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tv   Washington D.C. Officials Brief on Inauguration Security and Logistics  CSPAN  January 8, 2017 7:23pm-8:01pm EST

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>> who leaves first, obama or assad? >> i certainly hope it's assad. >> yeah, i do, but i don't think so. >> there is a another tap that ." s "mentions decision byzarre the president of mexico to invite donald trump down there. far left side the there are breakdowns, much like you would find on any other shopping website. au can say i want to see particular person's name, a senate committee, or a tag for policy. the left side is very valuable for narrowing down. >> search, click, and play on the c-span video library on with inauguration day later this month, d.c. mayor marielle
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bowser-- mayor muriel talked about preparation and security measures. this conference is 35 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to historic fort mcnair. as you know we are two weeks away from the presidential inauguration. i will tell you that we are honored to be the department of defense lead for ceremonial support to the inauguration am an proud to be a part of this great team that is planning and executing this historic event. the military's participation in presidential and not durations dates back to 1989 when soldiers escorted george washington to the haul in new york city and we -- to his swearing-in ceremony at federal hall, and we are proud to carry on this tradition.
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today we are honored to have with us the mayor of washington dc. please welcome mayor muriel bowser. >> thank you. good morning, every body. we are delighted to be here at fort mcnair. i want to thank the major general and all of his staff, who support us each and every day, but who will especially be 58thrting us in the inaugural ceremony. -- in the inaugural ceremony. the deputy mayor for public , they in washington dc district's director of homeland security, the chief of police in , our d. director,
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our dpw director, our health , and also our human .ervices director also the d.c. national guard is represented here as well as the fire chief gregory dean. i am thankful as well to the federal partners who have joined us, and you will hear from the special agent in charge of the washington dc office for the asted states secret service, well as police representatives and representatives from the federal emergency management agency, or fema. them for theall of work that they have been doing in preparation for the inauguration. course in washington dc we are the capital of the united states of america, and the seat
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of our federal government. over year -- over the years our federal government works to keep save during the peaceful transition of power. since april my administration has been working closely with local and regional and private sector partners to ensure the seamless oversight. and the management of this event and the security event. media, we arethe so grateful to see so many of at local and international outlets. a key role in helping residents and business owners and the many visitors who are coming to washington dc. they areortant prepared so they know how to access all of the events. for the 58th presidential inauguration.
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we have created two important information channels. -- alsoinvite ms. it invite visitors of the public to check it frequently. the first is our official website. the second is the districts official inauguration twitter account. both of our website and twitter accounts are up and running. can be used with news and logistics about security and getting around washington dc. follow these tools and check back with them frequently.
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our country to come together, every inauguration is also an opportunity for our cities vibrant communities to shine. for our city to show the nation about local washington dc. federal washington will be on display. but we invite the many visitors to see our neighborhoods and support our businesses and get to know the residents of washington dc. we look forward to hosting this national celebration. i'm going to ask the directors to provide a few more specifics about our planning. the we will be joined by general >> thank you, mayor.
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good afternoon, everyone. the district has a long history of successfully executing inaugurations and special events in our nation's capitol, since april we have been working with our federal, state, local partners on your contingency planning to ensure that all those who choose to come to the event to have a safe, peaceful experience. to anticipate questions about potential protests or demonstrations, the district in cooperation with our police partners work daily with the members who come to the nation's capitol to express their rights, and our goal is always to make sure people can come and express their rights, safely and peacefully regardless of subject matter and make sure everybody
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returns home safely at the end of the day. as district residents we all , know that large national security events such as inaugurations impact our city. the key for us is planning ahead. for specific details on the inaugural schedule, road closures, prohibited items, city services and transportation options, please visit our official website at i would now like to introduce our partner and the federal lead for the second national security event special agent brian ebert. , >> good afternoon, everyone i'm happy to be here. mayor , thank you for inviting me. i appreciate it. january 20th will be our 58th presidential inauguration. it was designated a national
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special security event last july homelandpartment of security. it will be our country's 56th national special security event. about half of which have taken place here in washington d.c. as with all national security event, the secret service is the lead agency in charge of overseeing the implementation of the security plan. we work in close congress junction with our federal partners, federal emergency management agency as well as incident investigations. the secret services core strategy is to leverage our missing strong relationships with our law enforcement and military partners here in the capital region and collaboratively establish a security plan or the
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inauguration. there are many partners involved in this land, many who are represented in the ring today. the secret service employs a unified command model. we established a committee staffed with senior staff representatives from those agencies that have primary jurisdiction over the event. the executive steering committee is supported by 25 subcommittees. examples are crowd management, credential credentialing, fire, life safety and health and medical. the expertise and coordination of all those involved is critical to a successful inauguration. we've been working on this far -- for a long time. conducted numerous joint training initiatives and tabletop and field exercises to make sure we have an immediate , well courtney did and effective response to any
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challenges we might face during the inauguration. using our collaborative process, we established a competent security plan to ensure a safe environment for our inductees as well as those who are attending. we are ready. for this inauguration. thank you. >> good afternoon. general manager of metro. just want to talk a little bit about some of the operation that will be performing on the 20th, metro service 4:00 a.m. running till midnight. eak hour running p service throughout the day from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. we will be running a bus service, that will be impacted with all the road closures, so we invite you to go to our website.
