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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 8, 2017 7:00am-8:00am EST

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the north korean nuclear crisis in 1994 talks about the nuclear threat posed by that regime. as always, we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. washington journal is next. host: good morning. with the presidential inauguration less than two weeks away, the confirmation process on capitol hill begins for a number of key cabinet positions in the trump administration, including the u.s. attorney general and secretary of state. yesterday the senate democratic leader, chuck schumer, charging that republicans are, in his words, jamming through the president-elect's nominees without the proper ethics screening. we'll be covering those hearings beginning tuesday here on the c-span networks. welcome to "washington journal" for this sunday, january 8. our focus in the fist hour, the role of the democrats as the
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opposition party. now in the minority on capitol hill and with president obama leaving on january 20, just what is, what should their role be, and how should the democrats go about trying to influence the political agenda here in washington? the role of the democrats as the opposition party, that's our question. at 202-748-8000rks our line for democrats. 202-748-8001 for republicans. independent, 202-748-8002. join us on social media. send us your comments at r send us a tweet, @cspanwj. thank you for being with us. let's look at the front page of today's "new york times," the senate to push nominees by donald trump, some not vetted properly. a piece pointing out that republicans who are expected to hold up to five hearings on wednesday alone say they simply want to ensure that the new president has a team in place
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as soon as possible, but democrats are calling for the process to be slowed and the hearings to be spread out. that they say would allow more time to vet the nominees, front page story from the "new york times" -- the larger issue we want to focus on, the democrats moving ahead in 2017. in the minority, house, senate, and without control of the white house, this editorial from from "usa today" reads as ollows --
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host: senator chuck schumer in his speech to his senate colleagues earlier this month had this to say. senator schumer: the bottom line is president-elect ran as a change agent. he ran against the establishments of both parties. he promised to change the way america operates, to oppose elite, drain the swamp, paying attention to working families. but, my friends, since the election, he seems to have forgotten that. looking at the cabinet, which is stacked with billionaires, corporate exec tiveds, titans of wall street, and those deeply embeded in washington's carter of power, it seems that many of his campaign teams are quickly being abandoned.
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he said he was going to unrig the system. so far, still looks rigged. too many of his cabinet picks report the same hard right positions that many the republican party have held for years. policies that the american eople have repeatedly rejected . if president-elect trump lets the hard right members of congress and his cabinet run the show, if he attempts to adopt their time-worn policies, which benefit the elite, the special interests, corporate america, not the working man and woman, his presidency will not succeed. maybe not in the first 90 days, but certainly in the first two years. unfortunately, that seems to be the path he's following throughout the transition. host: in his first speech as the senate democratic leader, chuck schumer, as the 115th
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congress was sworn into office last week. the democrats in the minority in both the house and the senate. what is the role of the democrats as the opposition? we'll get to calls in just a moment, but first this from "the free beacon," talking about the democratic role, the democrats' role, he said the ollowing --
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host: one tweet from robert saying the democrats' pirate should be not to anger he electorate from. montana, marissa is first up. good morning, welcome to the program, democrats line. caller: thank you. thank you for c-span. thank you for brian. thank you for book tv. i appreciate you so much. again, you guys are a light. host: oh! thank you. you made our morning. caller: the reason i'm spelling my name is because i want to stand in complete opposition to this man that -- i don't even know if i want to call him a man. mr. trump is dangerous. he's creepy. he's scary. we have to do anything and everything we can to block him at every turn. it's the only thing we can do. he's dangerous. he's creepy. i'd also like to know why he knows everything, something that nobody else knows. why isn't he being investigated for what he knew about putin, who i think is rasputin
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reincarnated. and why does he know stuff nobody else knows? him and his wife and family are russian plants. please do anything and everything you can, and please let the intelligence community stand up. we need them now, to stand up in opposition to this man. he's dangerous and creepy and scary. thank you very much. host: marissa, you still on the phone? she hung up. i wanted to ask her why she thought mr. trump was a russian plant. putin is now donald trump's problem. this is from "time" magazine, available online at, and politico has this headline, the vice president joe biden making it official on friday that the president-elect is donald trump, as he fulfilled one of his last duties as the president of the senate. vice president joe biden, democrats must stop the abuse of power. fred has this tweet, the minority party's job is to
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bring up poor behavior by the majority party. the problem is i have a poor opinion of democrats. they cheat. and this from michael saying chuck shumer is talking about a different swamp than donald trump. our line from independent, layer a next up from utah. what is the role of the opposition party with the republicans firm until control here in washington? caller: i'm not sure if the party is the one that needs to make the decisions. the people of this country, no matter what party you're affiliated with, we all need to come together on finding some common ground to work and build upon. this divisiveness that we have, his lack of unity that we have is pretty disheartening. i don't trust either of the parties. i think that they're two large orporations that are set up to nslave the citizens.
