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tv   House Minority Leader Pelosi Calls Hacking Intelligence Report Findings...  CSPAN  January 6, 2017 10:58am-11:17am EST

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>> and we'll leave trump tower lobby now to go live to the radio tv gallery to hear from house minority leader nancy
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pelosi. ms. pelosi: today is the feast of the epiphany. epiphany. i always pray on this day that we will all have a wonderful epiphany coming together this week, in this first week of the new congress, on that opening day, democrats pledged to stand our ground on issues of concerned to protect medicare, medicaid, social security, the affordable care act, and we also said we would work to find common ground on issues that would grow our economy, raise wages, have good-paying jobs and meet the needs of the american people. we were hoping on that day that there would be such an economic initiative put forth. instead, as you know, the republicans put forth a measure to violate freedom of speech as ll as to overturn the -- well, they attempted to, the
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outside ethics commission which they have now reversed. but anyway, it wasn't a good -- i don't think it was a good opening. instead of focusing on creating jobs, they declared war on the health of our country. you have seen -- we came together, democrats in the house and senate, to talk about protecting our care, to not -- to refuse to participate in what the republicans will do to make america sick again. . in the opening day rule the republicans admitted that repealing the a.c.a. would add a cost to the budget. would increase the budget. that's why they had a provision in there to reject their own rules on the subject of not having a point of order when you're going to increase costs to the taxpayer. they also had a provision in there to move mandatory spending to discretionary to make it something that cannot be counted on for the american people.
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again, if the republicans decide that they are going to remove the guarantee of medicare, we will be there to protect the american people, and the list goes on. when they want to repeal and replace, as i have said to you before, repeal and replace, has only alliteration going forward. it has no votes. it has no ideas. it has no proposal. so it will be interested to see how they want to replace. but they cannot replace it if they are going to diminish coverage, benefits people receive. the number of people who receive them. and stop what we consider to be a very important lowering cost, increasing access, improving benefits. it this morning we had a very interesting presentation. the gang of eight. that would be the house and senate democratic and republican leaders, house and senate democratic and republican leaders, of the intelligence
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committee. that's the eight. was really quite stunning disclosure. right now as we speak the four briefers are on their way to brief the president-elect in new york. later in the day some of the report will be released to the public. i would hope that we could get more. i know as long time intelligence person i know we have to respect sources and methods, but i think rightven congress has the to know more than they want to disclose to congress beyond the gang of eight. this will be interesting in terms of what the disclosure is of this report, but suffice it to say it's stunning in its conclusions. and you will see some of it. it they are now briefing the president-elect, a person who
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as tried to discredit, dis pargee, and -- disparage, and dismantle the intelligence community because he doesn't like some of the things they are putting forward. i keep add minding administrations, i have been doing intelligence for many presidents, i keep reminding while the administration is the custodian of the intelligence, the congress of the united states has to act upon that intelligence and has the right to protect sources and methods. so i'm hoping that more members will have more access than is planned right now just confining some of it to the gang of eight. today we'll be joining many of our colleagues who will be making an announcement later today about the large number of members co-sponsoring the cummings legislation called for an outside investigation, an
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independent outside investigation of the russian hacking into our system w that i'm pleased to take any questions you may have. any questions? reporter: i wanted to ask you expressed yesterday opposition repealing obamacare and cutting planned parenthood. how do you square that with that's how the democrats were able to put obamacare in place in the first place? ms. pelosi: thank you for asking that question. the affordable care act was assed not under reconciliation when it first came to the congress. so the main part of the bill, house and senate, was not under reconciliation. the final version which was just some tweaks, i would have liked more, were what were done under reconciliation. but the bulk of the bill, if you look back to the history of it, the bulk of the bill was done
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not -- on the 60-vote you rule -- vote rule not under reconciliation. we had 60 democrats. we had 60 democrats then. then the two bills passed and then the senate will was -- bill was a little bit different from the house bill. on some of those changes which were not, shall we say, structural, it was just some changes in the legislation, that did go under reconciliation. but by and large the whole process was done with the 60 vote. hundreds of hearings, bipartisan, over and over again. some republican amendments taken. some democratic amendments taken. some democratic and republican amendments modified. some democratic and republican amendments rejected. they were treated in similar fashion. reporter: two questions.
