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tv   Congresssional Democrats Predict Health Care Repeal Will Result in Chaos...  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 8:05pm-8:34pm EST

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have a decent replacement. that will be the question. thatresident made it clear politics are on our side. mosthen you look at surveys, the american people do not want it repealed. don't mind it being improved but they don't want it repealed. brings quite a bit of actions of the republicans bring quite a bit of uncertainty to the health care system and a lot of rural hospitals will be in trouble. us to fightraged which we made it clear what we will do anyway.
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leaders held a press conference to talk about the meeting. >> good morning, everybody. we had a great meeting with the president. virtually all of our caucuses attended. he was very inspiring, telling strategyworked out our , that we have a great deal of optimism. the good things that happened in aca are going to stay and that the republican colleagues don't quite know what to do.
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they can repeal. that means so many good things go away and it was basic we the summary of the meeting. i want to thank my colleagues for being here. leader pelosi. murray, baldwin, thank you for coming. and again, the president articulated the importance of preserving the affordable care act, medicare, and medicaid. it was probably the last time the president will address the joint caucuses together. the first big fight of this new congress will be over health care. republicans are plotting and soon will be executing a full-scale assault on the three pillars that support the american health care system.
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the affordable care act, medicare, and medicaid. makeepublican plan would america sick again. instead of chaos affordable care. republicans would create chaos in the health care system because they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. they have no idea what to put in place. for years, they talked about repeal but for five years, they have had nothing to put in its place. it all starts with the aca. it is a delicate balance. president-elect trump even express support for the three most popular parts of the law. pre-existing conditions, allowing young people to stay on their parents insurance until age 26. equal treatment for women. republicans will soon learn that
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you can't keep the good parts and remove the rest of the law and still have it work. that's what they are struggling with and that's why they are not getting anywhere. what they would do would throw the entire insurance marketplace in the chaos. it would increase costs for all americans at all income levels. it would blow a trillion dollar hole in the deficit. now i see the president-elect was tweeting again this morning. he said republicans shouldn't the clowns out of his web. republicans should stop clowning around with people's medicare, medicaid, and health care. the republicans are stuck. for years, they promised every conservative group that they will repeal the aca. could make, they
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those extreme promises without suffering any consequences because they knew democrats or president obama would ultimately block any rollbacks. republicans are like the dog who caught the bus. they can't get rid of the rest without throwing the entire health care system, not just those on aca that those with private insurance, into chaos. one of the things that will hurt the most is rural hospitals right in their homeland. the minute they enact this repeal, they will suffer dramatically. today ared states protesting the republican action. so we're here today to warn the american people that the republican plan to cut medicare, medicaid, repeal the aca, it will make america sick again.
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instead of working to further ensure care, they seek to rip health care away from millions inamericans, creating chaos the entire economy. my colleagues will outline shortly, the republican take millions off coverage whether it be medicare, medicaid, or the affordable care act. premiums of many people to skyrocket. the 75 million covered by private insurance. their premiums would go up. it would harm hospitals in rural areas and put insurance companies back in charge. we stand here united. we are to united caucuses and we are united in our opposition to these republican attempts to
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make america sick again. and i want to turn over the podium to leader pelosi. : you covered a lot of territory there. commend the to president for the presentation to us. it was one of confidence and values. the affordable care act was transformative in terms of what in the lives of american people. if there had been no other reason for us to pass the affordable care act, one compelling reason was cost. , tocost of the individuals families, it was totally unsustainable. one was to lower costs. either to improve benefits or to increase access.
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all three of those arenas, the affordable care act has been a big success. when we talk about rolling back the affordable care act, we also talked about medicare. it extended the solvency of medicare. it expanded medicaid. it is very important to america's families. all politics is personal. schumer talked about the 75% of the people that get their benefits in the workplace, that is so. it is the lowest it's been in years. increased the benefit package.
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no lifetime limits, no and to limits. of being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition. in fact, many more people are who did not have access before. the most privileged person in america has better health. everyone needs health. everyone is in the loop. nearly thing it has going for it is alliteration. they have no replacement plan because they don't have the votes for a replacement plan. delay is and then act of cowardice.
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and it recognizes the consequences of just straight out repeal without some replacement. values debate and it is very personal. a friend of mine just told me his grandson was diagnosed with leukemia. that child will have a pre-existing condition for the rest of his life. repeal is a problem. lifetime limits is a problem. almost half of medicaid is about long-term health care. the want grandma living in the guest room? repeal the affordable care act. initiativet of an that is part of the ryan budget. medicaid.block
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ons is a tremendous assault the health, security, and financial security that goes with what the affordable care act has done for the american people. again?erica sick is that what republicans want to do? i hope not. we will find a path to address some of the concerns that they this but not to undermine pillar of economic security. it stands with social security which they want to undermine. medicare and medicaid which they want to undermine. the president asks us, are you ready? yield to theto leader of the fight.
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>> thank you so much, leader pelosi. republicans have made all kinds of anti-promises -- empty promises. that somehow repealing it won't hurt anyone. i will focus on just one promise the republicans made if they repeal the affordable care act to privatize medicare and cap medicaid, families will somehow be magically better off. republican leaders said exactly this. three days after his election, president-elect trump said he would deliver better health care for much less. trump might be that promise. they rush to dismantle the health care system.
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premiums will skyrocket. prescription drug cost will increase. out-of-pocket costs will rise. the republican plan to unravel the guaranteed benefits of medicare will leave seniors vulnerable when they can least afford it. all that will do is make america sick again. and it shouldn't have to be said that it's the wrong direction for families and our economy. heightening economic uncertainty. it somehow makes the country ,reat again, stronger again
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instead of destroying it before it is too late. with that, i am pleased to introduce. jobhe president did a great reminding everybody how the aca, medicaid, medicare, and social security are all linked. it is a reminder that we have extended the life of the trust fund by 10 years but there's also, it's the intergenerational benefit medicare provides. it could never simultaneously hurt.nd they are not paying a lot of attention to it.