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to be so divided is wrong. it's not going to get us where we want to go. and i don't know how -- the people that find trump disgusting, i think conservative to the core, but i couldn't vote for the man. i understand why they voted for him, though. i respect the anger and the fear and the position that a lot of us are in. remember, we are the 1% in the world. we've got it better than most everybody else in the whole world. host: layer friday utah, thanks very much. the president will deliver his farewell address from mccormack place in chicago. our coverage tuesday evening, 9:00 eastern time, 8:00 central time. bill, princeton, indiana, democrats line. what's the role of your party moving ahead? caller: first thing, obama and democratic party absolutely
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owes the republican party and their constituents nothing. absolutely nothing. what republicans have done to is united states, the most wonderful country in the world, have divided us. and if you don't think that, you think of the hate -- i listen to your program every day. every day. and when them republicans, especially some of them women get on there, and i never in my life heard so much hate come out of a person's mouth, and then they call themselves christian. that is plum mularkey. and i listen to your program ery day, and yesterday i was listening to zpaush these people that call in, i really feel sorry for you, have to listen to some of that stuff that comes out of people's mouth. and you know yourself that they're wrong, that they're wrong.
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you need to call them out on that stuff. call them out. they're so wrong and they're so misguided and shallow and narrow-minded, it's pitiful. you deserve better than have to listen to that, and i bet you go home and kick your dog around -- [laughter] i highlight to say that, but that's true -- i hate to say that, but that's true. you people are wonderful, wonderful to sit there and listen to that. and then to have somebody call in and say you are part i san, you know, i just -- give me the phone. call me. let me talk to them. because them people need answered to, because they are so shallow. there are so many things wrong. you know they're not going to show their taxes, trump, or the guy that's going to be secretary of state. you know why? they don't pay any taxes.
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and why trump would want to come in there and do a tax reform is plum silly, because why would they want to go to 15% when they don't pay any anyway? it gets to ridiculous. thank you very much. i'll let somebody else have a word. host: what's wonderful is your point of view, and as strongly as you feel about your thoughts and your beliefs, somebody on the other side has their thoughts and beliefs, and what makes this program work is healthy dialogue. we do call people out when there are factual errors. but it really is a chance for the american people to really, as we say, have a town hall, to talk about the issues important to them, and express their own point of view, and it is their point of view. so our job as hosts, the moderator, simply to facilitate that conversation. we'll do it with republicans and others. thank you for the call. we hope you keep watching. this is the cover of washington monthly, how democrats can win back power. and from national review, "out
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of here," the president leaving the white house. you see a caricature of the white house with democrats in disarray, obamacare in trouble. atlantic magazine is also writing about the role of democrats in the party. the headline is the democratic party facing a daunting future. the piece begins by saying the democrats are locked out of power in washington after losing the white house and failing to win back congress. hillary clinton's defeat has left the party without a unifying leader and its hold on state legislatures has eroded significantly during president obama's time in office -- host: sylvia in alexandria, virginia, good morning, the role of the democrats moving ahead, what is it? caller: hi, good morning, thank
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you for taking my call. yes, i think because we have the republicans are in the white house, they're in the senate, they're in the congress, and if we as democrats see him doing stuff that we think, hey, that really isn't what the people want, we have to stand up. we have to fight. what good is a sword in a coward's hands? and that is what we have to do. now, of course, if it's something that, you know, logically we can say, ok, that's a good thing for the people, you know, like jobs and transportation, of course we're not going to fight people just for the sake of fighting. but we do have to fight now because if we don't, we may not really like what's going to
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happen, because on one side of that, even though we've lost the power, a lot of power, it has -- lot of power has gone to the other side. you know when you have all that ower, that can cause people to really extort and not to the right thing. that's all i have to say. host: thanks for the call. we also want to hear from republicans, 202-748-8000. rumors of hillary clinton's comeback, his piece in the "new york times," saying run, hillary, run, for mayor of new york city. also available online at and mitt romney, who was talked about as a potential secretary of state, has written this piece this morning for the president-elect's choice to be the education secretary. he's from "the washington post," a smart choice for
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education. romney in m mitt the washington. caller: hi, this is randy. host: good morning, randy. caller: hi. i was calling to say a couple of things. i think when president obama was inaugurated, it already had hearings, and on the day he was nominated, six or seven of his cabinet members were, you know, passed through the senate that day. and then the following week, another half a dozen. so i don't know what these people are crying about. and one last thing. just to complain to, you know,
