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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 7:00am-8:06am EST

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joins us to talk about the house dropping changes to the ethics office and president obama's meeting with house democrats today. you can join me conversation on facebook and twitter. >> i would like members of this house, god bless the united states of america. this is the people's it is my privilege to hand the gavel to the speaker of the house, paul ryan. [applause] ♪ host: nancy pelosi turning over as house gavel to paul ryan the 115th congress goes into session. the senate starting work on the process of killing the affordable care act. with the opening of the new
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congress, both republicans and democrats referenced how they might be able to work together in the next session. we will hear from them in a moment. in our first half-hour today, we want to hear from republicans only. are there areas for republican legislators can work with democrats on capitol hill to get things done? whether it be job creation or infrastructure or other things. republicans only in this first half-hour. if you live in the eastern central time zone, 202-748-8000. if you live in the mountain and pacific time zones, 202-748-8001 . if you want to post to our twitter feed, you can do so. go ahead and post on facebook as well. a lot was said about the topic of bipartisanship yesterday. we would hear from people as we
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go through the first half-hour on this idea of republicans only come if there are areas where they can work with democrats. give us a call on those numbers. we will take those calls in a moment. but first, with more on capitol hill, here is john mcardle. is being called a clash of transition priorities today as vice president-elect mike pence, president barack obama making linkages on capitol hill on the fate of the affordable care act. this mike pence expected to arrive on capitol hill around 9:00. president obama will arrive around 9:30 a.m. today. mike pence made some comments thet his visit yesterday at trump transition headquarters in new york, said we are focused on repealing and replacing obamacare, we look over to legislation that will give us the tools to roll back the
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avalanche of red tape and regulation that have been stifling american jobs. the white house also commenting yesterday about this rib visit by the president to capitol hill. by therare visit president to capitol hill. tellinguld be out there the stories of their constituents who are benefiting from this law. morning, we will keep you updated on the latest from reporters covering this doing capitol hill visit. that dueling capitol hill visit. tweets -- president obama will meet with house democrats and senate democrats together this morning to argue for the fight against the obamacare repeal and replacement. on the republican side, mike pence will meet with house republicans in the morning and then go to the senate gop lunches and afternoon.
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that's in the afternoon. the republican senate committee will roll out thereir obamacare replacement plan today. .e will keep you up-to-date ryan.s a tweet from paul saying the vice president-elect will join republicans at the capitol wednesday to discuss the next step for repeal and replacement of obamacare. host: here is the plan for the first half-hour. republicans only. if there are areas where you think republicans on capitol hill can work with democrats. we will switch over and ask democrats the same thing. let's start off with earl from california. where do you think those areas of bipartisanship can happen on capitol hill? caller: one way they can
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is in infrastructure. sidewalks. those are repaired in all the cities. the sidewalks are falling apart. it is a mutual thing for walkingy because women their babies, the handicapped people are not able to use their wheelchairs. it employs local people. it is something that is needed. i think that would be a very good way for everybody to compromise. it brings everyone together and you have a nice sidewalk for people to walk on. us --dell also calling verdel also calling us from
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california. are there areas republicans can work with democrats on issues on capitol hill? caller: no. i don't. i think it is just posturing. it is the same thing every four years. then, they fight bitterly the whole time. the people in the country know better than that. everybody is all smiles and happy and all that -- check with them next week and you will see that everything is that it doesn't change. trumpte they feel for mr. , they feel for the democratic party -- democrats go behind-the-scenes and fight things to the bitter end. every four years, it's the same thing. we know that.
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one day, you hate each other, the next day, you love each other. it doesn't work like that. obama is the worst president. he is petty. all the things he's done in the last two weeks, do you think the republicans will forget that? i just don't see them working together. calls, one thinking they can work on certain issues and one thinking they can't. for eastern and central time zones. 202-748-8001 for mountain and specific tim pacific time zones. the caller referenced chuck schumer from new york. went to the floor and talked about the transition so far. directed his comments at donald trump.
