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Charles Schumer
  Senator Schumer Says Republicans Obligated to Come Up with Affordable Care...  CSPAN  January 4, 2017 9:47pm-10:01pm EST

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obamacare that they would like to change. former president bill clinton called it a crazy program which has caused premiums to skyrocket. the point is i hope once our colleagues get past the denial of november 8, they get over their anger and the various stages of their grief following the election that they will decide that it is in their best interests to work together to replace obamacare with coverage that you get to choose at a price people can afford. >> is there a political risk to repealing? efforts --ciliation >> it will be very similar. thank you, everybody. announcer: senate minority
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leader chuck schumer responded after their weekly meeting. >> ok, good afternoon, everybody. as you can see i am joined by three of our new members. we have had great new freshman class and i thought it would be a great idea to have them join us. it is a very impressive class had it is more diverse and i am so excited to get to work with them. tammy duckworth, chris van hollen, maggie hassan, kamala harris. kamala harris and catherine cortez masto could not join us but they are here in spirit. i appreciate them being here. republicans are plotting and will be executing a full-scale assault on the three pillars of the american health care system. medicare, medicaid, and the affordable care act.
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to cutublican plan health care would not make america great again, it would make america sick again. and lead to chaos instead of affordable care. would create chaos in the health system because they are stuck between a rock and a hard place and have no idea what to put in place. they had five years when they talked about repeal. there is still not a plan to replace it on the table because they do not have one. they do not have a plan that gets brought support even on the republican side. so, they are stuck. they are just totally stuck. vice president-elect pence is meeting with republicans today about how to gut these programs of medicare and medicaid and the aca. i would like to read some statistics on how the affordable care act worked in indiana. the uninsured rate has fallen by
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35%. hoosiers gaining coverage. 224,000 hoosiers have health insurance today because indiana expanded medicaid coverage under the affordable care act. so. 50,000 young adults has benefited from the provision that allows children to stay on their parents plans until age 26. 139,000 hoosiers received tax credits averaging $259 a month to get them covered through what the president-elect and vice president and republicans are proposing, all of that progress will evaporate. what is the vice president-elect going to tell all of those people? what is he going to offer?
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so far, nothing. today, veryere simply to warn the american people that the republicans plan to cut medicare, medicaid, and the aca will make america sick again. democrats will fight them every turn to prevent them from happening. site.w the unity on our leave and gained a republican vote, so we are up to 49. we are only two back away and who knows what will happen. instead of working to further ensure affordable care for all americans republicans are seeking to rip health care away from millions of americans creating chaos throughout our economy. with that, i am ready for your questions. >> you said that [indiscernible] how do you define? nominees, had four
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two nominated by republican presidents, two by democratic presidents who have gotten bipartisan support. let's see who they nominate. if they are mainstream, we will give them a careful look. if they are not, we will oppose them. republicans have the votes to repeal parts of the diego when it comes to a replacement aren't they going to force democrats to come to the table? >> i told vice president-elect pence with all respect this morning when i met with him, it is their obligation. they are voting for repeal. it is their obligation to come up with a replacement. once they come up with a full replacement plan we will look at it, maybe propose a change or two but we are not going to the minute after they repeal sit down and say let's see what we can do now -- their obligation. millions of americans who have benefited from this is to come up with their replacement
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plan and then we'll see where it goes from there. i have not checked them out yet. >> [indiscernible] >> i am not going to comment on specific nominees. >> when you said that you were prepared to keep the current -- open isn't that the same obstruction tactic? >> absolutely not. that we will oppose nominees out of the mainstream. we have not talked about hearings, any of these other issues but we will oppose nominees out of the mainstream. period. if they put somebody in the mainstream, and we will give them a careful look. >> [indiscernible] well, you know, as one of the
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leaders of immigration reform, i go to the gym and we are on the bikes together. we are friendly. he has been more anti-immigration and just about any other member of congress. it is difficult for me to countenance an attorney general who is anti-immigration. similarly on the voting rights act. the voting rights act to many of us is sacred and in the past, senator sessions has been no friend to the voting rights act. the attorney general is the protector of voting rights says of the questions i would have. -- president-elect's skepticism with the intelligence community and their intelligence -- do you -- >> that was a short meeting. pruitt you rank scott and your priority list? >> let me just say this. first, there are eight nominees
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that we find the most troubled and we have asked for fair hearings on all of those nominees. what is a fair hearing? it means their paperwork is in. leader mcconnell has talked about the fact that a lot of ininees were approved president obama's first few days after he was inaugurated but they all had their paperwork in early. their ethics reports, 90 day plan to extricate themselves from conflict. maybe knowledge and somebody else has information that our committees have only received this information for very few of them. they wanted to schedule a hearing for the loss on the 11th. we do not have any information on her and she has a $5 million fine outstanding that she has refused to pay. if the average american were late on their taxes they would not be able to say i am just not
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paying. there are a lot of questions about these nominees. if they give us a chance, we have asked for several days -- two days on each nominees so you get a chance to look at what they said overnight. we have asked for complete paperwork. we have asked for tax returns. with so many billionaire nominees and so many potential complex of interest and tax returns are appropriate although in the past they were only asked -- we have asked that the nominees not all be put together at the same time and place some members can spend a lot of time studying the hearings. i would like to succeed in negotiating something where we get fair hearings. we are not trying to be dilatory. and she with these nominees have to say. there is so many issues and that so many of them that to rush them would be a disservice to the american people. take one more question. >> two-parter. >> oh.
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[laughter] >> the first is more serious. he went after the president-elect on twitter after he went after you. should we be expected -- >> what i said is -- we cannot have a twitter presidency. twitter is a great way to communicate. the president-elect is entitled to do it all the time. it is necessary but hardly sufficient. i am amazed you can tweet about vladimir putin but they are not going to have intelligence briefings to determine some very bad things that he is doing? nothing wrong with twittering, everything wrong with tweeting -- nothing wrong with tweeting -- [laughter] i am showing my age. [laughter] nothing wrong with tweeting that everything wrong if that is your only means of governing or communicating. >> for the second time today you have referenced working out with senator sessions. the first time was a little
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weird. what does he do in the gym? is he a lifter? >> we are on the bicycles next to each other often, watching morning joe and making diametrically opposed, is about what is going on. thank you, everybody. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: washington journal is live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. thursday morning, jared polis will be on. he will discuss his party's priorities for the 115th congress. and the ways and means committee member tom reed will talk about has republican agenda and how members plan to work with the new president. also, tasks -- tax and fiscal policy. washington journal is live thursday morning. join the discussion.
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>> when harding became president, he appointed ford to a job he did extremely well as director of the bureau of war insurance which became wrapped into the bigger veterans bureau. he was raised to become director of the veterans bureau which is now the v.a. atouncer: rosemary stevens the university of pennsylvania discusses her book "a time of scandal." nobody had really looked at the veterans bureau scandal before and it was a big scandal in the early 1920's. most people have heard about teapot joe and the oil scandals in the early 1920's in the harding administration but at the time, the veterans bureau ford was thehich
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center, was equally important, and yet, this man -- got intrigued by this. announcer: with less than three weeks left in office, president obama held is finally meeting with combatant commanders and the joint chiefs of staff at the white house. he talked about the need to ensure a smooth transition to the trump administration and thanked the military leaders further service. -- for their service. happy new year, everybody. let me begin by thanking ash carter, our secretary of defense. by -- alsoe chair the and all of the commanders here. the purpose of this meeting, something i do on a regular