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why aren't these democrats so upset about president obama burning through $10 trillion, and what do we have to show for it? ok, that was it. but yeah, it was about, you know, the cabinet members. host: and that's the headline this morning. the headline in "the washington post" this morning, tighter vetting urged for cabinet nominees, writing that a top ethics official had sent a warning to members of congress that some of the president-elect's choices for cabinet positions, some being confirmed before background examinations are being complete, calling it unprecedented and have overwhelmed government investigators responsible for the reviews. back to your tweets on the role of the democrats in the opposition party. patrick says do what the g.o.p. did for eight years, oppose everything trump and the g.o.p. proposed. salon magazine is writing about the campaign for the new chair
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of the democratic national ommittee, donna brazz ill. during the height of the democratic convention, and so from salon magazine is this piece, writing about what the leadership contest is needed, calling it an urgent contest. host: the vote will take place next month in atlanta. karen, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i feel that the role of the democrats should be the same as the republicans and the independents. they need to start working together.
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it's obvious that the united states people voted and spoke their piece, and maybe that's why the democrats didn't win. but they all need to work together for us, the united states people get together with their policies to help us as a country. and that's how i feel the role of the democrats should be, the democrats, republicans and independents need to work together. host: house speaker paul ryan in his fist speech, talked about what's next for the g.o.p., for the democrats, and for congress. speaker ryan: to the minority, i want to say this -- we've never shied away from our disagreements, and i do not expect anyone to do so now. but however bright of a contrast that we draw between us, it must never blind us to the common ground that we share . we must never shy away from making progress for the american people wherever we can.
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and so as your speaker, i promise to uphold the rights of the minority. i promise to hear you out and let you have your say. if i had to sum up, it would be this, agreement whenever possible. ut at all times respect. and to the majority. especially to our returning members, i want to say this -- this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. this is the kind of thing that most of us only dreamed about. i know, because i used to dream about this a lot. the people have given us unified government. and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it was because they wanted results. how could we live with ourselves if we let them down?
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how could we let ourselves down? i, for many months, have been asking our members to raise their gaze and aim high. now, today, this congress, let us not be timid, but rather reach for that brighter horizon and deliver. and so this old chamber, this old chamber might look the same, but in the rush whispers, in the rule of activity, you can feel the winds of change. and as i stand here next to that portrait of good old george washington, i am reminded of a line from one of his favorite plays, tis not mortals to command success, but we'll do more. we will deserve it. and so, my dear friends and colleagues, i say to all of you , good luck and godspeed. thank you very much.
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host: the house speaker from wisconsin. the larger role of congress, you can read it online at with this headline, congress is more important than ever. we're taking your calls and comments on the role of democrats as the opposition party. want to direct your attention to this sunday section from the "new york times," looking at the role of outgoing first lady michelle obama, calling it her turn. the mom-in-chief charmed late night hosts, and now she's -- now is she ready to speak with a fuller voice? her final speech delivered on friday at the white house. we have it available on our website, part of our video library. more of your tweets, the role of the democrats. michael says the following, trump has nominated the largest amount of outsiders for cabinet positions, most presidents have nominated political insireds. and this from karen, who says i laugh every time i hear republicans say we have to work
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together. on the republican line, patrick is next up from glen rock, wyoming. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: hey, how are you doing today? host: fine, thank you. caller: i wanted to point out a t one of the problems that lot of democrats seem to be not paying attention to when they talk about their role as the opposition party, is that the democrats have had the most amount of power both in terms of presidency, congress, you know, just kind of overall throughout the past century, and i hear all these liberals lamenting about the fact that, you know, i don't like the way that our country is going. yet on the other side, they also don't want to point fingers at the fact that they, for the most part, have been the ones pointing in this direction. you can't steer the ship 95% of
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the time, obviously it's not that high, but you can't steer the ship a greater position of the time and then bling the other guy -- blame the other guy for being where you're at. and that's really all i had to say. i thought you might find that interest. host: patrick, thank you of the glen kessler, the fact checker for the "washington post," following up on an earlier headline by the fox news channel that the clinton foundation paid for chelsea's wedding. despite emails saying that there is no evidence that the foundation, in fact, paid for her wedding back in 2010. doug has this tweet. sorry, democrats, you had full control of obama's first two years. what did you do? immigration, no taxes, no jobs, no obamacare, stop helping. and this from jack saying republicans stole the election with the aid of putin, win at all costs, let the looting begin. our line for independents, you're next. good morning.
