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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  January 10, 2017 9:34am-10:01am EST

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klobuchar, senator ron. welcome senator feinstein. we grapple some of the most pressing issues facing our country. we americans can be proud she is here, and i applaud you for this. >> thank you. >> thank you, senator leahy. good morning. i welcome everyone. host: if you want to continue watching the judiciary committee hearing on the nomination of jeff sessions for attorney general, you can go to c-span3. we are live streaming on c-span organ and the c-span radio app. this is one of 8 confirmation hearings taking place this week. we are covering them all on the c-span networks. later today, retired general
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john kelly will have his nomination for secretary of homeland security. that is beginning at about 3:30. we are also streaming that live on we want to hear from our viewers on a very busy day that will end tonight with president obama's farewell address about your most anticipated event. is there a particular hearing your looking forward to? is it donald trump's first press conference since th being elected? tell us why. 202-748-8000 if you are a democrat. 202-748-8001 if you are a republican. 202-748-8002 if you are an independent. also taking calls from outside the u.s. 202-748-8003 is that number. we will begin with deborah in florida on the line for democrats. what are you looking forward to? caller: jeff sessions.
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remind people you had a guy on this morning from alabama supporting sessions, and he was talking about the ku klux klan. let me tell you what the ku klux klan did in mobile last year. they put letters out in black communities complaining about how they did not have any support. the black people have naacp. they feel that they are going to continue to be racist. this was a letter they put out in the night in black communities. this man talking about the ku klux klan and they don't exist and all that, that is not true. they are still out there. all this racist stuff that has been going on and everything, i am black, and i do object because i was almost ran down by a bunch of white people in a car because i am black, and they called me the n word.
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in regards to jeff sessions, he is a racist, and i hope he is not confirmed. thank you very much. record on sessions's civil rights expected to be a topic of discussion, including his 1986 nomination for federal judge, which was rejected. this story we have noted today. senator cory booker will be breaking president by testifying against senator sessions, i guess his fellow senator. his fellow senator. senator booker expected to testify on day two, tomorrow, of senator jeff sessions's ag hearing. in what are you looking forward to watching this week? caller: how are you? i look forward to president obama's farewell address.
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emotions, but accepting what he said that it is good to have a change of , but ivery eight years am sad he is gone. host: you can watch that address tonight at 9:00. we will be showing it on c-span. you can also go to and listen to it on c-span radio. 9:00 tonight from chicago, president obama's farewell address. we talked about it this morning on "washington journal" with an associated press reporter from the white house covering it. not expected to be a farewell , but ae public scene farewell address from the 44th president. what is your most anticipated news event of the week is the question. 202-748-8000 if you are a democrat. 202-748-8001 if you are a
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republican. 202-748-8002 if you are an independent. pat is in north carolina on the line for republicans. go ahead. caller: yes. he has been helping a lot of people out. that is my choice. thank you. host: alright. taking your calls this morning and showing you headlines as well. this focus on the confirmation hearings from the financial times. democrats target trump team as a senate confirmation hearing starts. other appointments are also in question. there is a picture of rex tillerson, the nominee for secretary of state. also pictures below that of senator jeff sessions, whose ag confirmation hearing is underway now. tom price, the congress and from georgia, is up for health
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secretary. scott pruitt is the attorney general for the state of oklahoma. he is up to lead the epa as epa administrator. those are some of the nominees who are in democrats's sights this week. david is in bridgeport, connecticut, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning to you, sir. i would like to make a comment about mr. sessions. this morning, they want to know so many under the bus, but i am from the south. lived in georgia all my life until 15, 20 years ago. in sheepolf dressed clothing. i think i will leave it there. it is not a question of selling someone under the bus, but looking at his history, once a klansman pretty much is always a
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klansman. thank you, sir. have a good day. host: i don't believe he was a klansman as david said there. we are talking about several different confirmation hearings this week. those members of congress who are going to be conducting those humans, there will be four different hearings tomorrow. it will be day two of senator jeff sessions's confirmation hearing along with the hearing of rex tillerson for secretary of state at 9:15 tomorrow and lane schaumburg transportation secretary. mike pompeo is the congressman cia kansas up to head the at 10:00 tomorrow. there wasn't was supposed to be a hearing for the education secretary originally scheduled tomorrow bumped to next week. we will be covering them all on the c-span networks. be sure to check as
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the days go by to get the latest on those different hearings and schedules. cheryl is in wisconsin, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning to you. i have very severe concerns. what is going in the white house? mr. trump needs to get off of twitter. he is putting us at high risk. whether aed democrat, republican or a democrat goes in there, i do believe they should protect us. i did not sign up for russia. i did not sign up for russia. i am worried about the secretary of state. trump's involvement before he took office in foreign policy, that is a violation of the logan's act. comingatives that he has
