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tv   AFT President Randi Weingarten Delivers Remarks on Education Policy  CSPAN  January 10, 2017 5:08am-5:58am EST

5:08 am you can also listen on our radio app. >> c-span's "washington journal," live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, house armed services committee member congressman bradley byrne's, nomination the of jeff sessions to the u.s. attorney general seat. he will also talk about republican plans to make significant changes to the affordable care act. then, the house foreign affairs committee member, brad sherman of california, on the issues facing the new congress, including president-elect donald trump's presidency and his major policy initiative. he will also discuss homeland security, foreign affairs issues, and the oncoming confirmation issues in the senate this week. "washington journal," life beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern this morning. join the discussion.
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>> next, american federation of teachers president randi weingarten talks about u.s. education policy and her opposition to president-elect trump's education secretary duncan. this event is 45 minutes. . >> many of you know, >> many of you know the person i'm about to introduce as the fearless leader of the american federation of teachers. she is the former present of united federation of teachers. i know her as the teacher, the educator who if the demise is the best of what our public education system has to offer. and educator the epitomizes the best of what our public education has to offer. twenty-five years ago i had the privilege of being one
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of per political science student center clean your kid she demonstrated the role of a teacher goes far beyond a lesson plan or giving and lecture or grading exams but have a vision for the students' future to cultivate a learning environment that encourages action to nurture the minds and abilities. the teacher was an innovator and and said his departing seemingly mundane immaterial concepts to a class of restless urban students each station transform the classroom and to a congressional hearing or a court room to put in
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positions of power as legislators and councilors of the lot. to analyze text and case law and would lead to sharpen critical thinking skills to think quickly on our feet. the of bill of rights and a constitutional amendment is a living document and began to shape the young minds. the teacher was a motivator with hopelessness for the uh uncommitted these. to challenge each of us and then to have that illegal searches and seizures. the first paper had read for
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her class. she did not refrain from providing constructive feedback. with us perjury and liability and what happened the rest of your footnotes? we quickly aid there was a nexus between high standards and high performance. transcending the four laws of the classroom and to participate in phone canvassing campaigning for local city councilwoman and from that point on a sense of personal responsibility
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was instilled in the power to tussaud to do so. this led me to the state assembly in college and worked closely with constituents to work directly on the legislative bill that later became a state law. all of this happened for first generation americans wonder leadership who had no interest in maintaining status quo in education. into a champion those virtues of public education and then to sacrifice time and talent to ensure that students succeed.
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em by the advancement of the skills and teamwork from the of learning project and now we need our educators. with adequate investments made to realize is through the children that become productive adults. to anyone who was unconvinced and university professors and then through the class the graduate with
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me if they will not persuade the -- persuade you then her class we discovered the academic curiosity was piqued to develop an interest in and of law that would lead me to perceived legal studies and attend law school to commit to a career from the underserved communities. today become as of randi weingarten and a managing director of a nonprofit organization bank egis public-school students during the course of their software, jr. seniors of high-school. and then to succeed at the most prestigious colleges including harvard, yale,
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columbia, and verse, wesleyan and so many more. so my hope now is my three children will continue to have teachers and adjust as inspiring if not more than randi weingarten and also learned the value of citizenship to maintain high standards i feel incredibly e blast to be among the many beneficiaries of her mission in teaching a public education and it is my distinct honor to introduce to you a leader to has embodied what the report --
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education system represents my former teacher, randi weingarten. [applause] >> okay you cannot give the speech after that laugh laugh these are our kids. and she epitomizes the potential m. promise of public education. a side from that, and not just an incredible where and parent but our kids have become incredible friends. think very much.