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caller: hello. i don't think that the democrats should oppose things that make sense. as far as i'm concerned, i think they're all corrupt, including the intelligence. i think hillary clinton's probably using some of her dirty money to pay them off. nothing surprises me when it comes to politics. nothing. host: thanks very much for the call. we'll go to tyrone next from north carolina, democrats line. good morning. caller: the man that called from indiana, he was right on point, how the republican called in with a lot of hate all the time. i would like to say this, give me a few minutes, please. if you go back to when obama first took office, republicans, paul ryan and all, said we're going to oppose everything we do, and now they're going to work with trump. but put god in the equation. god is letting us have our way here, and he's in charge of everything, and people want obama, look at the massive campaign that he ran, so god is
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let the people have trump. that's what i meant to say, trump. he ran a very nasty campaign. if obama had done that, he would never have became president. but now the republicans got trump, they deal with it, and i believe it's the downfall of this country. republicans are racist, racist, racist. and i ask you to have a blessed day. host: go back to that editorial from "usa today" on the role of congress. in the coming months, writes the editorial, the natural temptation will be to forget about congress. it has done little to make the nation proud in recent years. and in the early days of a new administration, attention naturally turns to the new guy in town, not to mention trump's gift for hijacking the national conversation, adding that would be a mistake. full editorial available today at thomas from tennessee, you're next. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning, steve. i just wanted to say you need to take that role of the
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democrats. it's not the democrat party no more. it's the socialist party. the american people are thinking the democrats, the socialists, the progressives, they're thinking about power and not about the country. so they are not democrats like i used to remember democrats, and my zpad my mama. i'm just telling the american people that they're not democrats. they're socialists. they want to give everything away free and nobody work. and i'm telling you the truth. serve thinking about themself and not about the country and what's best for the country. think about what j.f.k. said, what you can do for your country, just not for yourself, i'm not phrasing it correctly, but you get the point, though, don't you?
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they're not dems no more, i promise you. thank you very much, steve. host: thanks. and one of our regular tweeters, democrats as usual will fall on their swords and be the good guys. it won't work. democrats need to use the republican playbook now. you're listening on c-span radio, this program also carried on sirius x.m. channel 124, the potus channel every sunday morning. talking about the role of democrats as the opposition party. more calls in just a moment, but first, the house democratic leader, former speaker nancy elosi. senator pelosi: democrats will tand our ground. if there's an assault on clean
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and air clean water, on civil rights, women's rights, or lgbt rights, if dreamers and their immigrant families face the nightmare of deportation, democrats will stand our round. and if there's an attempt to silence our voices for common sense gun violence prevention, with gabby giffords here in the chamber as our witness, democrats will stand our round. host: that was the start of the 115th congress. anglo is next, connecticut, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. i just wanted to say something about the democrats are supposed to be so bad, but yet back in the 1940's, roosevelt gave them, you know, social
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security. back in 1965, the democrats gave them medicare. republicans have been crying since before then how giving the people something would just destroy the country. well, it hasn't yet. a man comes along, obama, they didn't give him a shot for eight years. they didn't give this guy a shot for eight years, but yet he straightened out wall street for crying out loud. who made the money? republicans always made the money. republicans will always make the money. with people behind him like fox, murdoch, and people like in the house right now in the senate, these senators, they didn't work with this guy for eight years, and all of a sudden they want to work. you know, it's just too bad that people don't have common sense in this country to let someone work for the people. that's all i got to say. thank you. host: thank you very much.