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into the white house. these people do not know anything. the thin skin. i can go on. this. been watching i hope that there is more investigations in the hacking. concerned about our country. host: if you could ask one question of donald trump if you are at that press conference that he will be holding tomorrow, what would you ask him? caller: i would ask him, when are you going to get off twitter and stopping is in danger? acts like a president. host: how does it put us in danger, cheryl? caller: because he is so thin-skinned, he could not handle the meryl streep comments. he is very thin-skinned. he gets angry. .e was tweeting about china
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why is he so impressed with russia? that is another question to ask. why is he so impressed with their style? why does he want to impose that on the american people? host: that press conference happening at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. the caller referring to donald trump's response to meryl streep's comments at the golden globes about the donald trump presidency and what she wants the media to do in the years ahead. there is a headline from the "washington times" about it. morning.ependent, good caller: yes, i am calling on the republican line. i voted republican in the past. week, i wantthis the aca to be protected or
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obamacare to be protected because it is good for america. callersed to several , they are trying to spread other people's wealth, but the truth of the matter is the aca, everybody pays into the aca. it is even more fair and better than the private insurance scheme that we had before. it needs to be protected. as far as the illegal immigrants, people are worried about the illegal immigrants occupying the hospitals and whatnot. here is a solution. and go ton is illegal the hospital for care, we need
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to have a system, the immigration system should be adjusted so the person can illegal,themselves as a lega get their information, and then subtracted from the eight that goes -- aide that goes to the countries. africa, mexico, europe. if you go to the hospital and go to good care, give all your information and subtract it from the aide we give to those countries. everybody needs to be healthy. host: you are particularly interested in the affordable care act debate. did you watch what happened on the senate floor last night with senate democrats talking for about 5.5 hours? caller: that particular when i did not want because i have to do something with a meeting for a son, but i do follow lot of the c-span. i am a c-span junkie, by the
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way. i have an account and i follow it and i plan on watching it tonight. host: appreciate that. it is available, patricia is next in bloomington, illinois, democrat. what are you looking forward to most watching this week? caller: i am looking forward to watching chuck grassley. i am a democrat. afind chuck grassley to be very honest man. i wonder if you cover his opening remarks to the committee because i believe he will lay out strict rules. he will stick with them. host: those remarks happening right now, patricia. you can go to c-span3 to watch them in their entirety. we are covering jeff sessions's confirmation hearing this morning. began a little after 9:30. we will see how long it goes this morning and the questioning expected to take ice. senator jeff sessions waiting to
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be introduced. he will be introduced by two of his senate republican colleagues. there he is sitting listening to chuck grassley as he begins that hearing. nancy is in austin, texas. caller: hi. i want to say something to the woman who called earlier talking about trump and russia. have people even noticed out there that we quit talking about syria recently? the media has quit talking about how horrible assad is and how he is chemically gassing these people? there is no talking about that right now. that is because russia went over there and cleaned it up. isis has pulled out of their. the democrats wanted to overthrow assad are mad because they have been laying propaganda on a slightly how bad he is. you realize the whole reason we were over there is because they want to build a pipeline through them? and assad won't let
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it has nothing to do with anything else. our media lies to us. that is why trump uses twitter to contact us directly. host: alright. barbara's in columbus, new jersey. good morning. caller: good morning. i was calling about the russia, but i would also like to say something about the last caller that just got on. it is to about a pipeline that are trying to put over there, but assad is still killing his people, and this is what the american people are our government is trying to stop. isis is not falling back. they are still fighting. our main goal is to stop assad killing his own people. i get off that topic, but my main topic was i do not trust the fact that our president-elect is so close to russia that we had influences from russia.
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russia is supposed to be our enemy. what happens to the republican party when we were behind mitt romney when he said they were our number one geopolitical foe? now we are inviting all these people into his cabinet who has those kinds of feelings regarding russia and they want to be buddy-bunny. russia does not want to be our buddy. russia wants to be number one in the world. we need to stop protecting trump with this russian stuff. another thing. we should not have senate hearings because most of these people have not even fill out the paperwork. the oce is there for a reason. i will get off the line. thank you for taking my call. host: the column referring to the office of congressional ethics and concerns by democrats about with the republican nominees have filled out the proper paperwork for ethics reviews before the hearing in the atlantic.