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we also have parking spots throughout the region and follow the twitter monitor feed. we are offering a special one-day inaugural pass, $10, it prevents you from standing in line to get a pass at our stations. if you do that before the 13th we can get it mailed out to you, , we suggest you do that as quickly as possible, we will also be selling them the day of the event. i want to thank all of our partners and also want to our sister transit agencies around the country. the, -- weout to
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reached out months ago to help provide law enforcement capabilities, so we appreciate their time as well. >> thank you we're happy to take a few questions. >> is there any indication that there will be more protests at this inauguration then in the past? >> well, my expectation of this entire team is that they have prepared for any and all circumstances and you have heard director geld harthart talk about our preparations for the ability of people to come to our city and exercise their first amendment right. many have applied for permits to do exactly that and have been handled by the various agencies, so we expect people to comply with their permits. we expect them to exercise their rights peacefully and will be prepared should anybody choose
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not to. >> are you done with the process or are some of them still up in the air? i understand there were changing last night or early? >> sure. let me have them speak to that and the chief can let us know about any local permits. >> i'm talking specifically along the parade routes. >> how many have been granted? >> we expect people to come down to the in migration and demonstrate their rights. some permits are still being processed. >> how many have been granted? >> i don't have the specific number on that. >> will you designate a space along the route where people are told to protest?
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>> the secret service is going to treat everybody there as general public that comes into the event, so there's not designated areas. an individual group might decide to meet in a particular area, but we don't designate areas. >> just a second. >> from a d.c. perspective, there's really two agencies that grant permits in the district of columbia, that's the park police and the metropolitan police department. we have had three permits applied for to the metropolitan police department and all three of them printed. we've been working with them on the areas where they will be having their ability to exercise their first amendment rights and i know the park police have been working with all the permits they have received as well. the idea is, we have to work with the presidential inaugural
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committee and other folks to make sure the spaces people are applying for are available for them to do that and sometimes those things take a little bit of a wild to determine which spaces they're going to use for bleachers or things like that and areas they're going to use for their use and what comes open. we have the permits again. the city has approved all three that we received i know the park service has been working for all of them to be accommodated as best as possible. >> could you tell me where the three permits that they rented? >> the freedom plaza for us. >> as we covered protests in the dnc and rnc, much smaller scale than you were expecting, but one
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of the tactics is they move a lot. if these groups that have been granted a designated area, if they begin to move is movement a concern of yours causing disruptions and will you arrest people if they do not comply with their designated area? >> certainly we want to encourage everybody to come and celebrate, those who come to protest we want to encourage them to do that. our responsibility is of course the safety of everybody who is participating and that is how our agencies will respond. yes sir. >> how much money is the city sending on the inauguration an how much of that is reimbursed by the federal government? >> we expect it all to be reimbursed by the federal government. [ laughter ] >> we think the number is going to be 30 million, i think so far
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19 million has been appropriated. that's not unlike previous years where we have been spent more and knew that we would spend more than the appropriation, but we have gone back to request and i'll ask chris to give you the details to request what the actual expenditures were and i don't think we've been far off in collecting what has been expended. >> much like in 2013, for that inauguration, we received a line item in the president's budget to do the inauguration, that line item didn't cover the entire cost and we went back to the federal government, will be going to same thing here, we have been in conversations with the congress with we are, some won't be known until well after the inauguration and tally up all the man hours and so some that will be pending until after but as we look at the cost and
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the demonstrations that we saw for rnc and dnc is much less, they received $50 million each for their two events so we're pretty confident that the congress will work with us as we only receive 19.9 for the inauguration and they have been being with us as well. >> there are some anarchist groups that have no intent on getting permits. is there anything the city or police are doing in terms of confronting or dealing with the state of intent of disrupting the ceremonies? >> sure. let me turn to the chief. >> peter, as you know, we have had multiple demonstrations here in city and since the election. and we consider it a circumstance that we are very
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well prepared to deal with. we don't anticipate any problem. the fact that you have some folks indicating on social media that they're coming to shut down the inauguration or the events is something that we will be repaired for. as you know we have experienced , that type of thing before in the city and will be able to handle it. i heard someone say on the news the other day, i think it was a member to have aclu that our posture here in the district, the police department's posture and our federal partners is to facilitate demonstrations and first amendment assemblies and that's what we intend to do. >> are you preparing for more mass arrest? >> it's always one of the things to prepare for but don't anticipate that will be the case. >> you are planning on using large bags of sand like new new year's? is there something that is being thought over? >> we're going to use a number
