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, that allows us come together and far, we we have come so the globalat is vision for that. exporting that, as many of our friends and allies around the world say. send a short energy. that is what we should be talking about. i believe it is time for conversation around climate to take a step forward and get off the simplistic who believes and who denies. that is why my remarks focused on, what do we really see and what is really happening. i think the president lost an opportunity to hold up a great success story. we are one of the world's wegest economies and what have been able to achieve
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through modern techniques and technology will allow us to develop this fast resource of natural yes we have right here at home. historic significant, item we should take advantage of. think of the global environment in this context. we are part of this solution, let's go out and work on this solution. on lamenting, focusing solutions. that is why we immediately jumped into the conversation. we are part of the conversation, we have more. we take second seat to no one but we have to if all the conversation to a more constructive place that brings us together as americans as opposed to our differences. our view ised,
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harrison missed an opportunity to talk about what we are doing in the united states. we will leave it up to them. folks, in the private sector, through it hasty and innovation not been implemented yet. for example, the clean power plant, we have achieved at least half the reductions in carbon administrations that a clean power plant was supposed to bring us. to look at you have those innovative private-sector solutions that have been brought to us by producing our abundant natural gas. we are part of the solution. to solutions. we will lead the way with
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collaborative work. thank you very much. we appreciate your being here today and please feel free to catch up with us, we are free to answer whatever questions you might have.
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♪ >> c-span washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, to discussions. first we will hear from susan ste\veouchd flowers will speak.
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in 20 of smith will talk about those who support and those who object to the nominations. join the discussion. announcer: today, health and human services said her outlines the potential consequences of repealing the health care law. live coverage begins at one: -- c-span p.m. eastern on two. the national of security council and what changes might occur during the trump administration. this was hosted by the council on foreign relations. it is about one hour. where to putow this. it might knock it off.


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