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tv   Washington Journal Representative Tom Reed Discusses House Republican...  CSPAN  January 5, 2017 8:42am-9:09am EST

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divorce laws. largely because of her mother's experience. she wrote about conditions for women who worked in factories. she wrote about the medical treatment of the poor. >> sunday afternoon at 4:00 on real america. friendship seven documenting john glenn's orbit around the earth. >> zero g and i feel fine. capsule is turning around. the feel is tremendous. >> at 8:00 on the presidency, garrett epps talks about the passage of the 22nd amendment limiting the number of terms of president can serve. >> no person shall be elected to the office of president more than twice and no person who has held the officer president or acted as president for more than two years of the term to which some other person was elected president shall be elected to the office of the president more than once.
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>> for a complete schedule go to washington journal continues. host: new york republican congressman tom reed joins us. he is the vice chair of the transition team of the truck transition team. -- the trump transition team. good morning and welcome. guest: thank you so much. guest:host: you are an early supporter of donald trump in the house. what does it mean to be part of the transition team? guest: as we put the administration together, the top priority being part of the team is to get the best and brightest minds to the table, interviewed and put in the position to serve the administration with the skill set they bring to the white house. the people that up and selected, it's been a vigorous process. as we complete that process at the top level we moved to a policy agenda. host: where do things stand in
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terms of cabinet appointments? other key positions in the administration? guest: he's doing well. about 4000 positions that has to be filled underneath cabinet level spots. that process is moving forward as we speak. we been working on that for many weeks so i think we will hit the ground running with the best and brightest minds. this is going to be an exciting opportunity for america. host: you mentioned you were an early supporter. you and senator collins and others. what brought you to your initial support of donald trop? we watch guest: the presidential campaign unfold. donald trump was tapping into something. tapping into something that i hear in my town halls. we're out there listening to people and but i think washington inside the beltway folks missed was the connection donald trump brought to the table. what he did area that was the key to his success and i saw
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that early. we will stand on the side of the people and we will endorse him and work for him to get him elected. host: tom reed is our guest, joining us to talk about what's ahead in congress. the repealing or replacing of obamacare. join us if you want to. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. .epublicans, (202) 748-8001 all others, independents, (202) 748-8002. the passage of the budget resolution starting the wheels in motion for potential repeal of obamacare. what is the path ahead in the house you see ? we will have to put the budget to vote to set the repeal vote that will come legislatively. with my colleague on the ways and means committee, tom price going in as secretary of health, i think we'll be in a position to use the administrative authority, the pen and the
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phone, as president obama said, to be part of the effort to repeal obamacare and replace it with policies that are going to make affordable heart dish health care and there for americans. host: some republican lawmakers feel -- we saw a news conference yesterday with a republican study committee revealing some of their plans. their initial proposal. who do you think has the lead on this? guest: i think there's a lot of debate. people like tom price who historically have been leaders on this. a lot of people will pick up that legislative vessel. the republican study committee putting out its ideas. through the legislative process, that open and honest debate -- what we are not going to do is pass it to figure out what is in it. now that we have the white house and donald trump at the pulpit being able to talk to the american people that is a team approach that i think will allow the american people to see what we are doing and get their input into this as we go forward.
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host: calls waiting for congressman reed. let's go to betty on our democrats -- look go to bennie on our democrats line. caller: good morning. , there's always talk about rebuilding the military. you spend years trying to get rid of the affordable care act. military, homeland security, all those systems were supposed to be so afraid of these terrorists the greatest nation in the world and you put all of that on the trillion.d, $5 to help are american citizens so we can be strong. if you like we are look for a handout. i had a great job. when i could afford insurance for my family. after 2009 those jobs went away.
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the not going to hire me anymore . and then there is a bias. a lot of bigotry. the history of america shows us. i'm a black man and we know what the deal is. why can't we sit of year and face the truth and get our nation together and stop playing this tit-for-tat? guest: i appreciate that and i joined in your sentiment. your frustration. washington in 2010. part of that effort to disrupt and change washington and that's what i think the trunk administration offers. he is bringing disruption to washington dc and that is good. at the end of the day we need to stand together as americans. i believe and give me solutions -- that is how america operates best, when we work together amateur we put american citizens first. host: the caller from kansas
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mentioning his job went away. i wanted to ask you about potential tax on companies leaving the country. this was a comment made by speaker ryan. in a break from donald trump the speaker said congress is not going to increase taxes on imports and exports. we're not going to be raising tariffs, he said on the hugh hewitt radio show. guest: i serve on the ways and means committee. the committee in washington that writes the tax code for america so i'm familiar with what's being discussed. what we need to do is fix the american tax code and what we are putting forward as an idea to bring the international tax laws and to the 21st century. what we proposed to something called border adjustability. going to do, will be export products, 0% tax going out. when they come in people pay their fair share of tax and make
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sure we are american products and services on an equal playing field so they can compete on the world market. we can work through the details and we will get to the finish line and it's going to make american manufacturing competitive again. host: not just american companies overseas but form products as well? guest: to make sure that the tax burden on those products are equalized at the border. it's adjusted so the products and services and things made here in america are competing on the world market and equal footing with our foreign competitors. host: richard in montreal, canada. good morning. caller: good morning and happy new year. question about a retired -- testified in the senate of june of 2016 talking about how the democrats close a department of homeland
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security despite this department catching over 300 radical islamic terrorists. our republicans going to do something about it to the open department because that department was protecting the country and obama and his team closed it down. guest: i believe the department of homeland security was not shut down. a man what department you may be referring to. i can assure you there is bipartisan support. democrats and republicans are committed to keeping america safe and keeping american citizens safe. is heard loud and clear and uncommitted as a republican and i know my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, that is something where we have a lot of common ground and we are committed to making sure resources, training, and equipment are in place to make sure american citizens are kept safe. host: john from cleveland, good morning. caller: i'm 82 years old. c-span junkie with 29 years.