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not only about cabinet choices but the philosophy that donald trump thinks he might want to impose over the next four years. caller: the bottom line is president-elect ran as a change promised to change the way america operates to oppose elites, drain the swamp, pay attention to working families. election,, since the he seems to have forgotten that. looking at the cabinet which is stacked with billionaires, corporate executives, titans of wall street and those deeply , it seemsn washington many of his campaign themes are quickly being abandoned. he said he was going to on rig the system.- unrig so far, it still looks rigged.
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too many of his cabinet picks support the same hard right positions that many in the republican party have held for years. policies the american people have repeatedly rejected. if president-elect trump lets the hard right members of congress and his cabinet run the show as he attempts to adopt their timeworn policies that benefit the elite, special , hisest, corporate america presidency will not succeed. ,aybe not in the first 90 days but certainly in the first two years. unfortunately, that seems to be the path he is following throughout the transition. from next up is tom tennessee. go ahead. caller: good morning. my topic this morning is health care and medicare, obamacare.
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the democrats and republicans have screwed up health care. obamacare is one of the worst things that ever hit america. i don't understand these three digit increases. i thought it was supposed to be affordable health care, number one. and peopleealth care that have obamacare cannot use it because their deductibles are $8,000, $10,000. they are wasting their money. do you think republicans and democrats can work together on changing it? other areas where they can come together and make changes to the portable correct? -- affordable care act? adult malea young working in health care and
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paying taxes come i feel like i'm already paying for two insurances. my private insurance and the medicare program. i don't understand why i cannot have better care now. why don't we do away with all insurances and go strictly medicare for all of america? i am paying for medicare every month. it doesn't make sense to me. not only do i have to pay into the medicare program, which will be th bankrupt by the time i can use it to my have to buy and have this other health insurance so i don't get penalized. host: yaya from chicago, illinois. were republicans can work with democrats in the 115th congress. caller: i've been very disappointed in the gop for the
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last six years. they have taught us a new level of disrespect and hate for the presidency. spent than a they grading obama -- a lot of supporters still don't believe he is a christian american. democratso way that should compromise with republicans and there's no way that republicans will want to compromise with democrats. host: angela is up next from florida. good morning, angela. caller: good morning. thest want to say that reason i want the republicans
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and democrats to work together is because it doesn't matter who , if it benefits , it should notry matter who came up with a good idea. something needs to be done about the affordable care act. it is not working and it's too expensive. -- they to have penalize you if you cannot afford it, which is something you guys need to work on. host: are there other areas where republicans can work with democrats? jobs or the economy or something like that? caller: well, yes. togethersh they worked for jobs for the good of the country. keeping our jobs here,
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manufacturing here. let's hear from lane from olympia, washington. make.: i have a point to reduction wastax we applied, democrats would go with that. they should really slap it to the rich people. rich employees who have no employees -- rich people who have no employees. clinton's 2 million vote excess came directly from california. millionia alone was 4 and had the other states beat
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would have controlled the entire vote. i just want them to realize that. from we want to hear republicans only. areas of compromise where you think that can happen on capitol hill. 202-748-8000 for eastern and central time zones. 202-748-8001 for mountain and pacific time zones. a photo showing the speaker of the house paul ryan giving assistance to his son, charlie. with more, here is john mcardle. >> a big day for speaker paul ryan yesterday as he was reelected. paul ryan losing just one republican vote. republicans in the house. paul ryan abstains from the
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vote. the one republican who voted for someone else, a republican of kentucky. he voted for daniel webster. that vote goes back to october 29, 2015 when paul ryan was first elected speaker of the house. paul ryan lost 10 votes. nine of them to daniel webster. call caught up with the representative to ask him about being the only republican to not vote for speaker right. -- speaker ryan. if we are sitting here in december and we have an omnibus,
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it is an f minus. minus.e got an f a lot of speculation on the democratic side about how many defections there would be from nancy pelosi. and efforts to replace nancy pelosi was pushed. frontrson pushed to the of that effort was tim ryan of ohio. he received two votes. other democrats not voting for nancy pelosi, ron kind voted for and a democrat from arizona voted for john lewis. one democrat did not vote yesterday. randy up next in louisiana.