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of different barriers to prevent a large truck type situation what we have seen in other parts of the world. >> are you going to use the trucks like new years? >> we don't specifically talk about our tactics we're going to use the table that kind of thing. but will be prepared in the event. how big are you anticipating, i know 2009 was a lot bigger than 2012. is it everybody out here or just what are you looking for? idea, i would not want to put a number on it, but, as you probably heard me say before, weeks right -- we plan for very large numbers and if they're smaller we are prepared but plan for the biggest number possible. and so i asked my team to look at the biggest number we have
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had. and look at scenarios of who is coming along the route, who has a permit, he doesn't, literally a couple of weeks ago was trying to find members of my cabinet, the chief; the fire chief specifically and they were all away doing a table top exercise going through these various scenarios so i won't be able to put a number to it but we look at the outside numbers, the biggest inauguration was for in 2009 and we have planned from there. >> for example, you got all this attention downtown. are there agreements for like the outer areas of d.c.? >> yes, thank you for that. so we of course will be policing
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all of washington dc. our government services while we will have a lot of attention from all of the agencies and making sure we have a smooth inauguration. the balance of the 33,000 employees of washington d.c. will be on day today operations of our city. the inauguration is one day. it's friday, january 20thth and it is a federal holiday for the national capital region. so expect to d.c. government workers and federal workers to have the day off. all of the days leading up to the inauguration and all the inauguration of her regular days of business in washington dc. d.c. is open for business. many restaurants and business will be open on inauguration day as well. so feel free to go not only in the perimeter but outside and shop and dine like you are accustomed to doing.
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our force will be augmented by national police coming from around the nation that will operate under the command of our chief of police. i think we are adding 3000, which is difficult. they will begin to arrive two days before the inauguration. >> there are people say they're planning to give out marijuana on the day of the inauguration? will you be looking out for that and arresting people who are smoking in public? [laughter] >> we are going to be prepared for the peaceful demonstration of people's first amendment rights. that would not be our first priority. >> can you discuss any special inconvenience because of trump hotel being on pennsylvania route, long beach parade will there be any roadblocks in
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particular to that? most federal buildings are federal on the parade route. how are you going to manage crowds in and out of the hotel? >> on january 20? >> does it present any special concerns. >> let me speak to the secret service on that? >> an event of this size is going to necessarily disrupt the city and we're going everything -- we are doing everything we can, the secret service working together with the city and law enforcement and public safety partners to lessen that the disruption. what we did for this inauguration that we haven't four is the set of a subcommittee specifically focused on providing to and communicating with the resident
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of the city as well as the businesses of the city. aconite ever, we started reaching out to the folks most affected by the inauguration and providing them information about what they might expect on game day. to date we have reached out to , over 1,500 buildings and over 350,000 people and 5,000 individual businesses and provided information to them and let them know what to expect. over the next weeks we are going to host a number of town hall meetings so folks can learn about the road closures and restrictions and ask questions and voice concerns. we have worked very closely with all the buildings along the parade route, some are private, some are federal and we have come up with a plan to accommodate all the folks in the building an make sure we provide a safe and secure environment for everyone. >> to the secret service, or the homeland security if you could,
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what did secret service learn and local authorities learn from the rnc and dnc where there were some protest obviously not as , many as was expected, but will be instructive for you along the way and a follow-up to that, have you had any type of specific threats aimed at this event? >> the secret service works closely with our law enforcement and intelligence community partners to ensure that we stay well aware of potential threats. we're constantly enhancing and tailoring our predictive methodologies and bringing new tools and technologies to mitigate against the threats. i cannot discuss the details of the security plan but can tell , you with will have a robust security perimeter, this will be
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zone around buffer all protective sites as well as motorcade routes and the parade route. policewill consist of officers and national guardsmen and secret service and homeland security investigation agents as well as a number of physical barriers and control checkpoints to screen everyone coming into the event. visit checkpoints will be metal detectors as well as bag searches that are going on. in terms of what we learned from past event, we are always enhancing at adapting our methodology. specifically i can say that i went to the republican national convention and brought with me members of staff from the u.s. park police and the metropolitan police department and the united states military to take a look at what was going on there. to meet with the law-enforcement
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and public safety officials in cleveland and see what their concerns and challenges were and take back any lessons learned that we can apply to the inauguration. >> on the question of threats, have you seen any or are you addressing any specific threats related to this event? closely are working with the fbi and law enforcement partners to find any threats. we're not going to discuss any specifics. >> earlier this week, weapons, cash was found on the canal, was there any update to that discovery and whether or not it had any implications of any threat or plot for the inaugural? >> let me have the park police come up and address that. chief, is that right? barclays will address that.