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the trump opposition setting up blue state headquarters in california and in new york. steve is next from marion, kentucky, on the republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to make a comment. host: go ahead, steve. you're on the air. caller: oh, ok. do i have to say who i am or anything? host: no, i just did, and you're at our -- and you're on the air, steve, so go ahead. caller: i supported bernie sanders all during the campaign, and so i get a lot of email and so forth from the democrat party, particularly the progressive wing. and i thought it would reprehensible, but mitch mcconnell, when obama first came in, mcconnell said we're going to make him a one-term president. and then now i see the democrats are doing the very same thing. it's just hard for me to
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imagine that there's no more willingness to try to do something different. i mean, insanity is when you keep doing the same thing and over over and expect different results. i just wondered if you had heard comments from democrats particularly on any willingness to cooperate is all. host: thanks for adding your voice and your point of view to this. there's also another tweet from another viewer saying how should the democrats operate the next four years? the g.o.p. provided the blueprint the last eight years, obstruct everything. back from her perch in europe, now on the white house beat for politico, joining us life on the phone. good sunday morning. thanks very much for being with us. guest: thanks for having me, steve. host: the story that seemed to be breaking over the last 48 hours, and that's the claim by senator chuck schumer and other senate democrats that the
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republicans are pushing through some of these nominees too quickly. what are you hearing? what's happening? guest: right, what i'm hearing is not just from democratic senators, but also from inside the transition. there's a concern that there hasn't been enough vetting. i mean, for white house personnel or any other person like that, they have to fill out this form, an sf-278 to disclose all their financial disclosures. the form is extremely lengthy. the time it takes to go over the details of the form, it's about three months. so the fact that they're pushing through these cabinet posts so quickly, there's really concern that they'll get tripped up when it actually comes time for confirmation. host: will that in any way change? we know the hearings are scheduled to begin on tuesday. a lot of attention on the secretary of state, and according to chuck schumer, the ethics board has not had enough time to really look into rex tillis, and he could be potentially one of the most
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contentious confirmation hearings ahead this week. guest: right, which would be really embarrassing for president-elect trump if he couldn't get his secretary of state passed. that's the other thing t. doesn't seem like he's moving in a way where he's concerned about the repercussions of possibly having one of his nominees torpedoed. and believe me, the democrats are looking for blood, and you know that as well. so, yeah, tiller son is vulnerable. apparently sessions is not as vulnerable. he's had public relations firms working around the clock trying to make sure that his approval goes smoothly. so there's a lot of weakness, minutia, and there are a lot of these nominees have some targets on them, especially because of their history in finance, you know, working for exxonmobil, the secretary of state, his relationship with russia. he's going to be -- there are going to be battles everywhere,
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but my colleagues at politico reporting that they've been grilled under bright lights for hours and hours, practicing how to answer the questions. the good news for them is that there's a republican majority in the senate and some of them only need a simple approval to get past the house. it might not be as difficult for them, if it was a democratic senate. host: then, of course, the option that senator harry reid put in place a few years ago, now helping the republicans, not the democrats. let me go back to your earlier point, tara palmeri, to ask how these nominees are preparing. you said they're going through the process, being grilled behind closed doors, to prep them for what to expect, particularly from senate democrats. do you know where they're taking place and who's participating in these mock sessions? guest: it's a camera packed hearing room.
7:36 am
i believe many of them are happening in new york. and, you know, it's -- actually, i'm sorry, it's on the sixth floor of the downtown d.c. headquarters. they've transformed into a mock senate hearing room, with staffers players senators on roving committees to ensure candidates keep their answers short. that's according to my colleagues, who have been reporting on this. it just seems like this is, you know, really shows that they're in panic mode right now. host: you're back on the white house beat, and there's talk of some potential changes as the white house brett secretary takes over, maybe the return of the gaggle. what are you hearing in terms of the operations and what you and others on the white house beat can expect after january 20, if anything? guest: that's the thing. we have to expect that the
7:37 am
press team is going to follow the lead of the president-elect, soon to be president. sean spicer, press secretary, has been around for a while. he's worked for the r.n.c. he's always kind of followed the washington protocol of how to deal with the press. but, you know, if the boss says, screw them, we don't have to do a daily briefing, we don't need to take questions. i mean, it could turn into kind of a -- it could turn into chaos. i remember when i was at city hall, if mayor de blasio wouldn't take a press conference for long periods of time, we would stake out his car and stand around and -- basically not allow him to enter the vehicle. you can't do that to the president, but there may have to be more aggressive actions taken. we're dealing with a new yorker who doesn't like to play by the rules. so as press, we're going to have to get creative and figure out how to get access and how to deal with the fire of the
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future president. scommoip your opinion on what some are speculating hillary clinton running for mayor of new york city, how serious do you think that is as a former new yorker? guest: i mean, that just seems -- i just can't imagine that, especially following bill de blasio. before he was mayor, he was only public advocate. just seems like such an emotion, to go from a nor to mayor of new york. i mean, i guess mayor of new york is a very high profile job, but it's like going from principal to kindergarten teacher. it seems like too much of a downgrade. but who knows. i mean, maybe she's really desperate to stay in the public eye. i hate to say it, but she doesn't -- i can't imagine how many more years she has left in public office, and to run again , i wouldn't do it. host: tara palmei, back from
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covering europe for politico, now covering the trump white house. her work available online at thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. guest: thank you. have a great day. host: back to your tweets on the role of the democrats as the opposition party. this is from john who says all the appointees will sail through. he says the democrats don't have the juice to obstruct. this one from ohio, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: you're on the air. yes, good morning, jim. caller: yes, sir. my comment is, thanks for c-span, first of all. and my comment is, i believe we're living in a plutocracy, where the corporations actually run the country. i believe ever since citizens united, that was the straw that broke the cam else back, and i believe we've got a fox in the hen house in donald trump. that's my opinion.