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looking for areas where republicans can work with democrats in the 115th congress. think bothust parties are the same. they play off each other. if they work together, that would be a surprise. -- when the american people wake up and ,ealize they've been had again the reason they are mad at trump is because he is not a player. everyone is mad at him. obama is just a puppet. don't blame him. his marchinging orders like everybody else in washington. it doesn't matter. they need a third-party. this is american hero on
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twitter this morning -- barbara in california. go ahead. they can don't think work together because the democrats won't do it. i did not want obama, but i did not have a fit like they do. they need to grow up. host: what convinces you that democrats won't work with republicans? caller: i don't think they will. they are like nancy pelosi. host: another californian. john, good morning. caller: good morning. i believe the democratic party will work with republicans once the shock of what was assumed to
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be a certain victory for hillary was overcome and the rabble-rousers are out of the game, americans will go back to --ng americans and bring being proud of america. i voted for trump this time. before that, i voted for al gore. before that, i voted for bill clinton. i guess i am an independent. i'm 60 years old, i'm retired. massacre everywhere in the world. america has a responsibility to get our house in order so we can help the rest of the world. host: if you think that working together might happen, where should the start? a specific area or a specific project?
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caller: it's already starting with donald trump. he is cracking the whip and no at one time, he was a democrat and became republican. he is a man to be reckoned with and listened to. i think he has proved that most effectively by the large turnout fireople who came to his and his integrity and his family heegrity and the fact that is such a magnificent beast. host: do you think donald trump can sway republicans to agenda items he wants passed? caller: absolutely. he told them to get off this bad news thing they were going to do
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working on the ethics -- undoing the ethics committee. which is ridiculous. the things that they do are the things that mr. trump promised the republicans and the people with hisn to him millions of dollars of free tv, which was ironic, that of course there are certain things we must before we can have a nation and that is to rebuild our nation, our infrastructure, our borders and our federal laws. when we get that done, we will be strong again. i'm a vietnam veteran. i know there's a great spirit in this country. i'm 60 years old. host: the office of congressional ethics was the import on capitol
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hill yesterday, especially with proposed rule changes. the new york times writes that the house rules requires the ethics committee to act within 90 days with the expectation to formally clear the targeted lawmakers or create investigative committees to determine if rules or laws have been violated.
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when it came to those changes, that an amendment that was discussed yesterday was proposed by the judiciary committee .hairman it would have prohibited the office from employing staff that communicate with the public or the media. meade, maryland. caller: i wanted to say that the republicans need to reach out and empathize and show respect for the issues coming from across the aisle from all the parties. when they cannot reach an agreement with the other politicians, they should reach out to their constituents and show them how the republican ideas can help them and benefit them.
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maybe use that to push an agreement and some cross partisan plan. that is at from fort george meade, maryland. here's john mcardle. >> russian hacking allegations set to take center stage in the senate this week. news reporting that a hearing has been called by senator john mccain. the witness list will be appearing before that committee chiefes clapper and the of u.s. cyber command and the national security agency will be there at that committee. a senate foreign relations committee announced a closed top secret hearing on thursday. there, victoria
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, secretary smith and danny toler. said he is working with top democrats on the senate foreign relations committee and senator ben cardin is someone he's looking to cosponsor legislation. after the white house issued a series of sanctions against intelligence agentsls, expelled some and shut down a russian compound on u.s. soil in the wake of those allegations. house and congressional actions are at odds with donald trump who has dismissed the u.s. intelligence community's conclusions. tweeting yesterday
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about the intelligence briefing. he said the intelligence briefing was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case. very strange, he wrote. that we caused some confusion. the associated press reporting s tweetnald trump' caused confusion among defense officials who said there was no delay. steve from pryor, oklahoma. can republicans do business with democrats on capitol hill? caller: good morning. i have not called in several months. too busy to call you that week after the election. your other host, his name is john? host: correct. go ahead with your thought.
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caller: i want to say a little tidbit. two or three month ago, john was talking to an african american -- he went back and it was kind of hilarious. pedro overling him and over again. i think social security and medicare should be number one on that. i think they can find ways that people need help. my medical because of obamacare. they say it's because oklahoma did not commit to the medicare expansion. obamacare came in, it did
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away with that. they took it away. won. so glad that trump i hope they can work on the social security and medicare -- host: thank you. tony up next in texas. caller: how are you doing? first off, i think the american people should have a vote to get money out of politics. that is our main problem here that brings all the correctness -- corruptness. donald trump will have a very hard time getting things done at the white house with the republicans and a democrat because there are so many of them with their own agenda that is not to help america but to hurt america. to put money in their pocket. we need to get rid of these people. john mccain is wasting our time.