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medicaid has quickly become a middle-class and if it because of the notion of long-term care. the idea of the growth of dementia in earlier stages and alzheimer's disease has provided the whole notion of security. medicaid, and the bedrock guarantee of social security. they are now linked in the public's mind and subtracting or manufacturing any part of that changes the whole argument. >> not a lot i can add to what the previous speaker said but someone i suspect i will not often be quoting. on may 7, 2015, donald trump "i was the first and
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only potential gop candidate to state there will be no cuts to social security, medicare, and medicaid. he didn't just say this in passing or in the middle of the night or in a particular interview. this was a cornerstone of his campaign. he said it over and over and over again. he will not said cut social security. he will not cut medicare. he will not cut medicaid. therefore, one of two things are true. liedr donald trump simply to the elderly and the working people of this country and just made campaign promises he had no intention of ever keeping -- that is one reality. , congressght now
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wastes an enormous amount of time and donald trump got to come forward. maybe he will tweet and say clearly that donald trump will veto any legislation that cuts medicare, medicaid, or that cuts social security. , itif he makes that clear can save us all a lot of time and start getting to work doing what this country desperately needs. >> ok. questions? >> these think part of the issue , that the problem for democrats is still the marketing of obamacare?
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now you're trying to salvage this against republicans. and what makes people think this will work now? was thatggest problem once aca past, people attributed every problem they had with the health care system whether they were part of aca or not to aca. now they are going to own it. and all the problems in the health care system, and a have been many throughout the years. they will be on their back. that is why. it is huge mistake for them and the country. they don't know what to do once they repeal one of my colleagues.
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they will regret that they came out-of-the-box. >> republicans tried to make this an ideological debate. are saying today is that this is not what this is. we put the aca in place because we found a lot of people couldn't get health insurance. their out-of-pocket expenses, their benefit package was diminished in the debate has to be practical. repeal this, what you will do is go back to the days when you pay more out-of-pocket. package that is the difference. we talking about what the repeal means practically.
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that is what we will fight. we believe this matters to the average person. >> it would just take them coming together, three republicans to turn, do you think you can do that? >> rand paul is not for repeal without some kind of replace. you have a good number of other republicans really worried about this. the initial vote is an easy vote for them. billion for cut $1 when they come back, i don't know what leader pelosi said if they would be able to get enough votes in their own caucus for an alternative. say that i think they will have far more trouble than they ever imagined. and they will start losing
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people on their side. >> you have a number of democrats up for election. are you really willing to tell them not to work with republicans on a replacement plan? usif you are repealing, show what you will replace it with first and we will look at what you have and see what we can do. i think we have unanimity. >> can you give us details about what president obama sped -- said specifically? to the question that it is a very different story to take something away from someone.
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we determine that the affordable care act, people have enjoyed the benefits of it. i'm sure you've seen the articles were people voted 8-1 aretrump and many of them enjoying the benefits of the affordable care act. it's one thing to say to people this is what you can get. it's another thing to say this is what will be taken away from you. the president's message was one of confidence. affordablein the care act and what it means and does for people. the humility that we have to listen to other ideas. if they have something that works. opposed toldn't be
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that. but from not reducing benefits for people, not reducing the number of people who have access to care, this is about increasing access and lowering cost. that is how the conversation went. >> it's important to stress the fact that they are not going to do it for the republicans because this has real consequences. rural hospitals are speaking out against the repeal of health care that is in this proposal. outors will be speaking about what this means. we say that they now have a pre-existing condition or that the essential benefit package
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that we developed to make sure basic services aren't turned away. this is very real. we're going to be going state to state, community to community, working with people whether it's families, doctors, children, nurses. they are pulling the string that will unravel the whole system. >> when they say repeal and replace, the only thing that is guaranteed is the repeal part. if there was a bona fide replacement, we would see what it would look like. affordable care act cures a
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lot of problems. it didn't hear a lot of problems. there's a difference between not curing the problem and causing the problem. when they come up with replacements, they will have to the fact is, if you are going to have a pre-existing conditions insured not at the standard rate, you have to have some mechanism to ensure that everybody is covered, universal coverage. if you have to wait until you get sick before you buy insurance come people will do that. we've seen exactly what happens when that happens. when the affordable care act came in, the cost went down about 50%. that is what you get. when the replacement comes, and you know what it will look like.
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we will know how it will address the things that they are talking about. problemst cause the they're complaining about, and they have the responsibility, when they come up there -- with the replacement, that they can solve the things they're complaining about. i don't think i can do it. senator schumer, if republicans repeal this law and replace it, are you not going to help them? senator schumer: the things we want to do are far different. we want to cover these 20 million people. we did already. -- is them is, as ideological caucus. they want to try and review lips and hang it on us. not going to happen. it is the responsibility -- their responsibility, plain and
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simple. when you talk to people in the red states, they are the most affected. not by just the rural hospitals. west virginia benefits for many of the good provisions in the aca. his view is the view of all of ours. let them show us what they are proposing, otherwise stick with what we have. thing in terms of that. there is an integrity, a oneness about this. costs could increase access, but it was a market oriented solution. when they throw this apple of discord or disarray into the system, it will have market consequences that they are not thinking of. they do not care that much about the 20 million who are additionally insured. they should, because they don't
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like subsidies. but the fact is that 75% of the american people get their benefits in the workplace. premiumsthese at lower with the formal character is. thank you. >> vice president elect mike pence was also on capitol hill, meeting with house republicans. this picture is from representative diane black, who says she is happy to have hence joining them at the meeting this morning.


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