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host: thank you. let's go to kenny, joining us next from alexandria, virginia, also on the democrats line. good morning. what's the role of your party ahead? caller: good morning, steve and all. i think the role of the party is really to keep on what they've been saying, at least for the last 50 years or so, and we have -- now we're facing the people that finally voted, and we're combating now an effort by trump about getting , d of rules and regulations and if it makes a dollar, and e wants to not increase pay, he doesn't increase minimum wage. and when you have the situation got finally got -- we
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snow finally in alexandria, and mother nature is slowly coming back. i was watching to will rogers skit, bacon, beans, and limousines, and they filmed it. it was in 1931, when people weren't working. it's kind of getting that way through it. if want a job now, it's, well, oh, you got a job, we might pay tonight hour, and we have money for that. -- we don't have money for that. we're still increasing the military aspect of so-called rotection. kind of gets on to bob dylan's "masters of war," that did he in 1963.
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host: thanks 2309 call, from alexandria, virginia. we'll move on another tweet from another viewer, saying the democrats are in a bad spot. they have no power in the house, only fill bust neither senate. they can make their case in the midterms. see you then. from the jump page of "the washington post," democrats call for a delay in the hearings. again, confirmation hearings that we'll be covering including for attorney general and for secretary of state again on tuesday. five hearings on wednesday, all available on our website at the jerusalem post reporting on an incident that may have claimed as many as four lives, as a truck attack injures the soldiers. it's being called a terrorist attack by the israeli police. some local reports saying three of those who died are soldiers. the attack taking place in a promenade overlooking the old city of jerusalem. george from north carolina. good morning. welcome to the program. caller: good morning, sir. thanks for taking my call.
7:43 am
i'm a rabid watcher. i wanted to point two things out. a, the republicans did what they felt like they had to do eight years ago. and the democrats last year they did what they felt like they had to do so. they can thank where they're at, they can thank people like debbie wasserman. they can thank hillary. bernie sanders was their option, and they turned it down. they've got two years. all i can say is deal with it, and the rest of us, all we can do is just hunk you are down and watch, because people like me who are watching your show, all we can do is sit here and talk and watch and get mad and hide. that's all we can do. we've got two years, and that's where we're at. hey, listen, y'all have a good day or be safe. it's snowing down here. drive careful. host: good morning from north carolina., share your comments as well. the role of the democrats as the opposition party. robert says the democrats have
7:44 am
to do what republicans did to president obama, block everything in our system, it's the best remedy to fight a ruthless cabal called the republican party. one says they need to get in line with the rest of the country instead of pandering to p.c. politics and fringe groups. these policies have been rejected. let's go to bill from fairfax, virginia, also on the republican line. good morning, bill. caller: thanks for taking my call. the democrats better wise up, because if they -- in two years, they are going to lose the ny senators if they -- merican people have put this power, and the democrats better not -- better not too strong on the opposition. i also wanted to commend you on he show you did december 9 for
7:45 am
john glenn. that was a beautiful show. but it made me understand what's wrong with this country. we celebrate death, but we don't celebrate life. if you had showed that show on -- i believe it's the 18th. john glenn washed it, and he was really into it. but on december 9, you did not mention kirk douglas. he turned hundred years ago, and i congratulate him. i thank you again for that show. host: thank you from fairfax, virginia. on our facebook, this is from james hopkins, the democratic party only needs to stand firm to its core principles and beliefs, period. not complicated at all. if they do this, they may be able to cooperate in ignificant ways with mctortoise, ryan and trump. my sense is they will have to stand zpall fight their
7:46 am
recollection air foes at every step along the way. what goes around comes around. let's go to anita joining from us missouri, independent line. good morning. caller: hi. i believe the question was, what should we as people wanting to preserve our democracy do now? the fist thing i think we need to do is everybody get together regardless of party and make sure that gerrymandering ends. the republicans have gerrymandered not only the united states congress, senate, but they've gerrymandered every state in the united states, their governors, their local senators and represents. and we're going to lose our democracy if that keeps up. and then another thing does is citizens united. i heard another person speak to that. if carpgses really are people, -- if corporations really are people, then do they have the
