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tv   House Speaker Paul Ryan Holds Ceremonial Swearing-in of Members  CSPAN  January 7, 2017 11:35am-12:15pm EST

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>> speaker paul ryan held a ceremonial swearing-in with each member and their families. this is just over three hours.
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>> good to see you.
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>> thank you.
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>> he had a rating last sunday. 126.
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>> are you ready? thank you.
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>> i enjoyed remarks.
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>> ok. thank you. >> hey guys. how are you doing?
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>> congratulations. it's nice to see you guys. happy new year.
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[indiscernible] >> thank you. thank you. back.e
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>> that was a long time ago. i don't want to push you out of the way. [indiscernible] >> it's nice to see you. >> right hand, left hand up here in a -- left end up. >> what year?
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>> it's good to see you. put your right hand up? hi guys. how are you all doing? right hand up. it a little higher there.
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there you go. it that's it. this is great. this is great. [indiscernible] it's good seeing you guys. it take care. happy new year. did you really?
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>> thank you. >> i am doing great. thank you. [indiscernible]
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>> happy new year. >> happy new year. [indiscernible] >> i do. it's good to see you.
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>> thank you very much are in a thank you for all you do. happy new year. it's nice meeting you. [indiscernible] >> the best staff on the hill.
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it?ve got [indiscernible]
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>> i am. >> all right everyone.
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>> i know. i'm here. i need you to come out here just a little bit more. can you get the whole clan? all right. right-handed, please. >> thank you, paul.
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[indiscernible] you decide. ok. aren't. we are going to do one more.
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>> a really? -- oh really? >> this is my brother. happy new year. left-handed, right-handed.
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>> i know it is. >> left hand on the bible. >> this is for my staff. [indiscernible]
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>> congratulations. come on over to the side. i yes it is.
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my grandmother is from there.
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we will charge us again. go go go. take the picture.
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>> come on old man, get in here.
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let's get everyone. >> come on a little closer. thank you.
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north dakota.
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