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so eight years ago i spoke at the press club as the newly elected president. at that time president obama was inheriting the worst economic crisis since the great depression. losing $750,000 a month. this week president-elect will inherit a far different economy. with 200,000 jobs for our record 75 months straight. >> and to address the effects of the globalization and automation. is wrong not to acknowledge the real progress and then
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to face a different crisis to have, then send the institutions and that is or by the distorted reality of fake news. so those in the case the secretary clinton voted for candidates that will now be your president and vice president. what can we do to address head-on the deep anger and i believe if not a less polarized environment for
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pluralism and democracy? but diversity if we just want our children to strive. the answer always starts with purposeful education. and today's battleground of notes child left behind and a republicans and democrats alike to move past the education wars. and from those that don't often agree with the every
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student succeeds act. senator alexander marveled at the consensus to create an environment for student achievement 85 senators 339 representatives the council of chief and parents across the country than the people that i represent and what is called a christmas miracle was despite that extraordinary division of the country after the damaging failures we finally
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have thus strong bipartisan consensus to improve public education working hard to shift the focus away from testing toward teaching for that back to communities continuing to direct federal funds to the public schools educate the kids that need them most. consensus that fundamental reform that was of major issue in the past campaign blitz the senate education committee holds a the hearing to consider the
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nomination of betsy devos. assisting the mission to strengthen public schools that has been crafted and cheered, ed donald trump dismissed a the will of the people of the most public anti-nomination. she lacks the drive to privatize education is destructive to public schools. end to shatter the consensus in and it will demonstrate 90 percent of american children.
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and then to have the nomination but equally steadfast that will make a positive difference. obviously not all schools were as we like. with the budget cuts at the acceptance of a quality. this is because the market is the best way to deliver education or that they will benefit. , because the local school is under resource. and otherwise struggling.
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with the access to great public schools in every neighborhood in america. to be a viable choice. how do we accomplish this? it starts by a providing a welcoming environment. with the growing body of research showing the connection between a supportive school environment and student achievement. and we must fixates on old-style. it is not based on sanctions but rooted in joyce isn't digital but personal.
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it is not for profit it is equitably funded and meets their individual needs and aspirations. and guided by innovation and experience and collective wisdom of what works to work together to build a system of great neighborhood public-school said in to support powerful learning to build teacher capacity and fostering and then recognizing in the entry did
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medical conditions. to learn and thrive. but is this a reality. and educators and partners take steps to take the effects of poverty. community schools like the community health academy helps to meet the physical and social needs and then it is located in manhattan nearly all six and a 50 students live in poverty and
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one-third are second language learning students. in this greeting said got to the 200 that need them. that they were struggling and what they needed and with those class's it has the food pantry in the resource center offering a full-service community health clinic with 6,000 enrolled members although schools receive a health screening and also have access to social workers and a full-time psychologist. all of this boulder's
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student achievement. the academy reduces the us students sat level plan by 37% between 2013 and 16. those reading at the highest level rose by 26%. it proves that great results are possible to focus on the well-being of the child and the child's family and community. this is not an isolated example. with dozens of other communities to take similar approaches and results and that allows the teachers and their kids to focus on the second pillar. we set high expectations as we should to develop to prepare young people for
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work to be good citizens and enable them to feed fulfilling lives. or to be regurgitated. it is about powerful learning batting cages students and inspires them to tackle different materials. students learn when they collaborate and they'll learn when they are interested and excited with theater and robotics. when they're interested and excited. with those daresay fans welcoming with restorative justice practices to encourage responsibility. to cultivate critical
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thinking and in we learn when the class sizes are small enough those effects are not revealed by test schooler but engaging and confidence in evidence of the skills that they demonstrate an are evident how well students prepare to thrive in a challenging and a changing world. to be achievable and sustainable. , that is when kids take on a problem they strategizing and share responsibility to build resilience and initiative.
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in when teaching about up possibility of human habitation on the planets other than earth. as the students put on their lab coats continuing to investigate the potential if that is the powerful learning in the economy that also what happens at the high-school in new york city students don't just memorize facts and create exhibits and they go to the brooklyn courthouse of favor perpetrator of for one the genocide.
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but another area where we see powerful learning is career and technical education otherwise called cte donald trump said vocational training is the great thing we don't do it anymore. actually, we do. and we have been fighting for over a decade to do more. take to leave dote technological old academy were students are offered a chance to have used their stems skills including a lot of fat general motors the director of manufacturing said they do as well as interns in the university of michigan.
