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tv   Using the C-SPAN Video Library  CSPAN  January 6, 2017 5:53am-5:57am EST

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conversations with the david keene. the new assault on your second amendment and author of the constitution today: timeless lessons. , my:30 p.m., nick adams quest for legal immigration and illegal system talks about his experience legally emigrating to the u.s. and the efforts by the state department to complicate the process due to his political views. on sunday, author michael lewis on his latest book, a fresh of the change our minds which looks at the work of israeli psychologist focusing on decision making processes. the founders led to the field of behavioral economics. org for the full schedule. >> the c-span video library is an easy way to search and view c-span programs and to help is dr. robert browning executive
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, director of the c-span archives. >> go to, the main site, and look on the front page. on the left side are all of the hearings and the presidential events of that day and the political campaign events and then right underneath that on the left side is a link that says recent events and they appear in the order that they were on the network. you can search for a person's one hundredperson, 17,000 people have pages that contain all of their video. on that page is a link, a search box and you put in a word. to -- put in want a word. let's say they talked about climate change. >> members of the congressional black caucus tomorrow will receive the signatures and public statements of those demanding this body fully --
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who speaks a lot on the floor and talked about direct put in those words and , then that will get you to particular small pieces almost like paragraphs where they made their remarks. >> the soldiers were members of the 3rd battalion 16th field army regiment, 2nd armored brigade combat team of the 3st cavalry division. these american soldiers were volunteers that swore to protect the united states. >> across the top, we have a link that says all our video, our clips. you can find all the clips that people make are available for other people to look for. >> who leaves first, obama or assad? >> i certainly hope it's assad. >> yeah, i do, but i don't think so. >> there's another tab that says mentions, and mentions are quotes that are valuable. >> what a bizarre decision by president pineta to invite donald trump down there.
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>> and then on the far left side, there are breakdowns much like you would find on any other shopping website. you could say i want to see a particular person's name, i want to see a particular senate committee or a tag for a policy. to the left side, it's very valuable for narrowing down. announcer: search, click and play on >> on wednesday, the incoming press secretary, chris spicer taught to david axelrod and former press secretary robert .ibbs at the university chicago they discussed donald trump's presidential campaign and his relationship with the press. this is an hour. >> good evening, everyone. happy new year. my name is steve edwards, the


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