have distinct political identifies as republicans and democrats, but above all we're all americans.
4:40 am
here, here we have the responsibility and the power to lift the lives and the hopes of the american people. our first responsibility is to secure the nation, embodied in the oath we take to support and defend. we must be strong and smart in defending our land, defeating terrorists, and advancing our vital interest in the world of promise and -- a world of promise and peril. america's actions must always be equal to america's values. honoring our constitution and respecting our men and women in uniform. another responsibility is to further secure our economy and truly secure opportunity for hardworking families. we in this congress must focus on job creation and growing
4:41 am
paychecks every day for everyone and everywhere in our contry. -- country. from the rural heartland, the cities, and the beshes we must -- suburbs, we must ensure that those who do their part have the opportunity to buy a home, address the aspirations of their children, and retire with dignity. and our responsibility is also to secure our democracy. our founders pledged their sacred honor to create a democracy, a government of the many not a government of the money. now our sacred trust is to keep that convenant. we cannot permit our democracy to be sub borned by the checkbooks of the powerful or subverted by the dark perations of a foreign regime.
4:42 am
all of us cherish our ideals. we do have our differences and they are real, but i hope that we'll each be humble enough to accept the good faith of others. i hope, too, that we will find wisdom from the scriptures where it says to minister to the needs of god's creation, humanity, and nature is an act of worship, to ignore those needs is to dishonor the god who made us. in that spirit in order to meet the needs of the american people house democrats pledge to seek common ground wherever we can. to forge a bipartisan path forward on job creating infrastructure. to make taxes and foreign trade fair to american workers.
4:43 am
to help americans balance work and family life. and to drain the swamp of big money from our campaigns. all of these provisions of president-elect trump has pledged and we will seek common ground. but we will stand our ground wherever in good conscience we must. if there is an attempt to destroy the guarantee of medicare, harm medicare social security, or the affordable care act, democrats will stand ur ground. if there is an assault on clean air and clean water, on civil rights, women's rights, or lgbt rights, if dreamers and their immigrant families face a nightmare of deportation, democrats will stand our round.
4:44 am
and if there is an attempt to silence our voices for commonsense gun violence prevention, with gabby giffords here in the chamber as our witness, democrats will stand ur ground. many of us just celebrated christmas. the birth of christ. and sharing in our humanity god enabled us to participate in divinity. y -- his this spark is acknowledged in every faith and tradition in recognizing the spark in others, we reaffirm it in
4:45 am
ourself. honor it -- honoring it -- honoring that spark of divinity we're commanned to respect the dignity and worth of all of god's children and to work ogether for the common good. in that spirit i offer my congratulations to the speaker of this new congress, a proud son of wisconsin, paul ryan. paul ryan is a leader of principle, immersed in ideas, and gifted with experience. as we all know paul ryan has had the full breadth of experience on capitol hill from waiter to hill staffer to congressman, he went on to be a
4:46 am
sincere and proud advocate for his point of view as chairman of the budget committee and chairman of the ways and means committee. in a place as demanding as the speakership, i know he gathers strength daily from the family he loves so dearly, from his wife, his children, and their entire family. let's acknowledge the ryan amily. oh, wisconsin. got it. mr. speaker, god bless them, god bless you, god bless wisconsin.
4:47 am
god bless the members of this house. god bless the united states of america. this is the people's house, this is the people's gavel. in the people's name it is my privilege to hand the gavel to the speaker of the house, paul ryan. the speaker: thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. i'll be relatively brief.
4:48 am
i want to thank madam leader. you know, i stood in this spot very, very many times. today, though, feels a whole lot different. part of it has to do with all the new faces in the house. you look at all the proud spouses, these beaming children, at their best. people's parents. it's hard if not impossible, to resist this rush of substance abuse yasm. there's no sense of foreboding in this house today. there's only the sense of potential. it kind of reminds you that no matter how long you've been here, you haven't seen it all. so i just want to say, to our new members, and to their families, thank you, ongratulations, and welcome. to my own priest, father paul,
4:49 am
thank you for being here with us today. appreciate it. and to my center, my family, jana, liza, charlie, sam, thank you for all you've done to make this all possible. there's another reason for optimism. that is what we've already achieved by meeting here this moment. just months ago, our country held a great electoral contest. at times it was a little intense. as you all know, when you're in the heat of it, in the heat of the kind of campaign we had you start to wonder. will the tempers ever cool? will the system still hold? does our old, rich tradition still have that magic? well, it turns out it does. the clash of opinions, the hue
4:50 am
and cry of campaigns, the rain cor of the dissension, in the end, they all dissolve in the silent and peaceful transfer of power. and so, in just a few weeks' time, we will welcome a new president who offers us yet another new beginning. a new chance to work toward a more perfect union. for all of our arguments and all our differences, we are all united by a deep, abiding love of our country. it is this slender but sturdy thread that holds us together. we always seem to forget this. but it has never failed us. that is why when the votes are counted and the people have spoken, we all accept the verdict. we come back from the campaign trail, we tack up the yard signs, and today, today, as one
4:51 am
body, we pledge allegiance to one flag, the red, the white, nd the blue. that's not the only thing that we have in common. i don't care what your party is. find one person in this house who doesn't want the best for america. find one american in this house who does not want to see help given to the unemployee or care for the sick or education for the young or honor our troops. here -- who here among us does not want to open wide the door to opportunity? who here among us does not want every american, every creed and every color, to cross the threshold? you cannot find one person in this building, not one, and that, that is a true cause for celebration.