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into a incubates even more programs across the country to secure those internships to trade high-school students that this is part of their dna. we are glad the president-elect shares our desire to expand his work. focusing on well-being to give what they need most but they cannot achieve powerful learning in to help put children fifth other potential what about helping to reach their full
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potential? that is why a building capacity about dignity and respect. building teacher capacity begins long before and it should never end. take the highest needs a school with the one year longer residency not just to the umpire teacher rates reflective of a community and the support never stops. the district has everything from a new teacher induction program to the sharing success program.
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and to benefit from this investment in their teachers seeking a 62% favor a decline of expulsions in the average growth of english and math test building capacity is a shared responsibility and unions are a crucial partner. locals have used there advocacy of collective bargaining to help teachers continuously hold their craft and a profession and in a recent study, which we have a foot note in my speech. [laughter] to find highly unionized district has a more robust tenured practice. en working with the willing
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partners for an excuse for the principles not to manage. in the teacher's ability to stand up that it is more important than ever. so being against the evaluation with the of locals take say hard look at the evaluation. and those that center on growth and improvement
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consistently benefits students and that is why we fought to end federally demand dictates -- mandated instruction and support locally driven evaluation with meaningful measures. and the fourth pillar is collaboration. and too often the response has been to privatize and disrupt. let's be clear in the of wealthiest country in the world 23 states still spend less on k-12 education than they did before the recession immediate vote in business school but it has
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come to mean mass firings and school closures school desert its with district and state takeovers these approaches are not effective with the student outcome for the former president i can attest that if he set out looking for a fight you'll find one they probably will not find a solution. so as much as those quiet successes to work together
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to improve achievement in the southern suburbs of los angeles the unified school district and add an intentional and purposeful collaboration and district personnel are paired with experts and attend a training steve gather and when there is a decision to be made to make it collaborative lee. and this speaks to them selves and what latinos students african-american students from low-income families are performing much better than their counterparts in the state of california but again this is not isolated us steady of more than 300 miami-dade public schools with the collaboration giving
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teachers the time and space to work together to increase student achievement. we need to collaborate the entire school community teachers and school counselors and bus drivers and schools with parents and community partners and parents and students must be neighborhood public schools that means creating environments to values their voice and input rather than discourage it. a great example is the program then is trained to help out in the over crowded classrooms not only to help their own child, but others in the community. those that are in baltimore or st. paul.
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they visit families that the beginning of this school year then later to talk about their hopes and dreams and share any concerns or questions including increased parent involvement more positive behavioral of common increase student achievement and then reporting greater job satisfaction to encourage this type of partnership to be in national alliance of young people and labor organizations including many locals to reclaim a the promise of public education as a gateway to was strong democracy and january 19 of this year and to protect
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students from the bigotry of the hatred in the other youth that are threatened with deportation to stand up for strong public-school hist if you see a neighborhood public school working anywhere in the country will see the four pillars that i just described. they are not one size fits all but tailored to the communities and not a magic elixir. what they do need is a change of federal law. that has already happened to create the potential to put the pillars in place although it does not
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guarantee that. the frontier of education moves from the state capital to the designee and the government has no role, lease only to promote equity by funding schools that serve disadvantaged children and protect the civil rights of all children including elegy bt students 60 years after the landmark but it quelled the education to share the attention of what works of capacity building and the well-being of children practical concept that is sustainable and scalable as republicans and democrats support that ben
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states, blue states, and the urban schools can and implement with the right management. to encompass everything we need to do for our children and families and communities to fight for a living wage and retirement security and affordable health care and college to fight for universal prepaid just to name a few. and will fight for all of this but the passage has created a moment of opportunity to use these four pillars to make every neighborhood public school a place where parents want to send their children and educators want to work and kids want to be.
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as republicans and democrats all came together in the last couple of years where was betsy devos day? she was working in michigan to undermine public schools and divided communities. and now is placed to take her wrecking ball all across america. if donald trump and wanted one he found one her purpose is to bankroll the efforts to destabilize them privatize public schools she has not talked in a public school or served on a school board.