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this will be unproven that russia is not doing anything. you are just walking us to world war iii. why they arestand allowing them to stir up so much trouble. been askinge republicans only if there are areas of compromise where they can work with democrats on capitol hill. for the next half hour, we will switch it. democrats only. same kind of topic. are there areas where democrats on capitol hill can work with republicans? maybe it's on topics of economics or health care or if you want to give us a call and tell us your , 202-748-8000 for the eastern and central time zones. 202-748-8001 for the mountain
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and pacific time zones. the topic of bipartisanship came up yesterday as senator mitch mcconnell gave his speech in the 115th congress. talked about the cooperation that will be needed on both sides. he insinuated that it can be achieved. [video clip] >> the senate has a lot of work ahead. for now, i would encourage each of our members to take a moment to celebrate the rich tradition of this day. for those who served last congress, you should be proud of what the senate was able to accomplish on behalf of the american people. now andmuch more to do i will have more to say on that tomorrow. we know that the coming days are going to require hard work and cooperation from both sides. , we will beogether
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able to continue a record of achievement for our constituents month where states -- for our states and for our country. host: if you want to see more from mitch mcconnell or the other people who spoke yesterday, go to democrats only in this half hour. 202-748-8000 for the eastern and central time zones. 202-748-8002 for the mountain and pacific time zones on areas where they can work together. off twitter, a viewer posts this -- we start off with eric in california. good morning. caller: good morning, america. thingsve one of the democrats and republicans can work together on is called a -- you cannot have
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held byweapons christians claiming to be forgot. that's for god. we as a country can do this. free zion.apons- we just have to believe we can make this happen, people. from alabama. the morning. -- good morning. caller: thank you for c-span. they can definitely work on infrastructure if republicans try -- they have turned down every jobs bill from president obama. i do believe democrats are not like the republicans, they will work with them on things they can.
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the one thing they will not work with them on is getting rid of medicare as we know it, social security and obamacare. they definitely should not. host: do you think the efforts republicans are going to make on the affordable care act will overshadow any attempts at bipartisanship away from health-care? knowr: i don't actually what will happen with that because they are going to beat that to death. to possibly, if they decide -- if trump decides to make them go into other areas come i'm sure the democrats will work with them. they will not work with them on those three things. don. from georgia, this is go ahead. caller: i have a question here. , i had to go
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through social security in order to get benefits. why don't we bring ourselves home altogether? take care of what needs to be taken care of, the people. the people that actually make this country, not somebody from mexico or costa rica or anything like that. they did not help build this place. we did. we have our own problems we try to take care of. we need to bring our troops home. it's time that we stop babysitting everybody. for the last 3000 years has been at war with everybody they come across. they want to kill each other. let them do it, i guess. -- theyhy they get
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think that's why they get sent to god. let them go to god. --t: this off twitter maryland -- caller: i want to say it's kind of ironic that mitch mcconnell the is asking for cooperation. i think democrats can easily work with them if they want to build the wall. let them build the wall. the democrats did not lay down the guidelines for health care. guidelines and tell ourblicans these are guidelines on health care. if you are willing to meet us here, we are willing to compromise on defense.
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there are so many ways -- minimum wage, trump supports increasing the minimum wage. play his own clip. we can work with him. bernie sanders has expressed willingness to work with donald trump if he's willing to do the things that he campaigned on. they cannot be bamboozled into going with republican agendas. it has to be based on what they want. thank you for-- those of you who have called. if you are on the line, stay on. if you're calling, keep calling. >> want to keep our viewers up-to-date on a very busy day yesterday.