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passed us citizenship test to boost. know, the 20th century we have budget. continuing resolution is the rule thanks to both parties. watching c-span, if i were a founding father i would have -- me't send -- could you tell before obamacare whatever you want to call it, romney care was there and conservatives said every state is a laboratory and what happens in laboratories? the last six to seven years, the very first thing -- spoiling the air -- i want to make a one term president. wish he said that and a republican locker room. i'm very conservative 82 years old. i tell you, when i see the last four years of house productivity
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since world war ii, the worst. i don't care how it is you work physically there, you could have a beautiful start you spoiled it in the name of transparency even though there was -- due process was not there. host: a couple of good issues on the table. forward, yougo raise concerns i share. the national debt, the $5 trillion and the continued growth and putting it on the credit card. we know. that's the secret everyone talks about. this is not sustainable. $20 trillion debt load is not something that can continue. we are proposing ideas to get the spending under control. privatize it where it needs to be. the key to it is growth.
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the key to solving the debt crisis is not a political slogan , it's about getting people back to work. more productivity, more people off the system and independently standing on their own two feet. that's the american opportunity i tried to be a part of. host: here's diana in georgia. caller: good morning. happy new year to everyone. representative read, the republicans had eight years to figure out something on obamacare that they hate. that mitch mcconnell needed known he was going to block president obama from day one. you had eight years. obamacare because my employer ran health care agency. she was made to get up insurance.
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she did not want to. my deductible was $5,900. andas in a group plan making $10 per hour i got it paid. but we were in a group plan so they took out $55.38 every week. most of the people that i hear complaining are the people that made over certain amount and that's what it seems like all the hoopla is about. employers that are rich, they were complaining because they did not want to provide health es.e for employer guest: obviously we did not control the white house. president obama made it well-known to all of us that he was not going to repeal obamacare. he was not going to engage in that type of conversation. when you know that at the end of the day the bill is going to be
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vetoed it was frustrating from my perspective that we could not have that dialogue and debate. at the end of the day we're going to move forward because the affordable care act is not working. we're going to do is make sure we repeal it, replace and with reforms that get the cost of health care under control. two ideas that are the cornerstone of the republican proposal that i believe it represents. we will a marketplace in the insurance world and in the health care world that we empower individuals and doctors in the health care world, not insurance carriers and bureaucrats and administrators. we will make sure people in the insurance market have access the policies across america where you have competitive pressure to bring those costs of markets under control and going in the right direction. host: they one of the trunk presidency getting underway two weeks from tomorrow. in the hill, trump plans executive actions for obamacare repeal and they write mike pence, vice president elect
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saying yesterday trump plans to do consecutive actions to start unwinding obamacare on day one but did not get into specifics. what are some of the executive actions that are possible? guest: president obama used the pen and the phone over the last eight years. those actions are going to be at the top of what the trunk administration is going to look at undoing. the cornerstone of where the vice president elect was talking in conference is that we have to make sure we do this in a thoughtful open and honest way and make sure we don't just throw people off by repealing a law and not having a replacement package ready to go and using the power of that penn that obama has demonstrated. colleagues,i told president obama is not for the president forever. once the authority is extended new presidents can use it. but i think donald trump is committed to his make sure the american people are first and
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foremost taking care of as a result of those actions. , president trump but future presidencies having the authority? guest: absolutely. one of our colleagues got up and told mike pence we have an article one in the constitution for a purpose. separation of powers and's to be there. re-exert itss to authority and take back that authority that's been delegated to the executive branch over decades and make us true separate and distinct branch that is a check and balance on the policy of washington. host: scott in westminster, maryland . caller: i hope a bill is introduced in the house to completely repeal obamacare. and you all cannot repeal it in part or in segments or in sections. you need to repeal all of it.