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they talk a little bit about this topic. the conservative education activist was set to testify wednesday along with four other trump nominees even though she had yet to sign a certified ethics agreement detailing how she plans to resolve potential conflict of interest. her confirmation hearing now moved to next tuesday. that decision announced late last night by the committee that will be hearing that confirmation. pennsylvania, on the line for republicans. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. two issues. what is the jeff sessions hearings going on. whenever the outgoing president obama has his nominees taking care of, 8 were taken care of in one day, and that is what we should give the president-elect.
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we should give him his cabinet so he can begin work. the second is regarding the russian interference on our election. i think the russians probably did not do a very good job. according to the statistics, mrs. clinton had 2 million more votes than mr. trump. the russians were not very effective or they were very effective since she got a plurality of the votes. i don't know if the russians were working against her. it is a lot of democratic hogwash. thank you. i will take my answer off the phone. host: this courtesy of the washington times. mitch mcconnell is aiming to confirm six or seven of president-elect trump's cabinet 20.arpick by january th the senator jeff
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sessions hearing is going on right now. you can watch it on c-span3. john kelly has been nominated to serve as secretary of homeland security. his hearing begins at 3:30. you can watch that live on amy is it illinois on the line for democrats. good morning. what are you looking forward to most seeing this week? caller: hi. thank you for having me. i looking forward to seeing president obama's farewell speech. i would like to know what he is going to say. host: what do you want him to say, amy? as a disabled african-american noncollege educated woman, i really concerned about this new
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administration. i am terrified. donald trump is so insensitive to people that is different from him. i do not know where i will fit in this country anymore. i would like to hear what aboutent obama has to say how we can advocate for ourselves and try to protect ourselves from some of the things that this administration is going to do. host: what do you want president obama's role to be on the national stage after he leaves office? caller: i definitely would like for him to investigate the cro cross-referencing voter thing that has been going on. they have been dropping people's names on the voter registration based on what their name sounds like. i heard about that.
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haveny places in the south closed the voting areas where people can access and have the right to vote. i would like to see him try to work on investigating these kinds of things because i don't really think donald trump won the election fairly anyway because of all this stuff that i heard about so if you keep suppressing people's votes, how can you say you were fair and are a fair person? you are not fair. we are americans. we have a right. every american has a right to vote. every american. what is so difficult about the republicans understanding that? you want to cheat and cut corners, that is cowardly to me. host: that is a need in illinois.
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-- is amy it illinois. a story today talks about president obama's address and what it means to the south side of chicago. if president obama were t prepad to give his address, people in him --etown found that event happening tonight at 9:00 p.m. try to keep track of all the political events taking place this week. we told you about yesterday's schedule. congressman mike pompeo has been nominated to head the cia and is
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expected to testify. that is being postponed by one day according to the "washington post." that hearing now expected to take place on thursday stay tuned. there is the tweet from the "washington post" about that delay. stay tuned to c-span as we keep you up-to-date on all the latest hearings and on top of all the coverage that is happening this week of these many events. time for a few more calls. want to hear what you are looking forward to seeing this week. cathy in ohio, republican. go ahead. caller: good morning. i hope you're having a good day. but anyway, i wanted to say i voted for obama the first time around, but i did not the second time because i felt that he was not doing what he had promised. i have kind of glad that i will watch his goodbye speech. i also wanted to say something
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about a color that said something about meryl streep and everything. twitter is the only way donald asmp has to get to us people, as americans. it is aggravating that he has to do it that way, but we cannot trust a lot of the news stations anymore. the only one i watch is c-span. host: why is it aggravatinghost: ? caller: because you cannot believe it. a lot of these stations, they are nothing but a bunch of hogwash. i do not trust what they are saying to me. host: why do you think it came to that? when did you start losing your trust in the news media or most of the news media? caller: in the very beginning. 16 months ago when they all first started running for president. host: with this past election cycle it happened? caller: yes sir. i have alwaysate been a democrat up until this
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year. knew about is how she would probably be rolling in her grave. but as far as the twitter thing, that is the only way he can actually get the truth to the people. i don't think he should put pertinent things on there like war or something, but give us something to go on so we know he is doing something. it is hard for me to explain what i am feeling. i am 67 years old, and i have never seen an election or anything like this in all the years i voted. host: thanks for the call from ohio this morning. nathan is in arizona as we wait for the house to come in this morning. nathan is a republican. go ahead. caller: yes. i would like to say i am looking forward to this new presidency. mr. obama has had eight years to enact some change, and the only is it seems to have gotten
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worse. i believe the aca is a bad law. host: thanks for the last call today on the "washington journal." the house is just about to gavel in. we will take you there live and see you tomorrow morning on "washington journal." 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable daniel webster to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the house -- pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority le


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