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the start of the 115th congress. one of the issues a lot of our viewers have been interested in is term limits for members of congress. yesterday, there was a term limits bill introduced in the house and senate. in the senate, senator ted cruz .nd rhonda santos in the house here is the hill newspaper story about it. filed the billrs term beforeessional the amendment becomes law would not be taken into account when determining if a lawmaker can run for reelection or not. trump back the term limits idea during his white house run. the measure could face an uphill battle in congress. neither house speaker paul ryan
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who has said he supports term limits or mitch mcconnell who has signaled it could come up both of those members of congress tweeting yesterday about their amendment. esantis --n ted cruz tweeting out a link to the legislation itself. host: barbara from montana. thank you for holding on. that i i want to say don't think they are going to work together. it is all a rigged game. they make us believe they are against each other. when you hear there's secret conversations like the tapes of , howry, what she said
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she's in cahoots with all these corporations, they are the same daemons, the same double. that's the same daemons -- the double.ons, the same devil. host: donald trump's choice to become the trade representative worked in the reagan administration. tariffs oned for u.s. firms overseas and is currently a partner at a firm -- known as a staunch critic of in 2010, he openly consider the idea of violating the world trade organization rules on limiting chinese ask whether must such retaliation from china could offset the benefits of the united states of more aggressive trade measures.
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that is in "the wall street journal" this morning. it also talks about choicent-elect trump's for secretary of state, rex tillerson, the ceo of exxon mobil and what can be done as far as his financial situation is concerned. exxon mobil rewarded the executive $180 million if he ist package -- confirmed, exxon mobil will transfer to million on invested chairs this does go million on million on 2 shares.ed the wall street journal has more on that. also, if you go to the pages of the washington post this morning
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, it takes a look at what the democratic party plans to do when it comes to policies and the trump administration. a war room will be set up. the dnc has hired a longtime operative who runs the franklin um --he campaign rapid response spokesr and the campaign woman. the digital director will be focused on digital organizing and down ballot campaigns. the focus of the new war room will be to shine a spotlight on donald trump's conflict of russia's alleged interference in last year's campaign.
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adrian from massachusetts. good morning. caller: i have an area of compromise they might want to work on. might want to go back to that legislation where 85-90% of the american people are for sensible gun legislation. if republicans really wanted to help us out here, they could pass that. the nra keeps them from doing it. file ae we can't class-action as the american people -- we cannot be happy with all the guns on the streets. what do you mean by sensible gun legislation? caller: closing all the
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loopholes, no straw purchases. everybody selling a gun, you get checked. host: johnny from albany, georgia. democrats only this half-hour. areas of copper must were democrats on capitol hill can work with republicans. hi, johnny. caller: i would like to say this very slow so everybody can hear me and understand me. i think democrats should work very, very hard to make donald trump a one term president. they should really do that. thank you. host: why are you so focused on that? and he's gone. let's go to daniel. california. a lot of california callers this morning. good morning. caller: how are you doing? thatat out opinion is democrats and republicans are
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not going to be able to do anything together because the ,epublicans are split fractured, they will not be able to agree on anything either. anythinghink there's that is going to happen. if it does, it's only going to benefit the rich and the wealthy and the people who don't eat anything. -- need anything. the rest of us are screwed. host: from alabama, harold. good morning to you. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. thing i think they should work on is infrastructure. the united states is turning a part. -- tearing apart. together for the
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whole united states. i think it can be done because everybody lives in the nine -- if they aretes rich, they will get their share. people, the less fortunate, we need help. i don't think it's wrong sharing with your brother. all this dividing among one another -- if you look at the language come on one side of the party, one is hateful. that is not right. we should all be christian. 2017 off being god what wants us to be. god -- being what
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god wants us to be. i think we can all get along. let's not forget, jesus christ is everything in our life. host: from new york, this is michael. caller: good morning. i think one place republicans and democrats can work together will be in building the infrastructure, bringing domestic jobs to the united states and improving our crumbling infrastructure. something trump talked about, which is a democratic ideal. ,s much criticism as i can give he is a pragmatist. he is not an ideologue. there is compromise with this guy, i think. he is a businessman. he has an idea for negotiation.
7:48 am
republicans plan to ram so many things down our throat come if they want to have any kind of smooth operation, they will have to give. i think trump is the person who can do that. host: fredericksburg, virginia is where vivian lives. go ahead with your thoughts on where democrats can work with republicans. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. think if they do and in for structure bill -- obama try to put one in for seven years and it did not pass. is cominginterest from democrats and republicans. caller: republicans are saying that because donald trump said that. took money from the highway bill -- it is a shame.