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do you know if the house democrats are going to object to the electoral college today? and two, what are your thoughts on the potential house g.o.p. plan to form a border wall through the appropriations process later? ms. pelosi: the first question i don't know -- i don't believe that there is a senator who is participating. as you may recall in 2004 senator boxer joined the effort. if you have -- if you have a senator and house member, you can go forward and have debate time and the rest of that. if you don't, you can't. i don't believe they have that. i don't know who will show up and object, but i -- probably somebody will. on the second question, it's interesting to see that the republicans would $14 billion in a continuing resolution to build the wall. i don't know. that's i think -- i think that's
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a heavy sell. that's a tough sell for them. reporter: you mentioned earlier about the rules package and about debate. i was curious when you look at that debate it seems to be the question of the speech and debate clause versus the constitutional prerogative for the house to make its own rules. are you arguing the speech and debate is over the ability of the house to make its own rules? ms. pelosi: i think that the constitution of the united states, and the freedom of speech, takes precedent over everything else. for the republicans to say if you express your point of view on the floor of the house the sergeant at arms can make a determination that you have violated a rule of the house and duct from your pay a fine, this is completely outrageous. completely outrageous. so it's not a question of one or
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the other. it's all about freedom of expression. and making rules of the house, we don't make rules that violate the constitution. it all comes back to the constitution of the united states. reporter: having seen the gang of eight briefing, having seen this new report, do you believe that what the russians did cause hillary clinton the election? ms. pelosi: i would say this, regardless of the outcome of the election, the american people have a right to know what a foreign power did to disrupt our election. and that's really the point. it doesn't matter -- reporter: do you think it affected the outcome? ms. pelosi: when you see the report you'll make a judgment about that. reporter: what's your judgment? i'm asking? ms. pelosi: i have thought -- i have said all along that the leaks the russians disruption of our election, which is clearly
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evident in their -- when you make a judgment about these things, you look at what is the source? what is the source of the disruption? what tools does that source have at its disposal? what is the path they took to the target? and i think when you see this report you will see with confidence how the intelligence community has identified what we have seen and i knew from the disruption at the dccc. we knew it was the russians. not from any classified information because i could not disclose that, but from our own investigation which was costly to identify the source, the tools, the path, anti-target. there is -- and the target. there is no question that the republicans -- excuse me, that then ssians disrupted and they released the information so that -- to a source.
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and this is the path which would then on a partisan basis only release democratic emails. i really say to you, my friends in the press, with all the respect for the guardians of the first amendment that you are, that you are accomplices in this because every single day you reported that there was an email the as embarrassing to administration without saying we know this because of disruption by a foreign power into our electoral system. you knew that. you knew it was the russians. and so did it affect the clinton campaign? of course it did. of course it did. would it have come out differently? i don't know because there are many factors in an election. but you read the report and then we'll talk again about what the purpose, the source, the tools, the path, the purpose and the
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target. that would be the purpose of the target of it. and that's why people have some level of dismay today on the vote, getting back to your question about the electoral college. how much is known about the foreign disruption of our election? how much information was released with a purpose to hit a target? how much of it was altered? why was it just democratic emails that were released? and why wasn't there really a report that said this information comes to you from radio free putin. nobody ever really made that. after the election everybody says we should have said and all that. but i think it was very clear. i think everybody knew that whatever it was, it was coming from a disruption of our election.
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reporter: what should the response be from the us us? you say this is a stunning report -- ms. pelosi: no use talking about it until you can see the report today. i wish you could see the entire report. but protecting sources and methods is a very high priority for us, but i think maybe, maybe the intelligence community in their protecting sources and methods could make release a little more information. at least to members of congress if not to the public domain. what are you doing to make that happen? ms. pelosi: i'm not doing anything to make it happen. i served for seven years on the intelligence committee. six years is the limit. i served for seven. any involvement of the leadership in our nonpartisan investigations. but it is important for people
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to have a he -- a responsibility of confirmation to have information necessary for their making a vote on confirmation and that's what the senate has asked for. a public citizen has written to the office of congressional ethics with a detailed complaint trades same the time was acting upon them. i think it would be important for the o.c.e. to swiftly move to review that information before the confirmation hearing. it's interesting this all came out later in the week, but it's interesting the republicans started the week, tried to start the week by completely defanging the office of congressional ethics. the outside office of . ngressional ethics reporter: i work for a college.
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can you just clarify, are you encouraging the objections today? are you encouraging -- ms. pelosi: i am not encouraging them and i will support those who object. it's a very narrow parliamentary it. we have been through this in 2008 -- excuse me, 2000, after the election of 2000 and 2001. 2005. and now we're here. you know how it works. the vice president presides. so joe biden will be in the chair. a little easier than when it was al gore in 2001. in the chair more challenging that. but it takes a senator and a house member to both agree to object and then turns into two hours of debate. one in the senate, one in the house. something like that. and then there's a vote. it's not going to affect -- have an impact on the outcome of the election. that's not the point.
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but i think people don't want the day to pass without registering concern about in some cases members are kerpped about voter suppression. some cases they are concerned about russian influence on our election. there are a number of concerns. really it's not going to have an impact at the end of the day. donald trump will be and mike pence will be elected president of the united states by the electoral college. that's what will happen today. members will see who comes forward. i support, not encouraging, but i certainly support what they are doing. i think, quite frankly, there is nothing they could say in there that would be an overstatement of the reasons why we should have a full discussion. the fact is you can't do it on one half basis.
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thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. sit] >> house minority leader nancy pelosi and her weekly briefing. live from capitol hill on c-span. the news this morning on jobless numbers. new unemployment rate, it ticks up to 4.7% in december. 156 new jobs were added last month. a bit less than expected by economists. one note, not evident there on that graphic, is that hourly wages went up by the most in seven years. we heard minority leader pelosi talking about the intelligence reports. donald trump, the president leekt, will be hearing from intel chiefs today in new york city. we'll be watching in trump tower. a live shot there from trump tower in new york city.


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