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100% repeal. no matter what the chamber of commerce signs. matter what k street consultants say, contributors and fundraisers to an rcc say, you guys have got to repeal obamacare 100%. i was watching c-span the day the democrats rammed obamacare through the house of representatives. i remember watching them doing a until the vote was over and i hope the republicans in the house will do the same countdown when you guys completely and utterly abolish obamacare. thank you very much. guest: i appreciate that call. that is what we are working towards. as we go through this process, we have the ability to repeal obamacare completely. it's still in the senate. a 60 vote threshold. a lot of this replace and repeal
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provisions are going to be subject to. those are the rules of the senate and the way it is. that is the sad body and i let them do the business. -- that is the senate's body and i let them do their business.
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that's why i appreciate donald trump. when donald trump was on the speaking rail, he was to the american people. needed to be the priority for the next administration. his tweet ing about to deliver message directly to he will can people watch their back and bring their voice to washington and that is this stand with him to get taken care of. host: we are covering the senate services committee hearing looking at cyber hacking and ossible russian influence on hacking. what is your reaction to the tweets regarding u.s. agencies.ce guest: obviously he's raising questions about u.s. me, that is a to fair thing to do there have been
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uestionable calls made by the intelligence community over the years. the iraqi war and the conclusion they had, so to ask the and raise questions is concerned we're having this done openly and ublicly throughout the social media world. these types of questions, i to take e best suited on face-to-face with the intelligence community and hold them accountable to make sure the best they can to get us the best information most credible information, that is the change donald trump will bring to washington. host: reminder, that senate armed services hearing getting under way 9:30 east other than, we'll have that live on c-span3. start live at 9:30, also on c-span radio and stream live on inman, south carolina, next up, steve on the republican line. steve, go ahead. caller: good morning. y' year to host: happy new year. thank you.
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caller: congressman, i have a few points i would like to make the a.c.a. i'm a physician with about 25 experience and also i'm reelance write sxer editorial writer about healthcare policy. one big issue, obviously with i wrote about this when it passed, it was all built around the fact that people, young healthy people who were not getting insurance to begin with were suddenly sign up and ay more for coverage that they probably didn't need to offset and once removed re-existing conditions, people who were sick were going to sign up and the insurance market geared, shifted from middle, where you want it to be side to the healthy the sick side. that is obviously what has append and premiums are shooting up and this thing is
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collapsing on its own weight. is ld trump is right, it collapsing. the question is whether or not take the insurance market down with it. repeal it, oing to now is good time to think about the replacement. i wrote at the time and thought erhaps the thing to do is instead of passing one huge plan, break it down into a bills that will kind of target certain things. i don't think there is any short-term solution to the ealthcare crisis, it has to be geared toward longer-term solution. but a couple things i think that could have immediate impact or that could have immediate impact and i know have you heard this from doctors is change in our torts though the talking points say it is not that big, if you talk to most doctors, tell you the cost of medicine is huge, huge, huge part of the way they practice so so it is unconscious now.
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it won't in reform, happen immediately, new epic generation of doctors will have a different way than it will long-term have an cost.t and driving down host: steve, we'll get a response from congressman reed. we will do this in open and honest fashion. replacement of obamacare. steve, you obviously are as a provider, as a doctor, your to get critical for us this right. what we're trying to achieve is what you said, a long-term to the healthcare problem of america. cost.h care problem is the the cost in health care, but also insurance. of folksis where a lot misread that or merge the two together. marketplaces that need to be supported and created and bring in market pressure and the people involved in the transactions to make informed choices that will drive costs down. that is what i believe will be the republican replacement
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package, we'll do this with you, the people like american people. host: congressman tom reed oining us this morning, also a member of the trump transition team on capitol hill. thanks for being with us. bill. thank, enjoyable. host: under 55 minutes left in the program. phones for p the your thoughts on the public policy issues we've talked about his morning or things you are reading in the news. the affordable care act, certainly. 202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans 202-748-8001. nd for independents 202-748-8002. tweet us, as well, at cspanwj. back in a minute. >> when harding became
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president, he appointed charles job he did extremely well as director of the bureau insurance, which then became wrapped into the bigger forbes was reau and raised to become director of the the v.a.ureau, now >> sunday night, rosemary at university of pennsylvania discussing her book, "time of scandal," charles r. forbes and making of the veteran's bureau. nobody had looked at the veteran's bureau scandal before, it was a big scandal in the 1920s. so, most people have heard about scandal in the early 1920s, in the harding time,istration, but at the the veteran's bureau scandal, which charles forbes was the equally important. this man had come down in
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history to the present as a crook. me what he had actually done. i got intrigued by this. eastern on ght 8 c-span q&a. temperature ♪ ♪ >> the presidential inauguration is friday, ump january 20, c-span will have the day's ge of all events and ceremonies. and live on c-span, listen live on the app. c-span radio >> "washington journal" continues. up the phone open lines for anything that you're seeing in the news, public issues. 202-748-8000 for dra


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