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she is a lobbyist. she is not an educator. one wonders why she was terminated? like his cabinet choices she is the millionaire with an agenda and as she herself posted and ' come and my family is the single biggest contributor to the rnc and we expect a return on our investment. '' by the way those investments to not exempt turf from those disclosures required of all cabinet nominees and frankly for a failure to disclose to delay her hearing. to create private school vouchers initiative.
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and then to show that the vouchers have failed to improve significant achievement consistently after this she shifted to her focus to diverting taxpayer dollars for neighborhood public schools to the for-profit charter schools. over the last 15 years michigan has become the wild wild west for charter schools. eighty% of the charter schools are for-profit yes give her her due but don't give a responsibility and this is why. to bolster under public much -- underfunded public schools in she disparage
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public education to the diver to amend the option was to strengthen with real accountability chief of for no accountability. even in cases with the detroit charter schools that closed just days after the deadline for getting state funded leaving students and parents scrambling to find new schools but the charter operators still profiting. she will let friends and punish enemies and every critical moment she has tried take the public out of public education. what is the result? student performance has declined across michigan.
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nearly half of the charter schools rank among the of bottom of american schools. look at the when yearlong investigation by the detroit free press that revealed rampant problems in the state for profit charter schools. corruption, cronyism, a poor performance and lack of accountability. that to is the legacy. back when i taught in topeka had heard colleagues and classmates, they would say often you cannot just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk. so for a secretary of education that means to do all you can to strengthen
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and improve public education and to do that you have to experience it if you have to be willing to walk the walk and as the former secretary of education in virginia, to that end i extend a challenge and invitation to teach 20. spend some time in public schools. there is no substitute to see firsthand what works in public schools in those indefensible conditions that many students and teachers have been due word. come to some of the places that they are working out their hearts for students come to westford jeanette eighth poorest county in our country where many voted for donald trump, a county where
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leading at public-private partnership to reprove public-school. joining me that the toledo technological academy or corpus christi or miami. one day or two and a class of severely disabled children. before you try to do what you did in michigan to the rest of the country, see firsthand the promise of public education. the trump illustration will follow the will of the people to walk the path laid out by congress and then to engage or they can follow the destructive dogma of the past so let's be clear.
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if they reignite those education wars then across the country they will stand up to defend the public schools like hundreds of thousands have done before with open letters and petitions will do one january 19. whenever the new administration does, we will walk the walk for a great neighborhood public schools by investing and supporting those four pillars that i just talked about today to use the innovation fund to kickstart investments of coast-to-coast to build the capacity of educators and the largest free website
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which now has over 1 million users fostering collaboration's recollected of bargaining and working with parents of the civil-rights community groups. we are walking the of what across america. we are living the values and protecting the kids. donald trump's choice to head the department of education is the antithesis of public education and all it represents is the antithesis of a bipartisan consensus forged by last year federal education reform and the antithesis of what our kids need. so i asked you to join us as we stand up for the well-being of children children, powerful learning
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and capacity learning for teachers in capacity building as we stand up for the promise of public education and for the public schools that are children deserve. thank you so much. [applause] >> now we will take some questions outside because the room is tight and a lot of people are standing.
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for the reporters go to the room right next door. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> sylvia burwell warned monday that repealing the affordable care act without replacing it would have negative consequences in the health insurance market. on this morning's "washington journal," you will get an update on republican attempts to repeal the health care law. "washington journal" is live every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> president-elect donald trump's choice to be attorney general, senator jeff sessions, is on capitol hill this morning
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to testify at his confirmation hearing. we have live coverage from the senate judiciary committee acts 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3 and you can watch the hearing again tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. later in the evening, president delivers his farewell address to the nation from chicago. you will talk about his last eight years as president and offer some thoughts about what's ahead for the country. live at 9:00 p.m. live at 9:00. eastern, here on c-span and you can also listen on our radio app. >> health and human services secretary sylvia burwell warned congress against repealing the health care law without having a comprehensive replacement in place. secretary burwell spoke at the national press club.


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