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sam, let me add to an earlier question you asked. the d.c. national guard will also be deployed in the downtown of washington and they will lead a group of guardsmen from 42 5000 guardsmen in downtown washington that help us with the perimeter. where is my park police officer? at this point that is still an ongoing investigation. right now we have no reason to believe it have any negative to terrorism or the inaugural event.
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>> how many law enforcement people will be at all inauguration day. >> we put out a call early in the year for police officers to augment the police force. we expect an additional 3000 police officers and we will also have the assistance of the national guard. we expect 5000 guardsmen to expect -- help us in downtown washington protect the perimeter that has been established around the parade route. the condition of the arlington memorial bridge affect your ability to move people and equipment out of the city? >> does anyone have anything to say about the arlington memorial bridge? let me use this as an opportunity to focus the attention of the incoming
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administration to the arlington memorial bridge which belongs to the national parks service which needs about $200 billion more to be completed. it is an important connection between our city and our workforce. it is also a direct link to arlington cemetery. have some weight restrictions and i'm not sure if they are affecting on this operation. time periodnaugural , we are doing the inauguration 21st, but20th, and particularly on the 20th it will only be used for pedestrian traffic. is there something that he built in, a safe track plan knowing this they will be high ridership.
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we were notstart, going to be doing work during that period. we shut down all routine maintenance after this weekend going forward just to make sure there are no issues. >> just to follow up, as you know, there are often problems all the metro that are unanticipated. should something happen and there needs to be a single tracking insulation, how will you handle that? >> we will continue to prepare. the pointemphasize made earlier.don woodley avenue visitors trying to use our metro, the biggest problem they encounter is not knowing how to pay and get where they are going. we are encouraging everyone to go to our website, the metro
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website and learn how to buy the fair -- fare in advance. you eliminate the insurgency. -- eliminate the uncertainty. do that in advance of the swearing in and inauguration activities. theark police, you guys in d.c. area have three permits that have been approved, what about part? -- park police? >> that process is ongoing as our national park service partners are working to get final answers on the spaces to be used. i do not have the numbers today. they're doing the best that they can to get the spaces released to the groups who are actively engaged trying to get the spaces of demonstration. >> i want to thank everybody who
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has been involved in this planning and, as i mentioned, when i had a conversation with the president-elect, the city has been involved and every one of these inauguration festivities is well prepared. just about half of the national special security is events. i want to thank law enforcement from the planning they had done and also mentioned that the human services report that goes with a large-scale event brought ems andng centers and all those centers are in place. i want to thank our business improvement districts that are actors in the district of columbia to help people move around. i have no doubt that people who are coming will not only enjoy the official activities of the get toation, but also
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see our restaurants, neighborhoods, and communities. thank you for spreading the word about and @inaug17 which will be the official twitter website for washington dc. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] the presidential inauguration of donald is friday, january 20. c-span will have a life coverage of all the days events and ceremonies. , and live on c-span and listen live on the free c-span radio app. announcer: tonight on c-span, q and a with author rosemary
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stevens, that's followed by michelle obama giving her last public beach as first lady. later, incoming white house press secretary talks about the presidential transition process and future relations with the press. ♪ this week on "q&a", rosemary stevens. professor stevens the cusses her book -- discusses her book "a time of scandal. charles r. forbes, warren g. harding, and the making of the veterans bureau." , why doosemary stevens you think somebody wanted to read a book about a man named charles r. forbes? rosemary: because he's interesting. because he had been written about before.


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