7:47 am
right not to pay taxes like people rather than get this 15% rate that is being touted by trump and the republicans? and third and last thing i'd like to bring up is the jolly tpwhail we're not hearing much about recently. and that's the bill that would time ct the amount of that senators and representatives doing their working hours in the daytime can run over to these offices and the soliciting money from the rich. so i think we need to look at gerrymandering, citizens united, and the jolly bill in order to keep our democracy. thanks a lot. host: anita, thanks. the reference to the jolly bill, congressman jolly, who .as defeated after one term a response to an earlier email saying no, north carolina, roosh gave us this president.
7:48 am
trump is illegitimate. let's go to jerome, joining us on the democrats line from erie, pennsylvania. good morning, jerome. caller: good morning. i got one thing to say. america, wake up. we're divided. trump opened pandora's box. we will not come together again. you just listen to the republicans and democrats who called in. this country is so separated. we're not going to come together, and we're just going to wake up and face this what we have. because trump and the republicans ain't going to do nothing, nothing, nothing. host: jerome from pennsylvania. thanks for the call. anthony has this tweet, or this comment on our facebook page, saying resist. treat the trump administration just like the republican party treated the obama administration, by standing in the way of everything that they are trying to pass, our number one goal should be to ensure donald trump is a one-term president. sound familiar? chris says we gained seats in both the house and the senate this election.
7:49 am
you even realize that our candidate also got three million more votes? we'll be fine. and don wells, we have been told by democrats for eight years that the job of congress is to rubber stamp whatever the president wants. if they don't, the president merely does what he wants. even if he has said so publicly, he lacks the authority under the constitution to do what he wants alone. according to democrats, there is nothing they can do, right? let's go to jackie, virginia. good morning, republican line. the role of the opposition moving ahead. what is it, jackie? caller: yes, sir, i used to live in new york and helped elect hillary to her position there, and it got to the point where i felt like i was waiting for a law to be passed to have to ask permission to use my restroom. and now anyway longer live there. we've had an election where we were all told our vote counts.
7:50 am
and when everybody went out and did their voting, i feel like the people that cheated, not that i'm saying one way or the the who i voted for, but common people voted for her and the electoral voted for him. so who really won the election? and on top of that, we finally get a raise for social security, because i'm a disabled service-connected veteran. and i thought, oh, wow, i'm finally going to be able to afford the cost of living for food and clothing and everything else, and when i checked my bank statement, i'm getting the same amount that i got last month, the month before, and the month before that, because when they gave me that cost of living raise, they raised the cost of my insurance for medicare.
7:51 am
how many i supposed to afford the raise in my food and clothing now? and the electric and everything else that comes to me in a bill. host: jackie from virginia. david, who wrote extensively about the trump foundation and businesses from "the washington post" sunday magazine, my year with trump, uncovering the would-be president's record on charitable contributions, donations, and receiving that notorious access hollywood video. first published at let's go back to the atlantic magazine, which has written a piece about the role of the dems and what the democrats should expect from the republicans. the piece includes these words again, with an eye on 2018
7:52 am
and the 25 democratic seats that are up in 2018, many of them in states that donald trump won in 2016. of course, covering the 2018 campaign as part of our election coverage. david is joining from us new jersey, our line for independents. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: good morning, c-span, the best channel on television. host: good morning. caller: good morning, steve. how are you today? host: i'm fine. good to hear from you again, my friend. caller: i called just before the election. host: right, i remember. kevin: and i told you i was very concerned about the election. and nothing has changed since the election. i have voted in every federal, state, municipal election since harry truman. and for 40 years, was a democrat. until the last years of the 40 years, the democrats would like a dictatorship.