7:49 am
for of people that voted donald trump are the people that are going to be hurt the most. they think ithat is hurting black people and it's not. four to 50 years, we've been through slavery and jim crow. test for 250 years, we've been through slavery and jim crow. most of the south are the poorest. they need the health care. host: if you are just joining us for the next 10 minutes or so, we will talk to democrats only, getting thoughts from you on areas of come from i swear democrats on capitol hill. compromise where democrats on capitol hill can work with republicans on capitol hill. some news on the generate 20 inauguration -- generate 20 inauguration.
7:50 am
-- january 20 inauguration. it looks like an almost full list of ex-president will be on hand. to hillary and bill clinton told npr that the former president and secretary of state will be on hand for the ceremony later this month. president george w. bush's office announced earlier that he and laura bush will attend. jimmy carter had previously announced his attention to be that intention to be on hand. that leaves george h.w. bush absent. the president and mrs. bush will be unable to attend. speaking of former administrations, yesterday on the opening day of the new congress, dick cheney was back on capitol hill where he served before going over to join the george w. bush administration.
7:51 am
a story from roll call he was on hand acting as the proud father as his daughter took the oath of office and served in the job that cheney himself held. yesterday said as he waited for the vote yesterday, he chatted with several members paid their respects -- if you want to read more on his appearance back on the house floor, rollcall newspaper. host: maryland. think you for waiting. -- thank you for waiting. caller: i think it will be difficult -- host: go ahead. caller: i think it will be
7:52 am
difficult for both parties to work together in a bipartisan fashion. veteran must all business owner, very moderate democrat -- small business owner, very moderate democrat. we do need some of the things trump as indicated. we need to look at some of the things in this country as to why are where we are. we need tax reform and to look at entitlement reform. things the way they are just cannot continue. i looked at the cabinet picks mr. trump has selected. them,allenge with some of the things that affect folks the most such as justice, health, the thingsthose are where his cabinet picks are making it difficult in some instances to work together.
7:53 am
people need reasonable on both sides of the aisle. republican and democrat and even independent. reasonable people need to take the party back. we need to be in a position don't have the extremes on both sides that have hijacked the agenda. to coin thents phrase "make america great." the first thing the republicans opened up with yesterday, the office of congressional ethics, they will back door this particular reform in their own house chamber -- these are the kinds of things that make the merck and people step back and say, who are we sending to represent us -- the american people step back and say, who are we sending to represent us? there needs to be wholesale
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change. need infrastructure, we need health care. you cannot pay for everything. we need to look at these things in a reasonable practical manner. in which reasonable people on both sides of the aisle come together. if we send you to washington to do a job, if you're not doing your job, we need to send someone else. one act of bipartisanship that did take place yesterday was the first official duty of paul ryan as the newly minted speaker of the 115th congress. his job was to swear in the other members of congress. [video clip] >> the members elect will rise. the chair will now administer the oath of office. all members elect will raise their right hand. the you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the
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constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic, that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and that you take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter so help you god? >> i do. >> congratulations. you are all now members of the 115th congress. host: peter lives in great falls, montana. good morning, peter. caller: good morning. c-span.odness for i watch it every morning when i can. -- thank goodness for c-span. given the state of polarization that exists in our political environment these days, democrats should only go along with the current administration
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if we get something for whatever is on the table. if we are talking about the infrastructure program, democrats should support and go along and help trump if they get something in return. something in return would be like if trump were to appoint a supreme court justice like merrick garland. this is the strategy democrats should pursue. i thank you. host: drew in new york city. you're next. caller: hi. good tohave anything say about our next president. america is on its last legs. that's what it feels like to me. i don't understand what is going on. americans do not fact check.
7:57 am
they let other people tell them what to do or tell them who to vote for. i have nothing good to say about this congress, this president. in the area of democrats and their ability to work with republicans, you think nothing will happen on that as well? caller: democrats are so afraid to do anything. it is laughable. this last election cycle, this is horrible. this was the worst i have ever seen in my 58 years of life in this country. i don't see anything good coming out -- i see this country pathng even further down a of no return. host: what makes you think democrats are afraid? caller: they don't do anything.