4:52 am
we have a lot to build on. but that being said, this is no time to rest on our laurels but to redouble our efforts. it's no secret that millions and millions of americans across this country are deeply dissatisfied with their current situation. they've looked to washington for leadership and all they have gotten is con desession. for years they suffered quietly. quietly amid shuttered factories and shuttered lives. but now, now they have let up a -- let out a great roar. now we, their elected representatives, must listen. so i want to say to the american people, we hear you. we will do right by you.
4:53 am
and we will deliver. we will honor you because you have honored us. we take this sacred trust seriously. you know, it's not enough to say that the condition of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life. no matter how much we immediate it. in a few years' time i hope that the people will say of this 115th congress, that we didn't just pay lip service to this beautiful american idea, that we made it a reality. for everyone. we are not here to be. we are here to do. we are here to improve people's lives. grow our economy. keep us safe. improve our health care and infrastructure. fight poverty. restore self-government.
4:54 am
friends, we've got our work cut out for us. as your speaker, i intend to keep this place running at full speed. when i came into this job, i pledge to restore regular order. get that committee system working again. hold regular house and senate conferences because only a fully functioning house can really, ruly do the people's business. we've made some pretty good progress on that front. take our work on finding cures for deadly diseases. or beating back that opioid epidemic. or our work on mental health. these are all things that we should be very proud of. these efforts were directed by the committees and crafted by our members all through regular order. there's still a lot of work to do. like having a fully functioning appropriations process, for example.
4:55 am
and so, to the minority, i want to say this. we've never shied away from our disagreements and i d not expect anyone to do so now. but however bright of a contrast that we draw between us, it must never blind us to the common ground that we share. we must never shy away from making progress for the american people wherever we can. so as your speaker, i promise to uphold the rights of the minority. i promise to hear you out an let you have your say. if i had to sum up, it would be this. agreement whenever possible. but at all times, respect. and to the majority, especially
4:56 am
to our returning members, i want to say this. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. this is the kind of thing that most of us only dreamed about. i know because i used to dream about this a lot. the people have given us unified government. and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it was because they want results. how could we live with ourselves if we let them down? how could we let ourselves down? i have for many months been asking members to raise their gaze and aim high. now, today, this congress, let us not be timid but rather reach for that brighter horizon and deliver. and so, this old chamber, this chamber might look the same but in the hushed whispers, in the whirl of activity, you can feel
4:57 am
the winds of change. as i stand here next to that por trade of good old george washington, i am reminded of a line from one of his favorite plays, tis not in mortal's to command success, but we'll do more. we will deserve it. so my dear friends and colleagues, i say to all of you, good luck and god speed. thank you very much. i'm now ready to take the oath of office and i ask the dean of the house of representatives, the honorable john conyers jr. of michigan, to administer the oath of office.
4:58 am
mr. conyers: thank you. if the gentleman from wisconsin would please raise his right hand. do you solemnly swear or affirm that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you god? the speaker: i do. mr. conyers: thank you. i now pronounce you the speaker of the house. the speaker: thank you. thank you.
4:59 am
now according to precedence, the chair will swear in the members elect en masse. the members will rise. the chair will administer the oath of office. all members-elect will raise their right hands. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to nter, so help you god? congratulations, you are all new members of the 115 -- you are all now members of the 115th congress.
5:00 am
5:01 am
>> the u.s. armed services hold a farewell ceremony for president obama. that will be held with live coverage today. on c-span three. c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. morning, thes efforts on the house judiciary committee to move the independent office of congressional ethics. she will also talk about the theing today between congress. join us today for the discussion. the congressional black caucus held a ceremonial


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