7:53 am
republicans couldn't have any amend ams put up or anything. i see the same thing happening here with this congress. what the democrats are going to have to do is try to stay together and deal with everything they possibly can for we the people and not me the people. and i hope this goes better. i truly hope that things get better. but based on what i've seen on c-span since this went into secession, every vote, there's just one they voted for about srael has been partisan. all republicans and all democrats. i hope for my children and grandchildren, as well as the children of the american people .
7:54 am
host: remind our audience again how old you are. caller: i'll be 93 the 29th of this month. host: i knew it was coming up. caller: thank you very much. you're a fantastic young man, steve. ou're fantastic. i hope, i sincerely hope that the congress will come together and try to do what is best for we the people. i hope, that's all i can say, i hope, but time will show whether that will happen. we need desperate cooperation and compromise. we'll see if it happens. host: well, david, happy birthday. keep calling in when you turn 94, 95 and 96. appreciate it. caller: oh, i hope so. [laughter] host: we hope so too. what's your secret?
7:55 am
host: best to you and your family for the future. host: david, what's your secret to a long life? caller: my secret to a long doing lief in god, and every day the best that i can do, and don't let so many things bother me. and love thy neighbor. that's the thing. host: good advice. david, happy birthday early on the 29th. cyberwar inc. is the cover story, and a tweet from jodie, in two short years, if the american people realize they've been trumped, they will vote accordingly. let's go to jeff, joining us this morning from oliver springs, tennessee, our line for republicans. good morning, jeff. caller: how y'all doing? host: how are you? caller: i'm fine. one of your previous callers said something about republicans gerrymandering. i don't think it's possible to
7:56 am
gerrymander state races. as far as the democrats, my opinion is simply this, 2009, barack obama told eric kanter elections have consequences, and he won. and then and the democratic party proceeded to show their agenda down the throat of everybody in america that didn't like them. they didn't care. well, turnabout's fair play, and the republicans should do exactly the same thing, and maybe the democrats will lesson a learn, and in the future that kind of stuff won't happen again. thanks. host: thanks for the call. we'll get to more commonets our facebook page. but first, lisa is next from louisville, kentucky, democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. happy new year. host: you too. caller: my comment is for the democrats as an opposition party. i don't think a lot of people that are on medicare realize that when they did pass
7:57 am
obamacare, it also gave us provisions, too. it gave us the right to have a free mammogram. we also have the right to have school coppy and other services that we normally had to pay for. so i really would like to say, i hope the senior citizens of this country really know what they're doing when they say they oppose obamacare, because it will affect us. and that is true, i got a raise this year, and all of my premium went to medicare. i don't mind paying the extra on that, but i do mind not getting any extra money at all to help cover my prescriptions. thank you. host: thank you. on our facebook page, fls chris. here's a thought -- how about their job, don't look at political parties or how they can hurt the current majority, just your job. get rid of old, outdated regulations and replace with new ones, represent the people who elected you and not washington. and there's also this from eve
7:58 am
saying stay diligent, stay vigilant, let the reality and t. and the f d.j. republican-controlled congress take its course. john, our line for independents, north carolina. good morning. caller: good morning. how you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: i just recall like it was yesterday when obama won the election, how he told the republicans to get in the back seat, sit down and shut up, and how george w. bush drove this country off the road into the ditch. and from what i've seen, obama has taken us out of the ditch and over the cliff. he and the democrats, harry reid and pelosi, they need to get in the back seat and sit down shut up. and it's time for the republicans to shove some things down their throat like they have the american people of this country. he electorals are very
7:59 am
important, especially with how many illegals and votes that are going down every election in this country. it's almost made a mockery you've our whole electoral system to have an i.d. to vote, to be declared as racist is just a joke. it's just part of their scheme to make a mockery of it. host: john from north carolina. to you and all of your calls and comments and tweets and facebook postings, we appreciate it. continue the conversation on @cspanwj. page, coming up, we want to turn our attention to donald trump's tweets. when he is not a twitter directed to the ford motor company, it impacted ford and its decision to keep jobs here in the u.s. we'll talk to issie lapowsky about all of this. and later, can an entrepreneur like donald trump run the country like a business? university of maryland's philip joyce will be here to share his thoughts. "washington journal" continues on this sunday morning. but first, news makers, which


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