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tv   Using the C-SPAN Video Library  CSPAN  January 10, 2017 1:53am-1:58am EST

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eastern on c-span three and you can watch it again on c-span2. later, president obama delivers his farewell address to the nation chicago. he will talk about his last eight years as resident and -- as president and offer some thoughts. you can also listen on our radio app. >> the c-span video library is an easy way to search and view c-span programs and to help is dr. robert browning, executive director of the c-span archives. >> go to, the main site, and look on the front page.
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on the left side are all of the hearings and the presidential events of the day and the political campaign events and then right underneath that on the left side is a link that says recent events and they appear in the order that they were on the network. you can search for a person's name. .ages that contain the video on that page is a search box where you put in a word, so let's say you want to put in a word. let's say they talk about climate change. >> members of the congressional like caucus will receive the signatures and public statement of those demanding that this body support obama's plan. >> or you want ted poe who talks about iraq in those words. that will get you to small pieces, almost like paragraphs where they make their remarks. >> the soldiers were members of the 3rd battalion 16th field army regiment, 2nd armored
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brigade combat team of the 3st -- of the first cavalry division. these american soldiers or were volunteers that swore to protect the united states. >> across the top we have a link that says all our video, our clips. you can find all the clips that people make are available for other people to look for. >> who leaves first, obama or assad? >> i certainly hope it's assad. >> yeah, i do, but i don't think so. >> there's another tab that says mentions, and mentions are quotes that are valuable. >> what a bizarre decision by president peen yet toe to invite donald trump down there. >> and then on the far left side, there are breakdowns much like you would find on any other shopping web site. you could say i want to see a
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particular person's name, i want to see a particular senate committee or a tag for a policy. to the left side, it's very valuable for narrow aring down. >> search click and play on ♪ >> c-span's washington's german -- washington journal live everyday. coming up, house services member , bradley burns of alabama on the nomination of jeff sessions in the office of u.s. attorney general. he will talk about republican plants to make changes to the affordable care act. house foreign affairs committee member, brad sherman of california on the issues acing the new congress including donald trump's presidency and his major policy initiatives. he discusses homeland security, foreign affair issues and the ongoing confirmation hearings this week. c-span's washington journal tuesday morning.
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join the discussion. >> now former economic director talks about public investments during the trump administration. he also spoke about different ways to fund infrastructure projects. the brookings institution posted this event. [indistinct conversation] >> good morning. i am director of the center on fiscal and monetary policy. the center was formed three years ago now.


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