7:58 am
anything that compromise what? they did not fight when obama was there. whenevered over republicans do anything. republicans -- this is horrible, men. -- horrible, men. man.rrible, host: leonard in dayton, ohio. caller: lovely the president of united states is listening. onepresident, the nine and in front of the tax return -- please, let american know what that meant. because we closed have no legal way of collecting money. the nine and the one in front of the tax return.
7:59 am
host: tim is from wisconsin. -- we arelling us asking people about democrats and where they can work with publicans on capitol hill. what do you think? caller: i'm very optimistic. the's been going wrong is bills that come up are two big. -- too big. there's always a poison pill. congress needs to look at condensing it. get things we both agree on and not those out. -- knock those out. maybe a main street revitalization program. i am optimistic. keep it small and it will work. host: next up, we will hear from kristina peterson of "the wall street journal." this effort you heard about
8:00 am
yesterday, making changes to those rules affecting the office of congressional ethics, a rule change that ultimately did not see the light of day. she will talk about that and other activities occurring on capitol hill. she will give us into the insight of the 1/15. john mcardle? guest: they received a lot of attention yesterday. s, but other pas world changes passed in the house, including one that allows assign leaders to take pictures and video on the house floor for this coming six months after democrats live streamed their sit in on the house floor, collie to attention their demand for votes on them control. -- gun control.
8:01 am
that's if they block access to microphones or the center of the house floor. one of those democrats concerned about that proposal and what it means for communicating with constituents produced a facebook video from the house floor yesterday talking about that specific rule change. >> i'm on the house floor right now. john lewis just finished speaking. the republicans want to be able doing thingsfor like the city and that we did -- sit in that we did to get a vote on gun safety legislation. they are still smarting over the fact that we had a successful fil sit in. they are debating changing the rules that would prevent anybody from having any video camera, taking pictures, and who knows what else? the rule would say that they could punish us.
8:02 am
the first punishment would be a $500 fine. for a second offense, it would be a $2500 fine. for the third offense, who knows? waterboarding? i don't know what they are thinking about to punish democrats who want to speak their mind, who want to exercise freedom of speech, and want to be able to make a point of the for the house -- on the floor of the house that we really come across. this is really not upholding the constitution and the right of freedom of speech and the right of individual and group members of congress to make their voices heard. so i am here before the vote on the rules, something that would absolutely require some sort of terrible punishment to do the
8:03 am
simple thing of communicating with you. thank you. bye. guest: other democrats yesterday expressing their displeasure about that rules change that was included and passed yesterday. , a democrat from texas, saying, "this is my last chance for a house floor photo before the republican house majority past rule designed to gag members." there is congresswoman barbara lee, saying house republicans want to silence democrats with a punitive rules package that finds us for showing americans what is happening in the people's house. york on her tweet yesterday, "i voted no on the rules package because it limits our ability to communicate with the market people -- the american people." democrat says, this
8:04 am
contains another deeply troubling provision on federal lands. that was explained in "the washington post" story he linked to. tocovers how it costs transfer federal lands. the story goes on to note that many republicans including the natural resources committee chairman rob bishop were pushed a hand over federal lands to state and local authorities on the grounds that they will be more responsible to the concerns of local residents. many democrats argue that these lands should be managed on behalf of all americans and not just those living nearby and warned that cash-strapped states and local officials might sell these parcels to developers. a couple other rule changes that went into effect yesterday when that new package was voted on at the beginning of the 1/15 congress -- 115th congress.
8:05 am
house documents are made more electronically available and new rules make it easier to reduce spending in some appropriations bills. a continues a prohibition on lobbyists in the private house jim -- it continues a prohibition on lobbyists in the private house gym. that's a wrap up of some of the rules included in the package yesterday. host: joining us now is christina peterson to talk about the 115th congress. could you walk us through what happened considering this office of congressional ethics and white important for people to understand it? guest: this really began monday night when house republicans met at a conference and they approved a last-minute rules change offered by bob goodlatte that would take the office of ethics,ional a independent watchdog group and put it under the


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